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71 Suicide Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Suicide Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Concepts of Should the Government Legalize Assisted Suicide
    Considering the intensity of suffering and pain that patients must endure in their vegetative state, the amount of resources that the process of saving “dying” patients use, and the significance of respecting patients’ wishes, it […]
  2. Physician-Assisted Suicide
    Gorsuch asserts that physician-assisted suicide is a practice that should only be acceptable if the patient is likely to die from the disease.
  3. Suicide of Tyler Clementi
    The actions of Ravi and Wei “gravely violated the university’s standards of decency and humanity” and the efforts of the institution to encourage “civility within the social life of the campus”.
  4. Philosophical Suicide
    One of the thoughts that Camus laid down for his argument is the idea that once the abstract nature of the world is revealed to an individual, a person develops attitudes that are connected to […]
  5. Teen Suicide Problem
    While the teenager may be able to endure the problems of stress and pressures caused by the environment and in that state display all the danger signs of a troubled and suicidal teenager there is […]
  6. Pros and Cons of Physical Assisted Suicide
    Physical assisted suicide minimizes the enormous costs associated with long- suffering patients as it is extremely expensive to maintain a dying patient.
  7. Suicide Bombings on the Dorrat Al Jadawel Compound
    As seen in the recorded wills that were made shortly before they carried out their suicide attacks, one interconnecting theme between all of the bombers is their assumption that what they do is for the […]
  8. Suicide Risks Identification
    There are several factors which affect human condition and may be considered as the main signs of suicide risk. Therefore, it should be concluded that depression and anxiety, especially which last for a lengthy period […]
  9. Should Assisted Suicide Be Legalized
    Regardless of the conditions of a person, it is imperative to appreciate the fact that people have the free will to decide what to do to their lives without causing any form of harm to […]
  10. The Medical Practice of Helping Patients to Commit Suicide
    Keeping the arguments from both sides in mind, this paper reviews the current legal status and the effects of legalizing assisted suicide in the states of Oregon, Washington, and Montana with the aim of supporting […]
  11. Physician Assisted Suicide
    There is also involuntary PAS, where the patient does not want to die and the doctor performs the act without their knowledge. They feel that the time of active contribution to their homes and the […]
  12. Causes and Effects of Teenage Suicide in Canada
    The issue in this research is to identify the major causes of Suicide amongst the Canadian youths and the consequent result to the society.
  13. Euthanasia and Suicide
    The final act that results in the death of the person is however usually performed by the person intending to die after the provision of information, advice and even the ways through which he or […]
  14. Durkheim’s study of suicide
    Durkheim argues that, suicide is a social phenomenon, and the main causes of suicide were social: the end of overpowering of social relationship.
  15. Medically Assisted Suicide Problem
    If laws are passed permitting assisted suicide, relatives of sick individuals may even urge them to seek suicide to end the suffering and pain.
  16. Teenage Suicide Case
    On the same note, they should be in a position to talk to the child and when they cannot handle the problem they forward the student to the school canceller who may take away the […]
  17. Bullying and Suicide Among Teenagers
    Specific objectives Analyze the causes of bullying among teenagers in the country Analyze the effects of bullying among victims, perpetrators and by-standers Analyze the relationship between bullying in school and suicide among teenagers in the […]
  18. Emile Durkheim’s View about Suicide
    He concluded from the findings of his study that there were lower rates of suicide among the Catholics due to the firm grip and control this religion had on the community.
  19. Suicide prevention project geared toward the elderly population
    The problem of discussion in this project is the issue of suicide among the elderly persons in the world and in the United States of America in particular.
  20. Suicide Prevention in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
    The primary aims should be to meet with the referring practitioner to elucidate both the reason for the medical appointment and the expectations of the consultee to achieve a working understanding of the present nature […]
  21. Suicide in the Military (US)
    The contributions of these factors to the rise in suicide in US military can be explained as follows. The authorities of the US military have taken cognizance of the need to reduce the cases of […]
  22. Should physician-assisted suicide be legal?
    In some cases, the patient may be forced to grapple with the pain for a very long period even if the doctors are sure that the chances of the pain going away are minimal to […]
  23. Reinventing Suicide Policy in Aboriginal Communities in Northern Ontario
    The committee describes the causes of suicide among the Aboriginals to be “the expression of a kind of collective anguish-part grief, part anger-tearing at the minds and hearts of many people. Suicide is a problem […]
  24. Children and Adolescent Suicide Behavior
    Therefore, CBT as a methodology of helping in diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of suicidal behavior problems among adolescents is useful in social work to the extent that it can lead to the elimination of the […]
  25. Police Suicide and Preventive Programs
    The traumatic experiences that the police officers encounter and endure during the course of their duties make them susceptible to suicide.
  26. Bullying and Suicide: The Correlation between Bullying and Suicide
    Nonetheless, the extensive research shows that the correlation exists and bullying is one of the risk factors for development of suicidal ideas in adolescents.
  27. Suicide in Teenager 14-18 Years Old
    Although the statistics show that there has been a considerable reduction in the number of the reported cases of suicide, the current rates are still worrying.
  28. The Suicide Phenomena
    In view of the above facts, suicide is the willful initiation and actual completion of an act that will end the life of the initiator either in the full knowledge of a spy, which is […]
  29. Assisted Suicide
    Although this is the case, one thing that most of these individuals fail to recognize is that some medical conditions are irreversible; hence, prolonging individual’s live means increasing their suffering and hopelessness.
  30. Is Suicide Morally Wrong? – Philosophy
    Kant says that the wellbeing of a human being is supreme, thus suicide is an abominable act. It is obvious that the death of a person through suicide causes sadness and even grief to the […]

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  1. Teenagers Suicide in New Jersey
    Factors that are attributed to the causes of teenage suicide have always drawn mixed reactions from policymakers, parents, and organizations that work to prevent the issue in America, specifically in the state of New Jersey, […]
  2. Suicide, Bereavement and Grief
    In the case of egoistic suicide, the individual experiences a lack of social integration, preventing them from being connected to the resources that would presumably prevent suicide.
  3. College Students Suicide and Bullying
    The misconception that bullying is a minor issue among college students has contributed to the high number of students who suffer because of bullying.
  4. Physician-Assisted Suicide: Different Ethics Perspectives
    The case of Gonzales vs.the State of Oregon was the beginning during which it was proved that licensed doctors had the right to prescribe drugs for use in physician-assisted suicide to the patients that had […]
  5. Physician Assisted Suicide: Principles and Arguments
    Proponents of PAS also argue that the constitution should grant individuals the right to PAS in the same way it provides the right to abortion, marriage, refusal of life-saving treatment, and procreation.
  6. Childhood Bullying and Adulthood Suicide Connection
    In this regard, the seriousness of the issue is depicted in research results that indicate that at least 50% of children and youth in the US have experienced bullying situations as either bullies or victims […]
  7. Teen Suicide Prevention Website
    The main objective of the official website of the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide is to substantially minimize the number of teen suicides and attempted suicides being witnessed in the United States and […]
  8. US Assisted Suicide Law: Opinions and Trends
    It is far more humane to allow a person to die and end their suffering rather than needlessly prolong it all for the sake of some sort of religious dogma that has not been properly […]
  9. College Students Suicide and Bullying-Methods
    The analysts used this tool to report the mood of the participants by posting quizzes, which the students answered while filling the questionnaire.
  10. Bullying and Suicide in High Schools
    The main limitation of this research is that the scholars surveyed the victims more often. The victims of cyberbullying also had a tendency to be depressed and contemplate suicide.
  11. Violent Extremism and Suicide Terrorist Attacks
    Thus, these also gave rise to numerous civil conflicts in different parts of the world which preconditioned the appearance of problems related to the preservation of public peace, protection of the existing world order, and […]
  12. Physician-Assisted Suicide and Ethical Theories
    On the one hand, it is wrong to end someone’s life with the help of special medical preparations because it contradicts the idea of natural law and the necessity of nature to make a final […]
  13. Suicide in Teenagers: Health Policy Research
    Therefore, the evaluation of regulations and strategies and the factors that contribute to the positive outcomes in the administrative process is essential to the achievement of better policy effectiveness.
  14. Suicide, Its Categories, Causes and Effects
    Another cause of suicide is the view that one has become a burden to the family and society at large. In this regard, it means that the ideal way of reducing suicide cases is to […]
  15. Suicide and Fundamental Attribution Theory
    The theory of the fundamental attribution asserts that in social situations, the following sequence is noted: a person observes the behavior of another person, makes a logical conclusion about the intentions of this person based […]
  16. Amanda Todd’s Bullying and Suicide Story
    She was fifteen years old, and her story created a major uproar in the press, as it showed the true nature of bullying and the effects it has on the person.
  17. Preventing Suicide in the Military and Veterans
    Surveys and psychological questionnaires after the military personnel returned from the war can be very helpful in determining the type of disorder.
  18. Suicide and Older Men: Causes and Prevention
    Considering the factors of age and gender, it can be argued that the influences contributing to the high suicide rate among older men include psychological pressures, health problems, and social issues.
  19. Cyberbullying and Suicide
    In other countries where religion plays a key role in the values and norms of the people, suicide is a topic that is rarely discussed.
  20. Terminal Sedation and Physician-Assisted Suicide
    The ultimate goal of every process is to safeguard the rights of the greatest majority. In the event of war or an emergency, decision-makers should strive to protect life instead of choosing euthanasia and terminal […]
  21. Unemployment and Suicide Rates Correlation in the US
    The problem of correlation between the levels of unemployment and suicide rates has been previously investigated in the research literature. However, the association between unemployment and suicide rates was discovered in the data collected during […]
  22. Suicide Prevention Program for Baltimore
    However, it has been noted that in order to reach the entire community, a reasonable program for suicide prevention should target the population as well as the individuals that are at a more significant risk […]
  23. Nursing Policy for Suicide Prevention in Students
    The significance of the issue to nursing is supported by the fact that depression may not only deteriorate the patients’ quality of life but also lead to the increase in associated morbidity and mortality rates.
  24. Youth Suicide Prevention: Health Promotion Plan
    In this paper, a proposed mental health initiative to meet the challenges of at-risk youth is discussed using the PDSA model and related evidence-based strategies based on IHI indicators included. Access to the program will […]
  25. Suicide and Depression: Connection, Signs and Age
    Since the symptoms and signs of depression vary for individuals of different ages, it is possible to state that age can influence the course and treatment of depression.
  26. Suicide Prevention Consultation Model
    The second step is the analysis of the girl’s past and present behavior patterns and thinking of the most beneficial approaches for dealing with the problem.
  27. Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Rights in Canada
    The article asserts that in the year 1993, Rodriquez petitioned in vain to the Supreme Court of Canada to allow her to undertake euthanasia. In the article, the author asserts that, in the year 1993, […]
  28. Psychiatrist’s Role in Suicide of Terminally Ill Patients
    The con side, on the other hand, believes that the “safeguard” takes advantage of a scientific clinical course of action. A good example is the Catholic Church that is opposed to any given form of […]
  29. Confronting Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
    It was because of that pain that led my mother and I to bring her to a Chinese holistic healer who treated her with some sort of secret Chinese medical injection.
  30. Prevention of Suicide in People with Schizophrenia
    As a strategy to prevent suicide in schizophrenic patients, the drugs are aimed at controlling the symptoms associated with the condition.
  31. Suicide Terrorism and Its Psychological Factors
    Divisions still exist on the appropriate classification of the forms of suicide, with a school of thought completely negating to classify suicide terrorism as “suicide”.
  32. Anorexia Nervosa (AN) and LGBTQ Suicide Awareness
    Concerning the format, the design of the poster is good and the words are readable. The colors and contrasts enhance the readability of the content and stress the key points, such as AN indicators, risk […]
  33. Suicide and Bipolar Disorder: Medical Treatment
    Still, the possibility to reduce the risks of suicides among people is the achieved outcome that makes physicians and psychiatrists choose this medication. This drug helps to reduce the frequency and severity of mood changes […]
  34. Gay Marriage: Societal Suicide
    While Colson and Morse cannot neglect the need to oppose gay marriage because it destroys human society, the tone, references to the law, and the language chosen for the article help the reader understand the […]
  35. Teen Pregnancy Can Lead to Suicide and Poverty
    Importantly, it occurs as a result of various factors, and the complexity of the situation lies in the fact that a teenager is not ready to experience this condition and its consequences neither from the […]
  36. Media Highlight of a Suicide at a Mental Hospital
    The omission of the story would likely make the overall argument weaker and increase the probability that nothing would be done to help resolve the matter.
  37. The Issue of Suicide in America
    Thus, the article formulates a hypothesis that a person’s disassociation with a religious denomination and their divorced marital status are “determinants of suicide rates”.
  38. The Issue of Assisted Suicide
    In the case of medical aid in dying, nurses should communicate with their patients to explore the reasons for assisted suicide requests and, if possible, seek alternative solutions and provide emotional support. It is essential […]
  39. Attitudes Related to Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide Among Terminally Ill Patients
    Consequently, the outlined safeguard becomes the first line of defense in making sure that only the right individuals with chronic and incurable medical conditions benefit from assisted death.
  40. Institutional Theory in Suicide Prevention
    That is why the medical staff is required to possess the knowledge and skills of suicide prevention regardless of their medical specialization.
  41. Social Work Against Suicide in Rural Settings
    Shaping the social work system in a way that will encourage the education of rural residents will contribute to the management of the issue of suicide in the specified setting. Thus, the problem of high […]

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