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125 College Students Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best College Students Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. ‘College-Ready for All: Preparing Students for Success’
    The program also aims to support and share techniques and materials to assist teachers and students to incorporate the standards, not mentioning the fact that it will design fair measures to appraise success.
  2. Consequences of a College Student Cheating In Exams
    Another effect of cheating in exams is that the honest present and even the future students in the system also suffer from the cheating behaviour.
  3. Should College Students Have Credit Cards
    This paper aims to discuss the causes of credit card debts among students and the effects such debts may bring about to students’ lives.
  4. Tutoring Programs for College Students
    The students also have the freedom to choose the tutors who are best suited to their needs and the most affordable.
  5. Being a College Student
    In its turn, this also implies that, in order for college students to excel in their studies, they must be willing to act in a thoroughly self-disciplined manner.
  6. Internet Addiction Among College Students
    It is definitely advisable that the schedule include at least a few hours to login to Facebook because at the end of the day the aim is not to put the person in total isolation.
  7. Why Credit Companies Target College Students
    However, the use of credit cards and the debts that is a consequence of cards have become an increasingly monetary threat to students.
  8. Comparison of Stress Level Among Traditional Learning and Online Learning College Students
    The distance learners have been perceived to be enjoying a suitable environment of learning as opposed to the traditional classroom learners who experience high levels of stress.
  9. College Students and the Case for Quality Reading
    Thesis: In the focus of this paper is the question on the rile of the Internet in the development of the reading skills and how it can be used to develop the college students’ skills […]
  10. Why College Students Should Not Turn To Caffeine
    The paper will look at some of the trend of involvement of college students into caffeine consumption and the risks that surround consumption of caffeine by college students.
  11. College Student Drinking
    Because of the high variability of drinking among college students, the main problem of the paper is to address psychosocial variables that predict excessive drinking and, therefore, account for the problem of drinking among college […]
  12. Math Just Isn’t Adding Up for College Students: Critique of a News
    Causal reasoning of the report under analysis is all about the role of math for students at schools and colleges and the difficulties, students face nowadays in their education.
  13. College’s Response to Budget Issues Will Effect Students
    In addition, these colleges and universities increased their preference for the richer out-of-state students to the low income in-state-students. McLaughlin advises that students in search of higher education should start by finding out the financial […]
  14. Personal Responsibility of College Students
    Personal responsibility requires a person to acknowledge what one wants to achieve in college, understand the need to manage time effectively and wisely, between the outside and college life.
  15. What Are the Reasons for Why So Many Students Drop College
    However, the number of those who do not finish high education is increasing not only due to the students inability to pay, but to the constant cost rise for the tuition over the years.
  16. Risk Factors for Deliberate Self-Harm Among College Students
    This is a review of the article that the three scholars wrote to report on the findings of their study. The second will be the methods used in the study, with specific analysis of the […]
  17. The Major Obstacles to Success for College Students
    A college advisor helps students to realize the importance of the course they are undertaking as well as the opportunities available at the job market thus motivating the students to work hard.
  18. What Influences College Student Non-completion
    Social connectedness, students-faculty relationship and students’ financial status are interrelated factors that influence the students’ capability to stay in campus. Astin’s model argues that students’ involvement and integration in the academic and social components of […]
  19. How Sleep Deprivation Affects College Students’ Academic Performance
    The study seeks to confirm the position of the hypothesis that sleep deprivation leads to poor academic performance in college students.
  20. College Students’ Satisfaction of Music Festival in China
    Aquinas says that one of the reasons why music festivals are popular among the students is because they offer them the opportunity to express their feelings.
  21. Academic Performance of College Students: Influence of Time Spent Studying and Working
    There is a general tendency among students who work and study at the same time consisting in the fact that students tend to spend more time at work instead of devoting their time to studies.
  22. Students’ Perception of a Mobile Application for College Course
    The central controlling idea of the research study managers to render the scope of the research and provides a sufficient explanation of the nature of the study.
  23. Registration as Voters for College Students
    It is essential for citizens to have their personal details in the central voter register for them to be allowed to vote for their preferred parties and candidates during federal and state elections.
  24. Sleep Deprivation Impacts on College Students
    Additional research in this field should involve the use of diverse categories of students to determine the effects that sleep deprivation would have on them.
  25. Successful Study Habits for College Students
    The researchers contended that the environment in which students study and their participation in other activities are critical determinants of their success in career and employment.
  26. College Students Alcohol Drinking Effects
    Findings of the study were divided into three categories those related to college binge drinking in 1984, those related to binge drinking and problems in college and those related to alcohol dependence and abuse after […]
  27. Faculty Should Not Pay Like a College Student
    The professors contribute a lot in terms of knowledge dissemination in the college and should be given discounts on the food and parking charges.
  28. Mental and Physical Health in College Students
    However, in spite of the fact that physical activity promotes physical and mental well being of an individual, college students are rarely engaged in this significant act.
  29. College Students: Suicide and Bullying
    The misconception that bullying is a minor issue among college students has contributed to the high number of students who suffer because of bullying.
  30. College Student: Challenges and Pressures
    Popular movies created the attractive image of the college life for young people, but it is important to pay attention to the fact that the main purpose of entering the college for the majority of […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on College Students

  1. The Effect of Twitter on College Students
    First, they wanted to address the question “what is the effect of encouraging the use of Twitter for purposes relevant to education on student engagement?” Secondly, they wanted to answer the question “what is the […]
  2. Computer Architecture for a College Student
    It is also important to consider that the student might have to carry the computer to college on a regular basis.
  3. College Students: Internet Addiction
    The authors also note that the use and access of the internet have increased in the past decades. Additionally, the authors argue that conflicts between parents and young individuals are likely to result in internet […]
  4. Money Saving Methods for College Students
    A budget is one of the methods that a college student can use to save money. In the budget, one should indicate how much to save and the means of saving the money.
  5. College Students’ Challenges: Prices and Competition
    The most common challenges the students face nowadays are the high prices for college education and the high competitiveness in the college community.
  6. Facebook and the Well-Being of College Students
    This experiment focused on determining the impact of the use of Facebook on attitudes, self-esteem, social adjustments, and performance of the undergraduate college students.
  7. College Students: Suicide and Bullying-Methods
    The analysts used this tool to report the mood of the participants by posting quizzes, which the students answered while filling the questionnaire.
  8. Extra Charges Minimization for College Students
    Some of the charges that the proposition requests the universities in the United States to remove include meals and parking fees.
  9. Stress in College Students, Its Causes and Effects
    Recognizing the cause and effect of stress in college students is an important aspect in college management and leadership as it will lead to a better understanding and development of the appropriate methods for intervention.
  10. College Student Mentoring and Interest Group
    To solve the problem of the lack of mentoring in many community colleges of the United States, the national government should guarantee that all community colleges in the country are obligated by a decree to […]
  11. The High Dropout Rate of Students in College
    Another reason that contributes to a high rate of school dropout is the issue of those students that cater to their school fees.
  12. Stress Among College Students: Causes, Effects and Overcomes
    Due to stress, college students may experience such adverse outcomes as the decreased levels of cognitive functioning, the impaired ability to study, and, consequently, lower academic performance.
  13. Drinking and Social Anxiety Among College Students
    The article “Understanding Problematic Drinking and Social Anxiety among College Students” describes the impact of social anxiety disorder on the experiences of many students.
  14. Relational Aggression Among College Students
    Relational aggression is one of the research areas in speech communication that have received immense scholarly research. However, it is important to note that the highest focus of relational aggression has been mainly on adolescents […]
  15. Skin Tones and Beauty Perception Among College Students
    At the same time, due to the existing “European standard of beauty”, which dictates that the closer a face is to having European features, the more attractive it seems, some individuals tend to find representatives […]
  16. Educational Tests: Toddlers and College Students
    The collection of standardized data regarding the quality of the learning environment prepared for young children is the intended purpose of this test.
  17. Fly High Program for Students’ College Enrollment
    Discussions with parents and students will be associated with the domains of parenting and communicating. The principle of collaborating with communities will be manifested in students’ trips to local companies and colleges.
  18. Financial Challenges of College Students
    One of the reasons for this is that being a student, a person is exposed to a lot of stressors and pressures on a daily basis, including an expectation to show excellent academic results, as […]
  19. CrowdSurf: A College Student Delivery Application
    It is a college student delivery application that follows a peer-to-peer model to tackle the problems of high fees and long delivery time typical of delivery service.
  20. Social Media and Shopping Behavior of Emirati College Students
    The empirical and theoretical literature review has indicated that social media has the potential of cutting the thought patterns of customers during the process of decision making.
  21. Human Papillomavirus Awareness Among College Students
    The research addresses the problem of low levels of literacy concerning HPV and other related sexually transmitted diseases and the stigma associated with the diseases. This research aims to determine the level of literacy among […]
  22. The First-Generation College Student Experience
    Angelica was a first-generation college student and she was likely to identify with the plight of her immediate family. Angelica lacked the financial resources that could have alleviated most of her college-related problems.
  23. Receptive Learning Styles in College Students
    I am certain that the assessment gives pertinent explanations of learning styles and personality. This will, in my opinion, enable people to know and appreciate their personalities and focus on the best learning styles.
  24. College Student Work Habits, Interruptions, and Stress
    In addition, such a criterion as the continuity of work is considered to determine the possible burden of students and the success of solving certain tasks.
  25. Stress Among African American College Students
    Although each article has a different approach, the focus of the investigation, and methods, all of them are more or less related to the topic of the negative effect of stress on African American college […]
  26. Media Effects on College Students Today
    The effects of such social media as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat on college students’ choices can be discussed with reference to Alhabash and Ma’s study.
  27. The Use of Social Media Tools in the Classroom: Perceptions Among Community College Students
    The purpose of the study was to examine the perceptions of community college students in Mississippi about the use and effects of social media.
  28. Procrastination Predictors in College Students
    This is a show of autonomy, the evading of the aversive task, avoidance of a state of anxiety, a response to their fear of failure or they are said to suffer from perfectionism and usually […]
  29. Living Arrange Ments for College Students
    The greatest benefit of living in a dormitory is the stimulation of educational growth involving easy access to classes, longer browsing time in the library, greater and closer contact with faculty staff, and assistance from […]
  30. Full-Time College Experience in Student Careers
    Students having full time in college is important because they can be able to have relations with others and from these then one is able to develop the weak points.

🥇 Simple & Easy College Students Essay Titles

  1. Lansing Community College: Retention Level of Students
    This paper talks about Lansing Community College and how it plans to accomplish the school’s goal of continuing the schools’ good reputation when it comes to the retention level of its students, particularly that of […]
  2. College Students: Self-Efficacy and Goal Orientation
    On the other hand, data results also stated that performance-avoidance goals are negatively related to academic standing.”Students in good academic standing reported having higher self-efficacy and adopted significantly more mastery goals toward learning than students […]
  3. Community College Survey of Student Engagement Usage
    What happened in return is that TCC becomes optimistic that the college will continuously meet the needs of the students and will adequately help the students in their transition to a learning college.
  4. Why College Students Cheat: Discussion
    In the case of the Internet, it has become a tool for students to cheat because information is readily at their fingertips.
  5. Health and Stress in College Students
    We may believe that stress has only psychological relevance, but the perspective of psychologists is that stress is the physiological and psychological reaction of an individual to a condition that poses a threat calling for […]
  6. College Students in UK and Marijuana
    The reasons for the punishments are very different but the result remains the same: marijuana is still used by the majority of students and is available for everyone.
  7. Distinguished Students of Knowsley College
    Arthur Cohen outlines the use of Community Colleges in their support for the employment of graduates or making continuation of studying possible on the upper levels of education, gaining bachelor degree, for example.
  8. How Can College Students Cope With Stress
    Getting through college determines the success of the rest of your life at the same time that you want more than anything to get on with your life.
  9. American College Student: Learning a Second Language
    The last reason comes in terms of the fact that learning a second language requires a lot of time and efforts. They already have learned a language which is used in most parts of the […]
  10. An Online Dating Service for College Students: Biff Targets Marketing
    The issue that has to be answered in the case is what the college students, as target customers for online dating service, ideadlly would like to be offered.
  11. Marketing Case B- Freddy Favors Fast Food and Convenience for College Students
    Problem Objective Opinion Areas of Strength Areas of Concern Recommendation Conclusion The service and products that are to be offered in a food joint for college students is a problem, as it would require […]
  12. Role of College Student Development Theory in Undergraduate College Life
    The main features that are introduced by the instructor are the usage and emphasis of case examples in the educational process and the second focus of the instructor is special attention to two spheres: individual […]
  13. Reference Groups: College Students
    This paper presents some topics like various reference groups of college students, most important reference groups and the difference between high school students and college students having reference groups in moulding of one’s personality.
  14. Should College Students Be Required To Attend Class
    The objective of this paper is to discuss the reasons why students must be required to attend class. Attending class practices is very significant because it gives room for a student to consult from the […]
  15. International Students Behaviour in KICL College
    So the main aim of this research was to establish an understanding of the factors that affect the consumption behaviour of the international students in KICL College.
  16. Benefits of Students Going to College
    The reasons are that: The students will have more knowledge and intellectual interests and be able to put up with one another in a more effective way and also to be able to learn in […]
  17. College Students: Responsibilities
    The percentage of students who consider their college time as an opportunity to have fun and spend their time in a pleasant way in constant parties is growing ever more.
  18. Internet Use and Well-Being Among College Students
    Finally, Gordon et al.analyze the role of Internet use in students’ escapism and psychological adjustment. The article by Gordon et al.offers valuable insights into the relationship between students’ use of the Internet and their well-being.
  19. Impact of Internet Use, Online Gaming, and Gambling Among College Students
    The researchers refute the previous works of literature that have analyzed the significance of the Internet, whereby previous studies depict that the Internet plays a significant role in preventing depression ordeals and making people happy.
  20. Bayview University’s College: Ethical Behavior of Business Students
    This report presents the findings of a study commissioned by the dean of the College of Business at Bayview University. The objective of the study is to assess the current ethical behavior of business students […]
  21. The Effect of Music Videos on College Students’ Perceptions of Rape
    The primary purpose of the article is to examine “the effect of sexualized portrayals of female artists in music videos on college students’ perceptions of date rape.”
  22. College Students’ Healthy Nutrition Research
    This study will examine health and nutrition behaviors of college students in order to gain deeper understanding of the factors that influence food consumption particularly, among the university students.
  23. Health and Nutritional Behavior of College Students
    The weight distribution of the participants is demonstrated in the below figure. All these foods are high in nutritional value, implying that the nutritional and health knowledge that students have influence their food purchases.
  24. Hip-Hop and Marijuana Use in College Students
    It has been estimated that over half of the college student population regularly use marijuana, while over 25% used it during past month.
  25. First Generation College Students and Resilience at a 4-Year University
    First-generation college students are defined in the study as “students whose parents or guardians have not achieved a bachelor’s degree”.

📑 Good Research Topics about College Students

  1. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among College Students
  2. Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Real-Life Violence Exposure Among Chinese College Students
  3. Abolishing General Education for College Students
  4. College Students and Negative Aspects of Fraternities
  5. Abortions Should Become More Easily Accepted Among College Students
  6. College Students and Their Impact on the Evolution of Social Media
  7. Academic Dishonesty Among College Students
  8. College Students and the Illegal Use of A.D.D. Medications as Study Aids
  9. Analysis of Academic Opportunities for College Students
  10. College Students and the Problems They Confront
  11. Academic Shortcoming and Study Habits of College Students
  12. College Students’ Attitude Toward Marijuana Use on Campus
  13. Acting for Happiness: Financial Behavior and Life Satisfaction of College Students
  14. College Students’ Attitude Towards Online Shopping for Electronic Products
  15. Academic Stress During Freshmen College Students
  16. College Students: Cheating and Morality
  17. Achieving Academic Success for College Students
  18. College Students Have Fallen Into Poverty
  19. Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-traditional College Students
  20. College Students Need Tax Deductions – Response to Questionnaire

🎓 Interesting Topics to Write about College Students

  1. Affective and Daily Event Predictors of Life Satisfaction in College Students
  2. African American College Students’ Experiences With Everyday
  3. Alcohol Abuse Among College Students and Possible Solutions
  4. Anxiety and Sleep Problems of College Students During the COVID-19
  5. Psychometric Properties of the Internet Addiction Test Among Lebanese College Students
  6. Association Between Stress and Eating Habits Among College Students
  7. College Students, Piracy, and Ethics: Is There a Teachable Moment
  8. Beyond Depression and Suicide: The Mental Health of Transgender College Students
  9. Associations Between Social Capital and Depressive Symptoms Among College Students
  10. Birth Order and Romantic Relationship Styles and Attitudes in College Students
  11. Casual Sex Has Become a Trend Among College Students
  12. Challenges College Students Face Living on Campus
  13. College Students and Internet Values Analysis
  14. Clinical Depression Affecting College Students
  15. Characterizing Cyberbullying Among College Students: Hacking, Dirty Laundry, and Mocking
  16. Childhood Maltreatment and Depression in Adulthood in Chinese Female College Students
  17. Chlamydia Prevalence Among Female College Students in Alabama
  18. Chronotype, Sleep, and Depressive Symptoms Among Chinese College Students
  19. Cognition and Attitudes Toward Homosexuality Among College Students in Ireland
  20. College Students and Credit Card Use: Role of Parents, Work Experience

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