Study Abroad Essay, Research Paper Examples

Declining Direct Public Support for Higher Education in USA

Introduction Higher education in the US has transformed from a post Second World War era characterized by high state funding and minimal tuition charges in public institutions (Phillips & Morell, 1996). As it stands now, state appropriations for public higher education have not increased to match inflation and allocation increases in other economic sectors. As […]

The Social Role of Higher Education in UK

Introduction In order to understand the structure of higher education, one cannot ignore the crucial role played by the development and history context in which it exists. Higher Education differs widely among different societies, and as time progresses, it differs within the society. Higher education internationally has acquired an international flavor and a sense of […]

Education in Australia

Australia is one of the leading destinations for students seeking international education as well as lecturers and other staff of institutions of higher learning. It is a country with less cases of crime and this makes it an ideal place for visitors and other people who wish to become residents. Australian education system dates back […]

The Criteria and Benefits That Allow Students to Work Abroad

Executive Summary The paper analyzes the criteria and benefits that allow students to work abroad. The focus is on the requirements of employers and the advantages of students’ studies for both parties. Several articles and texts are reviewed to identify the needed factors and the results of study abroad. Introduction The world is becoming more […]

Education in Australia as a Tool of Promoting Equality of Opportunity

Abstract Education in Australia is provided and delivered in different forms but the traditional mode of acquiring education is considered conventional and widely accepted. This traditional mode entails provision of education through the school system which may be public or private and may be a primary or elementary as it is known in some countries; […]