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90 Abortion Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

📑 Aspects to Cover in an Abortion Essay

If you need to write an abortion essay, you might be worried about the content, arguments, and other components of the paper. Don’t panic – this guide contains the key aspects that will make your essay on abortion outstanding.

Historical Perspectives

First of all, you should think about the historical perspectives on abortion. It is true that unwanted pregnancies were a thing long before any legislation in this area has been enacted. If you want to write on this topic, consider the following:

  • Historically, what were the main reasons for women of various titles to abort children?
  • What were the methods used for abortion before the development of modern medicine?
  • Were there any famous historical examples of women who aborted?
  • Is the history of abortion relevant to the contemporary debate? Why or why not?

Religious Arguments

In an abortion essay, pro-life arguments usually stem from religious beliefs. Hence, there are plenty of possibilities for you to explore religious arguments related to the debate on abortion. Here are some things to think about:

  • What are the ideas about abortion in different religions?
  • Why do various religions have different views on abortion?
  • Were there any other factors that affected how different religions saw abortion (e.g., political or social)?
  • Would an complete abortion ban be a correct solution from a religious viewpoint? Why or why not?

Moral Arguments

Abortion is probably one of the most popular topics in the study of ethics. Moral arguments exist for both pro-choice and pro-life views on abortion, and you can thus explore both sides of the debate in your paper. These questions will help you to get started:

  • Why is abortion considered an ethical dilemma?
  • What do different ethical theories show when applied to abortion?
  • From a moral viewpoint, should the life of an unborn child be more important than the physical, psychological, and socioeconomic well being of the mother? Why or why not?
  • What would be some negative consequences of an abortion ban?

Women’s Rights

Abortion essay topics are often linked to the issue of women’s rights. According to most feminists, abortion is related to women’s bodily autonomy, and thus, legislators should not try to limit access to safe abortions. If you wish to explore the relationship between women’s rights and abortion, focus on the following:

  • Why is abortion considered to be a feminist issue?
  • Who should be involved in decisions about abortion?
  • Considering that most legislators who pass pro-life laws are male, is it correct to understand abortion legislation as reproductive control?
  • What are other gender issues associated with abortion?
  • From the feminist viewpoint, what would be the best way to approach the problem of high abortion rates?

Essay Structure

The structure of your essay is just as important as its content, so don’t forget about it. Here is what you could do to make your paper stand out:

  • Read sample papers on abortion to see how other people structure their work.
  • Write a detailed abortion essay outline before you start working.
  • Make sure that your points follow in a logical sequence – this will make your paper more compelling!
  • For a good abortion essay conclusion, do not introduce any new sources or points in the final paragraph.

By covering the aspects above, you will be able to write an influential paper that will earn you an excellent mark. Before you begin researching, check our website for free abortion essay examples and other useful content to help you get an A*!

🏆 Best Abortion Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Abortion as a Controversial Issue
    To my mind, it is one of the good reasons to prove that abortions are not right. If it is possible to connect the prohibition of abortions to the law, it is high time to […]
  2. Pros and Cons of Abortion to the Society
    In the case of rape or incest, keeping a pregnancy is very traumatizing to the person raped as no one would wish to keep a child that is a result of this, and the best […]
  3. Social Problem of Abortion: Dealing with Media
    By focusing on the concept of abortion and the legislations or the medical reports that are related to the act, the media houses succeed in applying pathos, an emotional appeal, to influence the perceptions of […]
  4. The Problems of Abortion in Modern Society
    Several groups such as religious,civil society and governments consider the act of abortion as illegal since it denies the fetus its right to life and therefore calls for the enactment of laws to regulate the […]
  5. The True Extremist on Abortion: the Analysis of Tom Trinkon’s essay
    The author assumes based on his resources that this indicates the intentions of the American government to renounce the act of abortion.
  6. The Issue of Abortion
    The psychological price to pay for abortion is irredeemable and not unless anyone wants to live a downtrodden life, she should refrain from abortion.
  7. Abortion and Its Effects
    The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the act of abortion and offer suggestions from the research on ways of availing it as a medical procedure to eliminate the social stigma associated with […]
  8. The Problem of Legality or Illegality of Terminating Pregnancy (Abortion)
    As most antagonist of legalizing abortion, I held the idea that, abortion is an immoral act not only in the eyes of the society, but also in the eyes of God.
  9. The Right to Abortion
    The life of the mother is far more important than the unborn foetus and everything should be done to preserve it.
  10. No More Abortion
    Besides, abortion as a process is aberrant and poses a risk to the lives of the women involved. In my opinion, abortion lowers the public health of the women involved, and is a hazardous process.
  11. Pro-life and Pro-choice Sides of Abortion
    Their view is that when the unborn is in the mother’s womb, then the mother should have the right to decide whether to keep the pregnancy or not.
  12. Social Problem: Abortion
    The willingness of the students to partake in the procurement of abortion was significantly correlated with the views that they held regarding the issue of abortion, the extent to which they would be required to […]
  13. Conflicting Views on Abortion
    The difference that divides the two perspectives concerns the moral status of the fetus and the degree to which the fetus has right to life.
  14. Moral Issues in the Abortion
    The moral authority termination of life lies in the hands of the mother despite the influence of the society about the issue.
  15. Abortion and the Aspects of Pro-abortion
    There are occasions where somebody can have an untimely pregnancy that might end up enslaving her to the man and this can be sorted out through abortion A foetus is not a baby and there […]
  16. Teen Abortion: Understanding the Risks
    Some liberalists have been at the forefront in advocating for women to be accorded exclusive rights to abort by basing their facts on the premise that abortion is a largely private matter, but their arguments […]
  17. Debate of Abortion
    The other danger associated with abortion is that it poses a danger to the reproductive system of women in the future.
  18. The Abortion Debate
    Certain researchers note that, abortion is practically the most common surgical procedure in the world today because regardless of the laws or moral issues surrounding the issue, abortion is a very common practice for women […]
  19. The Case against Legalization of Abortion
    The second reason why abortion is difficult to justify is that in these cases, the woman will have to deal with the trauma of rape and with the trauma of abortion.
  20. The Issue of Abortion
    In this case, I adopt this position because I consider the act of abortion of a fetus which endangers the life of the mother as being morally permissible and therefore the moderate position on abortion […]
  21. Moral Controversies of Abortion
    However, it is also important to note that the women who are most likely to undertake an abortion are over the age of 40, the young, the poor, and the unmarried.
  22. The Debate About Abortion
    In the case of induced abortion, a pregnancy might be terminated due to medical reasons when the doctors find that keeping the pregnancy might endanger the life of both the mother and the child thus […]
  23. The Ethics of Abortion
    Additionally, it is irresponsible for one to avoid the duty of care that should be extended to the infant, and instead be the ones to end the life they are supposed to protect.
  24. Africa is not ready to Embrace Abortion
    The fact that implementation of abortion laws in the majority of the countries in Africa has not been properly regulated is another indicator that the African continent still has a lot to do and improve […]
  25. Is Self-Defense Abortion Permissible?
    According to the doctrine, abortion is right in case a mother’s life is in danger, the mother is unable to take care of the baby financially or if the baby is malformed.
  26. Abortion Principles – Case of George and Linda
    According to Linda, the decision of having the abortion was extremely lonely regardless of the fact that the husband supported her.
  27. Ethics and Abortion
    In weighing the options concerning whether to perform an abortion and how to care for the patient, a healthcare entity must consider the legal implications, the patient’s and provider’s beliefs as well as the health […]
  28. Exploiting Nazism in Abortion Debate
    In his essay “Exploiting Nazism in Abortion Debate,” Colleen Connell argues that the recent Supreme Court ruling that abortion and family planning should be left to be decisions of an individual and not the state […]
  29. The role of US Government on Abortions
    The US government has tried to illegalise abortion since the majority of its citizens has agreed that it should be allowed when the life of the pregnant mother is in danger.
  30. Abortion: Analysis of Pro-Abortion Arguments
    As controversial debates continue, anti-abortion group adopted the term ‘pro-life’ to signify their support to life while pro-abortion group refers itself as ‘pro-choice’. To pro choice, abortion is not killing but removal of a foetus, […]

🥇 Most Interesting Abortion Topics to Write about

  1. Abortions Legal in the U.S.A
    Anti-abortionists declare that this procedure is a violation of the rights to life for all individuals while advocates of the same concur that it is a personal choice which should be left to the discretion […]
  2. Should Abortion Be Legal
    In addition to the burden of carrying the unborn baby, in most cases research findings have indicated that, majority of individuals who father some babies are unwilling to take the responsibility of contributing to the […]
  3. Compare and contrast analysis socio-political and moral agenda of abortion
    The reason for this is simple the very notion of amotherly love’, as something unchangeable and static, does not correspond to the essence of women’s motherly anxieties, as much as it corresponds to men’s chauvinistic […]
  4. Freedom of women to choose abortion
    As a result Sulzberger provided enough information to keep the reader occupied for days to come while Moran was able to appeal to the emotions of the readers, inspiring those who are on her side […]
  5. Abortion and Virtue Ethics
    Those who support the right of a woman to an abortion even after the final trimester makes the assertion that the Constitution does not provide any legal rights for a child that is still within […]
  6. Abortion Law in Canada
    For instance, in the report released by the Canada government in 2005, the overall rate of abortion in the country was approximately 14%, which was less than the 20% incidents reported in the United States, […]
  7. Abortion’s Merits and Demerits of in the Global Perspectives
    The logic behind this argument is to better protect the health of the child bearer than risk both the life of the unborn child as well as that of the mother.
  8. Should Canada Have An Abortion Law?
    Whichever the side one decides to take regarding the issue of abortion, the fact remains that abortion is still carried out in Canada.
  9. A Call to Legalize Abortion
    A second consequence of criminalizing abortion relates to the health and wellbeing of women who are in need of abortion services.
  10. Abortion as a Current Public Policy Issue
    In my view, it does not matter the sides where one belongs to as long as the arguments can withstand the test of time, are in line with the fundamental freedoms and rights of the […]
  11. Abortion: To Legalize or Not
    If a mother is denied an abortion due to its illegality, that mother then will be forced to go through the pregnancy, the labor, the birth, and the raising of an unwanted child. Another concern […]
  12. Abortion as a Health Ethics Issue
    In the article Why Abortion is Immoral, Marquis asserts that abortion should only be permitted when a rape case is involved, within the first 2 weeks, and when the pregnancy has been proved to be […]
  13. Ethics in Professional Psychology: Abortion Issue
    The woman is carrying a pregnancy she did wish to have and it was forced into her, the psychologist is faced with the dilemma when advising the mother on whether the conceived fetus has rights […]
  14. Analysis of abortion as an ethical issue
    In this case, however, the mother wants to procure an abortion due to the fact that the fetus is female. Among the few benefits that may accrue to procuring an abortion in this case is […]
  15. Abortion and Parental Consent
    This choice can also “snowball” into a political event if the government steps in to control the access to abortion, and the “terms” involved and required when terminating a pregnancy.
  16. President Reagan’s thoughts on abortion
    In prochoice view, the rights and happiness of the mother supersedes the need to protect the life of the unborn child.
  17. Moral Problems of Abortion
    On top of that, it is irresponsible for one to avoid the duty of care that should be extended to the infant, who even after being born still requires the mother’s care to survive, and […]
  18. State of Abortion Laws
    Additionally, it will look in to the liberalization of abortion laws and their effects to the society. 4 The restrictive abortion laws in the developing countries results to inequitable access to safe abortion resulting to […]
  19. The Issue of Abortion in the African Continent
    Some of the groups have been referred to as the pressure groups while others have been referred to as the insider or the outsider group.
  20. Abortion: Pro-choice and Pro-life Movement
    For instance, if a woman from a given community is raped and gets pregnant, it is worth noting that the woman and the unborn child will be called names and scolded; this ultimately depicts a […]
  21. Controversial Question about Abortion
    With respect to the arguments proposed by the pro-life group, it seems that the act of abortion is absolutely unacceptable, irrespective of whether or not the life of the mother is in danger.
  22. A Woman Has A Natural Right To Get An Abortion
    Therefore, it is quite unfair to deny a woman her natural right to get an abortion on the grounds of the dignity of the unborn child.
  23. Anti- and Pro-abortion Arguments
    Abortion is the choice of a woman who bears the child and any decision to terminate the pregnancy by a woman is in a way a suicide she commits even to her ‘self’.
  24. Abortion: Theories and Moral Issues
    I am going to defend that a fetus is a human being from the time of conception and thus deserves respect and should be provided help until it comes out of the womb of the […]
  25. Abortion Law Importance in Canada
    Abortion is a medical procedure which can be incorporated in the reproductive health of women, and criminal law may not be applicable.
  26. Abortion’s Pros and Cons
    Abortion, if legalized would curb unnecessary maternal deaths, in that, it would be done in the open and mothers would not be afraid of consulting qualified personnel for the same.
  27. “A Defence of Abortion” by Thomson
    Thomson argues that the proportional rationale for opposing abortion is a product of substitution; instance in generalization and quantification of what the society considers as logic, irrespective of hidden fallacies surrounding the limits of the […]
  28. Ethics of Abortion: Controversial Issues
    Although viable reasons for the justification of the practice varied for different communities, one of the main concepts that were agreeable at the time was the abortions before the ‘quickening’ period, which is the time […]
  29. Abortion Incidence in the United State
    This decision removed most of the legal obstacles to abortion, and it led to the dramatic increase in the availability of safe abortion services in the US.
  30. Abortion Is Wrong
    He argues that the main reason why abortion is immoral is that it denies victims the experiences and activities of their future.

💡 Good Essay Topics on Abortion

  1. Legalizing Abortion: Advantages and Justification
    Therefore, abortion legalization is a policy that contributes to the normalization of childbearing and exposes it as a conscious and mindful choice, rather than a life-destroying factor.
  2. Legalization of Abortion for Underage Girls
    Those against the legalization of abortion claim that the process is normally not appropriate for girls under the age of eighteen years. It is therefore not justified to legalize abortion for girls under the age […]
  3. Ethical Dilemma: Political Involvement in Abortion
    The development of medicine brought the issue to the fore in the late 19th century. Therefore, it is but natural that it is the right of a woman to make the choice.
  4. “The Last Abortion Clinic”: Documentary Analysis
    Set in the state of Mississippi, the documentary aims at highlighting the laws that have been passed to curtail access of abortion in this state.
  5. Conflicting Viewpoints: Should Abortion Be Legal?
    In particular, it is possible to assume that abortion undermines the family as the most important building block of the society. This is one of the details that should not be overlooked.
  6. Abortion Practice in the Middle East
    The existence of restrictive laws on abortion is the main reason for the significant rise in the number of unsafe abortions in the Middle East and North Africa.
  7. Abortion in the Middle East
    A recent study of the subject matter has shown that the rates of unsafe abortions in Middle east are getting increasingly high: as the official data states, out of 1,000 women ages 15 40, 11 […]
  8. Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion: Articles Evaluation
    The article highlights the importance of coming up with sexual health services and contraception methods, which are community-based for the benefit of the young people in a bid to counter the seemingly never-ending menace of […]
  9. Abortion: Quality of Life and Genetic Abnormalities
    However, while this makes sense from a logical standpoint, it is horrific from a moral and ethical perspective given the fact that all individuals should have the right to life, regardless of the limitations they […]
  10. Canadian vs. American Post-Abortion Care
    When it comes to the history of the abortion policy in Canada, before the 1980s, for a woman to undergo the procedure terminating a pregnancy, the permission of a four-member committee of doctors was required […]
  11. Abortion in Marquis’s vs. Thompson’s Arguments
    Overall, the argument against the morality of abortion using the premise that the fetus has a right to live just like the mother is self-defeating in nature. It would be beneficial for the opponents of […]
  12. Abortion from the Utilitarian Perspective
    First and foremost, the majority of people will not abide by her since abortion is considered to be an immoral act of human murder.
  13. Abortion as a Crime and the Fight Against It
    Children are the future of our world and that is why I believe that we all should view them as a blessing rather than a curse.
  14. Abortion in Thomas Aquinas’ Religious View
    Abortion is aimed at the destruction of blastocyst, foetus, embryo or zygote and in the process kills the innocence any life that would be there.
  15. Abortion Rights: Roe v. Wade Case
    The decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Roe v. The decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Planned Parenthood v.
  16. Elective Abortion
    The thesis statement for this paper is: Since the legalization of the practice has not led to safer and quality abortion, there is need to tackle the barriers, obstacles, and cultural gaps that make the […]
  17. Anti-Abortion Legislation and Services in Texas
    It might be possible to state that the aim of the legislation adopted so as to limit the provision of abortion service for the population was to reduce the number of abortions carried out in […]
  18. Barriers to Access to Abortion Services
    Therefore, the prohibition of abortions can be potentially harmful to the health of women, and they understand it. Nevertheless, the society is not ready to accept abortion as a common event in the life of […]
  19. Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion and Sex Education
    According to, some individuals in the society particularly the religious ones see abortion as a vice affecting every corner of the world.
  20. Abortion Counseling and Psychological Support
    One recurrence is a woman’s lack of autonomy which can directly pressure the decision to have an abortion. Women may be driven by a number of influences and ideological factors to have a certain level […]
  21. Abortion Debate: Immoral Aspect of Pregnancy Termination
    Since it is morally wrong to kill human being, it is in order to argue that it is equally wrong to terminate a potential person in the form of a fetus.
  22. Is Abortion Morally Justified?
    One of the reasons why the killing of any human being is wrong is “the loss of his or her future”.
  23. Abortion as a Constitutional Right of US Women
    An abortion is the termination of pregnancy with the help of medicinal drugs or surgical interventions before the birth of the fetus.
  24. Abortion Debates of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Parties
    A critical look at the sentiments forwarded by the members of the opposing groups in the debate on abortion reveals that the parties have more in common than meets the eye.
  25. Abortion, Its Causes and Psychological Problems
    To start with, it is considered to be illogical when one life is said to be saved through abortion, whereas another life is taken away in the process.
  26. Why Abortion Is Immoral?
    Thompson accepts that every individual has the right to life, that is, the fetus has the right life, and also the mother has the right to life.
  27. The Last Abortion Clinic
    Due to this, almost 24% of women are forced to travel across states to seek abortion services because of the lack of such services in the area they reside in.
  28. Abortion Is Too Complex to Feel All One Way About
    In her article “Abortion Is Too Complex to Feel All One Way About” that appeared in the New York Times, Anna Quindlen attracts the attention of the global community to one of the most controversial […]
  29. The Politics of Abortion
    The second entry will be on the politics of abortion in the last year. In 2017 the politics of abortion had changed significantly compared to that of 2003.
  30. Anti-Abortion Social Movements and Legislators’ Role
    In the described cases, the main task for the representatives is to make law as flexible as possible, and this is one of the most complicated things to do.

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