Abortion Essay, Research Paper Examples

Aspects to Cover in an Abortion Essay

If you need to write an abortion essay, you might be worried about the content, arguments, and other components of the paper. Don’t panic – this guide contains the key aspects that will make your essay on abortion outstanding.

Historical Perspectives

First of all, you should think about the historical perspectives on abortion. It is true that unwanted pregnancies were a thing long before any legislation in this area has been enacted. If you want to write on this topic, consider the following:

  • Historically, what were the main reasons for women of various titles to abort children?
  • What were the methods used for abortion before the development of modern medicine?
  • Were there any famous historical examples of women who aborted?
  • Is the history of abortion relevant to the contemporary debate? Why or why not?

Religious Arguments

In an abortion essay, pro-life arguments usually stem from religious beliefs. Hence, there are plenty of possibilities for you to explore religious arguments related to the debate on abortion. Here are some things to think about:

  • What are the ideas about abortion in different religions?
  • Why do various religions have different views on abortion?
  • Were there any other factors that affected how different religions saw abortion (e.g., political or social)?
  • Would an complete abortion ban be a correct solution from a religious viewpoint? Why or why not?

Moral Arguments

Abortion is probably one of the most popular topics in the study of ethics. Moral arguments exist for both pro-choice and pro-life views on abortion, and you can thus explore both sides of the debate in your paper. These questions will help you to get started:

  • Why is abortion considered an ethical dilemma?
  • What do different ethical theories show when applied to abortion?
  • From a moral viewpoint, should the life of an unborn child be more important than the physical, psychological, and socioeconomic well being of the mother? Why or why not?
  • What would be some negative consequences of an abortion ban?

Women’s Rights

Abortion essay topics are often linked to the issue of women’s rights. According to most feminists, abortion is related to women’s bodily autonomy, and thus, legislators should not try to limit access to safe abortions. If you wish to explore the relationship between women’s rights and abortion, focus on the following:

  • Why is abortion considered to be a feminist issue?
  • Who should be involved in decisions about abortion?
  • Considering that most legislators who pass pro-life laws are male, is it correct to understand abortion legislation as reproductive control?
  • What are other gender issues associated with abortion?
  • From the feminist viewpoint, what would be the best way to approach the problem of high abortion rates?

Essay Structure

The structure of your essay is just as important as its content, so don’t forget about it. Here is what you could do to make your paper stand out:

  • Read sample papers on abortion to see how other people structure their work.
  • Write a detailed abortion essay outline before you start working.
  • Make sure that your points follow in a logical sequence – this will make your paper more compelling!
  • For a good abortion essay conclusion, do not introduce any new sources or points in the final paragraph.

By covering the aspects above, you will be able to write an influential paper that will earn you an excellent mark. Before you begin researching, check our website for free abortion essay examples and other useful content to help you get an A*!

State of Abortion Laws

Introduction Abortion is defined as any act aimed at ending pregnancy term before it is due. Abortion can be either induced or spontaneous. Spontaneous abortions occur when the implantation is altered by abnormalities in the uterus due to infection, incomplete fertilization process or improper hormone balance. Induced abortion occurs during the second trimester. It involves […]

Moral Problems of Abortion

Introduction Our society is characterized by people with different behaviors and varied economical abilities which make them have different preferences. It has been an order of the day to find women with unwanted pregnancies, therefore raising the question of what they should or should not do. On the other hand, it is not unusual to […]

Abortion and Parental Consent

Abortion is the killing of an under-developed embryo or fetus, and is therefore an intentional means of terminating a pregnancy. It is legality varied in various aspects of the society with its supporters arguing that the fetus is not yet a grown human. Consequently, it has called on the government to verify if a fetus […]

Analysis of abortion as an ethical issue

Introduction Human beings find themselves in a number of ethical dilemmas, during which it is difficult to make the right decision. Sometimes people find themselves making wrong decisions as a result of poor judgment, or even as a result of negligence. These kinds of dilemmas occur often in healthcare, in which medical practitioner may get […]

Abortion as a Health Ethics Issue

Debates on abortion have been ongoing in every society. Recently, several people have questioned whether it is ethical for governments to legalize abortions. While others consider access to abortion as women’s rights, critics argue that abortion is always wrong and that it should be prohibited. According to some individuals, abortion should only be permitted under […]

Abortion: To Legalize or Not

Thesis The issue of abortion is controversial in numerous contexts. Even though it receives criticism from various groups, women should be allowed to decide on whether to abort or not. This should be a personal choice. This paper supports the issue of abortion based on research and critical scrutiny of the matter. However, other opposing […]

Abortion as a Current Public Policy Issue

Abortion as a current public policy issue/controversy in the news today Controversies arise because of different opinions of people due to individual uniqueness in beliefs, logical reasoning, religious, political, and social economic backgrounds that often lead to heated and argumentative discussions. While there are numerous public policy issues, the paper tables the scope, cost, policies, […]

A Call to Legalize Abortion

Introduction Unsafe abortion is a worldwide phenomenon that has existed throughout recorded history, but only a few governments have instituted policy frameworks to address this problem which is seen as a significant cause of maternal mortality and morbidity at a global level (Puri et al., 2012). However, despite the sustained absence of abortion in serious […]

Should Canada Have An Abortion Law?

Canada is among the few countries in the west that has no law governing abortion. The implication is that it is not yet clear whether abortion is an illegal or a legal act according to the Canadian constitution and criminal code. In other words, Canada remains as the only state in the developed world where […]

Abortion’s Merits and Demerits of in the Global Perspectives

Introduction The question of abortion has recently drawn considerable global debate from many sectors and stakeholders within the society. The most prevalent within such debates is whether abortion is legally acceptable, religiously correct, or scientifically necessary for public health concerns. It is also notable that amidst such debates, various countries or states remain unique or […]

Compare and contrast analysis socio-political and moral agenda of abortion

Given the highly controversial essence of abortion-related debate, it comes as not a particular surprise that those authors, who discuss the issue from diametrically opposite points of view, often resort to utilization of a number of rhetorical devices, in order to convince audiences in the validity of their perspectives, regarding the discussed subject matter. After […]

Abortions Legal in the U.S.A

Introduction Human life has been held in high esteem and indeed one of the founding principles of our country is the inalienable rights to life and freedom for all. However, as our society has advanced through the years, the issue of abortion which is defined by Alters (2006) as “a procedure performed to end a […]

Abortion: Analysis of Pro-Abortion Arguments

For any years there has been disagreement over abortion. Two schools of thoughts are involved: those for and those against abortion. Earlier, the schools of thought were grouped into anti-abortion and pro-abortion. As controversial debates continue, anti-abortion group adopted the term ‘pro-life’ to signify their support to life while pro-abortion group refers itself as ‘pro-choice’(Reiman […]

The role of US Government on Abortions

Abortion has been a contentious issue in the American society. The society has been controlling fertility using abortion irrespective of its legality. The United States legalised this practice before 1880; afterwards, it was banned in most states but only allowed when a woman’s life was to be saved or in case a woman’s life was […]

Exploiting Nazism in Abortion Debate

Introduction In his essay “Exploiting Nazism in Abortion Debate,” Colleen Connell argues that the recent Supreme Court ruling that abortion and family planning should be left to be decisions of an individual and not the state is a good step towards respecting human rights by giving women the freedom to decide what is good for […]

The Ethics of Abortion

Introduction It has been an order of the day to find women with unwanted pregnancies, therefore raising the question of what they should or should not do. On the other hand, it is not unusual to find teenagers as young as twelve being pregnant, and their parents especially the mothers feel that it is not […]

The Debate About Abortion

The Subject of Abortion Abortion is the expulsion, forcible, or induced removal of a fetus from the uterus before its maturity time. It happens due to different reasons, which include medical, ethical, as well as personal reasons that a woman might have. At the same time, there are two types of abortion: induced and spontaneous […]

Moral Controversies of Abortion

Introduction Over the years, a number of ethical theories have been utilized to analyze human behavior. These include consequentialism, Aristotelian and deontological approaches as well as Utilitarianism, Kantianism and Virtue theory. Ethical issues, such as abortion, capital punishment and animal rights, among others, have raised debates on how to address and approach them. While some […]

The Issue of Abortion

Introduction Since the Supreme Court made abortion a legal procedure in the United States over three decades ago, the issue of abortion has continued to elicit highly charged debate both in the political and social scenes (McCoy 45-50). In such a context, inflammatory anti-abortion versus pro-choice sentiments are inevitable, hence the need to use a […]

The Case against Legalization of Abortion

The issue of whether to legalize abortion or not remains an emotive one. With improvements in healthcare standards, and with a major breakdown in the social support structures that made it easy for people who had unplanned children to cope, abortions have been on the rise. However, while there can be very strong reasons to […]

The Abortion Debate

Introduction “An estimated 43% of all women will have at least one abortion by the time they are 45 years old” (Farrell 1). This statistic was reported by a sociology researcher named Farrell in a global report on abortion. To show how widespread abortion is practiced globally, it is reported that there are about 42 […]

Debate of Abortion

Introduction Abortion is defined as the termination of the life of a fetus while still in the mother’s womb. The practice is not a new phenomenon in human life since many contemporary societies engaged in it in the past. Women have been in record for making decisions to carry out abortions or experiencing it under […]

Teen Abortion: Understanding the Risks

Among the challenges which divide civilizations in the 21st century, that of abortion is clearly one of the most bothersome. Almost on daily instances, societies are bombarded with torrents of arguments about the admissibility or rejection of abortion from both sides of the divide. Crowds demonstrate and politicians lay bare their facts in popular discussion […]

Abortion and the Aspects of Pro-abortion

The whole topic of abortion is a very complex issue that has continued to attract a lot of attention in today’s modern society. This can be explained from both perspectives where there are certain people who are opposed to abortion while there are others who are pro-abortion. As a matter of fact, different societies have […]

Moral Issues in the Abortion

Introduction The issue abortion existed in the human race since time immemorial and it has gone on till today. Whether abortion is morally right or wrong largely depends on one’s own conviction about the issue. The moral authority termination of life lies in the hands of the mother despite the influence of the society about […]

Conflicting Views on Abortion

Introduction Although abortion may be legally permissible in many countries, it is nevertheless a debatable issue regarding its moral permissibility. Different ethical theories have been put forward to provide the moral guidance with regard to abortion most notably, the liberal and conservative perspectives. The difference that divides the two perspectives concerns the moral status of […]

Social Problem: Abortion

Introduction From a historical point of view, abortion has found use as one of the ways to prevent births in the society. It was only in mid-nineteenth century that the United States legally prohibited the practice. Until the 1960s, no one appeared to challenge the laws that had been enacted to prohibit the procurement of […]

Pro-life and Pro-choice Sides of Abortion

Abortion is termination of pregnancy before its maturity. Pro-choice advocates for women right to decide whether to abort or not, whereas prolife advocate for no abortion. However, both support termination of pregnancy for medical reasons. Pro-choice are of the opinion that a child should start enjoying human rights after birth. Their view is that when […]

The Right to Abortion

Arguments and counter arguments have been fronted with such fierceness and eloquence for and against abortion from different quarters of the social and spiritual divide. Abortion, an age-old phenomenon is defined as a premature termination of the unborn. Far and wide, arguments have been presented in various forms that span the general to specific issues. […]

The Problem of Legality or Illegality of Terminating Pregnancy (Abortion)

The legality or illegality of terminating pregnancy (abortion) is one of the most contentious issues in the present communities, owing to the fact that, although some communities have legalized abortion, still some communities criminalize it. Prior to my understanding of the circumstances surrounding abortion, I was one individual who strongly opposed the act. As most […]

Abortion and Its Effects

Thesis The main objective of the paper focuses on abortion and its effects and it is equally an analysis of the developmental problems associated with this act. Another significance of the study regards on various approaches and theories in support or against abortion. The paper also forms an analysis over other probable choices in the […]

Abortion as a Controversial Issue

Without any doubts, an abortion is one of the most controversial issues people may face with. Some people can easily agree to abortion and do not think about the consequences, possible future, and the life, taken from a non-born baby. Jay Budziszewski is a Professor of Government and Philosophy at the Texas University. He is […]