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Controversial Question About Abortion Argumentative Essay


Abortion is an issue that is of a global concern. In the regard, there are two opposing groups of people: the pro-life and pro-choice groups. The groups have opposing lines of arguments that have created a global debate on abortion. One group supports abortion while the other group opposes it.

This paper critically examines the views of both groups. In this case, it can be noted that abortion should only be allowed in cases when the life or health of the mother is in danger.

The Arguments about Abortion

The abortion debate is mainly based on the moral and legal aspects of the society (Soifer 193). One of the arguments advanced by the pro-life group is that aborting children is considered as a crime of murder.

In this case, the group that is against abortion tends to reason from the standpoint of morality (Beckwith 129); it is believed that life begins immediately after conception. This implies that the existence of a human being begins immediately after the fertilization process has taken place.

Even though the fetus has to depend on the mother, the pro-life group believes it is still a human being whose life should be protected(Beckwith 137).

According to the pro-choice group, almost all abortions take place when pregnancies are in the first trimester (Napier 43).

Actually, the pro-choice group advances the idea that the act of abortion cannot amount to a crime of murder since the fetuses are still attached to their mothers through the umbilical cords (Napier 43).

Considering the arguments from both sides, some weaknesses can be identified. With respect to the arguments proposed by the pro-life group, it seems that the act of abortion is absolutely unacceptable, irrespective of whether or not the life of the mother is in danger.

In the case of the arguments given by the pro-choice, it seems that the baby can be aborted, especially if the mother decides to terminate the pregnancy.

To them, this is especially right as long as the fetus is not able to survive or exist independently; this is due to the fact that the baby is still attached to the mother through the umbilical cord.

However, this argument can be refuted on the basis that a fetus is always attached to the mother until the time of birth. Hence, justifying abortion on the grounds that a fetus is still attached to the mother suggests that a child can still be aborted few days before the date of birth.

The arguments of both pro-choice and pro-life groups tend to be rigid (Napier 43). The fact is that the act of abortion is morally wrong. However, due to certain factors that may put the health of an expectant woman at risk, the termination of a pregnancy may be necessary (Sengupta 571).

This is where the law has come in to strike a balance between the need to keep the life of the unborn and the protection of women’s rights and freedom of choice.


Even though the pro-life and pro-choice groups are somehow right in relation to the subject of abortion, it is important to note that the act of abortion may be necessitated by certain life threatening conditions (Pillitteri 139).

Therefore, the right position is that the act of abortion should be discouraged, except in situations when an expectant woman’s life is at risk.

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