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Abortion Principles – Case of George and Linda Essay


According to Linda, the decision of having the abortion was extremely lonely regardless of the fact that the husband supported her. The abortion came as an option since the birth of a new child was unexpected and would come with additional burdens. The husband would also be barred from changing his fourteen years job.

The woman was also visualizing the difficulties regarding baby care and how much work she could be able to do. The youngest child was finally ready for school and it would be difficult to raise another one. The men at the Women’s Services were uncomfortable and embarrassed.

According to George, there was no emotional distress after the first abortion. In Linda’s case, there was no emotional distress at the beginning since the couple had come to the conclusion that abortion was the best option considering the circumstances they were in. However, Linda was bothered when her name was called and the doctor was injecting her (Francke 34). Similarly, George kept thinking about women’s rights and the ethical guidelines of what he was doing.

The women at the waiting room were silent since they were ashamed that they were going to kill innocent souls. After the abortion, Linda and her husband did not talk but held hands. They were guilty as they tried to hide everything from their children by pretending that life was normal. The woman was concerned about her modernity and the fact that she was about to kill regardless of the great care she had given to her other children.

Just as Linda was guilty after the abortion and felt that there was a space for another child, George felt sympathy for young college ladies and anger for married couples. It reached a point where George was gravely bothered and he started questioning his sensitivity. At home, he was embraced by his children while he engaged in abortions at his workplace. George was horrified for playing with a child he wanted to abort seven years earlier.

Linda felt that there was a space for another child, which implies that she was unlikely to engage in any more abortions (Flesh par 4).Furthermore, she would return to the clinic to have an IUD inserted. Similarly, George eventually became too bothered about his Christian values. He felt that his spiritual aspirations and intellectual integrity were at stake. This made him stop doing any more abortions.


George was extremely tortured after doing 2nd trimester abortions. Consequently, he stopped doing these. On the other hand, the experts in Linda’s case do not portray any emotional distress. On the contrary, they were busy advising women on family planning so as to stop further abortions. They also seem to be encouraging the women by assuring them that the pain would not last for long.

George cares more about the young women abandoned by their boyfriends. The gratitude the women have gives George great satisfaction after carrying out the minor operations. On the contrary, he was distressed after extracting parts of foetus one by one during second trimester abortion.


In both cases, it is important for George and Linda to have realised from the beginning that abortion is a grave sin. One is bothered for the rest of his life since the memory of the abortion is never erased. In my opinion, every person should value life and keep away from abortion, which deals with destroying innocent and vital lives. The religion should offer stringent guidelines regarding abortion.

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