Medical Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

Medical Ethics of Amputation

What is the ethical issue? The ethical issue discussed in this article is that of amputation. This is an ethical issue because it affects many individuals who have served in Afghanistan and other troubled regions. The important question is how to “treat and help every person whose legs or arms have been amputated” (Gibson, 2014, […]

Medical Issues: The Ethics of Harvesting Eggs from Dead Women

In medicine and biotechnology, technologies in the modern world are seeking to improve human lives by granting the opportunity to develop test tube babies and reducing the need for women to undergo the long period of pregnancy when having to raise their families. These technologies allow women to donate their ovaries to those willing to […]

Ethical Issues Related to the Website

Executive Summary During October 2013, different types of technical defects were observed in relation to the work of the website associated with the procedure of enacting the Affordable Care Act. These problems caused a range of difficulties in the exchange activities of many people who needed the information about insurance and concrete assistance in […]

Medical Issues: Federal Stem-Cell Research Ban

Stem cells are gotten from human embryos and used as specimens for carrying out medical research. The embryos are often destroyed during the research process, making opponents of abortion to liken stem-cell research to murder. In 2010, a federal court banned public spending on the research. However, a year later, a panel of appellate judges […]

Ethics in Nursing

Introduction The essay is an in-depth examination of ethical consideration in quantitative research studies in nursing. As quoted in NIH Office of Extramural Research, 2008: 2 it is important to always remember that research studies that entail data collection and actively involved human subjects, need to maintain the very high level of ethical standards. Ethics […]

Ethical Code of Conduct for Psychologists

If professionals are left to act in whichever way they deem fit, there is bound to be a lot of mistakes and behavior disparity. Consequently, each profession has come up with guidelines which prescribe the correct code of conduct not only to ensure uniformity in actions but also to avoid inappropriate behavior. For psychologists, these […]

Euthanasia, “Physician-assisted death”

Can you shoot a bullet at one of your family member because she/he is suffering from a pain? Have you ever seen one of your beloved dying? And thought that it would be easier to him/her to die instead of suffering from the pain but you do not have the strength to do it or […]

Abortion: Theories and Moral Issues

Introduction There are two opposing views on the question of abortion and these are the pro-life and the pro-choice. The pro-life argues that abortion is immoral and in fact constitutes murder because a fetus is already a human being from the time it is conceived. The pro-choice, on the other hand, advocates that a woman […]

Anti- and Pro-abortion Arguments

Disagreement on the status of abortion is an old debate dating back to probably nineteenth century. In many countries like the US and Germany, abortion is considered illegal. However, a social movement through the last seven decades has distinctly divided two groups of anti- and pro-abortion advocates. These two divisions are the pro-life and the […]

Ethical Aspects of Neural Prostheses

Introduction The use of neural prostheses in clinical settings to aid in the repair of the nervous system is increasingly being practiced. These neural prostheses interact directly with the nervous system, facilitating the restoration of neural function damaged by injuries and disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. The loss of neuronal motor signal frequently causes partial […]

Medical Ethics in Treatment of Animals

The use of animals in research has raised concern among organisations that fight for animal rights. In the recent past, there has been an attempt to use alternative methods such as the Ames test which uses a bacterium. The attempt to replace rodents with such bacteria has not been completely successful (Festing & Wilkinson 2007). […]

Abortion: Pro-choice and Pro-life Movement

At present it is evident that the topic that elicits endless and hot debates is the topic of abortion. As a result there are two groups, pro-choice movement and pro-life movement supporting and opposing abortion respectively. Although there are various definitions for abortion, I will define abortion as a safe medical procedure aimed at early […]

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Abstract Conflicts within the work environment are very common. They are caused by both internal and external factors. Well managed conflicts act as a medium for change and may have a positive effect on employees. On the contrary, if conflicts are not managed well, they may have a negative impact on job performance and employee […]

The Wellspring Model Implementation

Introduction Wellspring Model was developed in the mid-1990s and it became operational in 1998. The model is developed by Innovative Solutions Inc., and the training is provided at the Wellspring Institute (Singh, 2010). The Wellspring Model is an alliance of a number of healthcare facilities that share knowledge and experiences. Specific training is also provided […]

The Bariatric Surgery Center

The Veteran Health Administration (VHA) requires healthcare providers to inform their patients of any adverse side effects resulting in the course of the care (Pozgar 1). The patient has a right to be informed of any harm associated with surgical procedure and whether the side effects are immediate or come up later on (Pozgar 2). […]

Ethical Issues at the Radiology Department

Introduction Being a radiographer means being very cautious and careful with instructions. It is especially important to follow the existing code of ethics once a patient and a radiographer do not speak the same language. Since the radiographer was not concerned with the fact that the patient could not speak English properly, the former broke […]

The Issue of Advance Medical Directives

The use of advance medical directives in the Western countries is discussed as the possibility to resolve many ethical and legal questions in relation to incurable patients, and the practice is explained from the point of respect for the patients’ autonomy and their dignity. However, this issue is impossible to be discussed only from one […]

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Any activity such as study, policy or project with the hope of success must involve participants at all stages. In a project, participants ought to be involved in needs assessment, project identification, planning, monitoring and evaluation. When making policies, the subjects to the policy should be involved right from policy planning and formulation, up to […]

An Argument Against Euthanasia

There are many approaches to the concept and practice of euthanasia. In one definition, euthanasia is described as a quick death in which pain is almost absent.1 However, there is one common understanding of euthanasia in the modern society. Euthanasia is the ending of a person’s life to help the particular individual avoid pain and […]

Delivering Ethical Health Care

Introduction From the moral and ethical perspectives, the healthcare industry is vital for sustaining lives. Without the presence of adequate structures of health care in any given society, the people in that society are bound to succumb to different ailments. This is to mean that healthcare is the central tenet of the welfare of any […]

Critical Thinking in Health Care

Critical or reflective thinking has been widely promoted in nursing management and health care education as an effective approach for improving clinical decision-making, analytical and problem-solving skills of health care professionals. Fero, Witsberger, Wesmiller, Zullo and Hoffma (2009) define critical thinking (CT) as a subjective thought process that involves assessment, analysis and interpretation of clinical […]

Ethical Issues in Organ Donation

A relatively recent issue of The New York Times presents a story about Mirtala Garcia and Sebastiao Lourenco (Grady 2011). Mirtala was the wife of a deceased organ donor Julio Garcia. Julio died of blood hemorrhage, and since he had previously agreed to donate his organs, Sebastiao Lourenco received his heart (Grady 2011). Mirtala and […]

Should Parents be Allowed to Choose the Characteristic of their Children through Genetic Manipulation?

Introduction The resilient progresses in genetics have led to the current states of genetic manipulation. Such genetic manipulations might be used to design the features of future babies. In fact, whichever the genetic anarchy, the medical practitioners as well as the parentage are capable of screening embryos heritably through instigating IVF also called In Vitro […]

A Sick Medicaid System

Introduction Low-income earners benefit from Medicaid, which provides the means to receive health care. The U.S. federal government put in place measures to ensure that all states complied with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The states were required to secure Medicaid records. Different states adopted different options that they deemed fit for […]

Arguments for the Sale of Organs

Introduction The past century has witnessed novel medical advances that have made it possible to transplant organs from one person to another. These innovations have given patients who have failing or damaged organs a chance to enjoy a quality and prolonged life since the dysfunctional organs can be removed and replaced with new ones. This […]

Legalizing Euthanasia

Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide is currently a topic of international debate, especially in the United States of America where different human rights groups, enthusiasts, medical practitioners and the legislature are concerned with the problem of legalization or illegalization of the practice. The are supporters of the idea that only God has the right to take […]

Code of Ethics for Mental Health Professions

Codes of ethics define responsibilities in professional practices. Different professions have specific codes of ethics founded on the duties of the employees, engagements with clients, and professional standards. In the mental health profession, codes of ethics mainly address professional responsibilities, handling of clients, storage of clients’ information, and the relationships that should exist between the […]

Health Information Seeking and Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Introduction Communication and information have recently been applauded for their role in assisting patients to cope with cancer in most parts of the world. Unlike other diseases, cancer diagnosis can trigger a wide range of reactions including but not limited to stress, uncertainty and fear, whose impact can be regulated by use of information. It […]

Public Health Ethics

Ethics refer to the formulated regulations and values adopted by a community and accepted as the expected code of conduct (Bayer 2007, p.7). Morality should not be mistaken for ethics, as it is itself a part of ethics. Public health ethics is the code of conduct that is accepted as the proper guide for professionals […]

Ambiguous Sex

Even without the socialization process, it is arguably possible for a female to be born in a male body and vice versa as indicated by Dreger (2009) On a biological perspective however, a third angle into the sex and gender debate is introduced through the term biological sex. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) […]

Legalizing Euthanasia

Euthanasia or mercy killing as it is informally referred is the act of ending a person life if it is deemed to be the only way to help a person get out of their suffering. Mostly euthanasia is practiced on patients who are suffering from terminal illness are experiencing severe pain. Therefore, assisted death seems […]


New York Times Different people view end of life and euthanasia which may also be termed so mercy killing differently depending on various kinds of environment that surround individuals. For instance, the kind of set up that an individual has grown up in, the kind of religion an individual professes, the personality of an individual […]

Relationship Between Doctors and Pharmaceutical Industries

Introduction The relationship between doctors and pharmaceutical industries is prone to conflicts. An analysis of their relationship reveals that doctors are likely to compromise ethics in their profession because of being influence by pharmaceutical companies. Influence of Doctors by Pharmaceutical Industry According to Paul A. Komesaroff, a director and Ethics Convener at the Royal Australasian […]

Bioethics – nutrition and hydration

Introduction Development in clinical medicine has made it possible for medical practitioners and care givers to supply nutrition and hydration to patients whose medical conditions do not allow normal eating processes.1 In most cases, these life-supporting substances are given through a host of methods, including but not limited to intravenous tubes, nasogastric tubes, hyperalimentation and […]

The Peculiarities of the Ethical Standards and Nursing Practice in ARN

Ethical principles provided by ARN in the documents related to the nursing practice The activity of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) is based on the range of the documents (including the code of ethics for nurses) developed by the American Nurses Association which are general for different types of the nursing services. However, ARN […]

Why would nurses strike?

Patients have sometimes lost their lives or their conditions worsened because of lack of medical attention when nurses go on strike. However, Connelly, Dahlen, Evans, and Wieker (1997 51-52) believe that nurses are ethically right when they participate in strikes and all other forms of protests or actions which could bring their work to a […]

Historical Development of Health Care Ethics Methods

Introduction Medical ethics is an area that has aroused enthusiasm and controversy in terms of investigation and finding a position in society. In raising and sustaining interest, medical ethics continue to draw more considerable attention in terms of research and inquiry. On the other hand, controversy has been ignited to a standstill in classifying medical […]

Abortion and Parental Consent

Abortion is the killing of an under-developed embryo or fetus, and is therefore an intentional means of terminating a pregnancy. It is legality varied in various aspects of the society with its supporters arguing that the fetus is not yet a grown human. Consequently, it has called on the government to verify if a fetus […]

Argument for Euthanasia

Mankind has always struggled to deal with numerous illnesses that have been in existence at different periods of time. Different treatment alternatives have been employed ranging from those by traditional medicine men to the modern scientific methods. All these efforts have been motivated by the desire to remain alive for as long as one can […]

Nursing Code of Ethics

Introduction Nursing practice is guided by a set of code of ethics which constitutes an essential part of the profession. For a long time now, nursing practice has integrated the concern for the welfare of patients and the vulnerable population as well as for social justice. From a functional perspective, nurses work towards the normalization […]

Analysis of abortion as an ethical issue

Introduction Human beings find themselves in a number of ethical dilemmas, during which it is difficult to make the right decision. Sometimes people find themselves making wrong decisions as a result of poor judgment, or even as a result of negligence. These kinds of dilemmas occur often in healthcare, in which medical practitioner may get […]

Individual impact of genetic diagnosis

Introduction Over the second half of the 20th century, there have been great scientific breakthroughs and inventions in the medical field. These breakthroughs have resulted in the creation of sophisticated medical equipment and advanced diagnostic procedures. One of the more novel advances has been in the form of genetic testing which is the ability to […]

Listening Skills and Healthcare

Abstract This study uses a quantitative survey technique, and summarized data collected is used to correlate results with listening skills as its fundamental principle (Punch, 1998). A survey was sent out on the Internet and yielded results from various gender, socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. Communication issues have been maintained by employing a number of […]

Ethical Issues on HIV/AIDS

Introduction This assignment is a discussion on the topic of ethical issues on HIV/AIDS. Ethics can be defined as principles which govern the conduct and behavior of certain group of people in a given context. Ethics are found in various professions such as law, medicine, social work and counseling among others. Ethics comprise the code […]

End of life: the medical ethical dilemma

The medical profession is increasingly facing a number of dilemmas today. Such dilemmas as what medication to give to a patient, what type of treatment to administer, or even wrong diagnosis are prevalent today. However, topping the list of the medical moral dilemmas is euthanasia. Euthanasia is also referred to as mercy killing. It is […]

Teamwork and communication errors in healthcare

Introduction This paper states that medical errors have a number of underlying causes, including the fallibility of medical personnel, uncertainty of medical knowledge and imperfection of organizational systems, and pays special attention to the negative outcomes of communication errors in healthcare, pointing at bypassing the traditional disciplinary and hierarchical boundaries as the measures which are […]

Negligence in Physical Therapy

Introduction An all inclusive and effective ethical theories and principles have been adopted to establish the extent and ethical implications a line of behavior or action may contribute. In every heath care facilities across the globe, it is in order to categorically state that every institution is faced with ethical and legal scenarios. Reflectively, this […]

“On Moral Medicine: Theological Perspective in Medical Ethics” by Stephen Lammers and Allen Verhey

Introduction Without any doubts, ethics play a very important role in any sphere of life. For example, medical ethics is a type of study that helps to analyze and comprehend moral values applied to medicine. Medical ethics may be compared with bioethics from time to time. This is why it is necessary to recognize their […]

The Problem of Assistance in Self-Deliverance

If the terminally ill parent focuses on his right and desire to die because the disease makes his life meaningless, it is possible to try to shift the parent’s attention from the quality-of-life perspective to the sanctity-of-life orientation in order to help him discuss the life as not meaningful or meaningless, but as the gift […]

Commercialization of Organ Transplants

Abstract There has been an argument on the issue of commercialization of organ transplants by individuals who are willing. A section of the society holds that this is not ethically right, while others say that this commercialization is ethical as long as an individual gives the consent to it. This research focused on the view […]

Commercialization of Organ Transplants

Introduction Since the first successful organ transplants in the 1960s, the debate on the ethical and legal worthiness of the practice and its commercialization has increased, with various individuals, groups and parties presenting different views for an against the practice. As biotechnology and medical technologies improve and increase in the efficiency of transplant, the demand […]

Environmental public health

Introduction Public health is a major concern in the world today. The welfare of human beings has been put in the spotlight of major scientific research. As such, the research has emphasized on the need for public health ethics so as to ensure that people’s health is put into consideration. Professionalism within the public health […]

Ethical Violations in Blood Testing

Introduction The administration of blood is considered to be a very sensitive medical procedure and one that must be handled with extreme care. It results from the exercise of professional medical judgment composed of carrying out a diagnosis in order to decide the need for blood and administer a therapy involving the actual administration of […]

Ambiguous Sex: Medical Practices and Surgeries Carried Out on Intersexual Individuals

Introduction Ambiguous sex is a biological phenomenon where an individual bares an intermediate characteristic between male and female. It can also be congenital; referring to chromosomal aberration, genital ambiguity or sexual developmental dysfunctions. The intersex individuals do not have a definite sexual orientation and may assume intermediate sex between male and female both physically and […]

The Importance of Consent in Research

Bulger defines informed consent as the process by which “a fully informed patient or participant can participate in a research project after being informed of its procedures, risks, and benefits” (Bulger, 2002). Informed consent is a part of ethical and legal rights that research participants or patients have. It remains a critical procedure for any […]

Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility

All corporate leaders are faced with a unique set of ethical demands, which they must fulfill. The same case applies to managers who work in a hospital environment. Such leaders must express their moral duty in everything they do and must create an ethical institution. This paper will assess a case study and discuss all […]

Ethics in Case Management/Rehabilitation

Introduction In the last 20 years, there has been an enormous boost in the understanding of ethical concerns and problems in the medical career. A lot of such concerns have involved severe and evolving issues like life and death choices during a severe sickness or pain. Until more lately, the dilemmas associated with chronic diseases, […]

Physician Disagreement Regarding a Patient’s Wishes

Introduction The case involves biomedical ethics where the doctors involved had to decide on whether to violate the original request by patient, John R, that he should not be resuscitated in case he was taken to cardiac arrest center. The patient was diagnosed with cancer, and his situation was deteriorating. He asked his physician, Dr. […]

Morality of Euthanasia

Those who do not advocate for euthanasia frequently pose the debate that it would be recommended to allow a patient in a vegetative state to die rather than to actively take them out of life. Morally, physicians are allowed to voluntarily cut off patients’ drinking, eating and drugs taking or sedating the patient and leaving […]

Healthy Case for Letting Doctors Judge Teens’ Best Interests

Introduction The article under consideration titled ‘Healthy case for letting doctors judge teens’ best interests’ by Wilkinson was published in National Times on November 16, 2008 online. The main idea of the article is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the teen’s decisions in regard to their health care. The author of the research […]

Discussion: “Medical errors and neglect killing patients in the UAE, says Federal National Council” by Samir Salama

The article under consideration dwells upon malpractice in health care system in UAE. Salama (2008) reports that one of the members of Federal National Council (FCN), Salem Mohammad Al Naqbi stressed that medical errors “caused deaths, even during simple operations”. According to Ministry of Health various measures are undertaken to address this problem. It is […]

Abortion’s Merits and Demerits of in the Global Perspectives

Introduction The question of abortion has recently drawn considerable global debate from many sectors and stakeholders within the society. The most prevalent within such debates is whether abortion is legally acceptable, religiously correct, or scientifically necessary for public health concerns. It is also notable that amidst such debates, various countries or states remain unique or […]

The Ethics of Active Euthanasia

One of the most difficult ethical issues faced by scholars, medical professionals as well as philosophers is that of euthanasia. Whichever position one takes, controversies always appear. All the ethical theories that have been advanced in support of active euthanasia practice have not been exhaustive in their explanations (Shafer-Landau, 2012). Euthanasia has always been described […]

Medical Ethics: “Sicko” Documentary by Michael Moore

I believe Michael Moore’s approach to the health care issue in his documentary, Sicko, is elusive and reactive rather than proactive. It is argued in the documentary that over fifty million Americans are to insure their lives whereas the large percentage insure is unable to maintain its insurance costs owing to rules and regulations and […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Euthanasia in Modern Society

One of the most peculiar aspects of a post-industrial living is that, as time goes on, a number of religion-based moral dogmas are being exposed conceptually fallacious. The validity of this statement can be well illustrated in regards to an ongoing debate on whether the practice of euthanasia should attain a fully legitimate medicinal status […]

Against Animal Testing: Why It Is Still Being Used if So Many People Are Against

Introduction People start using animals for various purposes in prehistoric times. The development of humanity gradually led to more sophisticated forms of such use. Eventually animals are used to test numerous substances which are developed for human use. However, the twentieth century was the epoch of rising activism which also touched the sphere of animal […]

Medically Assisted Suicide Problem

Abstract This study examines the concept of assisted suicide. Precisely, it will look at whether medically assisted suicide is permissible and when an individual can be denied an opportunity to seek medically assisted suicide. The arguments in this study are drawn from the writings of Susan Wolf on the death of her father. The study, […]

Ethical Issue/Dilemma

Abstract This paper seeks to explore the concept of ethical dilemma as faced by a medical practitioner, in this case, a doctor who is taking care of a patient who has just had a stroke and is physically incapacitated at the patient’s home. There are several factors that cause the ethical dilemma. These factors make […]

Is Euthanasia a Morally Wrong Choice for Terminal Patients?

Abstract Making decisions on whether to end the life of terminally ill patients is shrouded in controversies and disagreements, and is seen as an unethical act. This paper attempts to make arguments in support of euthanasia as an alternative form of healthcare for terminally ill patients whose quality of life is significantly reduced due to […]

Medical Decision Making for Minors

Introduction The field of medicine is very sensitive and very critical in the lives of people around the world. Medical practitioners are supposed to uphold high standards of ethics in their practice. There are many areas in medicine that have received a lot of views, opinions and criticisms from stakeholders of whether their involvement in […]

Health Care Ethics

Medical facilities are expected to offer high quality, reliable, and affordable medical care services; to attain this noble objective the personnel should uphold ethical behavior when conducting their day to day operations. When professionalism is not adhered to, there are chances of conflict of interest that injures the entire medical care provision system (Cleverly & […]

Disclosure of physician’s information

Introduction Consumers of health care have triumph in a tussle that followed the debate whether the physician’s performance should be rated by patients. At the initial stages there were spirited protests by the physicians but following institutionalization of legislations that allows the general public easy access to information about physicians like their disciplinary records, and […]

Active Listening Skills in the Healthcare Environment

Introduction- thesis statement In most of the conversations that individuals have, one often does not listen fully to what the speaker addresses. In several instances, the listener often provides partial attention and usually focuses on other issues that may or may not be related t the subject. The listener often assumes to be familiar with […]

Active Euthanasia

Introduction Euthanasia is a Greek word meaning “good death”. Euthanasia refers to the deliberate action that is taken with the intention of ending life due to a pressing suffering. The suffering may be for instance incurable diseases, injuries, or irreversible coma. Death is only euthanasia if there is intention of death occurring by whatever was […]

Testing On Animals

Animal testing is described as a procedure involving vivisection and/or In vivo testing of animals for experimentation or research. In the pursuit of what is known as scientific progress, animals have fallen victims of distress in the process. Throughout history, human has employed animals in carrying out various activities as beasts of burden, for companionship […]

Singer’s Views on Voluntary Euthanasia, Non-voluntary Euthanasia, and Involuntary Euthanasia

According to Singer, there are three types of euthanasia involving conditions when terminally ill patients express their wish to end their lives. These types include voluntary, non-voluntary and involuntary euthanasia. All these terms are quite complicated and there is no unanimous definition of those, but Singer provides his own vision of justified killing. With regard […]

Euthanasia and Suicide

Introduction Euthanasia can be defined as the intentional act of inducing an easy and painless death to a suffering individual or mercy killing. It is closely associated with suicide act which involves an individual deliberately terminating his or her life in most cases without any assistance. There are usually cases of assisted suicide where the […]

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Introduction The Tuskegee syphilis study is the infamous clinical study of African Americans who had infections of syphilis in Tuskegee, Alabama. The United States Public Health Service conducted the research in conjunction with the Alabama State Board of Health for a period of four decades, from1932 to1972. The clinical study consisted of 600 African Americans […]

Ethical Issues in the Health Sector

Introduction Research is a very important function in improving health standards. This is because it helps in providing new knowledge that is used in the development of innovative ways of treating diseases. Behavioural research particularly helps in studying the behaviour of patients as well as medical practitioners. As such, new effective methods of handling patients […]

Elements of Negligence and Their Effects

Concepts, Their Definition and Interpretation When dealing with healthcare issues, it is crucial to make sure that every single concept is absolutely clear and understandable; otherwise, a case of misinterpreting a specific concept may entail drastic effects and affect a patient’s health in the most negative way. Thus, definition of several basic healthcare concepts is […]

An Open Bar Discussion: Health Concerns and Appropriate Solutions

Terminating the Relationships between a Physician and a Patient It must be admitted, though, that medical issues are not the only reason that may trigger a termination of relationships between a doctor and a patient. True, these relationships are traditionally terminated once the physician’s services are no longer in need, the physician has been withdrawn […]

Legal-Ethical Issues Affecting Patient Rights for the Elderly

Ethics is an important part of the field of nursing; it concerns moral aspects of people behavior and attitudes. As practice shows, there are often ethical dilemmas related to personal responsibilities and freedoms. Every patient has their legal rights and every nurse practitioner is to respect those rights regardless of gender and age of the […]

Law and Healthcare

Post 1. A Matter of Life and Death: The Arguments of the Hospital Staff Providing decent healthcare services to terminally ill patients, who are unwilling to accept these services, is especially complicated for a medical organization in that the needs and the demands of such patients are often in a permanent conflict. While, according to […]

Ethical Issues and Considerations in Cosmetic Surgery

Introduction One of the most critical developments in the field of medical tourism is the increase in the number of people who seek for medical services that can enhance their physical appearance. Therefore, research denotes a lot of advances in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Also referred to as aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery is used to […]

The Sprit Catches You and You Fall Down

Introduction There is a common concern of the constant struggle between modern medicine and cultural beliefs that oppose the modern treatment. The story of Lia is painful and tragic but it presents a distinct illustration of how traditions and culture can clash with the contenporary medicine. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize major […]

Are there Occasions in the Delivery of Health Care when Deception is Warranted?

Physicians have the responsibility of providing patients with the most appropriate medical care. Prior to the last three decades, the relationship between physicians and patients was paternalistic. They acted in the best interest of their patients. This also means the professionals used deception, including prescribing inactive treatments, to try to meet their clients’ needs. In […]

Selling of Organs

Introduction Health of people in a given economy is a very crucial ingredient of economic advancement. Thus, various nations have invested heavily in the health sector to ensure that every citizen has access to health facilities whenever need arises. It is the hope of every patient that when he or she visits a health institution, […]

Euthanasia Authorization Debate

Introduction The debate about euthanasia is becoming broader as a result of the increase in the number of complex ailments. Looking at euthanasia from different perspectives reveals that it is largely an ethical issue. There is a division between those who support the practice and those who oppose it based on voluntary grounds. The main […]

The Book “In the Arms of Others” by Peter Filene

Introduction Filene asks an important question that several philosophers are yet to offer an adequate explanation, which relates to the worthiness of life. A debate is ongoing as to whether an individual has the right to withdraw his or her life whenever it is felt that it no longer makes sense. Some of the concerned […]

The sale of Human Organs

The high rise in technology has necessitated the transplants of organs such as the kidneys. The 21st century has been noted to experience increased instances of organ transplants. Increased rate of organs transplants has resulted to shortages of organs supply. Most people nowadays are not willing to give out their organs for free as there […]

The Ethics of Organ Donation in Modern World

Introduction In the novel “My Sister’s Keeper” written by Jodi Picoult, a fictional story is told of a young girl who was conceived in order that her blood is harvested from her umbilical cord to be used on her elder sister who was suffering from a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. This is […]

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Introduction Ethical behavior has always been assumed to be the foundation of a productive and well functional society. Ethics are especially significant in medical circles since unethical practices can have dire impacts on the society. One of the most infamous unethical research studies in American history was the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This study resulted in […]

Moral Reasoning Exercise

Ethical Issues Raised by GlaxoSmithKline’s Decisions The main ethical issues that the decision by GlaxoSmithKline to promote and market drugs unapproved for some uses include the following. First, the decision exposed the consumers of the drugs to unknown risks. The use of any drug by humans requires prior tests to verify the efficacy and safety […]

Prevention of Medication Errors in Diabetic Patients in Home Health Services

Ventola defines Direct to Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising (DTCA) as, “an effort made by a pharmaceutical company to promote its prescription products directly to patients” (par 2). Since its liberalization in 1997, a series of controversies have earmarked the existence of this form of advertising. Different interest groups have engaged in a tight battle some arguing […]

Importance of Use the Race-Based Medicine

Introduction Nations and individuals will do everything within their abilities to ensure human health is given the first priority. Wellness is an important human need that must be taken care of despite all other challenges like poor economy, availability of food and security. People cannot do constructive work when they are unhealthy; therefore, it is […]

Physician Assisted Suicide

Introduction In the recent past there have been calls to legalise Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS). There are several arguments given to justify this course of action. In this paper I will outline why it is morally wrong to advocate for the legalization of PAS. I will then analyse the arguments given by the proponents of […]

Ethics and abortion

Introduction Ethical decision making in health and patient care revolves around making good choices, which will not harm the parties involved. However, ethical dilemmas may arise when more than one choice is available, and neither will result in wrong or right consequences. The experiences, beliefs and values of the healthcare provider/ stakeholder will determine how […]

Moral and ethical concerns of euthanasia in healthcare

Euthanasia is the process by which medical practitioners assist patients to die based on their preference for the same. Sometimes, the patient makes explicit requests for assistance. However, in other situations, the patient may not be in a position to make those demands. Therefore, someone else will make the decision for them. The practice has […]