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Medical Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

Research Ethics: Tri-Council Policy Statement

As such, the article protects the rights of a person to take part in a research process willingly and prevents a person from taking part in a research unwillingly. 3 conforms to the principle of [...]

Vitro Fertilization Ethical Issues

Even though the use of IVF technology is good news for couples who are not able to have children through natural means, taking advantage of it to have more than two is a misuse of [...]

Natural Law in Mother-Child Medical Cases

While it is understandable that the death of the infant can be considered a severe consequence of the treatment it still falls under the 4 conditions of the principle of the double effect since it [...]

Spirituality in Care for Diverse Patients

In addition to this, spirituality advocates for fairness in the way one treats others, which would greatly influence how I handle patients; a manner is devoid of prejudice and discrimination and respectful of their rights [...]

Patient Autonomy and Ethics Throughout Life

The issues regarding the financial situation, medical condition, and society's stigmatization of pregnancy out of wedlock are among the key variables of women's autonomy that effectively deny women the right to autonomously decide their own [...]

Ethical Violation of Healthcare Informatics

Thus, Judie's actions cannot be considered ethical since the fact that she provided access to EHRs to her friend could lead to data loss and leak of confidential personal information about patients of the clinic. [...]

Addiction Recovery and Its Ethical Risks

The purpose of the given confidentiality policy is to guarantee that all workers of the project and its participants correctly realize the existing requirements to the disclosure of personal data and confidential information.

Medical Ethics in Charlie Card’s Death Case

In the public domain, such ruling and the decision by the doctors may imply that patients do not have the right to make decisions concerning their health and the kind of treatment that they receive.

Ethics in Evidence-Based Practice Implementation

From the ethical perspective, a practitioner should commit to the organizational policy; however, the principle of following evidence-based practice also suggests that the intervention should be provided to meet the needs of targets.

Nursing Ethical Principles Application

However, the nurse must assure the patient that his request would remain between him and the nurse to avoid any complicated situations with his wife: "collect, use, and disclose health information on a need-to-know basis [...]

Terminal Sedation and Physician-Assisted Suicide

The ultimate goal of every process is to safeguard the rights of the greatest majority. In the event of war or an emergency, decision-makers should strive to protect life instead of choosing euthanasia and terminal [...]

Euthanasia: Fighting for the Right Cause

Sommerville is a renowned Samuel Gale Professor of Law at the McGill University in Montreal, the Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Founding Director of the Center for Medicine, Ethics, and Law. The [...]

Barriers to Access to Abortion Services

Therefore, the prohibition of abortions can be potentially harmful to the health of women, and they understand it. Nevertheless, the society is not ready to accept abortion as a common event in the life of [...]

Elective Abortion

The thesis statement for this paper is: Since the legalization of the practice has not led to safer and quality abortion, there is need to tackle the barriers, obstacles, and cultural gaps that make the [...]

Vaccines with Thiomersal in Medical Ethics

The utilitarian ethical stance raises the issue of paternalism when taking into account the situation in which a greater power to decide in favor of or against vaccination is given to the healthcare institution.

Autonomy, Integrated Medicine, and Ethics

The aim of the principle behind autonomy seeks to gauge the effectiveness of personal health, the ethical gains the profession derives, and the medical advancement from the other professions such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, and [...]

Life Termination Process and Its Ethical Questions

The main objective of the research article "Ethical decision-making in hospicecare" was to determine what comprises the processes and the extent of latitude in making decisions when issues of ethical nature arise in practice.

Ethics of Euthanasia and Pain-Relieving

This leads to the historical argument that voluntary euthanasia is often the beginning of a slippery slope that gives rise to unintentional euthanasia and the murder of people who are unwanted in society.

End-of-Life Concerns of Terminally Ill Patients

Therefore, the relatives of patients with an ability to make decisions are obligated to respect their decisions, as well as that of health care professionals that effect such decisions on behalf of those lacking the [...]

Legal Ethics, Patients’ Rights, and HIV/AIDS

In this case, being the head health administrator at the USA Community Hospital implies that I have to pay vehement attention to the compliance of the procedures with the safety regulations and minimize the frequency [...]

Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing Informatics

One of the basic underpinnings is the fact that confidentiality violations can result in various issues for the patient whose well-being can be threatened, which is unacceptable for the nurse whose job is to ensure [...]

Compassion in Medicine and Healthcare

Thus, analyzing the application of black-box anthropology for establishing the relationship between healthcare providers and their patients, it can be stated that the principle of distancing to show respect for the patient's privacy as the [...]

Ethics and Deception in Psychological Research

Comprehensively, it is imperative to understand the aspects of research and other relevant provisions in the entire contexts. While employing the concept of risk-benefit, it is important to stress that the researcher should often differentiate [...]

End of Life Dilemma: Key Ethical Values

Growing increasingly important with the introduction of new healthcare tools for assisting elderly people and the reconsideration of the process of healthcare provision to the latter, the end of life dilemma poses a rather tricky [...]

Patient Safety and Medical Errors Reduction

The complexity and bureaucracy that comes with medical systems take up the greater share of the blame, and healthcare systems choose to allow the various organizations to device their mechanisms of dealing with the problem.

Violation of the Lactation Formula

To be more exact, the problem viewed in the case study stemmed from the fact that the interests of the commercial partner and the medical practice of the corresponding healthcare facility turned out to be [...]

Euthanasia Legalization: Public Policy Debates

The requirements of physicians to perform euthanasia and consideration of the second opinion eliminate the violation of legal and ethical stipulations, and thus, control the performance of euthanasia in health care environment. Opponents of euthanasia [...]

Euthanasia Concept

In order to grasp the gist of the deliberations in this essay, it is important to first apprehend what the term euthanasia means and bring this meaning in the context of this essay.

Landmark Cases in Nursing Ethics

When it was attempted to apply the results of the study, the identified stages, to the moral development of women, it was found out that these stages did not describe their moral development of females [...]

Doctors Strategies: Breaking Bad News

The reason this subject is chosen for analysis is that the delivery of bad news to patients has emerged as the most challenging and complex communication task that doctors have to deal with in hospitals.