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Medical Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

Anorexia Nervosa and Life-Sustaining Treatment

Therefore, the primary care for patients with anorexia nervosa requires administration of various dietary and mental medical interventions and a clear understanding of different concepts and ethical issues related to the treatment of the disorder.
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Moral Right to Promote Unproven Treatment

With most patients desperately looking for ways to alleviate their suffering, it would be moral to allow them to have to access some of the unproven treatments.
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Medical Ethics. Why Promote Unproven Treatment

To alleviate suffering from the less fortunate and those that doctors have not been able to cater for, it is right to try some of the unproven treatments that their inventors claim to be effective.
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“Euthanasia Reconsidered” by Deagle

In more detail, there is a clearly discernible introduction that provides the background to the topic, introduces the thesis statement, and state the opinion of the author of the topic discussed.
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The Dilemma of Euthanasia

It is at this point, when it becomes a contention of professional ethics and moral considerations on the part of Jack and his wife on the one hand, and personal choice on the part of [...]
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The Ethics of Abortion: Discussion

The essay first examines the philosophical and religious concept of life and how the decision to abort affects the right to life of the fetus as also the existential dilemma that may arise when a [...]
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Ethical Challenges of Embryos Implanting

She is commonly referred to as 'the octomom.' The octuplets become the second set born alive in the United States. This sort of a source is not reliable because she may fail to get help [...]
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A Moral Dilemma for the Doctor

The interests of the parents are founded on the cultural and societal practices in their area of origin which will eventually make it difficult for the baby to grow and develop in an appropriate manner; [...]
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Medical Ethics. Should Abortion Be Banned?

However, in the present situation of the world in general and the United States in particular, there is no doubt that abortion is a bad practice that deserves to be banned in all cases except [...]
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The Potent Placebo: Case Study

When the doctor discovered that there is no medical basis for the insomnia, the physician suspected that the patient is now a full-blown barbiturate addict.
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Role of Communication and Teamwork in Improving Patient Safety

In fact, research suggests the existence of communication difficulties between several departments and levels of hospital and healthcare settings including doctors, doctors and nurses, between nurses and between nurses and doctors, which have often resulted [...]
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Conflict Between Medical Research and Ethics

Thus, most experiments require the drug to be tested on a sample of individuals to see how the human body reacts to the drug and whether it is safe to offer the drug to all [...]
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Code of Ethics Paper for Nurses

The code of conduct begins with highlighting the fundamental responsibilities of nurses therefore making them aware of the basic concept of nursing and its role in the society which provide a clear insight of expectation [...]
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Ethical Problem of Genetic Testing

The testing can also be done to diagnose the genetic disorder, detecting future risks of contracting diseases as a result of genetic disorders, how these disorders respond to drugs, and detecting the extent of risks [...]
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Euthanasia: Ethical Debates

When a patient is in the final stage of life, sometimes, the disease or the conditions of the patient, cause a lot of physical and psychological suffering.
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Definition of Euthanasia

If grandma were a dog, most all would agree that the only humane option would be to 'put her to sleep.' U.S.citizens are guaranteed certain rights but not the right to wouldie with dignity.' This [...]
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Clinical Ethics of Death and Dying Patients

Some factors that must be considered when taking a patient off a Ventilator, and the possibility of an End Of Life Decision, are the patient's age, Multiple Organ Dysfunction Scores, the future outlook for the [...]
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Terminal Illness: Mary’s Adaptation Case

End of life care pertains to the regulation of an individual's immediate environment by implementing measures that would augment the level of care to individual as he approaches death End of life care may not [...]
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Social Research Association’s Ethical Guidelines

Impetuous development of medicine, the occurrence of new technologies, the expansion of possibilities of influencing human life, and the integrity of the organism and the personality have led to the development of certain ethical principles [...]
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Noonan and Thomson’s View on Abortion

A more disarming approach is that of Thomson who maintains that the mother's right to control her own body overrides the right to life of the fetus unless the mother has a special responsibility to [...]
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Life-Span Development: Terri Schiavo’s Euthanasia Case

Euthanasia is the process of stopping the medical maintenance of a patient's life when the patient/herself does not want to suffer anymore and the doctors are sure that no improvements in the patient's condition are [...]
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  • Words: 1963

Human Cloning Technology and Its Justification

Since human cloning is still in the experimental stage and the criticism for and against the subject is replete with valid reasons rational thinkers will be put to the dilemma in agreeing with either of [...]
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  • Words: 360

Ethical Requirement for an Informed Consent

Analyzing the scenario that was presented, the doctor is legally liable for his actions due to the fact that he ordered the conduct of sample collection and laboratory analysis without the informed consent of the [...]
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Genetic Engineering Is Ethically Unacceptable

However, the current application of genetic engineering is in the field of medicine particularly to treat various genetic conditions. However, this method of treatment has various consequences to the individual and the society in general.
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Euthanasia and Other Life Termination Options

However, there is a strong case for helping terminally ill patients spend the remainder of their lives with care provided by the medical fraternity and with support from the state and insurance companies. And in [...]
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  • Words: 441

The Problem of Euthanasia

Nevertheless, we must recognize that the interruption of life, alone or with the help of doctors, is contrary to one of the basic tenets of Christianity: the more people suffer on earth, the easier it [...]
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  • Words: 1600

Euthanasia: Allow Them to Be Free From Body

Euthanasia, the practice of deliberately bring about an easy, painless, and moderate death to a person who is in the last days of his life and can no more bear the pain of living, has [...]
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When Patients Refuse Treatments. Medical Dilemma.

This is why medical practitioners need to be able to apply ethical principles in decision making and consider their own values and beliefs and the values and beliefs of clients, of the profession, and of [...]
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  • Words: 1885

Termination of Life Support. Ethical Issues.

Termination of life support when a person's condition is not burdensome is tantamount to the premature termination of life. To remove the support is thus the same as not supporting that life.
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Dementia: Ethical Dilemmas

Opting to withdraw the tube may lead to the physiological deprivation of the patient and as a result, the worst-case scenario is the death of the patient.
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Therapeutic and Reproductive Cloning, Ethical Issues

However, a common problem is that though the person may have consented to the use of his biological samples for genetic research, he may not be aware of the future developments of genetic research to [...]
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Principles of the Informed Consent

The concept of ethics is studied in Meta-Ethics, while the determination of the ethical values and their methods are studied in Normative Ethics, and lastly, the implementation of these ethical values and their methods are [...]
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Virtue Ethics for Dilemmas in Nursing

Using this approach in the context of the dilemma in question gives a possibility to analyze the ability of the nurse to reason morally and to exercise the virtue of telling the truth.
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Christian Spirituality and Ethical Care

I believe that spiritual care involves listening to a person and providing for their spiritual needs in a manner that fits both the care providers' and the patients' worldview.
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Medical Confidentiality. Discussion and Issues.

However, to avoid all this, a physician must decide on a policy with the patient before testing, which will decide with whom the results will the shared and under what circumstances, the confidentiality may be [...]
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  • Words: 631

Cyber Ethics of Canada’s Online Pharmacies

This is attributed to the fact that in Canada, prices are lower compared to the U.S. S, they could limit their supply in trying to curb the online shopping between U.S.and Canada.
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  • Words: 873

Abortion: Why It Should Be Banned

Most people are suffering from various pregnancy-related traumas as more and more couples are experiencing conceiving difficulties due to the current unhealthy food intake and environmental conditions; thus, having a baby could change a lot [...]
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  • Words: 1146

Stem Cell Research from Catholic Perspective

The argument exists that because some embryos are created in petri dishes and require implantation into a womb to achieve their full potential that they should not be considered human life, and therefore, can be [...]
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  • Words: 1133

Clinical Trials and Placebo in Psychopharmacology

In any clinical research or trial, the sponsor or the company providing the medicine or the medical devices identifies the specific medications it wants to be tested. Clinical trials are designed to assess the effectiveness [...]
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  • Words: 2166

Euthanasia: A Legalized Right to Die

Nothing could be further from the intent of those who favor a limited reconsideration of public policy in the areas of assisted suicide and voluntary active euthanasia.
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  • Words: 2373

Spirituality in the “Syndromes and a Century” Film

The movie "Syndromes and a Century" vividly portrays the attitude of three Buddhist monks towards healthcare and doctors' behavior in a hospital. Unity of body and mind is the main spiritual doctrine in Buddhism.
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Ethical Principles in Healthcare Providers’ Issues

On the other hand, addiction to and misuse of prescription drugs could harm the patient in the long term. Additionally, improving moral resilience and promoting an ethical culture in the workplace could assist nurses in [...]
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  • Words: 349

Ethics of Emergency Care and Patient Consent

The current discussion will explore the case of a patient refusing emergency care despite the diagnosis of abdominal aortic aneurysm and the actions of a healthcare provider targeted at eliminating the adverse risks of non-treatment.
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  • Words: 1628

Patients’ Privacy and Confidential Information

Doctors are presented with an ethical dilemma as to whether the release of information is warranted considering the potential implications. Therefore, doctors must communicate the possibility of potential information leaks during emergencies for patients to [...]
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  • Words: 139

Euthanasia: Morals, Ethics, and the Value of Life

James Rachels however disagrees with the position taken by doctors when it comes to active Euthanasia and argues that, given a case where the patient is in intolerable pain and is certain to die in [...]
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  • Words: 723

Ethical Dilemma in Mental Health Patient Care

My ethical response to the situation was that Catherine should only be attended to by the female staff especially when she was naked and that only the female staff needed to have access to the [...]
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  • Words: 1358

Terri Schiavo’s Patient Rights and Death

Euthanasia is the process of stopping the medical maintenance of a patient's life when the patient/herself does not want to suffer anymore and the doctors are sure that no improvements in the patient's condition are [...]
  • Pages: 6
  • Words: 1979

Abortion: An Unsolvable Dilemma?

We know that Christians are composed of three congregations: the Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Those who believe in the Bible, it is clear that the Bible is straightforward on life, that is that God is [...]
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  • Words: 1438

Euthanasia. Arguments of Opponents

The request of the patient to relieve them from Karma and sufferings that is clarification and healing, nobody gives the right to break life of a physical body.
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  • Words: 1149

Ethical Dilemmas in the Nursing Field

As a human, I felt that the safety of the lady took precedence; hence I could not allow her to walk alone. As a nurse leader, I would encourage my staff to always put the [...]
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  • Words: 606

Cultural and Ethnic Stigma in Medicine

While Eastern medical tradition fully integrates soul in the process of treatment, the representatives of Western culture have not been sure about this for quite a while. Such a cultural gap in terms of medicine [...]
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  • Words: 368

Ethical Caring for Patients at the End of Life

In the example identified above, the role of the ethical nurse would be to provide information to the patient about various treatment options and their possible effect in terms of life prolongation. They should assess [...]
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  • Words: 377

Ethical Decision Analysis in Nursing

The presence of a professional in the role of the next of kin also confuses the loyalties of a nurse who may be uncertain of personal responsibility to the patient and the colleagues.
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  • Words: 1121

Ethical Responsibility of Medical Professionals

It is the ethical responsibility of medical professionals to maintain a good medical practice and fulfill their duties to the patient while adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.
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  • Words: 249

Ethical Nursing Care and Patient Autonomy

However, even in the case when practitioners' forced measures evidently aim to benefit patients, coercion is a detrimental practice since it threatens the autonomy of patients.
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  • Words: 306

The Abortion Debate: The Moral Status of the Fetus

All arguments about abortion do not come down to the question of what is the moral status of the fetus since there are other aspects involved, including the health conditions of the mother, the fetus's [...]
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  • Words: 830

Active Euthanasia Legalization Controversy

While many people present the notions of medical ethics, the right to life, and the availability of palliative care to oppose active euthanasia, there are those who support it since it is evidence-based in nature [...]
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  • Words: 752

Ethics of Organ Donation After Human Death

In reference to this case, the ethical dilemma is related to the fact that the hospital administrator needs to disregard the necessity of informed consent for organ donation.
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  • Words: 1174

Ethical Concerns in Healthcare

The individual needs to be questioned as per the mechanisms of his injury to be able to determine the scale of the damage.
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  • Words: 585

Abortion in Ireland: Law and Public Opinion

Abortion in Ireland is a highly controversial issue despite the May 26, 2018 landslide victory, which saw the repealing of the Eighth Amendment of the constitution to allow women to abort albeit under certain circumstances.
  • Pages: 7
  • Words: 1952

Ethical Issues in Healthcare Delivery for Older Adults

To prevent the deterioration of healthcare services, it is pivotal to define the key ethical standards to be used in making decisions on the allocation of healthcare resources for older patients and end-of-life care.
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  • Words: 624

HIV and AIDS: Legal and Ethical Conduct

During the conversation, I would inform the patient about his HIV status, focusing on the potential health effects of this condition and the types of contacts that may cause the further transmission of the virus.
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  • Words: 620

Medical Ethics of Child’s Organ Donation

Obviously, the parents are the only people who represent the wishes of the patient in the case. The above-mentioned position seems to be viable when it comes to the concept of the greatest good used [...]
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  • Words: 938

Homelessness Studies and Their Ethical Dimensions

It is clear that the individuals were not made aware of the consequences of these experiments. Such research can be made ethical if researchers devote more attention to people's health during and after the trials' [...]
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  • Words: 620

Should We Withhold Life Support?

The purpose of this essay is to consider the moral and ethical aspects of the given situation related to the decision to limit life support.
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  • Words: 663

The Issue of Assisted Suicide

In the case of medical aid in dying, nurses should communicate with their patients to explore the reasons for assisted suicide requests and, if possible, seek alternative solutions and provide emotional support. It is essential [...]
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  • Words: 889

The Ethical Development of Human Capital

One of the examples is the problem of personal responsibility for health and limitations of this sphere. According to Hammaker and Knadig, all patients have the right to receive qualified specialist care, and the issue [...]
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  • Words: 553

The Future of Healthcare Ethics

Among the various elements being scrutinized include the reasons why the church holds its firm position on abortion, the effect of abortion on human dignity, which the church is trying to protect, and the consequences [...]
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  • Words: 2872

Euthanasia Legalization as an Unethical Practice

The decision to legalize euthanasia is an idea that societies should ignore since it places many global citizens at risk, fails to provide adequate safeguards, diminishes social values, and undermines the teachings of Islam.
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  • Words: 1665

Seniors Selling Prescribed Drugs: What to Do?

I believe that seniors engaging in this malpractice should be treated the same way as other people selling drugs. Training programs can also be considered to inform more individuals about the dangers of selling prescription [...]
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  • Words: 325

Social Justice in Quality Health Care

The provision of accessible health services is necessary to minimize the health risks of the low-income households and improve their quality of life.
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  • Words: 1266