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60 Donation Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Donation Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Blood Donation as Charitable Activity for Society
    We call it the black age where human miserably fought the worst wars of the human history, taken of vast land just for the cause of creating dominance on the map of the earth or […]
  2. Pros and Cons of Paying for Organ Donation: Arguments for Prohibition
    Although the potential of people to purchase organs might bring in profits to health care and increase supply and demand of transplanted organs, the fact of increased supply rates is doubtful because recent surveys prove […]
  3. The Ethics of Organ Donation in Modern World
    The patient is referred to a transplant center and is to their “dismay” put on a national waiting list, after a “series of interviews, physical and medical tests” to determine the suitability of the recipient […]
  4. Organ Transplantation and Donation
    Since people donate organs to others regardless of their locations, nations need to be cautious in order to avoid spread of diseases in the process.
  5. Ethical Issues in Organ Donation
    According to the authors of the study, death is defined as, “the irreversible loss of the integrated and coordinated life of the person as a single living organism”.
  6. Organ and Blood Donation
    However, ethical and legal issues, and unwillingness of many potential donors to provide consents have slowed down the rate of organ and blood donation in the county.
  7. Blood donation advertisement, causes and effects
    The blood donation advertisements have an overall positive effect on people, as they direct people to save the lives of others, as well as educate others on the useful health details and uses of blood.
  8. The Case of Stolen Donation Money
    List of dilemmas to be faced: a tough call As it has been stressed above, the primary dilemma of the given case concerns the choice that the Western Australian Museum CEO have to make in […]
  9. Organ Donation: Importance Information
    Because of the improved and advanced technology, the practice of organ transplant is becoming more popular and acceptable in the society.
  10. Blood Donation Advantages and Disadvantages
    Advantages of blood donation include stimulation of the body to manufacture more blood, opportunity to save people’s lives, and health benefits.
  11. Blood Donation Importance
    The donation may be of particular components of blood only or of blood itself. It is quite challenging to seek a donor of a rare blood type during an emergency and the patient may end […]
  12. Organ Donation Myths: Critical Thought
    This essay is aimed at subverting three of the most common myths about the subject matter by considering the facts closely, relating them to the values concerning the organ donation, and isolating the issues related […]
  13. Organ Donation and Transplantation Medicine
    Although money and financial support will be a major factor in the process of body transplant that Canavero expects to take two years, pegging human life on money is unethical.
  14. Sperm Donation and Surrogacy in Islam and Christianity
    The baby at birth, therefore, is genetically identical to the intended parents than the surrogate mother, as opposed to traditionally surrogacy where the baby bears attributes of the surrogate mother and biological father. This is […]
  15. Gene Patenting and Organ Donation
    Profitability is the key to violating the law, and that is the reason for the lack of transparency in the tissue market.
  16. Blood Donation
    Thus, voluntary blood donation can save the lives of people. The patients with leucosis need the transfusion every day and they will die without the supply of the donated blood.
  17. Medical Ethics of Child’s Organ Donation
    Obviously, the parents are the only people who represent the wishes of the patient in the case. The above-mentioned position seems to be viable when it comes to the concept of the greatest good used […]
  18. Ethics of Organ Donation After Human Death
    In reference to this case, the ethical dilemma is related to the fact that the hospital administrator needs to disregard the necessity of informed consent for organ donation.

📌 Simple & Easy Donation Essay Titles

  1. The Market of Donation and the Services to Individuals on Charitable Basis. The Health Policy of Blood Donation
  2. Solving Shortage in a Priceless Market: Insights from Blood Donation
  3. Bioethics on Performing Organ Donation Procedure on Alive Patients
  4. Informative Speech Organ Donation and Transplant
  5. Why Organ Donation Should Be Encouraged
  6. Nursing Perspective on the Issue of Living Organ Donation
  7. Psychological Issues Related to Sperm Donation
  8. The Organ Donation for the Benefit of the People in the Healthcare of the United States
  9. Prevention And Treatment Of Blood Donation
  10. When a Precedent of Donation Favors Defection in the Prisoner’s Dilemma
  11. The Debate Regarding the Controversial Organ Donation and Transplantation
  12. Blood Type and Blood Donation Behaviors: An Empirical Test of Pure Altruism Theory
  13. Commercial Plasma Donation and Individual Health in Impoverished Rural China
  14. The Discriminatory Nature of the FDA’s Blood Donation Policy
  15. The Principal of Family Determination in Organ Donation
  16. The Importance of Organ Donation in Society
  17. The Impact Of Presumed Consent Law On Organ Donation
  18. The Impact of Presumed Consent Legislation on Cadaveric Organ Donation
  19. The Ethics Organ Donation After Cardiac Death
  20. Legalizing Financial Incentives For Organ Donation

👍 Good Essay Topics on Donation

  1. The Ethics of Organ Donation in the Light of Plato’s Moral Philosophy
  2. The Red Cross’ Advertisement Promoting Blood Donation
  3. The History of Organ Donation and Transplantation
  4. We Can Make The System Of Donation Effective Without Such Ethical Risks
  5. Resources and Programs Pertaining to the Donation of Organs
  6. Application On Blood vessels Donation Using Android Platform
  7. Subsidizing Altruism In Living Organ Donation
  8. The Unethical Issues in the Process of Egg Donation
  9. Improving Organ Donation Through Clarification and Education
  10. The Importance of Legalizing Payment for Organ Donation
  11. Applying Sociological Perspectives On Organ Donation
  12. The Effect of Presumed Consent Defaults on Organ Donation
  13. Who Clicks on Online Donation? Understanding the Characteristics of SNS Users during Participation in Online Campaigns
  14. Seven Pounds: Donation and Man’s Humanity
  15. Tissue Engineering in Replace of Organ Donation
  16. Unofficial Development Assistance: A Dynamic Model of Charities’ Donation Income
  17. Using Donation Mechanisms to Value Nonuse Benefits from Public Goods
  18. The Life Saving Benefits of Organ Donation
  19. Why Cash For Kidneys is Better Than Organ Donation
  20. Sperm or Egg Donation and Children’s Rights
  21. The Ethical Issues of Organ Donation in the United States
  22. The Ultimate Gift: The Gift of life-Organ Donation

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