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  1. Federal Reserve and the Role of Money in It
    In order to effectively manage the monetary system of a country, the central bank has to carry out some responsibilities such as implementation of the monetary policy, controlling the interest rates of the currency of […]
  2. Making Money on Music: The Company That Has to Stay Afloat
    Considering the state of affairs within the company in question, one can assert that the strategies one can apply to make the company more successful are the contingency planning and crisis management.
  3. Money or Family Values First? Which Way to Go
    As such, family values becomes the epicenter of shaping individual behavior and actions towards the attainment of a certain good, while money assumes the position of facilitating the attainment of a certain good such as […]
  4. Morality vs. Money
    In the end, they will find no need for the use of steroids and the integrity of the game would be restored. At the core of this quest to be the first is the need […]
  5. Money and Banking
    It acts as medium of exchange where it is accepted by both buyers and sellers; the buyer gives money to the seller in exchange of commodities.
  6. Connection between Money and Happiness
    Critical analysis of money-happiness relationship shows that socioeconomic factors determine the happiness of an individual; therefore, it is quite unsatisfactory to attribute money as the only factor and determinant of happiness.
  7. I Don’t Believe Money Can Buy Happiness
    This shows that as much as money is essential in acquisition and satisfaction of our needs, it does not guarantee our happiness by its own and other aspects of life have to be incorporated to […]
  8. Ways to Spend Money in Saudi Arabia
    Depending with the amount of money that somebody want to spend, the country offers a number of recreational and accommodation facilities.
  9. Why People Should Donate Time/Money/Energy to a Particular Organization, Charity, or Cause
    Its vision is to have a world that is free from Alzheimer’s disease.”The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading, global voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care and support, and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s […]
  10. Does Money Buy Happiness?
    Billions of people in all parts of the world sacrifice their ambitions and subconscious tensions on the altar of profitability and higher incomes. Yet, the opportunity costs of pursuing more money can be extremely high.
  11. Money and Modern Life
    The rich and the powerful are at the top while the poor and helpless are at the bottom, the rest lie in-between.
  12. Federal Reserve; Money and Banking
    Background to the study The Federal Reserve System in the United States was established in 1913 by the Congress through the Federal Reserve Act. The 2nd section, the report illustrates Fed’s analysis of the rate […]
  13. Money And happiness
    It is evident that money cannot guarantee happiness in one’s life due to the uncertainties that surround each one of us.
  14. The World of Money
    1- Exploitation- In the book “One Perfect Day”: The selling of the American Dream, Rebecca Mead looks into the extreme levels that most brides go to in order to have the best weddings ever.
  15. The World Surrounded by Money
    This essay tries to explore, compare and contrast the activities in a wedding and funeral ceremony with special emphasis on Rebecca’s one perfect day: the selling of the American wedding and Jessica’s book entitled The […]
  16. We Should Use Tax Money to Enforce Mandatory Drug Treatments on Drug
    In sum, it is agreeable that the significance of using tax payers’ money to fund the mandatory treatment of drug addicts is a necessary and worthy course.
  17. Motivate Your Employees produced by BNet Video for CBS Money Watch
    Thus, the major problem for the discussion presented in the video is the question of how to motivate the employees effectively.
  18. Opinion on the importance of money
    In the absence of money, individuals and organizations would be forced to conduct transactions through barter trade which is a relatively challenging system due to existence of double coincidence of wants.
  19. Money and Commodity Circulatory Processes
    The difference and similarities between money that is just money and capitalized money appear only in the mode of circulation. The circuit M-C-M is when money is circulated as capital and is also referred to […]
  20. Money Laundering: Most Effective Combat Strategies
    The practice of money laundering affects the economy and security of a country. Countries have directed their efforts to curb money laundering to control the downwards projections of their countries’ economies.
  21. Money, Motivation and Employee Performance
    The main reason for implementing the benefits and compensation system in an organization is to steer the employees so that they can increase their rate of productivity.
  22. Role of Money in the American Dream’s Concept
    Many people lack the meaning of the American dream because they are always looking forward to find opportunity and fail to realize that the opportunity to succeed is always around them in the work they […]
  23. The Ascent of Money
    In addition, the author associates the control of the world financial system as a continuing part of the evolution of money.
  24. How Saudi Banks Deal With Money Laundery
    Money laundering can thus be defined as the illegal process of engaging in money transactions in which due to the origin or the function of the money, the identity, source, and the destination is hidden […]
  25. Money as a form of motivation in the work place
    This then shows that money can and is used as a motivational factor in the work place so that employees can strive to give their best and their all at the end of the day.
  26. Drugs: the love of money is the root of all evils
    The political issues concerning the use of drugs consist of, but not limited to, the substances that are defined as drugs, the means of supplying and controlling their use, and how the society relates with […]
  27. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Karl Marx: The Role of Money in Human Life
    Marx and Rousseau were eager to improve the society they lived in and make people free; to achieve these purposes, it is necessary to prove that money does not have such power to provide all […]
  28. The Different Roles Played By the Central Bank, Depository Institutions, and Depositors in the Determination of Money Supply
    In regard to its role in determining the amount of money circulating in the economy as well as how the money moves around, the central bank is the sole issuer of national currency in England […]
  29. Prices Rise When the Government Prints too Much Money
    Makinen notes that an increase in the supply of money in an economy relative to the output in the economy could lead to inflationary pressure on prices of goods and services in the economy.
  30. Central Banking and the Money Supply
    The 2007 financial crisis in the United States led into a decline in the level of liquidity within the economy. During the 2007 economic crisis, there was an increment in the rate of unemployment in […]
  31. Mobile Money Transfer
    The Vodafone team managed to keep mobile banking service simple to its users. Soon mobile banking became a form of viral marketing and drove the growth of the company and its services.
  32. Money supply and exchange rates
    In brief, an up shift in the volume of money supply causes the cost of borrowing, which is also the interest rate to move downwards.
  33. Sport and money
    Because swimming is a well-developed kind of sports, money should be more spent on engaging new swimmers and promoting new talents to the professional sport.
  34. Money and work performance
    When there is a deliberate effort by the workplace to reduce the incidence of these, both the agency and the employees benefit.
  35. Money Laundering In Russia
    Despite these bills, money laundering remains a challenge to most economies due to the complexity of the techniques used in money laundering and the inability to stem out the illegitimate sources of money.
  36. Money Mechanics in Banks System
    This legislation demands the banks to have required reserves in order to avoid utilizing the money belonging to their customers in business.
  37. Banks and the Money Supply
    Once the bank obtains deposits from customers, it is allowed to retain the reserve requirement, and the rest of money is saved in a different institution.
  38. Inflation Tax – Printing More Money to Cover the War Expenses
    The subsequent encroachment of inflation diminishes the value of money hence even if people had more money, the value of their cash was meaningless, a phenomenon similar to tax collection, which reduces the total amount […]
  39. Money Laundering In Saudi Arabia
    In respect to the attempt to combat money laundering, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency revised its anti-money laundering rules to prevent, detect, and control money-laundering activities within the kingdom.
  40. Mechanics of money
    The US Money Supply The money supply of the United States includes the coins and paper currency apart from the amounts in the vaults in the banks, Federal Reserve banks, and the treasury.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Money

  1. Are workers motivated mainly by money?
    Related to the concept of work and why people work is the original concept developed by Karl Marx in the so-called conflict theory.
  2. UK and USA During the Period 2000-2010: Consumer Price Index, Unemployment Rate, Money Supply and Interest Rate
    Real effective exchange rate, CPI, Interest Rates, Money supply, Unemployment in US Just like in other countries, US have been experiencing changes in the economic variables such as the real effective exchange rates, consumer price […]
  3. The relationship between money supply and inflation
    It is evidenced that changing the money supply through the central banks leads to a control of the inflationary situations in the same economy.
  4. Mobile Money Transfer as an alternative product for Vodafone Group Plc
    To deposit the money in the mobile account, the customer approaches the agent with the amount of money they want to deposit, the agent deposits the money and both receive a confirmation message.
  5. Anti Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism
    The accomplishment of the specified goal will require the cooperation between the state government and the representatives of the UAE organizations, as well as the coordination of the latter’s actions with the ones of the […]
  6. Success and Money
    The development of the information technologies and the ongoing progress led to the reconsideration of the values and beliefs. It is significant to understand that there is no right or wrong answer for the question […]
  7. Exploring the relationship between education and money
    A person cannot be able to change his/her ascribed status in the society, but only through education a person is able to change his/her Socio-economic status and to some extent that of his/her family once […]
  8. Money and Capital Markets: Central Banks
    By selling, the central bank lowers the price of the marketable instruments in the open market. This implies that the bank has the autonomy of imposing the interest rate to various commercial banks in China.
  9. Money and Capital Markets: Turkey, India and China
    The decision by the RBI was motivated by the need to stimulate the country’s economic growth by lowering the rate of inflation.
  10. Christian Moral Teaching and Money
    There is nobody in the corporate world that will take social responsibility without having a thought of accumulating maximum profits to the company which actually matters most.
  11. Money and banking: David S. Ashby’s perspective
    The Federal Reserve System is the second link in the chain towards the creation of money as it involves the remit of currency by the treasury department to the Federal Reserve banks.
  12. Money and Banking: The Economic Recession of 2007
    The period led to the collapse of major real estate industries in the world including those in the US and the Middle East.
  13. Time Value of Money
    Compounding was done on the amount that I had lent out using the market rate over the duration of time the person held my money.
  14. The Global Media is All about Money and Profit Making
    It is noteworthy that the advertisement are presented through the media, which confirms the assertion that global media is all about money and profit making. The media firms control the information passed to the public […]
  15. The Case of Stolen Donation Money
    List of dilemmas to be faced: a tough call As it has been stressed above, the primary dilemma of the given case concerns the choice that the Western Australian Museum CEO have to make in […]
  16. Cyber-crime – New Ways to Steal Identity and Money
    The stolen information is used to impersonate people or create ghosts that steal money from individuals’ bank accounts and credit cards.
  17. History of Money
    According to the principle of finance, money has a higher value in the present as opposed to the future because it can earn interest, which makes it worthwhile.
  18. Criminal Law: Blood Money from the Human Organs Sale
    The trade involves various stakeholders, including the United States government, the Chinese government, the doctors, and the customers. The government of the United States should put in place measures to would deal with the illegal […]
  19. Finance: the History of Money
    The document explains that the value of money is somehow related to the amount that is in circulation. The idea is founded on the fact that debt is the basis of the moneymaking process.
  20. Psychological Research: Money Can Buy Happiness
    In the article, the author has given enough evidence to prove that money can be used to buy happiness. Based on the evidence presented in the article, it is obvious that proper utilization of money […]
  21. What is Money?
    The notion originated from the Bible because the person who made Jesus suffer on the cross was enticed by the love of money to forsake Jesus.
  22. Central Bank of Bahrain and Money Supply Regulation
    To the credit of the Central Bank, the strategy chosen to affect the money supply seemed to be working relatively well in the past; according to the 2009 report, the prognosis for the following years […]
  23. Money’s and Banking’ Concepts
    The rates of return in this case are majorly the rates of interest in the monetary and the securities market. Being a borrower in this case would lead to payment of the loan at very […]
  24. The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World
    The succinctness of this book lies in the critical analysis and emphasis of the financial history of money in spite of the fact it has impeded some important functions of the global economy.
  25. Money, Success, and Relation Between Them
    In particular, the modern generation attaches so much importance to money in the sense that success and money are presumed to be one and the same thing.
  26. Money, Happiness and Relationship Between Them
    The research conducted in the different countries during which people were asked how satisfied they were with their lives clearly indicated the existence of a non-linear relationship between the amount of money and the size […]
  27. Money and Happiness Connection – Philosophy
    Based on measures of happiness and household income, these economists have claimed that money, in this case, economic development, has a significant impact on happiness.
  28. Weddings, Marriage, and Money in the UAE
    The author discusses the evolution of marriage by discussing the situation in days before the discovery of oil. To show how the changes transformed the society, the author discusses the era before the discovery of […]
  29. Electronic Money: Challenges and Solutions
    First of all, it should be pointed out that money is any type of phenomenon which is conventionally accepted as a universal carrier of value, or “any generally accepted means of payment which is allowed […]
  30. Artworks Comparison: Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Tribute Money
    Though the Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, a fresco created by Picasso, was created in an entirely different epoch than Masaccio’s Tribute Money was, the two artworks still share a range of stylistic, compositional and conceptual similarities, […]
  31. Money and Happiness in Poor and Wealthy Societies
    Comprehending the motivations for pursuing money and happiness is the key to understanding this correlation. The Easterlin paradox summed this view by showing that income had a direct correlation with happiness.
  32. Is College Education Worth the Money?
    Not only are people in contemporary society raised and conditioned to believe that one needs college education to succeed in life, but the stiff competition for the few job openings available continue to inform the […]
  33. Money Saving Methods for College Students
    A budget is one of the methods that a college student can use to save money. In the budget, one should indicate how much to save and the means of saving the money.
  34. Money in History and World Cultures
    The desire to have money has resulted in mankind doing all sorts of jobs so as to acquire money. Ferguson has managed to contrast the amount of money that particular individuals make versus the number […]
  35. Virgin Money Company’s Business Model in Canada
    In the context of the information provided, it would be stated that Virgin Money would succeed in Canada. Lastly, it is clear that technological factors in the country would support innovative financial products.
  36. Time and Money in “Neptune’s Brood” by Charles Stross
    In that sense, the concept of a financial system that Stross suggests in his novel seems rather legitimate and a very witty comment on the link between the society and the financial relationships within it.
  37. T-Shirts “SENIOR 2016” and Time Value of Money
    In this part of the project, it is necessary to discuss the concept of the time value of money and understand how it can impact the project, create a spreadsheet that can illustrate the interpretation […]
  38. Money Development and Its Stages in World History
    Being the most powerful state in the world, the USSR did not manage to get rid of money, using labor as a currency and the authoritarian power to make people work.
  39. Money Development from 600 BC to Nowadays
    Medici family was a financial symbol in Europe huge in success and power in the 16th century. A system of money in deposits and floating exchange rates was introduced to end centuries-old links between money […]
  40. Money History from the Middle Ages to Mercantilism
    Due to the writing, the idea of bond marketing evolved as a reaction of separate governments to the crisis of money flows.

💡 Simple & Easy Money Essay Titles

  1. Money, Its Purpose and Significance in History
    Money is the undisputed determinant of quality of life for inhabitants of the modern world. The concerns of money have become pertinent to people all over the world, including the ones who are living in […]
  2. Deflation in the Quantity Theory of Money
    The present paper analyzes the recent revelations using the quantity theory of money and concludes that the United States Federal Reserve can reverse the anticipated deflation tide by increasing the amount of money circulating in […]
  3. Money and Its Value Throughout the World History
    What is important is the value that people place on whatever unit they refer to as amoney.’ Money acts as a medium of exchange and an element of measurement of the value of goods and […]
  4. Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream
    This is one of the drawbacks that should be taken into account by the viewers who want to get a better idea about the causes of the problems described in the movie.
  5. Money History, Bonds, Market Bubbles, and Risks
    The concept was so important to human progress that the evolution of the financial system needed to support social and economic development resulted in the establishment of the banking system known today.
  6. Treatise on the New Money: Document Analysis
    The debasement of silver and gold money led to the generation of more profits thereby covering the losses that arose from the use of low-value copper.
  7. Money in the Sheriff of Cape Breton Case Study
    It is a typewritten petition concerning the details of the death of the late Peter Ferguson. Before the evaluation of the paper, it is necessary to define the major concerns described in the case study.
  8. Locke’s Work on Interest and Value of Money
    Locke’s “Some Considerations of the Consequences of the Lowering of Interest and the Raising the Value of Money” is one of his principal papers devoted to the analysis of the most actual economic issues of […]
  9. Paper Money and Its Role Throughout History
    The adoption of the paper money was considered to be beneficial for both the wealth of the country and the individual businessmen.
  10. World Money History in the 20th Century
    The class materials examined the developments, hurdles, and systems that have emerged due to the changing roles of money in the global economy.
  11. Money History, Ethical and Social Standarts
    These moral preconditions of the emergence of money, the social conventions that regulate and control it, and the evolvement of its status in the present-day world can be regarded as the most significant events in […]
  12. The Airtel Money Service: Indian and African Paths
    When comparing the Indian and African paths in introducing the service, the first difference that arises is the main user of the service as in the case of India, it was the lower middle class.
  13. Money Evolution in the 21st Century and Before
    The history of the world cannot be described effectively without identifying the function of money. Money has been used to measure the value of resources and financial markets.
  14. Mercantilism, Stamped Money, and Under-Consumption
    It is paramount to note that he criticizes ideas of Ricardo quite frequently, and he believed that he did not consider the ideas that were suggested by other prominent economists.
  15. Money Evolution in Ancient Times and Nowadays
    In the means to defining what money is, most of the scholars from the psychological and physiological field have come up with the theoretical aspects of money and the ways it influences the economic growth […]
  16. Anti-Money Laundering and Hawala System in Dubai
    To prevent money launders and agents, most countries enacted the anti-money laundering acts with the goal of tracking and prosecuting offenders.
  17. “The Money Machine: How the City Works” by Coggan
    The media plays a chief role in educating the public concerning the various financial matters that affect the undertakings of the City.
  18. Space Programs: Progress or Waste of Money?
    According to Ehrenfreund, the ingenuity to develop technologies and work in space is part of the progress that comes from space programs. Space programs have led to the development of technologies that improve air transport.
  19. Getting Beyond: Show Me the Money
    Nevertheless, underpayment and overpayment are common, leading to dissatisfaction. Notably, compensation is part culture, but analytics will gain traction in the big data era, as start-ups leverage such advantages from experts to manage a sales […]
  20. Illegal Drug Use, Prostitution and Money Laundering
    Upon discussing the impact of money laundering, illegal drugs, and prostitution, the paper proposes the issuing of a court order restraining the use of wealth acquired from victimless crimes as one of the approaches to […]
  21. Time Value of Money in Investment Planning
    The author of the post makes a good point that an amount of money is worth more the sooner it is received.
  22. Time Value of Money in Economies of Scale
    Also, the investigation of the VoF becomes easier by means of scrutinizing the tradeoff between the TVM and the EoS. The TVM is also employed to reach the integration of infrastructure investment valuation and risk […]
  23. Hawala Remittance System: Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
    The existence and operation of money remittance systems is one of the primary features of developing economic relation at all scales from local to the global ones.
  24. Cybercrime and Digital Money Laundering
    The result of the investigation was the indictment of Western Express and a number of the company’s clients for several charges including stolen credit card data trafficking and money laundering.
  25. International Money Laundering
    Thus, money laundering has a profound impact on the state of the global economy, as well as on the economy of the U.S.
  26. Canada’s Money Market
    The money market is one of the fundamental elements in the functioning of any state. Under these conditions, the gradual rise of technologies and their implementation in the sphere of financial operations alter the money […]
  27. Happiness Without Money in Sociology and Psychology
    The tendency’s mechanics are simple – being in the possession of any substantial sum of money increases a person’s chance to secure a dominant status within the society, which in turn will result in strengthening […]
  28. Money, Their Features, Functions and Importance
    The first hindrance is the inability of the household to monitor the activities of firms. In this case, it is used to state the value of debt.
  29. UAE Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Their Benefits
    The legal maintenance of counteraction to the legalization of criminal incomes is carried out by means of a system of laws and regulations, controlling financial, bank, and customs relations and establishing the order of licensing […]
  30. The UAE Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
    This valuation of the anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism government of the United Arab Emirates is founded on the forty endorsements and the nine special commendations on extremist supporting of the monetary […]
  31. Anti-Money Laundering in Al Ansari Exchange
    Case Study Details Company name: Al Ansari Exchange Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sector: Financial Services Number of employees: 2500 Annual gross revenue: UAED 440.
  32. Karl Marx on Commodities, Labor, and Money
    Division of labour is very important in the production of commodities. The use-value of each commodity contains useful labour.
  33. Money Compensation for Student-Athletes: Persuasive Speech
    Besides, sports are highly lucrative for colleges, and students whose labor brings the revenues should share the part of them not to lose the interest in such activities.
  34. Money Flows and Financial Repression in the US and China
    From the article, the authors depict how the interest rates in developed countries like the United States compare with those of the emerging markets such as China, India, and Brazil.
  35. History of Money in Spain
    The production of coins melted from gold also ceased in the year 1904, with the production of that melted from silver ceasing in the year 1910.
  36. Access Right to Money: Sculpture Theft
    Among the suspects, there are those in dire need of the money due to financial problems, while others need the values worth of the item and not the actual monetary price attached to the item.
  37. Efforts to Raise Money for Charity
    However, the point is that charity is supposed to be for a simple act of giving and not expecting any returns from it.
  38. How Money Markets Operate?
    Furthermore, only free markets have shown the resilience that is necessary to accompany the fluctuations in demand and supply of the money markets.
  39. Money Market and Value-Based Pricing
    Consequently, the GDP can be defined by the equation: Y=C+I+G+NX where: Y= Total GDP, C=Consumption by household, I=Investment, G=Government expenditure, NX=Net Exports Net Domestic product entails the reduction of the GDP by the depreciation of […]
  40. The Practice of Saving Money
    Knowledge of the language is also a very crucial component of EAP as it aids the learner in understanding questions and responding to them in their examinations.another differentiating factor between the two varieties of English […]

📃 Interesting Topics to Write about Money

  1. The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
    Money is a determinant of the propensity to consume; hence, the more money one makes, the more that he or she consumes and the converse is the case.
  2. Martin Van Buren: Money and Indian Relocation
    One of the reasons for such collaboration and understanding is the focus on the values we have. I believe this path will bring us to the land we all would like to live in.
  3. Time Value of Money – Preparing for Home Ownership
    The purchase price of the house is determined by using the following formula in Excel. 66 The down payment is 20% of the future value of the house, i.e, $40,278.13.
  4. Fraud, Money Laundering, and Terrorism Financing
    After the audacious attack by Al-Qaeda and the destruction of the Twin Towers on 11th of September 2001, terrorism was declared the number one enemy to the peace and stability of the modern world.
  5. The Concept of Money Laundering
    The first issue I have learned is that the main problem lies in the presence of Big Data that includes trillions of transactions of various financial organizations and systems.
  6. Locke’s Second Treatise of Government and Voltaire’s Candide’s Value on Money
    Both written at a time when philosophers had started questioning the relevance of capitalism and the concept of wealth creation, it is evident that the two authors were keen on explaining the power of money […]
  7. Money Laundering in the USA and Australia
    The International Money Fund has established that the aggregate size of money laundering in the World is approximately four percent of the world’s gross domestic product.
  8. Wall Street Managers: The Art of Making Money
    In the end, the goal of Wall Street managers is to ensure optimal returns in all of their investments. The evolution of Wall Street managers is etched in the history of financial markets.
  9. Two Attitudes Towards Money
    The over-dependence on money to satisfy one’s emotional needs is a negative perspective of money. The positive attitude of money is rarely practiced by people.
  10. Time Value of Money in Examples
    Therefore, re-purchase of the shares appeals to the managers of the company because it will allow the company uses the money to regenerate more money for the purpose of repurchase the shares in the future.
  11. Time Value of Money and Its Financial Applications
    The time value of money refers to the idea that money available at the present time is worth more than the same amount in the future, due to its potential earning capacity.
  12. Relation Between Money and Football
    In the English league, clubs have been spending millions to sign up a player in the hope that the player will turn the fortunes of the company for the good.
  13. Money and Justice: High-Profile Cases
    It is estimated that thousands of persons bracketed in the ‘poor’ sector of society go to jail annually in the United States without having spoken to a lawyer.
  14. Money and Banking. Financial Markets
    The essay will examine the essence and the importance of the above-mentioned financial phenomena and see how their interrelation, especially in the negative context, can influence the state of things in society.
  15. Debates in Endogenous Money: Basil Moore
    The value of the currency was determined by the value of the precious metal used to mint the currency. From the time Federal Reserve took control of money and credit, economic consistency is attained by […]
  16. City Planning. Too Much Money: Why Savings Are Bad
    The scenario is that the expected growth in economies where the rate of savings is high has not shown a corresponding increase in growth rate also.
  17. Money Laundering and Terrorist Finance
    However, the balance money after the sham gambling is transferred to another ordinary bank account, thereby creating a legal status for the laundered money as if it has come from gambling and will be employed […]
  18. The Use of Money in Business Practices
    Money is seen as the cause of problems and especially in the minds of emerging market respondents. Through this they can pick up groceries for the old in their neighborhood and make money from this.
  19. Technical Analysis as Active Money Management Method
    Technical analysis is the financial markets methodology that asserts the capability to foretell the probable course of security charges by the means of past market data study, principally price and volume.

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