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The Use of Money in Business Practices Essay

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Updated: Oct 15th, 2021

Money has been used as a medium of exchange for goods and services such as cars, vacations, and food among many others. Many people say that money can buy anything including love and happiness and other abstract things. This view has however been disagreed by a majority in various contexts.

Various approaches have been used to find the reality of such claims and the findings show that money though cannot buy happiness so directly, one can buy personal therapists, pay to train in developing brain capacity and anger management skills among others. This has made money so attractive as human beings put more emphasis on the probability of improving one’s lifestyle and general status.

It is noted however that even rich people may admire some things which they have no access to or cannot simply acquire by the use of money. These include friendship, love, and family and so, money is found to be irrelevant to them as they cannot satisfy their every need.

People can venture into businesses that they know they are good at and those that meet the needs of people. Through motivation, people work to meet their goals and interests. Being objective in meeting this goal is a guarantee to the probability of financial success.

Money is made when one is employed, in professional jobs, or business owner and as an investor. Money comes with a lot of work, pain, and suffering but the result is accumulated wealth. This should be the joy and relief for the energy, sweat and tears that people put their efforts into for so long and after all they can reap great wealth and financial stability.

Money improves the financial standards of the people and makes life better when people have access to it. They can buy good moments of happiness through entertainment, vacations and in outdoor activities that enhance the good living practices. However, money cannot buy happiness itself but happiness comes as an effort at a personal level and dedication for those that wish to enjoy it.

Money is seen as the cause of problems and especially in the minds of emerging market respondents. They associate more money to more problems of life since they have to put all efforts, commitment and thoughts to their financial success. When they get the wealth, they require spending more money to hire security personnel, body guards and other safety measures because their life is threatened.

With the emerging markets and globalization, hard work has been linked to good luck. This explains why they say that money makes the world go round. Business partners venture into activities beyond their countries and work all around the world. As a result they are intentionally linked by the money transfer and transactions through trading activities. In the recent technological advancement e-commerce has been made possible and people can trade in different parts of the world.

In Hong Kong 46% of Britons engage in vigorous buying of raffles so that they increase their financial success. The opinion of 64% of Argentineans and 58% Russians however, see this as unnecessary and that it would not make them any happier with more money. In most parts of India, South Africa, Germany and Italy, financial success is seen as the ability to provide for basic needs of life such as food and shelter for their families.

At the age of 12 years, young people engage in activities that can generate them income. They therefore engage in paper delivery, car washing, doing walk dogs, house cores among others. They are also able to open small enterprises that sell burgers and snack or else involve themselves in running errands for the old in the society. Through this they can pick up groceries for the old in their neighborhood and make money from this.

Young people also engage in story telling, writing, teaching, painting, and clean up exercises to make an income. With money, comes economic advancement, raised and improved living standards, education and financial stability. The dire need to provide such needs and have an appreciated life style, is the driving force for putting efforts that can help one have money and wealth.

Genuine business, transactions and operations should be used to justify the moral hard work rather than acquisition of hard earned money through stealing or gambling. Hard work should be emphasized on those who aspire to make wealth and riches. The greed for money among people in the society has changed the meaning of money as the source of evil.

A critical look at this allegation shows that when deals and activities are genuine and justifiable, money can be acquired in proportion to the effort and commitment of an investor. While many people want to make easy money, they have been involved in fraudulent activities, stealing, gambling and illegal businesses. This is greed for money that is an immoral activity that leaves innocent persons, companies and tax payers in financial constraint.

Religion has not also been left out in dismissing the evils associated with money. In Christianity, the bible is their religious book that shows in 1st Timothy 6:10 that, “for the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wondered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs”. This is a biblical source that traces such evils from a religious perspective and showing the root cause as greed and lack of self control.

This means that uncontrolled crave and greed, has turned the hearts from the faith they hold that God is their provider. This has turned the cruelty of worldly men against themselves by doing inhumane activities that make others to suffer. The greedy for money has resulted to murder, cheating, lies, robbing and gambling all for the love of money and wealth.

Gambling is an activity that is illegal in that it consists of wagering money or material value for more gain and profit. Gambling has a great effect in the society as religion and social groups also do not support it.This is a harmful behavior that may be psychologically addictive in some people.

The psychological implication of getting easy money can lead you in to betting for money in the hope that there is a chance of gaining more.

In Japan, their Japanese government and other movements have opened casinos in several cities and their main duty is boost the tourism industry. However operating of casinos is currently illegal.

In the United Kingdom, the gambling commission regulates the structure that protects vulnerable adults and children.

On the contrary, in the United States gambling is a source of tax revenue, and job opportunities though many communities are against the gambling act as it causes corruption and increase in crime rates.

E- Commerce has been a resent advancement in technology and the business world. While using the internet, online gambling can result to loss of money to persons who tap information, make modifications or give false representation. This also has been seen through false account details that have led to wrong fund transfers to gamblers.

Large amount of money have been laundered through the unsupervised electronic money transfers by criminal. This has contributed to loss of money, business opportunities and fall of businesses. Such activities have resulted to greedy persons who visit web pages and interfere with them and cause great losses.

Protection of these web links need to be put so that they are unable to access important information such as the intellectual property of the company. The result of this would be that greed and crave for money, makes gambler work means through which they can access the unsupervised internet access.

The psychology behind the fallacy of most gamblers, who claim on cognitive nature of what they believe, shows that there is no probability that they could be going the wrong direction. Through patterns, occurrences, human beings can notice the events. They also have an illusion of control and assume that historical events will have future outcomes. As a result gamblers work in the hope that they will not be in the hands of law and that they will have made money by the time they are apprehended.

When greed to have money is controlling a human being he can engage in fraudulent activities committing a crime by deceiving others for personal gain. It’s a civil law violation especially when people are unjustly defrauded of money whether in their property or services.

Theft by deception involves forged objects and criminal law can be punishable for such an offence. Criminal fraud can also involve fraud marriage where a person enters in a relationship for selfish gains. This could be for getting or stealing wealth of the person or being shielded by ones partner in an offence. The activity leads to loss of property and money and the beneficiary makes easy money through a fraud marriage association.

Easy money can also be made through intellectual fraud especially on research work, discoveries and written works of persons. Impersonification can lead to deceiving the public that one is the author or researcher behind certain academic papers, work or establishments.

Forgery of documents can be very dangerous to an organization as wealth can be lost through silent corporate crime. This especially occurs in the accounting departments, stores record, inventory control records and other transactions within and out of the organization. False signatures, use of company logo or identity, can be ways through which such greed leads one in to practicing. The practice may involve abuse of organizational positions, such as in the management or accounting departments, where the financial adjustments are done.

An organization or business may perform unsatisfactorily in production and may result to loss of money to the company, customers, and taxpayers and the government as this is a source of revenue.

Health fraud can be very disastrous. People engage themselves in the manufacture and distribution of medicine that is below standard, of low quality and ignorant pretence to medical skills. Selling of such products can cause harm to the consumer and result to more deaths, this practice creates more suffering to innocent users of the drug. The morality of such criminals translates to a societal burden of suffering and much pain.

Fraudsters also involve themselves in a civil fraud due to false representation and they can deceive and get false insurance claims, bank loans and money laundering. Fraud offences lie and refer to the legislative reference to the fraud conduct which is criminalized.

The quest to have more money can lead to illegal sale and trafficking drugs. This is a problem that is mostly affecting young people in schools, colleges and universities. Drug addition and involvement in its sale has a negative impact to the society because it leads to crime, death, immoral behavior and addiction.

These effects affect the society so much because the young people cannot give back to the society due to over indulgence and use of drugs. The danger of using illegal drugs and importing it is that it is a health hazard besides the possibility of imprisonment when law enforcers apprehend.

Sale of cocaine marijuana and other hard drugs affects the health status and when it is declared as illegal people should not engage in their trade. The same happens for those who traffic expensive elephant tusks and ivory. Being in booming businesses that are illegal and pose a health risk is not worth ones effort. The society has been made to think that through humble beginning they can make ends meet. They have sought to participate in fast moving businesses which have a lot of profit but the social concern is the justification of such wealth.

Theft and stealing are activities that criminals find themselves engaging in. Such activities are done in burglary, looting, mugging, shoplifting and trespass.

When the drive for acquiring money is too much, criminals acquire property from others without their consent. Such dishonesty deprives the person of the right of ownership. In the united state for example, the thefts by default are regulated and prosecuted by the state. Thefts affecting federal agencies have been criminalized by the federal government with grant theft being above $400 and petty theft being all those below the grand theft.

Grand thefts include those of vehicles and repeated criminal offences which lead to life imprisonment. In this fraudulent theft from a seller and through fraudulent transfers such as counterfeit check is an illegal process of theft.

The motivation behind such theft is that they will transport themselves with the hope that it will not be detected or because they know that if they abandon the car somewhere, they cannot be traced.

Resale of vehicle is the major mission for car theft. Parts of the vehicle may be dissembled and sold as separate parts or as scarp metal. The vehicle could also be sold in whole to other customers.

Bank robbers and burglars usually gain entry in to such institutions and steal cash boxes, computers and other office equipment. They later sell these electronics and equipment while the money is shared amongst them. Corporate theft prevention should be the aim of the management team since the many players and stakeholders mission and objectives must be attained.

Spot checks, control records and inventory records need to be checked from time to time. Accountability and transparency would be the contributing factor to proper running of the affairs of a company or organization.

Money has blinded many people in the society. When for example a widow who is around 80 years of age and rich and wants to marry, she will have all forms of applicants from young to those her age. If she aims to find happiness in this marriage, she is not sure if the partner loves her or her money. This means that the money has been given more focus in the modern society and people can forego all other courses to find themselves where money can be found.

At the same time, everything seems reasonable and acceptable in instances where earning a good salary is a chief goal that has been attributed to persons looking for wealthy partners to marry. Such commercialization of almost every other action has been considered a wise decision to better ones life. This can result in frustration, divorce and separation because the bond existing, between such a relationship is that of wealth and not love.

Money has dissolved and disrupted the sanctity of divine light in which love should exist between couples. Money has resulted in loss of virtue and dignity in the society. It has corrupted the morals in the society and is a proof of lost virtue.

Some social science experts counsel that money should not be one among the considerations on choosing a partner, but the love and affection that attracts your feeling towards them. The society has also been involved in corrupting the phrase that ‘love is blind but it sees money!’

Nevertheless it is said that when love mixes with money or wealth, it could fail to show true love and end in to a contract.

The fact that money increases the scope and freedom to develop talents and potential, people have engaged in activities that cannot justify their need for such money. Creation of liquid forms of wealth is in the control of human beings, however man should display control over their actions and operations so that greed does not overcome them and subsequently engaged in criminal activities.

Fiscal discipline, strength of government and society should prevent counterfeiting activities that lead to loss of taxes. The monetary system can be affected when individuals engage in activities that lead to loss and collapse of organizations. This also happened in the US banking crisis and financial crisis in Asia where the systems were close to collapsing.

Intangible human value contributes to a foundation in social institutions while acts of indiscipline lead to their collapse. The degree of human intellectual capacity determines their drive to social development and growth. The powerful influence of money and related activities, finds the society pursuing such illegal deals as a way of acquiring more money.

Monetary incentives should encourage productivity, performance and stability of an individual. Increased productivity and financial success is in itself a basis on social value. Any other activities and practices that do not respect the social value are meaningless and are not worth the effort and dedication. This means that the value of money should be respected as it serves to be the greatest effect to good social morality and development.

Money is the ultimate foundation of human beings where they have fulfilled and elevated their aspiration and initiative in society.

Questions are asked regarding what exactly makes money so attractive and repulsive? George Bernard show said that money is “the most important thing in the world. It represents wealth, honor, generosity, and beauty as conspicuously as the want of it represents illness, weakness, disgrace, meanness, and ugliness.”

Involvement in criminal offenses due to lack of money is subject to moral judgment. On the other hands very rich persons are involved in criminal fraud, gambling and theft to accumulate large amount of money. Their needs do not justify them engaging in fraudulent activities.

Money is a necessity and in every aspect of life its counts and we live by the almighty dollar. It is needed to feed, educate, pay debts and in death it caters for burial expenses.

Poor families have survived with meager resources but have had fun and experienced love and respect for one another. Parenthood is soon going to be a challenge while raising children in today’s society where children are money oriented. Many have testified boldly that they aspire to be wealthier and successful than their parents.

The society and family must appreciate the money oriented mentality of the young people so that they can be given good cancel on how to have money and in a genuine manner. Such ambition to be financially successive is a good gesture while the means must be justified. It is important to prepare a wise steward of money while young by teaching them financial principles, set a good and moral example in legal ventures, teach them to value hard work and thinking before spending.

In this way the activities that people do for money would be easy for them to choose from the legal and morally upright ventures. This is made possible because from the amount of money that one makes it is equated to the value that one has to the society. One could provide products and services that improve the lives of the people in the society and in problem solving they have a positive value. From the same people, some criminals make life unbearable with problems and spend time behind bars instead of giving back to society.

This is to say that money is a reward of hard work, and implements moral and financial success. The unjustified practices of those who aim at acquiring money through the hard work of someone else give no meaning to the need of competent and incompetent persons. This is because if competent people can have the same amount of money as those who are incompetent, the innovation, hard work, research, and educational advancement has no meaning and so the society is at a stand still.

It is important to make money that one deserves and in proportion to effort, investment and commitment towards the tasks. People should be innovative and give value to the society.

In some organizations that have company cars, while they have been fueled, criminals can tap the petrol ad sell for their gain.

Others engaged in business deals under false identity and make away without notice. Money may be acquired and life may seem as good as anything but the moral justification of such an act usually catches the conscience of those who participated.

Easy come go! This is a saying that warns against free and easily earned wealth. This is because investing is a process and managing of the same wealth is a built in skill. When one does not understand the energy and effort that gave rise to such an amount, they tend to wastefully use the money to no tangible activity.

In food industries for example, when spoilage is detected or any form of contamination, the company should aim at correcting the mistake so that harm does not cause suffering of consumers. In the same breath, criminal activities may consider such loss as an opportunity for them to make sale of the product. At the end of the activity danger is posed to innocent consumers and the society. It means that the urge to make money makes man forget his respect for human life and forget that they will be accountable for the harm or suffering of the people.

Search for money can involve one to in engage in human trafficking. This is denial of human need to live and be free in ones country. It is made worse by children trafficking which has been on the increase. Pain and suffering that affects victims is unbearable. Children suffer the separation from parents and relatives as well as school mates.

Inhumane activities also find people being involved in organized murder. This mostly is at gun point or during car jacking, at this juncture, criminals count on their need for money rather than the respect for life. As a result crime and criminal activities put the society in fear of attack at all times. People are strangled, on objects such as trees and as they are tortured to give details about wealth inform of money or for target persons. This organized crime claims life of human beings and results to suffering for all those that depended on the victim. For greed of money, they are paid to do such activities. It means that they have also put in to risk their lives just incase they are arrested by police or are killed by angry mob.

A recent phenomenon has been reported especially where there have been reports of suicide bombers. They have taken some amount of money for their life and as bombs explode they perish. This is a voluntary exposure to danger and death that money has no control over. It shows that man has had no respect and regard to life and can therefore risk their lives and that of the society for the sake of criminal acts.

People also can devote their time and energy to target certain endangered species such as snakes, elephants and others. They extract venoms, tasks and hides so that the can sell and make money. A risky deal of getting hold of such animals without causing harm is a dangerous event.

In drug and drug trafficking human beings can swallow drugs in to their body, or any other openings for the sake of them not being detected at check points. They have to big plans on how to get such sachets from their bodies. The greed for money does not make them remember that there is danger if such sachets break and leak in to their body organs.

In parent hood surrogate mothers have made good money. For lack of money, they devote themselves to carrying these children in their womb to full term. At the time of delivery, they suffer due cause of labor pains and other associated complains but eventually give the baby to another person. This involves a risky contract upon which if children are not born due to still births, it means that they loose the money. They are therefore committed to ensuring health and survival of the infant.

At some point, man may find himself interfering with electrical wires and cables as they try to extract the transformer oil contained there in. They do not see the danger of an electric shock, falling off neither death from electrocution. Their main focus is on the money that will come from sale of such a product.

In the recent past especially in developing countries people have sold their body organs such as kidneys, scrotum and testis among others. This is to say that it will help them raise money to satisfy their needs in life.

Commercial sex workers have also given their bodies for sexual activities endangering their health to infection with HIV and Aids and other related illnesses. This has resulted in moral decay in the society and has been legalized in some countries.

Conducting of abortions generates money to medical professionals and back street quacks as thy have no regard to the life of the killed infants and that of the mother. However, for medical reasons it can be conducted genuinely and safely.

Illegal business practices that violate the duty of care to trade waste disposal, environmental concerns and other offenses occur due to the drive for more money than the possible danger posed to the environment.

There are illegal business controls in American and are seen or believed to be criminal trade first and crime second. Some crime thrillers are so evident that loss has occurred and tax payers’ money has been compromised by criminals.

Selfish ambition is the driving force in people who do illegal businesses or interfere with the normal practices and activities to make fraudulent activity and criminal frauds. Selling of organizational property without authority poses a great challenge to the survival of an organization.


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