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89 Financial Crisis Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The Importance of Ethics in Business in Light of the Recent Global Financial Crisis
    The lack of concern for the overall good of the society stemmed from the increase in equity-based compensation to top executives which resulted in the declaration that “the paramount duty of management and board is […]
  2. Is Globalization the Main Culprit for the 2008 Global Financial Crisis?
    Globalization has eroded the powers and the sovereignty of the state, the role of the state to regulate and to steer forward the economy has been largely ignored at the expense of the market, these […]
  3. Ethical Aspects of the Financial Crisis
    Yet, they would agree that to some degree, the origins of the financial crisis can be traced to the immoral behavior of some individuals who attempted to maximize their own benefits of at the expense […]
  4. The 2008 Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences
    Foster and Magdoff Perspective of 2008 Financial Crisis Foster and Magdoff theory that attempts to explain the 2008 financial crisis attributes it to broader factors of monopoly finance capitalism which is a function of a […]
  5. Regulation in the Financial Crisis 2008
    While numerous claims have been put forth to explain the causes of the 2007-2009 financial crisis, there is almost a universal agreement that the major causes of the financial crisis was the combination of a […]
  6. Theories on Causes of Financial Crisis
    A financial system shock disrupted the situation and the prices of the houses fell and many people could not pay their loans.
  7. The Global Financial Crisis
    Every entity is faced with the inevitable reality of making financial decisions in the following departments; investment for instance where to open shop, dividends for example whether or not to pay and when, working capital […]
  8. Disadvantages of Developed Country (America) When 2008 Financial Crisis
    However, the scholars do not singly use this as a reason of terming a country as being developed but also adds on to the fact that people in that country should be having the freedom […]
  9. Cause of the Financial Crisis
    The reason for this is quite apparent it was namely the Democrats’ preoccupation with ‘combating poverty’ that resulted in passing of the infamous Community Reinvestment Act and in reinforcing its provisions through the course of […]
  10. Argentina’s Financial Crisis: A Critical Review of Causes and Effects
    The unprecedented expansion in the country’s markets and economy at large was attributed to the rise in agricultural exports. The country’s economy was heading in the right direction following the introduction of the convertibility system.
  11. Changes in Financial Markets and it impact on Recent Financial Crisis
    Due to the above reason, this study seeks to examine the reasons behind the changes in financial markets during the last 30 years and the role of these changes in the recent financial crisis.
  12. Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Healthcare Industry
    The global financial crisis threatened to lead to the total breakdown of the global economy. The global financial crisis reduced the funding of that the healthcare facilities received from the government.
  13. The 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis
    This growth was associated with “inflow of investments, improvements in technology, increases in education, a ready supply of labor as people moved from the countryside to the cities to work in factories, and reduced restrictions […]
  14. Impact of World Financial Crisis on the UAE Economy
    The decline in economic growth was reflected in the significant reduction in the country’s GDP. However, the profitability and growth of the sector reduced substantially in 2009 due to the following factors.
  15. Turkey’s 2000-2001 Financial Crisis
    The first crisis began at the early 90’s while the second began at the beginning of the 21st century. This led to the collapse of the exchange rate and the beginning of the country’s second […]
  16. The Recent Financial Crisis
    The financial crisis has been considered by most economists to be the worst crisis since the Great Depression as it contributed to the failure of major financial institutions in the U.S.and the decline of consumer […]
  17. Benefits of the Old Fashioned Business Models in the light of Global financial Crisis
    The purpose of this essay is to establish the benefits and drawbacks of old fashioned business models in the light of global financial crisis with reference to Airdrie bank of Lanarkshire in the UK.
  18. The 2008 global financial crisis
    Soros asserts that whereas the U.S.subprime mortgage market is believed to have prompted the current financial crisis, the basis of the crisis derived from the flawed practices and institutions of the current financial system.
  19. International Finance. Main Causes of Recent Financial Crisis
    One of the specific factors that can be attributed to the recent international financial crisis was the loss on housing mortgage loans due to the decline of mortgage prices in the market.
  20. Global Financial Crisis Impact on Australian and World Economies
    After affecting the banking and credit sectors in the US, the global crisis slowly crept to other countries and in the process became a world crisis.
  21. Global trade during the financial crisis (from 2006 to 2010)
    Each of the major trade regions of the world seemed to concentrate more on a given branch of trade and give their outputs to the rest of the world.
  22. The effect of the global financial crisis on political and financial risks
    The negative effects of the global financial crisis have been felt in most parts of the world i.e.in the advanced countries, the emerging markets and in the developing world.
  23. The effect of global financial crisis on Saudi Arabian economy
    The countries stability of the banking sector was also seen in the change in banking activities over the period of global financial crisis, the country recorded the worst banking growth rate in the years between […]
  24. The UK Banking Practice that led to financial crisis
    Crisis of the magnitude that was experienced is a real threat to the economy of any country and it is imperative for people to learn as much as they can to avoid the circumstance that […]
  25. The global financial crisis and capitalism for the elite rich
    This Ideology adopted by many if not all of the western nations upholds the private ownership of business and institutions and the owners of these entities are allowed to spread out as much as they […]
  26. The 2008 Financial Crisis
    The opposite trends in the cost of mortgage credit and the housing prices also made the home owners participate more in the market since the risk of default was much lower.
  27. Global Financial Crisis of the United States Mortgage Industry
    The deterioration of economies called for government to take fast and immediate measures to rescue their nations; the United Nations for instance had to make policies that protected its local industry from the adverse effects […]
  28. Global Financial Crisis
    Initially, the collapse of AIG, the under-performance of Fallie Mac and Fannie Mac and the merging of the Bank of America and the Merrill Lynch were the start point of the financial problems in the […]
  29. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009
    The two key sectors that take the blame for the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 are the financial sector and the real estate industry.
  30. Minsky’s Economic volatility theory as an evaluation of Financial Crisis
    The modern Marxist, FSA, and organizational Keynesian perspectives associate the causes of the financial slow down with the implementation of the liberal development framework in 1970s when the “Accord of Detroit” development framework was ditched.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Financial Crisis

  1. Global Financial Crisis Causes and Impacts
    After a number of years since the first occurrence of the crisis, it is still not possible to explain fully the impact of the global financial crisis because the economic emergency keeps on hindering and […]
  2. Spain’s Financial Crisis
    The disproportionate growth in the real estate sector, coupled with the expansion of credit needed to finance it, is at the basis of the economic imbalances.
  3. Short-term decisions lead to the emergence of the global financial crisis
    Over the years, since the great depression in the 1930’s, the role of management seems to have diverted significantly from expectations as illustrated by the global financial crisis.
  4. American Financial Crisis
    It discussed the underlying causes of the crisis and the impact it has had on the economy of the United States.
  5. East Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-98
    However, the quick actives responses by the states in the region helped in the quick aversion of the crisis and its impacts on the region’s economy.
  6. The Financial Crisis Causes: Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection
    The consequences were similar in most parts of the world with the main indicators being debt crises, high unemployment rates, a reduction in the number of home ownership facilities and the demand for the same, […]
  7. Asian Financial Crisis
    Analysts have argued that the inherent problem with the approach in the region, especially in Japan, was primarily due to much involvement of the government in guiding the free economy.
  8. Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2010
    In particular, it has shown that many financial institutions are too much dependent on one another, and the collapse of one organization can result in the collapse of the entire system.
  9. Global Financial Crisis Problems
    This paper discusses the problem created by the global financial crisis and assesses the viability of the courses of actions taken to counter the problem.
  10. After the 2007-2010 Financial Crisis: Across the Chaos and Destruction to the Universal Order
    Because of the half-baked decisions concerning the integration in the Eurozone had been taken, the Great Britain had to sign the agreement with Brussels concerning the further economical steps, which is likely to drive to […]
  11. Effect of Global financial crisis on the Gulf Countries
    The financial crisis which hit the US in the late months of the year 2007 have over time spread to almost all other countries in the world.
  12. Impacts of Financial crisis on Bahrain
    Impacts of financial crisis on the country’s economy have accelerated debate within the mainstream of economics and many market analysts have devised economic stimulus plan to confront the crisis.
  13. Public Discourse under the Financial Crisis in the U.S and Canada
    The number of people that lost their jobs, the number of companies that ran into bankruptcy and dwindled in self-destruction through foreclosures and closures, the amount of money that was pumped into the economy by […]
  14. European Governments and the European Financial Crisis: A Crisis Management
    This is for example over- dependence on: the capability of managers to create returns.the merits of financial innovation in efficiently spreading returns and risks in the market, the sufficiency of data and models used for […]
  15. Carolina Panthers Financial Crisis
    While it was expected that the team could lose its operating income because of the losses it went through last season, the team emerged as one of the teams that profited greatly in the 2010/2011 […]
  16. The global financial crisis of 2008
    The magnitude and the level of disruption of the global economies have led to speculation of various causes that has contributed to its occurrence.
  17. States regulatory response to the current financial crisis
    Having been cited by the International Monetary Fund as the leading contributor towards the world economy in 2007, the onset of the financial crisis meant economic disaster to the state.
  18. The Financial Crisis Impacts on East Asian States
    The policy response to the currency crisis later led to a crisis in the financial institutions. The financial crisis was similar to the crisis that hit Mexico in 1995 and the difference was only on […]
  19. The Worst of the Global Financial Crisis Is Still To Come
    Therefore, considering the numerous flaws that exist in the global economic system and the fact that, most governments have deviated from addressing the real causes of the global financial crisis; hence, formulate strategies of avoiding […]
  20. Training and Skills Development Programs vs. the Global Financial Crisis
    The Level of education influences the rate of unemployment in an economy. The increase in gross domestic products is attributed to levels of education and employment.
  21. ‘What Went Wrong? An Initial Inquiry into the Causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis’
    Additionally, failures at the managerial group also resulted in the crash as it led to a re evaluation of the cost of the agencies by the investors.
  22. The Financial Crisis
    In this line, the financial institutions would have distributed the risk to all the stakeholders. The involvement of many players in the management systems of banks makes it out rightly difficult to blame banks for […]
  23. Global Financial Crisis: Corruption and Transparency
    Due to the large number of the emerging markets, the global financial regulators lacked a proper mechanism to handle the situation.
  24. Role of International Financial Institutions in 2008 Financial Crisis
    Even more disappointing is the fact that the financial regulatory standards that were in place were unable to anticipate and therefore avert the ramifications of the financial crisis before it happened as should have been […]
  25. Effects of Hedge Funds on the Global Financial Crisis
    The article titled “Do not Blame Hedge Funds for Financial Crisis, Study Says,” in 19th September 2012 issue of the The Wall Street Journal, attempts to remove the hedge fund from blame in the global […]
  26. Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the World
    The recent global financial crisis happened between the years 2007 and 2008 that was a serious threat to the financial markets in the United States and the rest of the world.
  27. The 2008 Financial Crisis
    In September 2008, the two giant mortgage companies faced the danger of bankruptcy as they had guaranteed close to half of the total mortgages in the US.
  28. US Financial Crisis Hit and Its Economy Effect
    He is an economist and runs a column in the Atlantic magazine on financial matters in the U.S. The article is by Lee Don, a columnist, and journalist in the U.
  29. Austerity Measures after of the World Financial Crisis
    That is why it becomes obvious that there is a great need in some austerity measures whose main aim is to overcome the results of the world financial crisis and guarantee the stability of the […]
  30. Financial Crisis in Greece: Origin and Aspects
    This essay seeks to establish the nature and origin of the crisis, Greece’s advantages and disadvantages in the Eurozone, and Greece’s fiscal policy.

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about Financial Crisis

  1. Financial Crisis of 2007-2008: Laws and Policies
    Nevertheless, one should not assume that the absence of legal safeguards is the only factor that led to this crisis since it is necessary to consider the development of the economy and lack of internal […]
  2. 2008 Financial Crisis in Dubai
    In order to address the collapse in the real estate market observed in Dubai in 2008, the Emirate’s authorities focused on elaborating stricter regulations on developers of the housing projects and on the buyers. 26 […]
  3. British Airways Performance and Global Financial Crisis
    This paper analyzes the performance of British Airways’ leadership in the wake of the global financial crisis. BA CityFlyer, which is a subsidiary of the British Airways, dominates operations in the London municipality airport.
  4. Financial Crisis of 2008 and Consumer Behavior
    Although the main cause of the global financial crisis that began in 2007 was the bursting of the housing bubble, economists largely agree that the ensuing recession was the outcome of a combination of several […]
  5. West Midlands Designers and Architects Ltd: Financial Crisis
    The second option, which is by merit, will favor the company’s future and also acceptable by a number of the current employees.
  6. American Financial Crisis and Its Prevention
    The interviewee brings about the idea of bureaucracy and political aspects that contributed to the problem, highlighting the corruption and ineffectiveness in the government when bailing out the institutions.
  7. 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and Its Consequences
    Beja explores the impacts the crisis had on these countries and the outcomes that occurred years after the end of the crisis.
  8. Financial Crisis and Its Impact on UAE Construction
    The determination of this research is to evaluate the enactment of construction corporations in the United Arab Emirates for the period of the pre and post worldwide eras of financial disaster, which is from 2006 […]
  9. The Shadow Banking System: Financial Crisis Source
    The so-called shadow banking system, comprised of numerous institutions operating outside the regulated banking system, has undoubtedly contributed greatly to the emergence of the latest global financial crisis.
  10. Reasons and Consistency of the Financial Crisis 2007-2008
    The financial crisis that occurred in 2007-2008 is frequently defined as one of the major financial events at the beginning of the 2000s.
  11. Global Financial Crisis and Regulatory Responses
    In the aftermath of the crisis, the government through the Federal Reserve embarked on a mission to restore these financial institutions to their original position.
  12. Financial Crisis in Ferguson’s “The Ascent of Money”
    By Ferguson, the main purpose of the historian is to relieve humanity from the financial illusions on the examples of the past.
  13. Financial Crisis and Great Recession Causality
    The financial crisis is typically viewed as a primary factor behind the development of the Great Recession. Instead, the financial crisis of 2008 can be deemed a prerequisite of the Great Recession as well as […]
  14. Australian Banks in the Global Financial Crisis
    To understand how Australian banks managed the GFC, it is essential to pay attention to the very structure of its banking.
  15. The Global Financial Crisis and Its Effect
    The latest global financial crisis managed to restart a debate on the value of both the stakeholder as well as shareholder theories. This led to the managers being more attentive to the prices of the […]
  16. The Global Financial Crisis and Its Impacts
    In addition, a case of a company is studied to evaluate the impact of GFC on a particular firm, and consider the capability of the firm to survive the crisis.
  17. British and Dutch Banks After 2008 Financial Crisis
    Many countries utilised the opportunity of the crisis to work on improving corporate governance and leadership to avoid similar crises in the future.
  18. Rotana Company’s Financial Crisis and Culture
    This statement can be seen as being true to the values of the company and how it addressed the issues caused by the 2008 financial crisis.
  19. General Electric and the Financial Crisis of 2008
    Although GE’s success is often attributed to the significant amount of financial assets that the company has, it owes its survival through the 2008 crisis to the careful and well-thought-out plan of investing in the […]
  20. Banking Instability During the Global Financial Crisis
    Though the combination of aspects that resulted in the banking instability in the course of the global financial crisis had never been witnessed previously, the shift from extreme risk-taking to fiscal chaos was a common […]
  21. Financial Crisis of 2008
    Economics specialists have argued that the global financial crisis of 2008 was caused by a combination of factors, including the abundance of cheap credits in the macroeconomic environment as well as counterproductive decision-making in governments […]
  22. Economic Shocks and Financial Crisis in Kuwait
    At the year 2008, the intensity of the crisis was at the peak, causing oil prices which led to a decrease in production and drop in GDP of Kuwait.
  23. Apple and Hewlett Packard During 2008 Financial Crisis
    Though the general demand has not reached the level it was before the crisis, many companies have taken advantage of the rising demand and have made tremendous sales. However, the company has increased its spending […]
  24. Global Financial Crisis and Its Ethical Causes
    The reason for this is simple the analysis of what had brought about this particular financial crisis and what accounted for the subtleties of its extrication points out to an undeniable fact that it was […]
  25. Nucor Corporation After Financial Crisis in the US
    However, in 2009, the company made the largest loss in its history of $299 million; the loss was the first annual loss since 1966. The depreciated purchasing power parity of the people in 2009 is […]
  26. Corporate Governance During the Global Financial Crisis
    The chairman of the board of directors is the leader of both the board and the company whereas the CEO is the person who oversees the day-to-day activities of the company.
  27. Corporate Government During the World Financial Crisis
    The chairman is the leader of the board of directors while the CEO is the person who oversees the day to day activities of the company; each of them performs a distinct and critical role […]
  28. Global Financial Crisis and Real Estate Issues
    The central point of the argument is that the real estate market in the US and the policy called “trailer park lending” was the main reason for the worldwide economic crisis.
  29. Lehman Brothers and the 2008 Financial Crisis
    As a result, when the management of the bank expected assistance from other firms and the Bank of America, it did not receive the help it needed.

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