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112 Remarkable Macroeconomics Topics for Any Paper [2020]

All the business students are required to take the macroeconomics course throughout their studies. Although the subject is crucial and useful, it is quite challenging. Students often become overwhelmed with the complexity of macroeconomics and get discouraged. Especially when it comes to essay writing.

But you won’t face any difficulties.

You are on the right page if you want to nail your economic papers. Our team of experts prepared a comprehensive list of macroeconomic topics. Here you can find fascinating ideas for any type of assignment.

So, don’t waste your time. Take a look at our topics and select the most suitable one. And don’t forget to check out our tips on how to compose a macroeconomics paper. You will find them at the end of the article.

🤔 What Is Macroeconomics?

Of course, you could go straight away to the essay ideas search. But are you familiar with essential economic terms? If no, then the topic selection process can turn into huge trouble.

We have good news for you!

For your convenience, we developed a brief study guide on the basics of economics. So, don’t hesitate to use our prompts to make your studying process more pleasurable.

⚖️ Macroeconomics & Microeconomics

In essence, macroeconomics and microeconomics are two fundamental parts of economic science. They perfectly complement each other and provide a wide range of opportunities for economists. Nevertheless, the microeconomic and macroeconomic objectives differ to a great extent.

Macroeconomics and microeconomics deal with similar issues.
Source: Inomics.com

So, what are they?

Macroeconomics is a field of economics that studies the economic performance of countries. Employing it, governments can analyze the financial situation within a country. Macroeconomic theory’s concepts help to predict and prevent possible economic obstacles. Generally, the field presents the big picture. That is to say, it shows the economic development on a national and international level.

In contrast, microeconomics focuses on specific firms or companies. It analyzes the business owners’ decision-making process. Microeconomics does not interact with the national or even international economic problems. It mainly investigates enterprises and their internal issues.

📑 Topics in Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics is a broad field the covers a wide range of issues. The two topics of primary concern in macroeconomics are:

  • the behavioral tendencies;
  • the decision-making processes of an economy as a whole.

In other words:

Macroeconomics explores human actions and interactions from an economic perspective.

Have you ever noticed any macroeconomic topics in the news? Or maybe in the headings of magazine articles, in the posts in social media? Or have you heard the discussion of high inflation and unemployment rate on the radio or television? These are all examples of the application of macroeconomics in real life.

Professor Carol L. Osler's quote about macroeconomics as a verb.
Source: Brandeis.edu

The spectrum of issues examined by macroeconomics impresses with its diversity. To make your studying more pleasant, our team gathered ideas in one place.

The topics studied in macroeconomics include:

  • GDP
  • Price levels
  • Inflation rates
  • Political economy
  • Unemployment rates
  • Finance development
  • Fiscal and monetary policies
  • National and international trade
  • Government savings and investments

🏆 Best Macroeconomics Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. How Macroeconomics Affects on Remote Industry & Operating Environments
    The fourth and last macroeconomics variable is the interest rate prevailing in the economy, which is the measure of the cost of capital.
  2. Macroeconomic Policies in Australia
    The policy makers therefore always strive to keep the inflation rate at low levels to minimize the effects of a high inflation rate.
  3. Rapidly Developing Macroeconomics in Chile
    The history of macroeconomic reforms in Chile dates back to the beginning of the 1990s, when the military government initiated the first economic reform.
  4. Macroeconomics: Price Elasticity of Demand
    Price elasticity of demand refers to the “…responsiveness of changes in the quantity of goods and services demanded in relation to the changes in their prices”.
  5. Difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics
    Macroeconomics Macroeconomics emphasizes on the bigger picture of the economy thus acquitting on how things in the world in terms of the structure, performance, behavior and decision making process of the whole economy.
  6. Great Britain’s Macroeconomics In Relation To The US
    The mammoth economy was however destabilized by the innumerable costs accrued to the first and the second world wars and the great depression in the ninety’s.
  7. Measuring Macroeconomic Concepts
    As a matter of fact, it can also be referred to as the rate at which the purchasing power of individuals’ changes as time goes by. The country is in a stable period of prices […]
  8. A Macroeconomic And Financial Outlook Of New Zealand
    Some of this factors are the level of consumption of the country’s population, the level of savings and investment and the government’s fiscal and monetary policies.
  9. Macroeconomic Coordination Process
    The graph, which is one diagram, will show the relationship between the level of interest on the vertical axis and the degrees of GDP, APE and ASF on the horizontal axis.
  10. Macroeconomics Notions
    The law of demand states that the higher the costof the good or service, the less people will demand it, while the law of supply states that the higher the price of a commodity, the […]
  11. Macroeconomics: Interest Rates
    Keynesian theory of interest has been used to explain the effects of changes in the Federal Reserve rate on the general interest rates and prices in the economy.
  12. Macroeconomic forecast of Turkey for the next 5 years (up to 2017)
    To determine the unemployment rate, the total population of the labor force and the employed people in a given region/country is considered.
  13. Comparative Analysis of Macroeconomic Indicators of USA and Brazil
    The rationale is that unemployment refers to a proportion of the population that has skills and is willing to provide the skills to the labor market.
  14. New Classical Macroeconomics
    The New Classical Macroeconomics school of thought is built on the assumption that all agents in the economy use the information available to make rational decisions.
  15. The Impact of Premature Financial Liberalisation on Macroeconomic and Financial Stability
    Effects on rate of savings and investment One of the roles of liberalisation is to remove rigidity in the control of rates of exchange and rates of interest, compulsory allocation of credits from banks, and […]
  16. Macroeconomic Study about Argentina
    Despite the growth in the real GDP of the country, the aforementioned statistics shows a consistent rise in the rate of inflation in the country.
  17. Analysis of Macroeconomic Condition of Argentina
    Despite acquiring the land against the will of the natives, the foreigners ensured that the proceeds from agriculture were used for the development of the country.

🤗 Interesting Macroeconomic Topics

Did you figure out the basic economic terms and concepts? Congratulations! Now, you are ready to go to the next step of your task completing. It is a topic search. Take this step responsibly because a compelling topic is a key to a successful paper.

The process of idea selection may become a real struggle for students. But not for you! We created a list of macroeconomics paper topics. The ideas are divided into several sections based on the type of assignment you need to complete. The macroeconomics topic choice has never been so easy!

📄 Macroeconomics Topics for Essay

  1. Effect of oil prices on different countries’ GDP.
  2. The political economy of international trade.
  3. Limitations of GDP as a measure of economic welfare.
  4. The significance of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” concept in modern economics.
The invisible hand is an unobservable market force.
Source: Economictimes.indiatimes.com
  1. Remittances role in spurring global economic growth.
  2. Economic factors of Dubai tourism demand.
  3. The effects of inflation targeting.
  4. The interactions of economic and political science.
  5. The nature of the catch-up growth phenomenon in developing countries.
  6. The benefits of medical tourism to the world economy.
  7. The economic recession of 2007-2009. Conduct an economic analysis of the worldwide crisis of 2007-2009. What were the causes and effects of the recession? Analyze the role of monetary and fiscal policies. What role do they play in reducing the risks of a total financial collapse during the crisis?
  8. The tourism industry in the state of Oregon. Investigate traveling commerce in Oregon from an economic perspective. How thousands of tourists help to maintain the appropriate level of economic growth? Explore the impact of tourism on the economy of Oregon and the USA. Look at them separately.
  9. The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the global economy. Explore the influence of the pandemic on the different branches of the economy. Analyze the readiness of the countries to face financial difficulties. Were the governments’ reactions to the risks of recession effective enough?
  10. Practical problems of active economic stabilization policy. There are three key negative effects of stabilization policy:
    – recognition lag
    – decision lag
    – impact lagDiscuss how these lags may lead to destabilization of the economy instead of stabilization. Why can a stabilization policy be useful for one class of enterprises? Why can it be ineffective for another one?
  11. Neoclassical economists. Analyze the scientific impact of three the most famous neoclassical economists:
    -Thorstein Veblen
    -Eliot Roy Weintraub
    -George Joseph StiglerCompare and contrast their approaches to macroeconomic objectives. How did these figures contribute to the development of the modern economy?

🖥️ Macroeconomics Topics for Presentation

  1. Sustainable economic development. The four greens.
  2. European macroeconomic policies and risks.
  3. International environmental concerns in economics.
  4. Macroeconomic environment: self-correction of the economy.
  5. Economic systems types: free market and a mixed economy.
  6. Abu Dhabi commercial bank and financial regulation.
  7. Economic inequality as a result of globalization.
  8. Cultural differences and ethics of international trading.
  9. Economic analysis of criminal law.
Economists approach the analysis of crime assuming that criminals are rational.
Source: Econlib.org
  1. Economic fluctuations in aggregate demand and aggregate supply.
  2. Theory of liquidity preference. Analyze Keyne’s theory of liquidity preference. Can interest rate adjustments indeed bring money supply and demand in balance? Use visual aids (graphs, charts) to make the understanding of the topic more accessible.
  3. Who leads the economy: economists or politicians? Explore the influence of politics on the economic sector. Why economics and politics cannot exist independently? Investigate the positive and negative outcomes of economic and political interactions. List all the key ideas on the slides. Appropriate illustrations will help the audience comprehend your ideas more effectively.
  4. Money laundering as one of the most critical financial crimes. Explain the mechanisms of economic crimes that occur in modern society. What criminal procedures are applied to deal with money laundering? What are the possible ways to reduce the risks of crimes against the property?
  5. Short-run aggregate supply and long-run aggregate supply differences. Explore the notions. What do they mean? How are they familiar? To make your presentation more professional, use slides. Demonstrate the correlation of short-run aggregate supply and long-run aggregate supply curves on the graph.
  6. Keynesian economics. Briefly introduce John Maynard Keynes. What were his economic approaches? Illustrate his models (the liquidity trap, IS-LM plot, Keynes–Samuelson cross). Highlight the significance of Keynesian discoveries for modern economics.

📊 Macroeconomics Topics for Project

  1. The costs and benefits of incurring an annual federal budget deficit.
  2. Cause and effects of the mortgage crisis.
  3. The effects of the introduction of the national minimum wage on employment.
  4. GDP growth rate and economic future of the United States.
  5. Alternative policies towards the exchange rate.
  6. Economic tools: alcohol abuse problem-solving.
  7. Optimizing production in the food industry.
  8. Automatic economic stabilizers.
  9. Methods of sustainable economic development.
  10. The role of China and the USA for the international economy. Compare and contrast the impact of both countries for global economic development.
  11. Strategies to overcome economic recession. Develop your ways to deal with economic obstacles. How to be ready for a financial crisis? How to reduce the negative consequences of the recession? State your ideas clearly and structure them wisely.
  12. Ways to reduce the unemployment level. Examine the causes and effects of unemployment. What would be possible mechanisms of dealing with the issue of lack of working places in a country? Explore the concept of the natural unemployment level and consider it while developing your project.
  13. Business establishment. Imagine you are planning to open a company. Applying economic concepts, develop a business plan for your enterprise. Organize the funds’ distribution within a company. What macroeconomic concepts should be used for this project
A business establishment is a location where a business is conducted.
Source: Definitions.uslegal.com
  1. Inflation vs. deflation. Investigate the positive and negative sides of inflation and deflation. What causes more harm to the national economy? Develop a strategic plan of dealing with the obstacles of inflation and deflation.
  2. Overconsumption of goods: beneficial for the producers, bad for the environment. Comment on the problem of unreasonable goods’ purchases. Why don’t people consider the lack of environmental resources while buying useless stuff? Develop a mechanism to control the consumption of the products to save the environment.

👩‍💻 Macroeconomics Topics for Research

  1. Different forms of currency regimes and their impact on economic determinants.
  2. The implications of internet-banking on bank profitability.
  3. The trickle-down economics definition and aspects.
  4. Effects of increasing interest rates in Africa.
  5. The structure, history, and activities of the World Bank.
  6. Analysis of economic indicators for the United States and South Korea.
  7. The impact of demographic fluctuations within a country on its economic performance.
  8. The importance of the governmental support of small and medium businesses.
  9. The causes of economic inequality, poverty of underdeveloped countries.
  10. Macroeconomic implications of the healthcare sector development.
  11. The real exchange rate and the nominal exchange rate. Conduct research and analyze the differences between real and nominal exchange rates. What are the reasons for utilizing a real exchange rate? Support your ideas with arguments and appropriate examples.
  12. Theory of effective demand. Explore the significance of a balanced demand for the global economy. What place does Keynesianism take in this theory? For convenience, demonstrate your findings in the graphs.
  13. The bright future of the economy of ASEAN countries. Explain how the ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) can become a leading economic force globally. What opportunities and benefits do these countries have? Using economic thinking, suggest the right direction for the economic growth of ASEAN countries.
ASEAN is fast becoming a major economic force in Asia.
Source: Jpmorgan.com
  1. How the Coronavirus outbreak affected stock prices and growth expectations? The worldwide pandemic noticeably weakened international economic performance. Discuss the adverse effects of COVID-19 on stock prices. What strategies did the governments implement to maintain a stable financial situation in a country?
  2. The impact of immigration on the national economy. What are the positive and negative effects of immigration? Develop an economic strategy to reduce the drawback of immigration on the national economy and maximize the benefits.

✍️ Macroeconomics Topics for Term Paper

  1. Unemployment rate as the most prominent national economy challenge.
  2. The nation’s budget deficit and how it relates to economic theory and crisis.
  3. Market elasticity in the banking industry.
  4. Minimum wages and their effects on the hospitality industry.
  5. New liquidity standards and implications.
  6. Corporate entrepreneurship and new business venturing.
  7. Economic factors on the stock market.
  8. The threat of Norwegian commercial banks for the economic stability of a country.
  9. Indicators of the upcoming recession and the strategies to prevent it.
  10. Influence of consumers’ tastes and preferences on market growth.
  11. The economy of France: five key macroeconomic variables. Provide a brief background of France’s economy and the overview of five variables. Analyze of the country’s economy. What would be some possible policy recommendations? Provide graphs, charts, or tables if necessary.
  12. Strategies for raising the country’s per capita gross domestic product. Explore the possible ways to increase the GDP per capita. How will the rise of GDP stimulate the country’s economic growth? Provide clear arguments to support your opinion.
  13. The benefits of investments in innovative technologies. Explain why business owners should invest in innovations. How will it help them to increase the profitability of the companies? Examine the future of economics. Will the high-quality production be possible without modern technologies?
  14. Profit maximization strategies. Analyze the existing ways of maximizing the firms’ profit. What are the benefits and drawbacks of these strategies? Develop your profit-maximizing method. What macroeconomic principles and theories would you use for it? State your ideas clearly and provide examples to support your position.
A classic profit-maximizing strategy is skim pricing.
Source: Smallbusiness.chron.com
  1. Globalization: an opportunity or a threat to the international economy? Analyze the positive and negative effects of globalization. What obstacles does globalization cause to small entrepreneurial organizations? How does globalization influence huge corporations? Present bright examples to solidify your ideas.

🔥 20 More Hot Topics in Macroeconomics

Did you look through our ideas and still unsure of which one to select? Then, take a look at the following section. Here, you can find the most popular and effective macroeconomics paper topics. Use one of the ideas from this list, and don’t worry that it will be inappropriate.

  1. International political economy perspectives.
  2. An invisible network of demand and supply.
  3. Factors affecting marketing and production decisions.
  4. The impact of monetary policy on economic stabilization.
  5. Behavioral finance and economics.
  6. Elasticity and its crucial role in business development.
  7. Sustainability and trends of the global trade imbalance.
  8. Financial economics for infrastructure and fiscal policy.
  9. The ways to increase the stockholders’ equities after the settlement of liabilities.
  10. Core-Econ: what economic data offers this online platform?
  11. The causes and effects of inflationary and deflationary gaps.
  12. The most effective ways to reach market equilibrium.
  13. The application of the macroeconomic concepts in real-life situations.
  14. Price discrimination problem. Introduce the phenomenon of price discrimination in the modern economic environment. What are the causes of the problem? What are the possible solutions? After the problem is solved, suggest future directions to prevent further concerns about price discrimination.
  15. The impact of the governmental regulations on the national economy. This is a topic of multiple-purpose. Are you searching for an idea for a term paper, presentation, or a capstone project? Then use this topic. It is quite relatable and offers a wide variety of sources to explore.
  16. The impact of biology progress on economic growth. Explain how biological innovations improve the production capacities of firms. What impact do such changes have on the healthcare, food, and agricultural industries? Refer to statistical data from reliable sources to support your ideas.
  17. Economic ethics. Analyze the progress of economic ethics from middle ages to contemporary times. Why is the following of moral rules while developing a business essential? Provide solid arguments and clear examples to prove your position.
  18. The importance of GDP for investors. Explain how investors make their decisions based on the GDP of a country. What factors do the investors take into consideration while investing money?
Investors pay attention to the GDP because it can affect the stock market.
Source: Investopedia.com
  1. Unemployment and inflation rates correlation. Explore the relationship between inflation and unemployment in the short-run and the long-run. Why do the outcomes of their correlation are different in the short-run and long-run? Refer to the Philips curve line graph to demonstrate your findings.
  2. Securities market structures. There are four types of securities market structures:
    – Quote-driven markets
    – Order-driven markets
    – Hybrid markets
    – Brokered markets
    Compare and contrast them. What structure is the most transparent and effective? How to minimize the risks of the securities market collapse?

🔨 Tricks to Nail a Macroeconomics Paper

You are likely to have a general idea of essay writing. A thesis statement, five-paragraph structure, and arguments with supporting evidence are all part of it. Your paper on macroeconomics will probably follow the same old formula as well. However, we found a few tricks that will make the writing process less complicated. They can be used for any paper on macroeconomics.

  • Find out the type of assignment beforehand. The structure of the project will differ drastically from that of the research paper. If it’s an essay, determine whether its an argumentative, informative, cause and effect, etc. Follow the structure If you need to prepare a presentation. Make appropriate slides to help the audience get your ideas. But remember to make the PowerPiont presentation professional. Use a readable font and suitable design to impress your listeners.
  • Reread the assignment. You have to see what exactly the tutor awaits. If you have a topic assigned, examine it thoroughly. Don’t lose any point because of your inattentiveness. Follow the appropriate structure based on the time of the assignment. Don’t forget about the basic rules of any paper:
    • academic style;
    • suitable writing formats;
    • reliable sources;
    • proper citations.
  • Change the central idea. The first viewpoint that comes to your mind can be erroneous. Any piece of academic writing requires a thought-out message. If you’re not sure what to state in your thesis, search for another macroeconomic topic for a paper. And don’t be afraid of changing it if necessary. Remember, a well-developed central idea is a key to a high grade. So, take enough time to compose a strong thesis statement.
  • Research before writing. Macroeconomics is a broad field, so you have to make sure you see all the angles of the issue. Look for related macroeconomic topics or overlapping areas of study. If needed, improve your research question or change the perspective of your research. Make sure to select only credible sources. And don’t forget to cite them properly. Are you unsure about formatting requirements? Double-check the rules of the writing format you use.
  • Outline your paper. Any writing guide will tell you that this is a great way to ensure the logical order. A well-developed outline will help you to structure your paper correctly. Thus, the readers will get your ideas without any difficulties. Moreover, fixing it is easier than the written text. So, don’t skip this step. By spending some time on outlining, you will save a lot of time on writing.
  • Set out the size of each part. Remember that the introduction and conclusion must be shorter than the body. Moreover, the central part of your paper has to be divided into several sections. Use a separate body paragraph for each key point. A long and complicated text unit will only distract the readers’ attention. So, each part should follow its purpose and deliver the idea effectively.
  • Find examples. Appropriate examples always improve the quality of a paper. Firstly, the readers understand the ideas more deeply when the writer presents the illustrations. Secondly, well-selected cases establish the credibility of a document. So, you can use them for reference. But be careful. To avoid confusion, make sure you provide suitable and relatable examples.
  • Use online grammar correctors. We are not robots, and we make mistakes. That’s natural! Fortunately, we have an opportunity to use online grammar correctors. Such tools will ensure you haven’t missed an error while proofreading. One of the most useful and efficient ones is Grammarly. Besides correcting your spelling or grammar mistakes, it will also suggest style and vocabulary improvements. Why not use the benefits of correcting tools if there is such an opportunity?
Ask your friends or relatives to check an economic paper for you.

Thank you for visiting our page! We hope your article was helpful. Don’t forget to share your macroeconomic topics and essay writing tips with your friends!


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