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108 Forecasting Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Forecasting Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Forecast Staffing Requirements and Develop Recruitment Tools
    This is because the process determines to a great extent how the activities and practices in a given organization are undertaken depending on the people recruited in regard to the skills and knowledge they possess.
  2. The Distinction Between Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Sales Forecasting, Market Research, and Common Sense in Business
    In addition to this, businesses and companies tend to use business intelligence to bring about consistency in decision making, emphasize on incorporation of business information and analytical technique into tactical decisions and strategic processes and […]
  3. Monsanto Company 2011-2013 Forecast
    In order to achieve this objective the company management embraced the SWOT analysis technique in the management and running of the company.”SWOT analysis focuses on the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the organization”.
  4. Theoretical Set of Forecasting for a Business
    In the former case, the difference in data is large and therefore the error is higher and in the latter case the error is smaller.
  5. Financial Forecasting Process Overview
    Financial forecasting refers to the process of estimating and evaluating the future financial results of the organization based on the current available information.
  6. Forecasting Process at Bank of Eureka
    Using the data on the growth rate of Money and inflation, run a regression of the rate of inflation on the rate of growth of the money supply.
  7. Economic Indicators and Company Performance Forecasting
    This information suggests that the cost of living in the United States grew during the last year. It can tell about the purchasing power of the population in the country.
  8. Forecasting Importance in Modern Supply Chain Management
    The reason for this is to enable the inclusion of information on the future trends, external or internal environment to give a more accurate forecast. The measure of how close actual demand is to the […]
  9. Forecasting the Most Efficient Decision in Business
    Each of the options had its advantages and disadvantages, but based on the past history, it is possible to forecast the most efficient decision.
  10. The Importance of Forecasting on Sales Management Decision Making
    The sales forecast helps the manufacturing unit of the business in determining the amount of the product in question to produce in a given time.
  11. Budget Forecasting and Its Importance in Planning
    Sales = Variable Expenses + Fixed Costs Management team costs = $5,000,000 Interest expense = 3,000,000 Amortization Costs = $200,000,000/10yrs = $20,000,000 Total fixed costs per year = $28,000,000 Variable Costs per Unit Direct material […]
  12. Making Decisions Based on Demand and Forecasting
    The demand for Pizza in this community is believed to be dependent on the population size, the income per house hold, price of Pizza and the demand of soda.
  13. Domino’s Pizza: Malaysian Market Demand Forecast
    Price of the good is a significant determinant of demand. The independent variables are price, advertisement, income, price of soda, future price changes, and price of pasta.
  14. Demand Forecasting in Revenue Managment in the Hotel
    This is despite the ability of a revenue management system to perform multiple tasks in the process. Revenue management systems also support the integration of human judgment and statistical methods in generation of demand forecasts.
  15. Industry Forecasting in Ford Motor Company
    Other economic factors affect the ability of a consumer to afford the product on sale making the economic stability a major determinant of the company’s growth.
  16. Forecasting and Preparing Financial Statements
    A new boutique is not exceptional since it is a profit-making entity, and the financial activities have to be tracked effectively for the business to grow and make a profit.
  17. Procter & Gamble Industry Forecast Evaluation
    The overheads are prone to modifications because of the variations in prices of goods, inputs in the form of raw materials, wages, depreciation and appreciation of the currency, and interest rates which determine the availability […]
  18. Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company’ Demand Forecasting
    The power utility companies used demand for power that was recorded in the past to determine future demand for the commodity.
  19. Forecasting in Management, Its Role and Methods
    It is majorly concerned with the use of past and present trends in the market to determine what may happen in the future. The main difference between the three types of forecasting is the element […]
  20. Forecasting Exchange Rates: Data-Driven Decision-Making
    In most cases, there could be large amount of data that analysts can leverage to create accurate prediction of the exchange rate.
  21. Market Forecasting and Its Importance
    In both situations, the company ends up losing income, and it is the fault of the people that were supposed to be involved in the forecasting of the market.
  22. Formalized Approach Benefits to Forecasting
    On the same note, the overall productivity of a firm is also dictated by the ability to carry out thorough business forecasting.
  23. AutoNation Company’s Sales Forecast for 2015-2016
    The trend in the automotive industry will be similar to that of AutoNation, which makes it possible to forecast the company’s performance in the next two years.
  24. Linear Regression Forecasting and Decision Trees
    However, as the analysis carried out above shows, the correlation between the number of times that people frequent the site in question and the number of sales that the company makes over a month is […]
  25. Mcdonald’s Company Capacity and Forecasting
    Capacity and forecasting issues for McDonald’s are heightened by the fact that the business covers a wide area of operation and serves millions of customers around the world. The operations at McDonald’s restaurants are subject […]
  26. LG and Mitsubishi Conditioners: 2016 Demand Forecast
    The analysis of the data table on the prices and total sales of AC systems shows that there is a pattern of overall sales increase that is not threatened by the increase in the prices […]
  27. Forecasting Models in Business Continuity Management
    Linear regression is a forecasting model that uses the assumption of the underlying factor when it is possible to identify some variable that influences a given variable.
  28. Business Forecasting in Financial Performance Improving
    Business forecasting is used to provide the senior management with business decision alternatives that are derived from the use of a reliable statistical analysis. Quantitative models which are also referred to as statistical models are […]
  29. Congressional Budget Office’s Policy and Forecasting
    At the same time, one of the objectives of this paper is the estimation of critiques of the CBO work regarding budgetary forecasting issued by both outside analysts and the Congressional Budget Office’s officials.
  30. Highline Financial Services’ 4-Quarter Forecasting
    The management of Highline Financial Services has to determine the demand for the services of this organization during the next four quarters.
  31. Etihad Airways’ Forecasting and Ticket Ordering
    In the aircraft industry, productivity is not hard to measure due to the transparency of annual reports and a rather visible impact of the core variables on the success of the company.
  32. Balogne Pty. Ltd’s Financial Forecasting Issues
    Ltd addresses the issues of financial forecasting and the sphere of business and technology. Upon reflecting on the role of business modeling and process modeling in decision-making, the use of Microsoft Excel for calculations, and […]
  33. Pinnacle Manufacturing Company’s Financial Forecast
    The net income before tax to sales shows that the company is profitable even though there was a slight decline in the rate of growth.
  34. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s Sales Forecasting
    Pepper’s sales forecasts on other forecasts, explain the role of exogenous factors in forecasting, and assess prerequisites of good forecasts in the process.
  35. Market Forecasting Method: How To Choose?
    The seasonal naive method allows utilizing the previous time of the year’s numbers, and the drift method relies on “the average change seen in the historical data”.
  36. Amazon.com’s Popularity and Users Forecasting
    It should be known that Amazon.com has an active website and this is because it is an online company. The webpage offers various individuals an opportunity to make money online and this is a good […]
  37. Capital Asset Pricing Model for Stock Forecasting
    Although some of the fluctuations of the stock have been in the opposite direction to that of the market portfolio, most of the fluctuations have been in the same direction with the market.
  38. Forecasting Tools in the Sales Rates Prediction
    Compared to the method of SES, the tool in question is clearly more efficient, as linear regression and the MAPE analysis provide solid premises for making very accurate calculations.
  39. Integrating Operations Management: Forecasting
    Additionally, the instability of the international markets and oscillations in central showings introduce a particular uncertainty into the functioning of the majority of companies and corporations.
  40. Revenue Management Plan and Forecasting Models
    What are the opinions of the dominant political parties towards the new project? Are there any political reasons not to raise taxes in the present circumstances?

👍 Good Essay Topics on Forecasting

  1. Forecasting in Operations Management
    A considerable advantage of quantitative forecasting is that it is highly accurate due to the use of statistical modeling and trend analysis.
  2. The Role of Forecasting for Business
    Therefore, the Delphi technique is useful in cases where the data amount is limited, and the opinion of specialists is the only option for performing a forecast.
  3. Finacial Forecasting. Strategic Planning
    There strategic planning is always involved in reconciling the goals of survival and profit maximization through increasing the value of the firm which in turn increases the market value of ordinary shares and distributable profits. […]
  4. The Importance of Financial Forecasting
    The users of financial information are always concerned about the future holding of the firm that what has occurred in the past because the past performance and occurrence are not capable to change the history. […]
  5. Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment
    It enables partners to electronically access information about one another’s demand, order forecast, and promotional data to anticipate and satisfy future demand.”The CPFR Reference Model provides a basic framework for the flow of information, goods, […]
  6. Supply Chain Management and Forecasting in Organization
    Offshore outsourcing is the transfer of activities from a domestic facility to another firm situated in another country. Despite disadvantages, it is seen that many of the firms around the globe are opting for outsourcing […]
  7. E.T. Phone Home, Inc. Forecasting Business Demand
    It is possible to say that these resources have a great impact on the brand name and market position of E.T.
  8. Business Plan Proposal: Financial Forecast
    Also according to the plan the company has designed, the sales of tickets and souvenirs will be the basic sources of funding for the museum.
  9. Sales Forecasting: System Operation and Control
    Na ve forecast as the name implies is the simplest form of making the sales forecast. It assumes that the forecast for the next period is the same as that of the last period.
  10. Business Logistics Systems and Forecasting
    If the company has to increase the price of goods in order to balance the profit margin.”It will be to the disadvantage of the company because it will be total loss to the company, which […]
  11. Process of Forecasting Sales for the Company
    Forecasting allows the management of business organizations to identify their chances of making a good profit as well their stands in the market while they assure their stakeholders, including the stockholders, to have the resounding […]
  12. Improving Demand Forecasting Models: Recommendations
    First of all, demand forecasting should vary for the products in the different life cycles. The advice to implement different demand forecasting processes for products in different life cycles, thus, seems to be an effective […]
  13. Stock Market Forecasting With Multiple Regression Model
    This is the value on the Y axis, meaning that over the time period for which there is data, the stock market Composite Index takes a value of $206.
  14. Fransi Bank’s Financial Analysis and Forecast
    The financial analysis reveals the financial performance of the bank and the key factors that help the bank to be a leading organization in the industry.
  15. Financial Analysis and Forecasting for BNP Paribas Group
    The company, in order to realize its strategic goals, has been in dire focus on mitigating the balancing of the business mix, cost-cutting on the various projects undertaken and also the management of various risks […]
  16. World Bank Mining Industry Forecast
    Therefore, this document will use the data provided by the bank to give a projection of mining, in a global capacity.
  17. Westpac Banking Corporation Analysis and Forecast
    The entry of foreign banks as well as the building societies which were speedily developing into banks and the emergence of other financial institutions increased competition in the Australian financial market.
  18. BNP Paribas Risk Management and Forecasting
    But during the Great Depression, the financial crisis was mainly concentrated on the United States and Europe In the recent financial crisis, however, the recession has affected even the strongest economies like Germany and Japan, […]
  19. Deutsch Bank Analysis and Performance Forecast
    The big bonus for banks came in the form of the Securitization Bill, which gave banks and institutions opportunity to recover from bad debts.
  20. Budgeting and Operations Forecast for Marketing Sony Music
    From the above table, it is clear that marketing of the music system of Sony will cost the corporation a good amount of money at least for the first quarter of its foreign venture.
  21. Forecasting in Production and Operations Management
    The forecast process includes the gathering of related data. The perspectives include the reasons for conducting the forecast, choice of forecast methods, and preferred forecast questions.
  22. Forecasting Strategy of Seven Cycles
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the way Seven Cycles utilizes its forecasting strategy and the effect it has on its organizational decisions.
  23. Financial Forecasting and Budgeting in Business
    Budgeting is a regular required practice where management plans expenses, quantifies expectation of revenues, and ultimately sets the financial direction for a company in the short-term, it is a baseline to which actual results are […]
  24. Precious Metal and Cryptocurrency: Demand Forecasting
    Modern demand forecasting technologies help to minimize working expenses and achieve maximum value from capital investments.
  25. Forecasting Methods in Business Environment
    Forecasting forms the basis for planning and budgeting in any business organization. It is also necessary for capital expenditure analysis and analysis of mergers and acquisitions.
  26. Reebok Case Study: Forecasting Demand for Jerseys
    Towards the end of the season, the company can increase inventory to meet the demands of the projected customers. The service level for such jerseys would be low to medium.
  27. Sales Forecasting: Service Demand for B2B and B2C Segments
    The research objective is to identify what issues the company needs to address to improve the quality of its service operations.
  28. Boeing Company: Marketing Forecast
    Boeing plans to add 1,000 engineers over the next two years in Long Beach – expansion targets high growth areas.

✅ Simple & Easy Forecasting Essay Titles

  1. Bayesian Time-Varying Quantile Forecasting for Value-At-Risk in Financial Markets
  2. Accurate Short-Term Yield Curve Forecasting Using Functional Gradient Descent
  3. Adaptive Dynamic Model Averaging With an Application to House Price Forecasting
  4. Bayesian Inference and Forecasting in the Stationary Bilinear Model
  5. Aggregate and Disaggregate Sector Forecasting Using Consumer Confidence Measures
  6. Aggregate Diffusion Forecasting Models in Marketing: A Critical Review
  7. Adaptive Learning Forecasting, With Applications in Forecasting Agricultural Prices
  8. Adaptive Order Flow Forecasting With Multiplicative Error Models
  9. Analysing and Forecasting Price Dynamics Across Euro Area Countries and Sectors
  10. Forecasting Movements of the Philippine Economy Using the Dynamic Factor Models
  11. Analyzing and Forecasting Business Cycles in a Small Open Economy
  12. Assessing the Forecasting Power of the Leading Composite Index in Macedonia
  13. Applied General Equilibrium Modelling and Labour Market Forecasting
  14. Approximating and Forecasting Macroeconomic Signals in Real-Time
  15. Assessing the External Labour Market and Forecasting the Supply Situation
  16. Associative Forecasting Model: Sales of Passenger Cars vs Unemployment Rate
  17. Asymptotically Efficient Model Selection for Panel Data Forecasting
  18. Benchmarking Time Series-Based Forecasting Models for Electricity Balancing Market Prices
  19. Boosting and Regional Economic Forecasting: The Case of Germany
  20. Branch Efficiency and Location Forecasting: Application of Ziraat Bank

⭐ Most Interesting Forecasting Topics to Write about

  1. Bridging the Gap: Forecasting Interest Rates With Macro Trends
  2. Bulgarian Stock Market and Market Risk Forecasting Under Long Memory in Returns
  3. Business Cycles: Theory, History, Indicators, and Forecasting
  4. Carbon Price Forecasting With Variational Mode Decomposition and Optimal Combined Model
  5. Categorizing State Economies and Forecasting Differential Economic Growth Rates
  6. Central Banking and Commercial Inflation Forecasting: New Evidence for the USA
  7. Cointegration, Efficiency and Forecasting in the Currency Market
  8. Contemporaneous Threshold Autoregressive Models: Estimation, Testing and Forecasting
  9. Credit Funding and Banking Fragility: A Forecasting Model for Emerging Economies
  10. Crude Oil Prices and the Euro-Dollar Exchange Rate: A Forecasting Exercise
  11. Currency Forecasting Using Multiple Kernel Learning With Financially Motivated Features
  12. Econometric Modelling and Forecasting of Intraday Electricity Prices
  13. Deep Learning for Forecasting: Current Trends and Challenges
  14. Defining Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment Commerce
  15. Description, Modelling and Forecasting of Data With Optimal Wavelets
  16. Drought Forecasting Using Markov Chain Model and Artificial Neural Networks
  17. Dynamic Probit Models and Financial Variables in Recession Forecasting
  18. Econometric Analysis and Forecasting of Latvia’s Balance of Payments
  19. Financial Planning and Forecasting: Introduction and Primary Concepts
  20. Economic Forecasting: Comparing the Fed With the Private Sector

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