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  1. Innovation in History: How Guns Changed the World
    During a long period of time, guns have changed the world considerably: they help to defend oneself; they make it easier and faster to kill and injure people, very often, innocent people; and they obliterate […]
  2. Innovation Of The Workplace
    For such a setting as the Sprint Store, the labour intensity should equate to the product of hours worked by every employee and the share of the employment within the group setting.
  3. Innovation, creativity and design
    In addition, design acts as the plan to be used in the process of developing a product or service. In other words, innovation is a brilliant new concept while design refers to the structure of […]
  4. How LG Electronics Manages Technology and Innovation
    The development of technology is very important in the electronics industry and therefore LG electronics ensures that innovation and technology of the organization are managed effectively.
  5. Networking, Collaboration, Leveraging Innovation and Your Profession as a Field of Service to Community
    The indigenous social organization played a greater role in the success of the Australian architecture, along with the heritage and the social change of the Australians.
  6. Kodak Innovation
    The company had disrupted the camera market by introducing the digital camera but it could not determine what to do with the new product.
  7. Innovation around the Globe
    Nevertheless, China lacks the urgency creation in its commercial activities on the importance of indigenous innovation in both the domestic and international markets.
  8. Change/innovation of Facebook
    Moreover, the administrators of Facebook should lobby for a reduction on the charges levied to the company by organizations that monitor online trade.
  9. Product Innovation and Pricing
    The product that will be introduced in the market is mobile money transfer. The range of cash that will be allowed will be between US$ 50 and a maximum of US$ 1500.
  10. Mobile Banking Innovation
    In the mobile industry, mobile banking is one of the recent innovations that have influenced the operations of the telephone/mobile phone industry positively.
  11. Innovation in organizations
    The stress on innovation and generation of new ideas for the sake of development of new and futuristic products that are called the “wow products” became the insignia for the new strategy that Yun had […]
  12. Healthcare Innovation: Ground Source Heating & Cooling Equipment
    More explicitly, the proposed innovation will become a trend in the future as it is effective and easy to use, not mentioning that it is useful in contemporary times.
  13. Machiavelli and a notion of virtue as an innovation
    The character qualities that a person has are important to themselves and the people who they are in charge of. Machiavelli wrote about this a long time ago and so, many people of the modern […]
  14. Nokia Company Innovation and Change Management
    In the modern business world, changes and innovation level has increased significantly due to changes in the nature of the market.
  15. Innovation and control
    This is one of the issues that should be considered by the leaders of this organization. This is one of the points that can be made.
  16. Canadian National Railway Co.: The Challenge and Fun of Innovation
    Despite the fact that at present, Canadian National Railway is at the top of the list of the most successful companies in Canada, it is most likely to face a number of challenges in terms […]
  17. An Innovation of Solar Charged Laptops
    In addition, the general plan of the competitor in a bid to control the market is a vital toolkit which this company can use to estimate the competitive edge of the market.
  18. Change, Creativity, and Innovation
    It is one thing to train an individual to be creative it is quite another to develop a whole nation to think creatively and to use the by-product of that creative process to strengthen the […]
  19. Managing Innovation at Nypro, Inc.
    Nypro Inc.is a plastic injection molding company which was established in 1955 as Nypro products cooperation and the performance of the company was average, similar to other companies in the plastic injection molding industry.
  20. How innovation leads to economic development
    Every government has the sole objective of improving the level of economic development and improving the livelihood d of its citizens. In addition, innovation has led to the improvement of the standards of living.
  21. National innovation system in Germany last 20 years
    Below is a discussion of the Germans national innovation system The national innovation system in German has over the last years paid much attention in the accumulation of knowledge. Mobility of labor in the national […]
  22. Managing Innovation
    One of the most important factors to consider when analyzing the level of competition in the market is the level of innovation.
  23. Innovation and Creativity in Marketing frozen vegetable
    For profitability to be realised the company should focus more on the general food Industry and the vital changes in the market trends.
  24. Compare Japanese and USA National Innovation systems
    There are a lot of efforts to induce synergy in the national innovation systems and this is as far as the automobiles industry in the two countries is concerned.
  25. Strategic Innovation and Technology Management
    Fraunhofer had two choices, to patent the innovation in order to prevent other companies from cashing in on his profits or let the companies use the innovation.
  26. Challenges of Innovation Activities in Hotels to Increase Business
    Some of the benefits associated with utilization of information communication technology in the hotel industry is efficiency in serving the clients for instance through e-distribution.
  27. Improvement, Integration and Innovation
    Members of the marketing department can inform the designers that there is a problem when it comes to the overall design.
  28. How Characteristics of Innovation Affect Success of a Product
    Communicability influences success of electronic products as visible advantage of products can lead to acceptance by customers For characteristics of innovation to enhance success of a product, other approaches are incorporated for example Keller’s and […]
  29. IT Innovation and Its Impact on Business
    The approach will be majorly an evaluation of the history of Google Apps and how since innovation it has proved to be essential in the business environment. Everybody in the chain of business has been […]
  30. “Growth and Innovation” by Canadian Business Network
    According to the article, the business environment has changed with globalization and growth in communication and transport network; with the growth, Canadian organizations needs to develop strategic management policies that can enhance their competitiveness in […]
  31. Organizational Change Management: Culture, Development and Innovation
    This is where well structured team building activities are bound to work wonders, so that the people are prepared psychologically for things to come, and to be well aware of their role and importance in […]
  32. Management change and innovation
    In the case of Coca Cola Company, they had to apply innovation as well as change in their product development so as to cater for the required health standards in the market in regards to […]
  33. Management Change and Innovation
    These changes have come in many faces, for example in the outlook of the companies before 1980 and change in the management of the organization as well as the continuous restructuring.
  34. Innovation and Change in Business
    Innovation and change in business organization requires techniques that will enable the company to effect the changes that are needed. For any change to occur in any business organization the leaders must overcome barriers of […]
  35. Pharmaceutical innovation: Can we live forever? A commentary on Schnittker and Karandins
    Author and the article The author of the article is a professor at York University in Toronto. The article has therefore added into the field of knowledge by trying to explain the relationship that exists […]
  36. Sustainability and Innovation
    The main aim of the report is to determine: The relationship between sustainability and innovation How sustainability and innovation contribute to the performance and success of a business The impact of sustainability and innovation on […]
  37. Innovation: Instagram (App)
    One of the outstanding benefits of Instagram is the cost. The only disadvantage with Instagram is that one must adopt it to be able to follow pictures of other friends.
  38. Discussion about diffusion of innovation
    The relative advantage is measured on the basis of tastes and preferences of the users while the compatibility with the existing values and practices is measured against past experiences and the values held by the […]
  39. Diffusion of innovation
    Confirmation is the final stage and it involves the person making an evaluation of the decision to use the innovation. This figure illustrates how the five categories of innovation adoption according to time are spread […]
  40. Innovation and change
    A case in point was IBM; the company used creativity and innovation in order to provide personal computers at an affordable rate to members of the public.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Innovation

  1. Managing Change and Innovation in Worley Parson
    Worley Parsons needs to encourage constant learning in the organization to make employees have better attitudes to work. Workers need to be informed on the importance of this change in strategy and how this affects […]
  2. Innovation for Global Relationships Management
    Qantas airline must be able to match the pace of technology so as to enjoy the advantages and be competitive in the global market.
  3. Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
    According to Freeman, the national system of innovation is defined as, “The network of institutions in the public- and private-sectors whose activities and interactions initiate, import, modify and diffuse new technologies”.
  4. Managing Quality, Innovation and Knowledge
    When people are involved in the organisation, it is easier to get the best out of them, and this is for the organisational benefit.
  5. Article Summary: “Growth: The great innovation debate”
    The article acknowledges that currently, the rates of innovativeness have increased but limited to the technological field of study. The main challenge identified is the level of specialization that has been witnessed in the field […]
  6. Innovation and New Products
    Google Company, by virtue of being the first mover in mobile internet, has managed to curve a niche for itself and competitors can only play catch up.
  7. Bureaucracy is the Best Way to Deliver Change and Innovation in an Organization
    The systematic nature of bureaucracy contributed to the development of large business organizations in the 20th century because of its effects on change and innovation.
  8. Teams and Innovation
    Characteristics of the Team Members Team members were characterized by specialized skills in their field of operation and had a great deal of respect for the customer.
  9. Product Innovation
    According to Innovation Zen, an innovative approach on the product included analyzing the chemical characteristics of the soap and technologies available to address those concerns.
  10. Incremental innovation
    According to the article Innovation Zone, it was critical for the team members to hold the same values and to work with the same views integrated in the pursuit of the same business goals.
  11. Innovation Planning and Design Process
    It also discusses he importance of innovation systems, as well as the steps involved in the process of innovation planning and design.
  12. The Community Employment Innovation Project (CEIP)
    The short-term and mid-term outcomes will ensure that the community and individuals realize immediate benefits and associated outcomes of the program. The program inputs or resources included human resources in terms of individuals and community […]
  13. Business Innovation and Strategy
    Technology can be used in new ways to ensure that these innovative ideas are implemented in the beauty and cosmetics industry, hence enhancing the competitive advantage of the business.
  14. Innovation and Its Impacts on the Financial Performance of Businesses
    Studies and researches have focused on innovation and its impacts on the financial performance of businesses, and the results of innovation on business.
  15. Open innovation or discontinuous innovation
    It was a risk that had to be taken and eventually shrunk the market size of its former products. In response to research question one, a case study analysis of previous discontinuous inventers will be […]
  16. Market Orientation, Product Innovation and Market Performance: the Case of Small Independent Companies
    The topic of the article is a case study on how market orientation, market performance and product innovation interact in the small independent firms.
  17. Innovation, Change and Leadership
    Theory E The aim or purpose of this theory is to facilitate creation of economic value inline with the expectations of the shareholders. The culture of experimentation and innovation is internalized by the employees and […]
  18. Irizar: Innovation implementation
    The function of novelty is summarized in the elements of the enterprise strategy that brings actual value to the clients and the entire team of stakeholders in the model.
  19. Innovation in the Service Industry
    During the design of service innovation, firms should understand the outcome of the service to the customer and the long run effect on the customer behaviour towards the service.
  20. Innovation Management in Honda
    The problem arose from the failure of a follow up market plan to raise necessary awareness for the products to be well received in the market and also the release of the prius which was […]
  21. Barriers to Creativity and Innovation
    The authorities in the nations asserts that, evident barriers to innovation that includes poor research and lack of resources influences generation of new ideas.
  22. Wrigley’s Innovation in China’s Confectionary Market
    Given the attractive population of this region, this firm realized that it had to be one of the leading firms in order to reap maximally in this market.
  23. Leadership and Innovation in the Business
    In the article, the authors focus on the relationship between the charismatic element of transformative leadership, team work and innovativeness in research and development organizations.
  24. Culturally Bound Innovation in Romanian Clinic and Research Hospital
    The current knowledge management status of the clinic in the study can be considered moderate but not too low although external and internal knowledge are not being seriously considered if we look at and analyse […]
  25. Leading Innovation and Change
    The first part is the consideration of the signals of change, the second part is the analysis of the competitive battles, and the third part is the applying to the strategic choices.
  26. Effective Leadership and Innovation
    Over the years, James dyson has continued to shine and he is regarded as one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs. The main aim of such a business plan is to assist entrepreneurs in planning for the […]
  27. Service Management Of Innovation Tourism Industry
    Innovation taking place in tourism industry is resulting into new ideas, services, and products to the marketplace and as part of overall changes taking place in the industry, innovation in the industry is leading to […]
  28. Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    This is creativity of the business which is targeted at capturing the attention of the consumers in the market. Therefore the advancement of the two concepts in the organisation or advancement of one concept at […]
  29. How innovation add value to hotels
    The hospitality industry is more of a service industry, thus for an effective operational management, the focus should be on the quality of service that customers receive from the company; this has been one area […]
  30. ”The Role of Innovation in Achieving Competitive Advantage”
    This is because of the nature of the information contained in tacit knowledge makes it hard to express, share, and formalize.
  31. Leading Innovation and Change Management
    The correct choice of the methods for implementing of the innovation and change is the half of success. To understand the strategic position of the company, it is important to check the environment, purpose, culture […]
  32. Product and Service Design and Innovation from the Marketing
    Marketing involves presentation of relationships, activities and interdependence of the process of service in a precise and objective manner. Interactionists’ perspective view behavior as a product of both the individual and situation, the combined effect […]
  33. Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Dynamic Capitalism
    As a “tablet” devices designer, the company would get the chance to build something new that will be based on the needs of the mobile users, hence boost sales of the product and helps in […]
  34. Entrepreneurship, Innovation in Dynamic Business World
    The problem that may arise from teaching business skills to entrepreneurs is the dynamic situation of the business world. After the revolution of changes in leadership in various countries of Northern Africa, they moved to […]
  35. How innovation happens: The ferment of finance
    Martin Chavez, a head of a team of financial experts at Goldman Sachs, says that when a customer wants to take up a specific risk and there is no general solution at hand to the […]
  36. Innovation Enterprise and Winning the Bid – Business plan
    Therefore, the aim of Event Pace Group is to introduce the software product to the market and enable players in the industry promote efficiency and increase revenue.
  37. Managing Product and Service Innovation for Kodak
    The first camera to consumers was handed to a customer in 1888 with the slogan ‘You press the button, we do the rest’. The user of the camera would reload the camera without the necessity […]
  38. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Thus, it can be argued that a solution to the problems faced by the events industry can be considered a part of the creative industry if the entrepreneur can demonstrate the innovative use of technology […]
  39. Master Blenders: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
    The venture’s success in the specialty eateries industry will be influenced by the entrepreneur’s commitment to ensuring that the firm progresses smoothly through the entrepreneurial lifecycle.
  40. How to Measure Innovation: DUBAL Company
    Innovation measurement is vital for the organization as by dint of it the leaders can define if it can implement the changes needed to achieve success, meet the requirements of the personnel and the demands […]

✅ Simple & Easy Innovation Essay Titles

  1. The Importance of Innovation in International Business
    The domain of international business provides considerate challenges for the individual forms, for, in every part of the world, the tendencies of marketing are influenced by some inner tendencies and specific cultural ideas.
  2. SONY’s Eco Innovation for Televisions: A Memo
    Considering the existing opportunities which Sony will use to follow a more environmentally friendly policy, one must admit that the differences between the units which are sold in the new markets and the ones which […]
  3. Radical Innovation Barriers
    The importance of studying the issue of radical innovations, and especially the barriers to them, is widely acknowledged. Radical innovation barriers are believed to be dynamic and dependent on the type of the activity of […]
  4. Product Innovation in Business Organizations
    Effective communication among product teams also requires that the information passed to the product team to be accurate especially with regard to the potential cost of the project.
  5. A Process for Practicing Design Innovation
    The article under discussion is closely related to the Business Process Management Course because the main idea of the article is to meet customers’ requirements by means of using innovations, and the main purpose of […]
  6. Managing projects for innovation and enterprises
    Additionally, the report will apply these findings on Lena Merrall in order to assess whether she was a good choice for project manager A project manager ought to have conventional management skills.
  7. Exploitation of Innovation Within an Organization
    The next step in making the world more socially connected is to incorporate ‘social business.’ Social business is blooming and pioneers of social business are confirming the valuable prospects of social technologies.
  8. Innovation, Creativity, and Enterprise Management at Starbucks
    In this sense, the authors propose that the main issue to investigate when studying the dynamics of business opportunities is the entrepreneurial capacity to develop, recognize, and evaluate them.
  9. Culture and Innovation in the Palladium Group
    Intrinsic motivation comes from the employees and is characterised by the need to achieve good results, the passion in work, the ambition to acquire new knowledge and the need to be successful at the workplace.
  10. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The United Arab Emirates
    As long as a country acquires the information on the latest strategies in business, it is capable of keeping in pace with the rest of the world and, therefore, remaining competitive.
  11. LLB Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    According to the article, the general definition of the term entrepreneurship is identifying of opportunities and exploiting them in a pro- active, competitively aggressive, and innovative manner. Information technology is one of the factors that […]
  12. IT and innovation
    Numerous changes have been experienced in the global business arena and also in the recent years due to the aforementioned factors to a point where it becomes almost impossible to identify the position of a […]
  13. Creativity and Innovation Management
    In this context, the task of the CEO is to make the stakeholders to understand the meaning of innovation and why it is necessary in ensuring that P & G remains at the top of […]
  14. Business Management and Social Innovation
    In order to register prosperity and success, the managers ought to implement policies and strategies that conform to the norms and traditions or belief of the native employees.
  15. Leading Innovation and Change
    Based on these definitions, the fundamental elements of innovation include change, the degree of change, as well as, the source of the change and its influence.
  16. Marketing Design and Innovation: Smart TV’s
    The marketing team of Samsung has been coordinating closely with the production unit to ensure that the design, colour, shape, and functionality of the product meet the needs of the market.
  17. Assessment of Innovation in Organisations
    Assumptions In the analysis, it is assumed that the approaches followed by Google China in the development of its modernisation reflect the policies of Google Company, since it is one of its constituent companies.
  18. Nypro’s Innovation Strategy
    In this regard, the way a firm reacts to technology depends on the impact of the innovation on its management structure and organizational culture.
  19. Product and Innovation Management of Nokia
    Since 2013, Nokia Corporation has been radical in its innovation that has resulted in the development of the Nokia Lumia 435, Nokia Lumia 730, Nokia Lumia 535, Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 830, Nokia Lumia […]
  20. The Role of Innovation in Business Development
    From the discussion, it is clear that the role of innovation in business development is to create value, which sustains the business in the long-term.
  21. Innovation in Business Development
    This paper explores the roles of innovation in the growth and development of a business entity. Comparative advantage and competitive advantage should not be misconstrued when it comes to the roles and benefits of innovation […]
  22. Saudi Aramco Organisational Innovation
    One of the major reasons for the company investing in these systems is in order to develop the capabilities of the firm, chief among them being innovation.
  23. Product Innovation and Management
    The first theory that best describes the success of the Intel Corporation and its success story in the development and marketing of the Intel Core I 7-5000 series processor is the 4Cs marketing theory.
  24. Collaboration Technology and Innovation
    Apart from the chemical and scientific achievements, the automotive industry has also adopted state-of-the-art infotainment systems that are likely to bring customers to the edge of modern technologies in communication and entertainment.
  25. Technology Innovation: The Theft Prevention Chip Enterprise
    As such, the implication of the service providers in the marketing environment is minimal because few service providers, which provide theft prevention chips, dictate the competitive environment.
  26. Innovation at Philips Lighting
    It would be of great help to them to know that innovation within the Philips company is not something that they can turn on and off like a switch.
  27. Innovation Strategy of Coca Cola
    Coca Cola at its disposal have a model known as segmentation; this has made it possible for the company to serve the needs of distinguishing clientele, as well distinguishing the company’s brand; this has been […]
  28. Importance of Open Innovation in Firm Development
    Perhaps, to properly understand the concept of open innovation, it is best to comprehend that open innovation is a new paradigm and a deflection from the previous idea of closed innovation.
  29. Managing Innovation for Business
    In the company, an innovation is generated internally but its research and development team, which is one of the most robust in the world, plays a significant role in the innovation.
  30. DPI Strategy Implementation in the Present-Day Environment: Disruptive Innovation Saves the Day
    High Adoption: Absorbing New Ideas Momentarily According to Oshri and Kotlarsky, the key specifics of the DPI strategy implemented the right way is the increase of the level of adoption within the organization; as the […]
  31. Culture and Innovation in Organizations
    As Sims notes, the challenge is to build an organizational culture where members oppose the temptation to act in ethical manners that promote interests at the cost of the firm or promote the interest of […]
  32. Value Innovation Strategy
    If then this is so about innovation, the concept of value innovation will imply the improvement of the organization efficiency. In achieving the above, an organization will then need to align itself with the core […]
  33. Generic Toolkit for Implementing a Web-Based Product Innovation Strategy for Zara Fashion Retailer
    Internally, the need to improve the quality of Zara’s fashion products to beat competition is fueling the impetus for change, making Zara’s management to single out product innovation as one of the top-most strategic objectives […]
  34. Innovation Report – Wal-Mart
    According to EDF, the aim of the company is to realize an improvement of the overall sustainability of the products produced by the company.
  35. Innovation In Health Care
    Instead, face to face workshops after the initial training would have been used such that the employees would have to fit into the new system rather than fitting the new system into their existing structure.
  36. Innovation and Creativity Cannot Be Developed in an Organization
    Creativity and innovation may fail to develop in such an organization when the engineers fail to perform to the best of their talents.
  37. ”Good Planning Is the Key to Learning and Innovation in Organization”
    It is apparent that the performance of employees can be used to predict a positive relationship between planning, innovation and organizational learning.
  38. Innovation of Diffusion on ‘Eco-Friendly Bags
    Despite the fact that the creation of this product was as a result of thorough research, every member of this team is anxious on the expected response once the product hits the market. Ali thinks […]
  39. Innovation Pessimism: Has the Ideas Machine Broken Down?
    In summary, the article suggests that stagnation may have arisen due to lack of intensive growth that is fuelled by the discovery of ever better ways to utilize workers and resources to allow continuous improvement […]
  40. Innovation in Various Companies
    The company has made great advancement in the modification of its mobile devices from the NMT-900 series of the 1980s, to the sophisticated modern day series.

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about Innovation

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📌 Writing Prompts about Innovation

  1. Dubai Support of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  2. The International Foods Group’s Innovation Plan
  3. Tesco Group’s Culture and Innovation
  4. Innovation in Organizations: Theories & Practices
  5. Performance Index and Quality Management Innovation
  6. Company Innovation Shift to Experience Environments
  7. Successful Advertising and Innovation in Companies
  8. IBM Innovation: Search, Select, Implement, Capture
  9. Zara Company’s Sustainability and Innovation
  10. Apple Inc.’s Innovation: Search, Select, Implement
  11. National Bank of Abu Dhabi Innovation
  12. Labor Relation: Application of Innovation
  13. Innovation, Creativity, and Intrapreneurship
  14. Innovation Management Plan: Amazon Company
  15. Next Plc Company’s Innovation Management
  16. The Eustachian Tube Disease and Innovation Treatment
  17. Principles of Innovation and Measuring Success
  18. Innovation Development in Dubai Schools
  19. Unilever’s Product Development: Collaborative Innovation
  20. Silicon Valley’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  21. PlayStation Product: Innovation Analysis
  22. US and Brazilian Healthcare Innovation and Policy
  23. Campbell Soup Company: Collaborative Innovation
  24. Fiat Mio Project and Open Innovation
  25. Leadership for Creativity and Innovation
  26. Radical or Disruptive and Incremental Innovation
  27. Amazon’s Innovation Using Information Technology
  28. Bond Innovation and Its Rationale
  29. Dixons Carphone Company’s Innovation
  30. Dubai Port World’s Sustainable Innovation and Leadership
  31. Apple Company: Innovation Strategy Implementation
  32. Apple’s, Samsung’s, IBM’s, Tesla’s Innovation and Creativity
  33. J.C. Penney’s Management Style and Innovation
  34. Genzyme’s Orphan Drugs and Innovation Management
  35. Why Innovation Is so Hard for Leaders?
  36. Low Carbon Indigenous Innovation in China
  37. Fiat Mio as a Collaborative Innovation
  38. Australian Green Building Innovation and Ethics
  39. Alphacorp’s Innovation in Outsourcing Relationship
  40. Innovation Importance in Company’s Competitive Advantage

🥇 Most Interesting Innovation Topics to Write about

  1. Education for Innovation and Independent Learning
  2. Saudi Aramco Company’s Engineering Innovation and Ethics
  3. Disruptive Healthcare Innovation
  4. Uber Company’s Disruptive Innovation Business Model
  5. Dubai Airports Company’s Innovation Strategies
  6. Artificial Intelligence: Positive or Negative Innovation?
  7. Fronterra Company’s Innovation Requirements
  8. Saudi Aramco Company’s Energy Strategy and Innovation
  9. Entrepreneurial Innovation in American Schoolhouse
  10. Diffusion Innovation Theory and People Categories
  11. Nintendo Game Innovation: Wii’s Principles
  12. Ford Company’s Innovation for Better Competition
  13. Learning and Innovation Skills and Student Assessment
  14. Science and Innovation in Saudi Arabia Society
  15. Apple Company’s Creativity and Innovation
  16. Samsung’s and Procter & Gamble’s Open Innovation
  17. Innovation Role in the UAE Economy
  18. The Impact of Social Media on Co‐Creation of Innovation
  19. Airbnb Business: Radical Service Innovation
  20. Siemens Company: Innovation and Leading Positions
  21. Leveraging Intellectual Capital in Innovation Networks
  22. Innovation, Value Creation and Sustainability
  23. Innovation Leadership and Creativity in High-Tech
  24. Employee Creativity and Innovation in Organizations
  25. Technological Innovation in Law Enforcement
  26. UAE Family Firms’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  27. Increasing Innovation and Impact on UAE Tourism
  28. GreenIt Ltd.’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  29. Paperless Passports as a Product Innovation
  30. Rivalry and Innovation for Company Performance
  31. Innovation in Organizational Culture and Behavior
  32. Industry 4.0: Technical and Social Innovation Interplay
  33. Innovation in the UAE Border Control Industry
  34. Disruptive Innovation and Non-Consumption
  35. Intuit Company Among Innovation Catalysts
  36. Open and Closed Innovation Balance by Enkel
  37. Disruptive Innovation in the Current Classroom
  38. Managing Innovation in Healthcare Organizations
  39. Sainsbury’s Company’s Sustainable Innovation Management
  40. “Imitation and Innovation” Book by Eleanor Westney
  41. Organizational Learning and Innovation in Healthcare
  42. Uber Company: Innovation in Society
  43. Open Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  44. Social Sector as Beta Site for Business Innovation
  45. “What’s Your Best Innovation Bet?” by Schilling
  46. Diagnosing Innovation Readiness in Family Firms
  47. Service Strategy and Innovation Alignment: Study Critique
  48. Tata Motors Group’s Innovation Report
  49. Creativity and Innovation Mobilization in Business
  50. “Innovation Management” by Harrington and Voehl
  51. Knowledge and Innovation in Business
  52. US Army Air Corps’ Innovation during Interwar Period
  53. Gordon Lankton’s Innovation Management at Nypro Company
  54. Big Companies’ Challenges in Trying to Promote Innovation
  55. Monsanto Weed Killer as a Harmful Innovation
  56. University of Malaya Medical Centre’s Innovation
  57. Innovation Management in Healthcare Organisations
  58. Strategic Capabilities, Innovation and Performance of Service Firms
  59. Innovation in Organic Textile Producing
  60. Marketing Innovation and Creativity in Service Firms
  61. W.L. Gore Company’s Culture of Innovation
  62. “Post Crisis Innovation Will Rule” by Mary Sullivan
  63. Cultivating Innovation at IKEA Company
  64. Procter & Gamble Company: Collaboration and Innovation
  65. Technological Innovation College: IT Internship Report
  66. Technology Company’s Innovation and Funding
  67. Age Diversity Impacts on Innovation: Coca-Cola Company
  68. GlaxoSmithKline: the Management of Innovation
  69. Human Societies Evolution and the Role of Innovation
  70. Product and Service Innovation: Thank-You Card Service
  71. “Principles of Innovation and Measuring Success” by Clay Christensen
  72. Innovation in the Arab World
  73. Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Innovation Model
  74. Effective Innovation Architecture in Organizations
  75. Innovation, Leadership and Knowledge Management
  76. United Arab Emirates’ Innovation for People
  77. Intuit Company’s Innovation and Competitive Position
  78. Procter and Gamble Company’s Innovation Strategies
  79. American Democratic Political Model as an Innovation
  80. PricewaterhouseCoopers Company’s Innovation
  81. Innovation From Google as Free Food Strategy
  82. Florence Nightingale’s Innovation in Nursing Field
  83. The Moon Group: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  84. Grundfos: Harnessing Creativity and Innovation
  85. Apple Inc.’s Innovation Focus Strategy: Pros & Cons
  86. The Heirs of Columbus: Discovery and Innovation
  87. Science and Innovation in Different Societies
  88. Product-Marketing Innovation, Roles and Skillsets
  89. Domino’s Pizza Inc.’s Strategy of Innovation and Technology
  90. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Corporate Strategy
  91. “Digital Innovation” Article by Deloitte Insights
  92. Organizational Culture, Innovation, and Performance
  93. Dynamic Innovation in Outsourcing Theories
  94. The Importance of Regulation in Financial Innovation
  95. Chinese Space Program: Innovation and Value of the Proposed Experiments
  96. “Breaking Out of the Innovation Box” by J. Wolpert
  97. Zensar Company’s Innovation & Change Management
  98. Technology Innovation: Security of Payments
  99. Huawei: Strategy of Aggressive Innovation
  100. Spotify and Tencent QQ: Innovation in the Media Industry
  101. Types and Patterns of Innovation
  102. Frugal Innovation: The Likelihood of Being Disruptive
  103. Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Smart City
  104. Halal Cosmetic Products: Innovation Management
  105. Entrepreneurial Marketing. SwanLeap’s Innovation & Collaboration
  106. Market-Pull Innovation Idea Development for Students
  107. Innovation Idea: Problem With Organization and People’s Self-Discipline
  108. Tjanpi Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  109. Innovation in Family Firms Articles Critique
  110. Open Innovation and Strategy in the UAE
  111. The Ministry of Justice of the UAE: Creativity and Innovation
  112. Developing Business and Social Innovation Through Creativity and Foresight Methods
  113. Mercedes Benz: The Transition to a Continuous Innovation Process
  114. Cemex Firm’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  115. Science and Innovation in the Middle Ages
  116. France and Switzerland Innovation Industry Analysis
  117. Doctors Without Borders:Resolving Remedy Innovation Gap
  118. Television Systems: Innovation and Evolution
  119. Organizational Psychology: Innovation and Creativity
  120. Innovation and Creativity in the Garment Industry
  121. Managing Innovation: Creativity, Chaos, Foolishnes
  122. Technology and Innovation-Microsoft and Internet
  123. Phitone Corp.’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  124. Innovation and Creativity in Management Analysis
  125. Why Is Green Innovation So Slow in Canada?
  126. Corporate Branding: Innovation in British Airways
  127. Technological Innovation in E-Commerce Management

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