Artificial Intelligence Essay, Research Paper Examples

Artificial Intelligence: Pros and Cons

Introduction: On the Artificial Intelligence, in Theory and Practice Because of the growing impact of science on various spheres of people’s lives, it has become vitally important for people to trace scientific discoveries and the changes which they trigger. However it is not always that people take the newly introduced invention as something that is […]

Article for Non Experts: Artificial Intelligence

Introduction Calculators cannot be regarded as intelligent machines since they are not capable of working in the absence of human beings and cannot be taught. They are basically made to solve problems that people can readily solve. Regardless of speed and the complexity of mathematical problems that they can solve, all that they do is […]

Autonomous Controller Robotics: The Future of Robots

Advancement in robotic technology has made a positive contribution in many industries including the mining industry. Intelligent robotic systems are especially fast becoming of interest due to their successful application in many areas where safety is critical. Even so, robots still continue to rely on humans to control them and in some instances, help fulfill […]