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Robots Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Robots Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Autonomous Controller Robotics: The Future of Robots
    The middle level is the Coordination level which interfaces the actions of the top and lower level s in the architecture.
  2. A Mobile Robotic Project in the Ohio State University Medical Center
    In order for the project to be successful there must be a one-to-one contact between those implementing the project and the staff at the hospital.
  3. The Use of Robots in Warfare
    The military advancement in the use of robots in warfare will at long last essentially drastically reduce the role of human beings in war. The increased use of robots in the battlefield needs countries to […]
  4. Marketing the Wireless Robotic Car
    By sending the robotic car to a chemical hazard, it is possible to determine the extent of spillage of a liquid or a solid pollutant.
  5. Will Robots Take Over Human Jobs?
    Most of these people argue that due to the increasing number of computer equipped robots, the banking industry, the technical industry and even the administrative departments of many countries have suffered great losses at the […]
  6. Meteorite or Puck Hunt: Autonomous Mobile Robot
    The Development of the Design Being the first time that we are taking part in this type of competition, we decide to work out a plan that would help us develop the autonomous mobile robot […]
  7. Visions of the Future in the Film I, Robot
    Even though some of the aspects of the filmmaker’s vision of future are possible, and very likely to become reality, the essence of the film appears highly unrealistic.
  8. Projects “Cyborg” and “New Electrical Apparatus” in Robotics
    In fact, although Project Cyborg included some medical expertise, the purpose is significantly similar to the project by Nicholson and Carlisle largely because a medical achievement is not one of their aims.
  9. Fiat Company: Deployment of Robotics in Manufacturing
    The technology also enhanced the reduction of production costs by reducing the number of working days without effecting the production and the performance of the company at its peak.
  10. Welcome Robotic for Abu Dhabi Women College
    In the year 2009, the college opened a second banch in the city of khalifa to cater for the students who encounter problems relocating to the capital city.
  11. Robotic pharmacy system implementation
    Citing some of the key benefits of the robotic pharmacy system, one of the most important is that it reduces the need for technical labor significantly.
  12. Autonomous Robots
    Since they are self sufficient, the autonomous robots have the capacity to work in the absence of human beings. In the future, humanoid robots might have the intelligence and emotions similar to those of human […]
  13. Will Robots Ever Replace Humans?
    It is quite peculiar that Bolonkin uses negation in order to stir the audience’s delight; more impressively, the specified approach works the pathos is concealed not in the description of the possibilities, but the compliment […]
  14. Is the Robotics Development Helpful or Harmful?
    Robots remain the best option, as they will connect the children with the happenings in the school. They will dress the robot with their favorite clothes, communicate with the teacher using the robot, and swivel […]
  15. Stihl Company and Its Robotics
    Automation involves the use of robots in the production process. The company’s productivity has come as a result of the automation production practices and its presence across the globe.
  16. Robotics’ Sociopolitical and Economic Implications
    The foremost benefits of Robotics for individuals can be formulated as follows: The continual development/implementation of the Robotics-related technologies will increase the chances of self-actualization, on the part of the potentially affected individuals.
  17. Robotic Satellites: Implementation Plan and Budget
    One of the most effective methods of reaching the maximum level of security, not to feel restricted, and reduce spending is the usage of electronic or robotic companions.
  18. Electronic or Robotic Companions: Business Model
    The device the usage of which will help to destroy the language bar. The speech of any speaker will be translated and presented to the owner of the device in his/her native language.
  19. Australian Robotics Inc.’s Project Management
    As such, the measure of success will focus on ascertaining whether or not the project develops a new family of highly flexible, “intelligent” robots that can be used in handling heavy industry tasks.
  20. Rights of ‘Feeling’ Robots and Humans
    Many futurists believe strongly that new laws will be needed to tame the behaviors and actions of robots. That being the case, autonomous robots might take advantage of their rights to control human beings.
  21. Spot Mini Robot by Boston Dynamics
    While the bigger robots by Boston Dynamics are designed to operate in extreme conditions, Spot Mini is a household robot, which makes it marketable to a wider community and, therefore, profitable.
  22. Robots as a Factor in Unemployment Patterns
    One of the prevailing arguments in regards to this problem is that the advent of the robot technology is contributing towards a high rate of unemployment.
  23. Robotics in Construction Management: Impacts and Barriers
    The assessment of the economic feasibility of the robotization of individual construction processes is based on cost analysis and the calculation of payback.
  24. Robotic-Assisted Intervention Effectiveness
    Modern robots for upper limb training differ in terms of the degrees of freedom, the type of feedback, and the available modes of training.
  25. Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation Analysis
    The information about the groups of participants was available to clinicians and study personnel since the only post-stroke individual in the sample needed special procedures to participate.
  26. Double Robotics Website’s Tracking Strategy
    The goals of the Doublerobotics.com website are to familiarize audiences with the telepresence industry and to convince both corporate and individual potential customers to purchase a robot.
  27. Technology: Will Robots Ever Replace Humans?
    According to the author, one’s intelligence is not being solely concerned with the processing of data in the algorithmic manner, as it happened to be the case with AI it reflects the varying ability of […]
  28. Baxter Robots and Company Performance
    This technology will impact the performance of companies by reducing the time spent on repetitive duties such as packing. In case my employers buy this robot, I will not be affected personally, but the performance […]
  29. Future of Robotics
    In this case, the lecture, which was focusing on the flow of robotics’ development, influenced my perception about the future, robotics’ impact on our lives, and the ability of robots to destroy the humanity.
  30. Robotics. “Humans Need Not Apply” Video
    Mechanical muscles are more strong and reliable than humans, and the replacement of people by mechanisms in physical work allows society to specialize in intellectual work, develop economics and raise the standards of living.
  31. 3D Robotics Disrupts the Aviation Industry
    3D Robotics describe their business model as perceiving open hardware, drones, and the future of robotics as the part of the community and the company.
  32. Use of Robots in Computer Science
    Currently, the most significant development in the field of computer science is the inclusion of robots as teaching tools. The use of robots in teaching computer science has significantly helped to endow students with valuable […]
  33. Knowledge of Saudi Nurse Managers Towards Robots
    The main objective of this study is to investigate the attitudes and knowledge of Saudi nurse managers towards the adoption of robotics for remote monitoring and management of elderly patient with chronic illness in an […]

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