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Double Robotics Website’s Tracking Strategy Report (Assessment)



Double Robotics is the creator of Double, a telepresence robot. The robot is based on lateral stability control, self-balancing, and dual kickstands technologies, which allow its simply controlled motion and parking without deteriorating the quality of image transmission (Double Robotics, n.d.). The communication is performed through an iPad, a camera kit, and an audio kit. Doublerobotics.com is the company’s website that provides information about Double, customer stories, and purchasing service.

Online Goals

The goals of the Doublerobotics.com website are to familiarize audiences with the telepresence industry and to convince both corporate and individual potential customers to purchase a robot. There is a wide range of areas and activities where telepresence robots can be used, including attending business meetings and production sites, inspections, medical care, and education (Tsui, Desai, Yanco, & Uhlik, 2011).

The Double Robotics Company claims to be the creator of “the world’s leading telepresence robot” (Double Robotics, n.d., para. 1). For three years, the company has been distributing its products, which currently include Double 2 Full Set and 360 Camera Dolly, as well as separate components of these two sets. The website is concise and straightforward. It features short explanations of the products’ use, frequently asked questions, and customers’ stories. The target audiences identified on the website are businesses, learners, and filmmakers (Double Robotics, n.d.). The pricing section is divided into three parts according to these categories of potential customers.

Actions Available to Users

Besides browsing through the content, Doublerobotics.com users can create accounts, write comments for blog posts, share content in social networking services, and order products. One of the contact options is sending an email to the support service. Another contact option is available when a user returns to the Doublerobotics.com tab after leaving it inactive for some time. A window appears that offers a multiple-choice question, “Why are you leaving the website?” and an open-ended question, “How could we improve the website?” (Double Robotics, n.d.).

It is repeatedly suggested on the website that in case a user does not find the needed information, he or she can call the company’s support service. The telephone number in California is provided with the indication of the appropriate time for a call.

Conversion Events

Conversion events are users’ actions that are associated with achieving the goals of a website. There are many ways to evaluate how much users are interested in a website’s product and how likely they are to purchase it based on their behavior on the website. First of all, deep navigation, i.e., visiting a large number of the website’s pages, is a sign of interest. Users who visit the FAQ page and the Contact Us page also demonstrate their potential interest in buying the product. Other conversion events that can be defined for Doublerobotics.com are contacting the support service, either by filling in a form or making a phone call, searching for information on the website, sharing the content, clicking the link to the Driver App available on the App Store, and browsing through the pricing information.

Applicable Data Filters

The website’s content is sorted according to the categorization of potential customers. The major categories are business and education. Another possible categorization of visitors is recognizing two groups: one is potential users of the technology, and the other one is technicians and developers. Potential users are only interested in general information about the structure, composition, and operation of Doubles. Such visitors pay more attention to the use of the technology, i.e., they spend more time on the website’s sections with customer’s stories. Technicians and developers browse for more details about the way Doubles work, including the data on the lateral stability control, self-balancing, and developer resources.

KPIs and Metrics

For most websites that offer to purchase certain products, KPIs include the time spent on the website, the number of visited segments, and the number of clicks. The higher these indicators are, the closer a website is to its goals. Based on specific characteristics of Doublerobotics.com identified above (goals, available actions, conversion events, and categorization of users), specific KPIs can be identified to include the number of registered users, comments to blog posts, messages to the support service, and likes and shares in social networking services. All these data should be compared to the company’s sales to calculate such metrics indices as conversion rate and revenue per visit, per click, per share, and per contact.

User Stories

As a marketing manager, I would like to know the ratio of repeat visitors to new visitors and the conversion rate for each of these categories. As a social media marketing specialist, I would like to know what content from the website is most shared in social networking services. As a developer, I would like to receive the users’ feedback from technology-related posts on the website’s blog. As a website administrator, I would like to know which pages were viewed the most by users who ultimately ordered the product. As a company’s decision-maker, I would like to know which products are most viewed and most ordered on the website.


Double Robotics. (n.d.). Work from everywhere. Web.

Tsui, K. M., Desai, M., Yanco, H. A., & Uhlik, C. (2011). Exploring use cases for telepresence robots. In 2011 6th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) (pp. 11-18). Lausanne, Switzerland: EPFL.

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