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The Internet and Its Role Essay (Critical Writing)


How has the Internet changed the way many Americans consume information? Explain the importance and value of the availability of information on the internet.

Access to information via the internet is available 24 hours to any one who wants that information. It has any information one wants on any subject including researches from various organizations and information from government bodies or reputable organizations. The availability of information on the internet increases exposure to many Americans by availing other related information alongside the specific subject one wanted to get information on. It is cheaper to access information from the internet and the response is almost immediate thus saving time to an individual who needs to use the information (Bidgoli, 2004).

How might you determine if information found online is trustworthy? Describe credibility issues with information found on the internet.

Any writer can post his information online for everybody to access. Therefore all the information posted is not trustworthy and the reader relying on the information does so at his own risk. The credibility issues that one needs to consider is the source of the information. Determine the author of the information and if he is of a reputable character. If the author is unknown, check the background information of the writer. Credible writers are not afraid to give out their information within the article they have posted on the internet.

In what ways have politicians used the Internet in campaigning and in staying in touch with constituents? What is the overall effect of the Internet on politics?

The politicians have adopted new Internet usage to get their message across and one way they have used this service is through You-Tube which offers free advertising. They have enrolled themselves in the social online services like twitter and facebook that has brought them closer to the people and their constituents (Plaickner, 2009). The internet has also been an advantage to the politicians in that it encourages their supporters to raise issues that need urgent redress and this way, the politicians have a lead over their opponents.

Newspapers, once available only in print have evolved into 24-hour multimedia operations. In addition to newspapers, briefly describe the evolution of movies, televisions, internet, books and magazines, and media companies throughout the last century.

Print media has been a source of information dating many centuries back. As technology advances, need for visual media has developed paving way for the evolution of televisions and movies. Print media was only used as a means to convey news but the visual media adds up as a source of both news and entertainment. Magazines and books come in different categories like political, entertainment or business and the reader has a wide range to suit from unlike the newspapers. Internet has come in to make lives of many people easier in their bid to retrieve information.

What is media convergence? Provide an example of media convergence and explain the media elements that are being combined. Explain how the combination of media elements in your example may be useful and to whom.

Media convergence is the merge of outlets in mass communication characterized with new technology. An example of media convergence is the merging of internet, television stations and print media. Stories posted in the web page include video clips and audio and even links that lead to other stories related to that story. This becomes important to the reader who gets the full story in both audio and visual form all in one content. The other links to other stories help to provide any additional information (Jenkins, 2006).

How has media convergence changed American culture?

Advertising has become easier as a result of convergence. It has further simplified the mode of getting information as people can access information through their mobile phones or computers rather than the traditional means of print media or televisions. Sport lovers can now watch the game using the computer. Media coverage has further enabled individuals not only to watch news from media companies but to also make news themselves by taking pictures in the street and posting it in the website with an accompanying article.

Explain how music and culture influence one another. Provide an example of a song or album that affected culture. Provide examples of songs with cultural references.

Music has become part of everyday life and it is featured in almost every media outlet. In this case, it has had a major influence in the culture in the way the music is portrayed and the words in the song (Tomasino, 2005). Rap songs have especially been said to have negative influence on culture. An example of a rap song with negative influence is “Boyz in the Hood” by the popular rap group Niggaz with Attitude (NWA). The song refers to women as ‘Bitches’ with half naked women dancing in the video of the song.

A big part of how pop music affects culture involves how it is distributed. Briefly describe how pop music and music distribution has changed over the last century.

There are a number of underground artists who have composed songs and even recorded them but the songs have not reached to the people. This is because they fail to distribute the songs to reach to the fans. Pop music and music distribution has changed over the years in that apart from getting the album into the shop shelves, artists have discovered online distribution. They can now post their music on the internet and the fans can shop for the album online. Another effective way of distributing the music is by posting a favorite song from the album to a media outlet for it to receive airplay.


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