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The Internet as the Heart of Modern Civilization Research Paper

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Modern technologies have led to the development of the internet. The internet is currently important because it has resulted in enormous changes in the way human beings exchange ideas, communicate, shop, and even work. The internet has made the world a very small village thereby promoting economic development and information broadcasting.

The use of the internet is changing the world at a fascinating rate. Modern civilization is taking shape through the internet and telecommunications. With this in mind, this essay explains the idea that the internet is currently the heart of modern telecommunication. Telecommunications are the nervous system and circulatory system of this whole process.

The Internet as the Heart of Modern Civilization

It is without doubts that the internet is bringing enormous changes in our world. Because of this, many people have agreed that the internet has continued to have enormous impacts on the lives of many people today. The first instance of civilization is the way people communicate.

Communication is one of the primary uses of modern technologies including the internet. The world has witnessed the increasing benefits of the internet through the quality and frequency of human interaction and interpersonal relations. People are now communicating easily and comfortable because of the internet (Gorp, 2007, p. 27). Proper communication leads to societal integrations thereby resulting satisfaction and happiness.

In business, activities such as transportation and communication are relevant towards the success of the organization. Modern civilization has promoted the way business partners exchange ideas and information. The civilization process is also promoting transportation and logistics among businesses partners. With the internet, it is easier to communicate instantly thereby determine the products to be transported and the time they should be delivered.

The internet is therefore playing an enormous role towards new civilization (Targowski, 2008, p. 8). When organizations, people, and businesses are communicating effectively and instantly, it becomes possible to promote the best ideas and strategies. This will definitely promote civilization as it is happening in the world today.

Information is necessary if we are to achieve new ideas and promote civilization. The internet is currently providing doctors, scientists, architects and engineers with immediate information in their specific fields. The information is necessary because it is helping them advance their ideas and understanding about the subject (Targowski, 2008, p. 14).

This development is increasing the potential to address most of the problems faced in the different fields of study. The result is that society has become very civilized and developed. These are the positive results of internet use. Students in different colleges and institutions are finding the internet effective in exchanging information and technologies. This has improved the speed at which our world is becoming civilized.

Civilization has a unique relationship with globalization. The world is becoming small because people are finding it easier to communicate and exchange their views across the globe. Some of the unique characteristics of globalization include fast exchange of information, improvement of trade, and promotion of policies with global relevance. Different countries are now shifting to global business because of the services provided by modern technologies.

The internet is making it possible to send notifications and e-mails (Gorp, 2007, p. 42). The ability to communicate is a backbone towards civilization. The internet has connected all the nations in the world. This has increased the level of communication and integration. As a result, the information exchanged through the internet provides businesses, learning institutions, and organizations with resourceful ideas and information used to promote modern civilization.

Globalization is also defining new ways of doing business and addressing global problems. Currently we have different societies getting global support through the available means of communication. The internet is making it easier to communicate, implement policies and offer educational support to different individuals (King, 2009, p. 48). This has empowered the societies thereby addressing most of the problems addressing them.

The internet is making most of the information in the developed nations available to the underdeveloped societies. With this information, these nations are relying on the available ideas to promote their activities in agriculture, management of the economy, and implementation of policies capable of promoting sustainability.

Because of this, the rate at which our world continues to get civilized is very interesting. Most of the modern technologies such as computer innovations and movie productions rely on the internet for development. The invention of the internet is currently presenting new strategies whereby companies are marketing their products and delivering them to their clients (Spielvogel, 2008, p. 48).

This has improved international and local businesses thus developing different economies in the world. Although different technologies are not related to the internet, it is agreeable that the technology has made it possible for such civilizations to be realized. This is because different scientists and engineers are relying different methods of communication to exchange their skills and promote the best practices that will promote economic prosperity.

The social media emerging from internet use has made it possible for individuals to interact and exchange their ideas to promote civilization. With this in mind, different people have relied on the advantages of the internet to communicate, develop, and promote the best incentives capable of presenting global civilization (Mumford, 2010, p. 63). The internet has become the heart of the new civilization emerging in the world today.

With the internet, different successes have occurred in various sectors of the economy such as market, communication, transportation, and production industries. With these developments in place, the world easily fighting most of the hardships and challenges faced in different societies such as inequality and poverty.

In our world today, modern civilization does not depend on the integrity of architectural designs and landscapes. This is based on the way people communicate and exchange their concepts and ideas. With the internet, it is now possible to communicate and explore the best concepts that will lead to better human integration.

New civilizations are continuing to make human life comfortable and enjoyable than ever before (Mozaffari, 2012, p. 15). Currently, the number of people relying on the internet is growing at an amazing rate. With this trend, the world will get more civilized and improve the way we address most of the problems and challenges faced in life.

Through social media, communication is becoming meaningful and instant. As a result, the balance of power in the global village is shifting due to the effects on communication. Through the internet, different societies have exchanged their views thereby bringing down most of the regimes that seem to oppress them (Mumford, 2010, p. 19).

A good example is the revolution that took place in Libya. The revolution ended to a regime that had oppressed the country. The effects of social media on modern communication is currently shifting balance of power in our global village. As more people continue to rely on the internet, it becomes easier to address the problems faced in the society and lead to new developments and civilization.

The internet and telecommunications have developed together. With the internet being the heart of civilization today, telecommunications are the nervous system and circulatory system of this wave of modernity. The modern means of communication such as computers and phones are effective in enabling communication today. These telecommunication devices also support internet-based applications thereby making communication possible.

Many people are today relying on different telecommunications to exchange ideas and knowledge thereby making it possible to become civilized (Mozaffari, 2012, p. 12). These technologies have improved different methods of communication through which different societies have achieved greater developments in the economy. The internet and telecommunication form a synergistic structure capable of improving human advancement and civilization.


The internet is presently the heart of human civilization. Many people are relying on the internet to promote economic activities, exchange ideas, and communicate amongst themselves. The internet educates and informs many people about the changes in the society. Through the internet, the human race has become highly civilized thereby addressing most of the challenges facing them. The internet is used hand-in-hand with telecommunications.

This is the reason different forms of communication are the nervous system of this new civilization. If the world is to be civilized and be able to address the economic and social problems faced today, there is need to embrace the benefits of the internet because this will ensure the economic progress of the world. It is also necessary to promote different forms of telecommunications because they will promote human civilization.

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