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  1. Roman Civilization: Senate and Augustan Regime
    Founded in early days, it survived events such as the split of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Roman republic and the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
  2. The River Nile and its contribution to ancient Egyptian Civilization
    The source of the river remained a mystery to the early inhabitants of ancient Egypt for a considerable amount of time.
  3. The Way to Wild Place and Back to Civilization
    Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are the researches who managed to conduct a land expedition, going to the dangerous and unpredicted Pacific Northwest with the goal to search for the marine connections for commercial purposes […]
  4. Civilization in Ancient Egypt
    The civilization of ancient Egypt happened at the same time Mesopotamian civilization was taking place in other areas in the nations of the Akkadians, Babylonians and the Sumerians. Indeed, religion in ancient Egypt led to […]
  5. Alexander the Great: A Pioneer of Western Civilization
    Alexander the Great used the Roman Empire to spread Greek civilization to Europe and the rest of the world. The Greek Macedonian Empire that was established by Alexander the Great extended to many parts of […]
  6. Alexander the Great: Western Civilization
    The spread of the Greek language to other parts of the world was due to the introduction of the Macedonian culture to the Persian Empire.
  7. History of the Islamic Civilization
    The age of Islamic civilization started when Muslim conquests led to the establishment of the Caliphate, or Islamic Empire, during the 8th to 10th century.
  8. Asian Civilization Formation Process
    It is clear that such factors as the comparative isolation of China, the religious influences, the dynasty form of political order, and the peculiarities of trade relations and overlordship over the Silk Way contributed to […]
  9. Ashoka Pillars: the Mystery of the Ancient Civilization
    One of the most incredible creations of the ancient civilizations, the Ashoka Pillar is the reminiscence of the bygone times and the most incredible specimen of the ancient art.
  10. The Veil and Muslim: How the Veil Became the Symbol of Muslim Civilization and What the Veil Meant to Islamic Reformists
    The veil was used as a reform tool by early reformists especially in Egypt due to its relationship with oppression of women.
  11. Greek Civilization: Morality and ‘Philosophy’ of Life, Politics, and the Way History Is Written by Herodotus
    In this respect, the Book II written by Herodotus can be considered a good documentary evidence of the process of embalming though morality of this process can be questioned by the contemporary audience taking into […]
  12. The History and Culture of Islam & the Arabs and Their Contributions to Global Civilization and the Advancement of Human Society
    However, one has to admit general ignorance of the fact that Islam is the predecessor of the Western science and has shaped the face of it throughout the centuries. In conclusion, one may confirm, that […]
  13. Middle East Civilization: Past and Present
    He counters this on the basis of his argument that changes in the economics and politics of a civilization are anchored in the diverse culture of the concerned civilization.
  14. Use of allegory of Civilization versus ‘barbarism’ and violence
    Thus, the film is seen as a way of confronting the old and the new cultures and the significant conflict that arises from this fusion. Dona is thus the allegory of the Venezuelan woman who […]
  15. Ancient Mediterranean Civilization
    Therefore, the Hammurabi’s code of laws made people in the ancient Mediterranean to be responsible for their actions, the owners, the thieves, the merchants and judges among others were all responsible for their actions.
  16. Origin of Greek Civilization. Comparison of articles “Out of Africa” and “Not out of Africa: The origins of Greece and the illusions of Afrocentrists”
    What is of fact from the two articles is that Greek civilization came about as a result of contact between the Indo-European Language and cultural influence from Egyptian and Semitic languages.
  17. Mayan Civilization Origin and Development
    The secrets of the civilization are deeply buried in the tropical forests of the Central America. They are the largest class in the Mayan society and were regarded as the most productive.
  18. The Native Americans and the Euro Americans
    The entry of the colonialists into Native America was the beginning of the suffering of the Native Americans. However, the situation changes in 1812 when the policy of assimilation of the native lands was no […]
  19. Compare and contrast Mordecai Kaplan’s Judaism as a Civilization and Abraham Joshua Heschel’s the Sabbath
    Mordecai Kaplan’s Judaism as a Civilization focuses on the reconstruction of the American-Jewish life that would help the Jewish to change their traditional way of life through incorporations of the modern way of life, philosophy, […]
  20. The Inca Empire as a Great Civilization of the Pre-Columbian America
    One of the Andean civilizations, the Inca Empire was the largest country in the pre-Columbian America. The tax system was one of the statements of the Inca’s economy.
  21. Civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt
    The people of Mesopotamia used calendars in order to determine when the floods could occur along the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The Egyptians had a lot of developments in the field of architecture and art […]
  22. The Natural World, Human Identity, Human Relationships, and Civilization: A Perspective From the Book of Genesis
    The book of Genesis is the basis of the review made in this paper. The book of Genesis tells the story of creation by illustrating the Lord as the architect of the universe.
  23. Taking a Glance into the Heart of Darkness: The Ambitions and Failure of the Civilization
    Indeed, the goals of the people, heading for the terra incognita of the distant and savage lands are not quite clear; wisely enough, Conrad does not disclose the aims of the travelers from the very […]
  24. Japan’s civilization
    According to Huffman, the Meiji government developed nationalism in Japan. Furthermore, under the Meiji regime, Japan was able to expand and had a stronger military.
  25. Christianity in medieval civilization
    This paper, therefore, aims at viewing the western society and how it has been influenced by Europe, it also views the extent to which religion serves as a progressive and stabilizing force in the society […]
  26. The Contributions of Religion in World Civilization
    Proponents of religion argue that it is a source of peace and tranquility in the world. Careful study and analysis of the contributions of religion in world’s civilization reveal that it contributes to both peace […]
  27. How Did the Age of Enlightenment Influence Western Civilization
    However, great thinkers in the past came to appreciate that it would be very beneficial if the government was to be inclined to people’s interest as opposed to the personal interests of its leader.
  28. History of Teotihuacan Civilization
    The figure below is a map of the region during the height of the Teotihuacan civilization in the Mexican area that presents the extent of the empire in context of other cultures that existed at […]
  29. The Ancient Mayan Civilization
    The political-social organization of the Maya was hierarchical with a king, nobles and priests on top and the common people and slaves on the bottom.
  30. Factors that Influenced Development on Human Civilization
    Some of the ancient trading activities included the exchange of food crops which led to development of agriculture in various territories.”Ideas also spread and developed through trading activities”. At this time many people were concerned […]
  31. Remaking Manhood Through Race and Civilization
    Bederman said that aside from the fact that race and gender is the most important requirement to open doors of opportunities it is not enough to be male to ascend to the top of the […]
  32. Civilization and Its Discontents
    The main aim of writing this paper is to outline the concepts laid out by Freud in Civilization and its Discontents and then use the works of Marcuse and Foucault to critique the same.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Civilization

  1. Medieval View: The New World of Reason and Perception
    Later, the new scientific view of the world pursued the concept that the universe was a stationary object that was located at the center of heavenly bodies.
  2. Theology, Philosophy and Science in Islamic Civilization
    In conclusion, it is evident that there was coexistence between theology, philosophy and science in the making of the Islamic civilization.
  3. Mesopotamian Civilization
    The history of this great land can be traced through looking at the history of different people who occupied it who included the Sumerians, the Akkadians, the Amorites, the Hitites, the Kassites, the Assyrians, and […]
  4. The Significance of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation in History of Western Civilization
    In his attempts to reform the protestant church, Luther wrote several letters to the leaders of the church such as Bishops and the clergy.
  5. East Asia Civilization and History
    In the wake of the mid 1950, the warfare in Korea instigated and lasted for three years prior to the declaration of ceasefire.
  6. Civilization from “The Condition of the Working Class in England”
    The author’s main argument in this book is that Industrial Revolution degraded the lives of the working class instead of uplifting them.
  7. Freedom and the role of civilization
    The achievements demonstrated by Marx and Freud play a significant role in the field of sociology and philosophy indeed; Marx believed in the power of labor and recognized the individual as an integral part of […]
  8. The 19th Century Civilization of East Asia: How its Strengths became Liabilities in the Face of Western Challenge
    The new set of new empires spurred military conflicts, but at the same time advancements in science and technology and the widespread of the idea of exploration became prominent during the 19th century.
  9. Critics of Modern Civilization in India
    Gandhi says that, he decided to examine further, the nature of British colonialism, and he realized the cause of all the problems was the modern civilization.
  10. The Civilization of West Europe: Making Steps towards the Progress
    Because of various factors influencing the development of nations and the shaping of the specific national peculiarities, the pace of West Europe development is considerably different from the one of the other parts of the […]
  11. Ancient Greek Civilization History
    He criticized the government for tyranny and as a result, he is considered the father of democracy in Greek Sacred disease refers to epilepsy.
  12. The Internet as the Heart of Modern Civilization
    The world has witnessed the increasing benefits of the internet through the quality and frequency of human interaction and interpersonal relations.
  13. World Civilization Primary Source
    Confucius’ views are similar to the opinions of Han Fei, who believes strong leaders are able to maintain public order in the society.
  14. Creating a Sustainable Civilization
    This self-centeredness is at the heart of destroying the world, and it is characteristic of all members across the board. It is just the first step towards the achievement of a sustainable world.
  15. Impartiality: Richard Bulliet’s Islam and the West in the Case of Islamo-Christian Civilization
    The analogous historical development of Islam and the Western societies and the similarities and differences of the societies that emerge from them.
  16. The Euthyphro, the Apology, and the Crito Issues Impact on the Western Civilization
    This paper will discuss the main issues in the Euthyphro, the Apology, and the Crito, and how these issues impact the western civilization.
  17. Western Civilization in “The Agricola and the Germania”
    The book the Agricola and Germania is about the history of Tacitus who was a senator and a famous Roman historian.
  18. Western Civilization Development
    Rome and Greece made essential assistance to the civilization of the western world which evolved over the centuries. Although the classical culture of Greece was fundamental in the creation of western civilization, it made no […]
  19. Technology and Innovation: Western Civilization History
    The people living in the Western world were stuck in the innovation and technology that was available in the Medieval Age.
  20. The Mayan Civilization History
    In the 17th century, the kingdom dubbed the Mayan society comprised of influential cities that covered both north of Honduras and south of Mexico.
  21. Bernard Lewis Views on Shaping Western Civilization
    A good example is the way he described the aftermath of the Arab-Israeli war that erupted in 1948. There was no evidence to prove that he maligned members of the Arab world.
  22. Documentary “The Decline of Western Civilization”
    The third and last part of the film was released in 1998.”The Decline of Western Civilization” is a documentary film that focuses on the evolution of the punk rock music genre as it changes from […]
  23. Eros and Civilization by Herbert Marcuse
    In its turn, this is the direct consequence of the fact that, in order for this civilization to remain on the path of progress, in the linear sense of this word, it may never cease […]
  24. The Mayan Civilization’s Disappearance
    In spite of the fact the Mayan civilization disappeared many centuries ago, the mystery of the sudden fall of the successful and developed civilization which cultural achievements are still examined and discussed as significant ones […]
  25. Roman Lifestyles’ Influence on Civilization
    For instance, the case of Lucretia indicates the perception of the ancient Romans on the matter. The instance of moral decadence within the contemporary America is similar to that in the ancient Rome.
  26. Arab Scientists’ Contribution to World Civilization
    The development of arts and sciences, as well as old science in Islamic the empire, is explained by the inquisitive and speculative nature of the Arab people from long ago.
  27. City Artifacts: Urban Civilization Development
    Eastside Heritage Center The image in question can be interpreted as a hint at the possibility of the sustainable use of natural resources by the residents of the city.
  28. Arab and Islamic History: Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
    The rapid spread of Islam in the world incorporated inhabitants of Islamic civilization and non-believers who resided in the same evolution.
  29. Early Civilization in Mesopotamia
    Chavalas presents the notion that one of the drawbacks behind the hunter and gatherer stage that existed prior to the development of complex and stratified societies was the lack of sufficient concentrations of native populations.
  30. Egyptian Civilization’s History
    The occupation of the Nile Valley by the Romans in 31 BC marked the beginning of change in the culture of the Egyptians.
  31. Iranian Civilization, History and Islamic Rebirth
    All the members of the Shi’a Islam are convinced that Ali, the son-in-law to Mohammed, ought to have risen to the caliphate after the death of the prophet.
  32. Chinese Civilization During the Han Dynasty
    The history of the Han emperors, their conquering prowess, system of administration, scholars, innovators, entrepreneurs, and the common people represented emergence of a great Chinese culture. The success of the system prompted the government to […]

🎓 Most Interesting Civilization Topics to Write about

  1. Homo Sapiens, Their Features and Early Civilization
    Another feature of the skull of Homo neanderthalensis was the possession of a protuberant mid-facial region, which was an outstanding feature that differentiated the species from the rest of the sapiens.
  2. “World Civilization” a Book by Kevin Reilly
    Kevin Reilly is the author of the text “The Sadler Report of the House of Commons” in the book “World Civilization”.
  3. “How the Irish Saved Civilization” by Cahill
    The book under analysis informs the reader about how the Irish intentions to migrate but never forget the power of knowledge and the role of books in their lives saved civilization and brought love to […]
  4. Delicate Web of Civilization Development
    Thus, the specific approach toward nature, the perception of it as a resource that could be exploited and that is not a part of the society led to the development of capitalism.
  5. Islamic Culture and Civilization
    In such a way, the objective of this paper is to analyze the crucial milestones of Islamic culture and civilization in relations to its achievements in the fields of both sciences and humanities.
  6. Mayan Civilization’s Disappearance
    Therefore, the drought theory could be considered as the most reasonable for explaining the Mayan civilization’s disappearance mystery. Two most reasonable hypotheses of Mayan civilization’s disappearance were examined: the drought theory and the environmental theory.
  7. “Black Friday: Consumerism Minus Civilization” by Leonard
    This author likes to investigate numerous positive and negative aspects of Black Friday in order not to define the outcome of the event, but to explain that it is possible to have both normal and […]
  8. Ancient Anasazi and Their Civilization
    Nevertheless, remains of farmsteads and hamlets point to the active involvement of the Anasazi in construction and agriculture and trade with neighboring communities.
  9. The Mayan Civilization in Diamond’s Theory
    According to Diamond’s theory, the rapid growth of the Mayan civilization resulted in the maximization of its population and the need for more food, which, eventually, caused overhunting, overfishing, deforestation, and destruction the soil.
  10. Banks in the Islamic Civilization: Past and Present
    The understanding of the problems Islamic banks faced in the past and the consideration of the solutions in the comparison with the modern problems and decisions may help consider a streaming development of Islamic banking […]
  11. The Civilization of North America
    The first signs of development in Central America emerged in the second millennium with the emergence of Olmec culture, in swampy and hot lowlands along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, South of Veracruz.
  12. Civilization in XIX Century and Cold War
    Even though it might appear to be nonsense, the fact of the matter is that there is more truth in the words of this unknown man than we, people living in the twenty-first century, might […]
  13. The Indus Valley Civilization’s Development
    For example, both the region of the Indus Valley and the area near such bodies of water as the Yellow and Yangzi Rivers can be considered as cradles of early civilization.
  14. Roman Civilization’ Analysis
    This paper will describe the Roman civilization, some important moments in its history, and how it interacted with Islamic civilization. Some of the most important parts of Roman history are related to the changes in […]
  15. The Ancient Near East: Civilization of Mesopotamia and Great Flood
    The Great Flood in Genesis and the Epic of Gilgamesh both depict the flood, the boat, the God of gods, and persons responsible for preserving humanity.
  16. Race and History: Cheikh Anta Diop “Civilization or Barbarism”
    One of the ways to study ancient communities is to analyze the remains of their culture. Diop refers to the findings of M.
  17. Western Civilization: The First Crusade
    Western civilization has its roots in three distinct traditions, these are Christian religion Classical culture of Rome and Greece Modern Era Enlightenment Greece contributed the idea of Liberty, and republic, while Rome contributed the idea […]
  18. Chinese Civilization During the Middle Ages
    The Silk Road joined the Asian countries and the West and created new opportunities for knowledge exchange and the proliferation of new ideas.
  19. Modern Western Civilization: The Renaissance
    Besides the highly valuable narrative of past events and great historic movements, the motives of the AP Program in European History include the development of: The understanding of fundamental themes in the European History.
  20. Minoan Civilization and Its Collapse in 1450 BC
    There was a strong influence of the Minoan palace culture that was greatly affected by the earthquakes that took place in that area most of the time, and therefore it became hard as the palaces […]
  21. Classical Civilization 1000 BC-AD500
    The order and clarity of Latin were decisive in the transmission of the rudiments of culture, in the organization and discipline of the Church, in law and administration, so that when a Norman King says […]
  22. European Civilization During the High Middle Ages
    During this period of time, most of Europe and the British Isles experienced a period of dynamic growth and recovery from incessant warfare.
  23. Contribution of Education as the Aspect of Civilization
    Perhaps, the philosophy of Aristotle can be stated as the providing a support of the impacts of education of the society and the individual person.
  24. Modern Moral Conditions of Western Civilization Review
    This sin is so wide-spread and rooted in the nature of the moderns that it is difficult to find appropriate punishment.
  25. Arguments for Western Civilization
    This plague started in the continent of Asia and then spread to other parts of the world including Europe. Back in the ancient days, it was quite monotonous and people ate because they had to […]
  26. Ancient Civilization of Rome
    Through innovation, town planning was very important in Rome, the roman in the city plans considered factors like the climate, purpose of the town, and the environment.
  27. Western Civilization in the Middle Ages
    The following events in the course of the European countries’ development give us a way to state that there was a time of chaos and instability during the period under consideration: The decay of the […]
  28. French Civilization: Burgundian Influence
    The independence of the duke of Burgundy greatly influenced the personality of Louis XI from the time his father Charles VII was king, Louis intrigued with his father and he was sent off to […]
  29. Liberalism and Nationalism in Western Civilization
    The concepts of liberalism and nationalism are typically a western construct of rational, reasoning, objective, and analytical traditions which have their origins in the Greek civilization, the world’s first progenitors of city-states and democracies.
  30. Cherokee Indian Belief: Gateway to Modern Civilization
    The Cherokee learned the art of combat war from the Europeans and they used the same tactics later on to attack their neighbors in the frontiers.
  31. Life as a Soldier During the Roman Civilization
    The following paragraphs describe the characteristics of the Roman Civilization. This was the main entertainment of the Roman Civilization.
  32. The Ideologies of Western Civilization
    All along with the history of western civilizations, liberalism has come up in different ways and in Britain, it was the fight between the Catholics and Protestants, during the American Revolution and many other issues.

💡 Simple & Easy Civilization Essay Titles

  1. India Civilization and Islam Civilization: Comparison
    Hinduism and Buddhism and raised based on their different religious and philosophical system had an impact not only on the development of many civilizations of the East but all over the world.
  2. Western Civilization: The Olympic Games’ History
    Ancient Greeks held strict moral and ethical codes while conducting the Olympics because it was not just a competition for them; it was a glorification of the true ideals, valor, and gallantry of an athlete. […]
  3. Western Civilization: Ancient Greek Theater
    However, the modern theater has become more commercialized and has become a potential arena of political, social, and cultural discourses, increasingly involving the masses.”Theatre, which had been dominated by the Church for centuries, and then […]
  4. Western Civilization: Ovid and His Works
    It tells the story of the Roman Empire from the earliest days to the time of Tiberius. The characters in his works are a shadow of the poet himself.
  5. Western Civilization to 1648: Historical Analysis
    The Marxists claimed that only material production made a human out of a monkey and connected all the stages of the historical development with the levels of the development of economy.
  6. Western Civilization: The Opium Wars
    The affinity of millions of Chinese for opium directly affected the security of foreign interests in China. At the end of the second opium war, China was forced to ratify the Treaty of Tientsin in […]
  7. “The Origins of Maya Civilization” by R. E. W. Adams
    In general, the main theme that could be established is the relation of man to nature which is sensed through the process of creation and even in the names that were given to the first […]
  8. Economy in Classic Maya Civilization
    Since the soft obsidian rock that was used in the making of the weapons was found in the Southern region and as a result, the people in the South were in a better position to […]
  9. Western Civilization: The French Revolution 1789-99
    One of the most popular theories includes the idea that the fall of the monarchy was simply a result of the fall of the social class with which it was most closely associated, that of […]
  10. Insects and Civilization: Vector-Borne Diseases
    The latter groups consist of diseases transmitted from a vector as a result of a pest or insect bite that may contain the virus or the bacteria that cause the infection.
  11. Civilization and Barbarism in Modern Culture
    But even he failed to foresee the tragic consequences of the development of these institutions1.”There is no document of civilization which is not also a document of barbarism”.
  12. The History Civilization of China
    The prominent dynasties that had significance in the social and the political phases of China included the Shang dynasty and the Ch’in the Chou dynasty.
  13. The History of Russian Civilization
    In order for civilization to come by there has to be ordered in a country. In most cases, most of their husbands had been executed and the wives were taken to these camps.
  14. Western Civilization in Which the Greeks Contributed
    The Greek civilization impresses by its originality and incontestability in the manners of people and in a number of philosophers who made a great impact on the further flow of scientific thought.
  15. The Meaning of Civilization According to Williams and Gandhi
    The writings of Williams and Gandhi are so divergent that it clearly points to the chasm in perceptions of a western mind and an eastern construct.
  16. Human Factor and Anthropometric in Islamic Civilization
    Moreover, the structure of the paper is varied in the determination of design, space, and human implementation of actions understood in a close connection toward facilitation of work and usage of ergonomic decisions in living […]
  17. Images of Women in Western Civilization
    Although it is true that the primary and predominant role of women have been to look after the children and the household, it is also necessary that they also need to indulge in primarily creative […]
  18. Wilderness and Civilization: Thoreau’s Concept
    He goes on to describe the temperature as perfectly attuned to his own sense of correct feeling, the sounds of the bullfrogs and whippoorwills as just the right note for the moment and the breathless […]
  19. Hellenic Society Versus Hellenistic Civilization
    The comparison of both epochs in the history of ancient Greece is a way to demonstrate the growth of the social, political, and religious relations in the society.
  20. Western Civilization: Term Definition
    In the development of art and literature the period of Middle Ages is closely connected with the formation and promotion of European literature.
  21. Significant Achievements of the Islamic Civilization
    The sort of political and trade framework that came into existence after the advent of this religion resulted in the provision of a legal order that the Arabs had no former experience of and hence, […]
  22. History Development of Western Civilization
    Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen is a document that consists of 17 articles that were approved on the 26th of August in 1789 by the National Assembly of France.
  23. Comparison of Classical Greek Civilization With Others in the Near East
    This led to the death of many young people in the nation which resulted in one of the failures for them to reach the standards of the Romans of establishing an empire.
  24. Roman Civilization and Its Military Power
    The Roman Empire used the first systems of the republic to conquer a lot but for the interest of a few who included those living within the cities as well as those who were close […]
  25. Ancient Civilization of Rome and Athens
    The city of Rome and the city of Athens had great influence and authority over their neighbors and allies. The city of Athens had great influence throughout the Aegean and the influence lasted for about […]
  26. Roman Civilization, Christianity, and Judaism
    The growth and success of Christianity came from the conversion and patronage of Constantine. The early Christians of Rome were received with contempt and suspicion.
  27. Culture of the Chinese Civilization Before 1400 CE
    At around 200 BC, there was the construction of the Great Wall of China, and improvement of the trade relations which involved Asia and the Roman Empire, and the use of architecture in the design […]
  28. Male Dominance in Sumerian Civilization
    The Civilization in Sumer was the first in the world starting from the early Bronze Age. The women here had the authority over the religious group and were held in high esteem.
  29. Culture and Early Civilization: Major Forces of a New Culture
    Civilization, on the other hand, refers to the transition of these cultural ways over generations to complexity and modernization. Because of the increased population, people developed the art of agriculture to avoid long distances in […]
  30. The Cold War: Gains and Losses
    The United States was one of the countries that took part in the Cold War; it also involved itself in Space Race. The formation of alliances among the nations involved in the Cold War contributed […]
  31. Reaction Report About Islamic Civilization
    Charity should be sincere, voluntary, and confidential in order not to reveal either the identity of the giver or the identity of the poor.
  32. Early Civilization in Africa Analysis
    Therefore, the study of complex societies has risen in popularity to investigate the formation of states separately from the concept of urbanization. The evidence of African civilization enables anthropologists and archeologists to better understand the […]
  33. Arab Civilization. Mediating Religion and Government
    Also, Islam, which is the religion of the majority of members of the Arab community, is being heavily criticized in media and by some political leaders.

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