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117 Ancient Greece Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Ancient Greece Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Art History: Female Figures in Ancient Greek Sculpture
    The development of female figures in ancient Greek sculpture was noticeable during those times; each period added something new; the influence of other countries and their cultures was reflected in almost each piece of work, […]
  2. Pride in Ancient Greek
    This paper discusses the character and behavior of two Heroes in the Iliad with the aim of explaining the Geeks’ concept of pride.
  3. Mythology’s Role in the Ancient Greece – God Poseidon
    He was believed to be the creator and the controller of the sea therefore, people gave him respect and they make him to become angry. Poseidon was a god of the sea and therefore was […]
  4. Ancient Greek Philosophers: A Critical Evaluation of their Impact on Modern Thought
    However, according to the article, it is imperative to note that neither reason nor the quest for evidence started with the ancient Greeks, but the pre-Socratic philosophers endeavored to identify a single underlying standard that […]
  5. Ancient Greek History: Athens
    The works of these historians give an opportunity to state that in spite of the fighting and dying in wars, the Athenians contributed to the good of their polis.
  6. Comparing and Contrasting the Confucius Ideas with Ancient Greek thinkers
    As far as the body and the soul interacted, Plato also commented on the things that the soul could be influenced by the work or the actions of the body.
  7. The Evolution of the Division of Labor Theory Starting From Ancient Greek Economists to the Present
    The theories of other great economists on the division of labor theory will also be explored and finally comparing them to the modern theory of division of labor.
  8. The Ancient Greek Play Antigone by Sophocle
    In the play, it is evident that pride is used by people to create laws that challenge the divine law from gods.
  9. Concepts of Ancient Greek Culture
    In particular, one can speak about the establishment of a civic state, the adoption of new approaches to education and science, the development of new artistic forms, and more critical attitude toward those people who […]
  10. Transformation of the Ancient Greece Art
    At first, it is necessary to examine the sculptural works which belong to the archaic period of the Greek culture. The techniques that one can see in the sculptures of the Archaic Period were rejected.
  11. Comparison between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece’s Burial Rituals
    On the other hand, the burial rituals of the ancient Greeks in the period of 750BCE and 700BCE were affected by the age of geometry.
  12. Music in the Ancient Greece
    The history of music in ancient Greece dates back to the 6th century BCE when the first music lessons were introduced in the learning institutions. The ‘clappers’ were the other category of music instruments that […]
  13. Ancient Greek Democracy that Still Makes People Strive for Perfection
    Thus, Greek dreams of a perfect society where everyone is happy resulted in the creation of the first democracy in the world.
  14. Suffering in the Ancient, Roman and Greek Periods
    It can be noted that in all cases suffering was seen as evil in some quarters of the ancient world as is seen today.
  15. Infanticide in Ancient Greece
    In most ancient societies, children were the property of the parents, and those children who the parents deemed unfit were killed or sold into slavery.
  16. The Role of Poets and the place of Poetry in Ancient Greece
    The Muse is the giver of gifts and in this case it is the gift to create words that are melodious to the ear but at the same time the power to move the hearts […]
  17. Ancient Greek Civilization History
    He criticized the government for tyranny and as a result, he is considered the father of democracy in Greek Sacred disease refers to epilepsy.
  18. City States in Ancient Greece and Renaissance Italy
    Similarities According to Spencer the invasion by the Dorians was one reason that strengthened the growth of the city states. In Italy, the city-states authority belonged to rich and the gentries.
  19. History: Ancient Greek Olympics
    Hence, the myth concerning the emergence of the Olympic Games involves Zeus. The Olympic Games owed their integrity and significance to religion.
  20. The Philosophy of Ancient Greece
    Overall, it is possible to argue that the philosophy of ancient Greece is mostly associated with the names of such prominent thinkers as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.
  21. Greek City-states – Ancient History
    Using the case of the early Greek poleis, this paper shows that commercialisation and changing attitudes about leadership have changed the nature of states.
  22. Ancient Greek Art and Sculpture
    It is possible to trace this change through examining two sculptures pertaining to different periods of Ancient Greek art. Of course, to understand art, it is necessary to understand the epoch.
  23. Ancient Greek Philosophy: Socrates and Plato Comparison
    Being the most praised Socrates pupil, he devoted a lot of his works to Socrates figure, trying to investigate his point of view and present it to the audience.

💡 Most Interesting Ancient Greece Topics to Write About

  1. Ancient Greece Heroes: Iliad and The Knight’s Tale
    It is rather tempting to see the later work as a reflection of the ancient Greek story, but Chaucer’s work is rather a re-evaluation of the old story.
  2. Ancient Greek Temples Architecture
    This temple was built using the Ionic order and formed the Seven Wonders of the World. Another known and oldest temple that used this order is the Apollo Bassae constructed in 420 BC.
  3. Ancient Greek and Roman Myth Characters
    Romulus is the legendary founder of the city of Rome, a son of Rhea Silvia the Vestal and Mars the God of War.
  4. Ancient Greek Mythical Characters
    The story of Icarus and Daedalus is told in a Roman source, Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”; the Isle of Crete was blocked by the order of King Minos, but Daedalus wanted to return to his home, Athens.
  5. Public Speaking in Ancient Greece and Roman Empire
    With this in mind, investigation of some main peculiarities of the development of art of public speaking public can help to understand its peculiarities better.
  6. Ancient Egypt vs Ancient Greece
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to investigate the extent to which Ancient Egypt became Greek and the extent to which it remained the same during and after the rule by Ancient Greece.
  7. Ancient Greek Sports: Boxing, Wrestling, Running
    So, one can conclude that the cruelty of a blow increased, and for this reason, ancient gloves can be regarded to be offensive weapons.
  8. Mathematics in Ancient Greek Architecture
    One of the pillars of the art of architecture has been mathematics, and the development of this science in Ancient Greece enabled Ancient Greek architects to create beautiful buildings.
  9. Ancient Greece: Relief of the Temple of Artemis
    The statute represented on the relief of the Temple of Artemis is one of the typical examples of Ancient Greek sculpture.
  10. The Culture of Ancient Greece
    The Archaic period and the Classical periods are separated by the Persian Wars and the reign of Alexander the Great is taken as separating the Classical from the Hellenistic periods.
  11. The Changes of the Ancient Greeks’ Conceptions of Heroism Through the Times
    According to the primary task of the essay, it is necessary to say, that the characters of Iliad, Odysseus, and the conclusions by Socrates belong to various epochs of Greek history.
  12. Machiavelli: Modern Philosophy Against Ancient Greek
    The main purpose of current research is to understand the main points of significant departure Machiavelli’s model of politics, state, and ethics comprehension from Ancient Greek philosophy represented in the works of such thinkers like […]
  13. Democracy and Dictatorship in Ancient Greece and Today
    Recalling the speech of Thucydides, democracy is when the power is in the hands of not a minority but of the whole people when all are equal before the law when political life is free […]
  14. Polytheism of Ancient Greek and Babylonians Compared
    Turning on to the cult and political organization the gods do participate in the political and governance structures of the societies.
  15. The Architecture of Ancient Greece Found in Los Angeles
    This paper is aimed at presenting an exploration of the reinterpretations of the stylistics period of the Ancient Greek epitomized in the architecture of the ancient Greece.
  16. Western Civilization: Ancient Greek Theater
    However, the modern theater has become more commercialized and has become a potential arena of political, social, and cultural discourses, increasingly involving the masses.”Theatre, which had been dominated by the Church for centuries, and then […]
  17. Origin of the Olympics in the Ancient Greek Society
    It exhaustively explains the importance of the Olympic Games to the Greek society in the ancient times and the significance they played in shaping the locals lives.
  18. The Ancient Greek Society: Role of Religion
    In the cultural sense, the phrase ‘ancient Greece’ refers to the way of life of the ancient Greek people as depicted in their mode of worship, language, governance, entertainment and their understanding of the physical […]
  19. Oedipus the King and Ancient Greek Culture
    Oedipus consults the servant who was sent to abandon him as a child and it is revealed that he was the child of Laius and Jocasta.
  20. The Hetaerae Women of Ancient Greece
    In the Greek society, the hetaerae women consisted of women who were liberal and commanded great influence in the society. The hetaerae women were noble in one aspect of the other.
  21. Democracy Emergence in Ancient Greece and Why Plato Was Opposed to It
    The result of this war was the defeat of Athens by Sparta at the end of the fifth century which led to the overthrow of many democratic regimes.
  22. Ancient Greek Mythology: Deities of the Universe
    Hades is the eldest son of Kronos and Rhea, the god and the guardian of the Underworld, the realm of the dead.

📌 Simple & Easy Ancient Greece Essay Titles

  1. Women’s Roles in Ancient Greece and Rome
  2. Water and Womanhood in Ancient Greece
  3. The Significance of Honor and Respect in Ancient Greece
  4. The Goddess of Love, Desire, and Beauty, Aphrodite, was Worshipped by Ancient Greece for Many More Reason
  5. Humanity As In Ancient Greece An Analysis Of Greek Influence And Literature
  6. Women in Time: Ancient Greece and 19th Century Norway
  7. To What Extent Has the Theater of Ancient Greece Changed the Acts of Modern Day Theater
  8. The History and Use of Pantomime in Theatrical Dance from Ancient Greece to Ballet D’Action
  9. Types Of Governments Of Ancient Greece And Rome
  10. How the Texts of Architects Vincent Scully and R.E. Wycherley Depict the Culture of Ancient Greece
  11. The Worship of the Roman Dionysos in Ancient Greece
  12. Women in Lysistrata and Women of Ancient Greece
  13. The Study of Behaviorism in the Ancient Greece in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  14. The Importance Of Hospitality In Ancient Greece Versus The Dark Ages
  15. What Role Did Socrates Play in Ancient Greece
  16. The Value of the Individual, Virtue, Honor, Humanity, and Love in Ancient Greece
  17. The Importance of the Fertility Goddesses Demeter and Persephone in the Society of Ancient Greece
  18. The Strict Laws and Penalties in Ancient Greece Market Places and the Male Domination in Greek Societis
  19. The Topic Of Fate Of Ancient Greece During The Golden Age
  20. Women of Ancient Greece and Rome
  21. Things Fall Apart:The Cultures of Ancient Greece and The Lower Niger

👍 Good Essay Topics on Ancient Greece

  1. The Forms in Which Theater and Drama Took in Ancient Greece in the 5th Century
  2. The Importance of Athletics in Ancient Greece and the History of the Olympics
  3. How Did Ancient Greece Influence Western Civilization
  4. Feminism And The Power Struggle Of Women In Ancient Greece
  5. The Influence and Effects of Geography on the Economic, Religious, Philosophy, Art and Literature Advancement of Ancient Greece
  6. The Portrayal and Views on Women in Ancient Greece
  7. The Perception of Gender in the Literature of Ancient Greece and Middle Age
  8. The Impact Of Freedom On Ancient Greece And Modern America
  9. The Insignificance Of Women And Ancient Greece
  10. The Olympic Games: its Origins, Sources and Images in the Art of Ancient Greece
  11. Exploring the Integrity of Gender Distinctions Made in the Literature on Ancient Greece
  12. What Features of Modern Europe Have Been Traced Back to Ancient Greece and Rome
  13. The Role Of Women In Ancient Greece As Depicted In Homer’s The Odyssey
  14. The Prejudiced Attitude on the Role of Women in Ancient Greece
  15. The Question of Infanticide in Ancient Greece Based on Several Texts
  16. The Role of Gods and Their Human-like Personalities in Ancient Greece
  17. The Roles of Women in Ancient Greece and the Reasons for their Subordina
  18. The Legend of Oedipus the King of Thebes in Ancient Greece
  19. The Relationship Between Slave and Master in Ancient Greece
  20. The Music of Ancient Greece and the Instruments We Still Use Today
  21. The Significance of the Tragic Plays Written by Sophocles in Ancient Greece

❓ Research Questions About Ancient Greece

  1. How Did Ancient Greece’s Geography Affect Its Civilization?
  2. What Role Did Socrates Play in Ancient Greece?
  3. How Has the American Society Been Influenced by Ancient Greece?
  4. What Was Greek Law?
  5. Why Was Ancient Greece the First Civilization to Develop Democracy?
  6. What Role Did Tribalism and Racism Play in Ancient Greece?
  7. How Did Ancient Greece Influence Western Civilization?
  8. What Were the Characteristics of Oligarchy and Democracy in Ancient Greece?
  9. Who Did the Ancient Greeks Worship?
  10. What Was the Importance of Religion in Ancient Greece?
  11. Who Was a Citizen in Ancient Greece?
  12. What Were the Ancient Athenians Like?
  13. Was Greek Law Formally Written Down?
  14. What Rights Did Women Have in Ancient Greece?
  15. Who/What Are the Main Legends and Myths About?
  16. What Is the History Behind the Olympics Games?
  17. Who Were Slaves in Ancient Greece?
  18. What Did the Theaters Look Like in Ancient Greece?
  19. Who Were the Famous Mathematicians or Philosophers of Ancient Greece?
  20. What Was “Medicine” Like in Ancient Greece?
  21. How Were Plato’s Divisions Different From Athenian Democracy?
  22. What Are the “Famous” Wars From Ancient Greece?
  23. How Did Athenian Democracy Differ From Modern Democracy?
  24. What Were the Major Ancient Greek City-States?
  25. Exactly What Was the Oracle at Delphi and How Did It Work?
  26. What Were the People Like in Ancient Greece?
  27. Why Did Greece Spread So Far West and South?
  28. What Was the New Idea of Male Homosexuality About in Ancient Greece? How Was It Derived?
  29. What Was the True Name of Ancient Greece?
  30. How Were the Ancient Greeks Influential?

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