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Augustus Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Augustus Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The statue of Augustus and Republican Busts of the Previous Generation
    Thus, the sculpture of Augustus is symbol of a rupture with “the worst of times” and its traditions, and it is an important mean of propaganda.
  2. Works commissioned by Augustus and their Political Influence
    The Aeneid was recognized as a legendary masterpiece and a testament to the dignity of the Roman Empire. The Christian art according to Constantine was to emphasize on the authority of Christ and His church […]
  3. Camillus and Augustus
    In Res Gestae Divi Augusti, the Roman Emperor Augustus talks about his remarkable achievements and journeys contributing to the welfare of the Romans.
  4. Characteristics of Marcus Camillus and Augustus Octavian
    The wisdom of the Roman Emperor consisted in his ability to favor expansion policy with no harm to the Roman population.
  5. Marriage and Adultery Laws of Emperor Augustus
    The laws were enacted to deal with marriage avoidance, the preference for childless unions, marriage of lower class women by the Roman elite, and adultery, all of which threatened the continuity of the Roman aristocracy.
  6. Roman History: Caesar Augustus
    During Augustus’s reign, the Roman Empire conquered Egypt, the land along the southern bank of the Danube, the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the territory between the Rhine and the Elbe.
  7. Augustus’s Individual Autocratic Government
    The scope of the Empire and the incapability of the Senate to ensure efficient management of power and the increasing importance of the army’s role were the major factors that provoked the thoughts in various […]

🔎 Good Research Topics about Augustus

  1. Augustus Caesar a Good Leader and Contributor to the Ancient Roman Empire
  2. Comparative Analysis of Julius Caesar and Augustus
  3. Comparison between the Representation of Political Power in Two Works of Art Depicting Augustus of Primaporta and the Byzantine Emperor Justinian as World Conqueror
  4. Analysis of Alexander the Great and Augustus, Famous Men Who Accomplished in Ancient Times
  5. Analysis of the Influence of Octavian Augustus on the Roman Empire
  6. Achievements on Roman Society
  7. Augustus Caesar and Emperor Nero Comparision
  8. Augustus Role in the Consolidation of the Roman Empire and the Ending of the Republic
  9. Did Augustus Restore the Republic?
  10. How Did Various Emperors from Augustus to Constantine Use Portraits to Project Their Image?
  11. In What Ways Did Augustus try to Consolidate His Power?

🖊️ Interesting Topics to Write about Augustus

  1. Biography and Life Work of Augustus Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, a Roman Emperor
  2. Brief History of the Political Life of Augustus Caesar
  3. Analysis on Augustus’ Motives During the Roman Empire
  4. Architecture under Emperor Augustus and Nero
  5. Assess the Success of Augustus as a General and a Politician During This Period
  6. Augustus and His Success in Creating a Strong and Religious State
  7. Augustus ‘s Success As A Military Monarchy
  8. Augustus ‘s Wealth For Benefit All Classes Of Rome And Italy
  9. Augustus The Age Republican Government
  10. From Octavian to Augustus: The Death of the Republic and the Rise of the Principate

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