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  1. English Imperialism in the Caribbean and Africa
    Many nations were influenced by the colonizers by the use of the English language through which they were forced to believe and act according to the will of their colonizers.
  2. Imperialism and Globalization
    In spite of the fact that Haiti is already past the threatening state of affairs that it experienced at the times of imperialism, it still survives the aftereffects left by the reign of the latter.
  3. The Effects of British Imperialism in India
    In order to ease the transportation of raw material from the remote areas to the ports and finished goods from the ports to various destinations in India, the British government started the railway network.
  4. American imperialism in the nineteenth century
    Due to the inexperience of America in the concept of global domination, there were great challenges occasioned by the nation’s inability to decide whether or not to use the military to secure the interest of […]
  5. Imperialism in India
    By 1858, the British regained control and immediately passed the Government of India Act, which allowed the British Crown administrators to run the country instead of the British East India Company.
  6. Imperialism or National Protection: What is the Definition of the United States of America?
    Truman’s speech points to one of the core tenets of the self image of the United States; colloquially, the United States defines itself as the world’s dad, in the traditional sense.
  7. American Imperialism
    America wanted an efficient and easier access of its navy to the Pacific and the Caribbean oceans. The Panamanians were to be given their independence only if they accepted the treaty, but they refused to […]
  8. The Influence of American Imperialism on Our Economy and American Society since the End of the 19th Century
    The United States of America was not involved in the scramble, the American imperialism only started later in 1898 during the Spanish American war where the United States of America saw the opportunity to gain […]
  9. American Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century
    From the early years of 19th century up to the civil war, Northern American boarders were to be expanded according to the plan and debates.
  10. Western Imperialism Dynamics
    This is a stereotype that Puccini had created in the eyes of the Western world in reference to women from the Far East.
  11. Imperialism or National Protection: Is it Part of the Definition of the United States of America?
    The purpose of the Address to the Nation Announcing Allied Military Action in the Persian Gulf was threefold: one, to announce the commencement of military actions against Iraq following the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam […]
  12. American cultural imperialism in the film industry is beneficial to the Canadian society
    Cultural imperialism on the other hand is considered as the situation where the western countries dominate the media worldwide and in the process exert a lot of influences on the cultures of the developing nations […]
  13. Importance of American Imperialism to the Economy and Society
    The economic influence of USA is primarily necessitated by the internationalization of systems of production, circulation and investment, the interpenetration of private capital and the structure of the nation.
  14. Shooting an Elephant Imperialism. Symbolism in George Orwell’s Story Essay
    The story captures the violent reality of colonialism as the narrator unfolds the events of the actual shooting and the description of the slow and painful death of the elephant that seemed peaceful in hands […]
  15. Understanding the Influence of Imperialism on World Cultures through Literature and Arts
    As Spaniards continued expanding their territory in the Latin American countries, they influenced the natives’ way of life leading to most of the Latin Americans abandoning their culture and adopting the Hispanic culture.
  16. History of the Imperialism Era in 1848 to 1914
    In this paper, however, the term imperialism is used to refer to the era from the year 1848 to 1914 when the power of Europe was extended over several nations of the world.
  17. Influence of imperialism on world cultures
    A depiction of the dangers of these extremes was the central character of the fictional novel “The Death of Artemio Cruz”.
  18. Relationship Between Modern Imperialism and Economic Globalization
    Modern imperialism also relates to economic globalization in that the European and Western powers emphasized on civilization, as they spread in most parts of the world; this ultimately led to economic globalization. Modern imperialism led […]
  19. Marx’s Anticipation of the Nationalism and Imperialism of the Second Half of the 19th Century
    The process of civilization is nothing other than a typical and complete adoption or duplication of the injurious culture of the west.
  20. Imperialism in the Interaction of World Cultures
    With all the colonization that the European nations such as Germany, Portugal and Spain associated themselves with in the region, came the synchronization of their cultures.
  21. Why were some countries more successful in responding to the challenge of European imperialism than others?
    Despite the high imperialism of the European nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, some nations in the three regions were successful in evading colonial imperialism due to their well established systems and strategies.
  22. The Perils of Imperialism: Through the Lens of History
    To start with, it is essential to keep in mind that the imperialist tendencies especially in the Western globalized environment, affects a state on not only political, but also economical and socio-cultural levels, therefore, changing […]
  23. US imperialism in Afghanistan
    S-Afghanistan war; the cause of the Al-Qaida attacks on the U. S and its allies and motive of the subsequent military intervention by the U.S.in Afghanistan.
  24. Imperialism and modernization
    The skills learnt in farming were of great help to the colonies since they applied them in their farms after independence and this accelerated their modernization process.
  25. History of American Imperialism
    The dichotomy in the politics of America, which involves way in which the nation operate has greatly influenced other nations. In addition, American was involved in operational factors which were seen as crucial on the […]
  26. To what extent are liberal theories of humanitarian intervention complicit with imperialism?
    In this, traditional theories such as Liberal Internationalism, which forms the basis of discussion in this essay, have also undergone a revival; particularly since the end of the Cold War, when with the failure of […]
  27. How New Imperialism Was Shaped
    In 1994, Rwandan population was made up of three ethnic group namely the Hutus who were the majority, the Tutsi who were relatively few and the Twa who were insignificant due to their number, the […]
  28. The Imperialism Process
    Others define it as the spread of the western economy to the rest of the world. The civilized states in the west took it to themselves to spread the civilization to the rest of the […]
  29. Ecological Imperialism
    This work can be improved upon by ensuring that human development is not relegated to the sidelines as Crosby has argued.
  30. History of Imperialism
    Moreover, the scramble for Africa by colonial masters began, and this led to the Berlin Conference of 1888. Consequently, massive migration from the colonies into Europe occurred, and this was a key factor to the […]
  31. Critical Analysis of Dissertation: “Imperialism and the modern world – wars and revolutions or democratic peace?”
    Moreover, it explores the changing world systems after the Second World War and the interest on the concept of democratic peace as captured in the abstract.
  32. Contribution of Marxism and Imperialism in Shaping the Modern International Political System
    Therefore, the postulated concepts of class struggles, materialism, and the surfacing of a capitalistic world market incredibly provide a point of alignment of the Marxism concepts and theories of international relations.
  33. New Imperialism and Politics 1850 and 1914
    One of the characteristics of the new imperialism was that Britain was no longer a major economic and political power in the world politics due to the emergence of other powers such as the United […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Imperialism

  1. Imperialism and Racism in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
    He lauds “the book’s anti-imperialist theme…a stinging indictment of the callous and genocidal treatment of the Africans, and other nationals, at the hands of the British and the European imperial powers,” and also details the […]
  2. Japan and Imperialism 1853-1945 by James Huffman
    The main topic in the reading is imperialism, which the author believes motivated Japan to economic and political development. The author applies a variety of data to present the concept of imperialism in Japan’s history.
  3. Relationship between Neoliberalism and Imperialism
    As the western world, led by the United States, later attained the control of the world long after the Second World War, the idea of putting the state at the centre of the economic functionality […]
  4. History: Imperialism Impacts in Spain
    It also strengthened the relationship between America and many European countries, which led to the development of more political, economic and military influence in these regions compared to other parts of the globe.
  5. Imperialism in King Leopold II Document
    The charges laid against the government explicitly defines all the cruelties and unfairness done to the natives which is opposite of the expectations.
  6. Imperialism’ Impacts on Africa, Latin America and India
    The industrial revolution in Europe forced powerful states in the continent to acquire colonies in Africa with the aim of securing raw materials and cheap human labor.
  7. Social Darwinism in European Imperialism
    Darwinism, in general, is a biological theory describing the appearance of new species and extinction of the existing ones defining species through the process of natural selection1 that is the core of Darwin’s theory and […]
  8. New Imperialism’ Role in the World History
    On balance, it is possible to note that the new imperialism was concerned with the desire to get access to resources and new markets.
  9. Imperialism and Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa
    However, the level and speed of change of culture in Sub-Saharan societies increased massively after development of imperialism and settlement of Europeans in Sub-Saharan regions.
  10. Holocaust and Nazi’s Racial Imperialism
    The scholar argues that the event was a result of the racial imperialism championed by the Nazi Party in the country.
  11. Media Imperialism Debate: Arguments and Theories
    Apart from assisting in the imperialistic culture exportation of the Western values to manipulate the underdeveloped and developing nations, the Western media unfairly displaced the local media and dominated the telecommunication industry in the developing […]
  12. Imperialism and Revolutions in East Asia
    However, the US opposed the idea of spheres of influence in 1899 and advocated the open market system, where every Western power had the right to the Chinese market.
  13. Why Imperialism is Advantageous to the United States?
    Availability of resources and new markets will boost the development of the US economy. The US imperialism is one of the most efficient ways to solve this issue.
  14. The United States and Imperialist Power
    The relevant assumption is typically applied to the example of the USA that is certainly one of the most powerful countries in the current civilization.
  15. Politics and Western Imperialism in the Middle East
    At the height of the scramble for the Middle East countries, the Western powers first studied the region and also watched each other’s activities in the area.
  16. Japanese Imperialist Expansion and Its Drivers
    The expansion of the Japanese empire in the Asian continent took place in the same period when the Western countries were actively invading China.
  17. American Imperialism and Global Identity
    The entry of America into imperialism was orchestrated through the military and economic approach. This implies that imperialism was a remedy for the lawlessness happening around the world.
  18. Pop Culture as a New Tool of Imperialism
    From the first standpoint, most of the experts agree upon the point that the effectiveness of pop culture as one of the instruments of the so-called “soft power” is unquestioned.
  19. The Far East Nations: Isolation and Imperialism
    Consequently, Japan and China were unable to resist the imperialism of the Western nations such as the United States and Britain.
  20. Sports Role in the Imperialism and Nationalism Development
    In that case, it is an indication of certain developments within the nation’s country that promote the ideas of inequality and superiority, such as the ideas of imperialism and nationalism.
  21. “New Imperialism” in the Late 19th Century
    The need for new markets and raw materials, missionary work, new military conflicts, and new ideology were the main reasons for the new imperialism.
  22. Western Imperialism and Asian Response
    This defeat elevated the status of Japan as a military power, and it also led to the annexation of Korea by Japan.
  23. Ecological Imperialism in World History
    Therefore, the impact of the conquest of America is that it led to the introduction of new diseases to different countries.
  24. Imperialism and the Life of Manly Courage
    The poem justifies the decision by the Europeans to enter Africa and mentions that it was a way of helping the Africans.
  25. World Civilizations and Imperialism
    The article discusses two theories explaining imperialism: the economic theory of imperialism advanced by Hobson and Lenin and the realists’ explanation promoted by Morgenthau, Niebuhr, and Aron.
  26. Global Culture and Cultural Imperialism in the United States
    The influence of the Indian culture in the UAE is visible through the acceptance of Indian cultural values in the UAE social scene.
  27. Imperialist Global Order After World War I
    Thus, the general trend of the after-war years was the dismantling of multiethnic empires and the establishment of new nation-states. However, World War I also created new challenges to the existing hierarchies of wealth and […]
  28. Processes of the Political Decentralization of the Middle East and European Imperialism in the Middle East: Connection
    Although it would be wrong to attribute the political decentralization of The Middle East to a single factor, there is a direct connection between the early 20th-century European Imperialism and the dissipation of the political […]
  29. Imperialism vs. Anti-Imperialism in American History
    This is the first meaning of this word and the second is the development of the country as to be means of expanding its territory.
  30. Motives for British Imperialism in Africa
    By the stroke of the eighteen thirties the Boers who were by then the majority in South Africa, embarked on what has been called the Great Trek in order to run away from the colonial […]
  31. Western Feminist Critics and Cultural Imperialism
    To be able to fulfill the above-provided task, it would be necessary to discuss and analyze the issues of race, gender, sexuality, the oppression of multiculturalism, cultural relativism, the attitude of the feminists toward the […]
  32. The Practice of Wearing the Veil and Cultural Imperialism
    The questions that are raised by recent research in this context are whether banning headscarves is not cultural imperialism because it means the death of another culture.
  33. American Imperialism and Democracy
    It comes with increased control as well as the subjection of the conquered to the rules and the demands of the conqueror.
  34. Industrialization and Imperialism in America
    The post-war era became a period of the tremendous growth of industries and modern businesses; giving the nation a new economic and political power both locally and abroad.

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