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71 Colonialism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Colonialism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Negative Effects of Colonialism in Africa
    The cutting down of trees contributed greatly to negative impacts of the climate in the Africa continent. This has resulted to the wide spread of HIV/AIDs in African States.
  2. The Era of Colonialism in Europe 1870 to 1914
    The author of the book ‘The Age of Empire’, Hobsbawn, clearly shows the transition of the continent from the revolution period to the period of ’empire’ which occurred in the 19th century.
  3. Comparison between Chinese and Spanish Colonialism
    As it can be seen in the video The Chinese are Coming, the most distinctive features of how the Chinese approach the task of expanding the sphere of their influence in Africa, can be outlined […]
  4. Gezon and Kottak’s Visions of the Concepts of World System and Colonialism
    In the chapter on the world system and colonialism, Gezon and Kottak discuss a lot of associated questions, and it is necessary to pay attention to the parallels which are determined by the researchers in […]
  5. Colonialism and Economic Development
    On the same note, the donor countries have gone back to the drawing board to determine if actually the aid is as important as deemed, and if the aid achieves its expectations.
  6. Colonialism in North America
    The reaction to colonization in North America was, therefore, through rebellions and protests against oppression and illegal acquisition of ancestral land.
  7. Spanish and Chinese Colonialism
    Since the last half of the 20th century, the China’s government has undertaken various strategic decisions that have improved the economy of the country significantly.
  8. Tribal Cultures, Colonialism & Orientalism
    It had demonstrated that the democratic undertakings in the Western version are ideal and practical to the rest of the world.
  9. Racism, Colonialism and the Emergence of Third World
    According to Strong the superior race is the Anglo-Saxon, a race formed by the interbreeding of the Americans and the English people.
  10. Colonialism in “Manifesto to Certain Filipinos” by Jose Rizal
    It must be noted that towards the latter part of his essay Rizal mentions the need for reform and education, research into the 333 years of Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines shows that while […]
  11. Racial Capitalism and Colonialism in African Diasporic Culture and Western Culture
    African Diasporic Culture and the Transformation Process There is a relationship between racism and the consciousness of the working class. The Africans were mediated by the cultural forms belonging to the Americans and Europeans.
  12. Racial Capitalism and Colonialism
    The oppressions brought by racial capitalism are responsible for the transformation of the culture of Africans in the Diaspora in their attempt to raise against it.
  13. Native people and Native-European Colonialism: 1880-1920
    The dramatic move in 1892 for reformation by the Populist Party platform at Omaha summarized the agenda of the union of farmers, small businesspersons, and reformist leaders with the impetus for change with a view […]
  14. British Colonialism in Malaysia and its Effects on Modern Malaysia
    In the course of the initial years of the 20th century, there was extending of the British influence over the Malaya states in the north.
  15. The Scar of Colonialism and Ongoing Post-Colonialism
    Travel The travel denoted in all the three works of Kincaid, and Desai, are typical of expatriation where the two women in Kincaid’s texts travel to foreign lands as a result of heightened resistance to […]
  16. Colonialism
    Imperialism led to the rise of colonialism in various parts of the world. According to Cesaire, European imperialism led to the rise and spread of colonialism in the world.
  17. Capitalism and Colonialism
    These features are: divergence in wealth and technology of the West and the “Rest”, “transformation” of trade relations between colonies and empires and the very nature of this trade, appearance of new “settler-monopoly” and creation […]
  18. Christianity, Slavery and Colonialism Paradox
    He is prominent in opposing the Atlanta Compromise Treaty that advocated for the subjection of the southern blacks to the whites’ political rule. In conclusion, the paradox of Christianity, slavery, and colonialism has been a […]
  19. Economic Inequality and Colonialism
    The participation of the European settlers in the development of these institutions played a significant role in the provocation of the economic weakness of the colonized countries.
  20. Nationalism and Colonialism in Arab Literature
    In brief, the narrative mainly starts as a “love and romance story” that portrays the life of Muhsin, his love with Saniya and state of jealous in his family.
  21. Colonialism by North American Regions
    This was the case due to the ongoing division of territories by the European nations. As a result, the wars for the balance of powers in North America led by European nations forced Indian tribes […]
  22. Japanese Colonialism in Taiwan vs. Korea
    Due to the strong resistance encountered by Japan in Korea as compared to Taiwan, the Japanese rule of Korea was very brutal and harsh.
  23. Japanese Colonialism Impact on the Korean Culture
    For instance, Faker and Ryang consider the effects that the Japanese culture has had on the Korean one, while Schmidt and Lim deal with the ways in which Korea accepted colonialism and how the country […]
  24. Colonialism Manifestations in the Caribbean
    The relationship between the torturer and the tortured through regression deconstructs the primary basic unit of human civilization in the inner world of the individual.
  25. Colonialism and Knowledge in Feminist Discourse
    Power imbalances affect human societies in multiple ways, and one of the phenomena that are important from this perspective is the intersection of colonialism and knowledge. From the perspective of colonization, the intersection of colonialism […]
  26. Colonialism & Expansionism Literature: Blake’s Poem
    At the time when it was written, the trade of slaves was a usual thing, especially trade of black people. His difficult fate of a slave began at the age of eleven, because of kidnapping.

📌 Simple & Easy Colonialism Essay Titles

  1. The Colonialism And Imperialism In China In The 19th Century
  2. The Influence of Colonialism and Spanish Settlers on Society in America
  3. The Rise of Colonialism and its Impact on Modern Society
  4. The Relationship Between Capitalism, Slavery, Colonialism And Apartheid
  5. Religion Played An Integral Role In The Development And Culture Of European Colonialism In The New World
  6. The Nasty of Colonialism and Imperialism in Center of Night by Frederick
  7. The History and Impact of Colonialism in Different Parts of the World
  8. The Relationships between Capitalism, Colonialism and the Libratory Struggles
  9. The Sociological Understanding of Agency, Identity, and Colonialism
  10. The Impact of Colonialism in the Development of the Middle East
  11. The Revolution Continues Against Occupation and Colonialism in Palestine
  12. The Effects and Consequences of Colonialism and Decolonization
  13. The Political Economy of the Raj: The Decline of Colonialism
  14. The Residue of Internal Conflict and Colonialism on Sri Lanka
  15. The Theme of Colonialism in Shakespeares Tempest
  16. The Negative Effects of Neo Colonialism throughout the World
  17. The Horrors of Colonialism and Imperialism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
  18. The Lasting Effects Of Colonialism On Modern Day American Indians
  19. The Effects of Colonialism on Women of Color in the Caribbean
  20. The Role of White Supremacy and Colonialism in Issues Related to Cultural Adversity in the United States of America
  21. Racism Colonialism and The Development of the Third World
  22. Wars of National Liberation and the End of Colonialism
  23. The Negative Effects of Colonialism on the Colonized Country

👍 Good Essay Topics on Colonialism

  1. The Effect of the Prospero-Caliban Relationship on Dehumanization in Colonialism
  2. The Effect of Colonialism in V.S Naipaul’s Miguel Street
  3. The Psychological Impact of Colonialism on the Victimization of Africans
  4. Western Colonialism And Post-Colonialism In The Poisonwood Bible
  5. The Effects Of Colonialism And The Impact Of Imperialism
  6. The Key Role of Colonialism and Capitalism in the Society of Canada and Australia
  7. The United States Of America: Consequences Of Colonialism In California
  8. Prospero’s Relationship With Caliban And Colonialism In The Tempest
  9. Western Feminism Is Promoting Colonialism In The Third World
  10. The History of Colonialism and Ambiguous Rule in Puerto Rico
  11. The Issue Of Slavery Due To Colonialism In Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko
  12. The Cruelty of Colonialism in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
  13. The Changes in Gender Roles in East Africa Due to Colonialism
  14. The Darkness of Colonialism in Jospeh Conrad´s The Heart of Darkness
  15. The Vietnam War Was The Result Of Anti Colonialism
  16. The Effects of Post-Colonialism and Hybridity in a Culture
  17. The Effect of Colonialism in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
  18. The Problem of Colonialism in Classical Political Economy: Analysis, Epristemological Breaks and Mystification
  19. The Economic And Economic Impacts Of European Colonialism
  20. Suppressed Horror: Conrad’s Western And Achebe’s African Revelations On Colonialism
  21. The Height Of Colonialism Between The 18th And 20th Century
  22. The Evil of Colonialism and Imperialism in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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