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143 Coffee Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Looking for interesting coffee topics for an essay or research paper? The world’s most popular drink is definitely worth writing about!

In your coffee essay, you might want to write about the history of the drink or elaborate on the reasons of its popularity. Another interesting topic about coffee is its positive and negative health effects. Finally, you can focus on the issues of coffee industry. Whether you’re planning to prepare a descriptive or informative essay on coffee, prepare a speech, or even conduct a thesis-level research, our article will be helpful. Here we’ve collected top coffee essay titles and research questions together with some top coffee essay examples. Enjoy!

🔝 Top-10 Coffee Essay Topics

  1. Early history of coffee: 15th & 16th centuries
  2. Discovery of coffee: the most famous legends
  3. Ecological effects of coffee farming
  4. Coffee production: the main stages
  5. Coffee shop industry in the era of pandemic
  6. Coffee preparation: the most popular methods
  7. Instant coffee: advantages and disadvantages
  8. Positive and negative health effects of coffee
  9. Coffee rituals around the world
  10. Coffee in popular culture

🏆 Best Coffee Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Trade of Coffee and Gold
    In order to conduct effective marketing of products, it is important for the marketing managers to have a sound understanding of the origin of the products they are dealing with in order to device proper […]
  2. Mystic Monk Coffee and the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming
    It also identifies the vision that Father Daniel has for the mystic Monk coffee and the mission of the Carmelite monks of Wyoming.
  3. ZZ Packer’s “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere”
    This follows the revelations of her background in the interview that ZZ Packer, just like the character Dina in the story, moved from a dominantly black neighborhood to a dominantly white university.
  4. Brazil and Coffee Production
    A major focus is given to the healthy properties of coffee by having medically qualified properties of coffee by having medically qualified professionals to advise the Brazilian coffee industry, something unique and pioneering in the […]
  5. Coffee Importation into the United States
    It is very important for the importing countries and the companies in charge of the importation to ensure that they perform appropriate product mix functions and strategize according to the available market so that they […]
  6. Coffee Companies and Media: Gaining Competitive Advantage
    Some of the questions to be addressed in this paper include the steps taken to evolve the products to fit the needs of the present generations and the advertising channels employed to stay on top […]
  7. Betty’s Coffee Business Form
    Further, the franchise is a model of business that provides the necessary training in the operations of the business. The reason is that the franchise is a form of business that is readily available to […]
  8. Proposal to Supply Coffee to Peter’s Doughnuts
    This marketing plan presents the proposal by the Lighthouse Roasters to supply the roasted gourmet coffee to the Peter’s Doughnuts restaurant.
  9. Starbucks as a Leading Coffee and Coffeehouse Company
    Rivalry The result of the above factors is the level of rivalry that the company has had; it has been successfully to be the world leading coffee and coffeehouse company respected for its environmental conservation […]
  10. Starbucks Turns To Instant Coffee in Troubled Times!
    The company expects the earning per share in the first quarter of the year 2011 to up by 41% compared to the first quarter of the financial year 2010 and in return, this prompted the […]
  11. Recommendations to Enhance Coffee Bean’s Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
    Given that majority of the consumers are young, hence own computers that they use to study and work while in the cafes, the customer relationship department has to move swiftly and employ a fulltime specialist […]
  12. Business Plan Coffee Circus
    In order to understand the market, it is necessary to have a thorough research on the buying criteria of the customers.
  13. Recruitment and selection strategies for coffee shop
    To get the best employees, the organization must focus on communicating the vision and the mission of the business to the potential applicants.
  14. Starbucks: Successful Product Promotion Program
    According to the recommended strategy, such points and aspects as the brand image, customers’ loyalty, effective advertising with the help of the Web and media resources, the necessity to strengthen the company’s position within the […]
  15. Spreadsheet Financial Accounting System in Business
    First, the manager of the CB Cafe takes at least three hours daily to balance the books in the evening after the closure of the cafe.
  16. Starbucks Coffee Marketing
    The coffee covers an approximate of 33% of the total market share in the United States. They dictate the level and nature of demand for the Starbucks Coffee.
  17. Strategic Analysis of Starbucks Corporation: Management & Process Strategy
    In the course of its operation, Starbucks has managed to position itself as the market leader within the specialty and eateries industry.
  18. Power Relations: Coffee in the GCC
    Specifically, the indicator price of coffee reflected marginally against the prices of coffee prior to the abandonment of ICA in 1993. This is due to the reduced control of state actors in the production of […]
  19. Peet’s Coffee and Tea
    The restaurant business deals in a range of products consisting of diversified coffee and tea beverages. In this respect, Peet’s Coffee and Tea restaurant will use punch cards redeemable for free coffee drinks and snacks […]
  20. Peet’s Coffee and Tea: Application of Machiavelli’s Ideas in Enhancing Business
    In the Prince, Machiavelli was of the view that the leader has to apply all available tactics in order to achieve greatness for the city-state.
  21. Starbuck and Specialty Coffee
    These ways include the use of fresh products in the brewing of coffee, training of employees at Starbucks on the best practices pertaining to brewing of coffee and establishment of a quality assurance department at […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Coffee

  1. Starbucks Coffee Company
    This is in relation to the reinforcement theory which stipulates that making the working environment conducive is of more importance and it motivates the workers than dealing with the internal factors some of which include […]
  2. Howard Schultz View of the Possibilities for the Fledgling Specialty Coffee Market
    To do this, the people in the business had to be passionate about coffee. Practicing this made the company to be the leader in retailing of coffee and other products around the world.
  3. The World Coffee Market in World Economy
    In the recent past, this reduction in prices has been attributed to the increase in the number of new entrants in the market hence increasing the level of competition.
  4. The Coffee Crisis
    Economic implications of operating in different market and industry structures with additional details and strong supporting evidence The fact that the coffee industry operates in different markets and industry structures has led to the precipitous […]
  5. Nestle’s Coffee Bean Products Procurement
    The procurement of Nestle Coffee’s coffee bean products is based on the direct purchase of the beans with the farmers. The procurement of the Nestle coffee beans is based on the direct purchase of the […]
  6. Starbucks Marketing Plan for VIA Instant Coffee in India
    The major reason behind Starbucks decision to introduce the product is to capture the immense consumer market available in India as the country is home to at least 1.
  7. Good Earth Coffee: Company Analysis
    The success of the strategy will be accomplished through continued evaluation of the plan to make necessary changes to realign the strategy with the businesses vision.
  8. A Dr. Cafe Coffee
    In order to ensure that they keep ahead of their competitors, they ensure that they offer quality coffee for their customers.
  9. Business Plan: Coffee Shop
    The main reason for positioning itself in this segment is that the business has the opportunity of incorporating new features to the existing services to cater for the changing demands and needs of our targeted […]
  10. Dr. Cafe Coffee vs. Starbucks
    CAFe COFFEE ensures that they offer the best services to their customers in order to encourage them to come back. The company has come up with advertising strategies to ensure that everyone in the market […]
  11. Communications Plan for Gourmet Coffee
    The location of the business and the target market for this type of a product makes it reasonable to analyze the application of the following two promotion methodologies.
  12. Evaluating JIT Training: Tasty Coffee
    The sales and marketing department could be improved through the use of messages that depict products as unique compared to other products from competitors in the industry.
  13. Supply Chain of the American Coffee House
    This is the movement of the products from the supplier to the customer in this case to the American Coffee House.
  14. Kraft Coffee Pod Launch
    The above challenge arises from the fact that Herzog is not in a position to determine the best and most effective pricing model for retail and wholesale products in markets located outside the United Sates.
  15. Coffee Planet Strategic Management
    Therefore, its operational objectives are to sustain the quality of the flavor of the roasted coffee, according to the secret formula used to define the Coffee Planet brand.
  16. Launching Instant Coffee in Indian Market
    But the quality of such brands is not up to the mark and moreover, the target customers of such companies are the middle class customers.
  17. Case Study by Ariff Katchra on Starbucks Coffee Company
    To be the leader in coffee industry in the world by increasing its presence in different countries an offering high quality coffee to customers To innovate new measures to catch the attention of potential customers […]
  18. Starbucks Coffee Business
    In the global quest, the company must maintain the design of its coffee outlets and its brand in order to provide consumers with the same environment available in the US.
  19. Initech and Coffee Bean Case
    On the other hand, the leadership system that the Coffee Bean management uses boosts the morale of the workers. The management at Coffee Bean has realized the importance of leadership practices that aim at motivating […]
  20. Coffee Business in Romania
    Structural factors, on the other hand, represent the transition of the banking system to net adverse liquidity position, concurrent to the increase in liquidity demand in the context of uncertainty concerning the economic outlook.
  21. Peet’s Coffee and Tea Company Valuation
    A company’s market share is the proportion of the market that is occupied by the company in terms of customer dominance.

☕ Best Coffee Research Paper Topics

  1. The Globalization of Coffee Production and Consumption
    The perennial rainfall adds to the suitability of the land since coffee bushes produce berries throughout the year. Later, rinsing of the beans takes place and this leads to drying of the beans.
  2. Business Plan For Second Cup’s Coffee Outlet Startup
    Among the alternatives given, it is recommended that the two principal co-owners come up with a market entry approach that will bring together three partners the co-owners as the benefactor custodians of the business, Second […]
  3. Short Films Comparison: “Eating Out” and “Coffee and Cigarettes”
    The pair causality and characters choices is also important here – the whole story is based on the relationships of the robbers and the girls choice to eat before taking the money, though in the […]
  4. Costa Coffee Company Analysis
    The mission of Costa Coffee is to produce the best coffee in the world and become the best/ leading coffee business.
  5. Hot Coffee Documentary
    The film “Hot Coffee” informs the viewer about the facts surrounding the case. It informs the citizens why many corporations have continued to support this reform.
  6. Smart Cup Coffee Shop Business Plan
    The Canadian and the US coffee market attributes represent the similar consumption dynamics; only difference is that the juice and bottling beverage and water consumption in the US-market is higher while the Canadian market is […]
  7. Economically Viable Coffee Industry in the U.S.
    If coffee house industry is to be invested in the U. With this in mind it would be of economical viability to start a coffee hot house industry in the U.
  8. Alaska Coffee Company Analysis
    Considering that the coffee roasting process determines the taste of the coffee greatly, experience in coffee roasting determines the attractiveness of the coffee.
  9. McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case
    The coffee spilled when Stella was trying to add sugar and cream to it. Stella’s decision to sue the company was misguided simply because she handled her coffee recklessly.
  10. Ortigia Coffee Shop Improvement Plan
    The purpose of the meeting is to expound to the committee the approaches that should be adopted in implementing the proposal informed by the rationale of authenticating the cost elements of the project and ensure […]
  11. Gourmet Coffee Shop: Staffing Organizations
    In the current case, the employment relationship between the firm and its employees will involve a legal contract. In this regard, the employment relationship between the store managers and the coffee shop will involve a […]
  12. Coffee Machines Market Conditions Competitive Analysis
    The company has developed some of the unique coffee machines in the world. However, changes in technologies have necessitated the company to develop a new coffee machine for the contemporary home and office.
  13. Coffee Planet LLC’s Organization Symbol and Ritual
    The unity of purpose symbol has been embedded in an organizational culture designed to create a culture of efficiency and support.
  14. Coffee Shop in the UAE: Business Plan
    According to Stokes and Wilson, the mission statement helps in defining the direction of the business and what it seeks to achieve in the market.
  15. Coffee Shop’s Recruitment and Staffing
    The progress of the coffee will be a great determinant in the subsequent employee recruitment plans that the company would probably seek to adopt.
  16. New Gourmet Coffee Shop’s Staffing Organization
    Delineating power management among the store managers and the manner in which they should handle the coffee servers would require the formulation of certain rules and policies that guide the management of stores and workers […]
  17. Canada and Colombia’ Coffee Trade
    Consequently, countries that produce the commodity founded the Association of Coffee Producing Country to augment the International Coffee Organization. The perfect conditions for the growth of the variety in the country are found between 1200-1800 […]
  18. Tom’s Coffee Cup Planning, Organizing and Leadership
    The organizational challenges that Tom’s Coffee Cup is facing include poor distribution of resources and lack of a budget to manage the coffee shop’s financial resources.
  19. Elsie Harrhy Coffee House’s Service Excellence
    In this sense, it is recommended that the coffee house should continue to guarantee employee satisfaction and commitment to sustaining the coffee house’s source of competitive advantage.
  20. Custom Coffee and Chocolate Coffee Shop’s Analysis
    Custom Coffee and Chocolate Shop has a wide-ranging mission statement that caters to the needs of the customers, the suppliers, and other stakeholders. The mission statement of Custom Coffee and Chocolate highlights the services offered […]
  21. Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Tastebuds Applications
    The biggest advantage of Tinder is that it is free to use. One of the disadvantages is that it is only available for Apple devices.

✅ Easy Coffee Essay Titles

  1. McDonald’s Hot Coffee Lawsuit and Its Fair Outcome
    Although many people considered the case as unreasonable, the outcome of the coffee case was fair because of the severe damage to the health of Stella Liebeck.
  2. McDonald’s Hot Coffee Law Case and Unfair Verdict
    It needs to be said that the outcomes of some cases are unpredictable most of the time because it is a known fact that juries make questionable verdicts quite often.
  3. Starbucks vs. Costa Coffee and Caribou Coffee
    After visiting Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and Caribou Coffee, the degree to which the identified aspects were developed in the specified organizations was located.
  4. Andulo Coffee Shop’s Business Plan
    Andulo Coffee Shop will be started on the assumption that it will be the leading coffee specialty shop with a profit of 80,000 dollars and over 50% shares.
  5. Evergood Coffee Company: Brand Strategy
    The value is estimated based on the cash flow gained and on the final price of the brand at the end of the lease.
  6. How Coffee Affects Stress?
    This research report examines the influence of coffee on the person’s psycho-emotional state, that is, on sleep and stressful situations, and also considers the possible consequences of excessive consumption of this drink.
  7. Sweet Berry Coffee Shop: Project Planning
    The project will be implemented and supervised by a team appointed by the project manager in consultation with the project’s sponsor, Mr.
  8. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Brand and Marketing
    Since then, the franchise has grown in leaps and bounds becoming the oldest and the largest privately owned and family run coffee and tea company in the United States and one of the largest businesses […]
  9. Coffee Effects on Sleeping Patterns: Experiment
    Consumption of coffee before going to bed will cause individuals to have difficulty falling asleep The amount of coffee the subjects drink before going to bed The time after going to bed that subjects fall […]
  10. Tasty Coffee Company: Multimedia and Contiguity Principles
    Having considered the situation, it is obvious that multimedia and contiguity principles should be incorporated with the purpose to increase the company income by means of better training of the employees.
  11. Dunkin Donuts and Coffee Market Analysis
    The company listens to the consumer and what sort of requests the public has. Before launching, the flavouring of the coffee takes place, which strictly tests the quality of the taste and consistency.
  12. Mystic Monk Coffee Strategies Case
    The mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming was to improve the spiritual attitude of the society and underline the place of monks and nuns in the world.
  13. Kahawa Classic New Coffee Brand Marketing Plan
    The market plan will be launched in other coffee shops after seeing the consumer reaction in our main distributor of our product which we have chosen to be Starbucks due the popularity of the franchise […]
  14. Sunshine Coffee Shop Business Plan
    Ensure that the shop gets to be regarded as the best provider both in terms of product quality and customer service.
  15. Marketing Research for New Coffee Business
    The scope of the study can be narrowed down to the food and drinks segment, in which case the availability of the information would be highly unlikely.
  16. Starbucks Coffee Company’s Leadership Interview
    The respondents explained why Starbucks remains a profitable company in the industry. The leader explained why he always managed change and innovation at the company.
  17. An Open Letter from Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Coffee Company
    The pertinent theme in this article, it seems, is that the open possession of guns by customers in Starbucks stores is creating an unsettling and upsetting environment for many of the company’s customers who normally […]
  18. Job Satisfaction in the Coffee Break Case
    It comes to no surprise that the employees felt unappreciated and their relationship with the supervisor worsened as a result of the change.
  19. Coffee Demand & Supply in the United Arab Emirates
    According to the Al Hilal Group, the UAE coffee market is set to grow by approximately 30% in the next five years buoyed by the increased dominance of the UAE as a key supply point […]
  20. The Game Biz Cafe: Coffee Therapy
    The flexibility of the roles in our group helped me to critically evaluate the decisions of others because we never played the same roles during the project.
  21. Genius Coffee Company’s Marketing Project
    The focus of the brand, taking into account the current characteristics of the market and consumer interest, depends on several factors.

🥤 Controversial Topics about Coffee

  1. A Cup of Coffee – a Ton of Struggle
    In fact, from the peacetime point of view of the strategic planner, the adversary is actually the easiest variable to manipulate.
  2. Folgers Coffee: A Marketing Study
    Coffee is addictive so purchases for the home are an obvious result of workers wanting to continue their coffee consumption when they get home The decision-maker to purchase coffee for the home is most often […]
  3. Nestlé’s New System of Delivering Coffee: The Nespresso
    For Nestle the largest food company in the world the best marketing strategy is to corner the instant coffee market. It is time for Nestle to be more aggressive and to focus on expanding its […]
  4. The Indian Coffee Industry
    The main market for such cafes is in the metros and the southern part of the country. Costa Coffee is a niche player in the Indian market.
  5. Supply Chain: Coolcargo and Coffee Business
    The supply chain describes the whole path of the materials which they pass from the very beginning to the ending point, which is the retailer or the customer.
  6. Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Business Strategies
    This guides the firm in adopting a certain entry mode and international strategy.M.B.C.is the oldest and largest coffee processor of the Blue Mountain coffee with quality coffee which is rich, sweet and well balanced acidity […]
  7. Beverly Coffee & Confectionaries: Business Idea for Coffee Shop
    The surrounding of the coffee shop will be tailored in such a way that customers can have the pleasure of beautiful layout decorated with flowers.
  8. Costa Coffee: Quality as the Core of Success
    Designing for producibility so as to achieve a cost reduction through a coordinated effort between R&D and manufacturing; analyzing and addressing the environmental impact of the firm’s product, processes and philosophy, and reducing set up […]
  9. The Analysis of the Positive and Negative Effects of Coffee
    However, the main focus of the present paper is neither benefit not harm done by coffee to a human being that is in the habit of consuming it, but the way the argument in the […]
  10. Coffee Growing in Brazil: Stages of the Process
    For the next three months, the period of coffee growing takes place: the plots with the seedlings are irrigated, sprayed, fertilized, and weeded.
  11. Melbourne Coffee: Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
    Moreover, as part of the innovation and creativity for Melbourne Coffee Review, the advertisement messages should be directed to the right target audience in addition to insisting the continual use of the product to the […]
  12. Investing in Brazil Coffee Industry
    First to consider is the 1994 Free Trade Area of the Americas. According to, Fair trade has its roots in the Solidarity Economy works of the European NGOs around the 1970s.
  13. Coffee: How Much Are You Willing to Pay?
    The price for a coffee ranges from $2,7 for an average cup of standard coffee to even $80 for a cup of Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world.
  14. The Coffee Diet: Cut Appetite, Burn Fat, and Boost Metabolism
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss whether the coffee diet is applicable in most cases and express a personal opinion.
  15. Hot Coffee Documentary. Judiciary
    McDonald’s case, who asserts that McDonald’s was 80% to blame for the damages that Mrs. McDonalds was adamant that the cases were trivial and this shows the firm’s disregard of customer safety.
  16. Starbucks vs. Dunkin Coffee in Terms of Taste
    Regardless of the time of the year, weather, and country, there will be people drinking, buying, and making coffee. However, there is a slight difference in taste between Starbucks and Dunkin coffee, which draws the […]
  17. COVID-19 Business Operating Policy for Tiger Coffee & Juice Bar LLC
    Cashiers, bakers, baristas, and servers will be expected to meet sanitation standards issued by the Center for Disease Control, and the state governor.
  18. Coffee and Why It Is Good for You
    For this reason, the monks thought of using the coffee powder to keep them energized and awake during prayers, and this is how coffee was discovered.
  19. Starbucks and Coffee Bean: Different Perspectives on Coffee Shop Business
    The quality of coffee is not the most striking difference between Starbucks and the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, while the price possibly is.

❓ Coffee Research Questions

  1. How Does Coffee Affect Our Modern World?
  2. Are Subsidies for Coffee Farmers Inclusive in India?
  3. Does Coffee Make You Feel Better?
  4. How Does Caffeine Affect the pH of Decaffeinated Coffee?
  5. Can Coffee Certification Promote Land-Sharing and Protect Forest in Ethiopia?
  6. How Can Small Coffee Shops Succeed Using Social Media?
  7. Could Futures Markets Help Growers Better Manage Coffee Price Risks in Costa Rica?
  8. How Did Starbucks Change the Concept Consumers Had About Drinking Coffee?
  9. Can Coffee Reduce the Risk of Diabetes?
  10. How Does the Coffee Industry Minimize Costs While Maximizing Profits?
  11. Does Coffee Contain Drugs?
  12. How Did Thomas Jefferson Pioneer the Tomato, Champion Urban Farming, and Teach Americans to Make Coffee?
  13. What Can Tanzania’s Coffee Farmers Teach the World?
  14. Can Elevated Air Conditions Mitigate the Predicted Warming Impact on the Quality of Coffee Bean?
  15. Have Coffee Producers Benefited From the New Domestic Cherry Market?
  16. Can the Coffee Trade Be Fair on Farmers?
  17. Does Caffeine Affect Your Memory?
  18. Have Coffee Reforms and Coffee Supply Chains Affected Farmers’ Income?
  19. How Does Coffee Affect the Brain?
  20. What Has Suddenly Made People Willing to Pay Three to Four Times More for a Cup of Coffee?
  21. Will New Machines Perk up Coffee Sales?
  22. What Are the Numbers and Considerations Used for Establishing What Is a ‘Fair’ Price for Coffee?
  23. Does Coffee Wake You Up?
  24. Are Coffee Breaks a Productivity Killer?
  25. Is Drinking Coffee Bad for Your Health?
  26. How Does Quality Affect Coffee Exports?
  27. Are There Any Skin Conditions Caused Be Caffeinated Consumption?
  28. What Is the Mechanism Behind Caffeine Stimulation in Our Body?
  29. Why Is the ‘Fair Trade’ Price of Coffee Received by Farmers Not Adjusted to the Cost of Living and Cost of Production?
  30. Is There Any Health Benefits of Using Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa, and Are These Can Be Labelled as Medicinal Crops?

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