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Recruitment and selection strategies for coffee shop Essay

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The following is a discussion on the best recruitment strategies that a coffee shop business will use to bring the best employees into the enterprise. The first part looks into the strategy of recruiting the employees and discusses why the method was chosen.

It then looks into the best communication method to reach the best applicants and attract them to apply for selection. The third part looks into the selection process where it describes the best criterion for selecting coffee shop employees.

In the other part, there are proposals on methods of assessment for selecting candidates to hold various positions in accordance with strategies used in staffing.

Recruitment strategies

There are two types of recruitment strategies namely external recruitment strategy and internal recruitment. The external recruitment strategy is the process in which an organization prefers to pick employees from outside the organization.

The internal recruitment on the other hand is a process that focuses on getting employees who are within the organization. It is less costly as the organization does not need to spend on advertising.

On the other hand, external recruitment strategy involves advertising the vacancies to people who are outside the organization and inviting them to join the organization. For the coffee shop, the best recruitment strategy will be external strategy for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that the external recruitment will give the business an opportunity to choose the best from a pool of potential employees. It will also be advantageous because it will discover new talents, ideas and experience, which may not exist currently in the business since it is new (Boam, 2006).

Communication message to attract applicants to the open positions

After determining the recruitment strategy, which in this case is external recruitment, the business managers must formulate messages that will reach the potential applicants and attract them to apply for the available positions in the coffee shop.

The communication message must attract attention of the potential applicants and persuade them that the coffee shop has the best employment opportunity. The communication message is imperative as it determines whether the organization gets the best team for the work opportunities.

Applicants who have experience in particular areas are very careful on the messages communicated by the prospective employees and they can check the messages to determine whether they are authentic or meant to hoax them.

To get the best employees, the organization must focus on communicating the vision and the mission of the business to the potential applicants. This informs the potential employees of the values that the business has and prepares them to align themselves with the business mission and goals.

A business that does not have values and mission does not brand. They determine what the outsiders think about the business. Is it customer oriented? Is it profit driven? Communicating such messages is imperative in building the business and ensuring that it is successful (Mayo, 2001).

When designing the message to communicate to the potential employees it is imperative to communicate the roles and responsibilities that the applicant or the employee will play in the achievement of the stated mission and vision.

Providing the details of the available job opportunities such as job description and job profiles attracts potential employees who have the capability to perform such roles. It is also important to communicate the qualifications needed for one to be considered capable of performing the responsibilities indicated in the job profile.

It is also important to include the benefits that the job opportunity will offer to the successful applicants. Listing the remuneration offered for each of the available opportunities is imperative in attracting potential employees who may be interested in the job opportunities (Bratton, 2007).

Communication medium for the recruitment effort

The communication medium to use to reach out to the potential employees will be the websites or online communication. This will involve placing targeted adverts on various websites that are accessed by people who are looking for jobs or people who are interested in hotel industry.

This communication method involves posting job vacancies on the company websites or other websites so that the interested candidates may apply for the vacancies. This method is cost effective as the posting can remain for one or two months for little amount of money.

It is cheap compared to advertizing in newspapers or organizing job fairs. However, the recruitment process is tedious as the website is likely to have too many applications and sorting them out may be difficult (Boam, 2006).

Selection process you will use for staffing the coffee shop

While employee recruitment process encourages the potential employees to apply for the job the selection process is the process of eliminating potential employees who are not qualified for the job. Its aim is to ensure that the organization gets the best talent possible. Various organizations use different criteria to select the candidate for the job (Bunting, 2007).

The coffee shop business will use the written tests as the selection criterion for the best employees to include in the organization. The candidates do aptitude tests to test their basic knowledge and competence in the field, which they are applying.

In this case, applicant’s knowledge on hotel industry will be tested alongside the experience and basic knowledge on business operations of a coffee shop. This method is advantageous because it assesses the employee’s knowledge and experience.

It is also advantageous because it saves time and resources (Bunting, 2007). However, it is disadvantages because while it tests the employee’s knowledge and experience it does not show passion that the employee has for the business (Bratton, 2007).

Methods of assessment

The assessment will use three criteria. The first assessment relates to the academic qualifications as part of the assessment criteria. The second assessment criterion relates to the experience, where it will involve selecting the employees based on their experience.

The third assessment criterion deals with the passion that the employee has for the business. This is imperative, as it will determine whether the employees will be passionate for business (Bratton, 2007).


The recruitment strategy brings in the employees that the business is looking for and this ensures that only strong skills are considered for the positions. Besides the skills, the strategy used in selection also looks into the experience and the passion the prospective employee has for the organization.

If the business wants new talents and skills like the coffee shop, external recruitment strategy is appropriate. The selection strategy adopted by an organization is vital in ensuring that the organization acquires the necessary skills. The selection criterion determines the people employed and their contribution to the success of the organization.


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