Organizational Planning Essay Examples and Topics

Dunkin’ Donuts’ New Stores Organizational Plan

Introduction Dunkin’ Donuts has experienced massive success in this region, and the decision to open five new stores has just come at the right time. However, the success that has been experienced in the recent past does not guarantee that the firm will be successful once the five new stores are officially launched. In order […]

Organisational Learning: A Critical Analysis

Organisation learning, which is different from learning organisation, has been the subject of attention and research for some time now (Burnes et al 2003; Marshall et al 2009). Indeed, extant literature demonstrates that although the concept of organisational learning did not emerge until the 1980s, its principles are firmly grounded on many perspectives of management […]

L&M Company Strategic Plan

Abstract The market, which any organization serves, is dynamic in nature. This is mainly attributed to changes in the environment in which the organization is existent. The various environments which affect organizations include: Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Environmental. Constant monitoring and evaluation of these environments should therefore be carried out to track any changes […]

Strategic Planning Relevance in an Academic Institution

Introduction Strategic planning involves an objective assessment of the envisioned goals, aims and objectives in a given organization. Strategic planning helps an organization to achieve its vision and mission and to also make resourceful decisions about its present work and future developments. This paper seeks to establish the relevance of strategic planning in an academic […]

Importance of Internal Analysis in Strategic Management

An internal analysis is vital as it assists an entity’s stakeholders realize the shortcomings and strengths of an entity. It entails undertaking an evaluation of the numerous aspects of an entity. Therefore, an internal analysis is a critical tool in matters such as strategic planning. Strategic planning denotes what an entity wants to accomplish over […]

Managing Change and Innovation in Worley Parson

Introduction Change and innovation are crucial aspects of management in any organization. Worley Parson’s management seeks to create improvements in its operations to allow change and innovation to have a positive impact. The firm’s management seeks to include all stakeholders in this vision to ensure that the company’s work systems improve. Therefore, it is necessary […]

Modern Management of Business Organizations

Introduction Modern management of business organizations remains to be very complicated, dynamic and challenging. Whether in accounting, finance, architecture, technology, human resource, consultancy, gender related issues or politics, diverse aspects of management have continued to lead to the emergence of critical concerns that relate to business and management. Proper management, allocation of resources, effective and […]

Assouplir Company’s Sustainability Plan

Sustainability refers to a form of progress or development that is capable of meeting both the current needs and the demands of the future generation (Blackburn, 2007). Despite being an international hotel company, Assouplir lacks an effective sustainability plan that can help the company to remain operational both at present and in the future. There […]

IT Governance case study

Introduction IT governance entails aligning IT strategy with business strategies, ensuring tracking of goals and strategies, and implementing strategies that can measure IT performance (Schwartz, 2007). From this definition, we can see that IT governance takes into account interests of all stakeholders. IT governance framework can provide valuable information on performance of IT areas, key […]

CSR and Strategic Management in Unilever Company

Introduction Corporate social responsibility is increasingly becoming part of the competitive strategies of profit oriented and even non-profit inclined organisations. Firms have been realising a gap in their strategic plans because of the failure to pay attention to corporate social activities (Porter and Kramer 2002). Corporate social activities and strategic management cannot be easily separated […]

Innovation and change

Global competition and continuous innovation Globalisation leads to immense competition among businesses in the same industry. They now have to reduce business cycles in order to accommodate these changes. Companies that succeed in the global market are innovators. They are able to operate in some of the most dynamic and demanding markets in the world […]

Good Managers Are Born, Not Made

Modern tendencies in the sphere of business and many other factors make managers important and inevitable members of the working process. It should be mentioned that managers are responsible for many different tasks, therefore, they are to possess many features necessary to manage those tasks. Defining the profession of manager, the general definition of a […]

Organisational Structure and Value Chain

Introduction Strategic management represents the initiative that is taken by top management on behalf of its shareholders (owners) regarding its performance and resource allocation. It entails plans that are made to ensure that the company achieves its set objectives and goals. Once in a while, a scorecard is used to evaluate business performance and ensure […]

Approaches to HRM

Introduction Human resource is one of the most important factors in an organisation’s attempt to develop and maintain sufficient competitive advantage. Human resource plays an important role in the operation of business enterprises.1 It also enhances an organisation’s ability to attain its goals and objectives. Findings of previous studies reveal that effective formulation and implementation […]

Strategic Management Analysis: Starbucks Coffee Company

Introduction Starbucks Corporation is a private limited company that was established in 1971. The firm operates within the specialty eateries industry. Upon its inception, the firms’ operation entailed roasting and retailing ground and whole coffee beans, spices, and tea. Its operations were solely based at Seattle’s Pike Place market. Due to its focus to attain […]

Feasibility Study vs. Business Plan

Introduction Some essential practices are carried out before starting a new business to establish if the business idea is sensible and to evaluate the required capital needed to start the business. It also helps identify the length in which the business will begin to show profit. Bringing together in-depth business plan needs a significant investment […]

External and Internal Environments in Strategic Plans

Introduction The organization’s strategic plans must consider the business related issues that affect the external as well as internal environments in order to create an effective strategy that will help the company survive in future. The strengths, weaknesses as well as threats should be considered together with the available opportunities. PEST, PESTLE, SWOT and group […]

Operations and Project Management

The management of operations and projects in an organization contributes to its success. When an organization deviates from its goals, it has to restructure its policies and missions because its rivals may overtake it in the industry. As a result, the business should formulate ways of recapturing its market share (Brennan, 2011). This involves development […]

Organisational Learning against Learning Organisation

Introduction Different scholars have proposed a variety of definitions of organisational learning. As one scholar defined it, organisational learning is the process of improving actions through better knowledge and understanding (Garvin, p. 77). It may also be regarded as a process of detecting and correcting error. A learning organization is, therefore, an organisation that is […]

Hewlett Packard Buys EDS

Case summary Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a company that specializes in the manufacture of various electronic devises and provision of technological solutions. The company faces stiff competition from IBM and various Indian companies. The company strives to improve its competitiveness and market share through acquisition. However, the company has not been successful in improving its competitiveness […]

Ready Case Business Concept in Apple Inc.

Because the Ready Case is the latest version of iPhone products introduced by Apple Corporation, the main task of the management team is to ensure the implementation of the corresponding techniques, tools, and processes for coordinating the work on a new business idea (Bygrave and Zacharakis 26). Because the technological advances constantly invade the market, […]

The hospital and management

Leadership Issues Inadequate knowledge and lack of good inter-personal skills leads to poor decision making. Abdul Karim, the general manager does not have any management degree or course. His management role emanates from trust as he spends most of his time in other businesses not related to the hospital, and even the people he contacts […]

The Hospitality Industry Strategic Human Resource Management

Introduction According to Wood and Brotherton (2008, p.440), in the modern world, there is increasing competition in different industries. This has resulted from globalization, and the adoption of modern technologies. The intensifying competition has forced companies to develop strategies to sustain their survival. As such, strategic human resource management has been one of the areas […]

The concept of strategic human resource management (SHRM)

Strategic human resource management is not a simple process as it keeps on evolving over time. The concept does not have an absolute definition since opinions about it vary between various scholars and analysts. However, one thing that remains clear is that the concept is essential for improved business performance. It can be regarded as […]

Operations Strategies adopted by Schultz as CEO of Starbucks

Executive Summary Quality management in terms of services, products and operations management is a critical aspect in business sustainability and development. This paper analyzes the experience of Starbucks in order to emphasize the notions of control and management as well as competent operations. The most eminent practice of Howard Schultz was his consideration of all […]

Mission, Vision, Social Responsibility and Strategic Planning For WAL-MART and TARGET

Comparison of Wal-Mart and Target mission statements The two companies (Target and Wal-Mart) are renowned retail/discount enterprises. Evidently, they have several similarities that make them extremely crucial within the present society. Generally, these are supermarkets dealing in various arrays of goods. It is observable that all of them provide similar kinds of products and endeavor […]

Mixed methods research in strategic management: Impact and applications

Introduction Mixed methodology study is turning out to be gradually more common approach in various subjects, and it has long been utilized as a concept to provide an improved understanding of study issues. However, no evaluations have been carried out to determine whether mixed methods study, which may be appropriate and costly, has more impact […]

Apple Inc Strategic Competitive Management

Introduction Apple Inc. is one of the most prosperous electronic firms in the world. Two scientists, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, started this firm on April 1, 1976. These two individuals were electronic enthusiasts. They were interested in turning their skills in electronics into large business units. Steve Wozniak, popularly known as Woz, was an […]

Strategic Human Resource Management Concept and HR Manager Role

Introduction Strategic human resource management mainly focuses on managing people in such a way as to ensure the maintenance of the employer-employee relationship (Lovell, 2009). At the same time, it also ensures that the strategic goals of an organization are achieved. Therefore, SHRM entails the use of human resource in such a way that the […]

Strategic Human Resource Management and Its Main Factors

Introduction Strategic human resource management is an attempt to integrate different functions of human resources in order to achieve a common goal. All human resources functions should be geared towards achieving the goals of an organization. Strategic human resource management has various advantages which include improving business performance, developing a company’s organizational culture, enhancing creativity […]

The Technology in Facility Management in the Hospitality Industry

Introduction Technology has emerged as key competitive advantage that different companies have used to remain relevant in the market. This is based on the fact that the current business world in very competitive. Many companies in different industries have embraced technology fully because of the benefits that are attributed to it. Most notably, there is […]

HR, Culture, and Business results

Surveys show that Human Resources (HR) can add value and affect firms’ performances in other organizations than in others. HR may help a firm in several ways depending on changes in economic activities, employees’ challenges, employees, and other factors. According to Evans, and Pucik, HR has three faces in enhancing an organization culture and performance […]

Feasibility Study

Introduction The feasibility study is the second major phase in the Software Development Life Cycle. This study is of great importance since once a rough specification of the information system has been drawn up, it is important to access whether it is possible to implement such a system. It is is made up of a […]

Human Resource Policies in Organizations

Introduction In any organization that is keen on achieving success, human resource is a precious commodity that must be guarded and protected jealously because it is to a large extent the major component of the organization’s brand name, which is the key to its success because personnel forms the backbone of the firm. For this […]

Different Views on the Process of Strategic Planning

Abraham (2012, p. 20) defines strategic planning as a process used by an organization to make organizational plans and decisions of allocating resources in a way that makes it possible to pursue the set objectives, vision and mission of an organization. As a matter of fact, strategic planning is an important practice in any organization. […]

Management in Agency Volunteer Services

Analysis of AVS shift from providing social service to fostering civil society development and factors that contributed to the shift Change of Leadership Styles Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) experienced a temporary management catastrophe in 1997, when the executive director passed on. It was not clear who would be the immediate successor. Managerial styles were […]

Effects of Automation on Business and Employment

Introduction Is the future of the world going to be driven by sophisticated technology and endless job opportunities or is innovation going to create an inevitable doom? These are some of the issues that the author of this argumentative paper will address. Innovation has resulted to technologies that are increasingly making the world a happy […]

Customer Loyalty and Relationship Management

Executive Summary This report seeks to determine the key issues for consideration in the establishment of a Customer Loyalty and Relationship Management Program for Glide Air. The airline, based in Australia, wants to include the program as part of its marketing strategy. The goal of the report is to present the research findings on the […]

Mission Statements in Business

Survival of a business in the market is one of the most important things owners of businesses aspire. However, it is notable that the achievement of this comes about due to the presence of a mission statement. A mission statement is a representation of the mission of the organization, and what it seeks to achieve […]

Foundations Management

Introduction The external environment of an organization plays an important role when it comes to the strategic management of an organization’s activities. While many managers focus on the various internal dimensions of an organization, they rarely place the same emphasis on the external environment which is usually at times dynamic, fast-changing and volatile. The external […]

Literature Review – Henri Fayol

Henri Fayol is a prominent theorist in the realms of management and other related fields. He proposed a conceptual model widely applied in organizational and business management. In his book of “Administration Industrielle et Generale,” Fayol described an array of management principles that have immensely contributed in the organizational management (Brunsson 2008, p. 35). Precisely, […]

Henri Fayol’s Contributions to Management Today

Introduction Professor Henri Fayol developed management principles that have identified management as a discipline and a profession. Management involves tasks such as recruiting human resources and deploying them in the organization. They also facilitate the allocation, utilization and control of material and financial resources to ensure that the organization runs effectively. According to Fayol, managers […]

Strategic Planning

Executive Summary and Recommendations Planning is one important factor that should be adhered to in every organization. A strategic plan should not be compared to the normal vision or mission statements. It is supposed to provide a structure for decision making in a competitive and dynamic environment. In the current century, there have been rapid […]

Virgin Blue Holdings Change Management

Executive Summary In the recent past, organisations have embraced change management as a way of increasing productivity when faced with economic, social, technological, or environmental challenges. To assess the effectiveness of change management, this report delves into an analysis of drivers of organizational change at the Virgin Blue Holdings, as well as the barriers it […]

Strategic Human Resource Management enhances organizational performance in both good and bad economic times

Introduction Recent studies have attempted to give Human Resource Management (HRM) a wider perspective in what we can refer to as Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). Different scholars have provided varied definitions regarding SHRM. These definitions attempt to focus on integrating HRM into strategic planning, activities affecting people in their attempts to execute the business […]

Organization Operating with short-Horizons

Introduction Conventionally, it is believed that managers should have visionary characters that enable them to establish, ratify, and embrace long-lasting solutions to various business problems witnessed in different organizations. Nonetheless, this has not been the case as evident from some previous instances, which unveiled that most organizations operate with very short-horizons (myopic) and are only […]

Industry-Based View of Strategy

The strengths and weaknesses of the statement that the firm performance is fundamentally determined by industry-specific attributes in light of the business-level model of global competitive dynamics When an organization follows the business-level model it usually focuses on the development of the company in the context of a single market with paying much attention to […]

The art of start

Guy Kawasaki has authored over ten business books and he is also a co-founder of an online collection of resources covering popular topics called He has formulated ten pieces of advice for entrepreneurs which can be summarized in the following paragraphs. Firstly entrepreneurs must be focused on their goal. The ultimate goal of entrepreneurship […]

The Role of Management in Share Holder Wealth Creation

Introduction The main objective of doing business is to gain profits. This is what keeps firms in competition. The main beneficiaries of profits include shareholders, employees and the society. There should be innovation and creativity. This is meant to ensure that a firm makes profits in the modern world of business that is characterised by […]

Recruitment and selection strategies for coffee shop

Introduction The following is a discussion on the best recruitment strategies that a coffee shop business will use to bring the best employees into the enterprise. The first part looks into the strategy of recruiting the employees and discusses why the method was chosen. It then looks into the best communication method to reach the […]

Implementation of a Diversity Management Strategy in the Workplace

Introduction Diversity management is an organizational program developed and designed voluntarily. It ensures that there is more inclusion of all individuals into both the formal and informal organizational programs. Kellogg Company The age, gender, race, and ethnicity, and language of employees is pre-determined, the organization can have no control over these criteria. This company has […]

Operations Management

Introduction Operations management is a term that is commonly used to refer to production and operations management (POM). In essence, operations management refers to the process of creating goods or services. For example, in order to create a product, we must procure raw materials from merchants. What’s more, there must be a location to manufacture […]

Reluctant Information Sharers

Peter Flagstaff’s concerns about inefficient knowledge management are closely associated with the pitfalls in organizational learning. Therefore, in order to improve knowledge sharing among the employees, the top managers should pay attention to developing learning capability of their subordinates. Motivating workers to engage in learning is essential for efficient information sharing because it can help […]

Culture and Organizational Learning

Cook and Yanow (2005) provide valuable insights on two approaches to organizational learning. The researchers considered peculiarities of cognitive and cultural organizational learning. Notably, Cook and Yanow (2005) single out some shortcomings of the two approaches. Notably, they also suggest specific ways to address these shortcomings. Thus, Cook and Yanow (2005) focus on cognitive organizational […]

Acquisition Strategy in the Contemporary Business World

Introduction In the contemporary business world, strategy is of essence when carrying out business activities. The main aims of strategies are to enhance profitability of a company, competitive advantage in the market, market share, and most importantly, to increase shareholders’ fund. There are a number of strategies which can be employed. Examples are merging with […]

Organizational Change Management: Culture, Development and Innovation

Executive summary Team building is very critical in organizations, because it greatly facilitates the realization of set goals and objectives. In the modern world, many organizations have restructured their human resource departments in a way that promotes team work and cooperation. This is what has made team building activities to become synonymous with organizations that […]