Corporate Culture Essay Examples and Topics

United Arab Emirates Business Culture

Introduction One of the main issues that investors have to deal with in the modern economic setting is doing business in a foreign market. According to experts, markets are unique because of different practices, beliefs, and codes of conduct that defines the culture of a place (Williams, 1998). Some of the distinctive features that differentiate […]

Developing Intercultural Teams

Introduction Increased globalization is pushing organizations throughout the world to develop skills that are necessary to succeed in an intercultural environment. Although globalization can create numerous benefits for organizations, it presents unique challenges that must be addressed. A notable challenge is that of ensuring that individuals from a diverse background can work together effectively. A […]

Culture and International Business

Introduction Various scholars have defined culture differently. Recent researchers define it as the pattern of learned behaviors and outcomes of behavior whose constituent rudiments are collective and spread by members of certain society. Culture entails shared principles, ideologies, value assumptions and beliefs of particular people. Geert Hofstede observes that culture is the combined indoctrination of […]

The Large and Culturally Diverse Teams Management

Introduction The 21st century economy is increasingly liberalized and collaboration in teams that cross different cultural boundaries has become the norm. More often than not, teams are scattered across geographical locations and work through communication enabled platforms made possible by advancing technology. These teams are normally involved in complex projects and ideally, they are supposed […]

Cultural Differences and Conflicts in the Workplace

Cultural issues have become more significant in the business world due to the increasing wave of globalization. The operations of organizations that have international operations are affected by many factors, among them being the cultural differences in the different countries of operation. Culture is said to be dynamic and evolving continually.1 The increased development and […]

Multi-National Corporations Definition

Besides international trade, FDI by multinational corporations is a great force that is driving globalization of “the world economy” (Eun & Resnick, 2007). According to the report presented by the UN, there are more than six hundred thousand multinational corporations across the world with more than a half a million foreign affiliates (Eun & Resnick, […]

Workplace Diversity in Silicon Valley

Introduction & Background Since the US is the nation of immigrants, it has been a major supporter of the concept of diversity management as an efficient organisational retort to the confronts within the public and private sectors. Many past empirical studies have found that diversified workforce is normally more advantageous to a business as it […]

Competitive Strategies: Apple and Microsoft

Introduction Apple Inc. was initially referred to as Apple Computer, Inc. It is a global corporation from America and engages in personal computers, computer software, and consumer electronics. Steve Jobs established the company in 1976. According to the Fortune Magazine, Apple was United States’ most admirable company in 2008. Beginning from 2008 to 2012, Apple […]

Discriminating Culture Within an Organization

Introduction The case study presents a dilemma faced by Elizabeth (Liz) Ames. She is the Director of Consumer Marketing at Vision Software. Liz is a career oriented, positive, and success driven executive who believes in her work. However, her experience at Vision has made her believe that the company is tolerant of discrimination against women. […]

Problem with Multigenerational Workforces

Introduction Most companies today are faced with the problem of multigenerational workforces and ageing population. In general, the values and attitudes held by individuals towards work and relationships are largely determined by how they were raised and where they grew up (Werner et al. 2011). Since the problem of multigenerational and ageing workforces is here […]

Culture and Management

Introduction Organizational management is quite a complex task. The complexity of managing organizations is exacerbated by the fact that organizations recruit their workforce from different places. According to the theory of organizational behaviour, managing organizations entails the management of both physical and human resources of an organization. The management of human resources is a comprehensive […]

Characteristics of Organizational Culture

Organization culture is defined as a system of collective values and beliefs held by organizational members (Argüden 34). As such, organization culture determines how organizational members interact with each other. In an organization, culture comprises of an organization’s values, vision, norms, systems, beliefs, and habits. Similarly, organization culture comprises of an institution’s collective behaviors and […]

Organizational Culture in Change Management

Introduction The success of a story of a company depends on certain conditions. These conditions can be thought of as mandatory when starting a business. The conditions being referred to are: Tapping the market of products and services that has little or no competition. Offer services or products that cannot be provided by anyone else. […]

Leading Culturally Diverse Teams

Introduction In keeping with the company’s philosophy and tradition of working with culturally diverse teams, managers are required to posses the knowledge of how to effectively handle these teams for optimal performance and productivity. Any manager leading culturally diverse teams must clearly take into account the members’ cultural disposition in order to establish an effective […]

Corporate Culture of Southwest Airlines

Company’s financial performance The corporate culture of Southwest airlines is mainly constructed on the basis of attitude, hard work and passion. The company values employees with positive attitudes, hardworking and passionate about their jobs because it is through employee’s performance that a company can create a sustainable competitive advantage in any industry. Southwest therefore optimizes […]

Organizational Culture Assessment

Introduction Every organization has its own competitive strategies. However, these strategies cannot work without a strong organizational culture. Organizational culture has the advantage of increasing employee commitment to the firm. In addition, it enables the organization to define its strategies effectively. This is essential as it ensures successful execution of activities necessary for achievement of […]

Diversity in the Work Place

Abstract Diversity is an important element in any organization, as it determines its success in terms of achieving organizational goals. In a global village where companies source their employees from diverse cultures in terms of ethnic and religious backgrounds, diversity is important to consider. Organizations therefore need to embrace multiculturalism besides instituting measures aimed at […]

Workplace Diversity: Human Performance Enhancement Strategy

Background In every company, the employees exhibit different personalities that are significant in the accomplishment of the performance goals. Diversity encompasses the employees’ perceptions of on themselves and others. Various perceptions are observed to be directly or indirectly affecting their workplace relationships and activities. The organization’s competitiveness and success are based on the effective implementation […]

Factors Influencing Corporate Cultures

Introduction Corporate culture underscores the way things are done within an organization. Corporate culture involves a set of behaviors that occurs naturally amongst all participants in an organization. It includes the mode of communication within the organization, management of performance, the set-up of hierarchy levels, and the coordination of projects coupled with how meetings are […]

Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Abstract The goal of the US health department is to protect the welfare of all Americans. It also aims at improving their safety. To achieve these noble concerns, the department has employed people from diverse cultural backgrounds. While this strategy has the advantage of providing an opportunity for the department to gain from diverse knowledge […]

Cultural and Diversity Management Interview

Introduction Cultural and diversity management is paramount to the success of modern organizations. The world comprises many regions and people who have varying linguistic abilities, religious affiliations, and races among other aspects. These factors give rise to diversity. Therefore, it is vital to assess the importance of cultural and diversity management in the accomplishment of […]

Diversity in the Workplace Within the Department of Health

Executive Summary This term paper provides insight into diversity in the workplace as it relates to leadership and human resource management within the department of health. Various issues associated with workplace diversity in the healthcare system can also be viewed in terms of gender, position, ranking, and employee background. Most healthcare systems yearn for leadership […]

Diversity in the Florida Department of Health

Introduction The respect for diversity highly determines the provision of competent medical services in the healthcare setting. Various sources indicate that the healthcare sector in the United States has realized significant achievements in the eradication of racial and ethnic discrimination in the workplace. Diverse healthcare workforce is paramount to the provision of the available clinical […]

Cross-Cultural Management in Emirates Airline

Findings Inasmuch as Sana did not know the instances of culture shock, she accepts that the adjustment to the working environment had to take time. For instance, she acknowledges learning and getting along with new lifestyles from people of different background when working in a multicultural environment. Sana’s response on people she is comfortable working […]

Organizational Culture of Google Incorporation

Organizational culture is a powerful strength that can make many companies successful. Many successful firms have their unique symbols of culture. Such symbols are usually known as artifacts (Baack, 2012). Such artifacts include stories, symbols, organizational behaviors, and rituals. Most of these stories and rituals are practiced every day. This essay examines the culture of […]

Culture and Socialization of Lightspan Biogas Company

Legend of Lightspan Biogas Company Lightspan Biogas Company will be located in the UAE. It will be designing, manufacturing, and distributing biogas-powered lighting systems. The systems charge on their own from the biogas system. The Company will aim at replacing the lantern kerosene lamp with standard biogas lamps. The challenge builds an innovative design of […]

Corporate Culture of Vintage Tourism Ventures

Introduction In the contemporary super-competitive age, organizational culture is increasingly becoming an important domain in the way business is being conducted owing to its substantial impact on firm performance and competitiveness, employee job performance, as well as employee job satisfaction. Using a hypothetical company referred to as Vintage Tourism Ventures, this paper purposes to discuss […]

Strategies of Managing Workplace Diversity

The process of globalisation has significantly affected the modern world over the last several decades. The borders between the countries and cultures gradually start to fade away. As a result, the contemporary society stops being homogeneous and begins to include more and more different people. Today, diversity has penetrated all aspects of people’s lives. Diversity […]

The Corporate Culture in Merrill Lynch

Ethical issues in the legal case of Merrill Lynch In 2005 and 2006, a group of complainants filed racism charges against Merrill Lynch. They did it for the benefit of former Black American financial advisors and financial trainees (Hartman & DesJardins, 2013). The claims stated that Merrill Lynch was involved in favoritism, which limited Black […]

Japanese Corporate Culture

Introduction Corporate culture is defined as rules, values, beliefs, and norms, which are shared by all stakeholders of the firm. Norms influence the individual’s preferences and behaviour in the organisation. Culture is present in every organisation and it develops as company grows (Sarra and Nakaghigashi 319). It determines the conduct of workers in an organisation […]

Role of Organizational Culture

Role of Organizational Culture in Change management The role of organizational culture as a factor influencing successful change in organization becomes apparent when two organizations with different culture or organizations from two different national cultures are merged together. Organizational culture influences various phases of change and most importantly the implementation process of change. Culture becomes […]

The Role of Organizational Behavior in Management

Introduction Workforce diversity is a critical provision in numerous organizations. Evidently, various companies have implemented varying strategies to effectively address the challenges of this phenomenon. While referring to the best practices, used by Emirates Airlines, numerous strategies emerge. The first strategy is to recognize and appreciate all forms of distinctiveness within the workforce (Morgan and […]

Cultural Diversity Management: Causes, Effects and Strategies

Introduction Cultural difference is a fact that multinational companies have to deal with in their day to day operations given the fact that they operate in different countries. The countries not only have different social orientation but also varying religious backgrounds (Tehranian and Jeannie 2006). Diversity is an inherent characteristic that is found in virtually […]

Managing and Organizations: Taylorism and Bureaucracy

Introduction What is the concept of Taylorism? According to the online English dictionary the concept of Taylorism is defined as a form of production technology that breaks a job into smaller segments which can be taught easily. This concept aims at; Minimizing use of skills and learning time. Separate employees who are directly involved in […]

Culture and Workplace

Abstract Multicultural diversity is a major area of concern, which is reflected in most functions of an organization, either positively or negatively. Multicultural workforce is an emerging trend growing at an alarming rate in many organizations worldwide. There are many implications that are associated with multicultural workforce in organizations, which forces managers to find appropriate […]

Culture and Innovation in the Palladium Group

Abstract The concept of organisational culture is a subject of interest for many researchers in the field of organisational behaviour. There is an agreement among various researchers that organisational culture comprises of norms, beliefs, values and symbols of an organisation. Organisational culture is directly related to innovation in organisations. Organisations with strong organisational culture are […]

Procter and Gamble’s Organizational Culture

Abstract Organizational culture entails the way a business carries out its functions; it reflects on the ideals of a company. A firm’s values, actions, beliefs, norms, and practices show its overall culture. Procter and Gamble (P&G) has built its foundation on the innovation culture, as evident in the manner in which it has dominated the […]

Individual Diversity and Organizational Behavior

Understanding individual diversity is a difficult and challenging task. It has led to many researches, studies, arguments, and dialogues between philosophers and intellectuals. Unfortunately, an induced definition or understanding of individual diversity has not been presented and is still warranted. The demographic variations in the workforce, alterations in organizational structures, and competitive business landscape have […]

Organizational Culture: Decision Support System

The organizational culture is a combination of attributes that accrue to a company or an organization to make it unique and easily differentiable from other organizations (Heathfield, 2013). These attributes may include, but are not limited to the organization’s philosophies, expectations, and its codes of conduct, i.e. the organization’s rules and regulations. It may exist […]

Literature Review of MNCs & Culture

Discussion Multinational corporations operate in environments where they deal with different cultures. Multinationals serve customers from various cultures and their workforce is also culturally diverse. The management has to deal with the diverse culture of the organizations to succeed in the global scene. The challenges that managers encounter when managing diversity will be assessed in […]

Managing a Culturally Diverse Human Resource

Introduction Most of the Arab Gulf States such as the United Arab Emirates have constructive engagements with diverse personnel and clients who assist in the current acceleration of economic growth as well as that of the dependants who are mainly developing countries benefiting from oil exports or other wide range of products and machinery. One […]

Performance Management in a diverse workplace

Introduction According to Syed (2005) diversity management is a novel organizational paradigm. He defines diversity management as a voluntary program aimed at enhancing inclusion of people with different backgrounds into prescribed social networks and programs. According to Blackburn and Hart (2003, p. 60) diversity management entails logical and planned programs or processes that are meant […]

Workforce Diversity: IBM

Executive Summary The field of workforce diversity has gathered momentum since 1980s. This concept originated from North America in an attempt to understand different compositions of workforces. The HR management understands the consequences of a diverse workforce in an organisation. This explains why the area has formed a core part of HR functions. This paper […]

Importance of Diversity at the Workplace

Executive Summary Although most organisations have done a lot to ensure that they have achieved diversity at the workplace, many complaints are still being made by individuals who have been discriminated at the workplace on the basis of their religion, sex, age, and ethnic background. However, managing workforce diversity is a real challenge to any […]

Explanation of Management Diversity

Introduction Taylor Cox defined managing diversity as “planning and implementing organizational systems and practices to manage people so that the potential advantages of diversity are maximized while its potential disadvantages are minimized” (Cox, 1993, p. 11). The modern international firms have changed the approach to human resource management and the way in which the current […]

Impacts of Culture on Productivity

Cultural difference is a fact that multinational companies have to deal with in their day to day operations given the fact that they operate in different countries. The countries not only have different social orientation but also varying religious backgrounds (Schein, 2009). Diversity is an inherent characteristic that is found in virtually every aspect of […]

Managing cultures and influencing people

Culture can be defined as the socially transmitted behavior patterns, norms, beliefs and values of a given community (Vance and Yongsun 2010, p.43). Culture influences how individuals interact with one another in society. It shapes the behavior and thinking of people and can be transmitted or even lost. Different aspects of culture can be adopted […]

Diamond Bank Plc Culture And Its Impact On The Success Of Set Strategies

Introduction Modern organizations are characterized by the use of dynamic technological developments, intensified by the existence of competition and self-enhancing values. Organizations can only retain their competitive edge by changing their operating systems in such a way that they can meet the wants of the business environment (Anderson, 2007). Strategies that improve learning and knowledge […]

HRM and Corporate Culture: Resource Management Status

Introduction: What One Must Know about HRM and Company Culture There is no secret that in a prosperous company, every single employee is like a detail in a clockwork mechanism; each performs his/her own function, each has a unique set of qualities according to which they are assigned with individual tasks. However, according to the […]

Walt Disney: Organizational Culture in the Workplace

Organizational culture is very important in any workplace because it has an impact on various aspects that touch on the organizations lifeline. Walt Disney, as an organization, has an organizational culture that has moved it forward. This is as far as different aspects of organizational culture like mission, philosophy, vision, structure and values are concerned. […]

Diversity in Organizations

The culture of an organization is an inherent factor in determining its success; therefore, management should understand the cultural diversity in organizations in order to develop programs that promote unifying organizational values. Most organizations do not develop diversity programs until a problem arises in the organization. Factors that drive formulation of diversity programs include the […]

Workplace Diversity: Transparency’ and Team Spirit’ Principles

Based on the content presented in the articles Rethinking Diversity in Public Organizations for the 21st Century: Moving Toward a Multicultural Model and The Ideal of Diversity in Organizations, I have stood a chance to identify two outstanding democratic principles: transparency and team spirit. The paper discusses about the two in relation to workplace diversity. […]

Interactions across cultures and organizations

Introduction This report describes intelligence and its usefulness in the organization. Cultural intelligence may be defined as the general understanding about various cultures and how these cultures work. It involves understanding of one’s culture and cultures of other people. It enables individuals to have a broad knowledge about various cultural norms, values and beliefs. It […]

The Benefits of Cultural Diversity Management in a Hotel

Different cultures have varyingt perspectives. Some perspectives and attributes can affect the operations and performances of an organization. For example, some cultural practices and attributes can dictate what to do and what not to do. Companies should focus on managing this diversity in people for the betterment of giving a good value to the operations […]

The Overall Effects of Cultural Diversity in the Hospitality Industry

Introduction Diversity basically refers to the various differences existing amongst people of diverse origin. Cultural diversity, on the other hand, refers to the various cultural differences existing between people. The differences range from language, dressing, traditional values, religion, and societal interactions with the environment (Jan 5-21). Much attention need to be given the various dimensions […]

The Competitive Advantage in the Hospitality Industry

Introduction Due to globalization which is characterized with advanced technology that has enhanced communication, organization has been experiencing a situation where at one time or another, the workforces they have are from different cultural backgrounds. For this reason, it is no doubt that the issue of cultural diversity is a reality and organization has to […]

Managing Culture Diversity

Introduction Diversity can be defined as differences that exist among individuals. The differences may be brought about by age, race, as well as gender. When diversity is mentioned, individuals will majorly cover these issues. However, very little attention is usually given to diversity’s secondary dimensions like religious beliefs, communication style, relationship status, ethnic customs, as […]

Managing Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity underscores a range of various societies and people who come from different backgrounds, like traditions of all living, values in life and interacting together. Therefore, the idea of building or managing cultural diversity is that, the management should not discard or ignore other cultural identities, but sustain and respect them. In the hospitality […]

The Methodologies of the Hospitality Industry

Introduction Culture refers to the set of norms which dictate the principles or values in a given community. Cultural diversity refers to a variety of dissimilar societies or individuals with unique origins, religions, as well as customs living and socialising together. The significance of managing cultural diversity is obvious in the hospitality industry. The industry […]

Importance of Managing Cultural Diversity in the Hospitality Industry

What is cultural diversity? According to Gay (2003), culture diversity refers to a situation where an organization is comprised of employees from different backgrounds. These include racial, ethnic, gender, as well as nationality. This diversity, if properly managed, can result to a number of advantages to the organization as they contribute to the knowledge base […]

Challenges and Benefits of Workplace Diversity

Introduction Since globalization and multiculturalism have become synonymous aspects of the global market place companies tend to respond to the diverse consumer and cultural demographics to which they sell their products and services to stay relevant. A company that limits itself in terms of diverse employee demographics runs the risk of being unable to understand […]

Compensation and Organizational Culture

Abstract This is a research paper that is based on a case study. The paper seeks to explain the compensation strategies in a company and how they impact on the culture of the organization. Microsoft Corporation is used in this case. The paper establishes the link between organizational culture and compensation policies. It justifies in […]

Managing in Multinational Companies

The introduction Some fundamentals on organizational culture Taking into account the fact that organizational culture impacts on organizational performance, one can conclude that organizational culture in multinational companies can be regarded as an important factor competitive advantages and the challenges of employee cultural diversity depend upon. For this reason, it seems to be evident that […]

Organization culture

Executive summary Firms are faced with progressively more dynamic environments, which are distinguished by significant and impulsive variations in economics, politics and social aspects. The ability of an organization to respond rapidly to these changes depends on the organizational culture. These cultures therefore exert stabilizing force on organizations by encouraging cohesion, organizational commitment and desirable […]

Role of Organizational Culture in Change Management: A Critical Review of Articles

Abstract The main purpose of this paper was to analyze the relationship between organizational culture and change management. The two are noted to be some of the most important aspects in any given organization. The paper examined the influence of organizational culture on organizational change management. This was achieved through a critical review of several […]

Organisational culture of the United States

Spending some time in the United States can turn out to be a good learning experience. Learning takes place both in class set ups and outside the classroom. One gets an opportunity to learn about the values of Americans and their complicated culture. Before one goes into the United States, it is important to find […]

Organizational Culture of USPVision

USPVision can be considered an organization with poorly developed structure, vision, philosophy, and objectives. Lack of responsibilities, communication, and decision-making techniques prevent the company from developing a meaningful pattern of coordinating people. This is of particular concern to the leadership styles implemented by Bob and Martin, the owners of the organization. The problem is that […]

Cultural sensitivity in the globalized workplace

Introduction Cultural sensitivity is important in today’s global business because it incorporates diverse definitions of appropriate business practices by individuals from different backgrounds. It is incumbent for any business that aims at globalizing its practice, to be aware of the cultural orientation of its employees, clientele, and its partners globally. If a business organization becomes […]

Cultural differences in the Workplace

The study presented in the journal ‘Cultural influences on knowledge sharing Through online communities of practice’ (Ardichvilli et al. 2006), seeks to address three key questions: How differences in cultural values affect the way employee’s access and share professional information. What are the employee’s views on knowledge seeking and sharing? Finally, what are the cultural […]

Culture in organization

Introduction Successful organizations are always highly focused and have profound understanding of their customers’ needs, the competitive environment, and economic realities. This can be attained through implementation of high performance work practices and effective management of the workforce (Pfeffer, 1998). According to Schein, one important aspect of successful organization is organizational culture, which is defined […]

Internationalization and Cultural Implications for Joint Ventures in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Brief Overview of the Topic In this literature review, it is necessary to consider the connection between internationalization and cultural implications for joint ventures in Saudi Arabia. This question is especially urgent nowadays due to the process of integration and cross-cultural communication. Due to the fact that the prevalent form of international business in […]

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity has become increasing important in today’s business environment. Advancement in technology has brought about globalization and thus many businesses have workers from different backgrounds. Hiring a culturally diverse workforce is important. A diverse workforce can be beneficial to a business although some difficulties may arise in managing it. A manager’s ability to manage […]

Organization Culture for Boeing

Abstract Organization culture is defined through the application of various aspects of the firm including rules, leadership, organization structure as well as the daily activities that determine the work processes. In most cases, organization cultures are perceived as the processes that guide and determine the behavior of employees as well as other stakeholders within the […]

Organizational culture for Honda

Abstract Organizations adopt values and beliefs, which are then shared by all employees and business associates. This aspect helps in the harmonization of goals, objectives, and mission of an organization in its different operating units. This paper discusses the Honda Motor Co. Ltd’s organizational culture. The company was established in 1948 in Japan before growing […]

What are Cultural Differences in Management?

Introduction Cultural differences in management are examined by business administrators, psychologists, and even anthropologists. This report is aimed at examining several questions that are related to this topic. In particular, it is necessary to provide a definition of cross-cultural management. Furthermore, one should provide examples that can illustrate the cultural peculiarities of management. For instance, […]

Effects of diversity of workforce at the workplace

This week’s article analysis focuses on the effects of diversity of workforce at the workplace. Contemporary companies normally strive to establish a diversified workforce. Employee diversity has numerous benefits ( 2005). However, diversity poses challenges and obstacles at workplace. Nevertheless, organizations that effectively manage diversity may have an advantage over those that embrace workforce homogeneity […]

Organizational and Corporate Culture

Defining Corporate/Organizational Culture Every organization, whether small or big, has an organizational culture. This culture can be defined variously. It involves a collection of common values, practices, symbols, assumptions (Bryson 34), and beliefs that influence members of an organization. Organizational culture is a company’s practices and beliefs that determine how the entity is ran and […]

Hiring in a Culturally Diverse Environment

Introduction The recruitment and selection process is of great importance to organizations willing to maintain their profitability and survival in today’s business environment. However, there are challenges, which if not addressed would render the whole process futile. Factors such as language barrier, cultural beliefs and personality traits are among the challenges affecting the recruitment and […]

International Tourism Management: Cultural diversity in international trade and International business management through globalization

Both cultural diversity and international business management skills are closely related in the sense that both of them are crucial towards the success of any form of globalised international business. In addition, it is worth noting that international tourism management largely relies on how well both cultural diversity and overall business management have been integrated. […]

Building workplace equality

Executive Summary Today, due to the technological advancements, companies prefer expanding their business across the globe. As a result, all global companies have employees from around the world. Hiring employees is not that tough a job as to retain them. Efficient people, irrespective of their ethnicity, caste, creed, colour, nationality, and gender, are always in […]

Microserfs and Identity Disruption by Technology

It is undeniable that IT plays a significant role in contemporary life. The fact that most people do not comprehend the machinations behind flicking on the TV, reading e-mail, buying things using credit cards clearly defines the transparency of IT among its casual users and its ubiquitous nature. Private and public companies invest huge sums […]

Integrative Intercultural Communication

Impact of cultural variation within the global business industry In no other industry is cultural variation as important as in the global business industry. Multinational corporations from across the world are expanding and building branches in diverse places around the world so cultural variations will always affect them. Cultural variation has a tremendous impact on […]

Understanding Organizational Culture; A Case Study

Executive summary Having a strong, cohesive organizational culture is perhaps the most important strategy that an organization can implement to cope with the current aggressive competition, declining economy and ever increasing internal challenges. This report shall set out to elaborate different concepts used to define, explain and justify organizational culture. To this end, an overview […]

The organizational culture at BSG Pty Ltd

Abstract Research has indicated that there is a strong link between organizational culture and organizational productivity. It is therefore in the best interest of the organization to cultivate a strong favourable culture. This report set out to analyse the cultural issues facing BSG Ltd following a realization that internal factors were impacting on the company’s […]

Research in Organizational Culture, the Organizational Environment and Managing Organizations in a Global Environment

Introductions It is important for managers of organizations operating in different economic sectors to create conducive working environment for their workforce. To ensure such environment Anca &Vega (2007) argue that a certain degree of flexibility in the firm should be integrated in order to guarantee that employees are able to work to their maximum potential […]

Problem of the Managing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Managing bullying and harassment in the workplace is a contemporary and current issue that resonates well with many organizations in the competitive business world. This means that it is an issue that can not be avoided in any way because every organization is bound to experience it. Bullying and harassment in the workplace is a […]

Cultural Diversity in Hotel Industry

Introduction Increasing globalisation of service industry has made it difficult to manage the growing culturally diverse workforce. Managing a multicultural workforce, either within a global corporation or small business unit is usually very demanding for managers. The concept of managing diversity acknowledges that in a workplace, there is normally diverse population of workers. The diversity […]

Culture and Organisation – Pixar

Introduction This is a report generated after a careful study on culture within the Pixar organisation. Accordingly, the reporter found out that culture stood out as the most vital element in any organisation that had to be addressed effectively in order to come up with a very efficient organisation. Nevertheless, the term culture is at […]

The effects of diverse culture of IKEA in UAE to Impact of cultural diversity on IKEA

Executive Summary Being incorporated in Sweden , IKEA holds more than 20% overall market share in Sweden , also able to expand successfully over the last twenty-five years in executing what no furniture distributor has ever endeavoured to turn to be an international player in an industry where it was regarded to be local earlier. […]

“Echoes of the Silent Language of Project Management” by Dragan Z. Milosevic

Article overview The present article is written by Milosevic who is engineering management associate professor at Portland State University and director of training for Pinnell&Busch, Inc. The main concern of the article under discussion is effective paradigm which serves to remove cross-cultural issues project managers usually face. The major goal of the article is to […]

Building More Effective Unions

1. Organizational culture is one of the issues connected with the formation and reinforcement of the organizational environment. The organizational culture shapes the behavior of employees, and, according to Clark, gives them the sense of belonging, identity, togetherness, purpose in their work etc. (29). The reason for which this issue is important is that the […]

Managing Cultural Diversity In The Workforce

Abstract Cultural diversity entails the experiences and characteristics of different people within an organization. It includes the whole spectrum of human beings including ethnicity, race, age, gender, disability, religion and the sexual orientation. Most importantly, the focus upon diversity ought to be on individual work style, communication technique, the role level, level of performance and […]

American Work Culture

Introduction Culture is a term used to describe a set of values, goals and attitudes shared by members of a given society, organization or group. Culture springs from a series of integrations of human knowledge and beliefs, which over time define and dictate their behavioral patterns. Other countries like Japan, Switzerland, and Europe have homogenous […]

Creating and sustaining a culture in Organizations

Introduction Organizational culture can be defined as tacit but understood regulations in a particular organization which determines what is regarded as right or wrong, necessary or unnecessary, and how an organization responds to any deviation from day to day activities. Every member of an organization must be familiar with this code in order to direct […]

IBM Company’s Organizational Culture

Introduction The Hofstede Model has a five dimensional model regarding national or organizational culture namely “Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism, Masculinity and Long Term Orientation”. (Hofstede and Hofstede, 2005) The dimensions as emphasized by the model indicate that performances and dimensional adversity of a company depends on its level of aggression. There is urgent need […]

Managing Ethnicity at Work

Abstract Man’s desire for knowledge and success has over the years expanded beyond the restrictions of localities and regional boundaries. As such, business mergers and other agreements have been made between business entities in search of a larger market base, resources and human capital. The occurrences of such interactions have over the years brought the […]

Southwest Airlines Company Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is a set of shared assumptions that describes the common interests, beliefs and attitude of an organization that guides it through defining appropriate behavior and values. Defining of organizational culture involves three levels, which include behavior pattern, shared values, and the basic beliefs and assumptions of members. The idea behind organizational culture always […]

Ritz Carlton Hotel

Introduction Ritz-Carlton Hotels is a well known company with a good reputation globally especially when it comes to exemplary customer service. It has a unique corporate culture from other hotels and lodgings across the globe. Its guests are always given a royal treatment by exceptionally trained employees in every detailed standard. It also has a […]

Organisational Culture of McDonalds

Meaning of Organisational Culture To ensure that all stakeholders of an organisation focus on common goals and objectives, it is important for them to have to a common way of thinking and interacting, values, and norms (Goldman, Santos & Tully, 2008, Para. 3). Organisational culture elements form some basic assumptions that when adopted and observed […]

Organizational Culture Analysis: Manager at Walmart

Modern globalization has affected organizational culture greatly. Nowadays, people from different countries have an opportunity to work abroad. Of course, some specific difficulties may appear. It is essential to consider the organizational structure and culture before applying to the company position as there are several factors which may affect human behavior. Speaking about organizational culture […]