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Corporate Culture Essay Examples and Topics

Organizational Policy Statement

The policy statement indicates the consciousness and responsibility of individuals, organizations, and communities to the society and clients; it is designed for the personnel's understanding of the complexity and scale of the challenges that the [...]

Google’s Corporate Values and Goals

One of the most striking features about the Google Company's policy towards its employees is that the company incorporates the efficient use of company values as a guide for their employees and the key principles [...]

Japanese National and Organizational Cultures

So it is mandatory for the organization to work out modalities of avoiding the feeling of one culture domineering the organization while making the other cultures seem inferior by promoting intercultural bonding and communicating the [...]

Hospitality Industry’ Corporate Social Responsibility

The data analysis revealed that while the hospitality industry is suitable for the evaluation of benefits and challenges of CSR implementation, the majority of studies are poorly designed and explore profitability, perceived outcomes, and processes [...]

“The Greatness of Corporate Soul” by S.D. Jasso

Apart from providing the employees with the tools that will enhance their consistent communication process, the leaders of an organization must also make sure that the values and the corporate philosophy required to enhance the [...]

Corporate Identity, Ethology, and Ergonomics

The corporate identity may be defined as the way the company demonstrates and perceives itself. The brochure is used to reveal that the company pays emphasis on the combination of beauty and science.

Tesco Group’s Culture and Innovation

The organisations culture is very influential on the innovativeness of the organisation as the cultural aspects may hinder or promote the innovativeness and creativity of the employees.

Organizational Behavior by S. Robbins and T. Judge

The chapter 'Introduction to the field of Organizational Behavior and Negotiation' illustrates several topics, such as the importance of interpersonal skills, the presentations of the work of the managers, observation of organizational behavior, complementation of [...]

Multicultural Environment in the UAE Entrepreneurship

It is with the introduction of the intercultural values that the UAE organizations will be capable of promoting tolerance, developing new tools for getting essential social messages across, and enhance the communication process between the [...]

PPD Firm Organizational Culture

The human resource management is tasked with the responsibility of identifying the required skills in the firm and searching for the same from research and learning institutions among others in order to identify the best [...]

Cultural Diversity Understanding in Global Business

Cross-cultural management is concerned with the interaction of different cultures in a business environment because business is enhanced when people from different cultures creates a solution to a problem by examining the problem at hand [...]

The ComInTec Company’s Cultural Dimensions

The global factors that entered it were the need for different cultural perspectives on cooperation and management, the consideration of cultural peculiarities of the candidates, and potential conflicts in diverse teams.

Cultural Aspects of Business in Croatia

When doing business in other countries, it is important to be closely acquainted with the culture and traditions of these countries, as well as to the local business etiquette, in order to be able to [...]

Culture and International Business

This paper examines the influence of culture in production and consumption of goods in Nigeria. In globalization, universal culture usually refers to the suppositions, principles and practices of people in the west and some leaders [...]

Workplace Diversity in Silicon Valley

According to Hubbard, diversity pays and it helps to cater the customer's demands, it helps to comprehend the heartbeat of the marketplace and enhances the quality of goods and services.

Competitive Strategies: Apple and Microsoft

The key difference in the corporate culture practised at Microsoft and Apple is secrecy. The organizational structure at the company was almost unpopular and purposed at allowing people working in the fields to make decisions.

Problem with Multigenerational Workforces

Since the problem of multigenerational and ageing workforces is here to stay, it is becoming increasingly important for human resource professionals in modern day organizations to understand the various challenges encountered in dealing with the [...]

Culture and Management

The quest for performance management requires the need for organizational managers to comprehend the dynamics of the environment in which the employees of the organization are drawn from.

Characteristics of Organizational Culture

In every organization, the impacts of organization culture are dependent on the cultural structures adopted. Just like the consultative leadership style, participative leadership styles enable an organization to maximize on their employees' experiences, skills, and [...]

Organizational Culture in Change Management

A culture that develops within an organization is quite difficult to change and if someone joins the organization they have to adapt to the new culture, and eventually he or she becomes a part of [...]

Leading Culturally Diverse Teams

In keeping with the company's philosophy and tradition of working with culturally diverse teams, managers are required to posses the knowledge of how to effectively handle these teams for optimal performance and productivity.

Corporate Culture of Southwest Airlines

The rationale of the corporate culture which mainly focuses on employees' attitudes and passion towards their jobs is derived from the fact that the company comprehends that it is through its employee's contributions that will [...]

Organizational Culture Assessment

In this regard, it is important that companies involve their employees in creating organizational culture which is essential in providing motivation for work.

Diversity in the Work Place

The theory of diversity is used in the explanation of the problems facing the organization. The paper therefore researches on the role of diversity in the work place describing a case study on the theory [...]

Factors Influencing Corporate Cultures

They include Leadership is one of the factors that form the foundation of a positive and successful corporate culture in an organization. The values and practices of an organization are the basis of the corporate [...]

Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

It holds that while the department's leaders may have the option of mitigating such clashes by reducing the diversity composition of the department, complying with the concerns of the quality of life and social justice [...]

Diversity in the Workplace Within the Department of Health

The embracement of such factors through the implementation of appropriate leadership and management strategies were seen to improve the engagement of the employees in teamwork thereby promoting positive perception of the differences amongst cultures that [...]

Corporate Culture of Vintage Tourism Ventures

Additionally, it should be the function of the company's leadership to develop a learning environment that provides employees with the capacity to learn about the culture and language of the organization.

Strategies of Managing Workplace Diversity

Addressing the issues of the diversity at the workplace and maintaining comfortable and harmonious working process for the employees of all kinds is one of the highest and most important priorities for the managers these [...]

Japanese Corporate Culture

Analysing the corporate culture in Japan, the essay will classify the companies into two: the large and small companies The Japanese culture of management stands out clearly in large corporations.

Role of Organizational Culture

The cultural dimensions that were adopted by Detert, Schroeder and Mauriel were the usage and essence of "truth and rationality" in the organization, the importance of time placed by the employees and the top management, [...]

Culture and Workplace

Therefore, this case study focuses on the effects of multicultural workforce in Standard Charted bank, and recommends the best solutions to curb the challenges and increase the performance of the bank.

Culture and Innovation in the Palladium Group

Intrinsic motivation comes from the employees and is characterised by the need to achieve good results, the passion in work, the ambition to acquire new knowledge and the need to be successful at the workplace.

Individual Diversity and Organizational Behavior

The demographic variations in the workforce, alterations in organizational structures, and competitive business landscape have all contributed to the element of diversity in the workforce and has made it customary in contemporary organizations.

Literature Review of MNCs & Culture

The management has to deal with the diverse culture of the organizations to succeed in the global scene. The managers can pick employees from each of the countries in which the organization has operations or [...]

Managing a Culturally Diverse Human Resource

Most of the Arab Gulf States such as the United Arab Emirates have constructive engagements with diverse personnel and clients who assist in the current acceleration of economic growth as well as that of the [...]

Workforce Diversity: IBM

Thus, management of workforce diversity is an essential part of protecting organisational performance and possible legal tangles from sections of the workforce that feel dissatisfied due to cases of harassment and discrimination because of their [...]

Explanation of Management Diversity

The idea of diversity in management in organisations originates in North America in the 1980s. Thus, management of workforce diversity is an essential part of protecting organisational performance and possible legal tangles from the employees [...]

Impacts of Culture on Productivity

However, it is important to note that organizations have been known to move from flat-based culture to hierarchical culture as they grow and expand their activities.

Managing cultures and influencing people

The culture in the organizations encourages employees to develop skills for the benefit of the organization. The culture in the organization should be all inclusive and not seek to discriminate anyone.

HRM and Corporate Culture: Resource Management Status

Before going into details concerning the way in which HRM impacts the employees' organizational behavior, it is reasonable to touch upon the specifics of the corporate culture, its definition and significance for the well-being of [...]

Diversity in Organizations

The culture of an organization is an inherent factor in determining its success; therefore, management should understand the cultural diversity in organizations in order to develop programs that promote unifying organizational values. The programs should [...]

Interactions across cultures and organizations

The report describes the meaning of cultural intelligence and how it can be used to improve performance in the organization. This is because these people will be able to understand the correlation between the individual [...]

Managing Culture Diversity

It should also be noted that effective and efficient communications as well as marketing are also brought about by cultural diversity management. The public images of organizations are also enhanced by cultural diversity management.

Managing Cultural Diversity

The report concentrates on the discussion on benefits and challenges of cultural diversity, the opportunity cultural diversity offers and provides practical recommendations that can help the management to deal with the multicultural diversity issues effectively.

The Methodologies of the Hospitality Industry

It is upon the management to test and evaluate on the best workers necessary in which department within the organization. The competency of every employee or manager to appreciate and respect cultural diversity within the [...]

Challenges and Benefits of Workplace Diversity

A company that limits itself in terms of diverse employee demographics runs the risk of being unable to understand the quirks and cultural norms in specific ethnic and racial markets resulting in the creation of [...]

Managing in Multinational Companies

Some fundamentals on organizational culture Taking into account the fact that organizational culture impacts on organizational performance, one can conclude that organizational culture in multinational companies can be regarded as an important factor competitive advantages [...]

Organization Culture

The purpose of the research below is to evaluate the changes that are interconnected with organization culture and how these changes can be incorporated into the organization for effective success and accomplishment organizational goals.

Organisational Culture of the United States

It is important to take note of the facts that the country is comprised of diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds that shape the values of Americans and that certain groups hold values that deviate from [...]