Professions Essay Examples and Topics

Job Analysis Importance

Job analysis refers to the process of gathering all the relevant information pertaining a given job specification. It involves evaluation of data on the overall job content and the required personal attributes necessary for the successful execution of such duties. Three Elements of Job Analysis Job analysis comprises of three major elements; sources of data, […]

Developing and Demonstrating Employability

Introduction In this paper, I investigate how an individual should develop and exhibit satisfactory employability traits to probable employers by outlining relevant competencies, personal audits, and learning outcomes. I have also enumerated my reflections and future development plans in regards to the skills and employer requirements that I lack. For demonstration purposes, I have delved […]

Management: Pay and Rewards

Organizations tend to align their employees’ pay packages to the strategic business goals and objectives. The remunerations and benefits must reflect on the company’s market strength. Interestingly, employees’ remunerations do not necessarily have to depend on the company’s performance over a given period (Greenhouse, 2005). For example, when Asciano made a loss of $695, it […]

The O*Net and Self-Directed Search

Part 1: Self-Direct Both the Self Directed Search and O*Net profiler provide information on how people choose careers. In fact, the O*Net profiler is the most used inventory in the world. The personality types below forms the Holland hexagon that is used to show the similarities and differences among the personality types. It also shows […]

Job Difficulties and Job Satisfaction in the UAE and OECD Countries

Introduction Job quality, as well as employees’ satisfaction with it, is becoming more and more important nowadays. Some analysts even claim that these variables should be included in organizations’ annual reports and Wall Street critiques (Connell, Burgess and Hannif 60). Job quality is a complex and broad term. It is about identification, commitment, and performance. […]

Counseling Techniques used to help an unemployed client

Introduction We have all experienced grief in one way or another. It could be through loss of a loved one, a family member, a friend or a job. A simple definition of grief, provided by Webster is, “a keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss, sharp sorrow or painful regret” (Bryant, 2009, p. […]

Critical Analysis: “Access for All: An Assistive Technologies Training Resource Manual for Library Staff”

Analyzing the submission Access for All: An Assistive Technologies Training Resource Manual for Library Staff, it is necessary to notice that the main idea of this work is the presentation of the program for library staff which includes the issues and technologies that can be explored for people with disabilities. The submission contains different facts […]

An action plan for serving individuals with disabilities – Library & Information Science

Introduction Over the last number of decades, the society and the business community have ignored the plight of the disabled people. This could be due to the fact that the society and the business community overlooked the social-economic value that the disabled community added to the society. Thus there were no infrastructure set up to […]

Library and Information Science

Introduction Persons with disabilities often need help with the simplest things such as where to find housing that they can actually navigate or how to make sure that a certain test that they’d like to take is accessible to them. Federal, state, and local government agencies provide various services for those with disabilities, and it […]

Functions of a Job Description

Job analysis is the foundation of a well-articulated job description that is crucial when recruiting new employees and carrying out performance appraisals for current employees. Job analysis is useful when identifying the attributes of the job viz. general, functional, physical, and education attributes. The human resources managers use job analysis to identify the general attributes […]

Analyzing a Job

Determining When to Create a Job All businesses in one form or another come across situations where the need arises for more personnel to occupy certain positions. This can arise out of the natural process of employee retirement, company expansion, employee termination and other such instances where a position opens up that requires a person […]

Effective of library services

Project Description Customers have different service needs and expectations of a service and require service delivery to conform to these needs and expectations. It is important to take cognizance of in addressing the problems faced by the customers. Within library services, efforts geared towards filling the gaps between perceived expectations and perceived performance should be […]

Library & Information Science Research Proposal Worksheet

Introduction Over the years, librarians have chosen to view library patrons through a prism of collections they have as opposed viewing collections through the patron’s eyes. To ensure this is done, it is imperative that librarians devise effective strategies to achieve these objectives (Glass & Holyoak, 1986, p. 23). One of the strategies that librarians […]

Approach of narrative library

Introduction The study topic generates a few queries that need responding prior to evaluating the basic concern to bridge the gap between client anticipations and service delivery. The queries include: which clients? Which gap? Various clients have various library requirements and anticipations. It is necessary, thus, to ensure the study and concerns emerging from the […]

Research on the profit of an organization

The purpose of this paper is to establish whether there is a direct correlation between employee retention and the overall profit growth of an organization. The study utilizes 6 articles and explains how they relate to the problem or purpose. The article on “Keep Your Turnover Low” by Todd Donnelly shows there is a relationship […]

What Career Transitions Are You Likely to Face in The Next Ten Years?

The individual needs a career transition in the next ten years. The research focuses on the effects of career transitions in the next ten years. The research includes the importance of theory and concepts to manage the changes. The individual is likely to face the fast food transition in the next ten years. First, the […]

The labour market value of STEM qualifications and occupations

Article Research Problem to be solved The article determines the value of Science, technology, engineering and mathematics qualifications with special focus to vocational qualifications. According to Greenwood et al (2011), STEM is crucial in the present economy and it plays an important role on upgrading disciplines and qualifications offered in vocational training. Article Research Goals […]

Choosing a career

The choice of a career as a surgeon or fish and game warden depends on one’s ambition and hard work. Different career paths require distinct training criteria to make sure that the trainee acquires relevant information to perform the tasks in his/her area of jurisdiction. Remuneration for every career varies, depending on the nature of […]

Interview importance

Abstract This interview package gives a reflection on the position of the Chief Accounting Officer. The package also provides the criteria which shall be used when interviewing the candidates for the position of the Chief Accounting Officer. It contains a series of areas which are going to be points of focus. These areas include the […]

Critically Analyse the UK Government’s Strategy towards Work Training and Skills in the Light of the Current Economic Downturn

Introduction The global economy has been striving for a sustainable growth following the global financial crisis and its recessionary impact; however, the advanced economy like Europe stay behind fragile still 2012 with a global growth of 4% although the emerging Asia nations evidenced better recovery rate up to 7¼% while the UK economy gained 4¾% […]

Job Analysis of Public Information Officer

Introduction The position of a public information officer working for a police precinct entails a combination of journalism, communication and police work in order to properly disseminate information to the general public which can consist of a variety of important announcements that may impact their safety in the near future. It is based on this […]

Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence

A Diagrammatic Illustration of a Force Field Analysis With regard to the Modified from Lewis et al. (2007, p.268) With regard to the force field analysis, the driving forces are those that influence (that is, push) a positive change; such as enhancing the corporate productivity and individual creativity (Accel-Team, 2012). On the other hand, restraining […]

Flexibility and Coping With Changes

According to Dubrin and Young, the ability to cope with change is the difference between success and failure in ones career (345). Not all people are able to deal with change in the same way. This therefore, highlights the need to empower people to improve their abilities to cope with change. A successful career depends […]

Career Management for IT Professionals

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), can be defined as an important technique used for understanding one’s strengths, weaknesses, available opportunities and the threats faced. It is vital in career development because it helps in taking the best advantages of one’s talents, capabilities and opportunities. With little effort one can […]

Why Do People Switch Careers?

Today there are a lot of people who can be considered in society as having multiple careers or various career experiences. Thus, it is possible to speak about the tendency to switch careers under the influence of a number of factors. These significant factors are actively discussed by the psychologists and sociologists. It is typical […]

Impression Management In A Job Interview

Introduction With the current economic crunch that seems to rise in an alarming rate, the unemployed people are likely to be emotionally and psychologically affected resulting to a scarring effect. Having a source of income therefore becomes very important for every citizen in order to sustain their daily basic needs. It does not come as […]

Careers in the Hospitality Industry

Food & Beverage Manager A number of Food and Beverage Managers start their career paths by taking up part-time jobs in fast food establishments, restaurants, hospitals, and hotels while still in school or college. This enables them to know more about their duties and gives them a clear idea of what the position entails. They […]

Retention and financial benefits of remote working

Workers have come a long way with Teleworking and that is why National Telework Week has been organized to recognize employee retention and financial benefits of remote working. Brian Christensen who is one of the employees Cisco System Inc, which is a computer networking firm, recalls how he was forced to move from his home […]

Deskilling Phenomenon in Modern Society

Deskilling is a phenomenon that has come about due to agents of globalization such as technology, multinational corporations and increased bureaucratization, which are aimed increasing efficiency and effectiveness in both private and civil service. In other words, it is a process where workers in various organizations in both government and private sectors are eliminated due […]

Standards of Engineering Ethics and Professionalism in the World

The development of engineering ethics can be traced to the turn of the 20th century when the mother engineering associations formulated ethical codes. The engineering ethics refer to the guidelines and principles applied by engineers in their professional practice. Adoption of the first code of ethics was by The Institute of Civil Engineers of England […]

Job Interviews

Definition of a Job Interview Job interviews are as old as employment itself. During the early years of the working man, an interview was as simple as coming up to Farmer Dan and asking him if he had a job open. He would respond “I need a cowhand. Can you do that?” A simple yes […]

The application and implementation of short term and long-term remuneration reward plan

Introduction For any given Company, Business, Firm or Organization, it is the paramount duty of that Institution’s Human Resources or Compensation Committee to recognize the crucial role people play in the achievement of both the Institution’s short-term and long-term objectives as a key source of gaining advantage over its competitors1. Therefore, for the Institution to […]

Hospital Administrator Job Analysis

Introduction Human Resource is one of the most important departments within an organization. According to Muller (28), employees are the most important assets to any firm. They shape the direction of the firm and determine its success. A work force that has the right qualification is determined to achieve and receive the right motivation, which […]

Advertising Manager in Magazine

Introduction The rising prominence of the Internet-based magazines, as the publications of choice for many users in the developed world, has seen the role of the advertising manager in print-oriented magazine publishing companies thrust to the fore. The number of print magazines has been declining remarkably with many former subscribers to these magazines turning to […]

Employment Opportunities in Information System in the World

Introduction There are various employment opportunities in IS/IT throughout the world. These include consultancy, software development and web development, among others. This paper will explore the skills required for various jobs in Information systems and/or Technology. In this regard, the paper will explore three IS/IT related jobs. Summary of Job descriptions Software developer The vacancy […]

Occupational Theories

Super’s Occupational Theory (1954) The theory was developed by Donald Super and is sometimes referred to as the Developmental Self-Concept Theory. As the name suggests, the theory stresses on the significance of the development of self-concept. Super’s theory rests on the fact that individuals have dissimilar capabilities, interests, and traits, which suit them for different […]

Concepts of Supply Chain

Introduction Cuero limited, is a company that is involved in the manufacture of shoes and has 3 factories for manufacture that include Catesby factory, Kilsby factory and the Buckhorn Weston factory. The company is also involved in retailing, distribution of shoes materials and the operations of a mail order business. The purchasing and supply performance […]

Portfolio Usage in Today’s Career

These days, a job market is one of the most competitive ones, thus, in order to succeed in a chosen field and professional development, one should know techniques that can help him/her stand out from the crowd of numerous applicants for a position. To pass an interview for a job successfully, one should provide a […]

Ethics in design

Basically, ethics can be defined as the branch of philosophy that deals with the moral principles of a person with respect to the appropriateness and wrongness of particular measures and to the goodness and badness of the intentions and ends of such measures. These rules of conduct are usually acknowledged in respect to a particular […]

Job description of a food and beverage manager in Australia

Introduction In the world today, all businesses including hotels are faced with stiff market competition; this is because of new inventions and changes in technologies coming up, all with the aims of winning customers confidence in terms of quality products and services rendered by the hotel (Atkinson and Brander, 2001). This will only be achieved […]

Evaluation of Engineering Dilemma

Ethical dilemma is a situation where a person is challenged by two opposing decisions. One of them may be right in two different circumstances. The ability to know what is right and what is wrong is often in conflict with the objective of ethical conduct. Ethical dilemma comes in various forms in our everyday activities. […]

Computer Technician

In capitalistic nation like the United States of America, the labor market is controlled by forces of demand and supply. When demand for a certain profession is high, then salaries and wages are expected to be high; on the other side when the demands of a certain profession is low, then wages and demand of […]

SADAFCO Company’s Management and Development

History of the Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Company In 1976 a joint venture among Saudi businessmen, Kuwaiti businessmen, and the Danish Turnkey Dairies gave rise to the establishment of the Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Company. At the beginning, owing to financial constrains the company began its operations with the production of the UHT milk. During […]

Business and Strategy Manager Job

Abstract Linking the right employee with the right job is always a problem that faces most companies. Selecting the appropriate employee for a certain job is not only important to the employer but it also ensures that the employee perform the required duties effectively. The process of selecting the right employee will start from the […]

Job Analysis: Store Keeper

Abstract Qualified employees are crucial to any organization’s success and achievement of goals. The management of the organization therefore has the task of hiring qualified workers only. This task is not easy because it involves in-depth scrutiny of the job applicant’s skills as well as professional qualifications. Personal attributes of the applicant are also a […]

Professionalism and ethics

Professionalism and ethics are key factors in a job setting. These two aspects work hand in hand. Engineering is no different case. Ethics seeks to evaluate deeply on moral aspects. It entails the practices that the staff carries out in an establishment. It incorporates; good value, code of conduct, moral value, principles and virtues. The […]

A True Profession

A true profession is characterized by a lifetime devotion to one’s specialized area of training when serving others while adding value to one’s quality of work in addition to Integrity of character, sound knowledge, and excellent skills. Honesty, accurate and true dissemination of information in addition to individual responsibility for ones’ actions define true professions. […]