Company Structure Essay Examples and Topics

Organizational Diagnosis: Business Self-Assessment Model

Long-term business performance is significant for business survival as well as sustainability. Organizations always strive to adopt the best strategies to improve their management standards to enable them to achieve their core objectives better. Best practices and organizational diagnosis have often been used to maintain quality in organizations, and as an alternative to rigid legislated […]

Multinational Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Introduction Multinational enterprises (MNEs) from the TRIAD have dominated business on the international stage for decades with roughly 70% of world trade conducted by MNEs and their affiliates (The economy: Economic structure, 2006: 29 – 31). MNEs from the TRIAD have had to come up with innovative ways of working with companies from emerging economies […]

Analyzing the Findings of Falcons

Findings from the Physical Store Questionnaire Analysis Falcons can meet the time differences for both the public and the private sectors. However, it is imperative that Falcons should adjust the stores opening time and the closing time. Given that the public will arrive as early as 7.30 a.m., it would be prudent for the company […]

Charter Communication Company: Case Analysis

Introduction The growth and sustainability of Charter Communication Company lie in the implementation of its objectives and business strategies. The objectives and business strategies of the organization must align with the market trend and market target (David, 2011). Charter communications is a leading company that manufactures Internet and broadcasting cable, it provides high-speed connections to […]

Donaldson Family Foods management

Classical Approach Diagnosis Donaldson Family Foods Company does not have systems that work alongside its staff members to promote healthy communication ethics by recognizing and where necessary, supporting staff members who make steady commitment in practicing accepted and desirable healthy organizational communication ethics in their work departments. This is best achieved through reliable management and […]

How Google Governs the Internet

The extent to which Google governs the internet today is unsurpassable. Google has tactfully developed products and services that are ubiquitous in the cyber realm, in addition, these products and services are user friendly designed to meet the consumer needs, encompassing current and potentially future market trends. Google seems to set standards for the industry […]

Burberry Online

Introduction The global luxury goods market is multi-billion industry and Burberry wants to take a major slice of it. The Burberry brand is a well-known British brand that has been in business for more than 150 years (Burberry 2011). The company leaders that comprise the Burberry brand realized that in a highly competitive environment, success […]

Case Study of Harley-Davidson

Introduction Harley-Davidson Company has been in the motorcycle manufacturing business for decades now. The American based company was launched in Wisconsin at the start of the 20th century as a small yet promising motorcycle manufacturer. Due to its strong managerial and marketing background, Harley-Davidson outwitted the Great Depression era that witnessed many manufacturing firms going […]

Pepsi Cola International

Executive summary The assessment analyses challenges experienced by Pepsi Cola International in Ukraine. Distribution channels and logistics challenges have affected the business, which is the reason this assessment identifies four challenges and gives possible solutions. While using the available literature, challenges include poor transport and infrastructure. The ports are congested and delays are common. Burglary […]

Acer 6886: Position Though Advertisement

Positioning Acer 6886 will be easy to position though advertisement to existing customers. Most people while purchasing devices online will be required to register with their email address. Through this, the company has an opportunity to send articles as the customers have subscribed. Weekly newsletters, manuals and software’s that are compatible to Acer are sent […]

Historical Perspective of Changyu Wine Company

Ynatai Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Limited is a Chinese wine company that produces and sells wine, brandy and tonic wine in the Chinese market as well as other international markets. The company was established in 1892 and remains the largest and oldest wine producing company in the Chinese market. The cumulative wine output is estimated […]


Introduction Pepsi Co. is one of the biggest non-alcoholic drinks manufacturers in the world, selling its products to its consumers globally. To continually retain its market leadership position in the UK and continuously grow its market share, Pepsi has recognized that it should continually come up with innovative products that will allow the company to […]

Blackberry in the UK Market

Over the years RIM’s Blackberry brand has been a powerful contender in the IT industry. It was one of the pioneers which drove the smart phone revolution in 2007 but as per our research we found out that while Blackberry’s revenue and gross profit have been improving between the years 2007 to 2011, the rate […]

History of Red Bull Company

Introduction Red Bull is one of the leading energy drinks manufacturer and distributor in the world. The firm was started in 1987 in Thailand, and has since gained a global market coverage. According to Lehmann (2005, p. 138), this firm experienced massive success in 1990s because this industry was less competitive. The company chose a […]

About Canada Goose Inc

Canada Goose Inc. is a Canadian cold weather outfit manufacturer which went through a period of tremendous growth that saw its President, Dani Reiss, named as the 2011 National Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Success Factors for the Company Canada Goose Inc. produces high quality cold weather garments including parka jackets, vests, hats […]

Company Details and Business Goals

Executive Summary There is need in the Emirati society to establish a charitable organization that will give citizens specialized services at a reduced price or without any cost, depending on the nature of their needs. In the developed countries, the government has the major role of ensuring that citizens realize their potentials, as the major […]

SWOT Analysis of British Airways

British Airways is an airline company registered in the United Kingdom. The airline founded in 1974 enjoys exclusive rights accorded by the government to operate in international market (Katie, 2013). The airline’s target group includes corporate class, upper middle class, and middle class. British Airways is the biggest group of aircrafts operating together under the […]

Home Depot, Inc.

Introduction Home Depot, Inc. is one of the largest retail stores that deal with home improvement. The home Depot retail store was first launched in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978, and since then, it has grown and opened branches in various locations. The retail store aims at being the largest retailer of home improvement (Bianchi, 2009). […]

Peet’s Coffee and Tea

Industrial background Peet’s Coffee and Tea is a restaurant with international operations across the world. With its headquarters located in California, the business has a chain of coffee houses located at various parts of the world. The restaurant business deals in a range of products consisting of diversified coffee and tea beverages. Problem statement Following […]

The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) can be defined as a tool that is used in the generation of a business model. “The BMC is made up of nine building blocks forming a chart that describes a firms value proposition, infrastructure, customers, finances, resources, channels, revenue streams and cost structure”(Shaw 2011). I am going to describe […]

Al Tazaj

Introduction The name Al Tazaj is an Arabic one which means ‘fresh’. Al Tazaj opened its first restaurant in 1989. The restaurant was started by the owner of a poultry farm. The most common meal served in these restaurants is a meal prepared out of traditional recipes that Shaikh Abdul Rahman’s wife used to prepare […]

Case of Debenhams

Introduction Business marketing has become one of the integral business features that organisations use as a competitive advantage to strive through market pressures. The mechanisms of businesses and corporations normally determine companies’ present success and expectations. The physical appearances as well as customs governing a business are good determinants that anticipate the growth and development […]

Consumer Behavior in the Context of Restaurant Domino Pizza

Introduction The plan for the day was to have an outing within town. However, we wanted to complement the outing with some snacks. We settled on having vanilla, the ice cream we realized was only offered at Domino Pizza. As a matter of fact, Domino Pizza is one of the restaurants in town that offer […]

Warfare in the High Skies

Abstract Etihad Airways and Emirates Airways are two rival airlines operating from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This proposal looks at several components of a research project designed to look at the elements of their marketing strategies, against the backdrop of their rivalry. The paper provides an analysis of the two companies and compares their […]

MRP: Riordan Electric Fans

Introduction Riordan has to utilize an effective MRP in order to develop and distribute quality electric fans. As observable in most other organizations, this concept is becoming increasingly applicable. Particularly, this is relevant for successful product development and initiation into the market. A successful manufacture and launch of new product requires a comprehensive internal and […]

Butadiene Market Analysis

Introduction Marketing analysis and forecasting plays an imperative role in planning the operations and growth of any company. The size of the market is greatly influenced by the prevailing economic conditions, demographic factors, competition, culture, religious factors, government legislation, technological changes, social trends, fashion and, ability of customers to purchase products. In this paper, a […]

History of Sourceseating International Company

Sourceseating International is an American Company that manufactures and sells office seats. As part of their retail structure, the company set up the website, which displays the different categories of seats the company produces on the homepage. Under each category, there is a listing of the different designs, with each link directing visitors to […]

Starbucks Coffee

The Market for Starbucks Coffee Starbucks coffee is a world’s leading beverage. The Starbuck coffee has a relatively expansive market size. Most of its potential consumers have varied characteristics and consumption behavior. The coffee covers an approximate of 33% of the total market share in the United States. Notably, Starbucks Coffee sells at very high […]

SMP Iceberg Vodka

Introduction The basis of this report is to analyze the general marketing strategy of the business organization. The report also outlines the fundamental steps for the application of strategic marketing. The external and internal threats are also analysed. A comprehensive analysis of the basic market factors is important. This report acknowledges this significance and analyses […]

The Tool Box Project

Design fundamentals: The tool box “ The product selected was based on concepts such as productivity, uniqueness and ability to meet the specified requirements and JAG requirements. The tool box was designed to satisfy various user needs, including the ability to hold tools of various natures, from large industrial tools to small hand held tools. […]

The U.S. Toy industry

Nature of the Toy Industry in America The THE U.S. Toy industry encompasses the world largest producer and manufacturer of children entertainment products. According to 2011 financial reports, the global toy Industry generated revenue of $ 78 billion. The U.S toy industry contributed $21.18 billion to this amount, which marks a 2% decline from $21.68 […]

Starbucks – Competitor of GC3

The following review is an analysis of Great Cups Coffee Co. (GC3) with Starbucks. The present report provides a detailed analysis of the competitive analysis of Starbucks and GC3 . The first part of the report will deal with the web analytics of Starbucks and show how the competitor is successful or unsuccessful in making […]

Steve Jobs’ greatest product: Apple II

Steve Jobs’ death has devastated great masses of Apple products consumers as well as the business community itself. According to Jackson’s article, Jobs had made an unprecedented impact on world’s electronic consumer market where his string of successful products like iPhone, iPad tablet and iPod have changed the whole arena of the PC world, electronics […]

Enterprise Social Networks: A Study of Charity Corporation

Abstract The report discussed social media marketing in the context of a charity organization working with vulnerable groups, regionally or globally. The focus was on the different media platforms such as Twitter Facebook, RSS Feeds, and YouTube integrated in an organization’s homepage. The purpose was to explore ways in which a charity organization can develop […]

The “Bling H2O” as the Luxury Bottled Water

The entrance of Bling H2O, considered as a “luxury” bottled water, into the bottle water market has provided a wonderful product to the lovers of bottled water. Initially introduced to a few selected athletes and actors, the product is now available to the public and it would certainly receive a mix of reactions from the […]

Stacy’s Pitaman Chips Cinnamon and Sugar

Introduction The free market economic model dominates the world economy. With the exception of china, Cuba and North Korea, the rest of the world’s economies are dominated by free market principles where forces of demand and supply dictate market trends. In the theory of the firm, business operate in conditions dictated by the two forces […]

Nike Company’s Business Model

Executive Summary This report is supposed to explore how organizations manage their multiple relationships with key suppliers and business customers which is a critical strategic issue that faces all organizations. This is to be achieved by identifying one organization that is involved in such business-to business transactions and use it as an example on how […]

Returning TARDIS to Profitability

HoKTok, through TARDIS currently operates five thousand call boxes around Australia, which has a “small population spread across vast areas” (The Communication Law Centre, p. 2). It offers untimed calls at a fixed rate of $0.40c. This popular service, unfortunately, is no longer profitable. The key to TARDIS’s popularity is its fixed charge on untimed […]

Letsgofordinner Company Marketing Goals

Marketing Goals The main marketing goal of the Letsgofordinner Company is to provide customers with the discounts for food in a number of restaurants in Vancouver. The organization works with more than 40 restaurants in the region and constantly increases its capability. The restaurants Letsgofordinner works with are absolutely different and they are not connected […]

IPhone for the Market in China and Brazil

Introduction The iPhone has been in the market since 2007, when Apple Inc released the first generation of this phone. The company has managed to develop the product up to the seventh generation, which is the latest product in the market. The demand for smart phones in both the American and the international market grew […]

Marketing: “space” (digital) and a “place” (physical) presence for an organization

In every organization, marketing plays a significant role in determining performance. This is more so in the contemporary world where the market has become highly competitive. Therefore, it is advisable for organizations to take actions that can help in maximizing their sales. One of the ways through which an organisation can maximize its sales is […]

Pepsi Cola Competitor Analysis

Introduction Competitor Analysis is an integral part of corporate and market planning process and involves the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of actual and potential business rivals (Murray, 2006). An analysis of competitors helps organizations to identify current gaps in satisfaction of customers as well as the potential threats posed by these competitors; it […]

Bath and Body Works Company

Bath and Body Works is an American retail store which specializes in producing and selling products such as lotions, Bath items personal care items and house fragrances. Founded in 1990 the company has expanded beyond United States and offers after sale services as well as customer care services as part of selling their products. So […]

Avon Products, Inc.

The case study, which has been written by Rochelle Brunson and Marlene Reed, focuses on the challenges and opportunities, faced by Avon Products, Inc. This enterprise is one of the largest manufactures of cosmetics and perfume in the world. At the moment, the management of this firm tries to implement a new marketing strategy that […]

Adoption of an Effective Business Model

Introduction Market analysis The airline industry in Europe is currently ranked as one of the largest and fastest growing industry globally. According to Cento (13), the industry plays a significant role in as far as a country’s economic growth is concerned, by facilitating various economic activities such as tourism, international investment, and global trade. Over […]

Soft Drinks Industry

Introduction PepsiCo is among the leading players in the soft drinks industry. The Coca-Cola Company is the main rival of PepsiCo in this industry, although Cadbury Schweppes also has a sizeable market share. This industry report is an analysis of PepsiCo as a key player in the global soft drink industry. Industry Overview Market size […]

Home from Home Cooking: A Business Proposal

There is hardly a single person who has never felt hungry while being away from home, which is why the Home from Home Cooking takeaway is a successful idea worth trying. Placing the services in the Brentford area, however, one must take certain specifics of the place into account. First of all, the season matters […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII Product Features

Over the last two decades, almost everyone in the world has acquired a mobile phone. One of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world is Samsung (Schwartz, 2012). The company came up with their galaxy series a few years back with the Samsung Galaxy SIII being launched a few months ago. The previous version, […]

Hot Shot Boards

Abstract Hot Shot Boards, a skateboard business owned by Barry Davis and Jim Russell, collapsed due to poor management. After a few years, Davis seeks to revive the business. He has acquired accounting and marketing knowledge after he undertook a diploma course. However, the skateboard market in Canada has changed significantly. Davis has to analyze […]

Environmental Factors in Coca Cola Company

Introduction Marketing has gained a new twist in the recent past. Initially, marketing was given an inward approach. Business units laid emphasis on production. The main concern was to produce as much as possible and then look for the market. This has changed as consumers are becoming more aware of their needs. Technology has turned […]

The Tawuniya Health Insurance Company

Introduction It is rather interesting to note that various theories of consumer decision making processes always seem to assume that consumers pass through distinct stages/steps before, during and after the process of selecting a particular product to buy or service to utilize. On the other hand Van der Merwe (2010) states that this may not […]

Business Plan – Visite Brazil Company

Corporate Objective Visite Brazil Company has the objective to be a leading provider of best-of-breed adventure and tour services to world tourist market. The company believes in offering the best quality services unmatched by other tour agencies in the industry. Divisional Objectives The company embodies a culture of inclusivity that promotes the unity of purpose […]

Global marketing about Apple Company

Introduction The future prosperity of any company depends on its ability to adapt the culture of innovation in its employees. With the scientific revolution, technology keeps on changing in it is only through innovation that a company can ensure that its products remain relevant in the competitive market. Innovation has been the fuel driving the […]

Johnson and Johnson personal care products

Johnson & Johnson personal care products are categorized into three groups namely consumer health care, medical devices as well as diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. It has more than 200 operating stores in 53 countries selling over 50,000 products (Sander &Slatter 23). The organization boasts of its well branded product portfolio which it sells in the United […]

NCB Customer Expectations and Perceptions

Introduction The National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia was established in 1953. It was the initial bank in Saudi Arabia. Most of people, who knew about banking, depended solely on it for financial services. The citizens did not know about any other bank, as it was the only one, which existed (Baker 112). Currently, this […]

Marketing: Company report

Abstract The American Beverage Association was established with the intention of protecting all players in the soft drink industry. This report will provide knowledge on the history of the association and its roles in the industry. It will also highlight factors that influence business and the financial outlay both in the present and in future. […]

Atmospherics in Starbucks

Atmospherics has emerged as a complex and important business issue as far as the whole aspect of marketing is concerned. This is because of the most outstanding and notable fact that we always respond to the atmosphere around us. In this case, it can be positive or negative depending on the business environment that we […]

International Marketing

Functional Structure Functional organizations are subdivided into key functional departments whereby each department encompasses all the activities related to it. For example, an organization may be divided into three segments such as the finance, production, and marketing departments. Sales promotion and advertisements would fall in the marketing department. This structure is normally adopted by organizations […]

Service Encounter-Southwest Airlines

Introduction Customer loyalty is a vital component in the operation of businesses. One of the ways through which a firm can develop customer loyalty is by ensuring effective service delivery. In order to achieve this, the firm must have a well implemented service delivery system. According to Bennett and Strydom (210), service delivery system entails […]

Mama Mancini Restaurant

Strategy Paper 1: Proposal The purpose of this paper is to examine the prevalence of family owned small business through analysis conducted to assess their contribution and impact to the society. The research is aimed at assessing the problems faced by small family owned businesses. First, the study will examine specific case of family owned […]

Campbell’s Soup on the Go

Introduction Business organizations on the fringes of success are clearly aware of their customers’ needs, wants and customer changing behavior. On the basis of that, businesses continually tailor their products innovatively and position them in the market to remain competitive to acquire and maintain a strong customer base. This is the case with Campbell Soup […]

Sara Lee Corporation

Sara Lee is an international company that is involved in the production and manufacturing as well as marketing of consumer goods. The company was developed back in 1939. This was the time when CD Kenny Company was acquired by Kenny Company that was involved in the distribution of tea, sugars, and coffee. The company is […]

EKEN Power Bands

Executive Summary Considering the international relations from the trading position, we have chosen the idea of confronting of the Australian market and the American market with the purpose to help Australian EKEN Power Bands brand expend at the international arena. We are going to consider the product and its significance at the Australian and US […]

Market Research of Thomas Sabo

Brand History In the year 1984, Thomas Sabo started his business of jewelry in Germany. He is a self made person. His brand became well known all over Europe and Untied States in the early years of his business. Today the Charm Collection of Thomas Sabo is popular in the whole wide world. He established […]