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Strategic Management Essay Examples and Topics

Merger & Acquisition: Critical Success Factors

The importance of mergers and acquisitions in the corporate world stems from their variable advantages, which include increased economies of scale, expansion of the economy of scope, increased revenues, increased market share, development of synergy, [...]

Small Dog Boarding Business: Strategic Plan

Based on the first dimension of the competing values framework, the dog boarding business already has the advantage of a flexible business model, it is possible to adjust the size of the business or eliminate [...]

New Venture Development

Furthermore, there is a growing demand for the products, which would best contribute to physical and mental development of the child, and this is one of the reasons why P'kolino can receive competitive advantage over [...]

Making Strategic Choices in Management

According to McNamara, a business must review some of its controls to determine whether it is moving in the right direction or not. Therefore, traditional project management, unlike Scrum, does not adapt to the changing [...]

Mazda and Nissan Companies in Strategic Groups

On the other hand, Nissan is the first company to invest in hybrid technology that is used in 73% of the vehicles in the USA offers widely available services compared with Mazda.

Organizational Strategic Drift and Countermeasures

Conceptually, strategic objectives are set to enable the organization to respond to the trends in their environment. Third, strategic drift occurs due to a lack of commitment to excellence in the organization.

Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization

The resource-based model helps the company in the auto industry earn above-average returns better than the I/O model as it promotes the possibility of the following practices: identification of rare capabilities, comparison of the resources, [...]

The BBC Company Procurement Strategy Analysis

While collaborating with the BBC Technology in order to enhance the quality of the services provided by the organization seemed an obvious solution to the company's concerns, the decision to be made was fraught with [...]

Leadership and Strategic Management

As stated in their Sustainable Business and Innovation report, the main goal for the company is the development of ecologically friendly and innovative materials that are recyclable.

Panera Bread Company’s Strategies

The analysis would be useful for Panera Bread, as it is a company operating in a highly competitive fast-food market; therefore, having a solid knowledge of the external threats and factors affecting success would be [...]

Starbucks Company’s Hedging Strategies

The objective of the organization to create a unique place with a comfortable atmosphere in order for people to enjoy the taste of perfect coffee was accomplished.

Finding the Right Corporate Legal Strategy

The article, based on the analysis of legal functions in firms like Nokia, Disney, and Microsoft, suggests a framework for developing the right legal strategy for a company.

The Project Motsu: Entrepreneurial Event Analysis

According to the results of the anonymous survey conducted among the members of the community, Project Motsu lacks cohesion between its various departments and, therefore, faces the threat of losing the track of the key [...]

Entrepreneurial Growth in Theories and Examples

It is important to find the needs the company may meet with the help of its strengths. It is also important to add that strategic planning also presupposes some flexibility and the company has to [...]

Strategic Management, Objectives and Policies

The policies define organizational culture, and when implementing annual objectives, employees are bound by the culture to work in a given pattern. When developing long-term objectives, it is always important to focus on the vision [...]

Boston Consulting Group Matrix: Benefits and Limitations

The BCG Matrix shows the disparities among divisions with respect to relative market share positioning and determines the relations or standing of the organization's businesses, and market position of products, which also shows the product [...]

Wits Beach Hotel’s Balanced Scorecard

The third financial strategic target is to increase revenue in the organization. The second strategic objective for Wits Beach Hotel is to increase customer retention while a growing number of international customers.

Lawn Care Service Company in Columbus City

In Ohio, Columbus is the only city that has displayed a positive increment in its population. This is contrary to the negative trends witnessed in the remaining seven cities of the state.

Sunshine Enterprises Restaurant Strategy

I would examine the same to determine the amount of tip indicated by the customer, being keen to establish the legibility of the handwriting so as not to prejudice the employee's probable honest mistake.

Strategic Management Articles by Lewis and Seiser

The writer explains the rationale for this commitment by stating that General Motors tries to meet the new expectations of the customers' who have become more aware of environmental issues.

Innovation in Organic Textile Producing

It's also definite that many of the traditional textile products have already reached the maturity stage and are set to go down as competition toughens, and this is what opens room for the organic textile.

Information Technology in Mergers and Acquisitions

Furthermore, the creation of the configuration management database and assert management tool may be helpful to renew the IT work as soon as possible after the merger and help track the elements put into the [...]

Unilever Ice Cream Strategic Issues

By the late 70s, Unilever had acquired a third of the ice-cream market in Western Europe and became the biggest ice-cream manufacturer in the US.

Strategies for Non-Profit Organisations

The future trend, however, is for the non-profit organisations to merge to avoid the issue such as the duplication of services, and for those that do not merge, need to transform into profit making institutions [...]

Business Growth Internal and External Prospects

The analysis of the internal perspective of the growth of the business reflects on the operations that the organization must undertake to stimulate productivity and the quality of employees.

Managerial Decision-Making and Staffing Strategies

It is important to clarify personal goals of the employees and align them with the company's objectives. Less amount of managers between the leadership and the workers ensures participation of the latter in the decision-making [...]

Bahraini Women in the Corporate Ladder

The practices and policies of the companies are a major barrier to the careers of women. The number of women in decision-making bodies remains low in Bahrain because the positions demand high skills and experience [...]

The Origin of Organizational Culture

The rapid changes in the organization reduce the confidence of managers in meeting the future needs of the business. Participation or the presence of the human personnel in an organization is a source of uncertainty [...]

Operations Strategy and Managerial Orientations

The study is critical in forming a breakdown of the operations strategy to make sure that there is no misrepresentation of clarity between operations strategy and popular operational solutions such as logistics strategy.

Herbal Company: Business Plan

With the constant growth of the cancer drugs industry, Herbal has massive potential to capture a large market share due to the innovative nature of the new drug.

Value Disequilibrium

Secondly, firms may create value disequilibrium in order to enhance a market perception of a positive image because of the strategic implementation of facets such as low prices, unique products, and reliability.

Lenovo Company’s Multinational Operation Strategy

Improved cross-border labor flows and foreign direct investment, technological advances, and changes in the competitive domains of firms are the leading forces behind the internationalization of enterprises in the 21st century.

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects: Corporate Management

Within the framework of the current research, the author is going to address the most important points regarding the strategic and corporate management and conduct a literature review of the approaches that are characteristic of [...]

Carnival Corporation & Plc’s Strategic Perspectives

Such a demographic presence of the company leads to the growing popularity of cruise travel as a vacation option, especially with regards to the company's reputation as the leading service provider in the sphere.

The Concept of Strategic Management

It is suggested that corporate governance policies and strategies allow minimising the risk of such and similar ethical hazards and optimise agency relationships in the company.

Ford Motor Company: Successful Export Strategy

The purpose of this stage is to ensure that the export strategy supports the company's mission and vision. This means that the company will be in a position to maximize or expand its distribution networks.

Uber Company: Innovation in Society

The majority of the customers in the developed world are between 17 and 34 years of age. Due to the nature of this company's business model, Uber serves many customers in the health care sector.

The Arts Council of England: Strategic Frameworks

Therefore, the current focus of ACE regarding the artistic movements that it represents and the art pieces that it wishes to feature will define the direction of the consulting process.

The Arts Council of England: New Strategy

In preparing a viable strategy for the Arts Council of England, it would be necessary to collect a wide range of information and apply it to the organization successfully.

The Arts Council England’s Strategic Frameworks

Thus, it is important to bear in mind that the collaboration with the client is temporary and select the advantageous approaches through brainstorming the ideas and discussing them with the organization.

Interdependent Work Units in Business Production

Centralized supervision can be obtained through the use of a single supervisor who oversees and coordinates the operational activities of the various independent units that the business organization is seeking to integrate.

Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC: Business Strategy

In addition, it has cinema business with more than 180 screens across the MENA region; it generates the highest profit from the operation of the national market; at the same time, Egypt, Bahrain, and Qatar [...]

Strategic Management of a Long-Term Company

According to Sherman, one of the major attributes of success in strategic management is when the intended corporate behavior matches the actual one. Overall, mission and vision define the orientation of the company in the [...]

Afghan Handmade Rugs Company: International Strategy

The aim of this paper is to develop a brief of a core international strategy for the production of handmade Afghan rugs. The company will focus on the design and production of Afghan hand weaved [...]

Rivalry and Innovation for Company Performance

The fact is that the sophistication of contemporary society results in a high level of competition as well as in the need for a significant competitive advantage to preserve a leading position.

The Shared Value Concept

Thus, it is tempting to limit its use to the issues of profitability, societal progress, and an overall well-being of the stakeholders involved in the business processes.

Business Improvement Strategies

Pandora radio station is more likely to have a sustainable competitive advantage when it taps into the strengths of Verizon and AT&T after partnering with them.

Boeing, Sony and Nestle Companies Core Competencies

Due to this strategy, the company understands what their customers require and creates its products according to the desire of the consumers, so the final product just waits for the client to buy it.

Coca-Cola Company: Strategic Management

The main problem is that the Coca-Cola Company tried to raise the declining demand for its products and push up the sales by carrying out research on obesity that emphasized the importance of sport and [...]

BMW Group Company’s Analysis and Strategy

The purpose of this paper is to conduct an external and internal environmental analysis of the BMW Group to be able to assess its strategy from different perspectives.

The Heathrow’s T5 Construction: Balanced Scorecard

The building of the Airport applied the economic focus, internal focus, learning and growth focus, and the customer experience focus. Before the project started, the public had the opportunity to raise questions on whatever issue [...]

Amazon Company’s Corporate Strategy

One of the major characteristics of Amazon's corporate strategy is the company's strict orientation toward the needs of consumers. The aforementioned losses resulted in the occurrence of additional threats to Amazon's business.

Political and Economic Factors for Business

This rise in prices is due to the constraints in the supply and manufacture of the commodities because of the difficulty and risk involved in obtaining raw materials.

Samsung Company: Strategic Planning and Formulation

The strategy formulation and planning phase is executed by the needs of the consumers. The company has been producing superior smartphones and mobile devices that support the needs of more customers.

Strategy Implementation: the A La Carte Approach

Characterized by the fierce rivalry in terms of services and products, the sphere of broadcasting and television is notable for the urge to recognize the most beneficial solutions and eliminate those which seem to bring [...]

Strategic Brand and Communication Trends

Numerous start-ups can be regarded as frontiers of the technological development and major drivers of the market as they manage to understand the customer's needs and flexible enough to respond to them quickly.

The External Context of Business Analysis

Analysing the external environment of a firm refers to the process of identifying opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses that affect the company in fulfilling its mission.

Cognition, Decision-Making and Analytics in Business

Apart from analyzing the current status of the business, it also showcases the journey that is to be taken to be where it should be. Both the business analytics and the business intelligence are critical [...]

Putting Sales at the Center of Strategy

Finally, it is crucial to ensure that the strategy meets the financial requirements of the business. Overall, Cespedes believes that the central goal of any business strategy should be to increase sales and raise more [...]

The Balanced Scorecard Implementation Perspective

The Balanced Scorecard: The Internal Business Processes Perspective Table 1 provides the formulated objectives along with the information regarding the relationships between goals for the financial perspective, the customer perspective, and the internal business processes [...]

BSC Flexibility and the Customer Perspective

Having formulated and analyzed certain goals and outcomes for Marie Stopes International, it is possible to state that the experience of developing objectives for the customer perspective is effective to revise previously set objectives for [...]

Balanced Scorecards Flexibility

This case displayed the flexibility and dynamics of BSC, as BAA not only used its basics but also paid substantial attention to the quality, productivity, efficiency of the business processes, and building trusting relationships with [...]

Meetings in Mergers and Acquisitions

It is for this reason that meetings between both teams become a crucial element in the process because what eventually matters is what is in the hearts and minds of the people and the culture [...]

Intrapreneurship Strategy for Internal Markets

The core of innovativeness, at this point, is in the implementation of innovative communication strategies to engage the front line employees. It seems appropriate to suggest that 20 weeks is sufficient for the creation of [...]

Strategy Ideas from “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu

In its turn, this particular requirement is predetermined by the fact that the activity in question is the subject to the rules of thermodynamics something that makes it possible to proceed with it in a [...]

The Strategist Book: Be the Leader Your Business Needs

Although she does point out that it is crucial to consider the company and the industry, they are not the only factors that will eventually influence your decision-making and its outcomes, it is the approach [...]

Creating Shared Value

In turn, a community needs a business that provides jobs and opportunities for the members of the community to create wealth.

Estonia as a Business Environment

The country is relatively small, and it is located in the Northern Europe on the Baltic Sea. It is at the center of North and South and East and West, and many refers to it [...]

Market Myopia, Its Examples and Avoidance

In this section, we will analyze two staple examples of Market Myopia demonstrated by two major companies that were once leaders in their own segment of the market but fell off due to overconfidence and [...]

Vital Camel Milk Ltd Export Strategies

The increasing demand for camel milk in the nation has led to the entry of the Camelicious brand to the market, and it is recording high profits because it is a first mover.

Kenya in the Country Risk Assessment

The country has a trade ministry that controls and oversees all the trading activities in the country. The country through the Ministry of trade collects import duties on all import goods and services, a task [...]

Change Implementation: The 4th and 5th Stages

The fourth stage of the model involves action plans, strategies and techniques that should be executed to bring changes that would be exemplified by long-term benefits within a business establishment.

Balanced Scorecard as Strategic Management System

According to the authors, many companies neglect the problem of relations between short-term actions of the company and its long-term strategy, which adversely influences business and the enterprise.

“Creating Shared Value” by M. Porter and M. Kramer

While the article proposes an interesting version of capitalism, it presents the shared value model as a panacea for the businesses, the government, and the society, with little to no analysis dedicated to the downsides [...]
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