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Strategic Management Essay Examples and Topics

Strategy Execution: Building a Balanced Scorecard

In the present article, the author's purpose is to explain the latest techniques for designing an integrated strategy cascade tool the balanced scorecard or BSC that supports the realization of performance targets and indicators based [...]

Industry Attractiveness Test and Its Relevance

The success of the industry attractiveness test as a tool can be attributed to its comprehensive qualities; for instance, it helps define the essential characteristics of the market in which a firm plans to diversify [...]

Dubai Investments Company: Strategic Planning Factors

This report analyzes DI's strategic planning approach using the EFAS and IFAS matrices, examines the firm's strategic growth factors in the short-term and long-term, and discusses the strategic alternatives available to the company.

Thermostat Company Strategic Management

The needs of the region are aligned with the product, and therefore the demand is expected to be reasonably high. A distinct feature set, unique visual design, and ease of use should be prioritized during [...]

Business Intelligence: Create, Implement, Use

The position taken on business intelligence is that BI is a process that is created, implemented and practiced using business analytic tools to analyze past and present data and enable effective decision making at all [...]

Management and Affecting External Factors

Trade-in this context refers to the buying and selling of goods and services in an economy. Various factors must be considered in the making of a strategic plan such as the cost, method, duration, and [...]

Polynesia National Airlines: Strategic Planning

Among the notable differences between the two approaches to strategic planning is that the traditional approach proposes the use of analytical tools such as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and PESTEL analysis.

Transferring Core Competencies

In conclusion, the main reason for Blockbuster's failure was due to poor core competency transfer of its marketing skills; an important factor for customer satisfaction, hence increased revenues from business ventures.

Company Procurement Management Plan

The aspects of time, cost, and performance form a triangle demonstrating the cycle of the development of the project, which is rather challenging to stay within for a planner due to the uniqueness of most [...]

Qantas Airline Advanced Strategy

The company experienced the crisis during the recent fiscal years being unable to control the expenditures and keep the profits at the satisfactory level.

Zumba Fitness Strategic Business Plan

Because of a communication error between Zumba business owners and Crunch gyms, the Zumba business ended up losing a lot of time and money in legal negotiations concerning the rights of the songs used in [...]

What Is Business Strategy?

Evaluation of the repercussion of decisions that are left out in the development of the main strategy helps to eliminate cases of failure.

Business Strategy Constituents

The strategy is the plan of action, the business perspective, the firm's strategic positioning as well as pattern and direction the firm would like to follow in order to attain the desired objectives.

Marks & Spencer Company’s Strategic Planning

To create an in-depth understanding of the processes of developing and implementing a strategic plan, it is important to consider understanding the concept of strategic planning. A significant aspect that reveals itself in their procurement [...]

Nine West Retail Stores Merchandising

The success of the retail stores is attributed to the company's merchant organization and incentives. NWRS's structure and the organization have scaled it to what it is today, one of the best lifestyle stores in [...]

Problem-Solving in Business Plan Creation

It is hard to avoid the problems and challenges in the chosen activity; that is why it is necessary to gather additional and necessary information relating to the problem and prove the correctness of the [...]

Supply Chain and Strategic’ Management in Business

Against this background, the latter authors carried out a desk-top research that sought to establish the necessary requirements for supply chain development in health care, how to conduct orientation and how to embrace lean and [...]

Integrating Elements of Engagement

The art of listening is essential in assuring the audience and stakeholders that their presence, knowledge and experience are important for the consultations.

Bench Marketing and the Balanced Scorecard

According to Damelio, the first step in benchmarking is to define the business operations to be benchmarked. The rationale behind the BCS is that the business must have a balanced range of productivity measures in [...]

Deloitte and IKEA Companies Environmental Scanning

In the current business environment, competition is a normal phenomenon in the day-to-day running of the business. Third, environmental scanning provides the company with the vital inputs in the process of development and implementation of [...]

Strategic Management: Islamic Perspective Benefits

Maximizing the number of cars, which drive safely instead of driving fast, we minimize the number of accidents and maximize public safety translating it back to the language of management, the rate of success increases [...]

XYZ Construction LLC: HR Management

To achieve the best results in its operations, it is necessary to restructure the HR department in order to come up with an effective HR unit that can cope with the developments that the firm [...]

Effective Business Planning: HR and Data Management

One of the most valuable reasons to promote the participation of HR in the business planning is the relation between the construction of executable plan and consideration of the special skills and knowledge possessed by [...]

Strategic Management in the Business Organization Success

The general objective of this coursework is to demonstrate the importance of Strategic Management in the successful functioning of a business organization and illustrate the application of Business Strategy tools to implement strategic solutions at [...]

Alibaba Company Strategic Management

Being an Internet-based company in the world's largest Internet market, Alibaba has used technology to enhance customers' purchasing power of products from different parts of the world. For Alibaba, the expanding network of both sellers [...]

Three-Dimensional Business Definition Model

It indicated the technologies that would support the organization to produce and deliver the desired products to the customer. The framework gives the overall picture of the model for the organization's strategy.

Organizational Growth

The operations management team in such organizations and the leadership function are normally the instigators of failure because they fail to learn from past failures.

Mergers and Acquisitions of Industry Sectors

The identity of the acquiring firm remains while that of the organization being acquired is lost. The first major shortcoming occurs in the existence of conflicting resources and organizational cultures and practices between the two [...]

Formulation and Implementation

A Comparison between Strategy Formulation and Implementation Strategy formulation entails the process of developing and establishing the mission, vision, and objectives of an organisation.

Strategic approach to global events

Therefore, the existence of a favourable political atmosphere between the event's hosting country and the participating nations is vital for the success of this event.

Functions of Management

To achieve the organizational goals of increased productivity, the input of both the individual and groups in the organization remains invaluable.

Vision of Changes in McDonalds

So, the application of changes with regard to vision of these changes should be analyzed in order to evaluate effectively the effects expected from this change, the way the change was applied, the attitude of [...]

Small Business in South Africa

Implication: Corruption in South Africa is a major hindrance to the country's small business sector and action need to be taken against corruption as it reduces the productivity capability of the small businesses.

External audit for Strategic management

Ford Company has been forced by the prevailing conditions to adopt the changes; for example the company has a website where a customer can log in and communicate directly to the company.

Starting Your Own Business

In the article, franchise is discussed as one of the attractive opportunities for beginning businesspeople since it provides a lot of highly professional guidance on starting and running a business.

Avon Business Plan

Another objective is to facilitate thinking in the line of technological needs of the Avon community, provide a budget driven framework planning for the next five years, and provide a basis for the integration of [...]

Concepts of Strategic Management

By the time Samsung had established a net worth of $100 billion in revenue, it was incurring high cost in the flow of their products to the market and insecure supply of raw materials, and [...]

An exemplary strategic business leader

Gates is one of the founders of computer programming and it is through his strategic leadership did the software industry grow to the intensity currently experienced in all the industry sectors in the world. The [...]

Business plan on IT Training Centre

This is the central aspect of the business, the initial analysis for the feasibility of establishing a business opportunity in the UAE had provided evidence of the existing market for training of IT courses in [...]

Port Function and Management Model

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is located between the New York harbor and the Hudson River and was established in 1921 to administer common harbor interests of both New York and [...]

Operation and Logistic Management

The mission of the management is to ensure production of goods and services in the suitable quantity and quality and then distributing them at the required place at the right time.

Planning functions

Also, the possible effects of the goals and plans are evaluated at this stage. The reason behind this is that implementation of plans helps in achieving the set goals.

Crisis Management: Online Banking Security Breach

Despite the initial statement, the negative media attention given to the company, and growing concerns from our consumers, clients, stakeholders and the public as a whole, the company has taken upon itself to get to [...]

Globalization Theory, Its Benefits and Shortcomings

Secondly, despite the fact that the communication systems are majorly used in developed nations, they are also finding a place in third world countries where the minority groups can also communicate and interact with the [...]

Porter’s Five Forces

So, to conduct the analysis of the threat of mobility, it is necessary to concentrate on the barriers for entering and developing and analyze the possible reactions from new competitors' sides."Barriers to entry are the [...]

MLA Product Strategy

In addition, the marketing section should foster consumer and brand loyalty by ensuring the clients that the slight difference in pricing is well compensated by the intangible services the company offers to its clients.

Aggregate Planning

It is concerned with determining the quantity and timing of production in order to meet forecasted demand at the lowest cost possible and by maintaining the quality of the product at the same time.

Impact of Technology on Business

This paper is an analysis of the impacts that technology has had on businesses in the past and the impact that future technology is expected to have on businesses.

Strategies for Entering New Markets

The importance of this is that the company only incurs operational costs of importing and selling the products and avoids the huge capital outlay that is associated with investing and producing in the country of [...]

Change Management Models

Overall, there is the need to realize that in order to manage change in a healthcare organization; one should have excellent technical, people-oriented, and organizational skills.

Memorandum to the Board of Directors

I highly recommend the Board that the company should go with the first option: the Company should get out of the business of selling leaded gasoline in the near future.

Total Quality Management

The second principle of TQM is that the problem in most companies is the processes but not the people. This was based on the fact that the quality of the products was determined by all [...]

Rainmakers Company’s Issue of Management Choices

This article explains how the management of a small firm, whose veteran and rookie partners readily mingle, would enhance their product offering by concentrating more on the fulfillment of their customer wants in a made-to-order [...]

Best Food Superstores

The "Superstores" low energy plan begun in the year 2000 when the management of the stores coined a new project which brought together representatives from different stores.

Parking Facility Benefits for a Hospital

It provides the merits of the facility to the clinic, patient and other visitors of the department. It will also provide parking as well as waiting services for the clinic's ambulances and improve the entrance [...]

Strategic Human Resource Management

In addition to assessing the performance measures of HR it is crucial that an organization use this data to understand the contributions HR makes to the organization.