Strategic Management Essay Examples and Topics

Strategic approach to global events

Strategy is a major approach towards ensuring the success of any venture which takes place. It is worth noting that strategy exists where there are activities which need to be achieved and conquered. This implies that the world in which we live in requires approaches which ensure that the events which come up in the […]

Strategies to gain a competitive advantage through managing cultural diversity within a service sector organization.

Introduction Culture has been defined by different authors differently, but what is perhaps the most common definition is that culture is the collective programming of individuals’ minds, which distinguishes members of a particular group or category from the rest of the population. A model by Edward Hall involved the division of cultures according to the […]

Functions of Management

Introduction Through out their existence, organizations and businesses are considerably pressured to raise their levels of performance and productivity. This is especially so in the modern day business environment which is characterized by aggression and excessive competition. Businesses are therefore constantly forced to exhibit innovation, enhanced performance and unquestionable managerial skills so as to remain […]

Vision of Changes in McDonalds

Introduction The application of change initiatives in business is as important as in any other branch of human activity. Sooner or later every company encounters necessity of applying changes in the organization due to changes that take place in the areas such as technology, corporate governance, evaluation of leadership competencies, and other concepts related to […]

Business Management Plan

General description of the business The business will be structured as a limited liability company. The international hotel business has a lot of potential as more people are moving across borders for leisure, business or tourism purposes. United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) has been categorized as 18th among tourism competitive businesses by the World Economic Forum […]

Small Business in South Africa

Introduction With the world population increasing at an alarming rate, the rates of unemployment are expected to increase and people will have to find alternatives to the formal employment by finding other means through which they can make a living. From all spheres of the world, it has been lately discovered that creation of small […]

External audit for Strategic management

Introduction External audit is a strategic management tool that aims at understanding features affecting a business but an individual business cannot control. In an external audit, the focus is on factors that affect a business but the business has nothing much it can do regarding their effects. External factors include among others political stability/instability in […]

Business Article Review: Starting Your Own Business

Summary of the article According to Statistics Canada, about fifty percent of new businesses close within the first four years of their existence (Jarman 17). In order to prevent the beginning entrepreneurs from immediate failure in the world of business, several guidelines are provided by experienced and successful businesspeople. Initially, it is significant to establish […]

Avon Business Plan

Executive Summary Avon library is a technology driven business project that offers library services to the Avon community. However, it relies on old technology and the need to integrate new technologies comes with a host of benefits. Among them is real time information access and retrieval, access to various collections that can be accessed freely, […]

Concepts of Strategic Management

Global companies managers have been in a sleepless moments as they are bombarded by turbulent forces of increasing competition and market uncertainties. As they try to come up with strategies to solve their internal problems affecting their companies, such as logistical and high running cost of their business and at the same time outsmart their […]

An exemplary strategic business leader

To be a successful leader in business perspective is one of the most challenging tasks especially in the modern dynamic world. To achieve substantial results in the current world given the many challenges that come with leadership must be handled not only strategically but also with much consideration of the prevailing market condition. A strategic […]

Business plan on IT Training Centre

In any business plan there are fundamental provisions that are required with respect to the nature of the market in question. In essence the market is the most essential tool for consideration when seeking opportunities for the business success. If there is minimal feasibility of the market, there is no need to launch the business, […]

Port Function and Management Model

Introduction The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) is located between the New York harbor and the Hudson River and was established in 1921 to administer common harbor interests of both New York and New Jersey (Info Please para. 4). It covers almost 1500 square miles of both states with New York […]

A Critical Evaluation of the Impact of Project Management Office on the Organization’s Delivery of Information Technology Projects

Introduction In today’s complex and tepid business environment, new projects are invariably being developed as organizations seek new methodologies to reduce costs, improve processes and procedures, enhance productivity, and maintain a competitive advantage by advancing their bottom line. The task of managing these diverse and often multifaceted projects along with their human capital, resources, costs, […]

Operation and Logistic Management

Introduction Operations and logistics management plays a very vital role in the operations of any company. The supply chain process of the company relies on the operations and logistics management from getting required raw materials, to the production process, up to its consumption. The mission of the management is to ensure production of goods and […]

Planning functions

Planning is a decision making process. It helps one to decide on what to do and how to do it. There are six steps to follow when planning. First and foremost, one has to analyze the situation. Two constraints are very important at this stage and they are time and resources. Gathering of information and […]

Crisis Management: Online Banking Security Breach

Following the unconfirmed rumors of an online banking security breach two days ago, which uproar in the national press, the company would like to issue this statement that shows the company’s stand. As a company we would like to state that the security breach is unconfirmed and the bank cannot confirm these reports yet. At […]

Globalization Theory, Its Benefits and Shortcomings

Introduction Globalization, which can also be called internationalization, simply refers to how interconnected and interdependent the world has become. The inter-connectivity and interdependence can be seen in the field of trade, health, education and security among others (Daun, 2001). A case in point is where many countries rely on each other in aspects like trade […]

Operations Management: Product Delivery Problem, Cessna Aircraft Company

Introduction In today’s business environment, effective management of primary processes is fundamentally critical for organizations to achieve the desired competitive advantage. More often than not, most primary processes within the organizational framework are directly related to the flow of goods and services (Lewis & Slack 2003, p. 13). Organizations have been wound up due to […]

Porter’s Five Forces

In fact, there are so many different business strategy tools, which aim at improving business situations and achieving positive results within the chosen activity. However, to my mind, Porter’s five forces analysis is considered to be one of the most effecting and developing strategies among the others. Michael Porter developed this clear and concrete model […]

Building a Residential House – Risk Management Plan

This project will design and construct a residential house for an independent customer. The customer has identified the needs and has purchased a suitable location in a residential area for the house. Based on customer requirements a project scope has been prepared and presented to the customer for approval. A work breakdown structure (WBS) has […]

The Concept of Environmental Sustainability in the Hotel Industry

Introduction Among the most recent trends that have taken root in the hotel industry is the sustaining of the environment under which an institution operates. This strategy is not only good for environmental enthusiasts, but also for improving the margins of profitability for the institution. It can be achieved for instance through different ways such as a reduction in the amounts of water and electricity that is consumed. […]

MLA Product Strategy

In all businesses, designing operations play a pivotal role in ensuring that the products and services being offered remain competitive, profitable and ideal despite numerous challenges that characterize different markets. As such, having thorough knowledge on operation management principles and concepts may give a business entity the competitive advantage it needs to guarantee its success […]

Aggregate Planning

Aggregate planning is a very critical tool for both manufacturing and services companies. It is concerned with determining the quantity and timing of production in order to meet forecasted demand at the lowest cost possible and by maintaining the quality of the product at the same time. Aggregate planning is the functional role of operational […]

Impact of technology on business

Technology has had a transformative effect on businesses. Its effect on businesses has so far been revolutionary. Businesses, both small and large, use technology tools such as the World Wide Web (WWW), computers, websites, Artificial Intelligence (AI), servers and even personal digital devices to make their work easier and give them the invaluable competitive advantage […]

Strategies for Entering New Markets

Strategies for entering new markets There are different strategies that different companies use when entering new markets. A strategy is defined as a set of deliberate action plans that are aimed at achieving a specific goal or objective. A company that intends to venture into a new market ought to have a clearly and excellently […]

Change Management Models

Change management models refer to those methods, which guide the process of managing change in different organizations (Cameron & Green, 2009, p. 109). Over the years, the successful application of these methods has led to the adaptation of the models as guidelines for change management. The most common examples include Lewin’s change management model, the […]

Hospitality and Its Management: Aramark and the National Automation Merchandising Association

Hospitality Hospitality is the warm reception of a guest or a visitor. However, hospitality management refers to the control and administration of procedures as well as processes set aside to ensure warm reception is maintained. We can analyze hospitality and its management by taking two case studies namely Aramark and the National Automation Merchandising Association […]

Memorandum to the Board of Directors

This memo seeks to advice the board of directors of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation on the best policy issue the company should pursue in dealing with the problem of Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) additive the company produces through its subsidiary – Octel Associates. Making the corresponding recommendation, I have considered three options suggested by the board. […]

Making Money on Music: The Company That Has to Stay Afloat

Considering the state of affairs within the company in question, one can assert that the strategies one can apply to make the company more successful are the contingency planning and crisis management. Obviously, at present, the company uses the crisis management strategy to avoid crisis management, yet it seems that the actions undertaken so far […]

Total Quality Management

Introduction Total Quality Management, often abbreviated as TQM is the strategy used by organizations in improving internal operations and enhancing the satisfaction of customers. With proper implementation, TQM reduces the costs that are associated with corrective maintenance, creates satisfactory general performance and a high number of satisfied customers. However, the concept of TQM is not […]

Rainmakers Company’s Issue of Management Choices

Rainmakers are elite financial advisors who offer customized financial services, which depend on their client description. The article explains teachings offered to veteran and rookie rainmakers on how best to handle their current and prospective clients (Boswell and Nichols). They mainly target rich baby boomers whose major concern lies in individual health, family health, financial […]

Best Food Superstores

Executive Summary The “Best Food Superstores” has grown from a single grocery store to a leading superstore. These superstores offer the best selection, value and quality services. Mainly dealing in food substances, the stores have recorded sales above $42.5 million. The “Best Food Superstores” has risen to become a multibillion-dollar retailer and cooperation. It is […]

The Benefits of Parking Facility in a Hospital

Introduction Management of hospitals is normally complicated and therefore most hospitals adopt departmentalization. Each department is run separately in coordination with other departments within the hospital. Facility management can effectively help the departments or the hospital as a whole manage the non-primary care activities in each department. It can help the hospital management concentrate on […]

Strategic Human Resource Management

Introduction Many people in organizations are not very comfortable with how the HR departments operate. This department is always involved in cutting payroll and other expenditure at the whim of the chief financial officers (Jackson and Mathis 2008, p. 3). Despite of this common perception it has been noted that HR is essential especially in […]

Managing a business: A senior managers role in material management and management of the external environment

Managing a business comes with its own challenges. Senior managers in business organizations must put in place appropriate strategies to ensure that the business runs smoothly without any internal shocks, and also be aware of relevant externalities that can substantially affect their business. To achieve this, there are serious decisions to be made, precautions to […]

Critical analysis of the article ‘Designing and implementation of HR scorecard’

Introduction This paper will give a critical analysis of the article ‘Designing and implementation of HR scorecard’, as written by Garrett Walker and J. Randall Macdonald, and published in the Human Resource Management Journal (Vol. 40 Issue No. 4, p365-377) during the winter of 2001. This article shows the importance of the HR scorecard in […]

Evaluation of the Relevance of Organizational Behavior as a Management

Introduction The modern day business environment is characterized by aggression and excessive competition. To retain profitability and relevance in the competitive arena, an organization has to exhibit innovation and enhance performance among its employees (Malhotra, 2000). Any organization aims at increasing profitability, increasing growth and innovation and introducing new values and culture. To achieve this, […]

AtekPC Project Management Office

Introduction Implementation of projects becomes a challenge in most companies especially if not well planned and hence the need of adopting project management office (PMO). The PMO department is concerned with the processes relating to project management within a company, playing a huge role in defining and maintaining the standards of the particular process. For […]

Controlling as a Management Function

Toyota is a motor Company founded in 1937 with the headquarter in Japan. It is among the leading automobile producers based on the levels of production and sales. The firm also takes a lead in producing robots and offering pecuniary services in addition to dealing with the manufacturing of vehicles. It is also well known […]

Organizational Planning Acts

Organizational planning acts as a pivotal instrument for driving organizational success. Planning entails the integration of essential tools by the management within any form of organization, with the goal of enhancing effectiveness and efficiency measures. Complex organizations such as schools, large private businesses and public agencies have adopted and integrated technology to aid in the […]

Websites of Stonyfield Café, Bayfront Convention Center and Long Island Catering Halls

In findings published by Summers (n.d), 89 percent of all restaurant patrons (in the US) “researched a restaurant online prior to visiting” it. Majority of the respondents featured in the survey argued that they can anticipate the experience they will have with a hospitality service provider, just by surfing the service provider’s website. Stonyfield Café’s […]

Organizing: St. Peter’s Hospital

Introduction St. Peter’s hospital in New York is one good example of an organization that has enhanced good management and the use of technology to improve its services. The organization’s management is structured in such a way that everything operates smoothly. Thus, there is specialization and division of labor. There is no overlap of duties […]

Staffing Plan for Mc. FRIES

Introduction In recent organizational recruitment efforts it has become a challenge deciding the quality of recruits. Some new employees are very good but, are hired for the wrong job, reducing their output and depicting them as poor workers. In hiring it is important to determine the number of people that each sector actually requires to […]

Organizational behavior terminology

Objective Many organizations that command a massive market share in their areas of operations have put in place organizational behaviors that work to their advantage. This essay gives a detailed explanation of organizational culture, organizational behavior, diversity, and communication. It also undertakes to describe each of these concepts’ observable aspects. It will also give a […]

Google’s view on the future of business

Thesis Statement Recent developments in the internet and software business especially the level of commercial aggression arising from competitors such as (Microsoft, Apple and Facebook) is making it quite hard for Google to conclude that its business model is secured in the near future and the distant future. Considering that Google’s main source of revenue […]

Proposal For A Small Business Opportunity

The business plan provides a basis for starting a sustainable business in healthcare service provision industry to both male and female customers typically aimed at the low and middle level income bracket. The business owner is a dedicated entrepreneur, who has identified a business opportunity in body fitness service provisions and has strategized to exploit […]

Management Planning at Boeing

Boeing is among the most reputable airplane manufacturing companies, and it makes the planes for airlines as well as for military purposes all over the world. The organization has been able to climb the corporate ladder by striving to fulfill customer requirements. The reason behind Boeing’s success is designing and constructing tailor-made planes depending on […]

Importance of Setting Goals and Strategic Planning In an Organization

Introduction With the ever-increasing competition and changing business environments, proper planning and setting of achievable strategic goals have become an integral part of all organizations, as they are two of the primary determinants of an organization’s level of productivity. In addition, these factors are also important when it comes to defining an organization’s purpose and […]

Goals and Objectives

Introduction The terms goals and objectives have been used interchangeably as though to imply they are synonymous. Although the line that distinguishes these two is very thin, there is a difference between these two concepts. This discussion focuses on the differences between goals and objectives and why each of them is important to an organization. […]

Functions of Management Paper

Introduction Management is the process of operating with individuals and resources to achieve organizational aims with efficiency and competence. The business world is dynamic and is characterized by a number of organizational changes, which calls for managers to be conversant in their work to maintain focus through embracing new approaches regarding planning, organizing, leading, and […]

Small Businesses Attractivity

Introduction According to Rickman and Roddick, small business is a business that “is privately owned and operated; it’s normally characterized by small number of employees and low volume of sales” (4). A small business could take the form of a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. Small businesses are common and have heavy presence all over […]

Strategic analysis report

Vision To create a dependable and superior bed and breakfast location that visitors can always count on. Mission To create a relaxing, home away from home experience where visitors will feel valued and cared for through continual added value and superior service provision. Value statement To carry out business in a principled manner by working […]

Organizational Design Article Analysis

In her article, Sheila Creth highlights the importance of a networked organization, particularly in the modern higher education environment. She notes that there is need for organizations to maximally utilize their members of staff to successfully run the operations. Creth gives an example of networking between libraries and information technology services for a progressive transition […]

Formal Planning’s Strengths and Weakness

Introduction Many organizations today spend a fortune in formal planning. In various contexts, organisations and researchers have had conflicting opinions on formal planning, with a faction affirming that it improves the overall profitability of a company (in addition to spurring project growth) while others note that it is not crucial at all in the realization […]

Project Management and Project Alignment Strategy

Introduction Project management has been practiced mainly in the engineering and construction sectors. This is mainly due to the fact that tasks in these sectors have to be organized in a systematic manner if they are to yield the required results. However, since the 1990’s, project management has gained prominence in other sectors as various […]

Inspection of the Inn’s Building and Its Compound

123 Winner’s Road New empire Town, PA 12345 John Shaky 1234, Inn Lane Fun city, IN 12345 Dear Mr. Shaky: As part of my responsibilities at the inn, I have taken time to inspect the inn’s building and its compound. The U.S. Department of labor (2009) states, “ managers must have a good knowledge of […]

Disaster Recovery Plan

Background Information Nowadays people understand that preventing disasters is much more effective than trying to cope with the outcome of this or that catastrophe. For instance, Emerson states that “dollars spent in prevention are worth more than dollars spent in recovery” (Kunene, 2002). There are a lot of examples proving such saying. Thus, National Archives […]

Managing creative project and team

Harvard Business Essentials define creativity as “a process of developing and expressing novel ideas for solving problems or satisfying needs”[1]. Creativity in an organization is founded on three basic building blocks. These are expertise, creative thinking skills and motivation. Considering this and other characteristics of creative teams, one realizes that managing creativity within a business […]