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Risk Management Essay Examples and Topics

Risk and Internal Data Management

This system will ensure that the response to the disaster or incident and that communication of the information to the relevant stakeholders is done simultaneously.

Fire and Rescue Services’ Change Management Strategy

The above-identified objectives are premised on the necessity to define the risk in accordance with the achievements of the personal and strategic goals of local organizations to evaluate the outcomes and implications for implementing the [...]

Exploring Strategic Risk

It is possible to argue that the introduction of disruptive technologies can be viewed as one of the main strategic risks faced by modern companies.

Crisis Management Models for Risk Assessment

To assess the relative risk of each of the risk events, the assessment tool quantified the probability of occurrence, impact on students, impact on staff, impact on learning, the preparedness of the institution, and the [...]

Tesco Accounting Scandal: Risk Management

The case of Tesco accounting scandal will be addressed from the perspectives of policy, identification, measurement, analysis, decision, implementation, and feedback to describe strategies aimed at ensuring more effective management of the risk of fraud [...]

Role of Risk Assessment

That is, it should be decided whether the probability of occurrence of a risk or the severity of its impact takes priority when assessing the level of the risk.

Ethical Issues: Risk Tolerance

It might be possible to state that when it comes to issues related to risk tolerance, the ethical dimension of these issues is similar to other their dimensions in some ways, but different in others.

Risk Assessment Process in Five Steps

Risk is measured by considering the potential amount of loss and the probability of the loss occurring."Risk can be assessed either quantitatively or qualitatively."If both the probability and severity can be quantified, the risk is [...]

Risk in Banking Internal Control System

The internal control system in banking refers to one that largely identifies the effectiveness of the organization and minimizes the risks associated with the bank's reputation and compliance to the mission.

Risk Identification and Control in Organizations

Further, the importance of risk management and control identification for the organization is explained, and it is stressed that defining, prioritizing, and addressing risks, along with properly classifying the instruments needed for effective risk management [...]

All Star Company’s Risk Management

As for the risks connected to the political situation in the country, it is known that the government tends to accept ideas proposed by the business leaders of the country.

Lifting Equation in Ergonomics Risk Assessment

Measuring and recording task variables, which include the horizontal distance at the origin of the lift and the horizontal distance at the destination, the height of the lift origins and the height of the lift [...]

Sharjah City’s Efficient Management Framework

The fact is that the tendency towards the increased number of visitors and residents introduces the necessity of the outstanding performance of every object of infrastructure to guarantee that the basic needs of the majority [...]

Impact of Risk on Project Cost Management

The literature on project management typically utilizes a definition given in the PMBOK guide, according to which risk is an uncertain event or condition that has the potential to impact some of the elements of [...]

Identifying and Managing Project Risk

That is why the risks of this project are connected to the high variability of the project and the implementation of change that makes it difficult to evaluate the potential response of all the parties [...]

Executive Pay and the Credit Crisis of 2008

Stock and equity options presented to the bankers, for example, guaranteed that if the market value of a company dramatically dropped, an identical outcome would be witnessed in the salary of senior management. The committees [...]

Risk Management Approaches by Yen Chong

He contends that financial damage that sometimes amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars could be ascribed to the inability of institutional monitoring systems to control the inadequate behavior of senior executives.

Remote Deposit Capture Project’s Risk Plan

Gauging the idea of possible risks the project may suffer involves brainstorming of the scenario of the project's implementation. Based on brainstorming, the lists of possible risks to the project are compiled.

Risk, Insurance, and Third-Party Administrators

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the term 'risk' and associated insurances, focus on the concepts of the 'third party administrator' and areinsurance,' and report on the financial results of the major insurance [...]

Operational Risk Within Lloyd’s Insurance Market

The article entitled, Operational Risk within an Insurance Market reflected the ideas of Manning and Gurney when it comes to the development and implementation of risk management within Lloyd's insurance market. The article's objective is [...]

Homeland Security’s Risk Management Approaches

The task of risk management, which incorporates the assessment and prevention of internal and external threats to the nation's well-being, therefore, requires the ability to incorporate both traditional and innovative approaches.

Disaster Recovery Plans in Business

In addition to these teams, a technical support team that will be responsible for voice, data, and network connectivity for the business recovery will also be mobilized. This team will help in the recovery of [...]

Risky Business: Students and Smartphones

The study builds upon the previous research, and it is made visible in the introduction where the authors referred to the findings of many different studies concerning the issues or mobile security, their prevalence, the [...]

The NovySmichov Store’s Risk Management

They may choose to write a complaint against the store for the injuries sustained in the workplace. For instance, the customers are likely to sue the store for harm or injuries sustained from the use [...]

Complex Mechanism of Organizational Security

Consequently, in the context of these questions, it is critical to determine the correlation of the quality of the decision-making with the various threats, prudent purchasing decisions, and the security operations of other departments.

Supply Chain Risk Management: Bayesian Network

Sharma and Sharma, as well as Lockamy, consider the use of the Bayesian network as the means of mitigating risks in the supply chain by improving the information management strategies and addressing the communication issue.

Enterprise Security Risk Management

Industry-led and government-run regulatory bodies and sponsors have started to overhaul the establishments' policies to the extent that the companies' BODs are demanded to make reports and reviews on the consistency of enterprise risk management [...]

Conditions for Becoming a Strong Competitive Force

Particularly, the identification and the further development of a unique competitive advantage, the creation of a strong and efficient risk management approach, and the introduction of a cost-efficient strategy of resources management must be viewed [...]

Mars Company: Enterprise Risk Management

Risks and losses remain one of the factors that are inextricably connected with business, and it is extremely important for specialists working for large companies to be able to minimize the negative impact of these [...]

Business Continuity Management Plan

The chief responsibilities counting the power to appeal, the commands following the supplications and a thorough communications strategy has to be contained within the plan in order to guarantee the effectual recommencement of processes.

Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment

One of the major goals and benefits of the approach is the possibility to prioritize risks. Controls are procedures that minimize the probability of transitioning through the entire chain of the risk event aimed at [...]

Cybersecurity and Risk Control Implementation

The first component of the risk treatment framework refers to the decision not to go through with the procedures that may present a risk; the second one stands for the minimization of the possibility of [...]

Resiliency Approach in Risk Management

In the present case, it appears that the company is equally vulnerable to both internal and external threats. Since the company does not always have the resources and the expertise necessary to address the threats [...]

Business Continuity Planning and Its Elements

Firstly, the vulnerability is the drawback of the information system or other aspects, which can be utilized by the competitors by posing threat to the organization and be related to the dependency on the external [...]

Risk and Project Financing Decisions

Despite the fact that the real estate related option poses quite a tangible threat to the future of the company in general, as it presuppose acquiring a zero income in the worst case scenario, the [...]

Risk Monitoring and Control Actions

The experience got in the course helps to realize that the main challenges of risk monitoring and control can be time, lack of attention and inabilities to forecast the events.

Risk Management: Implementation and Opportunities

In the resurfacing an old driveway with new asphalt project, the following success factors can help to extend the boundaries of the improvement process and achieve better results in the implementation stage of the work: [...]

Risk Management: Definition and Aspects

Risk management is the type of approach that helps managers in different organizations to identify, assess, and prioritize risks. Probabilistic risk assessment is a well-structured method that is used in the logical analysis to help [...]

Innovation in Global World

As Bolton, Mehran and Shapiro assert, conscious factors refer to the aspects and issues that are related to the situation in terms of familiarity, manageability, proximity, as well as propinquity and sternness or severity of [...]

Risk Management in Financial Institutions

The calculation incorporates three variables, including the probable financial loss, the probability indicating the likelihood of the loss occurring, and the amount of time in which the company may be exposed to the risk.

Risk Management and Its Types

Types of risks include social risks, operational risks, financial risks, credit risks, currency risks, quantitative risks, market risks, and project risks.

Risk Management and the Environment

This paper discusses the potential risks associated with the establishment and operation of the green houses. The deficiency might negatively influence the capacity of the company to establish new green houses.

Company X Risk Management

Therefore, the company is likely to face the risk in the event of transition of power or emergence of war. In the event of occurrence of these risks, the adversity in the business would be [...]

Risks Identification and Management

They include the administration department, which is headed by the company's managing director, and his assistant, the deputy MD, the sales and marketing department, the support team department, the human resource and finance department, and [...]

Risk Management and Project Management

There is a need to evaluate the value of the positive risk as opposed to the negative one in an attempt to formulate a feasible decision that enables determination of the worth of the risk.

The Standards of Risk Management

These are some of the benefits that can be identified and students should not overlook them. In other words, the management should consider the opinions of various stakeholders in order to identify the threats to [...]

Risk Management Applications

In special attention to the United States of America, the state has witnessed the emergence of changes in the transportation sector and energy sector.

Managing Risks in Oil and Gas Companies

In the oil and gas industry, some companies that show interest are likely to invest in any part of the world where the oil and gas field has a sheer disregard of the political climate [...]