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Employees Management Essay Examples and Topics

Orange PLC Company’s Human Resource Management

There is need to transform human resource management from purely operational and administrative functions into a broad and holistic talent management to ensure that the labor function in an organization is sustainable.

Job Satisfaction: Values, Rewards and Work Conditions

The authors used the model suggested by Kalleberg, Griffin, and Loscocco to prove that both the objective nature of the positions that employees take and the subjective interpretations of the staff's workplace responsibilities constitute the [...]

Team Dynamics and Decision-Making Process

Indeed, a closer look at the situation that could be observed at Company X will show that it was the inability of the participants to avoid a culture clash that led to misunderstandings, conflicts, and [...]

Laying Off Employees: Main Aspects

For the manager who informs the employees about their layoffs, it is possible to deal with negative emotions involved in this process by realizing that the layoff is usually caused by financial problems of the [...]

Motivation in the Workplace: Industry Practicum

In addition, it is as well paramount to obtain a better understanding of the perception of motivation both manager and employee perspective in order to come to a conclusion regarding the most effective strategies that [...]

Employee Engagement and Positive Workplace Behavior

The given strategy aims to achieve and maintain the highest level of employee motivation and workers' devotion to the well-being of their company. The inductive process and a narrative synthesis of evidence will be employed [...]

Suitable Recruitment Methods for Company

One of the challenges during the expansion of a company is the recruitment of new staff. The three effective recruitment methods recommended for the company are internship recruitment, graduate recruitment and open public recruitment.

Saudi Arabian Mining Company’s Human Resources

Initially, the company focused on gold mining, but it has expanded its scope to cover aluminum, phosphate, and other industrial minerals."To be a world-class minerals enterprise" "Champion the responsible development of the mining sector as [...]

Job Satisfaction and Encouraging Activities

The organization management assigns a high significance to the job satisfaction issue it assumes that the high satisfaction level determines effective performance and elevates the commitment level.

Acquired-Needs Theory in Training Programs

For instance, training activities that involve work teams should be led by individuals with a strong need for power in order to motivate their commitment towards the achievement of the goals of training activities. The [...]

Human Resource Development and Challenges

It is understood, of course, that this results in the creation of the situation when the members of HRD staff grow ever more arrogant of the societal dimension of their professional responsibilities.

Human Resource Professional’s Competency Model

In conclusion, the competency model for HR professionals is a theoretical framework that offers the necessary tools for professional excellence development to every HR professional, with key components that include business, HR expert, leader, change [...]

360-Feedback Assessment System and Its Feasibility

In the case of the 360-feedback system, the reliability stems from multiple observations of the subject being measured. The study showed that the tool is feasible and effective due to the concept of multiple observations.

Nike Company’s Labor Problems

Basing on the labor problems that have bedeviled the company for years, analysis of the relationship among indirect and direct stakeholders basing on four interest points; economics, ecology, biology, and society is essential in developing [...]

The Price of Nice Nails

What is interesting is that, for example, in New York, the state authorities permit the employers to pay low wages to the manicurists because the latter are considered to be tipped employees.

Software PLC Company’s Management

In addition to that, the company fails to maintain its HR functions efficiently, which can be proved by the fact that a lot of workers have recently left their positions and joined Software PLC's competitor.

401-k and Other Retirement Plans in the US

The origin of the DCP traces back to the need for a retirement savings plan for employees. Employees are to follow the guidelines of the plan and to make sure that they understand their responsibilities [...]

McDonald’s Company: Employee Engagement

It would be beneficial to analyze ideas of scholars to get a better understanding of the subject matter, and gained knowledge can be applied to McDonald's to determine the effectiveness of approaches that are used [...]

Work Motivation and Organizational Behavior

The purpose of the paper was the investigation of motivation within the organizational context. In the organizational context, motivation, or motivation management, is the system of methods and techniques applied for the activation of employees' [...]

Human Resources Data Collection and Storage

That must be done for a number of reasons, starting with the need to manage workers and communicate with them and ending with various legislations that force companies to do so. The HR department needs [...]

UK National Institutions’ Employee Management

The relevance and stability of ethics and values in national institutions signify control and trust of the human capital. In addition, the expatriates' organizational commitment is assessed from adherence to values and ethics of the [...]

Safety and Health Standards in the Workplace

The first step of implementing health and safety program will be the provision of the first aid and medical emergency treatment in the workplace. The safe handling of hazardous materials and abatement actions will be [...]

Compensation Strategies for Start-Ups

The central premise behind the approach is the alignment of the compensation scheme with the current objective of the organization. Finally, once sustainable growth was prioritized, the data pointed to the influence of the length [...]

Bullying and Legislation in Australian Workplace

According to the authors of the article, workplace bullying can be characterized as internal violence. According to the authors of the article, bullying is a widespread phenomenon and is a common attribute of many organizations.

Workplace Reengineering: Non-Linear Solution

The chapters of this book are that each chapter conveys specific instructions to those who want to stay ahead in business, the chapters respond to the concerns of those who want to reclaim lost glory [...]

Project Regulation, Staffing, Conflict Resolution

In the present-day, highly competitive business world, the ability of a company to introduce new ideas and to launch new programs and projects on their basis is one of the key factors predetermining successful performance [...]

CMA Company’s Team-Building and Communication

The focus on improving communication and promoting teamwork is crucial because of the lack of trust by which the relationships between the company members can be characterized. Therefore, it will be reasonable to focus on [...]

Talent Planning, Recruitment, and Selection

Finally, business-specific operational features can also trigger the search for new talents; seasonal production peaks, new projects, and business expansion will require new employees to be recruited.

Chinese Luxury Hotels’ Employee Motivation

Based on the focus of the research, the study objectives include the necessity to explore on such terms as motivation, satisfaction, and loyalty, to evaluate the link between the concepts of employee motivation, satisfaction and [...]

Open Plan Office Design, Its Benefits & Drawbacks

Another reason for employers to stay away from open-plan offices is the fact that frequent interactions among employees may potentially lead to the creation of noise and distractions that prevent workers from completing their assignments.

Organizational Commitment Studies

Riketta The focal problem of the research is the interconnection between job attitudes and performance. The second model implies that job attitudes are shaped by performance.

Employment-At-Will Doctrine in the Real-Life Cases

The concept implies the existence of the legal right, which allows the employers to terminate the workers. Nevertheless, there arise the cases, in which at-will employment violates the fundamentals of international labor protection standards, due [...]

Employees Empowerment and Delegation of Authority

Empowerment is an effective management tool that assists the leaders in pursuing the goals of the company by granting employees the decision-making right. Empowerment produces leaders and partners whereas delegation of power results in the [...]

Coca Cola Company’s Diversity Management

Currently, a majority of the innovation studies do not analyze the skills complementarities, age differences, cultural features, and ethnic backgrounds of the workforce. They fail to appreciate the contribution of the company's workforce to innovation.

Global Human Capital Managers and Their Roles

The visionary leadership style, which should be viewed as the means of providing the employees with more options and increasing the loyalty levels among them is linked directly to the value and philosophy of the [...]

Employee Engagement and Its Aspects

Hence, the researchers note that, despite the lack of unity in the experts' opinion, the major part of the analyzed sources implies that engagement stands for the positive outcomes that employees might potentially bring in [...]

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the UAE

In this case, 45 middle and top managers of companies in the United Arab Emirates were asked to participate in the research to understand their level of emotional intelligence and its influence on the overall [...]

Work Environments and Their Changing Nature

In the modern world, the concepts and ideas associated with human resources are being redefined along with the extensive process of change like work environments and work overall. This process is global and highly connected [...]

Host County Nationals and Its Help to Expatriates

Several studies have been carried out to examine the relationship between host country nationals and expatriates especially in areas such as the differences that exit between expatriates and the nationals of the host country, the [...]

Concept of Group Observation

The following paper presents the observations of group behavior in a work setting and provides the analysis of the results based on the existing group development theories.

Mental Health Strategies at the Workplace

According to the article by Gallagher and Underhill, there is an increased amount of evidence, which suggested that certain work and company characteristics have a direct impact on bad well-being, increased stress, as well as [...]

Attitudes, Their Types, Formation, and Components

In their essence, attitudes are the manifestations of the feelings and beliefs people have about the surrounding objects and situations. Finally, the third group of components is called behavioral and based on the actions people [...]

Employee Empowerment: Influential Factors

The central hypothesis of this paper is the following: employee empowerment is the most effective human resource management strategy, as it benefits an organization due to employee self-management and involvement.

Mechanistic vs Human Relations Management

Organizations also exist in dynamic social, political and economic environments and thus the need of making the necessary changes in the management approach so as to make organizations to not only stay relevant but also [...]

Ideal Hotels: Management Development

It is a key management principle for Ideal Hotels to retain such employees because the management understands that such employees are essential to the accomplishment of organisational goals.

Cellular Production Model and Its Challenges

In most cases, the goal in cellular production is the creation of value for the consumer by the production of a substantial variety of high-quality products, which increases consumption and overall profits for the company.

Power Sources in the Working Environment

The power determines the ability of a leader to influence the actions or decisions made within the company. The third type of authority based on the reward as opposed to the coercive power and they [...]

Just-In-Time Training Principles in the Workplace

Overall, it is apparent that the presence of such information within the organization is in line with the need for a continuous training program since the employees can use the resources available to further their [...]