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Employees Management Essay Examples and Topics

Executive versus Worker Compensation Disparity

The individuals in the low-level social status feel oppressed by those in the higher social status in various ways. Hence, social status marks the level of achievement concerning the average life standards of the majority [...]

The Toyota Company’s People Management

In this way, the corporation struggles to promote the identification and promotion of the best practices. In particular, it is necessary to discuss how the management of the company attempts to respond to various inefficiencies [...]

Equality and Diversity: Benefits in the Workplace

It is essential to understand the importance of diversity and equality in the workplace because the world is becoming more diverse and many organisations are learning to manage employees from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

High Performance Work Systems – HPWS

Certain studies have shown that there is a mediating effect within the working environment and the likelihood of association of several HPWS practices, emotional exhaustion, satisfaction, and commitment of the employees.

Shipboard Employees Management

Therefore, the essay examines the effectiveness of the strategies employed by Xavier Charles, the captain, in the management of the ship's crew.

How Millennials Want to Be Managed?

They should consider the factors that motivate millennials and endeavour to capitalise on them. They are primed to work in organisations that guarantee the safety of all staff members.

Employee Engagement and Performance Correlation

Studies indicate that the engaged workforce is one of the sources that generate competitive advantage to the firm. The general conclusion from these studies is that the employees' engagement leads to increased satisfaction and commitment, [...]

Mental Models in Organizations

To be able to use the mental models to bring Vernon and Bud onto the team, it is important that the steps of the model be appropriately applied.

Menzies Company Organisational Skills

Menzies equips trainees with relevant skills to compete professionally anywhere in the world, which provides a wide scope of opportunities to develop and serve others satisfactorily.

Employees’ Empowerment and Impact on Productivity

Thus, the main objective of this essay is to review the advantages and disadvantages of different means of the empowerment of the workforce, analyze both their theoretical standpoint and experiences and results of the practical [...]

HR Managers Challenges: Recruiting Expatriates

It is possible to note that, when it comes to training concerning the use of some machinery, software, tools and so on, expatriates can be very effective irrespective of their cultural competence, so-to-speak.

Managing a Multi-generational Workforce

With "a shared inborn way of understanding life", as explained in the Manheim's theory, Lyons and Kuron show that workers of the same generation across industries develop a universal consciousness and react in the same [...]

Linking Pay and Performance

Given the size of the budget, it is only natural that the employees who will be required to adapt to the new systems get some form of incentive or they may end up feeling exploited [...]

Poor Leadership as a Cause of Employee Turnover

They include the bully boss, the micromanager boss, the workaholic boss, the by-the-numbers boss, and the divisive bosses. Interactions between employees and supervisors are critical because they determine the quality of communication and the responsiveness [...]

HR Management: the Reward System Causes and Effects

It is common for organizations to use rewards as motivators for their employees; however, to ensure that rewards are being used effectively, employers should ensure that employees are not deceitful in order to attain the [...]

HR Management: Ethical and Diversity Issues

Despite the existence of differences in a work environment with regard to remuneration, human resource managers should explain to the other employees the ethical reasons upon which the differences are based.

E-groove Systems Corporation’ Staffing Plan

According to the professional standards of human resource management, a staffing plan or layout is a system which is meant to monitor, control and regulate the human resource capital for an organization.

Essential Human Resource Management Areas

Therefore, there has been increased and agile interest in the ways to organize the human resources of the company effectively, to build competitive workforce ensuring the advantage of the company in the market and increased [...]

The Work Experience’ Enhancing

If this method is employed, the worker is likely to feel that they are more in control of their job. Job rotation and job enrichment allow workers to acquire different skills while on the job.

Fulfilling Work: Definition and Aspects

Many managers are unaware of the ways in which an employee could be motivated to achieve high results and the author suggests six ways that individuals and top executives could employ in satisfying the employees' [...]

Emirates Airline: Recruitment and Selection Process

To deliver sustained service excellence and effectively manage its staffs, Emirates Airline recognizes human assets as the most crucial and important facets in any service industry. Moreover, the frontline service and general staffs are regarded [...]

High Performance Working Organisation Components

Coaching leadership style is also crucial for the effectiveness of HPW in a business organisation. This form of leadership limits the employees' contribution to the success of an organisation for they do not always participate [...]

Recruitment and Selection: HR Competency Models

The paper analyzes the use of competency models by HR professionals within SHUUA Capital, in the UAE. In addition, an organization could assess the capabilities of an individual by testing him or her on specific [...]

Employee Training Project Challenges

The algorithm of analyzing and reporting the unplanned changes includes the necessity to face an issue or a change; evaluation of its impact on the following stages; report to the management team on the change [...]

Employee Value Proposition

On the other hand, the employee should be made to understand why it is crucial to do the job in the company than in a competitor firm.

XYZ Company’s Induction Training Programme

Due to the aim of this research, which is to carry out an intensive study on the induction training programme in the company XYZ, the research will evaluate various methods of carrying out induction process, [...]

Selection Procedure and Tests for a Manager

It is, therefore, important to involve a cognitive ability test, a work sample test, a test on personality and a structured overview in the procedures of selection in order to get a potential manager fit [...]

Hiring Processes of Civil Servants

Therefore, civil service hiring processes require a review to match the best practices in the labor market and remain competitive as public and private organizations compete for the best talents.

CEO Turnover and Compensation

A CEO can be the difference between the continued existence and fall of an organization. In the world today, CEOs are paid astronomical salaries and allowances to ensure they remain loyal to the company.

Recruitment and Selection Process Analysis

Every potential employee should have the best information when visiting the careers section of a potential employer's website. The potential employee should analyze this information before applying for the job.

Gourmet Coffee Shop: Staffing Organizations

In the current case, the employment relationship between the firm and its employees will involve a legal contract. In this regard, the employment relationship between the store managers and the coffee shop will involve a [...]

Strategic Compensation in Canada Companies

The interviews were aimed at establishing the reward plans for these companies in order to make a clear comparison of the benefits against level of performance between the two employees. This is summarised in the [...]

The UPS Firm Perspective: Labor Market

Except for the IT level, the constituents of the UPS labor productivity include the quality of the management, which refers to the personal virtues and professional skills of the leaders, the input resources grading that [...]

Whistle-blowing and Employee Loyalty

The supervisors at the company 'forced the employees to keep quiet about the problem'. The whistle blowers also 'sacrificed their careers in order to achieve justice'.

The Systems Thinking Role in Team Learning

In this case, the problem is lack of coordination due to the hierarchy within the organization. The main problem in the motor industry is that the leverage changes often appear insignificant to most of the [...]

Human Resource Planning in Business

Taking these facts into account, it is possible to say that the following work is devoted to the description of some techniques which will be able to improve the quality of the work of stuff [...]

Resourcing Talent in Organizations

Second, what effects talent management is the size and the cost of the company that determines whether the organization can afford to employ the most talented staff.

Induction and Its Benefits for Employees

Another purpose of induction that needs to be noted is that it ensures that employees can settle into an environment that is new, and adaptation to the process of work can also be critical in [...]

The Needed Employees Selection

To reach the goal, the members of the HR department usually create the culture of the company and try to widespread the values and beliefs of the company within the team.

Training Center for Employees in the UAE

The primary aim of the training center should be to provide employees with opportunities to receive necessary knowledge and skills to open one's potential and become a professional in the particular sphere.

ABB Consulting Inc Employee Turnover

It is clear that the continued high turnover of talented female employees is a problem which needs to be addressed to reposition the company and ensure it remains competitive.

Labor Markets and Global Mobility

According to experts, the global labor market has struggled to effectively deal with the consequences of globalization in terms of developing policies that protect the interest of employees.

Walmart Company: Reducing Employee Stress

The first function of this programme is "to encourage more employees to identify their sources of stress". In conclusion, the above strategy will train more employees and clients in order to deal with their sources [...]