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Employees Management Essay Examples and Topics

Incentives to Increase Employees` Motivation

At the same time, regarding the fact that some strategies fail to succeed and promote the beneficial result, the paper investigates the possibility of Maslows hierarchy of needs application to motivate workers and attain desired [...]

Drug Tests on Employees

He argues that human beings need to show empathy to others to ensure other people in the society to achieve happiness.

Diverse Workforce: Pros and Cons

This makes a firm's operations more innovative and leads to improvements in the quality of products released into the market. A business firm may also have to hire an expert to train its employees about [...]

Employee Performance, Satisfaction, and Commitment

In general, the performance appraisal is a recurrent process of evaluation of employees' job performance which is primarily based on the quantity and quality of their output, communication skills, creativity, knowledge and competence, reliability, responsibility, [...]

Telephone Interviewing and Equal Employment Law

The article by Oliphant, Hansen, and Oliphant titled "A Review of a Telephone-Administered Behaviour-Based Interview Technique" discusses the findings of a study that explores the impact of behavior-based interviews on performance and retention of a [...]

Effective Work Groups and Teams Study

The study that is discussed within the frame of the assignment presents a review that pays close attention to everything that is known about the phenomenon of teamwork and the ways to measure and enhance [...]

McDonald’s Compensation Systems Design

Justifying the significance of the above factors requires me to describe the status of compensation systems in my current workplace, including some aspects that need to be improved such as providing incentives and aligning salaries [...]

Market Competitive Compensation Systems

One of the well-recognized approaches to the successful completion of the mentioned goal is the development of market-competitive compensation systems. These activities are the following: strategic analysis of the market, completion of compensation surveys, integration [...]

Polygraph Test Used in Job Interviews

One of the new approaches in evaluating potential employees is the polygraph, or lie detector, testing: it is expected to help an interviewer to detect if an interviewee is telling the truth or lying.

Group Formation and Leadership Challenges

As the main criteria influencing the formation of the team, it is possible to note the quality of participants' communication skills, the availability of a competent work strategy, and appropriate planning.

Resourcing and Talent Management

Thus, it is necessary for both medical staff and management to have not only the appropriate level of professional training but also a sufficient incentive for quality work.

Psychometric Tests in Human Resources Management

Psychometric tests are useful in the management of human resources to the extent that they are used for hiring and recruitment, job analysis, job satisfaction assessment, performance appraisal, team building, training and development, and turnover [...]

Virtual Team Member’s Job Description

Virtual team members play a very important role in the development of certain information that is important to the company. The company, therefore, intends to issue a detailed job description of the individual members of [...]

Blazers Firm’s Job Evaluation System

The second factor that is evaluated is accountability, which is concerned with the kind of authority the position attracts and the level of the holder's involvement in the allocation of resources in the organization.

Human Resources Management Methods and Planning

Some benefits that the companies attribute to the telecommuting are as under: With the extensive use of telecommuting, there will be less use of vehicles like automobiles, buses, trains, and aircraft as a result, less [...]

Empowerment Effects on Employees Performance

Thus, once the information is available on the reasons behind the decision, or changes in the initial scenario, it would be necessary to communicate it to the participants. The approach is also expected to contribute [...]

Natural Supports in the Organization

To begin with, the firm has training supports that are intended to improve the abilities of disabled employees. The role of the overseer is to offer insights to the workers and address their respective challenges.

Teamwork and Self-Awareness

In order for a group of people to effectively collaborate and ensure long-term teamwork on a project, there must be a sense of self-awareness in each member.

The Employee Turnover Concept

Therefore, high level of replacements can undermine the performance of an organization through the loss of experienced employees. How many of these left the company through retirement?

Organizational Behavior Fundamentals

Also, an appropriate organizational behavior of leaders and superiors is one of the most essential factors that influence the entire workflow, employees' moods, their attitudes towards other colleagues, and the desire to work in general.

The Impact of Motivation in the Workplace

The paper is devoted to the investigation of motivation as one of the issues that might help workers to demonstrate better performance in their workplace, its central components, and ways to create the beneficial environment.

Personal Development Portfolio

During the organizational behavior course, the broadness of the concepts of organizational culture, leadership and management, and power and politics stood out.

Benefit Plans for Different Generations Employees

For this generation, it is important to know that their benefits will remain the same after retirement. Finally, boomers are becoming more and more healthcare conscious, which leads to the increased need for healthcare benefits.

Management of Recruitment and Retention

In this paper, special attention will be paid to such ideas as the establishing of flexible work schedules, employee empowerment through life-long learning, and communication encouragement for managers to succeed in recruitment and retention of [...]

Workplace Environment in Atrium Health

As the previous assignment elaborated on the organizational structure of Atrium Health, it is appropriate to focus on the discussion of the issues of the workplace environment in the company.

Workers’ Motivation Levels and Performance

The present study discusses the differences between workers' motivation levels and performance in the conditions of forced and unrestricted distribution. First of all, they aim to discover the differences in the performance of workers under [...]

Improving Motivation at Atrium Health

This approach will ensure that a competent leader is introduced to manage organizational processes, address emerging complaints, and provide the most appropriate resources to the workers.

Pay Structure Comparison

SAS is far more successful in this area compared to Microsoft and CP: it generates more values within the workplace environment by providing more benefits for personnel and, in this way, increases the quality of [...]

Employee Motivation for Professional Development

The study of increasing the motivation of employees in the workplace to enhance productivity is an essential topic. The search for optimal initiatives to increase the motivation of workers can be considered in the context [...]

Employees Motivation: “How to Kill Creativity?”

Consistently with the researcher's conclusions, it is suggested that the implementation of the abovementioned managerial and leadership practices is conducive to better creativity-related and productivity-associated outcomes and is feasible in the majority of companies.

The Concept of a Union

For example, the facts that the law provides free choice for either joining or refraining unions, and it may be difficult to follow an individual approach to each of the employees should be clarified.

Means of Improving Employee Motivation

Moreover, leadership that supports workers and seeks their best interests gains their trust and motivates them to succeed. This usually signifies that managers should listen to employees and value their contribution.

Employee Performance Software and Its Benefits

The implementation of Employee Performance Software may seem to increase the quality of work that employees execute. Through the inclusion of EPS in worker-evaluation rubrics, companies may obtain a more productive organizational structure that is [...]

Human Resource Management Study by Maharjan et al.

For instance, from the abstract, organization-specific aspects and the prevailing culture are found to influence the operations of Japanese companies that are based in the Indian market. The title of the article is in line [...]

Michaels Companies Inc.’s Diversity Management

This approach is motivated by a list of prejudices towards elderly individuals in the workforce, with an implicit claim that they are less physically and mentally capable of adhering to the high standards of creativity [...]

Employee Experience and New Human Resources Model

The main idea that is being promoted in the 2018 article Strategically Create the Employee Experience: Redefining the HR Operating Model is that the time has come for the conventional paradigm of Human Resources to [...]

Work-Life Programmes in Business Strategy

In a business world that is exemplified by high levels of competition, it would be prudent for management teams to focus on understanding various work and life issues that could impact their staff.

Total Compensation in Different Markets

These include the laws of the labor market which are external to the business as well as the organizational policies that are internal to the business. One of the laws that affect the total compensation [...]

Project Team Creation and Mobilisation of Resources

Therefore, the difference between leadership and management is one of the critical issues in elaborating methods to motivate a team. Mastering leadership and communication skills to motivate staff are one of the key tasks for [...]

ABC Ltd: Employee Turnover

The figures presented in the case study provide evidence that, despite the growth of the book market in the world, ABC Ltd shows a steady decline in the number of its workers.

Employee’s Fair Wage and Moral Rights

Since most companies do not disclose their ability to pay to their employees, it is difficult to express their willingness to pay, and hence the employees will feel cheated by their employers.

Employee Commitment in Changing Organizations

This section describes in a concrete and precise manner the issues that form the basic tenets of the research. In terms of changing organizations, the article insists that the commitment of employees is critical when [...]

Blossom Children Nursery Recruiting Foreigners

The essence of the legal requirements is to ensure that the institution employs individuals with legitimate qualifications, and to meet the various legal requirements because the company takes the responsibility of the conduct of the [...]

Belmont Village Company’s High Employee Turnover

All in all, the proposed sustainability program is potentially helpful for decreasing the overall employee turnover rate and making staff more dedicated to Belmont Village as well as more productive and efficient in providing care [...]

Sustainable Talent Management Practices

The given paper aims to outline and suggest a sustainable management process that could be used to measure employees talent and create the environment needed for the development of the most important qualities among the [...]

Strengths-Based Employee Development and Coaching

The development of strengths and their use is beneficial predominantly for employees because such activities improve their well-being and performance; however, a manager can also use employees' strengths to the benefit of a company. Buckingham [...]

Professional Roles and ‘Thinking Performer’ Model

According to Ulrich's human resources business partner model, the administrative role occupies an area of HRM practices in which the processes component of the profession meets the operational focus; in other words, the administrative role [...]