Employees Management Essay Examples and Topics

Labor Markets and Global Mobility

Introduction Since the turn of the century, numerous trends have emerged in labor markets across the world due to globalization. According to experts, the global labor market has struggled to effectively deal with the consequences of globalization in terms of developing policies that protect the interest of employees (Garcia and Fares 112). Many organizations have […]

Walmart Company: Reducing Employee Stress

Introduction Workplace stress affects the performance of many employees. Stressful working environments discourage employees from supporting the goals of their companies. Over “42 percent of employees tend to quit their jobs due to stress” (Huston par. 4). Human Resources Managers (HRMs) should begin by identifying the major causes of stress. This knowledge will make it […]

Management: Responsibilities for Health, Safety and Security

Introduction The workplace is usually a potential high risk environment in terms of health and safety. But what does health and safety at the workplace mean? In a nutshell, health and safety deals with the protection of workers and other stakeholders through ensuring that the workplace is healthy, safe and that workers’ welfare is taken […]

Workplace Culture and the Onboarding Process

Individual Characteristics and Organizational Contexts Many individuals develop unique behaviors, ethical beliefs, and intentions. Such behaviors will determine their effectiveness as employees. Some personal characteristics impact “ethical beliefs, behaviors, sensitivities, and intentions” (Collins, 2012, p. 76). The “first characteristic is moral maturity” (Collins, 2012, p. 72). This aspect determines the decisions, behaviors, and religious values […]

Why Being a Jerk in the Workplace Could Pay Off?

Introduction Honesty, courtesy, trust, respect, humility, and compassion are some of the features that characterize modern working environments. An ideal employee is required to possess some of the aforementioned values as evident from some of the questions that potential job candidates are asked during employee recruiting processes. Research has revealed another phenomenon that goes contrary […]

Competition at the Workplace

Introduction Employers of many companies persuade their employees to adopt careers that suit their present jobs. To a further extend, employers have a tendency of firing their employees due to confusion between job security and career security. A career is a pursuit of a lifelong objective, vision, or ambition. It entails a process that leads […]

Overpopulation as a Challenge to Management’s Ethos

Introduction The inherent problem with the concept of overpopulation is the fact that the finite resources available on Earth cannot hope to support the potentially infinite expansion of humanity. The Earth itself is a closed off ecosystem with no resources entering into it, as such its surface can only support a certain population of species, […]

Culture and Business Practices in Asia

The Summary of the Article The article Conflicting Imperatives in Modern Thailand written by Phillip Niffennegger, Songpol Kulviwat, and Napatsawan Engchanil (2006) is aimed at discussing the ways in which the cultural values of Thai Buddhism interact with western worldviews and principles. They authors highlight the differences between these ideologies. To some degree, these discrepancies […]

The Cross-Cultural Issues of Managing Ethically Within a MNC

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to investigate the diverse approaches to managing the cross-cultural issues among the operation of MNCs and to identifying how successfully they are managing ethically to gain organisational objectives while the paper also aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the process of their Managing Diversity. Due to global nature […]

General electric – Social responsibility

General electric is a company that operates in more than 100 countries offering services in technology and financial sectors. It has more than quarter a million employees who have endeavored in delivering solutions diverse solutions in transportation, finance, home, building, health and energy amongst others. Over the years General electric has adhered to strong values […]

Is the attempt to manage employees’ cultural values and emotions perfectly reasonable or a step too far?

Introduction This paper is aimed at showing that in most cases, the management of employees’ emotions and cultural values is ineffective and unethical even despite the fact that this idea appeals to many business administrators. In order to elaborate this argument, it is first necessary to discuss the concept of organizational culture and explain how […]

The code of conduct

Social Performance Business organizations are legal entities. Therefore, they may enter into contracts, own property, sue or be sued (Bouchoux, 2009). Organizations may engage in illegal activities. Therefore, since organizations are legal entities, the government or various parties may sue the organizations. Technically, it is impossible to imprison an organization. The sentencing guidelines provide a […]

A Comparison and analysis of Employee Relations in Great Britain and Greece

Introduction In recent years, the labour market in United Kingdom has recorded exceptional performance compared to other nations. The increase in employment opportunities, coupled with robust labour market policies has significantly reduced the unemployment levels by about 1 million people. In addition, the real annual wages growth in the private sector and public sector has […]

Strategic human resource management: Ethic

Introduction The role of ensuring that an organization abides to ethical principles is, perhaps, the most important role of any human resource department in an organization. A human resource department has to ensure that staff members work in conformance with universal ethical principles. It also has to ensure that there are clear rules governing the […]

Debates about the Ethical Basis of Human Resource Management

Introduction Human resource management in the last decade has evolved into technical, strategic and measurement-oriented field. It is concerned with the management of relations between groups of people and individuals in their capacity as employers, employees and managers. Inevitably, the process of managing all the stakeholders raise questions regarding what the respective rights and responsibilities […]

Impact of National Culture on Entrepreneurial Activity

While many of us believe that we are in total control of our lives, the culture that we are predisposed to is a determining factor in shaping our personality and even the way we do business. Through culture, we are raised differently, have different languages and solve problems differently and needless to say conduct business […]

British Petroleum Corporate Social Responsibility

Written by Mathew Bishop and Michael Green, Is Corporate Social Responsibility Evil explores the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by observing two events: the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the melt down of financial systems in the late 2008. It seeks to de-link corporate social responsibility from the two incidents […]

Corporation Social Responsibility

Executive Summary This paper touches the aspects of corporation social responsibility and the challenges, the world faces with each time a new organization appears and offers its services. It is crucially important to offer proper strategic options in order to be able to control situation, protect environment, and still take leading positions in the chosen […]

Radical leadership

For any company to be successful in business, its leaders are obliged to offer a good motivating environment for its workers. This is because motivated employees are more productive, jovial, and are not likely to quit the company soon. One of the essential duties that leaders of companies undertake is having their employees motivated all […]

Organizational Philosophies and Technology

Introduction All persons, whether in private or public sector, product or services industry, are guided by ethics (morally accepted conduct); this is undertaking ones duty in a way that the good of all the parties affected by the actions is looked into. Just like human beings, businesses should conduct their activities in a morally acceptable […]

Organizational Justice and the Psychological Contract

Introduction An organization is made up of different groups of people who have come together so as to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. In the top management of any organization, there is always a Human Resource Manager/ Officer who is concerned about the welfare of the work force of the organization. The […]

The Issue of Images and Perceptions in Corporate Environment

In today’s corporate environment the issue of images and perceptions are becoming more and more important. The top most executives have to perform their organization leadership tacks with a high degree of integrity. Over the past few years we have seen the public and investor confidence fall due to poor leadership styles that don’t take […]

The Departmental ‘Know-it-All’

The tasks of running a department may overburden a manager especially when it comes to dealing with employees and accommodating their varied perspectives and expectations. It becomes almost unbearable for managers when employees start to question the status quo and the manner through which the affairs of the organization are conducted as clearly demonstrated in […]

Global Experience at Work Event

Introduction Business events are often informative, resourceful, and provide knowledge which can be transformed into a business idea. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part examines the nature of the event I attended, time of occurrence, location and reason for the choice of this event. Besides, goals are set for the event […]

Dismissal Meeting

Develop a fictitious company and write a brief description about the company Guild-ford is a company that specializes in processing and packaging yoghurt, cheese, and fresh milk. The company has its headquarters in California valley, United States. Guild-ford’s main competitor is the pacific gold producers. Guild-ford has 56 employees. They are all driven by their […]

Leadership and management

Management Management is a strong tool in ensuring an organization’s better performance in the market. Management entails proper planning, organization, coordination, and supervision of the organization’s policies. Firms that are under proper management benefit from timely and smooth flow of operations. Proper management procedurally spells out when and who should carry out a concrete duty […]

Siemens Company’s Issues

Summary of the case Siemens, a large electronic firm headquartered at Munich in Germany, had developed a culture of corruption in its dealings. This firm’s customers are organizational buyers who make huge purchases once they make approval of the firm’s products. Most of these clients were governments all over the world, or other large organizations. […]

Definition and Importance of Consulting Skills in Business

The skills of a consultant cannot be taught in a classroom A consultant offers expertise advice in a given area to his or her clients (Crisp & Cruz, 2009). It is true that the skills of a consultant cannot be taught in a classroom setting. Consultancy services offered by consultants in their areas of specialization […]

Organizational Behavior Management at BMW

Vision The project that will be undertaken will enlarge the knowledge of the existing employees. The employees will be motivated and will be a source of competent and knowledgeable workforce guarantying Bavaria Motor Works (BMW) a steady flow of innovation and competency in handling global motor production. Automobile production requires expertise and motivation to gain […]

The Problem of Work-Family Imbalance in Society

Introduction Compared to other developed countries, the United States of America has the highest number of people experiencing the problem of work-family conflict. This problem is brought about by many factors, but it is majorly caused by the long hours that most people spend working in order to cater for all their needs. The middle […]

Redwood Associates Company Business Ethics Case

The debate on whether employees should smoke at their workplace has been on going for a long time and in the process sparking a lot of controversy. Charles Renfold, a supervisor at Redwood Associates finds himself in a tight spot and finds it difficult to make a decision on what to do with two of […]

Change in Management, Outsourcing, Competitive Advantage

Introduction It is true that Virgin Train Company has a good reputation for providing apart from quality services, it also produces modernized practices. However, the company has been seeking ways of developing competitive advantage over its competitors. As a result, they have been involving employees in decision-making process to secure this successful change. The management […]

Exploring The Global Mind: A Plan of Action for CSC to Become More Involved in International Issues.

Executive Summary In this paper, we are going to explore international issues that can help building successful consulting company ready to working in the international environment and conform to global tendencies. One of the major international issues is international education, which is highly valued in a contemporary business environment. A number of researches explore different […]

Drug testing at the workplace

Corporations, companies and schools should be allowed to randomly drug test their employees because employers have an expectation that they should not be high on drugs. As much as drugs can be used in a recreational manner thereby not interfering with somebody’s job or public safety, this should not be allowed in the workplace. This […]

Human Behavior in Companies: When the Organizational Behavior Leaves Much to Be Desired

Lincoln Electric is a striking example of how several strategies can be implemented successfully within the organizational environment of a single company. Incorporating several theories of organizational behavior, the company managed to blaze its trail to success. Though the company obviously uses a mixture of several theories, one can still see the distinct traces of […]

When the Time to Grow into a Professional Comes: Trying out as a Volunteer in a Charity Shop. Experience and Lessons Learned

In the given paper, the outcomes of my practice as a volunteer for a charity shop called North London Hospice are discussed. After my work as a volunteer has been done, the necessity to take a look back and evaluate the lessons learned appears. Hence, the given paper summarizes the learning outcomes and suggests the […]

Stakeholder Management Strategies and their Design

Choosing a proper management strategy is never easy, especially when a company is facing an obvious crisis, even though the latter might take rather mild and local forms. Because of the lack of cooperation between the members of the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project, the company is facing a serious threat of being torn apart […]

Team Work and Motivation

Introduction For You is a Manufacturing company that produces WooWoo alcoholic beverage. The widget is mad of vodka, schnapps, peach and cranberry juice. It is usually served in a rock glass with the ingredients stirred together with ice. A lime wedge is also sometimes used as garnish. The competition in this industry is high but […]

Leadership in General Electric

Introduction General Electric (GE) is a large company that operates from the United States. According to Forbes Magazine, it is the second largest company in the world after JPMorgan Chase. Forbes compared the performance of GE with that of other companies in certain aspects like sales, market value and assets. GE has different segments among […]

Leadership and motivation theories, principles and issues

Introduction For several decades, employee motivation and satisfaction have been among the most debated issues within governmental and non-governmental organizations with the urge to improve employee job satisfaction being the core motive. Managers have always been under pressure to meet organizational demands and control employees, with the contemporary world awakening to the realities of employment […]

HR planning and recruitment

MFI-B was an NGO micro finance organization that was dealing with community development activities and formation through the advancement of loans to its clients. MFI-B got its funds from different organizations. Its main business strategy was an expansion in the form of its loan portfolio. With this, this organization could increase its borrowing capacity to […]

Strategic Human Resource Management at Sears

Introduction The following research paper shall try to assess the issue of strategic human resource management at Sears. The main focus of the paper willl be on the key human resource infrastructure that Sears has implemented and which has proven to be a success. Use shall also be made of the various human resource approaches […]

Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding

The labor market is paradoxical. On one hand, the number of people looking for jobs is high. On the other, there is a shortage of talented people available for hire. This situation is very rampant in many industries. Talented individuals are difficult to find and retain. This is very pronounced in the engineering sector. The […]

Strategic Leadership in Action

Summary of the Article The title of the article under discussion in this paper is ‘Google building android game console’. The article is authored by Amir Efrati and Ian Sherr and published in the wall street journal. The article is about Google’s competitive strategy in the information and communication technology industry. The company plans to […]

Performance Appraisal and Women

One of the best methods of performance appraisal that is non-discriminatory to women is the use of metric based methods of evaluation. The metric approach is actually quite simple, the company sets a series of performance metrics in relation to performance goals and the quality of the work expected by the company performed by a […]

Sexual Harassment Case Analysis

The kind of sexual harassment The 1994 Civil Rights Act of the United States under the federal law and the 1991 Civil Rights Act legislated remedies state that sexual harassments happen when a worker is unjustly treated because her or his sex (Petrocelli & Barbara, 1998). Such harassments occur in businesses that employ either fifteen […]

Human Resource Management Group Project

Analysis Many people have criticized the move by the government to treat agency workers as permanent employees. New rules that came into force recently said that agency workers in Britain needed additional rights, as well as benefits. Majumder (2012) argues that this will lead to additional costs that could amount to two billion pounds. He […]

Corporate Social Responsibility of University of Dubai

The Executive Summary This paper covers issues on the organization’s roles in delivering its services in social responsibilities to its immediate environment. This shows how the organization has set out strategic plans in ensuring all social responsibilities are carried out in the right order. Furthermore, this paper shows also the organization’s background and how the […]

Job Satisfaction in the Article “First Step of Company Culture Shift: Staff Buy-in,” by Nora Underwood

Summary of the article The article, “First step of company culture shift: staff buy-in,” by Nora Underwood published on Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010, in the “Globe and Mail Magazine,” emphasizes the need for companies to develop risk-free working environments. According to the article human resources require to work in a risk free environment to enhance […]

Work Values, Experience, And Job Satisfaction Among Government Workers In Singapore

Introduction Singapore public service has able people who the government pay wages to commensurate what their peers of integrity and ability are earning in the private sector. The government realised that if they paid the brightest and talented workers fractions of what they can earn in the private service, then public officials will not remain […]

Strategic human resource in the hospitality industry; A case of United States of America hotels

Introduction The report is a critical evaluation of the United States of America hotel industry. To accomplish this, there will be need to critically evaluate the extent to which strategic HRM can help organisations face the challenges of the future; under this section both external and internal environment of the industry will be evaluated. The […]

Organizational Behavior for Manager

Human beings have a tendency to interact with each other by means of communication. It is this interaction that molds behaviors in organizations. Organizational behavior can therefore be demystified as the manner in which humans behave while interacting with colleagues at their work places; this includes how communication takes place in the different levels of […]

Good Leadership by Cub Master Mike Murphy in the Cub Scout Pack 81 Organization

Introduction All through their existence, organizations of all kinds are pressured to increase their performance levels and productivity or else risk being written off. This is especially true in the present day environment which is characterized by high levels of competition. Whereas the potential of groups and teams is monumental and crucial, and as such […]

Human Resources

What unfair labor practices may have occurred? Although Pete Ross went against the stipulation in the Employees’ Handbook that prohibited consumption of alcoholic beverages within the company premises, the company’s supervisor, George, seem to have hoarded some hatred towards Ross. The discharge of peter Ross was unfair labor practice because out of hatred, George requested […]

Cultural Diversity: Successful and Failure Experience

Introduction Cultural diversity entails the experiences and characteristics of different people within an organization. It includes the whole spectrum of human beings including ethnicity, race, age, gender, disability, religion and the sexual orientation. Most importantly, the focus of cultural diversity ought to be on individual work style, communication technique, role, level of performance and economic […]

Employee Attitude Survey on Workplace Privacy

~Surveys, either formal or informal, can serve as effective means for evaluating the attitudes, feelings, values, beliefs, and expectations of a particular sample. By definition, a survey is basically a study undertaken to evaluate the feelings of a target audience or sample towards a particular area of interest (Cohen et al, 2007). The responses can […]

The IBM Company Management of Information System

Introduction According to Hofstede’s five dimensional model regarding national or organizational culture namely “Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism, Masculinity and Long Term Orientation” (2005), the emphasis indicates that performances and dimensional adversity of a company depends on its level of aggression. There is urgent need for any company to ensure it avoids blending differentiated values […]

The Effect of Group Effectiveness in the Academic Circles

The study of an effective group is of paramount importance especially in the academic circles. Here a well thought out group implies a great deal of academic excellence among learners and also a good spirit of team work. This is because working in groups makes learners tolerable to other people with diverse ideals and believes. […]

Emotional Intelligence at Work Places

Performance in work places is not just about completion of tasks assigned to an individual that matters. Work performance is rated on task completion, contextual behavior and ability to make logical decisions (Mersino 2007). Our focus in this paper will be on the emotional aspects that guide ones decision making ability and other extra behavior […]

Cultural Awareness

Culture is an important element of diversity at the workplace. As a result, cultural awareness at a company of 1000 employees is crucial because of business globalization and the need to celebrate and appreciate diversity. A good cultural understanding among employees of the same company promotes unity, productivity and good communication at the workplace. Different […]

Regarding the Research

The research proposal focused on the importance of applying technology in workplaces to enhance worker’s productivity. The proposal suggested that the use of internet by the employees have both negative and positive effects. Regarding the positive effects, the proposal suggested that the use of internet for leisure activities such as chatting, blogging and doing personal […]

Concepts of the Yield Management: Room Management

Introduction Revenue income in the hotel and accommodation business varies with seasons, hence the need for a company to adopt good management systems. Proper adoption of such strategies helps organisations to ensure that they remain in business during all seasons, hence business viability and sustainability. Primarily this strategies aim to ensure organisations study well the […]

Innovation Of The Workplace

Innovation of the workplace to promote sustainable and productive growth Conflicts arise because people lack immediate clarifications to problems that require solutions. Unlike most of us who are evaders and do not feel comfortable dealing with problems, the organization has problem solving procedures such as rules that make the workplace more user-friendly or conflict-friendly. Conflicts […]