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Employees Management Essay Examples and Topics

Impact of Organizational Image on Recruitment Process

However, the problems of attracting the best people in the market to apply for the jobs that arise have not been fully investigated to determine how the image of the recruiting organisation influences potential applicants [...]

Using Teams in Organization

In the case of the Hun Chinese Restaurant to be a success, I propose the following organizational chart recommended by Griffin and Moorhead in the chapter, "Using teams in the organization".

Human Resource Management and Its Components

I have later on learned that this is not only an administrative appointment, but it also includes planning, strategizing as well as a good understanding of an organization one is working in. I have also [...]

Human Resource Recruiting, Testing, and Selection

The HR strategy is tightly connected to the mission and vision of the organization. The number of lawsuits is likely to decrease, as the employees work more efficiently and make the customers satisfied.

Online Gamers’ Beneficial Skills at the Workplace

This is due to the fact that is in line with the mentality they developed as a result of playing numerous massively multiplayer online role-playing games wherein they are limited to a select set of [...]

Role of Teams in Modern Organizations

A primary goal of the essay is to compose relevant and useful infographics, which describe the role of the management and provide substantial tips for the managerial contribution.

Individual Rewards: Benefits and Drawbacks

One of the most outstanding advantages of individual-based pay is that it motivates employees to increase their performance. However, in individual-based pay, employees are seen as moneymaking machines, which should operate optimally to benefit the [...]

Labour Monitoring and Control

Following the research on the use of technologies to control and monitor labour, it is possible to note that many tools and innovations are implemented in industries and organizations.

Teamwork and Teambuilding

The cons of this team are that work progress is hard to track and only depends on the honesty of team members, it is difficult to create a team culture since members are not close [...]

The Pre-Employment Process

The assurance of training before joining the company is one of the most significant pieces of information for the jobseeker. This is because the company offers the best in terms of job specifications and also [...]

Team Empowerment: A Simple and Easy Solution

The Quality Empowerment Survey for Teams is an appropriate tool that groups can utilize to identify challenges and capitalize on individual and team strengths. The second one is that leaders can apply the QUEST framework [...]

Dealing with Older Employees at Work

The aim of the present study is to assess and evaluate the current organizational policies and practices that concern older employees and identify the best practices in the field.

Survey Inventory Completion Test

From the analysis carried out on my teamwork skills, I noticed that I am reasonably good as an encourager because I scored 8 out of the possible 12 points.

Costco Institute Training

The key idea of this principle resides in establishing a consistent training system that will provide both managers and employees with an opportunity to maximize their professionalism, acquire a complex understanding of the operation processes, [...]

Talent Retention Management

This is one of the aspects that can be identified. This is one of the pitfalls that should be avoided by this organization because litigation can be time-consuming and expensive.

Key Elements of Team-Based Working

Employees are likely to resist change in favor of the traditional organizational structure. The long-term effect of conflicts among employees and resistance to change will be poor performance and productivity.

Teams and Conflict at Riordan Manufacturing

To address this challenge, the organization has to ensure that there is a clear reporting channel and tools for transmitting the information are clear to the members. Another challenge is the lack of conformity of [...]

Employment and Stress Management

Key to stress management is the capability to identify a victim. I reckon my stress management expertise needs enhancement in areas that relate to diagnosis of stress.

How to Managing Teams?

The first one is that it acknowledges the presence of a reality that is not influenced by human perception and conception.

Cultural Fit and Employee Commitment

I agree to the fact that employee commitment and adherence to the cultural fit in place are determinants for once successful work experience in an organization.

Turnover Rate for Child Welfare Workers

The purpose of this quantitative correlation study was to examine the relationship between Emotional Intelligence, job insecurity, and job burnout among child welfare workers.

Organizational Behaviour Management

He also disengages other members of the organisation in the objectives and responsibilities that they are supposed to undertake as a team.

Recruiting vs. Retraining in Hospitality Industry

To compare recruitment and retraining of staff in the hospitality industry, the paper looks at various aspects associated with the merits and demerits associated with any of the approaches adapted A firm might consider recruiting [...]

Collective Bargaining

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of collective bargaining to the educational institution, on the one hand, and to the general public and students.

The Specific Recruitment Methods Identification

Employees recruited through this method are usually proven in same management capacities in other companies with immense wealth of experience as those in internal referral systems or even more.

Ways to Empower People: Group Methods

In this respect, the main difference between these two ways of empowering the individuals concerns the moment as a period in the case of a moment of true empowerment and the daily activities in the [...]

Team Learning and Support Technologies

Such technologies as the empowerment of employees, specific job design, and flexible workforce can be used to improve the effectiveness of performance and support the team in terms of stability of results and effective outcomes [...]

Working Experience Evaluation

Some of the important qualifications that are required in this field are a degree in any field, but those with qualifications in sales and marketing or communication and finance are better placed since that is [...]

GE Company’s Talent Machine

Though they cannot be adopted in every company or industry in every part of the world, the generalizability of the policies and practices of GE is immense.

Upper Hill Restaurant’s Department Training Plans

In the process of obtaining the aforementioned, they also encounter emotions and attitudes from the customer service attendants. The training programs below are proposed for use as a human resource development tool that will ideally [...]

Employment Relationships and Union Agreements

Faced with numerous management challenges, organizations should not assume that restructuring and pairing down the manpower are the only things that could help the company stay afloat.the company needs to employ a number of leadership [...]

Safety Measures and Working Conditions

The policy will make it easier for the company to hire individuals who possess the best competencies. Landon wants the company to focus on the best safety measures.

The Recruitment Officer

It is possible to distinguish the following communication methods that can be applied by an HR professional. It is possible to focus on the following areas.

Operationalization of Variables

The training effectiveness will be assessed using the Characteristic of Experience Scale and life effectiveness questionnaire where the participants will answer 25 statements to test on the personal and group empowerment, support of the instructor, [...]

Employee Recognition and Related Issues

Therefore, it is important to delegate duties and challenging responsibilities to employees in order to ensure that their performance and development take an upward trajectory. I would take several measures to ensure that the distribution [...]

“Leading With Emotional Labor” Article Analysis

In the emphasis on the importance of emotional labor performed by effective leaders, the article brings out the effect of the manager's emotions on workers, or, According to, "impact of emotional expressiveness on managerial influence [...]

International Assignment and Trainings in Global Firms

A few components that need to be covered through the predeparture training program of the employees are: In order to acclimatize to the foreign environment and work comfortably among people of different origins, cultural settings, [...]

Workplace Learning Event and Coaching Experience

This approach was believed to facilitate organizational development and foster change using preparing the employees to embrace the new experiences and participate in coaching practices The learning event that took place in our organization was [...]

Transformational Leadership for Saudi Employees

In the following paper, the researcher: presents the details of the investigation process such as the characteristics of the participants, the role of the researcher, data gathering and analysis; describes how the selected methodology corresponds [...]

Leader’s Mood Impact on Conflict Resolution

According to Sy, C te, and Saavedra, a leader's positive attitudes tend to increase the mood of separate employees as well as the impact of a team's overall performance.

Online Social Networks and the Right to Fire Employees

One of the foremost detrimental effects, concerned with the policy of monitoring employees online and using the obtained surveillance-data, as such that justifies the act of firing these employees, is the fact that the policy [...]

Home-Based Pay System for Employees

However, the major weakness of this system is that employees may not benefit from many incentives and extra benefits provided in the home country.

Why Employees Resist Change?

One way of understanding the impact of discrimination within the workplace is through the study of Yang Konrad which showed the negative impact of workplace discrimination on the performance of the company Their examination showed [...]

Organizational Behavior: Leading Human Resources

The case under analysis turns out to be both private and public because it grounds on the personal attitude of certain people to the situation and influences the general development of the company, its growth, [...]

The Concept of Talent Management

This is attributed to the fact that not only does it have the capacity of becoming an integral part in the managerial process of the organisation but is also as one of the key components [...]

Personnel Forecasting and Planning Example

Nevertheless, as much as he had to fire them, he should have tried to find the underlying cause of what made his employees not to deliver the projected sales and revenue. The interview would entail [...]

Calculations and Methods of Payment for Working Hours

Talking about the methods of payment, it is necessary to underline the fact that each job has its peculiarities considering the conditions under which a person has to work, a variety of duties which may [...]

Job Descriptions: Analysis and Justification

Based on this, the administrator will have to coordinate with other officers, such as that of the human resources and the research department to identify the immediate needs of the organization. The main role of [...]

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Test

Needless to say, these standards are apt to changing quite often as the information on the HR theory updates. It is clear now that, to reach even higher level of professional development, it will be [...]

Texas Roadhouse Making Employees Happy

The employer and other stakeholders are the recipients of the actions of the employees. As evident in the case of Texas Roadhouse, money is one of the best sources of motivation for employees.

Employment Policy in Organizations

This is because the focus is not on the number of employees; it is on the workplace environment. The company did not have the right to ask questions related to personal lives, especially if the [...]

Training Program in the Workplace

I would set the goals and objectives to achieve, document the existing program, determine the methods and materials needed for the training, provide for evaluation and monitoring and to communicate the new training proposal with [...]

Advance Living Gallery Personnel Plan

Thus, the director will be the chief executive and the president of the business. The management team will consist of five directors, where we will have the president and the CEO, the CFO and two [...]

Soap Producers and Distributors Ltd: Human Resources

When the management of the company customizes the benefit program to fit the individual needs of employees, the problems of high employee turnover, frequent employee complaints, and the frequent need to undertake costly recruitment programs [...]

American Express Company’s Diversity Plan

To begin with, flexibility is indispensible to ensuring convenience and high performance of the personnel because the company works with employees from different social and cultural backgrounds.

Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd: Current HRM Strategy

Thus, in the light of the above-mentioned, the efficiency of the chosen HRM strategy must be verified for the company to beta the rivals and stay the leading one in the sphere of poultry trade.

Emotional Display Rules and Employee Productivity

The emotional display rules have been known to affect the performance of employees at the workplace. On the same note, both CPB-O and CPB-I were found to be directly proportional to the level of job [...]

Progressive Disciplinary Action Form for Organizations

A progressive disciplinary action is a tool developed to positively correct misconduct within an organization and improve employee's performance at the workplace. Prior discussion with the employee concerning the issue.

Workplace Learning and Organisational Structure

However, this information needs to be distributed in such a manner that each individual in the hierarch only receives the communication that pertains to his/her role in the company.

Customer Service Representatives’ Training Program

The seminar is aimed at re-emphasizing the duties of the CSR team and the value placed on them. It is intended to enable trainees to note the most appropriate and applicable communication skills in client [...]

Modus Furniture Limited: Human Resource Department

The successful operations of the human resource department are based on its reports for the total number of retailers affiliated to the company, the positions of the different profession utilized by the company, a list [...]

Expatriates Management in the United Arab Emirates

Dwelling on the issue of workplace diversity in the UAE, Al-Jenabi helps to understand the complexities which the employers face when building relationships with foreign staff and the issues which they encounter with the expatriates [...]

Leadership and Employee Motivation and Satisfaction

Although laissez-faire did not inspire much belligerence, unlike the autocratic, laissez-faire leadership was ostracized because it showed a minimal amount of success, less lucidity on what employees should perform, and fewer employees' unity.

Apple Inc.’s Offshore Management and Labor Rights

Therefore, the purpose of this dissertation is to identify and discuss the mechanisms through which these global corporations, in particular, Apple might implement to reduce the negative association with these offshore suppliers and improve the [...]

Employee Job Fulfillment and Satisfaction

An individual with excellent educational certificates cannot derive job fulfillment from jobs being carried out at the factory level; the work is not boring and enables workers to change swiftness with fluctuating roles, the capability [...]

Information Technology Position: Recruitment Plan

A resources plan as part of the job analysis process at BITTCORE.com can identify arising issues related to factors like the growth of the job holder, the value of the job, the effect of the [...]

Turnover Management Plan

From the movie, it is clear that Thierry Guetta's greatest strengths include a deep commitment to a life of videotaping graffiti artists and obsession with street art, which is exhibited by the way he carries [...]

Absence Rate of Junior Administrators

It is necessary to find out whether the cause of their absenteeism is due to the fact that there lacks the need of the junior administrators in the organization.

Empowerment, Motivation and Performance

The purpose of this study was to ascertain how the three psychological dimensions of empowerment are affected by specific types of performance feedback and performance-based rewards for lower-level employees.

Human Resource Executive Interview

In this instance, the following topics are incorporated in the history of success, the strategic contribution to the organization, and the determination of the potential organizational and professional challenges in HR.

Employee Turnover and Performance Factors

The location of the factors enhancing the staff's performance is crucial to the research of the opportunities for a company to invest in its staff as one of the most valuable company's resources.

Minimum Shifts for Young People in Australia

First of all, the unions believe that the implementation of the rule will kill the desire in school kids to work, and attracting them into employment will be very difficult.

Texas Roadhouse Company’s Employee Retention

There is also the cost of training the employee and orienting him to the company values. The new staff is also trained in the culture of the company so that all the people are displaying [...]

Group Legal Plans and Benefits for Employees

The decision to have group legal plans will ensure our employees get the best support from qualified lawyers. The findings will make it easier for our employees to establish the best group legal plans.

The Human Resource Leader Position: Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett appeared to be one of the world's most wealthy men and an acknowledged benefactor due to his supervising of the rapidly growing empire with ownership in the fields of media, generated power, and [...]

Backwoods Company’s Training Plan

Thus, the training for them should have such objectives: Information about the products if the employees enhance their knowledge of the features of the products, there will be fewer merchandise returns.
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