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67 HRM Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Conclusion of Challenges of HRM (Human Resource Management) Essay
    This is because globally, there are many changes in terms of industrial workforce demands due to the need to beat competitions and increased technological innovations.
  2. Human Resources Management (HRM) (Future Career)
    The main role of the human resource management is therefore ensuring that the organization receives maximum benefits from the human resources.
  3. Human Resource Management (HRM)
    Therefore, by including the HR in the strategic plan, the firm is able to know vital aspects of the human resource management that are most relevant to the process.
  4. Total Compensation in HRM
    They involve a comprehensive evaluation of the human resource requirements and the development of relevant guidelines to direct not only the compensation programs but guide the processes of training and development relevant for the specific […]
  5. Recruitment Techniques in HRM
    The use of the right recruitment technique enables an organization to reduce recruitment costs, find the best talent and reduce the time needed to hire new employees.
  6. HRM Outsourcing
    Ethical In outsourcing HR, an organization should ensure that all employees act in a professional manner and service delivery is fair and is in an impartial way.
  7. Concept of Recruitment Model in HRM
    First, job analysis has to be done which involves the following; establishing the relevance of the job analysis, listing the characteristics of the personnel to be hired, selecting the job in question for analysis, gathering […]
  8. The role that HRM plays within the strategic direction of an organization
    The main aim of human resources planning is to ensure that there is the right number of employees, at the right time, at the right place, and at the right cost.
  9. Human Resource Management (HRM) in a Multinational Enterprise
    In essence, the unique and diverse culture of MNEs and the institutional environment of the firms are widely thought-out to determine the explicit HRM practices in different states.
  10. HRM in Multinationals
    In their operations, multinational firms have to conform to the diversity of cultures and beliefs in the host countries in order to avoid conflicts thus guaranteeing good working relations.
  11. Strategic HRM plans and policies
    The plan has to include precise management of collected information because of the need to reduce errors in service delivery process, and the need to facilitate the role of meeting the client’s necessities.
  12. Critical evaluation and examination of the distinguishing features of HRM in a developing/emerging economy of Japan
    This paper will address how the IHRM relates to the performance of the economy and identify the institutional and cultural features of Japan’s HRM.
  13. Concept of Employees Empowerment in HRM
    Personnel empowerment refers to giving employees power and the capability to make decisions on their own; the concept means that employees are trained and coached on making the right decisions for the company in the […]
  14. Generation Y: The Demand for Innovative HRM?
    Many companies agree that the millennium generation will continue to grow in the market share; hence, a need for companies to develop products that are appealing to the unique needs of this generation.
  15. The Human Resource Management(HRM)
    Armstrong sees the role of human resource management as holistic whereby, HRM has to serve the interests of the business but at same time remain keen to fulfilling the interests of the people in the […]
  16. Goals for Motivation Employees in HRM
    This paper shall therefore focus on the goals of motivation, motivational theories, and measurement of the outcome of motivation. This is essential in the achievement of the goals and objectives of an organization.
  17. Industrial Relations Vs HRM
    Whereas industrial relations use unions in the management of people within organizations, human resource management is a nonunion employment approach that engages in the recruitment, management and development of policies in the workplace.
  18. HRM Evaluation: Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd
    Additionally, there is my recommended practice for the organization given current constraints: The major strategy to be used in tackling this question is the location of Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd as compared to the best […]
  19. The Role of Technology in Linking the HRM with Organization Goals and Vision
    Adoption of technology in HRM practices depends on the success of HRIS, HRM department sizes and the resources used to train employees to increase a firm’s performance.
  20. The Problems of Work Place Related Disorders in HRM
    Company’s success and productivity depend on organisation of the human resource management, and how the same relate to flexibility. Through this, the company will be in a position to draw a practical and satisfactory flexibility […]
  21. Approaches to HRM
    The soft approach to HR management assumes that employees contribute to the creation of value thus leading to a firm attaining sustainable competitive advantage.
  22. HRM – selecting and promoting staff
    Under the Employment Act of Singapore, Alex can use the Employment Standards Online. In Singapore, the employment act allows employees to sue for any acts of discrimination.
  23. CultureWorks ESL: HRM Challenges
    The purpose of internal communication is to let employees know of the ongoing organisational strategies and possible changes in the institution.
  24. Decision making in a HRM Department
    The profile of the staff should be available for the management to formulate the necessary measures to make the systems more proficient.
  25. International HRM: A Case Study of Apple Inc.
    Some of the things they need to know include the culture and customs of the host country. Failure to comply with the new rules and regulations would most likely jeopardize the operations of the corporation […]
  26. Employment Relations & HRM in a Workplace
    For the human resource of IKEA to achieve this, its goals and objectives have been designed in a way to be in line with the overall goals and objectives of the organization.
  27. HRM in Singapore and Hong Kong
    The management of human resource in Singapore has evolved with the dynamic and competitive market environment especially since the mid 1990s to present time.
  28. Is HRM a worthwhile investment for an SME
    On the basis of the above analysis, it is evident that there is a significant level of deficiency with regard to HRM in SMEs.
  29. MechCon Company HRM Evaluation
    Some of the roles that the human resource manager should be linked with in the executive body of the MechCon Company include; balancing the needs of the staff and those of the company, he or […]
  30. Clothing company HRM
    With the managing style, the management was kept to ensure that employees were loyal to the company and worked for the benefit of the company.
  31. Problematic or Challenging Aspect of HRM
    First the paper will focus on the description of the recruitment, training and development challenges within the Fly Emirates carbine crew staff and then critically analyzing the root causes of the problems.
  32. Distinguishing Features of HRM in a Developing Economy
    Through literature review, the paper advances the understanding of the differences in Human Resource Management practices in, developing and developed economies, hence we can learn that developing and developed economies Human Resources Management practices have […]
  33. HRM for the Service Industries
    This would refer to the orientation of the leader regarding the aims and responsibilities of employees. As a strategy, Delta Air Lines management has empowered employees to recognize and comment on the performance of their […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on HRM

  1. HRM and Corporate Culture: Resource Management Status
    Before going into details concerning the way in which HRM impacts the employees’ organizational behavior, it is reasonable to touch upon the specifics of the corporate culture, its definition and significance for the well-being of […]
  2. HRM Management: Harrod’s Program
    The training and development initiatives at Harrods lead to career progression as employees feel more comfortable in their work roles due to the internalization of the right mix of skills and abilities.
  3. HRM Strategy at the Emirates Airline
    The Emirates Airline invests a lot in intensive training and employee development to ensure that the team achieves the goals of satisfying customers’ needs.
  4. The importance of HRM within the insurance industry
    First, the company undertakes a rigorous procedure to ensure that the jobs that have been designed specifically meet the needs and requirements of the firm and its clientele and most importantly, the job description attracts […]
  5. HRM Practices and Key Points
    Identifying the potential and the areas of interest of employees is important in staging training and coaching program to trigger positive change in an organisation.
  6. The HRM Department
    Thus, IHRM must provide a comprehensive way of addressing the HRM in response to the multinational status of the company, the stage of the company growth, competitive strategies, the global structure, and the stage of […]
  7. The Effect of HRM Practices on Psychological Contract in Organisation
    Whenever the management makes promises to the employees when they are hired or during the normal management processes, the promise will develop a psychological contract that binds the employer and the employee.
  8. HRM in India’s Nestle sector
    In addition, a firm that has competent employees is able to come up with different types of changes in its operations which enable it to strengthen its brand in the market.
  9. HRM Analysis – Children’s Hospital
    This is the group of people which composes the core labor market from which Children’s Hospital and all other employers in the area have to choose from. In the context of technology, IT has brought […]
  10. HRM Practices at Superior Energy Services
    Before the end of 1999, the company had combined with Cardinal Services, the market leader in the Gulf of Mexico and the biggest holder and user of liftboats in the area.
  11. HRM in Toyota Motor Corporation
    Objectives of the Proposal The purpose of this proposal is to evaluate the delivery of HRM in TMC and the role of line managers in execution of HR responsibilities.
  12. HRM in Ford Motor Company
    First, this business strategy outlined the importance of a competent and well-motivated workforce in the growth objectives of the automobile company.
  13. HRM at Patient Care Hospital
    Evaluating the resourcing process at the hospital It is indeed factual that the resourcing process at the Patient Care Hospital needs to be updated and validated according to government standards.
  14. Evaluation of Relevant HRM Issues in Germany
    The closer the characteristics between the home and the host country, the easier it is to transfer the HRM practices of the parent company to the subsidiary firm.
  15. Host Country Analysis and International HRM Issues
    As subsidiaries operate in foreign countries, the parent company’s CEO strives to align the management practices of the subsidiaries to the practices of the parent company.
  16. Emirates Airline HRM
    A key concept in this understanding is “Universalism,” which presupposes that the adoption of universal best practices in an organization would lead to an overall improvement of organizational performance, regardless of the context of analysis.
  17. HRM in Toyota Motor Corporation
    The report also provides an insight into the role of the HR practices in the management of a large number of employees.
  18. Destructive Leadership in HRM
    The authors admit that the actions believed to be destructive can help to regain the leadership position in the short run; however, the damage to the leader’s image and followers’ trust is bound to render […]
  19. HRM Problems in Atkins
    Atkins proves to be very successful in its recruitment practices in the view of the fact that in the year 2010, the company was classified in the category of the best recruitment teams.
  20. HRM in the Middle East – UAE vs Saudi Arabia
    Basing the arguments on the published information and most of the interviews carried out in both developed and the developing countries, this paper shall succinctly explore on the implications of the emerging legal framework for […]
  21. Cirque du Soleil’s- HRM practices
    In this case, the main stakeholders to the issues facing the company are: The top management of the company The human resource department of the company The employees and, The spectators, who are also the […]
  22. The Public HRM Systems Based on Relatively Old Theories, Goals, and Processes
    The normative HRM theory The public HRM systems are founded on the normative theory that embraces both the soft and inflexible or hard HRM concepts under which the human resources management basics are anchored.
  23. The Residential Medical Facility. HRM Case Studies
    The union would have required the medical facility to follow the due process before terminating the employees. It is the duty of the labor union of the company to represent Green.
  24. Challenges in HRM Practice
    Besides, the treatise explores the human asset in labor management and the significance of employee motivation towards optimal performance. The first challenge in HRM practice is designing relevant performance systems and discipline in labor management.
  25. Strategic HRM at Quantum
    Other areas that have proved to be of a challenge to the firm include acquiring and retaining quality talent, expanding the competence to cover change management, as well as developing employees to achieve continuity in […]
  26. The Nature and Practice of HRM in Organisations
    The Gulf News and the Reuters reported that the largest bank of UAE Emirates NBD would conduct fire 15% of its employees; the board of management has confirmed this job cutting with the intention to […]
  27. HRM Strategies Description
    The development of such advances in technology for HR functions managements is fostered by the need of the HR department to conduct its functions in the global markets in a manner that ensures speed, costs […]
  28. Emirates Airline Company HRM Process
    The Group has been balancing the interests of the company and the employees through effective relations. The recruitment team at the Fly Emirates offers solutions that support the growth of the company thereby facilitating achievement […]
  29. Strategic HRM in Nursing
    Some of the programs totaling to Registered Nurse threshold include Associate Degree in Nursing, Bachelors of Science in Nursing as well as a Diploma in Nursing.
  30. HRM Globalization’ Cause and Effects
    The transformation witnessed in the hospitality industry aims at boosting the tourism business to benefit from the resulting competitiveness by capitalizing on human resource perspective.
  31. Weight Discrimination and Beauty Prejudice in the HRM
    It should be noted, though, that the identified change in the corporate policy will also require a change in the social standards, as well as the perception of people with weight issue in the society.
  32. Social Cognitive Neuroscience in Corporate HRM
    It is expected that the application of SCN will be compatible with the leadership strategies that are aimed at enhancing employees’ motivation and leading to a steep rise in the levels of corporate loyalty.
  33. Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd: Current HRM Strategy
    Thus, in the light of the above-mentioned, the efficiency of the chosen HRM strategy must be verified for the company to beta the rivals and stay the leading one in the sphere of poultry trade.
  34. Payment and Reward Systems: An Argument for Localizing HRM Practices
    The problem arises whether to set similar payment and reward standards in all host countries or localize HRM practices.

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