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  1. Analysis and Review of the Decisions made in the Simulation of the Lenity Hospital for Advanced Care (LHAC)
    The inefficient use of facilities was related to lack of homogeneity in the use of equipment in the various departments, sharing of the equipments among departments, poor sanitation of the equipment, the fact that the […]
  2. Hospital Corporation of America Mission
    The name of the organization is ‘Hospital Corporation of America’, which is abbreviated as HCA. It is evident that this arrangement has ensured the institution provides adequate services to the community.
  3. The Role of Leadership Strategy in Hospital Cooperation of America
    The management of the organization assigns the responsibility of choosing the most suitable system to a group of employees with an equal representation from all the departments.
  4. Organization Management: St. Peter’s Hospital
    One of the definitions of leadership is that it is giving new directions or giving new dreams to a team that follows the leadership.
  5. Vanderbilt University Medical Hospital: Stakeholder Identification and Value Analysis
    The final aspect of Vanderbilt organization culture is the ability of the employees to participate in innovation and customer care in the healthcare industry.
  6. Parking Facility Benefits for a Hospital
    It provides the merits of the facility to the clinic, patient and other visitors of the department. It will also provide parking as well as waiting services for the clinic’s ambulances and improve the entrance […]
  7. Computer systems in Hospital
    The central database will be important to the physician as well as pharmacy department as it will be used to keep a record of those medicines that the hospital has stocked.
  8. Healthcare Information needs at Presbyterian Hospital
    The study aimed at establishing the informational challenges and needs of physicians and nurses at Presbyterian Hospital. Differences in information needs Physicians expressed a different need for information availability from that of the nurses.
  9. Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
    The headquarters of HCA is in Nashville in the state of Tennessee, US; moreover, it is in the Nashville-Davidson County. It is noteworthy that the board of directors designates duties to the directors and officers […]
  10. Corona Regional Hospital
    The mission of the hospital center is to serve the communities so as to be the healthcare partner of choice for patients, physicians and staff members.
  11. Financial statements: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization
    Thus, the CFO has had to create a contingent liability in the financial statements in case the debt interest increases. Prior to the adjustment, the Statement of Revenue and Expenses indicated that the hospital had […]
  12. A hospital emergency room
    General processes in the emergency room are kept at a minimum in order to attend to patients as soon as possible.
  13. Competitor Analysis: Burjeel Hospital
    Burjeel Hospital has state-of-the-art facilities that enable it to provide high quality care to its patients. The market dominance of the hospital enables it to use several strategies to defend its market share.
  14. Integrated marketing communications – Burjeel hospital
    For example, the hospital used the media and its website to broadcast its press releases informing the public about the opening of the hospital.
  15. Organization of a Hospital Activity
    The emergency room is the face of the hospital, as this is the first area that people come into and where they wait to be seen by the nurse.
  16. Burjel Hospital in Abu Dhabi (Consumer Behavior)
    With this product, the Burjel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, the consumers seek to fulfill functional needs. They can also influence their friends and families to come to the hospital when in need of medication.
  17. Robbinsdale Hospital Marketing Communication
    The choice between the two approaches depends on the type of items being marketed and the nature of the market. In the case of a hospital, rational logic assures potential clients that the facility in […]
  18. Concept Analysis of Spiriuality Among Adult Oncology Patients in an Acute-Care Setting
    The criteria of spirituality were measured in terms of the faith one had after recovering from the illness as well as, a person’s perception on the meaning of life, peace, and purpose in life.
  19. Six-Sigma at Academic Medical Hospital
    In a medical facility, the areas to consider include the costs expenditure, the satisfaction of patients and customer care. Measure This stage the management takes time to identify the key factors that influence potential benefits […]
  20. Hospital Administrator Job Analysis
    To have this kind of a workforce, there must be an appropriate leadership in the human resource department. This administrator should have some additional qualifications in human resource management to help him or her understand […]
  21. In Need for Equity: Metropolitan Hospital Case
    It is essential to mark that the experience that Kate possesses is rather important and serves as a solid proof to the fact that Kate is an integral part of the company.
  22. Performance Management System in Hospital
    This will be carried out through interviews with managers of various hospitals and employees, in order to have a clear picture of how the sector is influenced by the existing performance management system.
  23. Management of Sir Charles Wilberforce Hospital
    In order for the hospital to realize its strategic plan according to Patrick et al, the kitchen and cafeteria department seems to be prompted to redefine its organization culture in tandem with the technology and […]
  24. Social worker in a hospital
    These key vales, ethics and principles include; Understanding the hospital and the health services given by the hospital Planning for release from hospital Support in adjusting to ill health Giving counsel and emotional support Providing […]
  25. The hospital and management
    His management role emanates from trust as he spends most of his time in other businesses not related to the hospital, and even the people he contacts are not related to the hospital in any […]
  26. A new alcohol and drug-abuse rehabilitation center in Liverpool Hospital, Sydney
    The hospital, in response to this distress, has decided to bring help closer to the people of Liverpool by the construction of the annex facility.
  27. The Problem of Lack of Trained Staff in Queens Hospital
    The responsibility of the social workers is to do the ground job which includes reaching out to the community and bringing the program to their attention.
  28. Service organisation: Duke Children’s Hospital
    The nature of management therefore only allows for the top leadership of an organisation to act as the drivers of the organisation in a way which facilitates the organisation to achieve its goals and objectives, […]
  29. Health information-management system (HIMS) at Sohar Hospital
    Sohar Hospital change management program had the following objectives: The strategy ensured that the change to be implemented was adopted in the minimal time possible; the system ensured that members of staff would embrace the […]
  30. International Expansion Strategy of Australia Cancer Care Hospital.
    Due to the high quality facilities in the hospital, the Australian market has proved not to be substantial; hence the need to expand and target other markets in the world so as to accomplish their […]
  31. Recommendations for Burke Rehabilitation Hospital staff organization
    One of the main ways to create the supportive environment in the organization and to make employees’ satisfied with their work is to focus on positive.
  32. Various Internal and External Stakeholders and the Duty of Loyalty to Them, on the Example of the Hospital
    As the president of the facility, the doctor has important obligations to all the stakeholders. The president has the responsibility to present progress reports and attend to the demands of the board of trustees.
  33. The benefits of implementing Global Standards (GSI Health Care) at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center
    The mission of GSI Healthcare is to bring changes in the health care sector and improve the general provision of quality and reliable medical care services to the world; the system has the main role […]
  34. Culturally Bound Innovation in Romanian Clinic and Research Hospital
    The current knowledge management status of the clinic in the study can be considered moderate but not too low although external and internal knowledge are not being seriously considered if we look at and analyse […]
  35. Current Changes and Challenges in Hospital/Physician Relations
    The rate at which hospitals are employing physicians has gone up in many communities because of the need to increase revenue and market share of companies in the healthcare industry.
  36. How to Decrease Turnover and Increase Retention of Nurses in General Surgical Floor of the Hospital
    Therefore, as one of the portfolio visions to increase staff retention rate in the General Surgical Floor, it is relatively important that the hospital be well equipped.
  37. Trinity Community Hospital
    After sometime therefore, there has emerged the need for appraising the initial assessment in order to improve the overall plan in line with the current needs of the patients within the community. The rationale is […]
  38. Merger of Western Hospital and Academic Hospital
    In the case of Western Hospital and Academic Hospital, the laboratory services had their costs as; direct incremental costs in the form of labour and supplies costs, the cost was charged at Academic Hospital and […]
  39. Hospital Scrubbing Solution
    Following the foregoing discussions, it is notable that one of the major factors contributing to the prevalence of high rates of nosocomial infections in developing countries is poor infection prevention practices.
  40. Marketing and Strategic Plan: Hope Network Hospital
    Nurses and caregivers in the facility will be expected to embrace the best medical principles in order to support the slogan.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Hospital

  1. The University of Kentucky Hospital
    In fact, the emergency plan of the hospital asserts that all personnel of the health facility are important in conducting operations of the facility after a disaster occurs.
  2. Florida hospital: Nurses turnover
    If the majority of the senators in Florida are not for the improvement of the health conditions and/or increase of the nurses, the problem of understaffing and poor working conditions will be hard to eliminate.
  3. A Case against the Unionization of Registered Nurses in Hospital
    In a non-unionized setting, management reserves the right to make major decisions concerning the workplace and the duties of the nurses.
  4. Transformation at Duke University Hospital
    In addition, workers realized that it was important for them to perform their different duties and focus on the need to improve the financial position of this hospital.
  5. Building Small Hospital
    00 Activity Budget for Hospital Project The following is the estimated amount of patients to be treated at the new facilities in the hospital. 0 $363,000.
  6. Strategic planning in the IT department of the New Castle Hospital
    Thereafter, the plan ought to be explained and eventually adopted by the top organ of the management team drawn form the hospital.
  7. Implementing Telemedicine Solutions: Grand Hospital
    Unwillingness of the staff to be hired in the behavioral health area would also hinder the implementation of telemedicine solutions in the hospital.
  8. Operations Management: Arnold Palmer Hospital and Hard Rock Cafe
    The ultimate objective of the hospital is to offer high quality and special services to its patients. The ultimate objective of the hospital is to offer high quality and special services to its patients.
  9. Mafraq Hospital
    The Mafraq hospital has established the channel through which the policies of the organisation are communicated to the stakeholder. The customer care unit has also helped the Mafraq hospital to increase the market share of […]
  10. Bronson Methodist Hospital
    The hospital was ranked among the 5% best performing hospitals in the country.’Health Grades’ has also awarded the organization a number of awards in the year 2011 and 2012.
  11. HRM Analysis – Children’s Hospital
    This is the group of people which composes the core labor market from which Children’s Hospital and all other employers in the area have to choose from. In the context of technology, IT has brought […]
  12. Management at Stamford Hospital
    Given that Stamford Hospital works under the Planetree philosophy of patient-centered care, the 3-days orientation program assists the new staff members to understand the organization’s major goal, which is to ensure patient satisfaction and the […]
  13. Quality Management at Memorial Hospital
    The potential costs of failures in quality for the hospital, as well as techniques for total quality management, will be highlighted. Memorial Hospital can improve the quality of services provided to consumers by putting in […]
  14. HRM at Patient Care Hospital
    Evaluating the resourcing process at the hospital It is indeed factual that the resourcing process at the Patient Care Hospital needs to be updated and validated according to government standards.
  15. The American Hospital Association (AHA) Workforce Issues
    The AHA uses powerful strategies in order to address various workforce issues in the country. The organization also promotes various practices in order to increase the supply of caregivers.
  16. Financial Management: Johns Hopkins Hospital
    This paper analysis the financial management of the hospital The hospital aims at efficient management of its resources to the benefit of the society.
  17. Talent Management at Stamford Hospital
    At the Stamford Hospital, the hierarchical order is active and has the link to coordinate professionalism between the workers and the management team.
  18. King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    This organization is planning to enter a German market; therefore, there is a need to analyze the effectiveness of the chosen market and explain the peculiarities of the further entrance.
  19. Healthcare Marketing: John Hopkins Hospital
    Promotions The hospital doubles as a research institute for John Hopkins School of medicine; this makes the experts to interact with the outside world around the hospital and in other places in the world.
  20. Development of an Online Business Expansion for Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida
    It is therefore a necessity for the management to ensure that the website is changed regularly to reflect the status of the firm.
  21. Strategic Plan – Social Media in Women and Child Hospital
    Our Women and Child Hospital plans to open an account in instagram in a bid to let people know about the activities of the hospital, its scholarship program, events as well as social activities.
  22. Organizational Assessment of Queens Hospital Center
    The management believes that investing in the workforce is the most important since these are the people working on the ground and their satisfaction is key to the success of the organization.
  23. Operations Management Strategies at Arnold Palmer Hospital
    In the case of a hospital, some major considerations that are necessary to factor in are the movement of personnel and patients.
  24. ISO standards implementation on TQM strategies at Sheik Khalifa Hospital
    There is a link between the level of employee satisfaction and successful implementation of the ISO standards at the Sheik Khalifa Hospital.
  25. Trinity Community Hospital Development
    This would, in turn, insinuate a delayed realization of the hospital’s goals to provide health care services that are high of quality while at the same time complying with the national policies and trends that […]
  26. Third-Party Intervention at Lincoln Hospital
    High turnover in organisations leads to increased recruitment costs and the training of new employees to fill the gaps that are left by the outgoing employees.
  27. Flushing Hospital Medical Center Strategies
    In the wake of a technological resurgence of the 21st century, the evolution of global economy seems to have affected the operations of a range of organizations, including the ones that belong to the realm […]
  28. Kings County Hospital Center Company Analysis
    The hospital also hired new managers in order to assess the impacts of this change. The hospital applied the best strategy in order to make the change successful.
  29. Analysis of Management at St. Peter’s Hospital
    The management of the hospital is structured to enhance efficiency and specialization of services. Thus, to facilitate the management of the health facility, the management has been divided into different departments.
  30. Khalifa Hospital’s Measuring Customer Satisfaction
    That therefore was a vote of confidence in the leadership of the facility and a reminder that there is exists a challenge to maintain the same trend.
  31. Sinai Hospital Baltimore: Organizational Structure and Improvement
    The vision of the hospital is to emerge as a model of comprehensive health care providers in the country through strengthening its Jewish heritage, outstanding clinical strength, and its record of service.
  32. St. Margaret’s General Hospital Marketing
    As a new appointee to this seat, she is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the hospital’s image is raised in the eyes of the numerous publics served.
  33. Florida Hospital Organizational Theories
    For instance, it was the first hospital to offer digital mammography in the State of Florida and among the first hospitals to install a CT scanner in the US.
  34. Purchasing MRI Equipment for Nonprofit Hospital
    Given that the purchase of the equipment would involve a lot of money, it would not be appropriate for the team to use informal procurement process.
  35. The Burjeel Hospital: Waiting Time and Customer Satisfaction
    This paper examines the effect of waiting times at the Burjeel Hospital on the degree of customer satisfaction by analysing the results of a survey carried out to at the health facility. The rest of […]
  36. Central Michigan Hospital Changes
    The structural changes include the performance of extensive sensitization programs to enlighten employees about the need for change. The management of the hospital also plans to amend the institution’s financial policy.
  37. Springfield Central Hospital: Medication Errors Case
    Resting on these assumptions, it is possible to say that the main purpose of the given paper is the attempt to analyze the situation in the healthcare sector nowadays and determine the main aspects of […]
  38. The Red Cross Hospital Project Management
    Furthermore, there is a critical examination of the significance and value of the implantation of the six-sigma strategy in this hospital.
  39. Al Ain Hospital Total Quality Management
    Workers in the organisation know about the importance of quality improvement and most of them have made a commitment to the practice.
  40. Hospital Workers Unionization: Arguments Against
    This can be illustrated by the sharp decline in the number of nurses who are members of labor unions. This limits unions’ ability to act in the interest of nurses.

✅ Simple & Easy Hospital Essay Titles

  1. Judy’s Hospital: Patient Admission Process Improvement
    Delays in the Emergency Department can lead to a poor patient experience in the Emergency Department. This can lead to the deterioration of the condition of the patient.
  2. Al Ain Hospital: Managing Organization And People
    The department of Al Ain Hospital is understaffed which causes a lot of trouble to the workers and the department itself.
  3. The Internet Use at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital
    As explained in the previous section, the hospital’s website provides access to a lot of information about its services and activities.
  4. Burjeel Hospital Outpatient Care Quality
    The study will evaluate Burjeel’s patient processing systems with a view to propose a workflow improvement plan for reducing wait times and improve the quality of outpatient care.
  5. The Burjeel Hospital Outpatient Services Quality
    The specified phenomenon can be interpreted as the effect of the improper time management strategy implemented by the hospital staff and the resulting necessity for patients to wait before receiving the needed services and medications.
  6. SouthCoast Institute hospital: Health Services Planning
    The description of the marketing planning process shows that the organization has already identified the main steps: the creation of an aquatherapy program within the next six months, search for the specialists, who can implement […]
  7. End of Life Issues: Hospital Versus Home Death
    Stringer argues that the notion of ‘good death’ is determined by the characteristics and the preference of the patients and their families.
  8. NHS Hospital Business Management
    On the other hand, Gibbs reflective cycle talks of more-or-less the same facets as John’s model, except for the fact that in Gibbbs model, the key stages of the entire reflection process are summarized in […]
  9. Patient’s Stay Time in the Hospital: Forecast
    However, in some cases, determining the time of the patient’s stay in the hospital may be quite tricky due to the factors such as the healthcare opportunities that the hospital can provide, the severity of […]
  10. Health Inequities in Simkins v. Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital
    The federal government interpreted the law to support the position of Black professionals and patients. The government concurred that it was unconstitutional to use federal funds in a discriminatory way.
  11. Burjeel Hospital Primary Research and Data Analysis
    The research methodology applied to study outpatient waiting time and outpatient and employee satisfaction at Burjeel Hospital was a case study.
  12. St Peter’s Hospital’ Management and Morale
    Some of the major managerial factors that influence employees’ morale include pay, the work that they do, supervision, opportunities for promotions, the relationship among the employees, and the nature of work in general.
  13. Learning from Crisis: Hospital and Military Examples
    Learning from crisis is the final component in crisis management. Ignoring the signals may lead to future hospital crisis and extension of the influence to the entire system.
  14. Stafford Hospital: Leadership and Governance Problem
    The Mid Staffordshire Trust case, which runs the Stafford Hospital, is a classic example of the existence of leadership and governance problems in organisations.
  15. Modular Construction in Hospital Buildings
    The decision to fall back on this type of construction is very often motivated by the need to meet the strict deadline for erecting buildings, as modular construction is known for high quality that can […]
  16. Hospital Staff Support, Education, and Training
    The purpose of providing the education and training for the current and new staff is the development and improvement of their skills in working with the CIS and EHR.
  17. King Abdullah University Hospital’s Accounting System
    The next part of the article presents the information about the conceptual framework of the study and review the previous research on the issue.
  18. Hospital Operating Room: Innovative Change Model
    Finally, it is also necessary for operating room staff to collect data to determine outcomes of innovative change model for enhancing efficiency and safety.
  19. King Hussain Hospital’s Decision-Making Issue
    Factors that influenced the decision included the state of the patient’s health, previous outcomes of similar emergency operations, superficial analysis of information, nurses’ responsibility to the wellbeing of the patient, emotional thinking, limited time, and […]
  20. Peel Memorial Hospital Solution: the Balanced Scorecard
    The majority of the employees were unaware of the institution’s strategic direction. The hospital decided to assess and monitor the effectiveness of the above change.
  21. General Hospital’s Conflict Resolution
    Harding has also refused to meet separately with the dissenting group of workers or the physicians as the problems caused by their rigidity in spending affects the entire institution.
  22. St. Aidan’s Hospital: Work Motivation Problem
    Nurses also cannot make decisions to patients they attend such as recommend a proper care because they do not have the medical history of the patients.
  23. Mercy Hospital’s Relations and Communication Issues
    At the heart of Mercy Hospital’s difficulties are poor relations among health care managers, the absence of effective communication channels, the lack of an explicit strategic vision, and the general resistance to innovations and change.
  24. Tertiary Hospital Pharmacists’ Challenges
    Several leadership and organizational management theories highlight the significance of proper supervision and the creation of an ideal work environment for the employees’ optimal performance.
  25. Tertiary Hospital’s Employee Behavior by Maslow
    The evaluation of organizational culture, behavior, and satisfaction is a crucial step that cannot be neglected because culture identifies the norms and values that should be used by employees, behavior demonstrates the way of how […]
  26. Health Law After Simkins v. Cone Memorial Hospital
    This paper shows that the 14th amendment was the most instrumental law in the case because it allowed amendments in the protection of equal rights in the American public and private health care sectors.
  27. Scarlet Hospital’s Marketing Campaigns
    Nonetheless, in this instance, the Scarlet Hospital supposed to focus on the establishment of the relevant marketing strategy, which will emphasize the enhancement of the relationships with the users, promoting the quality of the existent […]
  28. Lifeline Hospital’s Quality Improvement Program
    The assessment will look at the effectiveness of the company’s Lean strategy. The high number of foreign nationals in the country put pressure on the organisation to look beyond the region for standard setting.
  29. Dayton Children’s Hospital and Community Service
    Dayton Children’s is committed to improve quality of life of people living in the community. This report provides more detailed information on the organization’s activities and monetary amounts of community benefit.
  30. Bay Community Hospital’ New Equipment
    The process of the implementation of the new equipment and reorganizing of the work is crucial for the functioning of a new company.
  31. University of Utah Hospital’s Stakeholder Analysis
    The first internal stakeholders are the procurement; they buy goods that of high quality to ensure success in the management process at the hospital.
  32. Afya Hospital’s Recruitment of Volunteers
    One of the processes that need improvement in Afya Hospital is the management of the recruitment of volunteers. The third objective is to streamline the process of empowering volunteers to perform well in the hospital.
  33. Hospital Strategic Management: Balanced Scorecard
    Out of the most successful features of healthcare organizations, an important place belongs to monitoring and measurement of results of the organization’s activity.
  34. ABC Hospital’s Effective Team Building
    Building an effective team within a micro-system requires one to understand the mission of the micro-system and organization, and the goals that should be achieved by the team.
  35. Forest Hills Hospital’s Organizational Leadership
    These practitioners provide the right resources to their followers in order to ensure the needs of more clients are met. For instance, the CNLs and CNSs use their competencies to focus on the needs of […]
  36. Hospital Strategic Management and Planning: Adding Value
    The development of value-adding strategies starts with singling out the requirements and the analysis of the quality of services. Market research and target marketing are essential elements of pre-service value-adding as they help to plan […]
  37. Caring Angel Hospital’s Goals and Action Plan
    The purpose of this report is to propose specific actions that can be taken to achieve the goals set by Caring Angel Hospital: to increase the organization’s value, to improve the quality of care and […]
  38. Dallas Hospital’s Emergency Preparedness
    The load dock area should be free from the access of the public to minimize chances of intruders accessing the hospital compound. The individual should avoid the use of elevators that are in the facility.
  39. Hospital Strategic Management and Planning
    Merger has always been one of the most effective ways of combining the efforts of several health care institutions in the way of creating more opportunities and services.
  40. UAE Innovative Hospital Design for Patient Safety
    The objectives of this study are to explore the factors contributing to patient safety incidents in health care settings and examine how limitations of the hospital design, which result in the increasing incidence of patient […]

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about Hospital

  1. UAE Hospital Strategic Management and Planning
    The main objective of SM is to find a correlation between the requirements of the outer environment and the company’s inner possibilities. The best representation of the successful implementation of SM is the list of […]
  2. Saint Vincent Hospital’s Product Lifecycle Management
    It is necessary to ensure the innovation of products and services to stay competitive, which explains the value of the topic to a company, and PLC monitoring can be used to this end.
  3. Kaluyu Memorial Hospital’s Employee Motivation
    In these terms, the workplace hygiene of the hospital is very low and needs to be improved; moreover, the case study indicates that there are insufficient motivation factors for several employees, especially nurses and young […]
  4. La Verne Medical Hospital Center Project
    The paper presents the requirements to facilitate the initiation of the project in the new complex. The Affordable Care Act has allowed the citizens access to medical services through expansion of the insurance services.
  5. Well Care Hospital’s Administration: Legal Aspects
    Consequently, the primary goal of this paper is to emphasize the gravity of professional conduct in the medical institution, find the ramifications of medical conduct and ethics, determine the matters to prove the presence of […]
  6. Anchor Hospital’s Telemedicine Services
    In fact, for telemedicine, it is important to inform patients that this service is offered, and also about the kind of medical services that the hospital offers remotely.
  7. Hospital Competition and Strategic Planning
    The duty of a strategist is to perceive the competition within the field and be able to handle it. Competitive analysis of the service area is necessary to provide a better understanding of the company’s […]
  8. Rashid Hospital’s Strategic Planning and Its Results
    According to the interviewees, this is needed to help the hospital team to identify the best healthcare strategies and effectively respond to the changes that are occurring within the framework of the healthcare industry.
  9. Golden Age Hospital and Elderlies in Mission Viejo
    This module explores direct market research ad segmentation of the elderly community in the Mission Viejo based on the data gathered and the general picture discovered.
  10. Paradise Hospital: Value Proposition in Patient Care
    According to Jewell et al, value in health care is a replication of the connection between quality of services and the related resource allocation.
  11. King Saud General Hospital’s Nursing Educational Program
    Concerning the objectives, by the end of the program, the nurses will be able to: Demonstrate an extensive knowledge of the theory that is related to the three topics.
  12. Metrics in UAE Innovative Hospital Design Project
    Identifying the metrics that can be used to measure the effects of the suggested tools is crucial to the outcome of the research.
  13. Forest Hills Hospital’s Quality Improvement
    This discussion examines Forest Hills Hospital’s development from a linear to a complex adaptive system and the use of the clinical microsystems thinking concept.
  14. Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Leadership and Delivery
    Abbott Northwestern Hospital is an acute care hospital located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The ABH’s overall HCAHPS rate is 4/5.
  15. 21st-Century Solutions Health Care Hospital
    At the same time, it was also important to pay vehement attention to the overall functionality of the departments and the compliance of their actions with the organizational goals.
  16. University Hospital Sharjah: Strategic Management
    The hospital provides a scope of services depending on the needs of its patients, and this makes it a destination of choice for many people in the region.
  17. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Network Strategy
    With its thoroughly developed network strategy, CHOP was able to become a leading child healthcare facility in the US and is an example for similar organizations all over the world.
  18. New Medical Center Specialty Hospital in Abu Dhabi
    Mission statement is synonymous with the statement of purpose in that it separates a facility from others of its type and defines the range of its operations concerning services and products.
  19. Health Information Technology Job in Hospital
    With this in mind, it is possible to conclude that the work of a HIT specialist is very important and influences the functioning of the whole hospital greatly.
  20. Hospital Settings, Services, Integrated Delivery System
    Nonetheless, the author also emphasizes that the recent research shows that integrated the delivery system is not cost-effective as the prices turn out to be higher while the quality of services similar to the one […]
  21. Huggins Hospital’s Facility Management Strategy
    This is confirmed by the fact that ABM was requested to “provide oversight and management of the Materials/Purchasing department,” which confirms the success of its actions.
  22. Arnold Palmer Hospital’s Operations and Supply Chain
    Supply chain management refers to the management of a network of interconnected businesses in a supply chain that may be involved in the provision of the packages goods or services required by the end customer.
  23. Nurses’ Role in Hospital Infections Prevention
    In this respect, nurse should express greater awareness of the seriousness of the problem through recognizing and monitoring the rates of infections caused by insufficiently protected healthcare setting for patients.
  24. Capability Audit in the Hospital’s Functioning
    The paper provides the data concerning the capability audit and the application of its main aspects to the investigation of the functioning of a hospital.
  25. Making a More Efficient Hospital
    Through the efforts of a philanthropist Samuel Mather and a number of people from the community, the hospital was able to temporarily move to a building next door.
  26. Nonprofit Organizations and Hospital Financing
    The non-profit organization in question is a hospital. The populations that best represent the “market” of our non-profit hospital are people who cannot afford care at for-profit hospitals.
  27. Hospital-Laboratory Contract and Information Privacy
    It introduces the objectives of the contract parties, for the necessity of informing the other party of one’s intentions is evident.
  28. Rainbow International Children’s Hospital’s Plan
    Rainbow International Children’s Hospital entails a corporation that will bestow laudable treatment and rehabilitation amenities to the children and young population of the jurisdiction.
  29. Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Expansion Problem
    Sinai hospital is that, out of the 90 beds, it is difficult for the management to determine the number of beds to be allocated to surgical staff for surgical patients and the number of beds […]
  30. Mismanagement at Hospital Respiratory Units
    An example of the employment of grounded theory is the study by Mishra, Gupta, and Bhatnagar focused on the exploration of work-family enrichment.
  31. Hospital-Acquired Diseases and Infections
    Although the infection forms occur as a result of patients’ skin conditions, they are still considered hospital-acquired since they develop in a healthcare environment.
  32. Lifecare Hospital: Accounting Information System
    In the conditions of economic development, the enterprises face multiple changes in the business environments, and it provokes the necessity for the design of managerial tasks aimed to control the external and internal transformations and […]
  33. Freedom Hospital Geriatric Patient Analysis
    The importance of statistics in clinical research can be explained by a multitude of factors; in clinical management, it is used for monitoring the patients’ conditions, the quality of health care provided, and other indicators.
  34. The Plight of Pharmacists at Tertiary Hospital
    The performance of employees in an organization is influenced by the work atmosphere and organizational culture that values the input of the individuals in the workplace.
  35. Utilization Management at Hospital
    Utilization management is “the evaluation of medical appropriateness, necessity, and efficiency of the use of health care procedures, services, and facilitates the provision of applicable health benefits”.
  36. Utilization at Houston Methodist Hospital
    The hospital has implemented a powerful utilization management program to address the needs of more patients and deliver quality care to them. The second function of the program is “the admission, continued to stay, and […]
  37. Layout at Arnold Palmer Hospital’s New Facility
    In order to address capacity issues in the new facility, the administration came to the idea that changing the form of the layout from the rectangular to the circular type would significantly increase the overall […]
  38. Houston Methodist Hospital Quality Assurance Approaches
    The ultimate goal of the QA program is to ensure more people receive quality medical support. The program is used to resolve most of the discrepancies and issues affecting the organization.
  39. SAP Implementation in a Hospital
    To unveil the reasons behind the success of this implementation, this paper addresses such aspects as major peculiarities of the process of implementation, challenges, driving forces and restraining forces to the change, factors contributing to […]
  40. Brazosport Memorial Hospital Quality Improvement Program
    The purpose of the Learner’s Log Book is to document the achievements of the learner in a central repository that will be considered as evidence on the effectiveness of the learning process.

📌 Hospital Writing Prompts

  1. Hospital’s Risk Management Program Analysis
  2. Healthy Diet at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital
  3. Hospital-Acquired Influenza Among the US Children
  4. The Risks Associated with Hospital Operations
  5. Sheikh Khalifa Hospital and Cleveland Clinic Hospital
  6. Sepsis 30-Day Hospital Readmission Prevention
  7. St George Hospital’s Healthcare and Business Management
  8. Abbott Hospital’s Acquisition and Human Resource Issues
  9. Fall Prevention Strategies in the Hospital Setting
  10. Emory Hospital’s Employee Efficiency and System Theory
  11. New Hospital for Women and Babies: Video Analysis
  12. Electronic Health Records in a Small Hospital
  13. West Bloomfield Hospital’s Six Sigma Implementation
  14. Quality Medical Services in Hospital’s Staff Perception
  15. The Stennis Hospital: Daycare Services for Patients
  16. Royal Liverpool University Hospital’s Design Project
  17. King Edgar NHS Hospital Trust’s Performance Change
  18. Hospital Facilities’ Payment Challenges
  19. Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System
  20. Prairie St. John’s Hospital’s Administration
  21. Mercy Hospital’s Patient- and Family-Centered Care
  22. Jackson Memorial Hospital: Rebranding Assignment
  23. Community Hospital’s Stakeholder Analysis
  24. Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set
  25. Forest Hills Hospital: Patient Safety Improvement
  26. Mercy Hospital: Consultative Change Recommendations
  27. Quality, Cost, Delivery Implementation at Hospital
  28. Hospital Efficient Design and Employee Satisfaction
  29. Mismanagement at Respiratory Hospital Departments
  30. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center Analysis
  31. Academic Dental Hospital: Patient Flow Improvement
  32. New York – Presbyterian Hospital: Organizational Analysis
  33. King Faisal Specilaist Hospital’s Quality
  34. King Fahad Hospital’s Force Field Analysis
  35. Hospital Administrator on Duty’s Emergency Response
  36. Hospital Readmission Causes in Australia
  37. Improving the Quality of Service Delivery in Hospital
  38. Managing a Hospital Budget
  39. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization
  40. Hardy Hospital’s Materials Management

🥇 Most Interesting Hospital Topics to Write about

  1. Administrative Assistant to a Hospital Director
  2. Greenville Hospital System’s Managerial Accounting
  3. Trinity Community Hospital’s Cancer Service Line
  4. MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital Cultural Reform
  5. Hardy Hospital Analysis
  6. Supplying Medical Equipment to Hospital
  7. Intelligent Hospital Pavilion ICU: Video Analysis
  8. Establishing a Cancer Treatment Unit in a Hospital
  9. Arnold Palmer Hospital’s Global Operations Strategy
  10. Hospital Integration Solutions in the Erie Region
  11. Northwell Hospital’s Annual Survey Database
  12. Al-Ain Hospital’s Waiting Line Management
  13. Rashid Hospital’s Strategic Fall Prevention Plan
  14. St. Randall Private Hospital’s Primary Filing System
  15. Outsourcing of Hospital Services: Strategic Capacity Planning
  16. NW Hospital Baltimore OCAI Assessment
  17. Model of Operations Management in Hospital
  18. USA Hospital Supply Management and Challenges
  19. Academic Medical Hospital’s Six Sigma Adoption
  20. Northwestern Memorial Hospital Managing Diversity
  21. Non-Profit Hospital’s Financial Challenges
  22. Saint-Joseph Hospital’s Inbound Marketing
  23. Hospital Design and Safety Measures
  24. Christian Northeastern Hospital Nurse’s Interview
  25. Akron Children’s Hospital’s Service Quality
  26. Human Behavior in Fire: Petersburg Hospital
  27. Environmental Standards for a Hospital
  28. White Memorial Hospital: Countertransference and Limitations
  29. Media Highlight of a Suicide at a Mental Hospital
  30. Transactional Leadership Style at a Hospital
  31. Hospital Comparison in Denver, Colorado
  32. A Leader’s Style at a Hospital
  33. High Waiting Time in Abu Dhabi Hospital
  34. Akron Children’s Hospital: An Request for a Proposal
  35. Hand Hygiene in Hospital Environments
  36. Accounting Ethics in Hospital Settings
  37. Blackwell Medical Center: Hospital vs. School of Medicine
  38. Healthcare Pathway Choice in a Hospital
  39. Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Organizational Analysis
  40. Hospital-Acquired Infections: Quality Improvement
  41. Atrium Health Hospital Network
  42. Clinical Nurse Educator Role in Swan Hill Hospital
  43. Hospital-Acquired Venous Thromboembolism Studies
  44. Infection Control Among Pediatric Patients at St. Mary’s Hospital
  45. The Sullivan Hospital System
  46. Minimizing Risk of Patients Falling Within a Hospital Premises
  47. Health Services: Cultural Competence in Hospital Settings
  48. Educational Levels of Hospital Nurses and Surgical Patient Mortality
  49. Private Hospital in Kuwait: Strategic Design

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