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79 Homer Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Homer Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. “The Odyssey” by Homer
    Throughout the story, there is a constant struggle of the growing Telemachus to imitate the actions of his father and then eventually become like him that he comes to an end of his journey.
  2. Father-son Relationship In The Odyssey by Homer
    In Odyssey therefore, it is expected that the relationship of Odysseus and Telemachus is as admiring as it is; the father is proud of his son, who is courageous and the son is proud of […]
  3. Gods and Humans in “The Odyssey” by Homer
    For instance, the journey of Odysseus back to Ithaca feature him as an important figure to Calypso therefore helping in building up the story as his return remains the center of all agony that begets […]
  4. Deception Role in “The Odyssey” by Homer
    He also pretended to be a beggar to test the loyalty of others and to devise his plan of overthrowing the other suitors.
  5. The Ghosts in Homer’s Odyssey
    I find the ghost one of my favorite because of the hope and information he gives Odysseus.”The ghost reveals to Odysseus that Poseidon was busy punishing and killing the Achaeans “. From the encounter with […]
  6. Homer’s epic poem The lliad and in Vergil’s epic The Aeneid
    On the other hand, The Aeneid, written by Virgil, is a Latin epic poem, which tells of the story of Aeneas, the ancestor of the Romans.
  7. Importance of the Book “Odyssey” by Homer
    It is a book with a story that has lasted for ages due to its major themes such as the relation between father and son, the role of women, the significance of hospitality and the […]
  8. “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer” vs. “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus” : Compare & Contrast
    Giving readers the sense of being immersed in the world of the Greeks and the Trojans, or in the world of any fine literature, is a goal for many writers.
  9. Narrating the Poetry: “Iliad” by Homer
    The poem seeks to illustrate on the battles between Agamemnon the King and the warriors Achilles. The Iliad story begins at almost the end of the Trojan War during besiege by the Greeks.
  10. Human Potential in Rig Veda, Genesis and Homer’s Odyssey
    Human beings need to meditate from time to time to find out specific modes of behaviour they need to observe. The value of hard work is used to explain how human beings need to be […]
  11. Greek Culture in Homer’s “Odyssey”
    Therefore, a critical analysis of the story enlightens the contemporary society on the aspect of hospitality in relation to the people of Greece.
  12. Aristotle with a Bust of Homer Rembrandt
    A careful study of the hair, the beards and the dress of Homer reveals that this is a painting of that era.
  13. Homer’s “Iliad” History and Content
    The review will take the form of an in depth analysis of part one of the whole poem before that, most imperatively, presents the plot of the poem including shading light into the flow.
  14. Roles of Women in “The Odyssey” by Homer
    Of course, she is not a mortal woman as she is a nymph and is beyond the laws of human society. Of course, the woman is meant to be devoted to her husband and her […]
  15. Literature Studies: “The Iliad” by Homer
    It is devoted to the period of the Greek-Trojan War and narrates about the heroic battles between the Greeks and the Trojans.
  16. ‘Homer’s The Odyssey’ by Bernhard Frank Literature Analysis
    Bernhard makes use of clear words and concrete examples as well as numerous quotes to articulate his belief that the cause and sequence of the events in this book were created on purpose by Homer […]
  17. Telemachus Journey from Boyhood to Hero: Homer’s Odyssey
    As described by Arnold van Gennep in “The rites of Passage,” the concept of the rites of passage is a ritual event used to signify the process of transition of a person from one social […]
  18. “The Odyssey” by Homer Discussion
    With this knowledge, it is necessary to examine the role played by the other characters in the poem. On the other hand, Penelope knows that she is expected to remain faithful to her husband.
  19. The Most Realistic Character in “The Iliad” by Homer
    The author uses Achilles as a bold character for building all the major themes in the poem; hence he is the most realistic character in The Iliad.
  20. Hector’ and Achilles Clash in the Iliad by Homer
    As the poem begins, Achilles is not ready to take orders from Agamemnon, the king of the Greeks, and he is agitated at losing argument to the king.
  21. An Exemplary Hero: Homer’s “Odyssey”
    The masterpiece describes the life of Odysseus and his journey especially after the infamous fall of Troy. One outstanding fact about Odysseus is that he is the main hero of the epic.
  22. The 11 Book of Homer’s “The Odyssey”
    The 11th book of the Odyssey tells about the trip of Odysseus to the Underworld. He expresses pity that Odysseus is also in the land of the dead and tells about his journey in Hades […]
  23. “The Iliad” a Greek Epic Poem by Homer
    One of the most famous arming scenes in the Iliad is the description of Achilles’ arming, in particular, shield. It could be supposed that Homer tried to highlight the horror of the war and focused […]
  24. Themes in Books VIII-XI of Homer’s “The Odyssey”
    For instance, Retief and Cilliers argue that Book XI of The Odyssey largely shaped the perception of Hades, or the Greek land of the dead, as well as of the Ancient views on death and […]
  25. Heroism and Power in Homer’s “The Illiad”
    In The Iliad, the relations between two characters, Agamemnon and Apollo, as well as their motivation and passion help to underscore the theme of power and rage; the conflict between the characters is based on […]
  26. Gender Role Expectations in “The Odyssey” by Homer
    The reason is that many behaviors of these female characters are masculine in their nature, and they need to be further discussed with reference to examples.
  27. Homer’s Iliad and John Milton’s Lost Paradise
    It was written after the Restoration, but the powerful voice of the poet declared that the spirit of the Revolution was not broken, that it still lived in the hearts of the people.
  28. Homer’s Odysseus and Penelope: Who Is Wiser?
    Odysseus’ size is also apparent when he Many of Odysseus’ traits are honored and respected by the people and society in which he lives.
  29. Homer’s Iliad Literary Review
    Sometimes it is immense fun to read other’s writings.”The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write, a man will turn over half a library to make one book”.
  30. Odyssey by Homer: Comprehensive Analysis of the Character of Penelope
    Penelope is believed to be the faithful wife of Ulysses and she stood really strong in his absence. She had a lot of persistence and composure, her image had been overshadowed because of Ulysses, and […]
  31. The Journey to the Land of the Dead in World Literature: Homer, Virgil, and Dante
    In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus ventures to Hades, in Virgil’s The Aeneid, Aeneas goes to Orcus and in Dante’s Inferno, Dante ventures into the realm of Christian Hell.
  32. Characters of Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid: A Model of Leadership Anthemed in the Literature of the Ancient World
    Odysseus along with Aeneas is known all over the world as one of the most outstanding models of leadership anthemed in the literature of the ancient world.
  33. “The Odyssey” by Homer and Its Legacy: A Romantic Vision of the State
    Odysseus is known all over the world as one of the most outstanding models of leadership anthemed in the literature of the ancient world.
  34. ”The Iliad of Homer” by Homer: A Reflection of the Culture and Moral Principles That Existed at That Time
    Themes of Self-Sacrifice and Love in the Iliad Easily seen is the strength that is given from Zeus to mortals either in those into whose hands he gives the surpassing glory, or those he diminishes […]

📌 Simple & Easy Homer Essay Titles

  1. The Unselfishness, Faithfulness, and Intelligence of an Effective Leader in The Odyssey, a Poem by Homer
  2. To What Extent Does Homer Show Phaeacian Society to Be Perfectly Civilized
  3. The Vices Of Human Nature In Homer’s The Odyssey
  4. Voyage And Psychological Development In Homer’s Odyssey
  5. The Trojan War Between the Greeks and the Trojans in Homer’s The Iliad
  6. The Roles Of Religion And Ethics In Homer’s The Illiad
  7. Why Was Honour an Important Theme in Homer’s Iliad
  8. The Sympathetic Character of Achilles in The Iliad, an Ancient Greek Epic Poem by Homer
  9. Women’s History Through the Lens of Literature: Homer, Plato, and Dante
  10. The Role Of Women In Ancient Greece As Depicted In Homer’s The Odyssey
  11. The Way Heroism Takes You Away From the Family in The Odyssey by Homer
  12. Use of Epithets In Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey
  13. Trustworthyness in Homer’s Odyssey and Medea by Euripides
  14. The Story of Achilles in The Iliad by Homer: A True Literary Classic
  15. Was Troy the Movie Accurate According to Homer
  16. The Relationship Between Achilles and Patroclus in Iliad, a Poem by Homer
  17. What Makes an Epic Hero in Homer´s The Odyssey
  18. The Struggles and Experiences of the Hero in His Journey in Odyssey, a Poem by Homer
  19. The Special Attributes and Weaknesses of Odysseus in the Odyssey, a Poem by Homer
  20. The Selfish and Blameful Character of Odysseus’ Son, Telemachus in Homer’s The Odyssey
  21. Trojan War, Homer and the other Historical Embracements of Iliad

👍 Good Essay Topics on Homer

  1. The Underworld and How It Reflects the Goals and Realities of Virgil and Homer
  2. Why Odysseus Fits the Mold of the Epic Hero in Homer’s The Odyssey
  3. Women and Deception in Homer’s Odyssey
  4. The Role and Influence of the Gods on the Conflict in The Iliad by Homer
  5. The Struggle and Search for Happiness and Love in the Book, The Odyssey by Homer
  6. The Religion and the Ethics of the Achian and Trojan Societies in The Illiad by Homer
  7. The Use of Embedded Narrative in Homer’s The Odyssey and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
  8. Understanding the Theme of Great War in The Iliad by Homer
  9. The True Meaning of an Epic Hero Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer
  10. The Theme of Life and Death in Homer’s Literature
  11. The Transformation of Odysseus Through His Journeys in The Odyssey, a Poem by Homer
  12. The Three Different Types of Heroes in Homer’s Iliad and Sophocles’ Oedipus the King
  13. The Story of Determined Warrior in Homer’s Greek Tale The Odyssey
  14. The Use of the Epic Simile, Simile, and Personification in The Odyssey, an Ancient Greek Epic Poem by Homer
  15. Women’s Oppression in the Old Testament and Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’
  16. Why Homer Was Murdered by Emily in ‘A Rose for Emily’ by William Faulkner
  17. The True Greek Hero Odysseys Portrayed in the Odyssey by Homer
  18. The Transformation of the Roles of Women in Genesis from the Hebrew Bible and The Odyssey by Homer
  19. The Use of Imagery, Dialogue, and Similes in The Iliad, an Epic Poem By Homer
  20. The Roles of Zeus, Poseidon, and Circe in The Odyssey by Homer
  21. The Symbolism of Pomegranate Seeds in Homer’s Hymn to Demeter
  22. Tolstoy, Virgil, and Homer on Happiness and Erotic Love
  23. The Understanding and Concern of the Character of Telemonian Aias in Homer’s Iliad
  24. The Unpredictable Character of Odysseus in the Odyssey,a Poem by Homer

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