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  1. The Book of Genesis: Towards Understanding Creation Theology
    The theology of creation as reflected in Genesis presents the Church’s thinking and views about the relationship between the almighty God and the physical world as it is informed by our own comprehension of the […]
  2. What is Theology – Faith and Reason in Theology
    Paul Ricoeur specialized in philosophy and of relevance to this paper are his thoughts on the effect of the past on the present.
  3. Evil in the theology and practice of Hinduism and Christianity
    To understand the concept of evil in Hinduism one should understand the meaning the concept of karma, which is believed to be one of the simplest and at the same time one of the most […]
  4. Religious studies and theology- Major themes in Quran
    This is one of the scriptures which indicate that God is in control of the events happening in the Universe. This is reflective of the love of God to man.
  5. History of the Dalit Theology in India
    In Christianity, the main aim of women is to ensure that both genders are represented in the management of the affairs of the church.
  6. Theology of Hope
    Based on the founders of the dogma, theology of hope analyses eschatology from the resurrection of the Messiah onwards rather from the creation of the universe.
  7. Philosophical theology
    The marriage between philosophy and theology led to the birth of philosophical theology. Notable to mention is that, the theory of atonement was used both in philosophy and theology doctrines.
  8. Nursing Theology
    To non-Christians, the moral and social principles should guide the nursing professionals whereas to Christians the feeling of love should motivate the nurses.
  9. Implications of Inter-Religious Dialog Towards A Universal Theology of Religion
    For any inter-religious dialogue to take place effectively, there are some rules that have to be adhered to, the main purpose of initiating the dialogue should be considered by the two parties involved.
  10. Theology, Philosophy and Science in Islamic Civilization
    In conclusion, it is evident that there was coexistence between theology, philosophy and science in the making of the Islamic civilization.
  11. Theology and Philosophy
    The Author of “The Shape of Catholic Theology “tries to explain the importance of God in Christianity and how theology relates to philosophy.
  12. Hispanic/Latino Theology
    The Hispanic theology is shown as a representation of the religious and theological inflections of the Hispanic people staying in the United States.
  13. Contemporary Roman Catholicism: Biblical Theology
    The Bible marks the foundation of Catholicism and Christianity grown on the pillars of the books contents, its translation and importantly its interpretation among the believers. Catholics believe in the Bible as their revelation to […]
  14. Charismatic Theology: Mission in the Spirit
    In other words, Charismatic is a term referring to Christians who hold the notion that the doings of the Holy Spirit experienced in the early Church, such as miracles, tongue speaking, and healing, are also […]
  15. Dispensation Theology
    The second aspects, which is portrayed in the definition, relates to the fact that God has allowed man the power of choice. In this case, it was noted that the aspect of dispensation date back […]
  16. Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling
    The author adds that the counselor needs spiritual maturity in a bid to get the client to the same level of maturity.
  17. Chapters 1-12 in Frame’s Systematic Theology
    Chapters 1-12 from John Frame’s Systematic Theology provide the background for understanding the idea of theology in general and systematic theology in particular and present the information on the basic definitions, the Biblical Story, and […]
  18. Foundations of the Living Science of Moral Theology
    He questioned the care that god provide to humans and the equality before the eyes of God. It is the truth of God that is being applied to the lives of human beings that they […]
  19. John Hick Philosophical Theology
    The theory’s hypotheses are internally coherent, in consent with the Christianity religious tradition, and the world is revealed from the natural and moral evil facts, and scientific inquiry. Through this, God will bring back justice […]
  20. History of Christian Theology
    The life of Jesus Christ as a man who was born and lived in Bethlehem in Israel and his verbal teachings are used as the anchors of Christianity as a religion.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Theology

  1. Human Rights in Relation to Catholic Theology
    The church declared the acts of slavery as infamy and conjured to discourage slavery since it was dishonored God and destroyed the lived of many people.
  2. Moral Theology and Ethics Principles
    The right approach is to follow the above discernible norms for the best behavior. Every believer should use the scriptures and natural laws in order to lead a better life.
  3. Theology as a Contributor to War
    From the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, the first war is portrayed between two brothers. The chain of command and science of war was long overdue in the theological world.
  4. Holy Spirit in Today’s World – Theology
    The Scriptures tend to take up a most important part in God’s dealing with human beings, and it is, therefore, not surprising to learn that more often than not, people have replaced the role of […]
  5. Christian Prophets’ Teachings – Theology
    It refers to the worship of other ‘gods’ apart from the heavenly God, who is the creator of the heavens and the earth.
  6. Religious Tolerance and Theology
    Therefore, tolerance can be defined as the aspect of respecting people in their different nature and not demanding any same action from their beliefs From the Jewish perspective, extending their laws to encompass other religions […]
  7. Mythology and Theology: Joseph Campbell’s Views
    This paper will try to explore the relationship between theology and mythology in respect of Joseph Campbell. According to Campbell, in his article “The Power of Myth,” mythology relates very closely to theology.
  8. Theology of Global Missions Work
    In the context of missions work, the key phrase is the following: “And in you all the families of the Earth will be blessed”.
  9. The Origin of Humans: Mythology, Cosmology and Theology
    In religion, mythological cosmology deals with the study of a body of beliefs based on religious, mythological, historical and esoteric traditions about the creation and the origins of man and the universe.
  10. Earliest Christianity: Theology and Ethics
    The works of Paul have been criticized by a group of scholars who believe that they have massive contradiction from the works of other apostles, especially James, who was one of the disciples of Jesus.
  11. Historical Theology: the Main Ideas of Reformation
    The figure of Martin Luther and his importance for the appearance and development of new ideas is described. However, Luther hoped for the peaceful reformation of society and church.
  12. Book of Exodus in Judeo-Christian Theology
    The book of Exodus is one of the fundamental points of Judeo-Christian theology in that it depicts the end of slavery and the commencement of the newly emancipated Jew’s journey to the Promised Land.
  13. Theology: “The Powers That Be” by Walter Wink
    The topic of the book is spiritual and religious; it is the continuation of previous works of the author on the exploration of the powers that guide human lives, and the way they may provide […]
  14. Psychology and Theology in Christian Counseling
    On the negative side is that prayers might enhance the relationship between the client and the counselor to the level of the patient thinking the counseling prayers are enough to sustain him.
  15. Black Liberation Theology and Black Movement
    The idea of equality in the face of God is the major point of connection between the Black Theology and the Black Power Movement.
  16. Theology and Context of the Colossians Christ Hymn
    This paper examines the history, background, and context of the book of Colossians as well as the theology and significance of the Christ Hymn to a postmodern world. The authorship of the epistle to the […]
  17. Practical Theology and Church Visitor’s Authority Concept
    For the 21st century church, it is especially important to identify itself in the context of exile that is a resource of renovation, as stated by Beach.
  18. Theology: “The Early Narratives of Genesis” by James Orr
    It is against this awakening that the creation of Earth should not be seen as a myth but a true account of what actually transpired.
  19. Reformation Theology as the Source of Religious Faith
    The three major teachings from Martin Luther regarding reforming the church include the fact that faith in God’s gift of forgiveness is very essential and is the only way through which individuals could win salvation […]
  20. Theology: The Quran and Its Exegesis
    In his book ‘Major Themes of the Quran’, Rahman seeks to explain the teachings provided in the Quran. She is of the opinion that God is close to man.
  21. Characteristic Theology and Practice of Religion
    Through the latter, the Orthodox believes that the fundamental purpose of the church is to glorify, bless, and praise the Holy trinity constituting the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  22. Historical Theology Structure
    In the structured essay below, you will be asked to compare and contrast reform in the Catholic church prior to the Reformation with that of Luther and Zwingli. Be sure to provide two sets that […]
  23. Islamic Theology and Philosophy
    These religions have fundamental differences in their approach to Allah, to the destiny of man, and the position of man in the world, to the sin, good, and evil, to the Judgment day and the […]
  24. Role of Reason Within Theology
    Based on the doctrines that are presented by the modern church community, the understanding of the mysteries of faith comes through studying the science of God and the ideas that are considered in the Scripture.
  25. Theology, Interview, and Via Salutis
    In today’s world, much preference is given to individual relationships with the Lord, while both Old and New testaments pinpoint the importance of communion in the course of the Christian journey.

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