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103 Church Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Church Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Catholic Church and the Black Death in the 14th Century
    Therefore, the essence of this research paper is to investigate the role of Catholic Church during the Black Death, specifically paying attention to the steps the church used to prevent the disease, the Flagellants and […]
  2. The Church Institution Importance for African-Americans
    Many church leaders were among the first to respond to the needs that arose after the Hurricane Katrina in 2005 because the government had failed to plan well for the needs of the minority in […]
  3. Westboro Baptist Church
    The perennial action by the Westboro church members of attacking other Christian churches and religious organizations such as Muslim and Jews is a breach of other citizens’ right to exercise their freedom.
  4. Separation of Church and State
    The accomodationist’s position is the first one and maintains that the government has a moral responsibility to enact policies that recognize the role of religion in the society.
  5. Composing and Performing Church Music
    In the twentieth century, the view of music by the Roman Catholic Church was defined in two statements: the first of them, motu proprio of 1903, proclaimed return to Gregorian chant, restoration of unaccompanied polyphonic […]
  6. Role of Catholic Church during Ns Regime
    One religious organization that strongly opposed the extension of the Gleichschaltung into the realm of religion was the Roman Catholic Church. One of the institutions that the government failed to disband was the church.
  7. The role of the church in the life of the middle ages
    The church was thus an inseparable part of the medieval times, and anyone researching the history of the middle ages, must come across the role played by the church during this time.
  8. Latin America and the Catholic Church
    The church was anticipating that the Pope will come with a massage to give moral legitimacy in their quest and efforts to fight for the rights of the poor who were politically oppressed.
  9. Church and state
    Among the issues that face Church and State are separation of Church from State, secularism of the state, Disputes on symbols and mottos as well as conflicts between institutions of State and religious institutions, among […]
  10. Position of the Christian Church on Homosexuality
    The aim of the paper is to prove that the church in general does not have any reason to bar homosexuals from the church since no relevant scriptures oppose the practice.
  11. The Divine Life Church
    To make sure that the sociology of religion is scientifically grounded, the beliefs of different churches and confessions are considered as true issues.
  12. Separation of church and state
    According to Cline, there is an argument presently by some of the Christians, that the idea of separating church and state was not considered by the founding fathers.
  13. Seventh Day Adventist Church
    The denomination began in the middle of the 19th century in the United States of America because of the Millerite movement.
  14. Importance of the church to African Americans
    Many of them appreciate the sense of acceptance that they get in churches and the feeling that others care for them.
  15. Church-Sect Theory
    The typologies of religion are usually referred to as ideal types meaning that they are mere examples of other categories Based on the church-sect theory, the church is described as a religious organization that is […]
  16. The history of the Christian Church
    The first section is concerned with the definition of some of the important concepts in the life of the Church. E This was the period that marked the beginning of protestant reforms in the history […]
  17. Church versus State: Antigone and Modern States
    Creon, the king of Thebes and Antigone’s uncle, has the duty to protect and enforce the state laws. The first area of the conflict between the church and the state is on the issue of […]
  18. History of Catholic Church
    Catholic religion dominated the lives of the medieval people between the 5th and the 15th century. It was not easy to dislodge Christianity from the lives and minds of the medieval men and women, as […]
  19. Idea of Hybrid Church by Dave Browning
    According to Lunn, “the different contributions of two of the models will each develop the positive and negative aspects of the ambivalent, hybrid situation”.[4] In the present church setting, there is the mega-church on one […]
  20. Philosophers and the Church Doctrine
    First was to provide a form of example to human beings on the right way to live and the second is that the death of Jesus was to provide satisfaction to mankind who had been […]
  21. Renaissance and the church
    This paper seeks to establish the various ways that the rise and the near collapse of the church were due to the renaissance period.
  22. The Christian Church and Society/Christianity and Economics
    The articles “Pastoral constitution on the church in the modern world”, is of the opinion that the life of Christians is faced with numerous challenges however Christians should always have hope, joy, and trust in […]
  23. Role of Women in the Church
    The roles that women play in church leadership today have been of critical importance in enhancing performance of church ministries in both complementary and active roles.
  24. Church Visit Reflection
    Thus the outward mission of the church, its serve to the kingdom, is to announce the good news, inviting individuals to receive it and to become members of the body of Christ.
  25. Modern Estates: Church, Nobility & Peasantry
    The first modern estate relevant in this context is the Executive Branch of most governments in the contemporary western society. This provision is relevant in the contemporary western society.
  26. The Church & Dwight Co
    In a shift of focus, the company’s corporate governance entails shareholders, CEO, employees, and top management who determine the performance and direction of the company.
  27. Church & Dwight
    Another economic factor is the Balance of payments, which entails all records of dossiers of transaction amidst a particular country and the rest of the world.
  28. Latin America and the Catholic Church
    Both the church and the state eagerly waited for the arrival of the Pope the reform minded Catholics believed the Pope would support their efforts.
  29. How important has the Institution of the Church been for African-Americans?
    This essay seeks to investigate the significance of the church to the African-Americans as a community center, an education center, platform for political expression and a secure refuge for the oppressed. The Church as the […]
  30. The Theory of Church-Sect
    The church portrays the spiritual standards and principles of society meaning that they are the janitors of faith in a particular society.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Church

  1. London Church Furniture
    The company prides itself in using the finest quality of materials. The company’s small size allows it to provide that personal touch to clients, and this is its value proposition.
  2. The Increase of Sexual Misconduct in the Church
    Religious leaders attribute occurrence and increasing incidences of sexual abuse and misconduct to influence from the secular world, degradation of religious values and tolerance of the behavior among members of society.
  3. Christian Church History
    It is said that the fall of the western empire had major effects on Christianity and among the effects were; while the prominent Romans fled to the east, the bishop of Rome became the new […]
  4. Deacons and a Special Office in the Early Church
    This study aims at rediscovering the role and purpose of deacons in light of the institution and operations of this office in the early church.
  5. Creating the Plant Church: Ministry Application Project
    Nevertheless, the idea of volunteering as a part of assisting the members of the community can and should be planted in the minds of the people in question, which is the goal of the Plant […]
  6. Protestant Reformation and the Western church
    Most people discussed the issue and highly criticized it, a factor that triggered the desire to reform some of the ritual practices in the Catholic Church.
  7. Total Church Life
    When given a chance to own and be the participants of the church, they feel accommodated and vital in the church since they have roles to play in the ministries proceedings.
  8. The Biblical Mission of Church Struggle
    It is quite peculiar that the given church is often compared to the car model of the same name; in fact, in one of the explanations on how the given church works, it is clearly […]
  9. The Nature and Mission of the Church in the Twenty-First Century
    The Church is the mystery as the reflection of God’s will in the world, and the Church is the main sacrament because the presence of God in the world is associated with the nature of […]
  10. Church Going
    The poem is an exposition of the erosion of the old beliefs of the religious institution delimited by the church. The narrator is contemptuous of the habit of visiting churches and derides the various instruments […]
  11. The Separation of Church and State with References to Roger Williams’ Ideas
    From the point of the US history, Roger Williams was the first to claim that the church and state should be separated to emphasize the personal liberty as the real fact with references to all […]
  12. Administration of a Local Church
    Beginning with the collection of information about the current state of the organization, the sequence continues with the gathering of data and a discussion in which all members of the organization continue with the design […]
  13. The Church as a Forgiving Community
    The model targets the family, the school, and the church. The article enlightens the community concerning the role of the church in forgiving and educating others.
  14. The Crusaders and the Church
    The information about the spoiling and mistreatment of pilgrims angered the crowd and hence they were ready to take whatever action the Pope told them would be necessary to take back the Holy land.
  15. The Parkcrest Church Organization
    The institution was launched on the corner of a street; however, members worked towards owning their own property by the end of the year.
  16. Orthodox Church in China
    The intention of the paper is to give a background of the Orthodox Church in China, and its future even in the midst of opposition from the Eastern religions.
  17. Women Role in the Church
    The role of women in the church is one of the most controversial issues plaguing Christianity today. This teaching is context specific, and is not a generalization on the participation of women in ministry.
  18. The Church as a Business Organization
    In this respect, the Catholic business model helps to fulfill the mission of the church to God and the faithful across the world.
  19. Lent History and Meaning in the Catholic Church
    The Catholic Encyclopedia notes that the aim of Lent is to make people ready for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ.
  20. Mount Vernon Methodist Church in Baltimore
    One of the oldest buildings in the area is Mount Vernon Methodist Church. The top of the church has a pointed edge.
  21. The Church of Christ
    These included the Christian church, the Evangelical Synod, the Reformed church and the Congregational church in the United States. All the four denominations that united to form the Church of Christ evolved from the Disciples […]
  22. Religion Classification: Church, Sect and Cults
    In most parts of the world, Christianity is the mainstream spiritual institution and therefore small spiritual units developing in a given place will either be referred to as sects or cults.
  23. War Against Indians: Captain Benjamin Church
    The author of this primary source is Thomas Church, the son of Captain Benjamin Church, who its claimed played a key role in winning the war against the native Indians.
  24. Miracle of the Sun in the Catholic Church
    The major things I doubt, are that the children had seen anything miraculous at all; that what the children had actually seen was the image of the Lady, Jesus and other saints; that all the […]
  25. The Orthodox Church in San Francisco: Christian Experience
    Holy Trinity Cathedral is a community of devoted Christians who congregate to praise and give thanks to their almighty God in the tradition of the Orthodox Christian church. One of the traditions of the Orthodox […]
  26. Volunteering Portfolio: Methodist Church of Britain
    The volunteers also have something to gain from the act; a volunteer is able to view life from positive perspective, they are able to gain experience in their areas of careers, especially college students and […]
  27. The Role of Pope in Western Christian Church
    It is obvious, that during the Roman period the Church, and the Pope as its head, did not have great influence on the social life and were not able to interfere in the policy which […]
  28. Pope Francis and His Effect on the Roman Catholic Church
    Whilst Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he also held membership in a number of bodies associated with the Catholic Church in Argentina. There are a number of ways, in which Pope Francis has influenced the Roman […]
  29. Church-State Relations in the Public School System
    On one hand, the public school system is not supposed to interfere with the affairs of the church, and on the other hand, religion is not expected to manifest itself within the state-school system.
  30. The Modern Church Ministry Management
    One of the most sensitive areas where the author of this work addresses is the question about the ministry. One of the most outstanding strengths of this piece of work is the knowledge of the […]

📃 Simple & Easy Church Essay Titles

  1. Pentecostal Church Service: Elements and Features
    The sermon was about the importance of praising the Lord God Most High and never forgetting the benefits that come along with such worship.
  2. Church’s Role in Encouraging Homeschool Education
    Taking a closer look at the way in which churches participate in the homeschooling issues and the arrangement of homeschooling for the families, one can possibly offer the solutions to the existing problems.
  3. Church Discipline and Restoration
    He also imposed a regulation not to eat the fruits from the tree of knowledge that appeared in the middle of the garden.
  4. Thomas Church’s Garden Design in Architecture
    The concept of combining a form and function in the design of gardens led to the promotion of simplicity as the foundation for the garden design.
  5. Human Sexuality in United Methodist Church’s View
    The purpose of the analysis is to demonstrate that despite the tendency of the Methodist Church to maintain Christian standards of behavior, Wesley’s ideas of equality in the face of God reflected in his doctrine […]
  6. Galileo’s Defence and Roman Catholic Church
    I will persuade religious leaders of the positive effects of separating science from religion, and illustrate that the design of the solar system was a part of God’s plan to protect planet Earth.
  7. Holy Trinity Orthodox Church and St. Ignatius Church
    The difference is probably due to the history of the Greek Orthodox Church, and the message that its adherents desire to convey to the world.
  8. Weber on Separation of Church and State in the US
    In the United States, the ‘separation of state and the church’ policy was strictly observed. Perhaps aware of the corrupt and unscrupulous members of the guild, the seller explicitly expresses his optimism with the sect […]
  9. The Acts of Corruption Committed by the Church
    The purpose of this paper is to list some of the prevalent acts of corruption committed by the church and its followers and to understand the reasons behind them.
  10. Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Reformers’ Confrontation
    The debate was crucial to the development of the Reformation thought, as it was during this debate that Luther for the first time argued that the Pope had no official power since the Bible alone […]
  11. One Sacred Effort: Southern Baptist Church
    The Baptists believe in the infallibility and the sacredness of scripture as the sole reservoir of authority. Baptists live by the teachings of the New Testament with respect to baptism and the work of the […]
  12. First Baptist Church and Religious Society of Friends
    A woman of approximately 25 years of age, Terry agreed for a short interview after I explained the purpose of it as studying the current and the future place of religion in the formation of […]
  13. Eastern Orthodox Church and Its History
    Thus, the investigation of the church history is treated as tracing the presence of a hand of God everywhere in men’s life ways. The research of church history is necessary as it provides the comprehension […]
  14. The Church’s Role During the Feudal Era
    Such land relations broadly defined the character of the political regime and the essence of the state and law. At that time, religion and the church served to protect the interests of the upper class.
  15. Church in Exile and Ministry Environmental Analysis
    The antidote to the Western church’s arrogance and complacency is penitence. The integration of identity, theology, and mission points to the strategy of people living in exile, which is the praxis of the church.
  16. Practical Theology and Church Visitor’s Authority Concept
    For the 21st century church, it is especially important to identify itself in the context of exile that is a resource of renovation, as stated by Beach.
  17. Pastors of the 21st-Century Church: Love and Exile
    For them, it is vital to teach and show love for the population to allow for the growth of a church.
  18. Orthopraxy and Leadership in the Church
    The concept of orthodoxy that refers to the conformation with the Christian creeds, truths, and images is beneficial in understanding a Sunday School Teacher’s expected position in the context of change.
  19. Church Mission and Postmodernism
    The following mission statement can be proposed: The church proclaims the principles of the Christian faith to help people understand God’s words and will and improve their reason to act as adults against the evil, […]
  20. The Church and Postmodernism-Driven Attitudes of People
    The pivotal goal of implementing change processes concerning the church is to achieve the convergence in how God and people view others.
  21. Church Leadership: Ethical Perspective and Positioning
    The passage of Scripture is related to the issue of leadership at church.”The elders” refers to the wise and experienced members of the congregation.
  22. Greedness and Church Marketing
    However, in the bid to make an impact and overcome the challenges of the first-mover advantage, church leaders pursue dangerous aspects of Gospel marketing.
  23. The Concept of Kind in Church History
    The usage of the concept of ‘kind’ can be traced to the early church period. The concept of ‘kind’ is evident in both of the quotes.
  24. Church in Exile as a Reality of the Western World
    The role of the Western church decreased in the last decades, which is caused by the low interest of people and socio-cultural shifts. The question of the head and the heart unity remains critical concerning […]
  25. American Church in Kwame Appiah’s Interview
    At that time when the slave trade was still thriving in America, the Baptists and the Methodists blatantly encouraged the slave trade in the south.
  26. Mystery Compositions in Church Music
    It is necessary to mention the meter of the present composition, which serves to create the same effect. It is the effect of harmony in the world.
  27. The Household of God: the Nature of the Church
    The book “The Household of God: Lecture on the Nature of the Church” written by Newbigin in 1953 explores the history of Christendom to understand and explain the meaning of the word ‘church.’ The author […]
  28. Church and State Issues: Religious Pluralism
    It is one of the main points that should be considered. It is one of the main pitfalls that should be considered.
  29. Santa Clara Church
    The idea of conducting this study made me nervous because of the entire experience I would have during the Mass. Inside the church, there was a font of water at the front end.
  30. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
    The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster remains instrumental in understanding the position of the society on issues and its own metamorphosis as the concept of capitalism, dominance, economic clandestine, and spheres of aesthetic and […]

📌 Most Interesting Church Topics to Write about

  1. Eusebius’ History of the Church from Christ to Constantine
    He was among the first scholars to write about the history of the church. The persecution of the church did not dissuade Eusebius from writing the text known as the history of the church.
  2. The Church as Forgiving Community
    The church is one of the institutions that can be used to spread the gospel of forgiveness by offering practical tools to be used by the offended parties as they recover from their hurt. Consequently, […]
  3. Christian Church Service in Personal Experience
    As I entered the gate to this big building, something inside me told me I was not in the right place.
  4. Christian Church as a Social Answer to Human Problems
    The easiest way of achieving dealing with oppression in the world is getting the oppressors to appreciate the benefits of solidarity with the oppressed.
  5. Multicultural Experience of Visiting a Church
    Although the experience was definitely, a revelation of the minor details I missed from my congregation, one of the things I noted during the next worship visit at my church involved the decorations and symbols.
  6. Christian Experience of San Francisco St. Patrick Church
    To the Catholics, the Holy Communion is a command from Jesus himself and he is the initiator of the practice. Martins Church in San Francisco and learned about the practice as highlighted throughout this paper.
  7. Observations in the Local Church
    The report attempts to present an in-depth personal profile of the youthful priest during a sermon within the church from an insider perspective. As I sat in the church, I noticed that these people possessed […]
  8. Church’s Fried Chicken Promotion Plan in Egypt
    The centrality of this objective is to eliminate the aspect of the health concern in the product of interest. The product name is Church’s Fried Chicken and the advertising objectives of the product are to […]
  9. Catholic Church View on Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Therefore, the authors had a negative stance on cosmetic surgery performed on women, stating that it was a betrayal of the “truth of the feminine self” and a contribution to the exploitation of the female […]
  10. The Role of the Church in Ireland: Past and Present
    For this reason, the key aim of the paper is to answer the following research question: Speaking about the unusual position of the Church in Ireland, it is critical to mention that unlike the population […]
  11. Church/Religion in Today’s World
    The greatest role that religion should play in the modern world is the regulation of behavior and provision of mental peace.
  12. Turmoil in the Church During the Middle Ages
    The new pope was under the control of the French king, putting the authority of the Church under that of the political ruler.
  13. Paper Church Designed by Shigeru Ban
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the significance of Ban’s designs with the help of Paper Church as an example.

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