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93 Hinduism Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for Hinduism topics to write about? The world’s third largest religion is definitely worth exploring!

In your Hinduism essay, you might want to focus on the beliefs, practices, or symbols in this religion. Another option is to concentrate on the concept of God. One more idea is to compare Hinduism and Buddhism. Whether you need to write an argumentative, persuasive, or critique essay, our article will be helpful. Here you will find everything you might need to write a Hinduism essay. We’ve collected topics for essays and research papers, Hinduism project ideas and prompts, as well as essay examples.

🏆 Best Hinduism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Buddhism and Hinduism
    Thus it is each individuals role to return the soul but this is not possible because of the sins and impurities one becomes exposed to once living in this world and since the process of […]
  2. Buddhism & Hinduism: Comparisons and Contractions
    To start with the two religions share many things in their beliefs in that they both believe in rebirth which is determined by the actions one does in the daily life.
  3. Hinduism’s Cultural and Religious Opinions
    As a result, it is not easy to trace the history of Hinduism and the Hindus are not concerned about the specific dates when the religion might have started.
  4. Hinduism’s Main Principles
    Overall, one can identify the following characteristics of Hinduism, namely the acceptance of different religious views, the belief in reincarnation of soul, and the idea that God can take many different forms.
  5. Hinduism and Christianity
    In Christianity, it is believed that, the human soul enters heaven after going through the process of subjective perfection and not pure perfection as in Hinduism. Both religions believe in God who has the power […]
  6. Christianity and Hinduism Religions Comparison
    Western religions are mostly monotheism and are separate from the western religions which are generally distinguished as polytheist.generally, western religions such as Christianity are based on the believe of a supreme being or one deity […]
  7. The confluence of Buddhism and Hinduism in India
    The basis of Buddhism is found in the answers to two questions that Gautama attempted to answer. Buddhism was spread to other parts of the world with different doctrines and beliefs.
  8. The History of Judaism and Hinduism
    This essay aims at providing a brief history of Judaism as well as Hinduism in an attempt to provide a better understanding of the similarities and differences of the two religions from their places of […]
  9. Evil in the theology and practice of Hinduism and Christianity
    To understand the concept of evil in Hinduism one should understand the meaning the concept of karma, which is believed to be one of the simplest and at the same time one of the most […]
  10. Hinduism and the Issue of Mortality
    In discussing the concept of mortality in Hinduism, it is vital to appreciate the fact that liberation of the souls ensures that life remains permanent, before death and after the natural process of recuperation.
  11. The Concept of Hinduism Religion
    All the different denominations endorse the belief in the Brahman which is the ultimate reality seen as the universal soul as well as the individual soul called Aatman.
  12. Hinduism’s Religion and Its Scriptures
    The scriptures that determined the practices of Rishis are regarded as the basis of the religion of Hinduism. Irrespective of the differences in religious practices among different sections of the Hindu, the perception of the […]
  13. Theories about Human Nature: Hinduism and Christianity
    Christianity and Hinduism are certainly at the top of the list of important attempts at explaining the origin of the universe and human nature, since approximately 47% of the world’s population belongs to these two […]
  14. Interactions between Hinduism and Modernity
    Hinduism which is one of the religions in the world has a lot of interactions with the modern world despite being an ancient religion.
  15. Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism Rituals
    Buddhism and Hinduism are some of the popular religions in the world with their origins dating back to the Common Era in India.
  16. Comparison between Hinduism and Buddhism
    The Afghans, Persians, and Arabs first used the term “Hindu” to denote the inhabitants of the aforementioned regions. The aspect of worship is one of the most vital religious practices in Hinduism.
  17. Dharma in Hinduism
    Therefore, various Hindu translations have defined dharma as “that which sustains or upholds the right or positive order of the world, a person, the family, society, nation and the entire world”. In the texts, Dharma […]
  18. Contemporary Accounts of Nature and Grace: Karl Rahner’s Christian Theology and Hindu Theology
    The studies have helped in the elimination of stereotypes against the followers of Hindu religion and encouraged Christian thinkers to reflect on the foundations of their religious beliefs through the motifs of Hindu.
  19. Teachings of Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism
    Karma is partly determined by the will of God, in addition to the actions of an individual. Hindus believe that Karma is partly determined by the will of God, in addition to the actions of […]
  20. Three Concepts of Hinduism Tradition
    The concept mainly involves the ability of an individual to do the right thing both in the family and beyond the universe.

☸️ Free Hinduism Essay Examples

  1. Buddhism and Hinduism: Similarities and Differences
    The most conspicuous similarity is the origin of the two religions in sub-continent India. Some worship and religious practices are similar but there is a profound difference in the style and purpose of life in […]
  2. Hinduism Definition and Characteristics
    The Hindu religion also has some followers in the United Kingdom that amount to approximately 1% of the UK population; in the UK it developed in the 1960s and 1970s following the migration of people […]
  3. History: Women in Hinduism and Buddhism
    For instance, one of the main problems that arise when examining the situation of women in Karimpur is the fact that there is a considerable level of disparity in the survival rates between male and […]
  4. Religious Studies: Hinduism and Buddhism
    Samsara refers to the processor rebirth whereby the individual is reincarnated in a succession of lives. This is what has led to the many differences that arise, causing Buddhism to be viewed as a religious […]
  5. Hinduism and Judaism’ Religions: Practices and Rituals
    Practices and rituals signify the activities that the followers of a religion are required to engage in. Practices and rituals are the physical manifestations of the activities of religion.
  6. Women Status in Hinduism and Islam
    This paper explores the meaning of women in Hinduism and Islam and the possible sources of such aggressive opposition to gender equality in some areas of Hindu and Islamic majority countries.
  7. Hinduism: History, Teachings, Ethics and Beliefs
    One of the main elements of Hinduism is the Veda. Hinduism provides a lot of teaching in regard to the principles of right and wrong as accepted in the society.
  8. Islam and Hinduism Development in India
    There are various reasons that led to the flourishing of Hinduism and Islam in the country while Christianity and Buddhism took a beating in the country.
  9. Hinduism Religion: Food and Asceticism
    The concept of meagerness asserts the need to supply the body with “just enough food to sustain the body for the service for which it is made”. Food is an important part of the Hindu […]
  10. Religious Teachings: Jainism vs. Buddhism and Hinduism
    The Jains believe in the existence of a divine being, and they attribute the forces that govern their fate in life to the Supreme Being.
  11. Religious Studies Discussion: Hinduism and Buddhism
    It is believed that Hinduism evolved and later spread to other areas in India. In conclusion, the objectives and practices of Hinduism and Buddhism are similar in many ways.
  12. Buddhism and Hinduism Differences
    One of the main differences between Buddhism and Hinduism is the fact that Theravada Buddhism has no gods, as Buddha is not a god, he is an enlightened being that has reached and realised the […]
  13. Zoroastrianism and Hinduism Religious Practices
    The religion set forth in the Zend-Avesta bases its teachings on the concept of struggle between good and evil. Once ranked as the most influential religions in the world, Zoroastrianism started fading during the turn […]
  14. Hinduism Philosophy in “The Upanishads”
    The following paper will discuss the relationship between Atman and Brahman in “The Upanishads”, observe the tractate’s perspective regarding pantheism or panentheism, and explain differences between both higher and lower selves to prove that the […]
  15. Buddhism and Hinduism: Religious Differences
    In Hinduism, only representatives of higher varnas, Brahmins, can attain moksha with the help of gods. Hinduists believe in the multitude of gods who can be the manifestations of one Great God.
  16. Hinduism and Its Understandings of the Divine
    Vishnu – known as the “preserver”, Vishnu is credited as being the protector of the world as we know it and is responsible for the restoration of moral order in society.
  17. Hinduism and Buddhism: Definition and Comparison
    The only technique required in this context is wouldevotion.’ The followers of this religious group are required to demonstrate outstanding devotion as they strive to serve their religious faiths.
  18. Hinduism Beliefs and Western Philosophy of Religion
    The Ramayana is an epic poem by Valmiki, and it majors on the life of the Kosala Prince, Rama, by exploring how his father, King Dasaratha, kicked him out of the kingdom and his adventures […]
  19. Hinduism in the West and Transformation of Yoga
    The religious encounter issue examined in this case study is appropriation and transition of the Hindu religious and cultural practice of yoga for mass adoption in the West.
  20. Salvation and Self in Hinduism and Theravada Buddhism
    The accomplishment of the elevating state of ‘Moksha’ is the final goal of Hinduism, whereas Buddhism aspires to attain the elevating state of ‘Nirvana’ as its final aim.’Moksha’, the final outcome of which is ultimate […]
  21. Hinduism as a Religion of South Florida
    There are many predominant themes in the religion, and they can be grouped as ethics and duties called as “Dharma”, the cycle of life that includes birth, living, death, and again rebirth or “Samsara”; the […]

💡 Interesting Hinduism Project Ideas

  1. Hinduism: Origin and Development, the Basic Concept
    Hinduism, many believe, is not a religion; it is a way of life, a set of beliefs and traditions evolved over a period of time in the Indian subcontinent.
  2. Caste System in Hinduism
    The caste system is a description of the way the people in the Hindu society were divided based on their talents and the corresponding vocations; it was once supposedly devised to bring order, discipline, and […]
  3. Buddhism and Hinduism: A Comparison
    Both of Hinduism and Buddhism have shared beliefs but they are different in the practice of duties, worshipped, the founders of the religions.
  4. Hinduism: Religious Adaptation in Britain
    They began to grow in numbers and had to move into the interior and south of India, mingling with the Dravidians who were probably the people of the Indus civilization.
  5. Religious Studies and Theology: Hinduism
    The religion places emphasis upon the importance of truth, like any other religion the main aim of Hinduism is to make the people aware of the supreme power and considering the same the people under […]
  6. Christian & Hinduist Religions and Ecology: Human Life and Its Interaction With the Environment
    It was in this writing whereby he tried to explain that the universe is the most Gods revelation since the universe in this case is trying to unfold hence can reveal the nature of God […]
  7. Nirvana in Buddhism and Atman in Hinduism
    The Mantras which is the text of the Vedas are the personification of the Brahman and are divided into two forms which are the karma-Kanda and the Jnana-Kanda.
  8. Vedic Hinduism, Classical Hinduism, and Buddhism: A Uniting Belief Systems
    The difference between Vedic and Classical Hinduism is fundamentally approach towards life rather than beliefs or reformation and the progression from the former to latter is not clear in terms of time.
  9. Hinduism History and Its Epics
    This essay gives an overview of historic development of Hinduism and the importance of epics in Hinduism. Hinduism basically encompasses the development of religion in India from the time of Iron Age, which dates back […]
  10. Religions: Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism Comparison
    Primal religions, the religions of antiquity, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism are all united by their understanding of religious meaning which the followers of these religions see in different rituals, as well as by the presence […]
  11. The Major Aspects of the Hinduism: The Concept of Karma and Samsara
    The body of the person who has passed on is believed to undergo a transformation. The quietness of the spirit of this person is also escalated.
  12. Hinduism: What Is Its Essence and Uniqueness?
    These are “the manifestation creation and the creator, the manifestation of survival and protection and the manifestation of extinction and transformation.
  13. Hinduism in ‘The World’s Religions’ by Huston Smith
    Prior to the aforementioned passage, Smith explains the concept of the Path of Desire that is used in Hinduism to summarize possible people’s desires and their causes.
  14. Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism in America: A Country of Many Religions
    This paper aims to explore the impact of Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism on the diversity in America today and answer the question what role they are playing in the society.
  15. Unique Characteristics of Hinduism and Its Methods: Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Raja Yoga
    It is a part of Vedanta tradition, which is a school of Hindu philosophy. That is why there is a platform with sacred religious books, such as The Texts of Taoism and The Bible.
  16. Free Will in Hinduism and Christianity: Ideologies on Both Religious Practices and Philosophy
    On the basis of the aspect of free will, the determination of the laws of karma is not favoring to particular people as everyone is treated the same, and has the same opportunity for personal […]
  17. Hinduism in Palliative and End of Life Care: Practice Guidelines for Medical Professionals
    The knowledge gap here is the fact that the medical professionals and patients or their families may have different opinions regarding end-of-life care and since this topic is sensitive, it is vital to examine how […]

🥇 Hinduism Topics to Write about

  1. A Brief Comparison of Native American Religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, and Taoism
  2. A History of the Ancient Cultures and Religions of Hinduism and Greek Rationalism
  3. The Diffferences In Marriage Between Islam And Hinduism
  4. A Look at the Beliefs of Karma, Reincarnation, Samsara and Enlightenment as Depicted in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism
  5. An Analysis of the Beliefs, Rituals of Life, Worship, Holy Books and Pilgrimage in Hinduism
  6. Comparison between the Beliefs and Ideas of Plato, Freud and Hinduism
  7. The Significance of Cow Protection and Vegetarianism in Hinduism
  8. An Analysis of the Similarities and Differences between Mesopotamian and Egyptian Civilizations, and the Religion of Hinduism
  9. Hinduism is an Umbrella Term for a Group of Similar Religions
  10. An Overview of the Origins and Examples of Buddhism and Hinduism in the United States
  11. Compare and Contrast the Role of Women in the Following Belief Systems Buddhism Christianity Confucianism Hinduism
  12. Cultural Influences on Economic Thought in India: Resistance to diffusion of neo-classical economics and the principles of Hinduism
  13. The Funeral/Burial Rituals Of The Hinduism Tradition
  14. Evaluation of the Principle of Ahimsa is Hinduism’s Greatest Gift to the World
  15. Explain the Impact on Hinduism of One Significant Person or School of Thought Other Than the Vedas
  16. Hinduism and Its Relation to the Indus Valley Civilization
  17. The Central Scriptures in Hinduism, the Role of the Caste System in India, the Path to Moksha in Hinduism, and the Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism
  18. Hinduism Composition – Religious beliefs Religious Values Spirituality Works
  19. How Buddhism and Hinduism Share a Belief That Life Suffering is Caused by Desire
  20. The Diwali Festival, Its Importance to Hinduism, and Pollution in Diwali
  21. Major Gods of Hinduism
  22. The Different Reactions of Women and Dalits to the Persecution by Religion, Hinduism, and Society in Hinduism
  23. Women Of Hinduism : A Religious And Cultural Tradition Of India
  24. The Idea of Human Perfection in Three Major Eastern Religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Daoism
  25. Yoga And Hinduism
  26. The Similarities between Hinduism and Greek Mythology and Their Rulers of All Gods Indra and Zeus

📌 Hinduism Research Paper Topics

  1. Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what makes up the Hindu religion?
  2. Why Hinduism Does not Have a Founder and a Common Scripture?
  3. Are Hinduism’s Practices Philosophical or Strictly Religious?
  4. How Hinduism is Very Different from Christianity and Other Western Religions?
  5. What Are the Core Moral Teachings of Hinduism and Budhism? On What Are They Based?
  6. How Rituals Permit the Practice of Worship in Hinduism?
  7. What Everyone Needs to Know About Hinduism the Sacred Cow?
  8. Why Rama is the Most Popularly Worshiped Deity in Hinduism
  9. What is a Worldview and Compare and contrast Hinduism to a Biblical Christian?

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