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🏆 Best Cinema Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Father and Son Relations: Analysis of the Movies
    The situations and backgrounds, presented in all these movies help to comprehend and describe the obligations, which dads have to their sons: some dads want to protect their sons, other dads think that their duty […]
  2. Stylistic Analysis of Film Script
    Concerning the structure of the plot, the author uses a flashback, returning to the events in the past. The most impressive feature of the script to the film is its specific word choice.
  3. Juvenile Justice System in “Sleepers” Film by Barry Levinson
    This gang was at the disposal of these boys and they would join anytime they wanted hence the community pushed these juveniles to join the gang.
  4. The Truman Show movie
    This overview tackles the writer’s purpose, the life of Truman in relation to that of Jesus Christ as well as that of Christof in relation to that of God.
  5. Fireproof the movie
    From the producers of Facing the Giants, Fireproof is a Christian drama film about a firefighter and his wife, married for seven years and on the brink of a divorce.
  6. Movie Analysis of Pearl Harbor Using Principles of Interpersonal Communication
    The name of the first one is Rafe and the younger of the two is called Danny. When Evelyn listened to the plea of Rafe not to flunk him in the medical exam she was […]
  7. Informative Synthesis on Movie: The Crucible
    The writer of the play version of the film, Arthur Miller, takes charge of the screenplay while Nicholas Hytner is the director.
  8. Sophie’s Choice: Analysis of a Movie and Definitions
    The following morning Sophie invites Stingo to a walk and she apologizes for the disruption they caused him the previous night. Well, the night that Sophie spends in a hotel with Stingo, she divulges the […]
  9. An artistic criticism of the film Syriana: The multi-plot flick
    The movie to some extent purports that the US Congress can participate in numerous discussions about the profits realized by oil companies without ever establishing the real core of the matter because even the individuals […]
  10. Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo: Film Techniques and Cinematography
    The main purpose of this paper is to dwell upon the movie Vertigo and to understand its underlying theme, the role of lighting and cinematography effects in movie perception and to compare and contrast it […]
  11. Principles of Management / film review
    On the other hand, Commodus who is now the defunct heir to the throne throws a fit after learning from his father that he will not become Emperor to the kingdom. Lucilla and Maximus had […]
  12. Social and Ethnic Diversity in the Movies
    The racial profiling, the corresponding racial stereotypes in the representatives of both majority and minority ethnic groups had a significant impact upon the formation of life views and social perspectives of the characters of the […]
  13. “The Time Machine”: the Movie’s and the Novel Differences
    Of great concern is the fact that over the years, the movie has become increasingly distant from the Novel, in the process, affecting its focus on the theme of the story.
  14. History through Film
    In spite of the fact heroines strive to different goals while taking revenge, they are still more attached to their own moral positions and cultural values.
  15. Film Criticism: Literature Overview
    The author of the book had provided a critical overview of a number of theories devoted to films and supported those with the examples to show that his words are not empty. The great part […]
  16. “Crude Oil” and “Week Three Tapped” Movies
    The energy crisis that the world is currently facing is due to the pollution, over exploitation and depletion of natural resources; therefore, there is an urgent need for the concerned parties and organizations all over […]
  17. Children of Heaven Movie Analysis
    Children of heaven’s planning, is sequential and progressive because the initial incidences that transpire in the earlier sections of the movie act as a background to the events that follow.
  18. “Gone Baby Gone” Movie
    Corruption and conspiracy are some of the negative aspects of the community that the film has used as one of its main themes.
  19. Tarzan’s Decision in Film “Tarzan” by Walt Disney
    In the movie, Tarzan is faced with the task of living in the jungle with his adopted parents or following Jane to England in the hopes of starting a civilized life.
  20. How people would fight for what they need? “From Disney Movie Aladdin”
    His use of animation and the accompanying music is palpable beyond words in bringing out that nothing in life comes easily and that everyone has to overcome the challenges that he/she may come across in […]
  21. “Shadow of Hate” film analysis
    Irish Catholics were also the subject of hate propaganda and were viewed as agents of the Vatican and the Pope; hysterical American Protestants used all means to stop the spread of Catholicism in America, and […]
  22. Movie Before Sunset
    Urban planning is defined as the process of controlling the utilization of design and land of an urban development, with the aim of ensuring that communities and settlements in the urban areas are orderly developed.
  23. The Impact of Globalization in the Movie Still, the Children Are Here
    Thereby, it is possible to say that the impact of the civilization on the life of the villagers in the movie is not significant and people are able to save their traditional way of life […]
  24. Metropolis’ Women: Analysis of the Movie’s Feminism & Examples
    This film is an endeavor to examine the image of the female depicted, the oppression that they have to endure before they are liberated, as well as the expectations of men with regard to the […]
  25. The Corporation: 2003 Movie Reflection Paper. Documentary Review Essay Example
    It is noted in the documentary that corporations have made profits out of everything, including those that are essential to human life.
  26. The Movie Exhibition Industry
    The exhibitors are overcharging the customers and this has reduced the number of people willing to go to the movies. For exhibitors to create a great experience for movie goers they can improve the food […]
  27. Persepolis; The Book versus The Movie
    But it is still easy to realize that two chapters in the book have been completely done away with in the movie: those of ‘The Letter’ and ‘The Jewels’. The scene at the end of […]
  28. Does the Idea of National Cinema Still Have Relevance in the Age of Globalization?
    Martial art is a known art across Asia and is part of the culture The whole attitude of the movie is complex because it starts out with no plot and the protagonist is set to […]
  29. Bicycle thieves movie
    From this movie the philosophy which can be formed is that humans try to act according to the circumstances they are in.
  30. Contemporary Design Issues in Film Industry
    It is used in the film with an objective of closely aligning the audience with a serial killer. They both do this by providing the resolution expected by the audience at the end of a […]
  31. Fried Green Tomatoes Movie
    Throughout the movie, we are kept entertained by the mix of comedy as well as a bit of drama. At this juncture, the movie is probably trying to explain the irony of life.
  32. Movie TED Review
    In Ted movie, there is throwing in of some excellent action scenes and all the characters in the film have this laid back technique which makes the movie to feel a bit more natural.
  33. “Gone Baby Gone” Movie: Urban Planning Issues
    The residents of the area are also suspicious that the police are not honest in their dealings and this makes it difficult for the two detectives to resolve Amanda’s abduction.
  34. Advertising and the End of the World by Sut Jhally: A Review of the Movie
    Advertising and the End of the World is one of the most exciting works about advertising and its influence on people and people’s future, created by Sut Jhally, a university professor of Communication and a […]
  35. Groundhog Day: Ethical Analysis of the Movie
    The ideas, introduced in the film, deserve much attention; the story of self-improvement may help lots of people improve their own lives and the lives of the people around; the ethical aspects of “Groundhog Day” […]
  36. Novel or Film: Clueless and Emma
    Therefore, it is possible to analyze Emma and two versions of the film: the free version of the novel Clueless and another version which is closely based on the novel Emma.
  37. Harry Potter Books and Movies
    The lead character is the hero Harry Potter, a famous wizard whose adventures are the central focus of the book and the movie.
  38. How the Movie Crash Presents the African Americans
    Another aim that Haggis achieves in the movie is to reveal to the audience the different roles that each of the many races play in the modern America.
  39. A Comparison of the Movies “Madagascar” and “Dark Knight”
    One of the themes that resound through both movies is the theme of friendship which is advanced as the characters in both movies fight against many odds to save their friends. This essay set out […]
  40. “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001 film)
    They disclose to him the scheme of stealing money from the vaults of the Bellagio, The Mirage and the MGM Grand casinos owned by his former rival in the same business, Terry Benedict.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Cinema

  1. Film Studies: “Babel” by Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu
    After several attempts to find someone to look after the kids to no avail, Amelia decides to take the kids with her to the wedding in Mexico.
  2. The Film One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest
    Examining the presentation of the film, it raises the controversial issue of Russian roulette which is constantly played in the film.
  3. Analyzing and Interpreting Movies
    However, repeated watching of the movie institutes impressions of the plot, and as time goes by, viewers are in a position to depict the mood and theme of the movie.
  4. The Crucible Movie Review – Essay Example
    Although Miller has never consented to the historical accuracy of the story, most of the events in the story match up with the occurrences in Salem, Massachusetts during the seventeenth century.
  5. Group Dynamics in the Movie “Hoosiers”
    The paper discusses the effectiveness of the group in the movie and how the effectiveness helps foster harmony within the group.
  6. A Cinematographic Techniques in Alfred Hitchcock’s Film “Rear Window”
    When the camera returns from the exterior of the backyard to the inside of the photographer’s room, there emerges a close-up on the most significant objects in the interior.
  7. Review of the film Eat a bowl of teiasa
    The work is a depiction of the clashes between Chinese culture and way of life and the American ideas existing at the time in Chinatown of the City of New York in the period after […]
  8. “The Corporation” a Film by Mack Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan
    The documentary begins with an intriguing synopsis of the recent culmination of corporate scandals, and then it proceeds to ridicule the overriding media’s analysis of this scandal “crisis” as the consequence of many “bad apples” […]
  9. Presentation of Teen Culture as Portrayed in the Film “A Rebel without a Cause”
    In a dialogue of Judy and the policeman when she is informed that her father is picking her: Judy: He must hate me.
  10. “The Time Traveler’s Wife” Film Analysis According to the Book
    The latter had been found in the 5th edition of Interpersonal Relationships, outlining the processes of formation, development, and deterioration of human connections, explaining the problems and the roots of these problems of human relationships, […]
  11. Paper for the Film A Day without a Mexican
    The development of the plot lines of the movie which shows the chaos in the community after one ethnical group as one of its integral elements has disappeared can be explained with the theoretical principles […]
  12. Movie Analization
    The synopsis is fundamental in that it helps the analyzer to know the topic of the movie, the actors involved, and successive developments.
  13. Analysis of the movie The Crucible
    Arthur Miller’s play and movie was a reflection of what used to happen in the United States of America. It was a situation where reason was not used in the judicial system and people were […]
  14. Film History as Cultural Myth-Making
    The director of the film utilizes the visual stereotypes of the Australian desert landscapes for producing the effect of isolation of the country from the rest of the world.
  15. The Science Fiction Movie “Inception”
    The first half of the film attempted to explain to the audience the meaning and purpose of a technique that allows for the extraction of information as well as the planting of the same.
  16. “Glory ” a American War Movie by Edward Zwick
    This movie reminds the viewer of the role played by the African American soldiers in the Civil War and in the obliteration of slavery.
  17. Film Character Analysis
    Rushmore is a brilliant example of a boy’s life where it is necessary to perform a number of particular roles without considering personal ambitions and interests; the boy finds it interesting to use his funny […]
  18. Seeing a Movie in a Movie Theater Versus Watching a Movie on a Television Set
    Although I enjoyed both experiences, watching the movie in a movie theater appeared to have a greater impact on me as compared to watching the movie on a television set.
  19. Forrest Gump Movie
    Although he was mentally retarded Forrest Gump had another quality in him and it is the innocence and the graciousness of a gentleman.
  20. Movie Characters and Their Influence on the Plot
    Here, he means that he can help the king to get rid of the prisoners; it is evident that his sole purpose is not to help the king; he wants to make more and more […]
  21. Gladiator: Movie Analysis – Film Review & Research Paper
    The gladiator Maximus, and the general in one person, embodies the greatest Roman patriotism, in the name of which he sacrifices his wife and son, loses his liberty and wastes his precious life.
  22. Compare Two Movies Related With Human Rights
    In the Name of the Father is a movie that portrays an innocent arrest of Gerry Colon and subsequent torture for him to confess the terrorist’s crimes he did not commit and enduring long legal […]
  23. Film Analysis – “A History of Violence”
    “A History of Violence” is a 2005 American thriller movie that is based on a novel bearing the same name and it tells the story of Tom Stall, a restaurant owner in the small town […]
  24. Documentary Film “The Big One” by Michael Moore
    As pointed out in the earlier sections of the paper, Moore portrays various unfair practices by America’s big businesses to increase their profits.
  25. Film and Culture
    Apparently, the cultural uniqueness, on the part of White people, does not solely refer to their talent in baby-making, as it is usually the case with people in Third World countries, but to their acute […]
  26. Casablanca the Movie
    The things that are brought to light in the paper concerning the movie are; summery of the plot, characters, music used, reception, awards and finally errors and inaccuracy in the movie.
  27. The Genre of Crime and Gangster Movies
    The gangster movies always tend to idolize the gangster figures with a relation to the sinister activities that always define crime and the lifestyles of the gangsters.
  28. Avatar movie analysis
    For instance, in one of the interviews Cameron denoted that he was sure in the success of his project since he saw what characters and settings were possible to create with the help of technology: […]
  29. Seven Years in Tibet Movie
    The movie tells the true story of Heinrich Harrier, who with his great passion and courage, journeys for several years from Austria to the city of Lhasa in Tibet to meet Dalai Lama, a spiritual […]
  30. The Horror that Steals Your Breath: Japanese Horror Movies and Their Peculiarities
    One of the questions which stand behind the plot and the tricks which make the nervous audience jump in their seats is the one of the Japanese understanding of life and death, the unceasing dance […]
  31. My Opinion on the Movie Titanic
    Upon the knowledge of the portray, Dawson Calvert contacted Lovett, she was asked if she knew about the necklace and she said that indeed she was the one Rose DeWittone of the passengers deemed to […]
  32. Film review: “Titanic”
    The custom building of the ship was meant to validate the historical detail of the movie. The detailed design of the ship was meant to support the narrative such that the occurrences could be as […]
  33. What Theory or Theories of Counseling are Observed in the Film Good Will Hunting?
    It is crucial to state that there are too many therapists who refused to work with Will Hunting because of a number of reasons, the main of which was the character’s contempt to them.
  34. Exploring autism in the drama film Rain Man
    Charlie Babbitt, the brother to Raymond, is the actor who portrays Raymond’s autism on the way to Los Angeles to secure his fair share in the Babbitt’s $3 million fortunes in form of inheritance.
  35. Citizen Kane. Editing Techniques in Film [Analysis Essay]
    Thus, involving several storytellers in the process of portraying the characters, the author allows the audience to collect separate fragments and scattered facts that help understand the fractured personalities of the main characters. The film […]
  36. Explain, Analyze and Critique Critical Aspect of Film: Writing in “Amadeus”
    The structure of the essay is similar to Giannetti’s chapter of the book about understanding films in the area of writing; being the author of a book in cinema theory, he masterfully described all the […]
  37. Reading between the Lines: Poetry, Movies and Social Problems
    The unceasing string of comparisons is cleaving the poem, picturing the natural beauty of a woman as the beauty of the world at dawn, comparing the marvelous sight with the wonders of the nature which […]
  38. Analysis of Capital Punishment in the Films
    Those for the death penalty in the movie are represented by Ramunda who becomes a strong advocate for the death penalty and in many instances, is a counterpart of Cushing.
  39. ‘Mi Familia’ a Film by Gregory Nava
    However, the social categorization and classification of different individuals in the society is based on various racial and ethnic groups, which vary from region to region because of various factors associated with intermarriages, self-identification, migration, […]
  40. The Movie Tarnished as a Threat: Did They Fear Egoism, Altruism or What Hid in Between?
    Thus, it is reasonable to suggest that the movie gives a good example of what such people’s traits as egoism and altruism can lead to, once they have been too exaggerated.

💡 Most Interesting Cinema Topics to Write about

  1. How the Movie, “Trading Places” has Influenced Me
    In a twist of fate, it was at the time he went to the men’s room to smoke a joint that the Duke brothers walked in and started to discuss the results of their experiment.
  2. “2012” a Movie by Roland Emmerich
    The Mayans calendar cyclic end inspires the movie’s story, and a general picture of dooms day is seen throughout the entire movie.
  3. Making the Best Shot of Your Life: Behind the Curtains of Movie-Making
    With help of this method, the idea of the movie can be exposed to the audience in the most exquisite way.
  4. Feminism in Roger and Dodger Film
    The plot of the movie tends towards portraying women as inferior to men given majority of the women in the movie fall into traps set by men very easily.
  5. The Movie Mr. Bones Produced by Anant Singh
    However, the purpose of this essay is to present a contrasting scenario of the ‘whites’ in a colonial country based on the movie Mr.
  6. Sense and Sensibility: Movie by Lee and Thompson vs Book by Austen
    The main difference between the film and the book is that the film is focused on the relationships between sisters in their romantic stories.
  7. The Significance of Sex in the Film Annie Hall
    Whereas; Alvy’s sexual urges can be compared to a skin-rash, which goes away after being scratched, Annie’s sexuality appears to be an integral part of her identity as film’s context implies, Annie is being always […]
  8. The Movie “Batman Begins” – the Story About Hero
    This includes the call to adventure, the encouragement of a wise old man, the hero falls in love, the hero is in the belly of the whale, magic flight and help from friends, battle with […]
  9. Thelma and Louise: An Analysis of the Movie
    Thelma and Louise is a title of the movie that itself illustrates two characters of the movie. The movie, Thelma and Louise has managed to enhance the significance of the role of women.
  10. Movie Review: Monsters (2010)
    Director Gareth Edwards makes use of black and white footage in the beginning of the film, which at the end of the movie, is revealed as actually what happens after the lead characters are rescued […]
  11. Sociological Film Review: Sicko
    However, it is important to note that Moore’s vision is quite biased since the film focuses on all bad what is in the US health care system and all the best existing in other countries, […]
  12. An Analysis of Films
    Scene selected: The prison camp in the movie: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The prison camp scene of the movie is selected for this analysis.
  13. Human Rights in the Movie Escape From Sobibor
    As a result of the escape, the Nazi Authorities were made to shutdown the camp and planted trees The Second World War was a period during which a lot of violations of the human rights […]
  14. Arguments in Star Trek Movie
    There is conflict between Maddox and Captain Picard when the admiral introduces the commander and reveals that he is intending to work on the android that is Data.
  15. Analyze one of characters ‘Quentin’ in movie “Cube” (1997)
    One of the interpretations he makes is that, he is the only person who is not to blame for their condition of being trapped in the cube.
  16. Film Response paper –Tokyo Sonata
    The main character in the film Ryuhei Sasaki and his wife Megumi illustrate the harsh realities of this collective self deception. Therefore, the main character in the film is bearing the brunt of a wider […]
  17. Sociological interpretation of the film Made in America
    The rest of the story unfolds in a comic tone with an even more unsettling discovery for Sarah that the sperm donor was a white male, who was not so partial to intelligence, an outright […]
  18. Representation of Race in Disney Films
    Stereotypical approach to the issues of people’s culture, racial and ethnic characteristics has the capacity to make them ignore the existing differences amongst individuals hence making them concentrate on the negative side of the life […]
  19. A Critique of the Film “Lord of War” Created and Directed By Andrew Niccol
    The second purpose of the film is to portray the connection between illegal arms trade and other illegal and exploitative dealings like trade in war diamonds, or ‘blood diamonds’.
  20. How the Walt Disney movie “Dumbo” is bad for children?
    The movie is full of ridicule and hate along with violence as Dumbo tries to get even with his tormentors. This is very detrimental to children’s development as they grow to look down upon other […]
  21. Movie Review: The Children’s March
    The children marched on and on and caused a stir to the authorities and the nation at large in the realization of the racial- plague that had rocked Alabama State for years.
  22. The Movie Troy by Warner Brothers
    This sustains the meaning of the film that a man is his honor and pride because in years to come, people are led to believe that Achilles death was caused by one shot on his […]
  23. “The Wild Bunch” Movie
    The movie is a 1969 movie directed by director Sam Peckinapah centered around a group of outlaws, an outlaw gang, on the border of two states that of Texas and the state of Mexico.
  24. Culture Artifact Film “Into the Great Pyramid”
    The film “into the Great Pyramids”, answers some of these views including the culture of the people who built the Pyramids and also how they accomplished this phenomenal engineering feat.
  25. The film ‘Election’
    At the beginning of the film, Tracy is involved with her teacher, Dave, who ended up suffering the consequences as he is fired from his job and his wife divorces him as well. Unlike Tracy, […]
  26. The Movie “Real Women Have Curves” and the Memoirs “Why Do Abused Women Stay? My Story”
    Cleofilas, the protagonist of the story “Woman Hollering Creek” accepts the paradigm of the female discrimination which she under the influence of the Mexican soap operas at the beginning of the story considers as inevitable […]
  27. Imposition of Hollywood film restrictions: The production code
    Arguments supporting imposition of film restrictions It is import to remember from the onset that majority of the argument in favor of imposition of restriction and censorship stem purely from a moral point of view.
  28. The Male Warrior in Film: How America Shapes Its Men
    Through the action of the warriors, the films prepare the male gender to be ready in the event of war in their country therefore shaping the American men.
  29. Hero’s journey: “Little Obama” Movie
    The belief of the movie is that these years were the most important one in laying ground to the character of Obama.
  30. American cultural imperialism in the film industry is beneficial to the Canadian society
    Cultural imperialism on the other hand is considered as the situation where the western countries dominate the media worldwide and in the process exert a lot of influences on the cultures of the developing nations […]
  31. Classism, Ableism and Sexism in the 1939 film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
    Discrimination in all its forms is a timeless issue in the society; classism, ableism, and sexism, as forms of discrimination, are prevalent in the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame and similar examples exist in […]
  32. Summary of “We Were Soldiers” movie
    Despite the existence of racism during the movie, the same Geoghegan marches in a tender way to check out the bare foot of the same black man.
  33. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: 1994 Movie Analysis
    For instance, the Arctic scenery, the subtle fact that the creature can converse in the human voice and is smart and able to experience pain, the series of events related to William’s death and the […]
  34. Urban Planning Issues about the Movie “Julie and Julia”
    Paris is portrayed as superior to the New York City and Julia’s recipes seem to influence the way the residents of Paris as well as the New Yorkers eat.
  35. Independence Day: How the Ultimate War Movie Showcases Masculinity
    Instead of fighting human villains, the lead actors in this movie fight the aliens and eventually win the ultimate war for the survival of mankind.
  36. The Family Analysis and an Ecomap of the Movie October Sky
    The director of this movie allows the audience to share in the accomplishment of a young man, Homer, and his friends.
  37. Reviewing the Aesthetic Sense of Korean Cinema through a Western Canvass
    Taking the example of Seopyonjae, to say that it is a tear-jerker would be an understatement; the film literally haunts you with its melancholic appeal as it explores the lives of two singers who have […]
  38. Religion and Film
    From the satirical portrayals of the biblical stories in films, the use of films to represent contemporary religions, the representation of Roman Catholics and the Legion of Decency in films, as well as use of […]
  39. Mean Girls: The Appeal of Teen movies
    In typical teen movie tradition, rest of the school loves to hate her and secretly wants to hurt her just the way she has hurt everybody else in the school.
  40. Racism in Movies
    The character of Tom Hanson in the movie thought he was not racist but at a subconscious level he too was affected by the racial stereotypes just as many of us are unaware of how […]

✅ Simple & Easy Cinema Essay Titles

  1. Comparison of a Short Story and the Film
  2. Urban planning issues about the movie “City of God”
  3. Similar Themes in the Movie “King Lear” and “About Schmidt”
  4. A Documentary film and a Real Cinema Dramatization
  5. How a Film Interprets Hamlet
  6. Asian Horror in Movie “A Tale of Two Sisters”
  7. The Movie Life and Debt
  8. The Movie and the Song Strange Fruit
  9. The period encompassing the invention of cinema
  10. “V for Vendetta” Movie
  11. One aspect of cinema during the silent era
  12. The Disney Movie “Enchanted”
  13. Director’s cinematic vision in films
  14. The Film “Citizen Kane”
  15. The “Hotel Rwanda” Movie
  16. Film Analysis-Danton
  17. Violent Movies and Children
  18. Reaction paper on the movie ‘Crash’
  19. Slasher Movies Genre
  20. Comparing and contrasting movie “The return of Martin Guerre” and article “The Great Cat Massacre”
  21. Sometime in April: Summary and Analysis of the Movie
  22. What is a pirated movie?
  23. Movie Making: Movies That Take Place on the Ocean
  24. Billy Budd by Herman Melville and Film of Mice and Men 1992
  25. The Moral Dilemma in the Movie Boomerang – Views of David Hume and Kant
  26. Analyzing the main character in two Latino films
  27. Violence in Movies and Its Effects
  28. The French Revolution Movie
  29. The Power of Praising in the Movie “Validation”
  30. Mise-En-Scene the design of elements in film
  31. Representation of African-American women in the movie Foxy Brown
  32. “Doctor Zhivago” Movie
  33. Horror Movies Popularity
  34. The Film “Walk the Line” and the Role of Music in It
  35. Chinese Interpretation of Various Aspects of Life through the Film titled Red Cliff
  36. The Analysis of the Film: One Week
  37. Film Analysis of ‘One Week’ by Buster Keaton
  38. Ethical Principles in the Movie The Firm
  39. Video Games and Movies
  40. The “Touki Bouki” Film
  41. High and Tide: A film Evaluation
  42. Film Studies: the Sequences of Camera Movements
  43. The Sequences in the Films “Red Sorghum” and “The Road Home”
  44. The “Pay It Forwards” film report
  45. Review of film Titanic by James Cameron
  46. Movie Response- Blade Runner
  47. Touki Bouki Film
  48. Touki Bouki Film Analysis
  49. Exploring of Erin Ganju’s Film on Responsibility Project
  50. “The Story of Qiu Ju” a Film by Zhang Yimou
  51. The “Melancholia” Film
  52. Rhetorical Analysis: Chinese Zodiac Movie Poster
  53. Film Analysis of War Horse Movie
  54. Sherlock Holmes Films
  55. Why I consider Ridley Scott’s 2008 film Body of Lies enlightening
  56. Jim Carroll’s Drug Addiction in the Movie “The Basketball Diaries” by Leonardo Dicaprio
  57. Welcome to The City of God: Rethinking the Movie Experience
  58. Grendel’s Mother in Film “Beowulf”
  59. Documentary Movie “Why We Fight”
  60. “To Kill a Mockingbird”: Book and Movie Differences
  61. What It Takes to Kill a Mockingbird: In Search for the Differences between the Novel and a Movie
  62. The Movie Batman Returns and Its Hero
  63. The Movie: The Iron Lady
  64. “Flight” Film Analysis
  65. How war is depicted in films of different generations
  66. The Movie “Precious”
  67. Interpersonal conflict in the film
  68. “Radio” Final Film Critique
  69. Documentary Film “Roger and Me”
  70. Ethical analysis of the movie “Liar, Liar”
  71. Persian Society in Movies
  72. Historical Film Review: Schindler’s List
  73. African Countries Model of Leader in Film Do or Die Affair
  74. The film industry
  75. The Movie “Hotel Rwanda”
  76. Issues affecting urban planning in “City of God” film
  77. Response to Panther Film
  78. The Itis Movie, the Tenth Episode of The Buddocks
  79. Movie Review: The Graduate by Mike Nichols
  80. Movie: The Matrix
  81. The Movie “Chinatown” Directed by Robert Towne
  82. Statistical Finding on Movie Theater ads Effectiveness
  83. Do horror movies make people aggressive?
  84. Movie Theater Ads
  85. The Planet of the Apes – A Dystopian Film
  86. Sexuality and Gender in the Film “Provoked: A True Story”
  87. “Ladybird Ladybird” a Film by Ken Loach
  88. Dharma, Liberation and Religious Geography in the Film “Water” Directed by Deepa Mehta
  89. Film Studies Discussing Problems in Northern Ireland
  90. Motivation and Determination in the Film “The Replacements”
  91. Movies in the American Popular Culture
  92. Film Analysis on Masculinity: Let Me In
  93. Power Struggle: “Doubt” Movie
  94. Critical Analysis of the Movie Gandhi
  95. Motion Picture Industry and Movie Theaters: Trends and Challenges
  96. Challenging Sexuality in Movies “Brokeback Mountain” by Ang Lee and “Boys Don’t Cry” by Kimberly Peirce
  97. “Jarhead” Movie
  98. Film critique: Die Hard
  99. Iron Man 3 Movie
  100. “The Hurt Locker”: Music in the Movie
  101. “Scream” a Horror Film by Wes Craven
  102. Movie “The Graduate”
  103. The “House Rules” Movie
  104. Religious Studies of Movies
  105. Major Factors Contributing to the Creation of the Early Narrative Film
  106. Morgan Spurlock’s “POM Wonderful: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”
  107. Movies in the 1960s
  108. Interview with Mr. Lee: Action Films of the 1950s
  109. Analysis of the movie ‘Olympus has fallen’
  110. The Role of Božena Horáková in the Movie Little Otik
  111. Critique of film by Tony Gilroy
  112. How the movie portrays traditional Chinese values
  113. The “Zoolander” Movie
  114. “Brother’s Keeper” a Film by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky
  115. Star System In The Silent Cinema
  116. Impact of Modern Digital Technologies on Film Industry
  117. Movie Babel by Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu
  118. The Film “Transporter 3” and Its Narrative Structure
  119. The Theme of Sex Education in the Movie “Superbad”
  120. Watching Horror Films
  121. Importance of Acting Stylistics Theatre and Film
  122. Pride and Prejudice Film Critical Analysis
  123. Twilight Saga: Book Series and Movies and Its Competitors
  124. Historical Analysis based on Chinese movie called, The King of Mask 2000
  125. The Film “Inception” by Christopher Nolan
  126. A critical review of the film “Blood Diamond”
  127. How The Movie Techniques of Space and Mise-en-Scene Work To Deliver Meaning in Film
  128. Youssef Chahine And Egyptian Popular Cinema
  129. The movie “Easy Rider” from Sociology
  130. Point Break the Movie
  131. The Movie Mystic River as a Cautionary Tale
  132. Analyzing Movies: “300”, “Valkyrie”, “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”
  133. Gone with Wind: The Ideas of the Civil War in the Movie
  134. Sunset Blvd: Women Sexuality in the Dark Side of the Reality and Films Noir
  135. “The Last Emperor” Chinese Movie
  136. Competitive Forces in the movie rental industry
  137. Kenneth MacKinnon‘s ‘Masculinity in the Movies’
  138. The Concept of Film Noir
  139. Movie Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  140. Arab Music and Arab Cinema: Historical Development and the Role of Western Culture
  141. Longford: Response to the Film
  142. The History of 3-D Film Making
  143. Arab Music and Arab Cinema: Historical Development and the Role of Western Culture
  144. Musical Themes in the Film “Conan the Barbarian”
  145. Growing popularity of science fiction films in 1950s
  146. Critical Aspects of Film Die Hard
  147. Film analysis on The Inside Job Movie by Charles Fergusson
  148. Asian Women in Films
  149. Film Report on Marie Antoinette film by Norma Shearer
  150. Film Report on ‘The Lion in winter’ by Anthony Harvey
  151. Film Report on Classical Movie Alexander the Great by Robert Rossen
  152. American Film Industry and Modern Audio visual style
  153. The significance of the Prison Films
  154. Film Review – Far and Away
  155. Film “The Imitation of Life” by Sirk Douglas
  156. Leith Hamilton in “Domino” Movie
  157. Family Structure Analysis via Film – Kramer vs. Kramer
  158. The Movie “Thirteen Days” and Example of an Effective Leader
  159. The Full Monty Film
  160. The Godfather Movie and a Mafia Family in It
  161. Film Viewer Opinion Paper
  162. Movie and Drama. A Few Good Men
  163. Gender Role in Harry Potter Books and Movies
  164. The Quintessence of Independent Films – Daughters of the Dust and Lone Star
  165. Music in the Movie “On the Beach” by Stanley Kramer
  166. The Film Baraka and Its Spiritual Reflections
  167. Competition in the Movie Rental Industry in 2008
  168. History of U.S. Film
  169. Immigration in the Film ‘The Guest worker’
  170. Discussion on the Film “A Beautiful Mind”
  171. History of National Cinema
  172. History of World Cinema
  173. The “Modern Times” Movie
  174. Nationalism in Korean Cinema
  175. Leadership Effectiveness in the Film Elizabeth
  176. The Significance of Early Cinema for Our Study of the History of the Cinema
  177. The Separation of Streaming and Mail Order Movie Services as a Strategic Plan by Netflix
  178. “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” Movie
  179. Ethical Concept in “Blood Diamonds” film by Edward Zwick
  180. Strategic Management: Movie Industry
  181. Bollywood Film Industry
  182. Analysis of film Love Actually
  183. The film Eastern Promises
  184. History of Movies
  185. The two films ‘The Story of Qiu Ju’ and ‘Ermo’
  186. Social theories in Movie Gran Torino
  187. “The Goddess” Film
  188. Film Review on ‘Welcome to Dongmakgol’
  189. Film Review on Kimjongilia
  190. The Film ‘Coach Carter’
  191. Film Review on Inside North Korea
  192. American Cinema – Movie analysis
  193. The Film Industry During Cold War
  194. Artistic Analysis of The Film “Farewell My Concubine” by Chen Kaige
  195. Film Critique: The Shawshank Redemption
  196. Applying a sociological theory to the movie ‘The Truman Show’
  197. Academic Analysis and Comparison of Films “The Story of Qiu Ju” and “Ermo”
  198. Film Review: “Silenced” by Hwang Dong-hyuk
  199. Film Review: “The Shawshank Redemption”
  200. Movie Analysis: The Long Shorts by Ice Cube
  201. To Live (HuoZhe) Film Discussion
  202. The Image of California in Movies in Falling Down
  203. The film “Black Legion”
  204. Film God’s Step Children
  205. Film about Hirosima Memory by Analogy
  206. Visions of the Future in the Film I, Robot
  207. Film Review: Red Sorghum
  208. Killer Films – the Film Production Company
  209. Mortality: film, The Hours
  210. Respond for the movie “Killer of sheep” related with neo-realism style and blue anaestetic
  211. Psychological Perspective-movie review
  212. Films About Africa and Africans
  213. Psychological Perspective-movie review
  214. The movie Rebel Without a Cause
  215. Review of “…So Goes the Nation” movie
  216. Critique the film A Prophet directed by Jacques Audiard
  217. The Home Movie Industry
  218. Movie “Working Girl”
  219. The novel Good Faith and the movie Glengarry Glen Ross
  220. Analysis of Inherit the Wind Film
  221. Film Review: The Wabbit Came Who Came to Supper
  222. “Hana-b” a Crime Drama Film by Takeshi Kitano
  223. Chinese Culture in Movie “Raise the Red Lantern” by Zhang Yimou
  224. “HANA-BI” a Movie by Takeshi Kitano
  225. The Taxi Driver and the Dance with Wolves films
  226. Films Noirs and Their Characteristics
  227. Film Review: Second Hand Lions
  228. Stereotyping Heroes in Cinema
  229. “Taken” a Film by Pierre Morel
  230. The movie “Hancock”
  231. Movie “Grave of the Fireflies”
  232. Various Themes in the Film “Children of Heaven”
  233. Media Art Film studies: Avant Garde
  234. History of Disaster Films
  235. Reading and Movie Reflection
  236. Classical Argument Paper: Antony from film “Crash”
  237. An analysis of the character John Nash in the movie A beautiful Mind
  238. Europa Europa: Film Studies
  239. The concept of place in the movie “Safe”
  240. Similarities and differences between film and articles
  241. Fashion and cinema: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  242. Battleship Potemkin: An Important Contribution to World Cinema
  243. Movie “To Kill a Mocking Bird”
  244. A Tree of Life film Analysis
  245. Films Comparison: “The Fields” by Roland Joffe and “Hotel Rwanda” by Terry George
  246. Welcome to Your Nightmares: The Weird Appeal of Horror Movies
  247. Illustration of Major Themes in Movies
  248. Documentary film called “The Corporation”.
  249. Film Analysis: Korean War Films
  250. Review and Critique of the Film “GasLand”
  251. Introduction to Cinema and Media Culture
  252. “A Night at the Movies” Concert
  253. The Modern Girl: the movie
  254. The Grapes of Wrath: movie analysis
  255. Ethics in the Film “A Time to Kill”
  256. Wolf Creek: Movie Analysis
  257. “Shall We Dance”: movie analysis
  258. Bamako: movie analysis
  259. Restrepo Movie and International relations
  260. Critique Erin Brockovich movie
  261. Nazi Movies and their Purpose
  262. Chinese Stereotypes Reflected in Movies
  263. “The Breakfast Club” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Movies
  264. The Movie “Into the Storm”
  265. Non-Linear Structure Film and Unity of the Film Story
  266. Slaughterhouse-Five Movie
  267. The Movie “12 Years a Slave”
  268. Film “12 Years a Slave”
  269. Ajyal Film Festival
  270. The Movie “Color of Fear”
  271. The Movie Industry
  272. Metropolis and Modern Times Movies
  273. Analysis of the Film “The Iron Lady 2011”
  274. Movie Erin Brockovich
  275. The United States of America Military Experience Through the Eyes of Films
  276. The Integration of CamStudio and Windows Movie Maker Into the Education Programs
  277. Stereotypes of Native Americans in Film
  278. The Movie About Family Relations: Family Systems
  279. Social and Political Reflection on Korean Films
  280. “Obsession” Documentary Film
  281. Evaluation of the Movie “A Beautiful Mind”
  282. African-American Studies in the Movie “Defiant Ones”
  283. “Little Miss Sunshine” Movie
  284. “Lola” Movie
  285. “Casablanca” Movie
  286. Analysis of White Oleander Movie
  287. “Blood Diamond” Movie Analysis
  288. “Finding Forester” Movie
  289. A Comparison of “Paycheck” and the film adopted from it
  290. Ushpizin: Jewish Film
  291. Blade Runner Movie
  292. Fellini’s Interpretation of Petronius’s Opus Magnum: “Dinner at Trimalchio’s” in the Movie and in Reality
  293. Psychological Disorders in the Films
  294. Film Discussion: “Diva” by Jean-Jacques Beineix
  295. Film Analysis: The Other Son – Directed by Lorraine Lévy
  296. A Film Analysis on Titanic
  297. Film – Cinderella Man
  298. Horror Movies: We Are What We Are
  299. Difference Between Silent Films and the Contemporary Movies
  300. Nowhere in Africa. Movie Analysis
  301. Following the Crouching Tiger, Looking for the Invisible Dragon: A Movie Review
  302. Late Spring Movie
  303. Western Movie: Stagecoach and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  304. Film Adaptation: American Splendor
  305. The film Kramer vs. Kramer directed by Robert Benton
  306. Problems of the Movie Industry
  307. “Aliens” Movie
  308. Asian Studies in the Film Shower by Zhang Yang
  309. Frankenstein: Novel & Movie Comparison
  310. “Midaq Alley”: The Novel’s and the Film’s Ending
  311. The Class Consciousness in the Movie “People Like Us”
  312. Horror Movie’s Art
  313. The Film “Touki Bouki”
  314. The Film “We Were Soldiers”
  315. Don Quixote Comparison to Movie “The Old Man and the Sea”
  316. Suspended Disbelief Movies
  317. “The Karate Kid” a Film by Harald Zwart
  318. Movies: “Everyone’s Child” and “Yesterday”
  319. Comparison of the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest and F. Kafka’s Metamorphosis
  320. Face Negotiation Theory in the film “Whale Rider”
  321. Movies Schindler’s List and Stop-Loss
  322. The Political Satire Film “Wag the Dog”
  323. The Movie “The Gangs of New York”
  324. Experience of Making a Film
  325. Film Studies: “La Strada” by Federico Fellini
  326. Film Studies: The Land Before Time
  327. Film Studies: “The Bicycle Thieves” by Vittorio De Sica
  328. Relationships in Films “West Side Story” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”
  329. Power and Politics in Films “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Cry Freedom”
  330. Film Studies: “A Street Car Named Desire”
  331. Film Studies: “The Matrix” by Larry and Andy Wachowski
  332. Film Studies: “Provoked” by Jag Mundhra
  333. Film Studies: “Caramel” by Nadine Labaki
  334. Film Studies: “The Truman Show” by Peter Weir
  335. Chinese Film: “The King of Masks” by Wu Tianming
  336. Film Studies: “Double Suicide” by Masahiro Shinoda
  337. Film Studies: “Class Action” by Michael Apted
  338. “The Birds”: Movie by A. Hitchcock and Story by D. DuMorier
  339. Film Studies: Nowhere to Hide and Aimless Bullet
  340. Film Studies: Chilsu and Mansu by Park Kwang-su
  341. The Korean Film Studies: Memories of Murder
  342. The Movie “Memories of Murder”
  343. Film Studies “Fly, Penguin”
  344. American Culture in a Film “Thunderheart” by M. Apted
  345. Film Reflection: Behind the Labels
  346. The Film “Persona” by Ingmar Bergman
  347. Film Studies: “The Life of Pi” by Ang Lee
  348. Social Film: What About Gender is Most Interesting to Sociologists?
  349. Film Studies: “City of Life and Death” by Lu Chuan
  350. Bollywood Film Industry Specifics
  351. Film Studies: “Rain Man” by Barry Levinson
  352. Film Studies: “Argo” by Ben Affleck
  353. Howard Ashman’s Film Comedy “Little Shop of Horrors”
  354. Hollywood Taxes for the Film Industry
  355. The Techno Revolution in the Film “Future intelligence”
  356. The Movie “City of God” by Fernando Meirelles
  357. The Film “For Colored Girls” by Tyler Perry
  358. The Movie “If Only” by Gil Junger and Christina Welsh
  359. The Comedy Film “Bad Teacher”
  360. The Movie “Se7en”
  361. Steven Spielberg’s Films Analysis
  362. The Film “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”
  363. The Film “Boyz n the Hood”
  364. The Film “Gattaca” and Genetic Engineering
  365. The Movie “Jackie Brown”
  366. The Film “The Agony and the Ecstasy” by Carol Reed
  367. Film Studies: “Avatar” by James Cameron
  368. Film Studies: Types of Montage
  369. Film Studies: “Breaking the Silence” by Gloria Rolando
  370. Film Studies: “The Letter” by William Wyler
  371. Film Studies: Groundhog Day
  372. Tolstoy Adaptation Film
  373. Film Studies: “Jesus Camp” by Rachel Grady
  374. Film Studies: “Invincible” by Werner Herzog
  375. Propaganda Techniques in Movies: Light, Camera, Action
  376. Film Studies: “Out in the Night” by Blair Doroshwalther
  377. Film Studies: “The Physician” by Philipp Stölzl
  378. Film Studies: Peter Pan

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