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79 Entertainment Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Entertainment Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Virtual advertising and entertainment
    The author generally proposes that with the advent of the internet and developments in computer software the advertising industry has made progressive steps towards securing more audiences which is the primary foundation of businesses in […]
  2. Elephants in Entertainment
    This paper thus seeks to critically bring forth how they are captured from the wild and the impact of cruel treatment they receive and the deplorable condition in which they inhabit. From the review of […]
  3. BEAR Magazine: Lifestyle Entertainment for Gay Men
    Gay culture of bears was born in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the U.S.as a response to traditional public stereotyping of homosexuals and showing them as effeminate men.”If most gay people felt isolated, […]
  4. Influences of the Visual Entertainment Media
    Just like in other parts of the world, visual entertainment reshapes the culture and values of Americans in a number of ways.
  5. Walt Disney Company: Entertainment Legacy
    The Walt Disney Company was established in the year 1923 by two brothers: Roy Disney and Walt Disney. The success of quality is attributed to efficient communication between the customers and the company; customers provide […]
  6. Controversial Issues in Entertainment
    The image of such a person is synonymous to the thoughts of our country’s general populace and that of people across the world.
  7. Burswood Entertainment and Brazilian Market
    Government stability The country has a democratic governance policy with three main arms of the government, the States, the Municipalities and the Federal District, each of the arms work for the general good of the […]
  8. Burswood Entertainment Company Expansion to Brazil
    Political situation The country has a democratic governance policy with three main arms of the government, the States, the Municipalities and the Federal District, each of the arms work for the general good of the […]
  9. Sony BMG Music Entertainment
    The formation of Sony BMG Music Entertainment was born out of the 2004 perilous merger between Sony Corporation of America and BMG Music Group.
  10. How Entertainment Television Shapes Social Values and Beliefs
    This paper will discuss how the themes highlighted in the Sex and the City television series and how the series contributes in shaping social values and beliefs.
  11. An Interview with an Entertainment Manager: The Way Corporate Laws Work. A
    Counterarguments: about the rights to speak openly Indeed, if considering the positive aspects of social networking, one must admit that it can work for the benefit of business and even promote the products of a […]
  12. Children Entertainment in UK
    The viability of Kidzania in the UK is based on the fact that there is a viable market, a growing demand for entertainment among children, and the growing trends that focus on children care.
  13. The Impact of New Media and Social Networking on Entertainment the Entertainment Industry
    The major objective of the essay is to determine how social networking and new media have impacted the entertainment industry in general and the filmmaking industry in particular.
  14. Ethics in Entertainment Journalism
    The felt effects of this phenomenon are the infiltration of the industry with a lot of information and data paying no attention to the main objective of providing a discursive and analytical approach to the […]
  15. World Wrestling Entertainment
    The deals aimed at enabling the company to recover from the slumps it faced in 2001 and 2005. The deals were to increase the number of advertisers and enable the company achieve high revenue returns.
  16. World Wrestling Entertainment: Problems With the Product
    WWE has also been faced with the problem of maintaining fans all over the world. WWE has also been faced with the problem of investing in new opportunities which attracts fans.
  17. Entertainment Industry in India
    It goes without saying that one of the most prospering industries in the Indian business world is the sphere of hotel business and entertainment.
  18. Feasibility Study on Children’s Entertainment Centre
    As a leading business hub in the world, Dubai offers a wide range of entertainment for all categories of people in the family, including children and toddlers.
  19. Marvel Entertainment Case
    By examining the profitability and financial performance of the company, it is easy to conclude that the company customers are receiving the positioning strategy adopted by the company positively.
  20. Sports and Entertainment Event in the USA: NBA Playoffs
    The NBA Playoffs is one of the favorite sporting events in the US. The viewer rating for the NBA Playoffs shows that this event is one of the biggest sports and entertainment events in the […]
  21. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network Platform
    ESPN is the owner of the ESPN.com that provides the users with the access to sports programs, relevant information, and other data that are at the client’s disposal.
  22. Red Zone Entertainment Company’s Decision Making
    The two brothers entered the music business world in 1989 when one of the brothers opened a music company, viz.the “Minute Men Music”, which offered writing and recording services.
  23. Branded Entertainment in Coca-Cola Company
    In line with the importance of brand entertainment, the aim of this paper is not only to provide the definition of branded entertainment but also describe how the branded entertainment approach is used at Coca-Cola.
  24. Animal Usage for Sports and Entertainment
    Sources reviewed to support the proposition that killer whales should not be used for entertainment and sports. However, I need to do additional research from sources that support the use of killer whales for sports […]
  25. 1st Entertainment Paintball Company in Saudi Arabia
    Aptly named “the 1st Paintball”, the facilities are located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and are the first of their kind in their current location and as such have been drawing considerable attention due to the […]

⭐ Interesting Topics to Write about Entertainment

  1. Entertainment Concept from Neolithic Period to Middle Ages
    In this paper, I aim to examine how the concept of entertainment and its types changed in the history of Western civilization, addressing particular timeframe, i.e.from the Neolithic Period to the Middle Ages.
  2. American Entertainment Industry: Digital Transformation
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the aspects of the current competition between streaming companies and television networks with the focus on observed digital transformations in sharing information and to discuss what further […]
  3. Sony Netbooks for Education and Entertainment
    Still, students are the main audience because a netbook is an ideal option for students, who have to replace their writing and searching for activities with the speed of the world.
  4. Netflix: Entertainment Company’s Analysis
    The company should focus on its impact on the environment; data hubs and services can negatively influence the surroundings and lead to the increased utilization of resources.
  5. Social Networking Games and Value of Entertainment
    In this case, Arkes and Blumer found that “the larger sunk cost of the Michigan trip is influencing many subjects’ choice”.
  6. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.: Corporate Brand Identity
    While the company was one of the lesser-known movie studios in the 1920s, it quickly gained the attention of the wider public.
  7. Journalism as a Entertainment Business: For and Against
    But this is for good reasons if the concept of journalism is viewed as a whole; in this section, I wish to show that entertainment is a central feature in journalism, which cannot be omitted […]
  8. American Entertainment Companies’ Profiling
    This paper attempts to profile 50 companies in the entertainment industry in terms of their business activities, physical location, contacts, website, and a number of employees.
  9. Entertainment City Project in Saudi Arabia
    One of the reviewed projects is about the intention of Saudi Arabia to build an entertainment city. The project is a part of Vision 2030 provided by the Kingdom.
  10. Disney Movies as a Part of Childhood Entertainment
    The opposition between good and evil is very strong in the movie as the protagonist is determined to bring back peace to his pride that was captured by the lying and the manipulation of Scar.
  11. The Film as Art and Entertainment
    In some of the instances, in the process of portraying and representing culture, the film ends up glamorizing and popularizing the ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and values within the culture.
  12. How Are Contracts Written in Entertainment Industry?
    Since the band lends money from the firm, the firm signs a contract with them; they demand to allot a large amount of the profit of the album to pay for a producer, writer, and […]
  13. Impact of Home Entertainment Products on Society
    But the consumer sector is facing challenges which are the competitions that result from the technologies that are very much complicated which will have a need to make changes to the services that have to […]
  14. American Media, Mass Cultures and Entertainment Industries
    In most cases media has been used in the society to mode the culture practiced in the society, the reason behind this is that media in its self is very powerful and it influences the […]
  15. Movies Should Avoid Using Violence as Entertainment
    Violence in movies is mostly of the gratuitous type and tends to glorify force as an appropriate response to conflict and fails to show realistic violence as it is.
  16. Popular Media: Reflects Popular Opinion or Is Exaggerated for the Purpose of Entertainment
    Most popular media around the world just as may have been highlighted in the first part of this essay is profit geared with the individuals behind the media hoses or any of these establishments seeking […]
  17. Regal Entertainment Group: Strategic Management Analysis
    Strategic development of the organization is concentrated on the motion picture industrial growth and opportunities consolidation through the construction of new theatres and existing base expansion with the involvement of new technologies.
  18. S.W.O.T. Analysis for the Blockbuster Entertainment
    In the beginning of the 90s, Blockbuster Entertainment was the leading video rental store of the country with more than 400 stores and also an efficient management. The problems went on and in 1998; the […]
  19. Animation: Ingredient of the Entertainment Industry
    The knowledge in the understanding of the movement of the human eye led to the creation of the devices such as Zoetrope that was composed of a cylinder with long slits meticulously cut in between […]
  20. Virtual Advertising & Entertainment Company’s Marketing
    Virtual Advertising and Entertainment has a mission of providing entertainment content that will drive traffic of the targeted audience to its advertisers.
  21. Twilight Saga: Summit Entertainment
    Taking the movies of the Twilight Saga as the main product of focus, it can be stated that the product cycle of the saga is in its saturation and decline stage.
  22. The Use of Animals in Entertainment
    Introduction The use of animals in entertainment has a long history, starting from the amphitheaters of the Roman Empire. At that time, along with gladiators’ combats, the entries of hunting and killing bears, bulls, and exotic African animals, were often presented to the public. However, at present, the ethical issues in this field became the […]
  23. Minstrel Shows History: American Form of Racist Entertainment
    Minstrel shows were traveling shows popular in the United States of America in the 19th century, particularly in the period from the 1850s to the 1870s.
  24. Minstrel Show in America: Racist Entertainment
    The effect of minstrelsy on mainstream culture was amplified by its nature as a form of popular mass entertainment the first of its kind to arise in the United States.

❓ Research Questions About Entertainment

  1. Are Broadway Musicals Merely Entertainment Forms?
  2. Are Entertainment Celebrities Good Role Models or a Bad Influence?
  3. Are the Social Influences of Visual Entertainment Media Mostly Positive or Negative?
  4. Can Popular Entertainment Offer Us Anything of Value?
  5. Does Entertainment Influence Attitudes Towards Violence?
  6. How Did Elizabethan Theater Affect Popular Entertainment?
  7. How Elvis Influenced and Changed the Entertainment?
  8. How Has Entertainment Ruined Society?
  9. How Does Entertainment Media Affect American Values?
  10. How Entertainment Media Has Shaped Americas Culture?
  11. How Motion Pictures Industrialized Entertainment?
  12. How Has Netflix Become a Staple In-Home Entertainment?
  13. How Oprah Became Queen of Entertainment?
  14. How Was Steve Jobs Responsible for Reinvigorating the Entertainment Industry?
  15. How Technology Changed Our Entertainment?
  16. How the Cold War Affected American Society and Entertainment?
  17. How Does the Entertainment Industry Degrade Women?
  18. How Has the Entertainment Industry Rapidly Changed Due to Technology and Pirates?
  19. How Does Violent Entertainment Affect American Culture?
  20. What Does the Bible Say About Entertainment?
  21. What Impact Does Entertainment Technology Have on Child Behavior?
  22. What Was Some Entertainment in the 1960s?
  23. Why Are You Interested in the Entertainment Industry?
  24. Why Do Children Need Entertainment?
  25. Why Should Consumers Sell Their Entertainment Digitally?
  26. Why Illegally Downloaded Entertainment in Our Country?
  27. Why Does Media’s Value Extend Beyond Entertainment?
  28. Why Are Movies More Then Just Entertainment?
  29. Why Does the Entertainment Industry Play a Vital Role in People’s Everyday Life?
  30. Will Technology Advances Limit Entertainment Choices?

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