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Children Entertainment in UK Research Paper

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Updated: Apr 11th, 2019

Children in the United Kingdom (UK) should be offered the right of entertainment as in Japan and other developed countries. Kidzania city in Japan is an exemplary case, where the entertainment of children is perceived seriously. Kidzania city does not only offer children entertainment services, but also offers the children an opportunity to explore and make their own decisions on their future careers.

In Kidzania city, children are given an opportunity to have an adults’ experience of the real world, where responsibility is the main issue being stressed on. For example, adults are not allowed to interact with their children during their stay in the Kidzania city. From this perspective, children in the UK can have the exact same experience as adults.

The UK has a viable market for Kidzania that will be looked at in the following paper. The viability of Kidzania in the UK is based on the fact that there is a viable market, a growing demand for entertainment among children, and the growing trends that focus on children care.

Size and growth of the UK market

According to statistics recorded by the Office of the National Statistics (ONS), the number of children aged between 2 to 13 years in the country remains steady, taking into account the immigrants’ children. Basically, the steady birth rates recorded in the UK, especially in most of the urban set-ups, give the Kidzania city a readily available market.

Moreover, the immigrants’ arrival in the UK is constant, taking into consideration the fact that most of the immigrants are comprised of young families looking for employment and education. Most of the UK citizens live in urban areas, and, thus, most of the children do not have places to have fun and rest when their parents are working.

Emerging trends

Children entertainment with electronic gadgets is one of the fastest growing phenomena in the UK and other developed countries. The UK is also regarded to be the place of a growing demand for parks, which children can visit in case of some social events, holidays, etc. However, the introduction of new kind of entrainment for children offered by Kidzania, presupposes a new entertainment trend that consists in the fact that the children are paid for working in an entertainment sphere. For instance, a child gets paid for being a waitress.

Competition analysis

The introduction of electronic education in the UK has been growing faster than it has been projected. As a matter of fact, electronic education formally known as e-learning, is not only being introduced in secondary and tertiary education, but also in primary and basic education. In almost every homestead, children starting from 9 years can use computers.

On the other hand, children’s health has been negatively impacted since the emergence of fast food and synthetically processed food stuff. This has negatively affected children nutrition, so a close consideration of the issue is also necessary. For the past decade, children in the UK have been given an unnecessary freedom on choice of the food consumption, which will impact their health in the long-term.

In addition, the children have been given the freedom to eat fatty food and snacks rather than eating fibers, proteins and vitamins. Nonetheless, Kidzania in the UK will be focusing on changing these nutritional trends by educating children on nutrition.

Most of the competition that Kidzania will get in the UK is expected from huge malls like the Spires Shopping Mall in London, and the already constructed parks that offer similar products and brands.

On the other hand, immigrants are going to be a significant target market, considering their rate and growth in the UK. Most of these immigrants are busy trying to settle down in the UK cities, paying not enough attention to their children’s upbringing. Therefore, Kidzania will offer alternatives to these families by entertaining and educating their children.

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