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Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Agner Aero Industries: Market Penetration

Potential customers are deemed to notice the company's image through the letter heads of the company's invoices. The letter heads will have the company's logo and the company's location and address on any printed material.

Motorola Company’s Marketing

The campaign was launched to make sure Motorola is the product of preference for new and existing purchases, and build external marketers or distributors of Motorola's products.

Managing Services Marketing

Examples include selling of a medical plan to a client, advertising the services of a healthcare provider to the potential clients and referrals of new clients by existing clients This defines the position of an [...]

Al Rawabi Company’s Marketing Audit

As it is mentioned above, the Al Rawabi Company has several competitors in the territory of the UAE. It would be proper to mention that the target market of the Al Rawabi Company consists predominately [...]

UK Beauty Industry’s Quality and Customer Loyalty

According to Reason, irrespective of the market segment that a firm serves in the beauty industry, service quality is increasingly becoming an important factor that these firms must consider when delivering their products to the [...]

Social Media Marketing of Luxury Fashion Brands

The objectives of the study: To examine the impact of companies' messages on consumer behaviour; To explore the influence of people's messages on consumer behaviour; To compare the influence of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Targeting is regarded as the assessment of each type of the population in terms of its attractiveness, whereas positioning is the choice of the marketing tool and the brand image for promoting the product or [...]

Zipz Company: Packaging Proposals Comparison

In the first opportunity, the product is the patented packaging, whereas in the second opportunity, the product is single-serving wine. The target customer for leasing the rights to patented packaging is wine companies who are [...]

Earphone Pricing and Consumer Purchasing Behavior

Low- and middle-class customers are less likely to be affected by price changes in these categories of products, as they would usually avoid buying luxury products and houses altogether. Low-income customers, on the other hand, [...]

Making Effective Pricing Decisions

This is attributable to the fact that the price elasticity of demand of products enables the organization to assess the effect of the variation of costs on the sales proceeds.

Price Management for Customer Loyalty

In the MSNBC interview with Bob Prosen, the concept of the methodological price increase was discussed. The given example illustrates the importance of open communication and trust in the workplace.

Loyalty Cards’ Effectiveness in Supermarkets

Due to the recurring recession and the poor economic conditions all over the world, it has become pertinent for all the supermarkets and hypermarkets to be competitive. The loyalty cards present a platform for the [...]

Neuromarketing as an Ethical Research Approach

The approach is used to monitor the decision-making processes of consumers and the brain parts involved. Whenever conducting marketing research, it is appropriate to consider various issues such as the worth of the study and [...]

Sony Company’s Marketing Analysis

The stories of the companies and the people who managed to find their own formulas for rapid success belong to the number of the most popular topics for discussion among people connected to media.

Supermarket and Hotel Services and Satisfaction

On the whole, the chain of Woolworths supermarkets has been utilizing the strategy of providing clients with products at lower prices while still allowing them to have a high-quality customer experience, for instance, by increasing [...]

Marketing Research and Customer Psychology

The role of marketing strategies - specifically, the choice of advertisement - on the consumer's decision-making is thoroughly explained in Kumar and Raju's article "The Role of Advertising in Consumer Decision Making".

Coca-Cola Company’s Global Campaign

It "registers the societal co-presence of sameness and difference.the universal and the particular, and homogeneity and heterogeneity". The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most famous and biggest corporations in the carbonated soda drink industry.

Xerox Corporation Marketing Campaign Analysis

Developing the effective marketing campaign strategy is a highly sensitive task that includes many important steps such as defining its main objectives, analysing target audience and its needs, inventing the ways of how to incorporate [...]

Queen Elizabeth II Hotel’s Marketing

The website launch is intended to symbolize the introduction of the new establishment of the Dubai hospitality industry. The chosen subject is about how the QE2 will attract new clients to buy real estate on [...]

Market Distribution Approaches

As the target audience of the product is the elitist audience, the product needs to not only satisfy the demand for high quality but also comply with other standards of the prestigious merchandise.

Fitness Marketing Programs: Key Issues

First, the word "guaranteed" is prone to misinterpretation: while the results obviously depend on the human factor, such as the persistence of the customers, the wording of the advertisement will likely be ruled out as [...]

Marketing Channels: Issues and Control

The article under analysis is devoted to channels of marketing outside a country's borders, the processual issues pertaining to market control, and the role that is attributed to the head office subsidiary relations of a [...]

Etihad Airways Marketing Strategy

The main objective of the current literature review is to analyze the background of the carrier business, logically associate Etihad Airways with its competitors, and realize the limitations of the current strategy of the company [...]

Sales Strategy Analysis: Main Aspects

Moreover, all members of the sales force will have to go through a personnel development training program that will allow them to learn information related to the company's marketing strategy, sales, and services that it [...]

Retail and Service Marketing Understanding

The signing of a deal between Amazon and Morrison, which is among the biggest supermarkets in the UK, has evidenced one of the sporadic efforts by supermarket chains in the western nations to engage in [...]

Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind

Ries and Trout state that the consideration of competitors' presence in the market provides a ground for the development of advertising campaigns, the clarification of product position, and the establishment of the product value in [...]

Improving E-Mail Marketing Response Numbers

It means that the company will focus on determining whether there is the correlation between the type of e-mail headings and e-mail body and the fact that the customers open the e-mail advertisement, i.e.the measured [...]

Services and Their Characteristics

Today people are living in the era of consumption that is associated with the desire of the representatives of the general public to buy the things they want to have.

Consumer Behaviour Influences on Consumption

1 Belk conducted a study to identify the certainty of consumers' behaviour definition in terms of individualism and confirmed that quite a number of the day-to-day activities of the consumer are carried out as a [...]

Tesla Company’s Marketing Analysis

The micro environment in the marketing company is very important in the development of the company."Micro-marketing refers to the activities performed by the individual providers of goods and services within a macro-marketing system.

The Marketing Segmentation Concept

The concept of marketing segmentation implies that the business or the company will evaluate the market and segment it in the groups of those who are most likely to become their customers.

Marketing: Supermarket Problems

The increase of health-consciousness also influenced the situation with the supermarkets. On the whole, the profit of food retailers depends mainly on the sales size and their effectiveness.