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Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Fitness Marketing Programs: Key Issues

First, the word "guaranteed" is prone to misinterpretation: while the results obviously depend on the human factor, such as the persistence of the customers, the wording of the advertisement will likely be ruled out as [...]

Marketing Channels: Issues and Control

The article under analysis is devoted to channels of marketing outside a country's borders, the processual issues pertaining to market control, and the role that is attributed to the head office subsidiary relations of a [...]

Etihad Airways Marketing Strategy

The main objective of the current literature review is to analyze the background of the carrier business, logically associate Etihad Airways with its competitors, and realize the limitations of the current strategy of the company [...]

Sales Strategy Analysis: Main Aspects

Moreover, all members of the sales force will have to go through a personnel development training program that will allow them to learn information related to the company's marketing strategy, sales, and services that it [...]

Retail and Service Marketing Understanding

The signing of a deal between Amazon and Morrison, which is among the biggest supermarkets in the UK, has evidenced one of the sporadic efforts by supermarket chains in the western nations to engage in [...]

Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind

Ries and Trout state that the consideration of competitors' presence in the market provides a ground for the development of advertising campaigns, the clarification of product position, and the establishment of the product value in [...]

Improving E-Mail Marketing Response Numbers

It means that the company will focus on determining whether there is the correlation between the type of e-mail headings and e-mail body and the fact that the customers open the e-mail advertisement, i.e.the measured [...]

Services and Their Characteristics

Today people are living in the era of consumption that is associated with the desire of the representatives of the general public to buy the things they want to have.

Consumer Behaviour Influences on Consumption

1 Belk conducted a study to identify the certainty of consumers' behaviour definition in terms of individualism and confirmed that quite a number of the day-to-day activities of the consumer are carried out as a [...]

Tesla Company’s Marketing Analysis

The micro environment in the marketing company is very important in the development of the company."Micro-marketing refers to the activities performed by the individual providers of goods and services within a macro-marketing system.

The Marketing Segmentation Concept

The concept of marketing segmentation implies that the business or the company will evaluate the market and segment it in the groups of those who are most likely to become their customers.

Marketing: Supermarket Problems

The increase of health-consciousness also influenced the situation with the supermarkets. On the whole, the profit of food retailers depends mainly on the sales size and their effectiveness.

Bernard Matthews’ Farm Marketing Issues

Valuable prizes and practical involvement should elicit in the customers the necessity to purchase Bernard Matthews' products and actively participate in the life of the brand. Nonetheless, the key changes should be performed in the [...]

Efficient Salesperson’s Characteristics

It states that the modern companies should be considered very important agents who impact the business world by determining the solution that is needed, the supplier they want, and the price they should pay for [...]

Mobile Phone Buying Factors and Motivation

The following are the research objectives that should be achieved: To identify the reasons why a person is motivated to buy a cell phone To define planning activities that one should observe before buying a [...]

Project Pricing Estimation and Strategies

Since the project in question is managed with the help of the principles of sustainability, requires a comparatively small amount of financial resources, and depends on the target buyers' behavior to a considerable extent, it [...]

Senior Citizens as a Consumer Group

Furthermore, the interview with the senior citizen was conducted to identify the real values of the group and determine whether the research findings are consistent with the responses acquired during the interview.

Non-Profit Marketing Techniques in Healthcare

Marketing techniques differ in the for-profit and non-profit sectors of the health care sector. The marketing strategies of non-profit and for-profit health care organizations also differ in terms of customer satisfaction.

Big Data in Business and Millenial Market

Therefore, several things can be done to improve the company's Big Data practices and improve the profitability of the business. This helps the employees to understand the basics of the company better and provide high-quality [...]

Direct Selling in Social Media Networks

One of the benefits of utilizing social networks is the enhanced visibility and transparency that creates trust in the clients. In addition, the accessibility accelerates the process of providing the information for both consumers and [...]

The Motorcycles Market in Nigeria

The final research project will focus on the economic attributes and demographics of a specific nation that can support the marketing of cheaper and affordable motorcycles. The essay outlines the major benefits of marketing the [...]

Arabic Perfumes in the Global Fragrance Industry

When assessed in conjunction with what are the contemporary dynamics in the global market of fragrances, it will appear that just about any company that specializes in producing/retailing Arabic perfumes will be in the position [...]

Ethnic Housing Market in the United States

They also need to change perceptions that the process is discriminative to encourage more ethnic buyers to purchase homes. The firm needs to encourage more African Americans to invest in homes because this is a [...]

Luxury in Purchasing by Women Consumers

The women in the two segments also said that they were very careful in allocating money for purchasing clothes, as opposed to the women in the other segments who said that they did not mind [...]

Green Marketing and Environment

It will also explore green marketing techniques used for the promotion of the product. In this regard, it saves the world from unwanted wastes that pollute the environment and are difficult to decompose.

Market Orientation and Its Variables

Five examples of the research questions identified include the following: Is there a link between market orientation and firm performance? H1: Market orientation affects the performance of a firm.

The Paradox in Marketing Definitions

Thus the most valid description of marketing according to this school of thought is that marketing is the performance of business activities directed towards the flow of goods and services from the producer to the [...]

Next Best Offer and Customer Research

It is evident that Davenport et al, Maklan et al and MacDonald et al focus on the best methods to target the customer and improve their buyer behavior, but radically differ on the best strategies [...]

Positioning by Jack Trout and Al Ries

In the book Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind Jack Trout and Al Ries outline primary issues that can frequently occur in the sphere of communication, not only in business but in all aspects of [...]

“Marketing Is Everything” by R. McKenn

However, in embracing the modern marketing concept as identified by the author, companies need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the changing dynamics and incorporate the customer as a key component of their marketing and [...]

Engel-Blackwell-Miniard Model and Nicosia Model

This paper identifies, describes, and assesses the Nicosia Model and the Engel-Blackwell-Miniard Model of consumer decision making to determine how they contribute to the development and marketing of successful products and services.