Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Opportunity Development Through Corporate Venturing

Introduction Firms engage in new ventures to remain competitive. New ventures are endeavors in pursuit of new revenue streams. The firm has to consider internal and external factors that are likely to affect the revenue in the process of identifying new ventures (Armstrong et al. 2004). This paper discusses the introduction of a new mobile […]

Impacts of Culture on Formulation of International Marketing Strategies

Culture affects businesses and human behavior. Most problems between nations come up from deep misunderstandings between the people of these nations, and most of these misunderstandings are rooted in cultural differences. When we understand the behaviors of people from different nations and the reasons why they behave in a certain way, we are less likely […]

Silver Jet and Transatlantic Airline Market

Introduction The Transatlantic airline market is one of the very competitive airline industries. Among the dominant airline companies in this industry are Delta, which dominates 12% of the market share. British Airways follows with a market share of 11%. In the third position we have two airlines that is, Continental and Lufthansa, which share equally […]

International Distribution Channels

Introduction Using an efficient international distribution channel has become an essential element of strategic management and a key component in supply chain development since it ensures unimpeded and safe provision of products in the markets. Scholars on logistics science point out that there are diverse supply channels in today’s economy, which move products from industries […]

Market Analysis Summary

Market Segmentation Demand for real time application by subway users in the New York City, among Smartphone users is based on frequent commuters who involve students, the working class, and normal citizens. NYC rail time application demand is subject to the usage of Smartphone among subway users. Transit Interactive has developed an improved technology that […]

Marketing Audit on Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University

Executive Summary This report is a marketing audit on Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU). The marketing report evaluates the University’s strategy to expand into the Arab world market and offer customized education program, depending with the changing needs of the business world and the challenges facing the world economy. The marketing audit concludes that meeting […]

Evaluating the Advantages & Disadvantages of Vendor-Managed Inventory under the Prism of the Retailer

The convergence of technology witnessed in the last two decades has enabled organizations to adopt systems, programs and processes that not only serve to leverage competitiveness, but also improve organizational efficiencies and add value to business partners, supply chains, and customers (Kunsoo et al. 115). The vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) is one such program which have […]

Wendy’s Market Research

Background Study A business enterprise is highly affected by its environment that includes economical, marketing, social, and locality factors. All these factors are collectively regarded as the business environment. Business environment is considered as all the external factors that affect the performance of an enterprise in one way or the other. The economical factors include […]

Fancy and Quality Joule of the Caribbean Cuisine

Executive Summary Introduction This initial statement is a plan to disclose the intention of beginning a restaurant that solely serves Caribbean cuisines by a group young business minded investors. It is based on facts gathered from analysis of the industry in New York. This proposal will remove any possible doubt by ascertaining the viability of […]

Market Equilibrating Process

The household consumer in any market ratifies and validates the sales and profit margins of the firms. The household consumer is the target for the goods and services availed in the market. The other concepts involved in the market equilibrating process include the production cost, market price, demand and supply, elasticity and market equilibrium. The […]

The Impact of Marketing Innovation and Creativity on Service Firms

Abstract Marketing has experienced a dramatic shift from what it used to be in the past years when production was the center of concern to many firms. The service industry has experienced growth in the United Kingdom and currently there are several firms offering various services, from entertainment banking services, hospitality, transport, healthcare, to education, […]

Strategic Marketing of Tim Horton’s

Executive Summary Strategic marketing is a more developed and structured system of marketing, which is concerned with a precise definition of a goal, measure and market analysis. It integrates the options of media and develops a structured system that enables the marketers to capture the market fully. It is aimed at maximum utilization of resources […]

Internet Technology, Marketing and Security

Introduction Internet technology has an expanded network base all over the world. This has enabled multinational corporations to market their goods and services without the need to move from one place to another. Internet marketing has improved customer relationship with businesses as it brings goods closer to the consumer. In fact, advancement in technology has […]

Social Media Marketing

Introduction The continued advancements in the information communication technology have opened up new avenues through which marketers can perform their roles. The social media platform, for instance, has been embraced fully by virtually all business entities as they seek to reap maximum benefits from its high interaction potential, and general cost saving. This paper picks […]

Retail Marketing Report: Harvey Norman

History of the Company Harvey Norman has been in operations for 31 years since its formation in 1982 as a partnership between Gerry Harvey and Ian Norman. The retail venture started off as a single store before eventually registering significant success that led to a great expansion (Grant, 2003). The immense success of the pair […]

International Marketing: Walt Disney Company

Introduction Walt Disney is one of the dominant firms in the global entertainment industry. The company was established in 1920 in the United States (Walt Disney). However, it has since expanded its operations by joining markets in other parts of the world. In this paper, the international marketing strategy of Walt Disney will be analyzed. […]

Perfume Advertising and Adaptation

From industry to Luxury: French Perfume in the Nineteenth Century According to this article, the perfume industry started getting more attention from the nineteenth century. This is a period when people started concentrating a lot on their body odors. People became sensitive to unpleasant odors. Initially, one could tell the difference between the rich and […]

Marketing in the digital age

Introduction Marketing is a fundamental element in organisation’s long-term performance. Therefore, making effective marketing decisions is critical. Traditionally, marketing decisions were based on experience and judgement. However, different marketing models were formulated during the 1960s in an effort to assist organisations in conducting marketing analyses. Another major revolution in the 1960s relates to the development […]

Hotel Tempus

Sales and Marketing There should be inclusion of efficient steering and controlled implementation of real-time information which can assist in relaying timely information from various market segments. Targeting and positioning of Hotel Tempus are based on workable strategies dependent on the nature of market segment. Corporate market segment seems to have the highest paying capacity, […]

Oligopoly Industry Characteristics

Introduction This assignment is a discussion on the topic of marketing. In the discussion, attention is given to the oligopoly industry and its key features. This will be illustrated using the oil industry which comprises firms which do the business of oil and gas. The discussion also looks at the concept of price fixing by […]

TNT Company’s Marketing Management and Strategy

Marketing strategy TNT, which is a global market leader in providing business-to-business express delivery services through air or road, serves more than 200 countries globally (The time 100, (a) 2011). To fulfil the company’s mission, there needs to be marketing management and strategy where marketing strategy is well planned and managed. This proposal therefore seeks […]

Buyer Behavior and Integrated Marketing Communications

Introduction Buyer behavior refers to characteristics exhibited by consumers when making the decision to purchase an item. It examines the reasons behind decision making on the side of customers on when and where to buy a product. It puts into consideration, factors such as demographic and psychological factors that affect the decision of the buyer […]

Companies Willing to Open their Branches in India

Introduction There are many reasons why firms may decide to expand overseas whether through acquisitions or any other means of expansion. However, the major goal is growth and expansion (Usunier & Lee 2009, p.213). Therefore, it is essential for the company before opening its subsidiaries abroad to have a clear and workable strategy that will […]

The Need for a New Product, Service, and Process Meeting the Needs and Preferences of Customers

Using a three-folded framework of introducing innovation into an organization can contribute greatly to increasing customers’ satisfaction and rise of new way of production. Based on the theory of innovation proposed by Suh (2010), it will be possible to trace the changes that should be implemented into the identified companies to spur their business growth […]

Apple and Brand-Customer Relationship

Introduction If any brand has to survive competitively in the market, the brand’s value has to be maximized. Managing a consumer-brand value is not possible without understanding consumer-brand bonds and market principles. Much research in the market is based on suppliers and manufactures or sellers and buyers. Little research and effort has been put to […]

Apple’s International Retail Strategy

Executive Summary Apple Inc has a long history in terms of changes in products and management team. The company has grown to be the most valuable brand in the world today. Apple has created halo effect through its brand. Today, it has a community of brand loyalists who would rather line up to get their […]

Mattel’s China Experience: A Crisis in Toyland

Company Overview of Mattel Corporation In 1945, two entrepreneurs established Mattel Corporation with small range of product line, but now, it is the largest Toy Company in the world. According to the report of Gamache, et al (2), the name of this company derived from two founders. At the initial stage of formation, this company […]

The Standardization vs. Adaptation Debate

Introduction A number of well-built companies around the world tend to appreciate the fact that people have different needs for the products and services. For instance, such companies as Gillette, Coca-Cola, and Cadbury Schweppes have standard brands with authorization from the certified bodies around the world. Such companies should not only apply the concept of […]

Nokia Pure View Smartphone Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary Fundamentally, this paper seeks to do an in-depth critique of Nokia 808 Pure View Smartphone, which was just released into the market recently. In doing so, central focus will be on giving an evaluative analysis of a marketing strategy that can be adopted by Nokia in marketing the 808 Pure View Smartphone such […]

Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa Marketing Strategies

Introduction The hospitality industry is one of the oldest industries, and one that has exhibited some serious changes in various fronts. Technological changes have seen this industry adopt some of the ultra-modern facilities and this has seen it grow more competitive. Players in this industry are keen to ensure that they are not swept away […]

Impact of Political Violence on Forces of Supply in a Market

There are many factors that affect supply of goods and services in any given market. These include: weather, season, disasters, government subsidies and taxes and political climate. Currently there are many cases of violence that are witnessed in different parts of the world. Pakistan has seen the longest wave of violence during the current times. […]

Marketing Plan – PPE Vendor Inc.

Introduction PPE Vendor Inc. is the proposed business name for the PPE vendor machine business that t has a strategy to provide the potential market with the services needed for the protection of employees working especially in the oil and gas industry in the UAE and any other market that might arise (Randeree, Mahal & […]

Market Structures and Pricing Strategies

Abstract A market structure is a tool used to determine the pricing power of certain products in diverse firms. Research has shown that there are numerous market structures with unique pricing strategies in place. The price of goods and services in a firm depend on the levels of demand, cost conditions and competition. Besides, price […]

Cadbury Dairy Milk in India

Summary of the Case The article ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk in India: Repositioning Brand to Sustain Leadership’, Chakraborty (2011, p. 1) focuses on the repositioning strategies that Cadbury Dairy Milk has used in the Indian market to sustain its leadership position. When this firm entered the Indian market in 1947, chocolate was seen as a product […]

Standardization versus Customization of a Global Brand

Executive Summary What must be understood is that the way in which a product is promoted in one country (i.e. the name of the product, its general appearance, and how a company chooses to appeal to consumers) is often engineered to appeal to the cultural and social predilections of that particular consumer population. However, not […]

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Digital Marketing The internet offers a wide range of communication tools that ride on the social dimension of the online experience. The communicative power of the internet has essentially replaced many of the traditional tools particularly in the world of traditional advertising in print and broadcast media (Cone 2011). Marketing a product via a website […]

Lush Company

Introduction Lush Company is a retail store that is based in the United Kingdom. The company was started in 1994 by a husband and his wife whose names were Mark Constantine and Mo Constantine respectively. Its first store was named Cosmetic House and was opened in Poole. The company sells beauty products such as gels, […]

NBA: Competing on Global Delivery with Akamai OS Streaming

Using Porter’s competitive forces model, analyse the NBA’s market situation. How does the use of Akamai help the NBA compete in this market? To analyse the NBA’s market situation, it is necessary to refer to Porter’s competitive forces model and to examine the position in relation to such criteria as the industry rivalry, buyer power, […]

Marketing Strategy of Rolex and McDonald

Introduction Marketing strategy of a company, in practice and theory, is often replete with gaps. Often, marketers have deviated from the theoretical principles to develop their own set of rules that they have dubbed more useful in marketing and selling their product. This paper is a case study analysis of Rolex. The main objective of […]

Marketing Relationship: McDonalds

McDonalds and Customer Relations The McDonalds Corporation is the world’s largest company in the field of hamburger fast food. The corporation started in the USA in 1940 has grown to a global presence of over 119 countries. Its customer base is 70 million daily. McDonalds started as a restaurant selling barbecues. In 1955, business mogul […]

Marketing strategy of Rolex

Introduction Marketing strategy of a company, in practice and theory, is often replete with gaps. Often, marketers have deviated from the theoretical principles to develop their own set of rules that they have dubbed more useful in marketing and selling their product. This paper is a case study analysis of Rolex. The main objective of […]

Social Media Marketing and Consumer Transactions

Introduction Social media is one of the most used mediums of advertising today. Social media is not only easy to use, but it also enables the company involved to create a strong relationship with the consumers. This is possible through interacting with the consumers on the social media sites. Many loyal consumers have agreed to […]

Integrated Marketing Communication

Abstract The currently integrated marketing communication concepts have been developing over time. They have moved from the historical marketing approaches that focused on the 4Ps to the current interactive market-place IMC. The argument is that marketing itself and marketing communication concepts are developing. The development of the integrated marketing communication is illustrated through structural and […]

Critical Evaluation of a Marketing Concept (WCM) versus Marketing Practice (MLC)

Introduction Marketing has become an important factor in the current business world because it gives the organisation a competitive edge over its rivals. The essence of marketing is to inform consumers about the existence and value of products or services. Potential customers are also persuaded and convinced to purchase the products. Marketing is considered to […]

Business in Amsterdam

The growth of various businesses in Amsterdam is stimulated by various factors. First, one should speak about the availability of skilled labor force. Approximately, 44 percent of the adult population has higher education (Consultants International, 2010). Thus, entrepreneurs can find a great number of knowledge workers in this city. This is one of the social […]

How does Nike encourage young people to participate in sport?

Who is the organization’s target public? Target public or in other words target customers are the individuals for whom products and services are created by business units. Therefore, going by that definition, Nike’s products target athletes. Due to the limitations of the physical body, athletic activities are suitable for the young and the energetic. Therefore, […]

Dell Corporation

The report covers the developments, challenges, and strategies that Dell Corporation has adopted to maintain its top status in the U.S. computer industry. The authors provide an analysis of how Dell Company enlarged its supply chains, cut down costs, and engaged a team of competent management to outperform its main competitors in the technology industry […]

Starbucks in Luxembourg

Starbucks is a large American coffee company with a global market coverage. The intention of this firm to enter into Luxembourg market is timely, given its plans to expand its operations. However, Schneider (2011, p. 71) says that before getting into a new country, it is important to conduct a research in order to understand […]

Determinants of success in the Swedish food and drink industry

Introduction Background The food and drink industry in the European region is one of the most attractive markets. However, the high rate of globalization has provided a major challenge to industry players due to intense competition (Dagnino & Rocco, 2009). The industry has become internationalized over the past decade. Three major wholesale and import groups […]

Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior and Marketing Communications

Introduction In the world of intense globalization enhanced by technology and the internet, multiculturalism in business and organizations is a common occurrence. Consumer behavior is most affected as people have to adjust to different cultures present within and outside the organization. Researchers always state that consumer behavior is never permanent as it changes over time […]


Blonde Roasted Light Coffee For many years, Starbucks spent its time brewing black coffee to its consumers. The company promoted dark roasted coffee with rich and highly caffeinated taste than other coffee varieties found in retail stores, which consumers had become accustomed. The company has been promoting black coffee for many years, but a significant […]

Strategic marketing – foreign market analysis and entry

When exploring the foreign market analysis and entry of a new business, the most fundamental consideration to make is usually the strategic marketing. The latter has been regarded as one of the most effective processes that businesses rely on in order to grow the sale of their products. Various studies reveal that the effectiveness of […]

Marketing Plan for Astra Agro Lestari Tbk PT’s Palm Plantation

Abstract Astra Agra Lestari Terbuka is a multinational company that owns palm tree and rubber plantations, which are found in the tropical regions of Indonesia. Its head offices are located in the capital city of Jakarta. According to Reuters, the land occupied by the company’s plantations is said to be around 266,704 hectares. The company […]

The Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success

Marketing is the social practice to acquire what is required through generating and exchanging value with other organizations or individuals. Vos (2007) defines marketing as management process that addresses the issue of identification, expectation and satisfaction of customer needs to achieve company’s profitability. This definition describes marketing focus on end-users, including the need to connect […]

Grounds Zero: A Starbucks-free Italy. Bloomberg Businessweek

Doing business means being ready to face some highs and lows. Even among the titans of the modern here is hardly a single entrepreneurship that has never experienced a failure or at least lacked success among certain type of public. However, when it comes to such a famous company as Starbucks, one could have hardly […]

New Ways of Marketing Real Estate

Introduction The world today has shrunk into a global village courtesy of the unprecedented advancement in technology. Global companies, notwithstanding their physical location, have made inroads into markets that were hitherto considered as no-go zones. The real estate industry, as part of the global business fraternity, is not an exception to these spiraling trends. The […]

Ryanair Marketing Analysis

Introduction Companies conduct market research with an aim of improving on their competitiveness. This is essential for continued growth of such companies. In this regard, they analyse various aspects of service delivery and customer satisfaction as well as competitors. In so doing, they fast track their ability to perform effectively and efficiently in the market. […]

Acquisition Marketing Analysis

The aim of every organization is to expand its market and acquire new customers. The organization should ensure that it maintains the current customers as it acquires new customers. The more the customers the organization acquires the more the chances of making more sales, and at the same time making more profits and revenues (Jain […]

Morilla Estate Marketing Plan

Internal Analysis In 1995, Mr. David Walsh acquired the Moorilla Estate in Hobart, and by 2005, the business had incorporated iconic brands with the Aim of becoming Australia’s most respected wine-producing Estate, although the company is not among the industry top ten wine producers in terms of revenue or tonnage the company boasts of superior […]

The Characteristics of the UK Market

Geo-demographics It is possible to distinguish several geo-demographic characteristics of the UK market. First of all, one should mention that the longevity and fertility rates have increased throughout the country. Therefore, various businesses can expect to find a larger number of potential clients. This tendency will manifest itself within the next two decades (Kearney 314). […]

Customer Service as a Part of Business Strategy

Literature Review Customer service is an essential part of business strategy (Sahaf 2008). Any company that ignores the quality of services that it gives to its customers commits a strategic blunder. This literature review explores the conceptual issues that govern the provision of excellent customer service. The review has four sections. The first section deals […]

The Concept of Loyalty

Introduction Customer satisfaction, though an important quotient for service or hospitality industry, does not ensure that the customers will return for repurchase . Therefore, the important question that businesses face is what would ensure the customers to return to them. This brings the marketers to the concept of loyalty. One must note that both the […]

Coach Inc. Is its Advantage in Luxury Handbags Sustainable

Executive Summary This paper presents a case analysis report on Coach Inc. The case analysis is comprehensive and focuses on the nature of operations in the company. The first part focuses on the operations of the company and the issues that face the sustainable operation and positioning of Coach Inc. in the competitive industry. The […]

Webvan Firm Analysis

Introduction Webvan is an online firm that deals with packaging, selling, and delivery of grocery products. The firm was established in 1996 under the leadership of Louis Borders. Borders’ vision was to establish a customer-focused grocery firm. The firm’s objective was to increase its customer base by nurturing a high level of customer satisfaction (McAfee […]

Coca-Cola Company’s Marketing and Environmental Factors

The Coca-Cola Company is a manufacturing company focusing on beverages. As an organization, it should be very careful when it comes to environmental factors, which can affect domestic and global markets. The Coca-Cola Company’s marketing decision mechanism is influenced by environmental factors, which may have a favorable or adverse effect on their domestic and global […]

Golden Boy boxing

Golden Boy boxing distribution channels The boxing industry has been changing over the years. It is argued that the fighting sports and the UFC have muscled their way into the sporting market. Over the years, promoters of boxing matches have been transforming their general marketing strategies of the sport. Evidence can be drawn from the […]

Costs and Implications for Telstra

Following the publication of an audit report of customer billing complaints which had established that Telstra had continuously overcharged a section of its customers for about six years, Moses, (2012a) explains that the company immediately agreed to refund its customers whatever they had been overcharged and further committed to undertake measures to prevent multiple charging […]

Octone Records Report

Introduction The records industry, like any other industry, has encountered new trends and challenges that have, consequently, affected business performance of individual firms. The advent of technology has affected the average profits made by firms since technology provides ample room for illegal file sharing and piracy. This report analyzes the marketing performance of Octone Records […] Company: Campaign Reflection

What is the campaign about? This campaign is a sensitizing platform that provides the necessary information regarding the prevailing job market conditions. The campaign, dubbed “Life’s too short for the wrong job,” is a creation of the Company which runs an online recruitment website. The primary target for this campaign is that potential job […]

Small business marketing plan. Dan’s Auto and Trucks Repair Company

Introduction Marketing forms one of the most important factors that dictate the progress that an organization can make since it constitutes the last step in the chain of production. Marketing analysts generally concur that the process of marketing brings consumers and an organization together, a consideration that makes it crucial to establish the correct face […]

The Self Concept Criterion and Its Significance on International Marketing

The Self Concept Criterion and Its Significance on International Marketing Introduction International marketing refers to the exchange of marketing products and services among various national business environments. Unlike the domestic marketing which involves trading of goods and services within a country and its localities, international marketing takes business to another level where nations are able […]

Marketing Planning: Red Bull Soft Drinks

Company analysis Red bull soft drink is one of the multinational corporations operating in many countries around the globe. In the Middle East, the corporation is present in many countries particularly in Saudi Arabia where it has based its manufacturing headquarters. The company specializes in the manufacture of high-energy content soft drinks providing various benefits […]

Service Management: CNN

Introduction Services providing firms, just like the goods manufacturing companies, need to establish sound strategies and operations in order to develop their overall businesses. Such strategies may involve determining new services, identifying a perfect competitive strategy, and defining target markets to serve the market effectively. This paper seeks to discuss in detail the aspect of […]

Vodafone – International Marketing Plan

Introduction Vodafone Limited (1) suggested that the company is the first mobile operator of the UK, which started its journey in 1985; however, for its innovation, investment and appreciated customer service, the company has turned into the number one mobile operator in Europe and the rest of the world. In 2010, the company gained the […]

Marketing of Services in Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

Executive Summary This marketing plan relates to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio which operates in Singapore. The plan details the various strategies that the firm will incorporate in its effort to develop a level of competitiveness. A comprehensive internal and external evaluation of the firm’s business environment is illustrated. This has been achieved by integrating various […]

Can Small Business Replicate Apple’s Success?

Working with a team of professionals helping small businesses to achieve higher returns from their marketing and business strategies I could say that Apple’s marketing strategies have proved to be a great success for small businesses which have adopted them. Small businesses often seek to adopt successful marketing strategies of major companies like Apple. For […]

Customer Relationship Group Report

Customer relationship management has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years. According to Hutt and Speh (2013, p. 92), the world is increasingly getting competitive. Firms currently find themselves fighting for the market with various other firms in the industry. Optus finds itself in this situation in this market. Optus is an Australian […]

Electronic Marketing Strategy Plan for Chappy’s Chiropractic Clinic

Introduction This marketing plan has been developed to enable Chappy’s Chiropractic Clinic to establish itself as a strong player in the chiropractic market segment. The target market is composed of patients who are looking for the services of a chiropractor. Chappy’s Chiropractic Clinic offers exemplary services paying special attention to customer service. The clinic aims […]

Direct Marketing: Hotel Concorde

Situation analysis Hotel Concorde’s main business is to offer hospitality services to its clients through various channels such as leasing its facilities for meetings, conventions, as well as for wedding arrangements. This market plan intends to create a prospect database to capture current non-customers at Hotel Concorde, as well as help in the delivery of […]

A Critique of Walmart’s Branding

Walmart is an American retail corporation founded by Sam Walton in 1962. It operates in many countries that include the United States, Canada, Argentina, and Brazil. It is among the largest corporations in the world that employ a large number of employees. Walmart has come under attack in past years for offering employees low wages, […]

Warby Parker Marketing Plans

Introduction The establishment of any business venture has an entrepreneur’s interest at heart, in that profitability no matter the situation has to be realized. That is the core business of any venture, and to do this there has to be a given strategy that a business relies on to ensure it makes progress. The first […]

Health and Welfare Canada

Selecting a segment to target in a promotional message is a very important process in developing social marketing messages. This is crucial especially in developing a message that will suit the segment that is targeted. The segments usually have got similar or common characteristics such as beliefs, culture, social life and the products that they […]

Al-Jufair Food Industry LLC International Marketing Plan

Introduction In the business arena, marketing incorporates the valuable and proficient organization as well as employment of human and financial capital. The idea behind proper use of capital is to meet the organizational goals and customer demands. Marketing involves the formation, development and implementation of ideas. It also involves costing, advertising and circulation of products […]

Marketing research method – data analysis with SPSS software

Executive summary This is a report on the data analysis carried out in an attempt to understand more about the reasons why people travel to Yarragon village and the kind of activities that they engage in when they are there as well as the experiences that they go through during their stay. The report is […]

International Marketing Plan in Saudi Arabia

Introduction The marketing plan involves the introduction of an electric brush known as Oral-B Deep Sweep Power Brush; it was invented and sold by P&G. This revolutionary product was patented by the organization on 24 January 2013. It has never been sold in the Gulf region, let alone Saudi Arabia. It has a rechargeable system, […]

The Role of Strategic Marketing in Creating a Sustainable Corporate Brand

Introduction Coming up with an idea for a popular product is relatively simple; by examining the existing demand or, for that matter, analyzing the strategies adopted by other companies, one can define the further course of actions rather easily. Developing a brand that will last for years or even decades is much more complicated, given […]

Siemens Saudi Arabia- International Marketing Plan

Introduction Several essential factors require careful considerations to ensure the success of business for companies that wish to explore a new territory, which creates the necessity of a good marketing plan. The plan entails studying the territory, exploring its possibilities, and developing or modifying products appropriately to suit the market’s needs. Siemens, an American company, […]

Frito-Lay Company: Cracker Jack

Executive Summary The Cracker Jack has been experiencing low customer identification and satisfaction. The product has been facing competition from other fast food products like baked Tostitos, Pringles potato chips, and Fritos corn chips. Even though Frito-Lay frequently ranks among the leading national advertisers of products in the US, Cracker Jack has not received wide […]

Social Media Marketing Plan

Monitoring In social media, monitoring refers to the method of tracking, measuring and evaluating the marketing activities of a company’s on the social platform. From the definition, monitoring has various components as discussed under tracking, measuring, evaluating and tools used for monitoring on the social media (Barker, Barker, Bormann, & Neher, 2013). Tracking Tracking refers […]

Recommendation Plan for American Airlines

Executive Summary The airlines industry is experiencing far-reaching consolidation. The consolidation is necessitated by competition in the volatile industry. However, the aim of establishing airline businesses is profit. The events in the airlines industry force companies to enter into mergers to gain dominant market share and have competitive edge through synergy. The US Airways and […]

The Coca Cola Case Study: Dasani’s Fiasco

Coca Cola is one of the most famous and successful global brands specializing in the soft drinks production. Consumers in the USA and Europe have strong associations in relation to Coca Cola products and their high quality. The company has the significant international promotional experience and takes the highest positions regarding the sales and brand […]

Coca-Cola and Dasani in UK.

There are several global companies in the world that have gained acknowledgement and fame as the most prosperous and best organizations. The reputation that these businesses have is known worldwide and need no introduction. Coca-cola Company is one such giant that has spread its influence and products in a great number of countries. One of […]

“Comparing Perceptions of Marketing Communication Channels” Article

The emergence of digital media has diversified opportunities upon which marketers interact with consumers. Each dawning day, consumers are confronted with a barrage of messages either through traditional or digital media. In this new era, individuals are striving to know what is happening beyond their borders through consumption of social media and text messages, reading […]

Instagram in Our Life

Introduction Confinement of photographs to a square silhouette was unheard of until Instagram emerged. Instagram is an online service that facilitates photo-sharing and social networking. It allows users to take pictures, filter them using digital filters, and then share them on social networking sites of their choice. Company background The advent of Instagram brought a […]

E-Books Publishing Company Marketing Strategy

Introduction The current prevailing market within publishing industry experiences tremendous revolutions as a result of changing technological trends. Level of production of e-books as well as readers are considered crucial issues causing digital disruption within publishing industry. This is since such issues induce consumers to change their reading as well as purchasing behaviours. Considerably, same […]

Kids Menu in Japanese Restaurant

Introduction When it comes to effective management in the hospitality industry managers need to take into account a diverse array of possible circumstances that may occur that would affect client satisfaction and their subsequent patronage of a particular business. This can come in the form of a restaurant’s ambience, the quality of the food, the […]

Market Plan for Clarisonic Face Cleansing Machine

Executive summary The world is moving from a native tradition to a comfortable palace with a wide variety of options to choose from, men cosmetic industry being no exceptional. Clarisonic is driving a momentum force towards men cosmetic and machine industry. Clarisonic face cleansing machine is the answer to the men face a problem that […]

Marvel Entertainment Case

Positioning Strategy By examining the current level of business undertaken by Marvel Entertainment, it is undemanding to understand how the corporation is equipped with an effective strategy intended to uphold the company’s comprehensive products portfolio. In fact, all the perspectives of business operations have been properly placed. That is, the company’s operational strategy was clear […]