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Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Saputo Company’s Marketing Analysis

To discuss the company's marketing strategy in relation to the promotion of Armstrong cheese blocks, it is necessary to focus on the analysis of the environmental scan, consumer behavior, and target market.

Changing Trends Evaluation in Consumer Flavors

However, the preference on when and how to carry out a market research is subject to such factors as the consequence of the envisioned research, type and nature of information sought, the research timing, accessibility [...]

Marketing Research Essentials

This article is a presentation on factors that usually influence a researcher's choice of statistical analysis method to apply in analyzing a set of data.

Odd and Even Pricing Methods Comparison

The main objective of this review is to illustrate the differences between even pricing and odd pricing formats. In general, the odd pricing increases the purchase of a product more than even pricing.

Alitalia Airline Company’s Marketing

One of the reasons behind this is connected to the aging fleet of Alitalia combined with the increase in the amount of low cost airlines that are currently in Europe and are in effect eroding [...]

Marketing of Branded Products: Ethical Perspectives

Ethical interrogatives in the marketing of branded products for children and youths emanate from the argument that they experience challenges while assessing the information provided to them as the foundation of making safe decisions. It [...]

The Dewmocracy Company Video Marketing

The media objectives for the Dewmocracy video include the number of YouTube views for the company channel and increase the consumers' interest in the product through and participatory and interactive campaign where the consumers get [...]

Eye Glasses Market In UAE

This segment forms the majority of potential customers for eyeglasses in the UAE. The old-aged segment consists of people who are old and need eyeglasses to enhance their vision.

How to Be Your Own Customer?

The main purpose of the article is to address the importance of a customer in the performance of a company. The key question Hashemi sought to address is the importance of focusing on the importance [...]

Drive-Through Cafe Marketing Goals

In the proposed drive-through cafe, the idea that comes across is that the establishment will be interested in offering the best products and services using a blend of innovative concepts with old-fashioned ideas.

Products Offered by Shops

Different companies specialize in the manufacture and provision of different products to their customers. The bicycle store may also provide delivery services as products to its customers.

Entry of Western Multinationals into Asia

In the "Tale of Two Cities", it can be argued that globalisation and subsequent entry of Western multinationals into Southeast Asia have benefited the local communities by enhancing the economic growth, reinforcing the growth of [...]

Innovating New Value for Customers

Day and Christine Moorman, is a complex process because it explores the unknown and involves trial-and-error processes and risks. The case of a leading firm in hydraulic elevator systems shows how innovation is elusive even [...]

Toyota Prius Consumer Behavior

The automobile industry is one of the most competitive industries across the world and therefore companies have to come up with designs that meet the needs and expectations of potential customers. Toyota Prius is a [...]

Target Market for Toyota

Thus, it is necessary to examine the demographic and psychographic characteristics of these customers. Certainly, the future buyers of the Toyota Prius can well-to-do people, but they also want to decrease their expenditures.

Virgin Atlantic Airways – Marketing Planning

Scholars argue that marketing planning should be based on the analysis of the internal and external environment. Moreover, one can refer to such techniques as PESTAL and STEP Analysis; these are the tools that are [...]

Embraer Jets Company Market Audit

Due to the rapid growth of the Brazilian economy, the airline industry is expected to continue growing. It is also expected that the population will become wealthier, and the number of people using the airline [...]

Japanese Distribution Challenges

Also, the distribution channel is organized by manufacturers, and the trading belief is modeled by a distinctive culture, and laws that protect the foundation of the system-the smaller retailers.

S&S Marketing Overview: Business Plan Analysis

Since the S&S Recycling Company is going to offer a number of various recycled materials, such as appliances, metal items, mostly the objects made of aluminum, it will be necessary to restrict the target market [...]

Social Media and Innovative Technologies

By focusing on the areas, which the organization is ready to explore and which are bound to seem groundbreaking to the customers and the rivals, the organization will be capable of altering its image. Therefore, [...]

World Duty-Free at Birmingham Airport

In this paper, the author will appraise the marketing activities of the World Duty-Free at Birmingham Airport. After keen market studies, the organisation was able to identify the behaviour of most of the passengers at [...]

STA Travel Company Marketing

Some of the activities that STA Travel Company does online with the concept of marketing mix to attract its market segment include effective use of the 7Ps that the mix provides.

Emiratisation Marketing Campaign

Thus, the main objective of the campaign will be to create awareness about the capabilities of Emirati employees. The budget and timeline for the campaign will be presented in the last part of the report.

American Organic Jam Marketing

This approach will ensure the company uses the best pricing strategy for its jam. My company will also create the best advertisements to inform more citizens about this quality product.

Glass Marketing in Turkey

This writer worked in the marketing department of the Nilufer Company in Turkey. What are the main external factors affecting the marketing of glass in Turkey?

Incoterm Definition and Concept

It is therefore important for those intending to engage in International business to understand the Incoterms of the buyer's country to avoid disappointments and misinterpretation of the rules.

Primary and Secondary Data Use

Primary data is up to date and reliable while secondary data is easily available and utilized in forecasting and analyzing primary data, but it is not a proper fit for current market research.

Blackberry Sales Increase in Qatar

The paper will also try to highlight the effects of the RIM retailers in these Middle East countries in terms of the market base, sales and consumer response to the product and also to the [...]

International Marketing Concept

This paper is a comparative marketing for China and the U.S.which provides a deeper insight of the concept of marketing as it is perceived in different regions of the world.

Market Segmentation: Advantages and Disadvantages

The first disadvantage of segmentation that companies should overcome is the disadvantage of the high cost of segmentation. The second disadvantage of segmentation that companies should overcome is the loss of focus on important markets.

Rusty’s Surfboards Product Segment

The products will have a competitive advantage as they have been made uniquely compared to the existing products in the market. In other words, size and the purpose of the boards will be considered while [...]

Nationwide Auto Insurance Product – Marketing

A successful marketing strategy driven and influenced by internal elements such as attitude, lifestyle, and motivation provide the marketer with the best components to formulate the right marketing strategy to address the marketing needs of [...]

Consumer Behavior in Insurance Positioning

The role of a positioning strategy is to prepare the mind of a consumer. Since this is not an essential product, a number of factors influence a customer's decision to buy insurance from a particular [...]

Thirstier Mineral Water – Marketing

The charges of the product will vary according to the size of the bottle as from $1. From the research, thirstier drinking water will rapidly established itself in the major Australian towns as well as [...]

Service Marketing: Food Market

The restaurant promised to solve the problem within the shortest period of time, but I was too hungry to wait for a new order, therefore, I agreed to eat what I was brought.

Franchise Fraud Models and Causes

Though there numerous advantages of using franchising concept in the business, the potential franchisors should be aware of the existing risk of buying a franchise fraud and put much effort in investigating the ways to [...]

Global Islamic Marketing System Plan

The findings indicate that the Islamic marketing system is very complex besides having the ability to improve the product visibility among the players, since it is designed to internalize the Islamic beliefs.

Global Market and Complexities in Business

These complexities or issues are some of the factors that influence the failure of global trade activities, and are therefore among the many things that companies ought to consider before venturing into global marketing.

Endeca Technologies Market Strategy

Although there was a huge market potential for the software, his strategy did not consider the capability of the market. Investors wished to adopt prices that were in the market.

Marketing Public Sector Services

The article "Marketing Public Sector Services: Concepts and Characteristics" explains how different Public Sector Organizations in the west turned to marketing professionals in order to emerge successful.

Shopping Malls in Dubai

The main objectives of this research would be as under: To know details of some major shopping malls of Dubai, To identify aspects responsible for shoppers' experience in Dubai shopping malls, To identify the significance [...]

Industries’ and Market Analysis

The goals of the groups are to reduce the poverty level among the children by the virtual of placing them in decent families, which would reduce the children's lifetime suffering.

Geo-fencing Technique Role in Marketing

However, the experts in the field of marketing state that the modern society becomes extremely consumerist, and the discussion of the issue of privacy also changes because of shifts in the consumers' views.

Internet Models of Airbnb and Uber Companies

Purpose or overview The purpose of this research paper is to establish the benefits of the internet business platform of the Uber and Airbnb, alongside their competitors such as Lyft, SideCab, HouseTrip, and Travelmob, to [...]

Global Islamic Marketing Principles

The concept of "Global Islamic Marketing" emerged as a separate discipline, which was based on the teachings and guidelines of Islam. Global Islamic marketing refers to a separate discipline, which is based on the teachings [...]

Globalization Role in International Marketing

The ten most expensive things I own and where they are made: Toyota Camry 2000- This particular model was conceptualized and manufactured in Australia Macbook Air- Manufactured in China Ipad- Made in the United States [...]

Marketing: Luxury Goods Pricing in the UAE

This discussion examines the pricing of luxury goods in the UAE and explains the nature of their market value. The prices of luxury goods like clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, and bags in the UAE are [...]