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Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Ethnic Housing Market in the United States

They also need to change perceptions that the process is discriminative to encourage more ethnic buyers to purchase homes. The firm needs to encourage more African Americans to invest in homes because this is a [...]

Luxury in Purchasing by Women Consumers

The women in the two segments also said that they were very careful in allocating money for purchasing clothes, as opposed to the women in the other segments who said that they did not mind [...]

Green Marketing and Environment

It will also explore green marketing techniques used for the promotion of the product. In this regard, it saves the world from unwanted wastes that pollute the environment and are difficult to decompose.

Market Orientation and Its Variables

Five examples of the research questions identified include the following: Is there a link between market orientation and firm performance? H1: Market orientation affects the performance of a firm.

The Paradox in Marketing Definitions

Thus the most valid description of marketing according to this school of thought is that marketing is the performance of business activities directed towards the flow of goods and services from the producer to the [...]

Next Best Offer and Customer Research

It is evident that Davenport et al, Maklan et al and MacDonald et al focus on the best methods to target the customer and improve their buyer behavior, but radically differ on the best strategies [...]

Positioning by Jack Trout and Al Ries

In the book Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind Jack Trout and Al Ries outline primary issues that can frequently occur in the sphere of communication, not only in business but in all aspects of [...]

“Marketing Is Everything” by R. McKenn

However, in embracing the modern marketing concept as identified by the author, companies need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the changing dynamics and incorporate the customer as a key component of their marketing and [...]

Engel-Blackwell-Miniard Model and Nicosia Model

This paper identifies, describes, and assesses the Nicosia Model and the Engel-Blackwell-Miniard Model of consumer decision making to determine how they contribute to the development and marketing of successful products and services.

Customer Satisfaction and Team Management

Particularly, some light must be shed on the fact that the number of samples used in the calculation of the standard deviation and the identification of the rest of the data reached thousands in every [...]

Modification of the Supplementary Services Model

As proposed in the revised model, the benefits and values of a product must be communicated through a sustainable system. Besides, the new elements of sustainability and social responsibility make the revised model more appropriate [...]

The Flower of Services: Marketing Concept

The components of the facilitating services in the Flower of Service chart include information, billing, payment, and order-taking. Borrowed from the nomenclature of a typical flower, the Flower of Service concept summarized the interaction between [...]

Google Glass: Advertising of the Technology

This objective is realistic since the brand recognition and reputation of the manufacturer are rather high and are viewed as the factors that will make a direct impact on the popularity of the video and [...]

CharmSoju Poster: Culture and Marketing Strategy

In my paper, I will aim to substantiate the validity of this suggestion at length in regards to the print advertisement-poster of Korean alcoholic beverage Soju, branded as CharmSoju: The advertisement-poster of CharmSoju was found [...]

Coordination Issues in High-Definition Television

The paper seeks to discuss the solution to the coordination problems associated with the adoption of the high-definition televisions. The problem of trying to coordinate the actions of the three autonomous players can be resolved [...]

Service Marketing in the 21st Century

Embracing the period of 1992 2009, the authors of the study have outlined the milestones of the industry development and defined the key concerns of 21st-century service marketing.

Ambient Conditions in Service Marketing

Reflectively, the conditions of ambience in service business environment are a cluster of the above elements which may alter a customer's perception of a service, either subconsciously or consciously.

Marketing and Selling in France

One should not attempt to do the opposite; that is, to acclimatize the people to one's products. A key campaign trait in French advertising is the people's use of the French language.

Statistical Package in the Marketing Research

The experts define the following main steps of the marketing research that should be executed: to ascertain the need for the marketing research, to identify the problem, to define the research objectives, to conduct the [...]

Consumer Needs and Marketing Research

In order to survive the pressure of the competition and stay in good demand, the companies need to be able to please their customers, fulfil their needs, follow the change of the preferences carefully.

Odd and Even Pricing: Differences

Since this research paper attempts to review the differences between even and odd pricing, the primary objectives will be; To establish the perceptions of customers towards products with odd and even price endings.

Marketing Channels in Business and Economics

In line with the importance of marketing channels, this paper will discuss the gap that separated the production from the consumer, the role of intermediaries in bridging the difference, and the purposes of marketing.

Marketing to the Baby Boom Generation

Since leisure and adventure travel services are less demanding, comprise lots of relaxation, and are mind refreshing, the boomers are likely to invest most of their time and resources on them.

Growth Hacking and Marketing Methods

As a result, it could be observed that the combination of the growth hacking methods and the permission-based marketing appear to be one of the most efficient techniques towards marketing that is low-cost and effective.

Saputo Company’s Marketing Analysis

To discuss the company's marketing strategy in relation to the promotion of Armstrong cheese blocks, it is necessary to focus on the analysis of the environmental scan, consumer behavior, and target market.

Changing Trends Evaluation in Consumer Flavors

However, the preference on when and how to carry out a market research is subject to such factors as the consequence of the envisioned research, type and nature of information sought, the research timing, accessibility [...]

Marketing Research Essentials

This article is a presentation on factors that usually influence a researcher's choice of statistical analysis method to apply in analyzing a set of data.

Odd and Even Pricing Methods Comparison

The main objective of this review is to illustrate the differences between even pricing and odd pricing formats. In general, the odd pricing increases the purchase of a product more than even pricing.

Alitalia Airline Company’s Marketing

One of the reasons behind this is connected to the aging fleet of Alitalia combined with the increase in the amount of low cost airlines that are currently in Europe and are in effect eroding [...]

Marketing of Branded Products: Ethical Perspectives

Ethical interrogatives in the marketing of branded products for children and youths emanate from the argument that they experience challenges while assessing the information provided to them as the foundation of making safe decisions. It [...]