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Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Store Loyalty Cards and Their Effects on Retailers

The second last section of the report focused on the shortcomings of loyalty cards to consumers and they included gradual price increases, a phenomenon of exclusivity, and disincentives for consumers.

Volkswagen Company’s Marketing Strategy in China

The paper will specifically do an analysis of the marketing strategy of Volkswagen in China, especially during the recession in order to understand the importance of the Chinese market and the strategies to be taken [...]

Personal Shopper at Neiman Marcus Store

This is the first sentence Raymond said to me when we first met at Neiman Marcus, and also the first sentence he said at the beginning of our interview.

The UK vs. UAE: Marketing Management

Some of the factors that I have taken into account in the process of analyzing my career prospects in the two countries include cultural diversity, the working environment, the likelihood of achieving my career development [...]

Product Creativity in the Hospitality Industry

The creativity of the products remains the best way to beat the market competition. It is essential to induce creativity on the side of customers in terms of the use of the products.

Linear Programming for Marketing Research

Decision making based on the needs and requirements of the target market can be beneficial to the organization if the management optimizes the linear programming model.

Golden Rule of Selling Philosophy

According to Peppers and Rogers, one of the strategies is to develop a genuine relationship with the customer by directing them to the right product even if such a product belongs to a business rival. [...]

Price Discrimination and Psychological Techniques

This knowledge will make it easier for the business to have the most attractive prices in the region. The business strategy adopted by the small business should also be used to identify the best prices.

Donatos Company: Finding the New Pizza

The management research questions hierarchy for Ramada range from the clarification of the research question to the definition of the study question.

Service Marketing Diary: Xfinity Internet Service

It was necessary to unblock my access with the help of special 'keys' which were not taken by the specialists because they were incorrectly informed about the character of the problem fixed by the customer [...]

Global Business Management and Consumer Behavior

The conditions of the sea could not allow for the rice to remain dry and in good condition. This would need the firm to consider whether the target market would benefit from the new product [...]

Child Marketing and VALS Test

Marketers use children to market and sell a variety of products and services. This will benefit the consumers since they will be able to get their desired product and services at ease.

Marketing in the Small Business

Market share is the share of revenue, which estimates the share of income and value of units sold in a specified time period.

Business Marketing: Business to Business Companies

The composition and resulting roles of a buying center entail the following; Initiator known to be high-level management, gatekeeper controlling the flow of information, an influencer can either be internal or external and then there [...]

Internet Marketing: Opportunities and Problems

Therefore, since customer satisfaction is a vital attribute in the sales of services and products through the internet, it is paramount to evaluate the technical approaches and directions of using the internet to offer credible [...]

Marketing Research: Methods and Techniques

The test-retest reliability is used to test whether the research results are similar if the same research is carried out under similar conditions. Content validation is used to check how the research contents relate to [...]

Understanding the Premises of the Market Operation

Seeing that the organization in question is relatively new and needs to get accustomed to the target market, as well as to explore the demands of the target customers, the niche strategy seems to be [...]

Olay Daily Facials Company’s Marketing Issues

The issue to be addressed in this plan is the attraction of extra demographic groups, and if possible, subsidiarily differentiation of this product from the chief competitor's and other competitors'.

Market Segmentation: Contrast Analysis of Videos

Here, the video focuses on Market Segmentation as a tool that companies use to identify the right market for their products and design market penetration and positioning strategies using the market characteristics of customer demographics, [...]

The Influence of Internet Retail Service Quality

The table is representing the age groups of the participants who were questioned on the online retail shopping experience. The table is exhibiting clearly that most of the people who participated in the survey [...]

Greyson Corporation Marketing Research

The case study focuses on the effect of the decline in the demand for the company's products and services. The Greyson Company can supply the missile needs of the Bush Government during the Iraq War.

Marketing Control and Analytics

The marketing team will monitor the rate of sales after the events, and the willingness of the people to engage in such an event in the future.

Main Marketing Goals

The extent of achievement needed helps the business to know if it is on the right path of attaining the set goals. Goals should be set to create a difference in the company that helps [...]

Assessing Potential Threats to Incumbent Brands

Moreover, the authors opine that the penetration pricing strategy should be employed by a business in order to break into the new market. The main objective of the penetration pricing strategy is to attract and [...]

Long Run Effects in Business

This then decides to stop the competition a sound one, and the company would continue to enjoy the many benefits of being a monopoly.

Sales Management Aspects

This aspect might have adverse effects on the reputation of the salesperson, and hence the performance of the organisation with regard to generating sales.

Business Expansion Based on Local Market Factors

The ethnocentric pricing policy requires organizations to charge the same price for products and services regardless of where the consumers are situated. Poly-centric pricing allows managers of organizations to charge any price they view as [...]

Foot Locker UK Marketing Strategy

Research suggests that Foot Locker UK should focus on millennials and generation Z in its marketing efforts, highlighting the brand’s global nature.

Effective Marketing for Airlines

The continued use of modern technologies such as videoconferencing is also reducing the level of business travel. According to many airline marketing executives, the future of Frequent Flyer Programs will offer quality data to different [...]

Airport Competition and Marketing

The full-cost traditional service is appropriate for large international airports, where customers are interested in the quality and types of the provided services. A low-cost service is appropriate for domestic airports in order to guarantee [...]

Information Technology Infrastructure Library Service Desks

Martinez & Hobbi also believe that the success of customer service also varies with the flexibility of customers to adjust to the context of their suppliers companies. From the importance of customer service to businesses, [...]

10 Steps of Getting Started With Social Media Marketing

Personally I, as a marketing student, support the contents of the article and the arguments of the author due to several reasons, for instance, effective application of the Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat analysis.

Etisalat Company’s Brand

The marketing strategy that is used by the business is that of relationship marketing. Another example of this appeal is that of Heineken, "And the world will be one".

Market Attractiveness of China

On the flip side, the Chinese are proud of their language and use it both formally and informally. It is easy to find the material and infrastructural support to make and sell products in China.

Marketing: Mates, Macho Men and Metrosexuals

Metrosexuals on the other hand are the urban men who have taken to shopping for their appearance. These categories of men are all present in the marketing environment and it remains solely the marketers' onus [...]

Public Relations Plan Implementation

The interview is to be properly developed, the questions are to be directed at understanding why people still refuse to use the services of the company and to buy their products rather than search for [...]

Marketing Innovation and Creativity in Service Firms

The rise in fraudulent activities in the banks, the increasing need for entertainment in the country among other emerging trends have seen the need for innovation and creativity be on the rise.

Values and Lifestyles (VALS) Market Segmentation

The combinations of the above factors influence how consumers respond to different needs and want. Marketers can adapt the VALSTM of experiencers and achievers consumer groups to drive sales of their products and services.

Sales Promotions and Magazine Advertising

The concept of sales promotion can be best defined in terms of a strategy intended to increase the commercial appeal of a particular product to the targeted category of customers or to retailers that may [...]

Alcohol Marketing Regulation and Its Effectiveness

Consumers in the past have been victims of buying products that are not up to standards, which pose a great risk to the health of consumers. Also, they raise the minimum drinking age to reduce [...]

Cook Inc.’s Analysis and Pricing Decision

For lack of any additional information about the competition, we could safely assume that the competitors are in the early stages of product development and it could take them up to 5 years to launch [...]

Icebreakers Company’s Case: Entrepreneurial Marketing

Firms utilize core value propositions to target consumers, who could advantage them most by using the company's goods, and this assists to preserve a constant flow profits; the idyllic value proposition is succinct and calls [...]

Agner Aero Industries: Market Penetration

Potential customers are deemed to notice the company's image through the letter heads of the company's invoices. The letter heads will have the company's logo and the company's location and address on any printed material.

Personal Selling and Sales Management

This is achieved by dividing the market into smaller segments and establishing the company's branches in each region to effectively mobilize clients and market its products.

Motorola Company’s Marketing

The campaign was launched to make sure Motorola is the product of preference for new and existing purchases, and build external marketers or distributors of Motorola's products.

Managing Services Marketing

Examples include selling of a medical plan to a client, advertising the services of a healthcare provider to the potential clients and referrals of new clients by existing clients This defines the position of an [...]

Sea Treasures Company: Change Models

Employees will be trained and guided to embrace the use of the internet. The third stage will be applied to reinforce the utilization of the website.

Al Rawabi Company’s Marketing Audit

As it is mentioned above, the Al Rawabi Company has several competitors in the territory of the UAE. It would be proper to mention that the target market of the Al Rawabi Company consists predominately [...]

Marketing, Its History, Future, and Career Path

Phillip Kotler, one of the most respected scholars in the field of marketing defines marketing as "the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market for [...]

UK Beauty Industry’s Quality and Customer Loyalty

According to Reason, irrespective of the market segment that a firm serves in the beauty industry, service quality is increasingly becoming an important factor that these firms must consider when delivering their products to the [...]

Social Media Marketing of Luxury Fashion Brands

The objectives of the study: To examine the impact of companies' messages on consumer behaviour; To explore the influence of people's messages on consumer behaviour; To compare the influence of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Vertical and Horizontal Marketing Systems

The first and foremost aim of marketing implies spreading knowledge about the value of a product and raising awareness with the purpose of selling it to consumers.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Targeting is regarded as the assessment of each type of the population in terms of its attractiveness, whereas positioning is the choice of the marketing tool and the brand image for promoting the product or [...]

Zipz Company: Packaging Proposals Comparison

In the first opportunity, the product is the patented packaging, whereas in the second opportunity, the product is single-serving wine. The target customer for leasing the rights to patented packaging is wine companies who are [...]

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Marketing Management

The main goal of this paper is to evaluate the implications for marketing management in the next decade to address the five most significant changes that are likely to occur in the general marketing environment.

Earphone Pricing and Consumer Purchasing Behavior

Low- and middle-class customers are less likely to be affected by price changes in these categories of products, as they would usually avoid buying luxury products and houses altogether. Low-income customers, on the other hand, [...]

AllSaints Company: Digital Audience Research

The types of information one will be able to retrieve through this method include engagement statistics, posts by both the brand and other users, and their comments.

Customer Expectations as a Leadership Challenge

Such factors include the desired standards that consumers hold, the facets that influence the creation of customer's anticipations, and the best means of meeting or exceeding the expectations of clients.

Selling in China: Culture-Related Concepts

The purpose of this report is to discuss how such culture-related concepts as Guanxi, the avoidance of loss of face, and self-reference criteria can influence the process of selling in China.

Pharmaceutical Companies’ Digital Marketing Issues

The goal of the paper is to study the range of problems that pharmaceutical organizations have to manage when using digital marketing, as well as determine possible avenues for improving the current situation and offering [...]

Flyboy’s Business: Entering the Pamonian Market

The mechanism of cooperation has some advantages and disadvantages that can have a significant impact on the success of the partnership and the possibility of business development in this region in the future.

Individual Marketing Approaches Efficiency

Evaluation of the effectiveness of individual advertising or marketing approaches is one of the elements of assessing the efficiency of a company's marketing strategy in general.

Making Effective Pricing Decisions

This is attributable to the fact that the price elasticity of demand of products enables the organization to assess the effect of the variation of costs on the sales proceeds.

Consumer Satisfaction in Marketing

Time is a utility, which relates to the right planning so that the supply of particular products occurs at a period when the demand is high.

Market Forecasting Method: How To Choose?

The seasonal naive method allows utilizing the previous time of the year's numbers, and the drift method relies on "the average change seen in the historical data".

Price Management for Customer Loyalty

In the MSNBC interview with Bob Prosen, the concept of the methodological price increase was discussed. The given example illustrates the importance of open communication and trust in the workplace.

Starbucks Corporation’s Customer Lifetime Value

6, the rate of discount for Starbucks is 10%, and the customer retention rate is 75%, CLV can be calculated as: In other words, Starbucks needs to spend approximately $11,232 in order to acquire a [...]

Loyalty Cards’ Effectiveness in Supermarkets

Due to the recurring recession and the poor economic conditions all over the world, it has become pertinent for all the supermarkets and hypermarkets to be competitive. The loyalty cards present a platform for the [...]

Company Partnership Study Using Marketing Survey

The highest score can be found in the commitment section which means that respondents notice the practical effort their companies do to maintain their collaboration with the partner.

Neuromarketing as an Ethical Research Approach

The approach is used to monitor the decision-making processes of consumers and the brain parts involved. Whenever conducting marketing research, it is appropriate to consider various issues such as the worth of the study and [...]

Sony Company’s Marketing Analysis

The stories of the companies and the people who managed to find their own formulas for rapid success belong to the number of the most popular topics for discussion among people connected to media.

“Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Berger

In the modern world, during the information age, as communication becomes more and more important for every aspect of individual lives as well as historical processes, there is a growing recognition of the need to [...]

Hershey Company’s Price and Distribution Strategies

In using the combination of value-based and cost-based pricing, Hershey's demonstrates a wise strategy, as it allows the company to effectively address competition and strengthen the recognition of their brand at the same time.

Supermarket and Hotel Services and Satisfaction

On the whole, the chain of Woolworths supermarkets has been utilizing the strategy of providing clients with products at lower prices while still allowing them to have a high-quality customer experience, for instance, by increasing [...]

Car Repair and Hair Salon Services and Satisfaction

To assess the marketing strategy of the firm, one must look at the company's competitive advantages and evaluate the roles of intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability, and perishability of the services the business provides.

Marketing Research and Customer Psychology

The role of marketing strategies - specifically, the choice of advertisement - on the consumer's decision-making is thoroughly explained in Kumar and Raju's article "The Role of Advertising in Consumer Decision Making".

Coca-Cola Company’s Global Campaign

It "registers the societal co-presence of sameness and difference.the universal and the particular, and homogeneity and heterogeneity". The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most famous and biggest corporations in the carbonated soda drink industry.

Xerox Corporation Marketing Campaign Analysis

Developing the effective marketing campaign strategy is a highly sensitive task that includes many important steps such as defining its main objectives, analysing target audience and its needs, inventing the ways of how to incorporate [...]

Queen Elizabeth II Hotel’s Marketing

The website launch is intended to symbolize the introduction of the new establishment of the Dubai hospitality industry. The chosen subject is about how the QE2 will attract new clients to buy real estate on [...]
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