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Christian Louboutin: Brand, Voice, and Guidelines Essay

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Updated: Jul 18th, 2020

Christian Louboutin: Brand Personality

Christian Louboutin is the shoes filled with history and associated with the perception of luxury named after the creator, Christian Louboutin (“Louboutin” par. 1). In turn, various Louboutin’s quotes are referred to as slogans and “I don’t think comfort equals happiness” is one of them (Roberts par. 1). In this case, Christian Louboutin views himself as an exceptional shoe creator, which not only cares about the quality of the services but also highlights the dependency of the lifestyle on the wearing shoes. In turn, Christian Louboutin’s brand personality is luxury, status, and style leader.

Christian Louboutin: Voice and Guidelines

The core attributes and values of the brand are stated as a relation to the lifestyle, and being dramatic and exceptional. The first feature is the ability of Louboutin to generate an association with particular standards of living. In this case, the usage of the easy to comprehend language and catchy phrases will enhance the communication with the audience. Alternatively, the presence in social networks and encouraged picture sharing of Louboutin shoes will attract more attention to the brand. In turn, the hashtags can play a role of the definers of the situation due to the ability to view the associated posts in the networks (Zavattaro and Bryer 55). Furthermore, the hashtags have to be presented in a clear manner while using the words associated with the brand such as ‘#louboutinlifestyle’ and ‘#louboutin’.

Moreover, the dramatic nature of the brand can be emphasized via metaphors (“Writing Guidelines: Intel Voice” 9). The usage of the popular places in the names of the shoe models will contribute to the higher recognition of the brand and association with the particular lifestyle. In turn, the metaphors can reflect the correlation of the specific shoe model with a certain event since it will create the attribution to the precise moment in history. For example, words such as ‘Cabaret’ can be associated with red-colored shoes and a particular time in history.

Lastly, the exceptionality of the brand can be portrayed with the constant utilization of the signature color. In turn, the unique nature of each shoe model can be depicted with the assistance of peculiar names and metaphoric nature of the text in the description. Nonetheless, Louboutin should find a balance between the words and images, as, otherwise, the presented content will be excessive. However, no pop-up windows should be used on the website as they irritate (Phillips 453).

Christian Louboutin: Integration of Voice and Visual Style

Firstly, the current visual and verbal styles have to be described. Appendix 1 presents the logo of the brand, and it uses black and red as the core colors, which are associated with the brand’s signature shoes (“Louboutin” par. 1). Secondly, Christian Louboutin as a figure is not unnoticed, as he is reflected on the main page of the website along with new arrivals, the interior design of the boutiques, and leather goods collection (see Appendix 2) (“Louboutin” par. 1). In this case, the designer cultivates the association of his name with the brand. In turn, the current verbal style as presented on the official website of the brand is not provocative while it is more peculiar with paying high attention to the catchy names of the products and signature colors. In turn, Louboutin respects the choice of its customers while not forcing the purchase by aggressive advertisement.

The integration of the brand’s voice and brand identity is important, as Louboutin aims at attracting the attention of the buyers by high-quality and colorful images by utilizing signature colors red and black. This approach can be actively portrayed on the picture presented in Appendix 2. In turn, the brand has to maintain its initial strategy by using the minimum number of words while focusing on the pictures of the locations and boutiques. This matter helps the company reach its targeted audience, as it emphasizes its signature colors and creates the association of the unique nature of the brand. Additionally, Appendix 3 reflects Louboutin’s current strategy, as it presents the visual integration of Louboutin with its target customers with the help of images (“LouboutinWorld” par. 1). Consequently, this matter benevolences the unique perception of the brand and contributes to the understanding of the essentiality of these shoe models in real life.

Lastly, the integration of the lifestyle and shoe models is presented with the selection of the peculiar names for the shoes to reflect the core features. For instance, Wavy Dolly portrays the nature of the hill (wave) and depicts the doll-appearance look (see Appendix 4). In this case, this matter presents the reflection of the lifestyle while adding dramatic experience to each feature. Based on the aspects provided above, the usage of the metaphors as a literature instrument will contribute to the increase of the theatrical experience for each model while providing its unique features.


Today, Louboutin focuses on the women of the upper high-income segment, and consequently, it tends to highlight its features with quality, lifestyle, and boutiques. It complements each women’s life with drama while adding exceptional value to their well-being and lifestyle. Imagery plays a substantial role in the maintenance of this segment, but the description and specific name to each shoe model add exceptional uniqueness and value.

In turn, the men’s subdivision is an additional innovation to the Louboutin’s shoe lines (Roberts par. 1). Appendix 5 depicts that the men shoes tend to be less advertised and mentioned due to the supplemental nature. Nonetheless, despite high differences in preferences among men and women, Christian Louboutin is associated with quality and exceptional features for both genders, as its unique and dramatic appearance are substantial attributes of the luxury lifestyle. In this case, the communication style for both communication groups is to assure the respected tone, which depicts the incomparable care for its loyal customers.

Lastly, Christian Louboutin tends to rely on its remarkable design feature and exceptional quality while building relationships with the corporate clients. The communication style tends to be more official than during the interactions in the B2C segment. However, the similar values have to be shared to ensure the future enlargement of the customers’ base in the B2B market.


The implementer of the plan should understand the presented strategy inside out and become a luxury, status, and style leader. The questions such as ‘Does the statements reflect all vital matters?’, ‘Can it be optimized and discovered from new angles?’ and ‘Is this approach consistent with the company’s brand identity?’ will help evaluate the progress and depict the compliance of the designed strategy with Louboutin’s personality.

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Appendix 1

Figure 1. Logo (“Louboutin” par1.).

Appendix 2

Louboutin’s main page.
Figure 2. Louboutin’s main page (“Louboutin” par1.).

Appendix 3

Louboutin’s world.
Figure 3. Louboutin’s world (“LouboutinWorld” par. 1).

Appendix 4

Wavy Dolly Shoes.
Figure 4. Wavy Dolly Shoes (“Wavy Dolly” par. 1).

Appendix 5

Men’s shoes.
Figure 5. Men’s shoes (“Louboutin: Men” par. 1).
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