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  1. Chinese Luxury Brand
    This means that the brand will demand a heavy initial investment to set it on the path to the global market.
  2. Making a High Fashion Brand and Use Pop-up Stores
    To understand the external analysis on the Rubirosa, we have to concentrate on emerging trends and norms within the fashion industry The SWOT analysis of Rubirosa is a very important aspect because it will assist […]
  3. Marketing the Apple Brand: E-Marketing
    Though in the past the company adopted traditional marketing strategies in creating pull in the market, the company position itself as one of the leaders in the consumer electronics and mobile devices industry, it has […]
  4. Brand Consumption in the UAE
    People in the United Arabs Emirates consume luxuries products from strong brands to show off their wealth, but not because they are of better qualities.
  5. The Air Jordan Brand
    This resulted in the subsequent release Air Jordans 1, the first of the Air Jordan line of shoes, in March 1985.
  6. Gucci Luxury Brand
    This implied that specifically designed products would be sold, with part of the produce reserved for orphans and the homeless children worldwide. He combined the skills he acquired at the workplace with the unique talents […]
  7. Virgin Brand as Example of Total Customer Experience
    Virgin airlines one of the top virgin brands was established in the early eighties and has continually emerged as one of the best air carriers in the transport industry offering its services mostly in major […]
  8. Heinz Ketchup Brand
    As a matter of fact, it is the longest brand that the company has. The company has enough consumer attention because of its taste and this will continue making it a market leader.
  9. Shopping Diaries: Brand New Flat Screen 47-inch TV
    During the time when I was doing my internet research on the product, I had come to the realization that the amount of money needed to purchase the TV would probably pay for a semester […]
  10. Brand Jordan Popularity
    The key-brand attributes of Brand Jordan is the jump man logo that shows on both the shoes and apparel. Athletes’ Endorsements have always been a big part of Brand Jordan as it gives authenticity to […]
  11. What Makes a Fashion Retail Brand, and One That Can Be Trusted: Zara?
    Zara therefore, has a zero advertising policy thereby using the revenues to open new stores to be at a position to provide more of its products to the customers.
  12. Influence of Design Element on Brand Experience
    This paper will discover the resemblances between branding disciplines and design standards and to give insight into the manner in which the experience of a brand is influenced by its design.
  13. Combining visual and sound to enhance Brand Experience
    The combination of visual and audio aspects in a brand enhancement strategy facilitates in arousing positive attitude towards the brand and draws the attention of the target consumers.
  14. Brand Building and Consumer Decision Making
    The consumer attitude to the Pink brand has proven to be higher than positive, and it is necessary to track the peculiarities of its formation in order to make some feasible conclusions about the secret […]
  15. Creating a Brand Flavor of Lipton Ice Tea
    Creating a brand flavor of Lipton Ice Tea is an article that deals with Lipton Ice Tea as a brand of Britvic.
  16. Build a Brand out of Yourself: Tips for Freelancers
    You need to know who you are and what you offer the marketplace. List the skills that are obviously applicable to the work you do or aim to do.
  17. Elie Saab: Growth of a Global Luxury Brand
    Describe its product in terms of the three levels of a product; core, actual and augmented product The three product/service levels include the core, the actual, and the augment level.
  18. Cisco’s Building of Brand
    The management realized that the only way of making its brand strong in the consumer market is to ensure that the public knows it.
  19. Marketing Report of a Fashion Brand
    Therefore, Yota fashion needs to be alert and conscious so that it remains in the market and produce designs that are in line with the interests of diverse customers.
  20. Marketing blog: Brand management
    For instance, the touch points of the brand recognized by customers and the brand experience of the targeted market should be consistent with advertisements.
  21. Marketing Literature Review-Brand Extension
    Another definition of a brand is that it refers to the monetary value of a brand that comes as a result of loyalty and goodwill created in customers this definition is limiting in that id […]
  22. Views on Nike Brand
    It is no doubt that the origin of the brand name “Nike” has been a definition of Nike’s ambition to be a big success and take the sporting industry by a storm.
  23. Qantas Airways Dual Brand Strategy
    The airline has been garnering a lot of profit and it is also among the best low cost airlines in the world.
  24. How to Create a Brand Extension of Nokia Phones With Nokia I-Phones
    It involves developing new products, mostly related to the product already in the market; it is a method of widening a range of products, by taking advantage of the success of an existing brand.
  25. The Toyota Brand Competencies and Skills
    In relation to the nature of groups and the organizational the behavior within the Toyota brand, the management of Toyota is divides its staff to several categories.
  26. Marketing Plan Proposal for Blancpain Brand
    This strategy allows Blancpain to focus more on the need of the consumer while at the same time utilizing the limited resource.
  27. Britvic: Creating a Brand flavor
    Here, it is worth noting that Gatorade contains adequate amounts of carbohydrates, water, and minerals, which aid in the production of the much-needed energy, provision of sodium and potassium ions, and rehydrating the body during […]
  28. UK Juicers’ Brand Strategy
    A brand refers to the entire experience customers have with the company and this refers to how they perceive the company products, how they will respond to changes in product features, introduction of new products, […]
  29. The Significance of the Partnership for Sony in Terms of Target Market and Brand Image
    In addition, since the focus of Sony is sale of electronics, Sony would benefit in the sale of televisions, which would be useful in watching the competitions.
  30. Marketing Report for Allstar Brand to enter Latin America
    This is of special concern to the company because this new drug is the second drug by Curall to be launched into the market suggesting a loss in the market to this drug.
  31. The Open Brand of Apple Inc.
    The Company’s website is user friendly and contains other online properties, which include Facebook where the consumers are able to like the page and be free to post any comment concerning the company’s products and/or […]
  32. Microenvironment Forces Facing the Luxury Brand Industry
    This has led to the increase in the number of young people involved in purchasing of luxurious brands. This has led to increase in purchasing of expensive luxurious products because young people want to make […]
  33. Fashion Brand
    A product brand is the result of all the efforts and ingredients put in the product and presented in its name that helps the buyer easily recall and recognize it.
  34. Red bull-Building Brand Equity in Non-Traditional Ways
    In the can, there are the ‘energy drink’ catchphrase and the Red-Bull insignia which symbolizes its exclusivity to the consumers. The two colliding bulls denote the vigor and might that Red Bull gives to its […]
  35. International Hotel Brand Management Strategies
    This means that the quality of the products and services offered by a hotel is determined by the customer’s perception and the satisfaction obtained from the information provided.
  36. Explanation on How Singapore Can Brand Itself as a Medical Tourism Hub
    The brand elements of the company include an encouraging statement offering sense of hope to patients and the presence of oncologist with the ability to listen and provide treatment patients from diversified backgrounds.
  37. Ruby & Millie Make-Up Brand
    Public media and press played essential role in the success of Ruby & Millie brand development as advertising is an important part of products promotion.
  38. Importance of Brand Awareness: a Comparative Study
    This shall be done by highlighting the importance of brand awareness, comparing the breadth and depth of brand awareness for the chosen products and analyzing the results from the survey conducted in a bid to […]
  39. Brand and Product Management
    The quicker the brand awareness is executed for FMCGs, the higher the chances of the goods of a firm to attain significant sales in the market.
  40. Is Social Media A Useful Tool For Brand Promotion?
    The social medias are the new experience to connect people from all over the world through online presence, it turned into a charismatic feature of the marketing mix by modernising the technique of the companies […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Brand

  1. Brand Management: Toyota Corporation Motors
    Therefore, a flanker brand is basically a new product that is introduced into the market by a company in a specific market segment in adding up to the existing brand.
  2. Brand Management
    This is because flanker brands increase the number of brands of a company. A company should consider the profitability of flanker brands prior to their launch.
  3. The Virgin Brand Richard Branson
    Branson was born on 18 -07-1950 in UK, he is acknowledged globally due to the accomplishment of the Virgin trademark, which he established by himself.
  4. Blendworth Brand Development Strategies
    The project hopes to create awareness among the consumers of the company’s products, improve the company’s competitive advantages, differentiate a company’s product from others and create a connection between the company and the customer.
  5. Improving Tech-Shield’s brand visibility
    In the overcrowded industry where Tech-Shield operates in, product positioning is directly linked to the success in the short and long term especially for a new product.
  6. The Concept of Status Consumption and How A Marketer Might Be Able To Utilise Status to Market A Specific Brand or Product Type
    The rational mind is the one that helps people to make choices on what to purchase in order to realise the intended identity.
  7. The Impact of Brand Loyalty on New Product Launches
    The marketing team will have to devise a problem statement that defines the unmet needs of the market in the given product category and the advantages that will accrue to consumers, emotionally and physically, by […]
  8. Understanding the Role of Integrated Marketing Communications in Building and Maintaining Positive Brand Image
    In other words, IMC permits a scenario whereby the strengths of the product or service and the strengths of the organization are intertwined in the marketing mix to develop and maintain a positive brand image.
  9. Brand Community
    The face-to-face interactive activities promote these products and bonds the members of the brand communities through the organized events. For the ITRC HP forum, the level of education remains higher compared to other online forums […]
  10. “All Colours”- an Advertisement for “HTC Phone” Brand
    According to Lenscold, the ability of an advertisement to portray meaningful colors in the eyes of the targeted consumer facilitates successful thriving of the product in the market, both in the long-run and the short-run.
  11. Art Marketing: The Royal Opera House in London and Its Brand
    Products of the Royal Opera House The status of the Royal Opera House has charitable nature and the main purpose of this organization is to provide people with a chance to get involved into the […]
  12. Brand management in small and medium enterprises
    The problem of branding in majority of SME arise from the fact that numerous problems in the organization are spiced and motivated by lack of marketing expertise in the organization and due to existence of […]
  13. Behavioural brand loyalty requires deep attitudinal attachment to the brand
    To attain brand loyalty, a company must ensure its products are differentiable in the market; this call for high quality good and making brand salience, the brand should be on top of a consumers mind […]
  14. Brand Image and Brand Association
    Brand association is the amount to which a particular brand is linked to the particular product it describes in the eyes of the consumer.
  15. Brand Audit of Marriott
    Brand auditing is a critical outlook of a brand from different dimensions or perspectives to ensure that it is still relevant in the market, to ensure that the brand is competitive in the market and […]
  16. Product Management: Brand or Product Quality for Customers
    The generalized products are prone to many market risks, which may thwart the market share expansion of the product or service within a short period of time.though is anticipated that most of the luxurious good […]
  17. Brand personality
    This arises from the fact that brand personality is perceived to be a part of the of a product’s overall image.
  18. Brand management
    For an organization to ensure that its product is available to its customers in the right place and at the right time, it needs to have a clear distribution strategy.
  19. Reflective Thinking: The Power of Innovations. Using Brand New Ideas
    The Positive Effects Speaking of the positive effects of the changes induced by globalization and progress in the hotel industry, one must stress that the positive effects of the revolution in the tourism industry are […]
  20. Emotional Labor & Brand Creation
    It is important to note that the described tenets also inform emotional branding, and are basically intended to change the inner feelings and authenticate the emotions of employees so that they have the capacity to […]
  21. Developing a powerful service brand
    In relation to this, the Banyan Tree was one of the first entities to venture to fill the gaps that had been created by the giant chains, such as Hilton.
  22. ‘The Effect of Brand Image on the Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction in the Context of a Telecommunication Company’
    Thus, the researcher will be in a position of criticising the academic literature on brand image, with a focus on the role of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the in the industry.
  23. Brand Extension Strategy
    Petroleum uses family brand where the companies brand image and brand depend on the view of customers and the efforts of the company to differentiate their products.
  24. Influence of media on Brand development and promotion
    One of the factors which are required in the development of brands is the media. By simply connecting the market and the products, the media has a largest influence on the development of brands.
  25. Brand Overview: Diet Coke
    One of such drinks is Diet Coke, a product of the Coca-Cola Company, the leading soft drink maker in the world.
  26. How can Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty Stimulate Customer Involvement: Zara
    One of the fundamental priority areas that have been targeted by companies in the fashion industry as a matter of urgency is the creation of brand awareness among customers and the reinforcement of customer loyalty […]
  27. Brand Extension in High End Fashion Industry
    Brand licensing as a popular up-to-date strategy of improving the position of a particular brand on the world market reflects the importance of the study.
  28. Branding and Brand Image
    The better the position of a certain brand in the international market, the greatest is the demand for it, and visa versa.
  29. Meaning of Brand Equity in Marketing
    Process in the marketing mix is the systems and practices of the company that influences the marketing methods of the company. The price of the product will correspond to the value the customer feel the […]
  30. Lacoste Brand
    Direct channel marketing in Lacoste’s case involves use of various tennis and golf personalities, a strategy that has been a trademark of the brand since its inception. One advantage of direct channel marketing is that […]
  31. The Impact and Effect of Social Media on a Brand, its Image and Reputation
    Consequently, the research questions are: ‘Do some companies underestimate the importance of the social media?’, and ‘Does the social media has a vehement impact on the business’ revenue, success and brand image?’ The significant features […]
  32. Brand Critique For Walmart
    Walmart Stores is a retail firm which operates a chain of large department stores in various countries in the world. Walmart’s business model has been instrumental in making the firm one of the most successful […]
  33. Collaborating with the Science: the Brand New Form of Research
    Indeed, the mutual interest in the study can improve the situation much, and the eagerness of the teacher can balance the unwillingness of the student, so this is what could make the fairy tale of […]
  34. Brand personality on International scale
    It also seeks to present a brand as a product that connects to the consumers at a deeper level than the mere satisfying of the needs of the consumers.
  35. Brand management: secondary brand associations
    This is one of the issues that should be considered by the management of Perfection Fresh. This is one the main recommendations that can be made to the management of Perfection Fresh.
  36. Research Brand Performance
    When a firm has a strong brand image in the market, the perception of the public would always be influenced positively towards the firm, and this will increase loyalty of the customers towards the firm.
  37. Brand Analysis for Omega Watches for Women
    The watches marketed by the Rolex Company were the main competitors of the Omega watches, but sold its products at higher prices.
  38. Brand Marketing and Communication Challenges for Mercedes-Benz
    The second challenge arises from the choice of brand elements needed to communicate the features of the brand. However, splitting the focus of a brand can lead to erosion of the value of the brand.
  39. Kraft Foods’ Diverse Brand Portfolio
    Moreover, Kraft Foods is willing to increase the number of low-end brands that are necessary for increasing the customer base of this organization. This is one of the limitations that should be considered.
  40. The Future and Strategies of Apple’s Brand
    The company’s brand is acceptable in every part of the world. The pricing strategy will make the company’s “products are competitive in the market”.

📌 Interesting Topics to Write about Brand

  1. Bravo’s Team and Elevation of Burberry Brand
    As opposed to the initial role of the company, which was the distribution of limited products and licensing, the new products increased the amount of consumers, who were willing to purchase its products.
  2. Marketing Management: Building Brand Equity
    The approach taken to make the products available to the customers is another important factor that would determine the strength of the products in the market.
  3. V8 V-Fusion Brand Extension Program
    The product in its diversified form gives nutrients to the body and has won the hearts of many customers. The strength that the company has is that customers have a positive experience with and knowledge […]
  4. Brand Extensions for Companies
    First, consumer loyalty to the parent brand helps a business to predict the level of acceptability that their products are likely to receive.
  5. “Jaguar Land Rover and HSBC using CSR to Ensure Brand Success in China” by Andy Rice
    Overall, the article demonstrates how JLR has used the community-based development approach to CSR to penetrate the Chinese market and ensure brand success, while solving the social problem of the under-privileged and disadvantaged children in […]
  6. “Brand Credibility, Brand Consideration, and Choice” by Joffre Swait
    The purpose of this essay is to review the article “Brand Credibility, Brand Consideration, and Choice” by Joffre Swait and Tulin Erdem.
  7. Shackleton Brand Products
    Hence, the prices applied by the Great British Banjo Company for the Shackleton brand will reflect the product quality and the position of the company in the target market.
  8. Samsung Advertising its Brand Using Pancakes During the Pancake Day
    The company has a set period of operating the business campaign of one day and it cannot be decided whether the objectives serve the short-term or the long-term objectives.
  9. Green Energy Brand Strategy
    The utility theory assumes that consumers are the ultimate decision-makers on the consumption of certain products, based on the perceptions of their available income resources and the perceived efficiency of the product.
  10. Starbucks and Second Cup Brand Deconstruction
    Some of the key tenets valued in the brand expression include the name of the company, the color, shape and pattern of its logo, typography, icons/symbols and its worldmark.
  11. Brand and Product Management: Ireland and Italy
    Properly designed brand strategy for product management of Ireland and Italy as ideal tourism destinations facilitated the success and sustainability in restoring confidence in the industries by the end of the year 2012.
  12. Green Energy Brand Strategy: Chinese E-Car Consumer Behaviour
    Figure 1 is a bar graph showing the distribution of respondents according to the ownership of the E-car. To determine the level of awareness of BMWi3, the study asked the respondents about the attributes they […]
  13. Brand Awareness through Motorsport Sponsorship
    Hypotheses The research is qualitative in nature and the outcome of the study is descriptive analysis of the findings collected from different sources to decide upon the acceptance or rejection of the following research hypotheses: […]
  14. Brand building for Coca-cola
    The product perspective is one that seeks to indicate that the most attribute of a brand is its ability to meet the expected needs of the consumers.
  15. The Coca-Cola Brand
    Marketing mix is a deliberate plan by the organization to control all the products components that is the product itself, the price, the place where the product will be found and the promotion of the […]
  16. Retailers Find Social Media Magnify Brand Presence
    In the case of segmentation, the business is bound to effectively identify the segments of the service or product it is dealing with.
  17. Corporate Brand Concepts
    The brand of a corporate is extremely important in an organization; it is directly connected to alternative entities and brands. As far as success in an organization is concerned, it is important to consider the […]
  18. The Role of Strategic Marketing in Creating a Sustainable Corporate Brand
    With that being said, it is necessary to take a closer look at the basic constituents of a brand, as well as some of the elements of strategic marketing that contribute to creating a sustainable […]
  19. The Power of Togetherness: Adidas and Its Brand New Advertisement
    In their advertisement of T Max 6 shoes, Adidas provides an image of a hall with a range of lockers, two pairs of shoes, the red ones in the foreground and the white ones on […]
  20. Lush Future Strategy on Brand Awareness
    The Lush Company should adopt the social media and television tools to publicize its products to the target segment comprising of the young women who care about environment and animal rights.
  21. Standardization versus Customization of a Global Brand
    It is based on this that this paper will explore standardization versus customization of a global brand in order to determine the effectiveness of either met Branding is an important aspect of selling products since […]
  22. Apple and Brand-Customer Relationship
    An established brand loyalty is important to a company since it makes it more harder for new products to gain a market share, it increases a company’s ability and strength to respond to competitive threats, […]
  23. Heineken: A Company and a Brand
    Price The price customers are prepared to pay determines the level of demand for a product or service which affects the progress of the marketing company and the company’s competitive position in the market place.
  24. How Do Brand Names Affect Customer Decision Making Process in Selecting Fast Food Restaurants in London?
    Conversely, a brand will encounter negative customer based brand equity if the consumer’s reaction to the brand’s marketing is unfavourable, or if the consumer has a negative reaction to the brand category in this case, […]
  25. Netflix Company Brand
    As a result, there will be a blurring of the nature of business between the producers of content and the distributors.
  26. Paris Fashion Design: Christian Dior Brand
    It was the brand that made women return to the concept of femininity in the middle of the twentieth century. In the 1970, the brand evolved to adjust to the changes in the society.
  27. Chateau de Vallois Company Brand Marketing
    Therefore, if a visitor to the estate wanted to purchase a bottle of the wine, they could not buy it as all the wines were sold out to the negociants.
  28. Visvim Fashion Brand and His Founder
    In the states, the brand was famous for utilizing hand quality and for having to be in the fashion industry for the last fifteen years.
  29. The Camel Brand: Tobacco Advertising
    This paper examines the influence of the Camel cigarettes on customers and different aspects of the print advertisement of one of the oldest and the most prestigious brands of the tobacco in the world – […]
  30. Brand Management: Labeling Kern County Almonds
    The packaging of the almonds can be designed using an attractive phrase containing alluring words such as ‘Kern County almonds, truly raw almonds, never pasteurized’; the phrase can make the product look more attractive and […]
  31. Baby Dior: Organizational and Brand Analysis
    The collections of clothes and footwear for the youngest can be viewed on the section of the Dior company website related to the children.
  32. GoDaddy Brand Image and Perception
    On the other hand, the company wants to be a business that has a strong brand reputation because of the services it offers and not because of its brand image created through advertisement.
  33. Capilano’s Brand and Consumer Behavior
    Capilano is the brand that may be interesting to people, who appreciate the worth of natural product and consider the idea of cultural diversity as a chance to experiment and benefit with some new practices.
  34. Transmedia Case Study: the Big Brother Africa Brand
    This way, Big Brother Africa does not depend on the available media platforms; instead, the media platforms depend on the brand.
  35. Financial Times Newspaper Brand Marketing
    The Financial Times is a British newspaper that is published in London that primarily focuses on the financial market in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.
  36. McDonald’s Company Brand Refinement
    One of the biggest strengths of McDonald’s is the low price of the products. Regardless of all the innovative meals and foods McDonald’s offers, the consumers keep choosing the Dollar Menu items because being cheap […]
  37. Brand Identity for Dubai as a Tourism Destination
    Using the seven aspects of the prism, the physique will form the basis of the brand, which will be Dubai’s attractiveness, its use of technology and trust that tourists would enjoy.
  38. Emirates Airlines’ Brand and Reputation
    The campaign was focused on the award-winning reputation of the company and the excellence of the services available to the clients of Emirates Airlines.
  39. True Religion Brand Jeans Company’s Failure
    It remains evident that the customers tend to seek for novelties and innovation, and the management of the manufacturers such as Diesel depicts this aspect by paying high attention to the development of the lifestyle […]
  40. Harry Winston Fashion Brand and Its Evolution
    Harry Winston Diamond Corporation was founded in the year 1932 and is headquartered in New York. Harry Winston has remained a powerful brand in the global jewelry industry.

📝 Most Interesting Brand Topics to Write about

  1. The Eileen Fisher Brand Repositioning
    If the company uses its current brand, it would not capture most customers in the new segment because the customers would think that the same clothes for the old persons are being promoted. In addition, […]
  2. Christian Louboutin: Brand, Voice, and Guidelines
    The usage of the popular places in the names of the shoe models will contribute to the higher recognition of the brand and association with the particular lifestyle.
  3. Plaza Home Health Services Brand Management
    In the end, the conclusions are drawn based on the analyses, which are conducted in this essay to determine the efficiency of the marketing strategy while building the brand image of Plaza Home Health Services.
  4. I-Bank Brand Goals, Audience, Cultural Dimensions
    Thus, one suggests that the appearance of I-Bank, the key mission of which is to create a positive environment for the development of national entrepreneurship, is the right decision to fit the social demand.
  5. The “I” Brand, Its Mission and Audience
    Although the professional analysis of the target audience and the following identification of the business counseling needs that they have are crucial to the success of the project and the development of the brand in […]
  6. The ‘I’ Brand in the Aerospace Sector
    With my help, the organization will achieve more as I will manage my team realizing the peculiarities of the aerospace sector in Abu Dhabi and find out the best way to prepossess the customers and […]
  7. Personal Brand and Career Development
    The “I” brand concept suggests that the potential job candidate and career builders approach themselves as marketed goods and attempt to turn their own sets of skills and personalities into goods, wanted and attractive to […]
  8. Purchasing Power Parity and Brand-Related Pricing
    It means that if the price level in the country will grow by 50 percent, while the price level in other countries will remain the same, then the value of the dollar, expressed in the […]
  9. Leadership Brand Equity: Driving Economic Value
    Besides, the article and the study that the authors develop help to identify how crucial the role of an HR leader can be for the company and its employees.
  10. Porsche Brand’s Cultural Biography
    This resulted in the creation of the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the iconic cars of the century. By the end of the 30s, the company has built three racing prototypes, but the progress in the […]
  11. Gucci Luxury Fashion Brand
    Bizzarri describes the reinvention of the brand as the renovation of its image in the effort to recapture “the spirit of innovation” and redefine the notion of luxury.
  12. Starbucks’ Brand Evolution and Redesign
    Tools and methods have to be applied to change the behavior of the brand that would allow making service decisions that put the customer in the center of brand experience.
  13. Gucci Brand History and Development
    The positioning of the brand was the combination of aristocratic esthetics and Italian craftsmanship. The emergence of Gucci was originally associated with the need for a luxury brand in Tuscany.
  14. Gucci Brand Positioning, Audience, Product Trends
    The style of the recent Gucci collection is described by critics as a combination of classic Italian art, street culture of the 1970s and 1980s, and French couture.
  15. Vodafone’s Brand Health Tracking and Marketing
    To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher will compare Vodafone to Telstra in terms of brand health. The researcher expects to interview a sample of 100 random people to obtain data that would […]
  16. Ralph Lauren Corporation’s Brand Analysis
    For Ralph Lauren, the analysis gives the following results: In general terms, policies of a country limit the scope of the company’s operations and shape the market where it is going to perform.
  17. United Parcel Service’s Brand Elements and Equity
    One of the marketing examples provided in the chapter is the case of the UPS, which is short for the United Parcel Service.
  18. Bud Light Beer: Brand Development
    Bud Light is the beer number one in the United States, and also one of the top global competitors in the industry with massive revenue.
  19. Luxury Brand’s Imitation
    According to Doss and Robinson, the act amounts to a breach of the core value of the original product. The reason for focusing on brand imitation is the danger it poses to the growth of […]
  20. Balenciaga Fashion Brand’s History
    Born in a village in the Basque region of Spain in the year 1895, Balenciaga spent much of his early life with his mother who worked as a tailor. The Spanish royal family and the […]
  21. Wagamama Brand’s International Marketing in Barcelona
    Barcelona food industry is one of the most successful in the region because it is generally driven by a culture of eating, excellent chefs, healthy and fresh Mediterranean cuisines, and the growing demands from locals […]
  22. Colgate Brand’s Promotional Strategy
    The objectives of its strategy are to leave a striking image in the customer’s mind as well as create a lasting connection between the Colgate brand and professional dental care.
  23. Consumer-Brand Relationships and Shopping Patterns
    The former group tends to have stronger relationship with the brands than the latter that would change from one brand to another given the price variations of the products at the time of their shopping.
  24. Kalimah Brand’s Facebook Networking Group
    The garments are modified with embroidery and print to add the value and quality of all the company’s merchandise. By using the site it is easy to know the number of people liking your product […]
  25. Pepsi Cola Company’s Brand Change Implementation
    One of the challenges with Pepsi was to make sure that the new company gave a new brand of the soft drink.
  26. Nike’s Brand Association with Michael Jordan
    Brand value constitutes the ability to assist in the retrieval of information, ability to differentiate the product, capacity to provide the customer or retailer with a reason to buy, and the capacity to create positive […]
  27. Apple Inc.’s Brand Position in 2014
    The enterprise always endeavors to provide its clients only with the products of the best quality, with no exception; the firm strives to create the very best product that is possible to imagine.
  28. 4 Chic Fashion Brand’s Merchandising Plan
    The prices for Sportmax items range between $300 and $750 for bottoms and tops and between $350 and $800 for dresses.
  29. Glo Bus Company’s Pricing Strategy and Brand Image
    These aspects include such items as the pricing strategy of the future enterprise, the way in which the image of the company will be created and maintained, and the manner in which additional market share […]
  30. Conceptual Metaphor for Brand Image in Advertising
    It is not a rare case that conceptual metaphors are used in advertising as they are capable of increasing the perceived value of this or that product or service.
  31. Under Armour Company’s Brand Strategy in 2013
    The mission statement of the company runs as follows: “To make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation”.
  32. Strategic Brand and Communication Trends
    Numerous start-ups can be regarded as frontiers of the technological development and major drivers of the market as they manage to understand the customer’s needs and flexible enough to respond to them quickly.
  33. The Burberry Brand: Company Profile
    Prior to the arrival of Rose Marie Bravo, Burberry was considered excessively conservative and lacking in strategic vision and the potential to become a luxury brand.
  34. Brand Positioning Understanding
    The first approach, the brand-oriented construct, relies on the identity significance of the brand, which implies that the choice of a positioning strategy is determined by the values, goals, and message of the company.
  35. Evergood Coffee Company: Brand Strategy
    The value is estimated based on the cash flow gained and on the final price of the brand at the end of the lease.
  36. Luxury Brand Beauty
    It is considered that “beauty products appeal to the emotions and customers tend to choose based on the product image,” yet luxury brands, such as Chanel, usually emphasize the quality of cosmetics and the technology […]
  37. Collaborating With Artists in the Luxury Brand Industry
    As the conventional approaches to product development fail to support the concept of exclusivity in the present-day environment, the collaboration of luxury brands with artists comes to the rescue of the very essence of luxury […]
  38. Nike Company as a Globalized Brand Name
    The modern world could be characterized by the significant changes in the structure of the market and the main approaches towards management and development of business.
  39. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.: Corporate Brand Identity
    While the company was one of the lesser-known movie studios in the 1920s, it quickly gained the attention of the wider public.
  40. Oscar de la Renta Brand Awareness and Company Expansion
    Creation of a boutique could present new opportunities to the company such as communicating a clear image of the brand to the customers, raising the profile of the company, opportunity to test the new product, […]

🎓 Writing Prompts about Brand

  1. Chick-fil-A Brand Analysis
  2. AXE Brand’s Environmental Scan
  3. Sandro Fashion Brand
  4. Pierre Cardin Brand Equity and Popularity
  5. Sportmax Shop’s Shopping and Brand Analysis
  6. The Sandro Store in Bloomingdale: Shopping & Brand
  7. Product Service Liability: Tylenol Brand’s Case
  8. Red Bull Brand Maintaining and Enhancing
  9. Accor Group’s Brand Strategy and Position
  10. CrazyTasty Brand in the Ice-Cream Industry
  11. Nura Sound Company Adding a Personality to the Brand
  12. Female Car Buyers: Preferences and Brand Identifying
  13. Farrow & Ball Company: Brand Development
  14. Brand Audit: DXB Entertainments PJSC
  15. Emirates National Oil Company: Corporate Brand Identity
  16. Power Sources for Brand Management
  17. Farrow and Ball Company’s Brand Audit
  18. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Brand and Marketing
  19. Harry Winston Brand’s Strategic Analysis
  20. Cartier Luxury Brand’s Strategic Analysis
  21. Van Cleef & Arpels Brand’s Strategic Analysis
  22. Buccellati Luxury Brand’s Strategic Analysis
  23. Zara Fashion Retailer: Brand Awareness and Loyalty
  24. Kellogg Company’s Brand and Marketing Communication
  25. Kellogg’s Brand Management and Marketing
  26. Brand Jordan Company’s Analysis
  27. The Lululemon Brand Internet Strategies
  28. Etisalat Company’s Brand
  29. ESPN Company: Brand Management Strategies
  30. Marketing and Brand Management Training Journal

✅ Simple & Easy Brand Essay Titles

  1. Merivale Restaurant Brand and Strategies
  2. Fast Fashion Brand Advantages and Risks in Chinese Market
  3. Kahawa Classic New Coffee Brand Marketing Plan
  4. Sprite Company: Brand History
  5. The Product Map of One Luxury Car Brand
  6. Management. Nike: A Globalized Brand
  7. Brand Image and Its Effect on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour
  8. Advertising, Marketing and Brand Management
  9. Medical Economics: Generic vs. Brand Drugs
  10. Generic vs. Brand Medications and Price Elasticity
  11. Kakao Brand Marketing Communication on Facebook
  12. Kakao Brand Marketing and Potential Partnership
  13. Post-Truth Post-Ugly: Brand Communication Campaign
  14. Kakao Brand Advertising
  15. Nike: Brand Equity and Promotional Strategies
  16. Brand-Building Program
  17. Rise on Apache Brand’s Service Recovery
  18. Brand Activism and Green Advertising Relationship
  19. Marriott International: Exploring a Luxury Brand
  20. The Role of Social Media of Consumers on Cars Brand Loyalty
  21. A. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a Brand
  22. Brand Identity Strategy and Imc: Burt’s Bees Case Study
  23. Brand Loyalty as the Ultimate Marketing Goal
  24. “How to Build Support for Brand Marketing” by Sevier
  25. Career in Finance Analysis or Brand Management
  26. Dove as a Brand and Its Evolution
  27. Crest Toothpaste Brand Analysis
  28. Fundamentals of Marketing. Brand Names & Loyalty
  29. Brand Equity for Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks
  30. Global Brand: Titan Industries Limited

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