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The ‘I’ Brand in the Aerospace Sector Essay

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Updated: Jul 23rd, 2020

Mission, Goals, and Objectives

My personal brand concept in the professional space will refer to the aerospace sector. As today the world is developing extremely quickly, many companies occur and enter the same market. They have similar products, which makes them face numerous problems on their way to success. The constant reference to the excellent quality of the products and their unique peculiarities is the best way for the organization to get the winning position and forget about being afraid of losses and yielding to the competitors.

My mission is to bring success to companies. Being an experienced engineer and the leader of the engineering maintenance team, I will help the organizations to deliver the services of high quality to the customers and attract new ones. Trying to promoting the organization by making the performance of my team better and better, I will assist it in problem solving and make the employees confident in the next day.

With my help, the organization will achieve more as I will manage my team realizing the peculiarities of the aerospace sector in Abu Dhabi and find out the best way to prepossess the customers and make them refer to the company each time they need such products. I will also enhance the knowledge of the team and teach them by my own example. I will make sure that the implemented strategies are effective and advantageous, as when getting my MBA, I improve my managerial skills as well (“Aircraft Maintenance Team Lead” par. 2).

Managing such activities, I am not just targeted at revenue gaining; they give meaning to my life, as I have always wanted to work in the aerospace sector. I am not afraid to take reasonable risks, and I am always ready for changes and innovations, as I believe them to be the triggers of success for the whole world.

I have several personal goals in the professional space, and they can be seen as a determination to:

  • Enter a company that wishes to achieve enormous success in its sphere;
  • Join a tight-knit team;
  • Use creativity and provide innovative ideas to enhance not only personal performance but the performance of the whole organization;
  • Improve my time management skills to accomplish all planned activities in time and assess them;
  • Motivate the engineering maintenance team to perform their duties on the higher level;
  • Make decent maintenance records;
  • Maximize production;
  • Implement costs reduction and gather the information about cost maintenance;
  • Reduce the usage of energy;
  • Promote responsibility for healthy environment and safety (Wireman par. 3);

My professional objective is to obtain a full-time position that will allow me to apply my skills to achieve mutual goals and bring the success to the organization. It involves the determination to provide decent technical support to other departments of the organization and its customers working in the aerospace sector, reach the goals set by the company regarding technical performances and make the organization achieve success in this way.

Target Audience

To communicate my brand to the future employees, I need to define the target audience that includes the companies and their representatives who are looking for the employee with my skills. I realize that it is impossible to be targeted at the whole market because, having the limits, I gain an opportunity to show that I am not lost: I know who will need me and where do I want to work eventually. In this way, I determine a dream audience at first: one will appreciate what I do and pay me well, trust my decisions and allow me to be rather independent, etc. Focusing on what I want to get, I can define my target market and companies.

My target audience should include rather large companies located in the UAE as I am not willing to move and want the company to be nearby. I will even limit it to Abu Dhabi. This organization should manage operations in the aerospace sector. On this basis, I can define a particular aerospace manufacturer that meets my demands. It is Global Aerospace Logistics LLC.

In the personal context, this target audience is likely to increase my competitive advantage. The industry that I chose belongs to the sphere that I am interesting in. The targeted organization provides professional aerospace services, which means that I will have an opportunity to show my skills and share them with other employees. I will have a chance to prove that being an MBA student I enhanced my managerial skills and can lead the engineering maintenance team promoting shared vision and improving performance. My personal positive attitudes towards the mentioned spheres make me determined to manage my duties on the highest level.

This passion and my personal characteristics (confidence, enthusiasm, persistence, etc.) will make me the best employee for the company, as I will be directed at constant improvement and will try hand not only for the company but also for myself. However, I also might be too enthusiastic about the work, which will not appeal to my family and friends. The deterioration of relations with them might make me unfocused and frustrated, which is likely to have an adverse influence on my performance. The fact that many experienced individuals are also targeted at these industries is also connected competitive disadvantage of my brand.

When considering the target audience in the professional context, my skills are to be underlined. I have perfect communication skills and can lead and motivate the team, so working in a company with many employees is not a problem. I can easily plan the working process and organize it, and I am used to work under the pressure, which is often needed in the large companies that operate in the chosen industry and have many working teams.

I am able to monitor the performance of the group and identify the drawbacks of the operations. I am a great coordinator and can maintain knowledge to make sure that all activities are properly managed. I also already have an experience of working in the sphere for 6 years, which is considered to be extremely important by the majority of personnel. Still, there are some competitive disadvantages. The chosen company is very popular in the UAE, which makes it more difficult to approach. Still, having my own brand is a competitive advantage, which is likely to give me much more chances to receive the job I really want.

Point of Parity and Point of Difference

Trying to find out whether my brand is competitive and can win the race or not, I should analyze it regarding the things that are necessary to gain the position and those that allow be to distinguish myself.

Points of parity are the key requirements that the targeted audience is searching for. These aspects have all my competitors (very similar if not identical). In the reference to the aerospace sector, they are:

  • Consulting – to share knowledge and take part in decision-making for maintenance technicians;
  • Define work methods, create schedules, prepare reports – to be able to evaluate the work of the team;
  • Perform excellent leadership skills and ability to work in a team – to coordinate knowledge, monitor the performance of the team, counsel employees;
  • Provide technical support, develop maintenance strategies, and optimize the usage of the resources – to reduce the expenditures and provide the team with a kind of guideline that they can use when managing their duties;
  • Support the efficiency of operations and perform skilled operations – to make sure that the members of the team are doing their bets and have no problems;
  • Arrange training for the personnel – to provide the workers with the required knowledge and teach them the most necessary skills that will improve their performance and streamline the working process (“Maintenance Team Lead” 1).

Points of difference are those additional attributes that let me benefit making me a different from other and allowing to show myself to advantage. These are:

  • Innovativeness – to prove that I am a great worker, I can research the field and organizational opportunities to find out what innovations can be made to attract more customers and streamline the operations. I can advise the steps for the potential development of the company for them to be considered by superiors;
  • Fresh vision – being not deeply involved in the operations of this company, I am not influenced by the common ideas that everyone is used to. I can see the problems and opportunities that others cannot mention;
  • Relations with third parties – having good managerial and communicational skills, I can get in touch with other departments, companies, etc., which will be advantageous (“Job Description” 1);
  • Work under pressure and to the deadline – I have got used to working in a rather stressful environment and can organize my work to finish everything before the deadline, which enhances my performance.
  • Attention to details – I always consider the situation not only in general but also in detail, which allows me to find out what improvements are to be made without implementing big unneeded changes.

Cultural Dimensions

According to the Hofstede theory, the cultural dimensions include “individualism-collectivism; uncertainty avoidance; power distance (strength of social hierarchy) and masculinity-femininity (task orientation versus person-orientation)” (Bendell 58). The audience I am targeted at can have different preferences and values, in this perspective. To win the competition and be accepted by the companies that operate in the selected industries, my personal score should be as close to theirs as possible.

The companies that operate in the selected location mostly have the employees from the UAE and the US. As they are different regarding their culture, my brand should be somewhere in the middle. As the employees in the UAE are very linked to the hierarchical order within the organization while those in the US tend to avoid it, I will follow the instructions provided by the superior unless one allows me to act independently.

Individualism is highly valued in the US, but collectivism is preferred in the UAE. Thus, I will work as a team player and try to attract attention to myself not being very independent but originating advantageous and innovative ideas. In the both locations, masculinity and femininity are almost identical that is why I will treat the representatives of both genders equally. In the UAE, there is a tendency to avoid uncertainty while this score is almost 50 in the US (“The Hofstede Centre” par. 1). As the company will be located in the UAE, my brand will refer to its position. Both cultures tend to avoid long-term orientations, so I will be focused on setting short-term targets so that the success of the operations will be seen as soon as possible.

‘I’ Brand Mantra

It is also important for me to design a mantra, the thing that ensures good brand positioning. Mantra should consist of no more than 5 words and be applied to reveal the essence of brand positioning. My brand mantra will be the promise I give to myself and the targeted audience. I believe that the best variant for my brand is “Fresh ideas, Development, Success”. In this way, I underline that my task is to be creative and innovative.

Due to these qualities, I will develop as a professional and will promote the development of the company that hires me. I will make sure that the members of the team do not treat their work as something routine and boring but wish to do their best to achieve our mutual goals. This mantra also points out that the thoughts I have and the decisions I make will bring success to me (making me a desired employee), the team (improving its knowledge, skills and performance) and the organization (promoting its products and bringing more customers).

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