Brand Management Essay Examples and Topics

Saipo The Project Identity

Mission The mission of Saipo Company is to provide people in developing regions with the products of the soap recycling process because of the observed lack of inexpensive hygiene products in many countries globally. Thus, the practical goal of the company’s work is to cooperate with soap producers round the world to recycle the leftover […]

Branding Concept Development

Introduction The concept of brands and branding is not new to the academic and business world. This concept can be traced down to the beginning of civilisation where headers branded their livestock for differentiation purposes (Mukherjee 2013). However, development of major features of modern branding can be traced back to the 16th century when brands […]

Developing a powerful service brand

The main factors that have contributed to Banyan Tree’s success Success of the Banyan Tree was facilitated by a number of factors. To begin with, the company achieved its global exposure through having good pubic relations and effective global marketing programs (Wirtz, 2009). In relation to this, due to its marketing management, the company carried […]

Images of Success and the Prefernce for Luxury Brands

Article Review Mandel Naomi, Petia Petrova and Robert Cialdini. “Images of Success and the Prefernce for Luxury Brands”. Journal of Consumer Pschycology. 16 (2006): 57-69. General Problem Area The allure and desire for luxury brands is a universal urge for all consumers. However, the desire to consume luxury brands by consumers has been in the […]

Performance Management in McDonald’s

Abstract McDonald’s uses employees to create a good picture in the minds of employees, stakeholders, and external customers. This is because they determine the profitability and financial stability of the organization. The organization cannot operate without their support and commitment. The employers have to sustain and monitor the image created in the minds of employees, […]

Brand Audit of Marriott

Introduction Brand auditing is a critical outlook of a brand from different dimensions or perspectives to ensure that it is still relevant in the market, to ensure that the brand is competitive in the market and that it corresponds with emerging technological advancements (Aaker, 350). According to Interbrand (11) when a company changes its strategy […]

Behavioural brand loyalty requires deep attitudinal attachment to the brand

Every company would like to develop and maintain a strong brand. A strong brand name is a marketing tool whose benefits accrues for a lengthy period; these benefits include customer loyalty, positive responses to changes in prices, minimization of marketing risks and offers a chance for brand-extension (Ehrenberg. and Scriven, 1996). Behavioural brand loyalty is […]

Brand management in small and medium enterprises

Introduction Currently, there exists numerous research-works on brand management within larger and established organizations (LOs). Such research in the organizations has dwelt on important aspects that enable the organizations to achieve the goals of brand organization (Berhon, Ewing and Napoli p.1). Nevertheless, on sad note, such extensive and intensive research-work lacks in small and medium […]

Analysis Report of SAMSUNG Branding

Introduction Managers of Samsung appreciate that the company is one of the leading dealers in electronic items globally. At the same time, they acknowledge that the company faces threats. The management has proposed and implemented a number of reforms in their marketing strategy to solve these issues. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Samsung uses market […]

Retail Management in UK

Introduction The fashion and apparel industry in the United Kingdom has experienced steady growth as more customers embrace renown brands such as Ralph Lauren, Nike, and H$M. The fashion industry and Apparel of the UK has an estimated market value of £50 billion. Specifically, this industry is estimated to be growing at an annual rate […]

Blendworth Brand Development Strategies

Introduction Blendworth is one of the international companies that deal with the production and sale of fabrics. The company is in the business of selling high quality fabrics and wall coverings which match the current fashion trends. The company sells products such as; skills, velvet and wall papers (Blendworth 2012). A brand can be regarded […]

Brand Management

Introduction Principle products account for a sizeable percentage of a company’s profits. Companies use various strategies to improve the competitiveness of their products. Branding is one of the major strategies that companies use to improve the competitiveness of their products. Brand recognition makes customers associate with the product.1 Companies may employ several branding strategies. A […]

Brand Management: Toyota Corporation Motors

Introduction In a competitive market, organizations often use brand names to create an image and attract more customers. This makes a brand name a key asset to a company. ther than the main brand, companies introduce extension brands which are referred to as flanker brands. The current paper is an attempt to explore the concept […]

Is Social Media A Useful Tool For Brand Promotion?

Background and need of study The time is going through the era of the Information Technology that changed the regular lives of humankind as well as business by the way of free flow of information and communication and provided the opportunity of e-commerce for the business communities where social media is a powerful tool for […]

Marketing Report of General Mills Canada Corporation

Should General Mills Canada Corporation (GMCC) focus on and continue to invest in the refrigerated baked goods (RBG) category? A business case supporting the argument The performance of RBG in the past two years has not been stellar. The net earnings and volumes of sales between 2004 and 2006 had declined. Further, household penetration has […]

Marketing Communication to Strengthen New Product’s Competitive Position

Introduction The paper describes a marketing communication initiative on a new product aimed at strengthening its competitive position. The product is for Marcomms Suppliers/Service Providers, which has a goal to compete effectively with market leaders in the industry of soaps and detergents. The brief will not only highlight the benefits therein, but also focus on […]

How Does Branding Affect Consumer Purchasing

Introduction Businesses try to use terms, labels, and designs that are distinct from other products produced by their competitors. Branding is an intangible asset for companies. Most of them now realise that a business venture requires branding to succeed. Numerous researches have gone into branding including its effectiveness on consumer choice, effective ways of doing […]

A Advertising Campaign for Boutique Gelato

Introduction Prior to venturing into a certain market, it is vital for a company to formulate an effective strategy. The strategy would help in addressing some of the difficulties that the company would face. Anticipating these problems would improve the stability of the company or product. In addition, the strategy would help in the coordination […]

Brand and Product Management

Introduction According to Naik, Prasad, and Sethi (2008), brand management is an important concept especially when it is applied in the management of fast moving consumer goods. This paper discusses brand management in the fast moving consumer goods within the Australian market. The paper reports on brand management exercises of two brands from a single […]

Importance of Brand Awareness: a Comparative Study

Introduction The ability of consumers to identify, describe and differentiate a specific brand from its competition is at the center of all branding initiatives carried out by different branding managers as they try to improve their brand awareness levels. This paper shall set out to discuss the importance of brand awareness by conducting a case […]

SWOT Analysis Swatch Group

Strength In 2010, the Swatch Group has managed to introduce $ 10 billion of sales through presentation of 19 brands meeting the demands of the established market segments (Deshpander et al. 3). In addition, the company’s success was due to the revival of famous brand Omega confronting Rolex. Finally, introducing advanced Co-Axial technologies has allowed […]

Branding a Commodity

Introduction Marketing entails a process by means of which product and consumer are bridged. The actual process of delivering goods and services to consumers involves production, representation, and consumption stages. It is important to know that marketing strategies depend largely on the type of products to be promoted to the market (Keller 2008). In this […]

Red bull-Building Brand Equity in Non-Traditional Ways

Red-Bull and its recent developments Red-Bull has broken new ground of energy drinks category all over the world. It became an example of the success story in the soft drink and beverages industry. The brand first tested in 1984 and later launched into the market in 1987. It was during this time that the iconic […]

Fragrance Wonderstruck

Situation Analysis / Current Marketing Mix Current Product The new fragrance Wonderstruck was launched in the middle of 2011. The famous singer and actress Taylor Swift launched her first perfume in collaboration with the world famous cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden.1 In press the scent is depicted as follows a gourmand floral… a charming and sparkling surprise […]

Microenvironment Forces Facing the Luxury Brand Industry

There are many micro environmental forces affecting the luxury brand industry, and these include customers. Customers tend to come from different places hence inhabiting different characteristics and behaviors regarding spending. Depending on how they raise their incomes, consumers tend to spend in different ways. For instance, people with high incomes tend to purchase quality products […]

The purpose of Fournier’s

The purpose of Fournier’s article is to assess how a brand in the consumer products category exhibits the relational phenomenon since there have been several empirical studies carried out on the subject. The author of the article is in favor of there being the relationship theory in the consumer brand domain so that validity of […]

UK Juicers’ Brand Strategy

Introduction A brand refers to the entire experience customers have with the company and this refers to how they perceive the company products, how they will respond to changes in product features, introduction of new products, what the company says and delivers, its believes on what it can deliver to customers and above all the […]

Branding Theory

Introduction Arvidsson (81) posits that “Contemporary brand management presupposes that the value of the brands does not primarily derive from qualities of the products that wear their mark. It is something else. The brand resides at the social or even spiritual level”. In this paper, what is discussed is largely in agreement with him. Nonetheless, […]

Marketing Literature Review-Brand Extension

Introduction Organizations engage in brand extension as a way to differentiate their brands and gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Many organizations that have been successful in brand extension have managed to become market leaders, thus beating the competition; a good example is Coca Cola Company. However, brand extension is not a decision to […]

Marketing blog: Brand management

Marketing research is closely related to brand management in various ways. For instance, managing agencies that deal with advertising and media, brand positioning, and brand architecture are part and parcel of the key operations that are usually executed during marketing research. When a particular brand is well managed, it becomes quite easy for the targeted […]

Marketing Report of a Fashion Brand

Introduction Yota fashion an organization that deals with textiles and clothing of individuals of all ages. Owing to increased competition, marketers are struggling to expand market share and boost sales of Yota fashion. According to Kotler (2001), marketers should be creative and persuasive so that they do not only increase consumer awareness, but also increase […]

Branding Analysis

Introduction Branding is one of the most essential aspects of modern business environment. Consumers link the majority of products with a logo, statement, color or a given shape. Branding enables the consumers to indentify the product through that sign or symbol. It is based on creating a unique feeling among the customers and it helps […]

Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis are terms used to describe a statistical tool that marketing researchers use to assess the value consumers attach to different features of a service or product. In marketing, conjoint studies are normally carried out to determine the combination of features of a certain service or product that are likely to have the most […]

Build a Brand out of Yourself: Tips for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you are a small businessperson. As such, you have a product to sell, which is usually yourself. You, as a product, deserve and need to be perceived as a brand just as surely as a multinational corporation does. How can you create this perception? Let’s examine some of the elements of the […]

Promotional Effort of Rolex

Executive Summary The essay is an exposition into the promotional efforts of Rolex. Rolex sells high-end products in high-end market. The aim of the essay is to understand the marketing strategy of Rolex and look into the company’s latest promotional campaign. The essay also identifies the segmentation strategy of Rolex and its target customers. The […]

Literature Review on Branding in Electronic Industry

Introduction Branding is regarded as a process of assigning a specific differential name to a product for the reason of differentiating the product from competitive products of similar characteristics (Meenakshisundaram 2006). Visual interpretation is an important element in branding. This means that design also plays an important role in branding. Thus, it is obvious that […]

Brand Building and Consumer Decision Making

The consumer attitude to the Pink brand has proven to be higher than positive, and it is necessary to track the peculiarities of its formation in order to make some feasible conclusions about the secret of Pink’s success in the market, both as a part of the Victoria’s Secret brand, and separately, as a cute, […]

Social Influence on Marketing and selling

Introduction Social influence in marketing is a new concept that has emerged especially with the advent of the internet and the creation of social networking sites such as Twitter, Myspace and Facebook. People in these online groups are able to influence one another through peer pressure, personal experiences, reciprocity or flattery which has led to […]

The Corporate-Level Strategies Used By Hp and Dell to Strengthen Their Multi-business Models

The merger between HP and Compaq elicited several issues. Indicatively, there are critical lessons about corporate strategy that can be learnt from this merger. The acquisition was unique from other dominant mergers that have occurred in the recent past. The stock market played a crucial role in the acquisition process. This strategy enabled HP to […]

Collaborative Autonomy

The team’s main project will involve branding a product. The product is a jewelry line that was previously being made in a local cottage industry. Following the success the jeweler had among the local community, she now wants to brand her products. This branding will be followed by a marketing campaign. The jeweler has contracted […]

Influence of Design Element on Brand Experience

Introduction The symbols, names, designs, terms, or other aspects that identify good or service from a seller as unique from those of different sellers denote “a brand”. Brand experience underscores sensations, cognitions, emotions, and behavioural reactions induced by brand-associated stimuli that are components of identity and design of a brand, wrapping, communications, and surroundings (Neumeier, […]

Combining visual and sound to enhance Brand Experience

Introduction Nowadays, there are too many similar products in the same market. Hence, competition is high in the contemporary market. Besides, for some products, it is hard for customers to determine the right products to use since a majority of the customers do not have any outstanding popular brand. For any business or company to […]

A Designer Range

Visuals Source: Source: Source: Background Selfridges is a UK-based department store renowned for it’s superior retail offerings. It is in three key areas within the country; London, Manchester and Birmingham with two stores in Manchester. Customers can find the company’s stores at Oxford Street, Trafford Centre, Exchange Square and Birmingham respectively. Additionally, […]

The Range of Data Needed to Be Collected

Trying to understand which Smartphone brand and model is the most popular among students, and why this specific brand and model is the most popular, it is essential to conduct a research applying to the questionnaire. The questionnaire should contain the questions which are essential for the research and some particular questions which may help […]

Walsh, Winterich and Mittal

Summary Walsh, Winterich and Mittal (2010) wanted to find out whether logo redesigning help or hurt the brand or attitude towards it. They wanted to determine its effect on brand commitment. They defined a logo as a graphic representation of a brand that acted in such a way as to trigger the memory of the […]

What makes a Fashion Retail Brand, and One That Can Be Trusted: Zara?

What makes a brand? A company’s product or service is identified by specific qualities such as sign, symbol or name among others. The most valuable element of a product or service is its brand since it is used in advertising to show what is offered in the market. A brand is therefore a representative of […]

Market Segmentation and Branding

Executive Summary This report entails a comprehensive analysis of the concept of market segmentation. In the report, the researcher is aimed at developing a concrete understanding of how business organizations undertake market segmentation. Additionally, the report also involves an evaluation of how organizations apply branding in their operation. The report is organized into two parts. […]

Finding the right employees

Furphy explains that many businesses have a problem in finding the right employees for their businesses and keeping the employees motivated to perform their work. It is common knowledge that unless employees are motivated they will not be able to perform to the expectations of the employer. Trampoline Gelato chain wanted to establish a new […]

Assessing Quality of the Products and Services

Products and services have a collection of features that enable a customer to rate quality of the goods and services for satisfaction. The views to determine the overall quality of product and service include product design, services delivery, and the overall process of delivering product or services. This paper focuses on assessing product and service […]

New product: Laptop assembling machinery Nokia Corporation

When undertaking a capital investment, a company needs to be keen on the project to ensure that the project will be successful and to the benefit of the company. In the case of Nokia Corporation, adopting a laptop assembling machinery will assist the company make laptops with are fast selling in modern technology driven environment. […]

Today’s Business Trends

Introduction Today’s business environment is highly dynamic and volatile. How business used to go about business yesterday is not as the same as today and neither do we have the luxury to assume that the future will be as the same as today (Boone 2010). Everyday there are new trends emerging in the business world […]

FRESH Company’s Promotional Campaign Strategy

Introduction The past one year has seen FRESH Company become seriously dedicated to laying solid business foundation in readiness to rolling out its new product line. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s broad based marketing as well as sales of its juice products. Promotional Campaign Strategy The company’s promotional campaigns […]

Product Mapping

Introduction Brands have a significant impact on an individual’s purchasing decision. Product brands can be considered to be culturally-based symbols with differing advantages associated to them. Currently, the automobile industry is characterized by a high degree of competitiveness (Gorman 2). One of the reasons for the intense competition is the large number of brands within […]

Porter’s Five Forces Model for Cosmetics Industry Analysis Example

Cosmetic retail is quite developed industry. However, every industry has its peculiarities, which are sometimes hard to understand. Thus, in order to better understand the context in which this or that the company operates, it is crucial to use Michael Porter’s Five-Forces Model. As stated by Berger, this framework “considers the five competitive forces that […]

Brand consumption in the UAE

The cotemporary world is witnessed by increased advancement in technology as well as in the business arena. Subsequently, these developments have resulted to emergence of various products from different companies that highly compete with each other. To overcome the stiff competition, firms are using diverse marketing techniques to position their products strategically. Competing firms adapt […]

Branding as a Significant Business Strategy

Executive Summary According to economists and business analysts, the ability of a product to sell or to attract a higher clientele depends mainly on how it is packaged, marketed and advertised to the potential market segment. As such, it is always important to select a name and a presentation technique that will motivate the consumers […]

Understand buying trends and the psychology of consumer behavior

Public Relations Down St Restaurant has been identified to aid in the analysis of the public relation concepts. It is noteworthy that the restaurant is located in New York City. Public relation ideologies revolve around exploring restaurant as illustrated by goods and processes. It is the creation of consciousness to convince potential clientele why the […]