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Brand Management Essay Examples and Topics

Sunsilk Strategy in the US Market

According to the ICMR report, the main purpose of Unilever to launch this brand in the US was to offer shampoo, creams, and other related products to minimize simple hair problems, for instance, it offered [...]

Oprah’s Website: Marketing Branding Case

First of all, there is a possibility to enroll in quite a few of Oprah Winfrey's life classes that are divided into categories and may be helpful to a variety of people who are looking [...]

Lack of Stability of Positive Behavioral Responses

The authors of the article base their study on previous research on the positive attitudinal response in time relation to the usage of a brand and researches that proved the lack of stability of positive [...]

Merivale Restaurant Brand and Strategies

It seems to be so easy to convince the visitors of the website to pay attention to Merivale with the chosen brand and strategy because the vast majority of customers do not like limitations set [...]

Zodiac Cosmetics Company’s Global Media Management

For the cosmetics industry, this means that customers have a certain "limit" to the amount they are willing to pay on a particular type of makeup based on the prices that the company has allotted [...]

Burberry: Global Branding Challenges and Strategies

People desired to dress like the upper class in the quest to create a sense of belonging to that class, and since the Burberry brand was a lucrative item for the upper and middle classes, [...]

ESPN Company: Brand Management Strategies

ESPN focuses on selling integrated sporting activities that mainly focus on enhancing the quality and reliable sports entrainment avenues to its customers.

Kellogg’s Brand Management and Marketing

When we speak of a brand's personality, we are describing the way a brand expresses and represents itself. Brand personality entails past impressions of a product in the mind of a consumer1.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Brand and Marketing

Since then, the franchise has grown in leaps and bounds becoming the oldest and the largest privately owned and family run coffee and tea company in the United States and one of the largest businesses [...]

Farrow and Ball Company’s Brand Audit

Farrow and Ball is a British company that manufactures and sells a variety of paints and wallpapers. Evolution and development is also a vital component of the brand, which is demonstrated by the stylistic changes [...]

Power Sources for Brand Management

Legitimate power refers to the status assigned to managers that give them the power to assign tasks to employees and ensure that they comply.

Brand Audit: DXB Entertainments PJSC

The strength of this company lies in the diversity of the products it offers to its customers. The strategic location of the park in the city of Dubai is the strength of this company.

Farrow & Ball Company: Brand Development

Taking the existing characteristics of the company into account, one possible option for growth is to open new markets in other regions and improve the international presence of the brand.

Female Car Buyers: Preferences and Brand Identifying

The article, Identifying the Preferences and Brand Choices of Female Customers for Cars: A Study Conducted in Muscat Region, of Sultanate of Oman, is basically a summary of primary research conducted in the region of [...]

Nura Sound Company Adding a Personality to the Brand

Therefore, to enter the target segment of the global economy, Nura will need to create a strong brand strategy by establishing its brand name and cementing its image as a company offering innovative sound technology [...]

Accor Group’s Brand Strategy and Position

The paper explains that, while striving for a favorable position in the market, the company used mergers and acquisitions, as well as organic growth, to increase its global outreach. Thus, the re-brand strategy of Accor [...]

Red Bull Brand Maintaining and Enhancing

The perception held by the customers on the pre existing brand is the most significant determinant of whether the new brand will succeed in the market or not.

Pierre Cardin Brand Equity and Popularity

Brand equity, according to Johansson and Carlson, refers to the commercial value of a given brand name that is directly attributed to the popularity of the brand other than the value of the product.

Oscar de la Renta Brand Awareness and Company Expansion

Creation of a boutique could present new opportunities to the company such as communicating a clear image of the brand to the customers, raising the profile of the company, opportunity to test the new product, [...]

Nike Company as a Globalized Brand Name

The modern world could be characterized by the significant changes in the structure of the market and the main approaches towards management and development of business.

Social Media Usage in Business Environment

An efficient use of social media in a business environment is crucial to the productivity and viability of an enterprise as social interactions influence purchasing behavior and the overall commercial intentions of buyers.

Brand Positioning Understanding

The first approach, the brand-oriented construct, relies on the identity significance of the brand, which implies that the choice of a positioning strategy is determined by the values, goals, and message of the company.

Stanford Medical Center’s Branding Issue

To use SMC's brand, the Vietnamese government will need not only to train the staff of the medical facility appropriately under the supervision of the personnel from SMC but also to report various issues, including [...]

Kering Company’s Retail Strategy Principles

Nonetheless, an assessment of the company's brand presentation shows that it is true to its luxury brand appeal. For example, according to the company's 2016 financial report, its luxury, sports, and lifestyle segments have reported [...]

Gucci Brand History and Development

The positioning of the brand was the combination of aristocratic esthetics and Italian craftsmanship. The emergence of Gucci was originally associated with the need for a luxury brand in Tuscany.

Starbucks’ Brand Evolution and Redesign

Tools and methods have to be applied to change the behavior of the brand that would allow making service decisions that put the customer in the center of brand experience.

Personal Brand and Career Development

The "I" brand concept suggests that the potential job candidate and career builders approach themselves as marketed goods and attempt to turn their own sets of skills and personalities into goods, wanted and attractive to [...]

The ‘I’ Brand in the Aerospace Sector

With my help, the organization will achieve more as I will manage my team realizing the peculiarities of the aerospace sector in Abu Dhabi and find out the best way to prepossess the customers and [...]

The “I” Brand, Its Mission and Audience

Although the professional analysis of the target audience and the following identification of the business counseling needs that they have are crucial to the success of the project and the development of the brand in [...]

I-Bank Brand Goals, Audience, Cultural Dimensions

Thus, one suggests that the appearance of I-Bank, the key mission of which is to create a positive environment for the development of national entrepreneurship, is the right decision to fit the social demand.

Plaza Home Health Services Brand Management

In the end, the conclusions are drawn based on the analyses, which are conducted in this essay to determine the efficiency of the marketing strategy while building the brand image of Plaza Home Health Services.

The Eileen Fisher Brand Repositioning

If the company uses its current brand, it would not capture most customers in the new segment because the customers would think that the same clothes for the old persons are being promoted. In addition, [...]

Seville’s Branding Strategy: Alma Sevilla Hotel’s Case

Reflecting on the above, the author established that the usefulness of tourism and the increased entry of new destination markets have forced all destinations to compete by emulating at global levels to win on the [...]

General Motors Company’s Recalls Issue

Under these conditions, it is vital to analyze the issue of recalls in terms of the functioning of General Motors Company to understand the main aspects of the issue better.

Online Reputation Management and Its Impact on Business

While a section of scholars believes that reputation cannot be directed and controlled, most believe that it is an integral part of a business and must be managed. It is the responsibility of the company [...]

Financial Times Newspaper Brand Marketing

The Financial Times is a British newspaper that is published in London that primarily focuses on the financial market in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Autism Expressed: Branding Strategy and Marketing

The promise that the brand offers to the public should be in line with the desires of the clients. This firm will need to prepare this branding strategy in a way that will meet its [...]

Brand Management: Labeling Kern County Almonds

The packaging of the almonds can be designed using an attractive phrase containing alluring words such as 'Kern County almonds, truly raw almonds, never pasteurized'; the phrase can make the product look more attractive and [...]

The New Application “Stop Texting and Driving App”

The application installed in the driver's smartphone will disable every function when the vehicle is in motion. The device and the application have more features in order to reduce the rate of having an accident.

Saipo The Project Identity

The mission of Saipo Company is to provide people in developing regions with the products of the soap recycling process because of the observed lack of inexpensive hygiene products in many countries globally.

Branding Concept Development

These are some of the few factors that resulted in the demise of Myspace and, on the other hand, led to the growth of Facebook as the leading social media website.

Developing a powerful service brand

In relation to this, the Banyan Tree was one of the first entities to venture to fill the gaps that had been created by the giant chains, such as Hilton.

Images of Success and the Prefernce for Luxury Brands

The aforementioned forms the basis of why the article hypothesises that the effects of depictions of success on consumers' expectations of success and product preference are always to be mediated by how a consumer imagines [...]

Performance Management in McDonald’s

The publishing of the term McJobs in the dictionaries stimulated the need for McDonald's to redefine its image through concentration on branding of employees.

Brand Audit of Marriott

Brand auditing is a critical outlook of a brand from different dimensions or perspectives to ensure that it is still relevant in the market, to ensure that the brand is competitive in the market and [...]

Brand management in small and medium enterprises

The problem of branding in majority of SME arise from the fact that numerous problems in the organization are spiced and motivated by lack of marketing expertise in the organization and due to existence of [...]

Analysis Report of SAMSUNG Branding

Managers of Samsung appreciate that the company is one of the leading dealers in electronic items globally. The rich are highly loyal to the brand.

Retail Management in UK

In addition, adoption of efficient and reliable technology in the marketing of these products has positively skewed the market to the advantage of these three retail giants.

Blendworth Brand Development Strategies

The project hopes to create awareness among the consumers of the company's products, improve the company's competitive advantages, differentiate a company's product from others and create a connection between the company and the customer.

Brand Management

This is because flanker brands increase the number of brands of a company. A company should consider the profitability of flanker brands prior to their launch.

Brand Management: Toyota Corporation Motors

Therefore, a flanker brand is basically a new product that is introduced into the market by a company in a specific market segment in adding up to the existing brand.

Is Social Media A Useful Tool For Brand Promotion?

The social medias are the new experience to connect people from all over the world through online presence, it turned into a charismatic feature of the marketing mix by modernising the technique of the companies [...]

Marketing Report of General Mills Canada Corporation

Guillen must focus on increasing the rate of purchase The company must sale to lapsed users Increasing the volumes of sales at every purchase occasion It must develop new strategies to attract non-users He must [...]

How Does Branding Affect Consumer Purchasing

He concluded that the choice made by consumers on the purchase of a product is dependent on the branding. Branding is the designation of terms, labels, and designs that are unique to a product.

Brand and Product Management

The quicker the brand awareness is executed for FMCGs, the higher the chances of the goods of a firm to attain significant sales in the market.

Importance of Brand Awareness: a Comparative Study

This shall be done by highlighting the importance of brand awareness, comparing the breadth and depth of brand awareness for the chosen products and analyzing the results from the survey conducted in a bid to [...]

SWOT Analysis Swatch Group

Focus on brand development, on the one hand, might lead to the loss of certain consumers due to the inability of the producers to predict the needs and preferences.

Branding a Commodity

Unlike the production of FMCGs, the horticultural goods depend largely on place of production and, as a result, the terms of delivery would affect the cost-effectiveness of the product.

Red bull-Building Brand Equity in Non-Traditional Ways

In the can, there are the 'energy drink' catchphrase and the Red-Bull insignia which symbolizes its exclusivity to the consumers. The two colliding bulls denote the vigor and might that Red Bull gives to its [...]

Fragrance Wonderstruck

The abundance of places where the product can be bought is due to one of the major characteristics of the product.

Microenvironment Forces Facing the Luxury Brand Industry

This has led to the increase in the number of young people involved in purchasing of luxurious brands. This has led to increase in purchasing of expensive luxurious products because young people want to make [...]

The purpose of Fournier’s

The author of the article is in favor of there being the relationship theory in the consumer brand domain so that validity of the relationship is proven.

UK Juicers’ Brand Strategy

A brand refers to the entire experience customers have with the company and this refers to how they perceive the company products, how they will respond to changes in product features, introduction of new products, [...]

Branding Theory

Brand Meaning A brand is conventionally known to refer to a slogan, symbol or name or sign that a product, organization or corporation is known by.

Marketing Literature Review-Brand Extension

Another definition of a brand is that it refers to the monetary value of a brand that comes as a result of loyalty and goodwill created in customers this definition is limiting in that id [...]

Marketing blog: Brand management

For instance, the touch points of the brand recognized by customers and the brand experience of the targeted market should be consistent with advertisements.

Marketing Report of a Fashion Brand

Therefore, Yota fashion needs to be alert and conscious so that it remains in the market and produce designs that are in line with the interests of diverse customers.

Branding Analysis

The brand chosen for the current paper is Tiger Woods who is one of the most successful golfers in the world.

Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis are terms used to describe a statistical tool that marketing researchers use to assess the value consumers attach to different features of a service or product.

Promotional Effort of Rolex

The aim of the essay is to understand the marketing strategy of Rolex and look into the company's latest promotional campaign.

Literature Review on Branding in Electronic Industry

The strategies for brand development require the organization to do extensive research of the market so as to reach the target audience and subsequently increase the volume of the product in the market. Role of [...]

Brand Building and Consumer Decision Making

The consumer attitude to the Pink brand has proven to be higher than positive, and it is necessary to track the peculiarities of its formation in order to make some feasible conclusions about the secret [...]

Collaborative Autonomy

For this collaborative project to be successful, all members of the team need to commit themselves to this project in the course of the next one month.

Influence of Design Element on Brand Experience

This paper will discover the resemblances between branding disciplines and design standards and to give insight into the manner in which the experience of a brand is influenced by its design.

A Designer Range

In essence, the company is one of the most profitable retail brands in the UK. The demographic appeal of the firm is large as it stocks some of the widest varieties of designer brands.

The Range of Data Needed to Be Collected

Trying to understand which Smartphone brand and model is the most popular among students, and why this specific brand and model is the most popular, it is essential to conduct a research applying to the [...]

Walsh, Winterich and Mittal

They also examined the effects that the magnitude of change in the design of the logo had to the level of commitment by the consumers to the brand.

Market Segmentation and Branding

Understand the expectations of the target audience For a firm's products and services to be successful in the market, they must meet the customers' expectations.

Finding the right employees

Some people who are the owners of the companies use their own names in designing the brand but since Furphy was not the owner of the company, he opted to use community- style marketing.

Today’s Business Trends

Therefore, research, planning and strategy has become a key pillar for such industries, and it is therefore no longer business as usual, because it is the company which has the most superior strategies and planning [...]

FRESH Company’s Promotional Campaign Strategy

The new line of products should have been developed to improve the company's current products in the market as well as to bridge the quality and health gaps created by the present similar products in [...]

Product Mapping

One of the reasons for the intense competition is the large number of brands within the industry. The close position of BMW to Porsche indicates that consumers consider the two brands to be similar in [...]

Brand Consumption in the UAE

People in the United Arabs Emirates consume luxuries products from strong brands to show off their wealth, but not because they are of better qualities.
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