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86 General Motors Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best General Motors Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. General Motors Corporation Pricing Strategies
    Denoted as GM, the company suffered severely following the economic crunch that hit US and the world as a whole.1. Pricing objectives are the targets that a company intends to attain through pricing.
  2. Management and Leadership in Case of General Motors Company
    GM’s management endeavors to inculcate in its employees an organizational culture that merges individual values with the organization’s values under the collective rules which the organization operates.
  3. General Motors: Acting Strategically
    Economic factors: According to the report of Reuters, GM experienced economic hardship due to the influence of bankruptcy in the fiscal year 2008 and 2009, but it enjoyed exceptional success in the year 2010, for […]
  4. General Motors: From Birth to Bankruptcy
    Strengths experienced by General Motors One of the strengths that the General Motors Company had was an advantage over some of its competitors with respect to the variety of products that it had been offering […]
  5. Financial Problems at GM: One of the Largest Automakers in the World
    According to the vice president and the GM global community Tom Kowaleski, the amount is a lot of money and the competitors can take the advantage and reduce the prices of the cars without the […]
  6. Holden General Motors Analysis
    There was a decline in the company’s progress in the 2000s and in 2003, Holden General Motors was not in a position to secure the first position in terms of sales in Australia and the […]
  7. General Motors case in 2009
    The management team that the company employs has wide experience in the sector, they well understand the trends of the market and with the understanding they are able to responds to different issues in the […]
  8. General Motors: Branding of Saturn
    However, the sudden mushrooming of the company in the market began to be bound by the shrinking in sales, even with the introduction of a series of other new brands of cars in the market.
  9. Three Firms: Cisco, General Motors, Avon
    From 2008, the company had to cope with the worst financial crisis and credit market in the history of the world.
  10. General Motors: What Limits Its Growth?
    One of the vital business processes that resulted in the constrained growth of General Motors was the fact that it lagged behind in technology because it had not embraced the modern market gists.
  11. General Motors Company
    The Board of Directors, who makes important decisions that affect the running of the activities of the automotive corporation, manages the company.
  12. SWOT Analysis of GM: The Second Leading Auto Producer in the World
    This makes it easier for it to penetrate the market; furthermore, the company has other brand and subsidiaries worldwide. The company has a chance to improve on its current status in the market.
  13. The analysis of General Motors Company
    Below is the analysis of General Motors Company and its competitors in the automobile industry. 42 N/A 0.79 0.93 0.
  14. General Motors – Outsourcing HR
    In its basic sense, outsourcing HR means employing the services of an external agency in the recruitment and selection of candidates on behalf of the internal HR department of an organization.
  15. GM Executive Summary: Major Markets for GM Brands
    This offer in addition to the looks and styles of the five brands of GM increased the number of sales, and GM eventually overtook Ford from the number one spot.
  16. Capstone: General Motors Company
    As the official company’s statement says, the company’s leaders put a strong emphasis on the company’s policy of expansion into the global market and the fact that GM is a multinational corporation.
  17. The mission statements of Toyota Corporation and General Motors
    Mission Statement of Toyota Corporation Although Toyota Corporation is one of the most successful vehicle producers in the world, the mission statement of this company seems to be quite straightforward than many other multinational corporations; […]
  18. Business Cost production and how it affects its various operations-General Motors (GM)
    Despite the high costs of production and the economic crisis experienced by numerous organizations, the company sets the prices of its commodities competitively in order to remain relevant and competitive in the market.
  19. General Motors as Multinational Organization
    A case study of General Motors is given as a good example to show how the culture of the business management, misunderstanding and cultural differences in the factories overseas caused the failures of the automobile […]
  20. General Motors Conservation Measures
    One of the strategies that the company uses is corporate social responsibilities practices to create awareness in the world market of its products existence.
  21. History of General Motors
    In 1955, General Motors became the first company to remit the highest levies in the United States. Indeed, it is hard for one to identify General Motors’ brand in the market.
  22. General Motors and Global Market
    In this paper, the researcher will analyze the role of the leadership of this firm in managing this geo-political turmoil in the region.
  23. BMW and GM Corporate Social Responsibility
    This encompasses not only in the way in which it sells its products but the manner in which it manufacturers them and how it addresses the long term impact of the company’s operations on society […]
  24. General Motors Product Development
    The success of General Motors is credited to its effective leadership. The leadership has helped General Motors to abolish bureaucracy and encourage innovation.
  25. General Motors Company Executive Decision Making
    The senior management in the decentralized organizational structure of GM has, over time, been detached from the interests of the lower groups.
  26. General Motors Company Ethical Issues
    Overall, the basis of this issue is the unwillingness of the management to consider the interests of the main stakeholders who can affect the performance of this corporation.
  27. General Motors Company: Improving Group Productivity
    The company employs thousands of workers and technicians from different parts of the globe. The leaders at the company focus on the best practices and initiatives in order to achieve the best goals.
  28. Holden General Motors Company’s Operations
    The demand for automobiles in the 21st Century underscores the substantial need for the industry’s growth in a bid to satisfy the market.
  29. GM Motors Company Effective Management
    Due to the fact that GM Motors recorded better sales in China than in the US, it is important for the company to use a strategy that would result in long-term trends of success in […]
  30. General Motors Company’s Global Strategy in China
    This relates to the business provisions and other political restrictions that the business might face in the foreign territory. This has forced GM to enact managerial practices that will adopt and embrace the legal requirements […]
  31. If Aristotle Ran General Motors: Moral Perspective
    In the current paper, the author will extrapolate on what Morris is saying and analyze the impacts of the arguments on the workplace.
  32. General Motors Company: Production-Increasing Tools
    More efficient software was developed to aid in the analysis of the data that was collected through the use of the C-MORE model.

💡 Most Interesting General Motors Topics to Write about

  1. General Motors Company’s Recalls Issue
    Under these conditions, it is vital to analyze the issue of recalls in terms of the functioning of General Motors Company to understand the main aspects of the issue better.
  2. General Motors’ Recalls: Car Owners Survey
    There is no use denying the fact that the issue of recalls and its influence on the image of a company is closely connected with the feelings and emotions of customers.
  3. General Motors Company’s Multinational Management
    This is the subject of this paper; this paper examines the leadership traits that can role-model the right behaviors within the environment of a multinational company operating in at least three countries.
  4. General Motors: 4 Frames and 8 Stages of Change
    The HR department must support a culture change in GM, but it must let employees and leaders to drive the change.
  5. General Motors and Toyota Companies’ Lean Cultural Shift
    For the case of GM and Toyota collaboration, the culture change was associated with redefining the concept of problems. Another key concept of the lean transformation is continuous flow production.
  6. General Motors’ Recalls and Lean Improvement
    This is the case because such recalls might affect the performance and profitability of the company in the future. The ultimate goal of the manufacturing process should be to support the needs of the targeted […]
  7. General Motors Company in China
    The beginning of the new millennium became one of the dark moments in the history of GM. The key to success was the stake made by the joint venture on the design and production of […]
  8. General Motors Company: Investment Opportunities
    In other words, GM is a company with innovative products and technologies with huge potential to change significant fractions of the economy and improve the US economic growth for many decades.
  9. General Motors and Elio Motors: M&A Strategies
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze two companies selected from one industry and evaluate their merger and acquisition strategy, the impact of five forces of competition, and corporate governance mechanisms based on the […]
  10. General Motors Company: Organizational Culture and Strengths
    As stated in one of the articles, due to the culture of silence that prevailed in the company from 2000 to 2014, the company was unable to identify the problem and struggled to resolve it […]
  11. General Motors Company in the Automotive Industry
    The goal of the report is to provide a review of the automotive industry and shed light on the changes that have occurred it over the past few years.
  12. General Motors Company’s Fuel Cell Technology
    An alternative approach to the future customer obtaining the needed fuel for the prototype vehicle will be achieved by the development of a gas station that will have electrolysis interface or reformers to provide the […]
  13. General Motors Company’s Organizational Structure
    The organizational structure of an entity is a critical aspect of management. In Europe, the GM subsidiary now adopts this structure to complement the overall structure of the organization.
  14. IKEA and General Motors Companies’ Operation Management
    In operation management, the bottleneck is the process or the particular phase that has the lowest capacity. Capacity planning is the process that aims at the identification of the product availability that is necessary to […]
  15. General Motors Company’s Strategic Planning
    By modifying the mission statement of GM, one can state that the firm emphasizes both the internal and external culture of the relationships between people and the company’s products and strives to improve it.
  16. Mary Barra’s Leadership at General Motors
    Her inclusive leadership style values the input of each employee and it has led to the creation of highly effective work teams that have propelled GM to the top of the automotive industry.
  17. “Ford and GM Take a Hit in China” by Xu Elegant
    The critical review of the given article reveals that the author lacks an objective presentation of the decline in the Chinese automobile market.
  18. Business Communication: Newsletters by Jaguar and General Motors
    The layout is good because it helps a reader to follow the main idea of the e-newsletter and understand the main trends and strategies of the company.
  19. General Motors and IBM as Successful Companies
    Ron Glover, IBM’s president of global workforce diversity, says that having Global Workforce Diversity is a cornerstone for the company that puts it in its own league.
  20. General Motors Business Cycle
    57 in years 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively while the industrial average is 0.85:1. The figures show that performance is lower in 2007 than in 2006 and the performance ratio is 0.
  21. General Motors: Strategic Marketing
    The share price for the General Motors, which is America’s biggest carmaker, had gone a lot below the standard $10 that had been maintained by the corporation for a long time now; the reorganizing of […]
  22. International Business Issues in General Motors
    General Motors wants to change the previous perception of the company in the market as a dull and of poor quality manufacturer.
  23. Toyota and General Motors in 2008-2009
    GM’s foreign production increases the export of components and the saturation and diffusion of the company brand: the fact of this high export ratio demonstrates that the FDI does not reduce employment in the home […]
  24. GM: Managing Global Systems, Use of Competitive Forces
    The enormous size of the company and inability to connect all constituent parts of the automobile production was one of the main reasons for failure in competition with main rivals. It is concerned with the […]
  25. General Motors Company Analysis: Globalization and Foreign Operations
    According to the annual report of GM, there has been in-vehicle sales in the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, and has reduced in North America and Europe.
  26. General Motors Ltd.: Product Creativity
    This will be a big boost not only to the firm itself but also to the stakeholders in the bus industry.
  27. Innovation in General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft
    HP has embraced the use of disruptive innovation to break with its past and come up with new technologies and processes to enhance the value that its customers get from its products.
  28. Supply Chain Metrics: General Motors Company
    The supply chain system of the company also failed to follow up on the special orders that the informed customers placed on the market, causing delay in deliveries.
  29. Privacy at Work General Motors: Dating or Sexuality
    However, the admission of this fact has put the company in a challenging situation with regard to ethical and compliance codes of conduct.
  30. Chrysler and General Motors Bankruptcy
    The September eleventh attack of the US by the terrorists added to the woes of GM by driving its incentives to the ground.
  31. Ross Perot and General Motors Case
    Ross Perot showed his worth as a talented leader and fighter for the rights of his employees; he never agreed to sacrifice their interests even for the welfare of the company he owned and insisted […]

🥇 Good Research Topics about General Motors Company

  1. A Business Analysis of General Motors, a Vehicle Manufacturing Company
  2. A Comparative Analysis of Toyota and General Motors
  3. A Comparison of General Motors and Ford Motor
  4. Chevrolet All the Way How General Motors Has Tried to Build the Chevrolet Brand in India
  5. An Analysis of Volkswagen and General Motors in Today’s Market, Production Strategy
  6. A Fundamental Analysis of General Motors Corporation
  7. Describe The Differences In Production Methods Of Toyota (Lean) And General Motors (Mass) And How The Function Of Managers Has Changed
  8. Analysis of General Motors in the Post Bankruptcy Period
  9. Big business stability and economic growth: Is what’s good for General Motors good for America?
  10. General Motors Company Swot Analysis
  11. What Is The Weaknesses Of General Motors?
  12. Why General Motors in China Performs More Successfully Than It in America?

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about GMC

  1. A Case Study Review of General Motors and Faulty Ignition Switches
  2. A Comparison and Analysis of General Motors and Ford Motor Companies
  3. A History of General Motors, an American Automobile Industry
  4. An Analysis of the Evolution of Market and the Role of General Motors Company of Henry Ford
  5. Business Law: General Motors Lawsuit
  6. Car Technologies and Green Energy: General Motors Go Green
  7. Foreign Exchange Hedging Strategies at General Motors: Transitional and Transactional Exposures”
  8. General Motors Ceo, Mary Barra
  9. The Rise and Fall of General Motors Company
  10. The Crisis Management And Controversy Today Is General Motors
  11. The Current Corporate and Global Strategies of General Motors

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