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50 BMW Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best BMW Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Sharpe BMW
    The firm’s service department was very important to its long term operations because it determined the level of competitiveness the firm was going to have in the market.
  2. Review of Sharpe’s BMW
    By implementing the plan the dealership would also communicate to its staff that it was commitment to the improvement of the CSI ratings. He should communicate the implementation of his bonus plan to his service […]
  3. Organizational Behavior Management at BMW
    The objective of the company will be assured by the creation of a defined pool of workforce that will meet the demands of customers.
  4. BMW Human Resoure Managment Project
    In a company such as Bavarian Motor Works, the implementation of sound HRM strategy in view of employee will be beneficial to the company in moving towards the green technology in operation and production of […]
  5. Change Management: McDonalds, BMW, Starbucks and Continental Airline
    Change management is done to empower the employees and the business as a whole to keep up with the changes that are taking place in the business environment.
  6. BMW Luxury Cars
    These three series of the MBW brand are the ultimate core aspects for maintenance of customer loyalty to the BMW luxury cars. Further, a variety of channels in marketing the BMW luxury cars would be […]
  7. Case analysis: Sharpe BMW car dealership and service centre
    As the issue comprises the plan and the judgment that must be made by the director, Bob Deshane, the initial step that the report has to focus on would be the company situation and the […]
  8. The BMW Efficient Dynamics Marketing
    The relationship between the end user and the maker must be understood in order to incorporate purpose and the symbolic denotation of the new BMW model.
  9. Strategic Management of the BMW
    The management of the company understood the fact that the global market would develop and that it was necessary for the company to be innovative and develop strategic policies to remain viable in the market.
  10. The impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on BMW
    This paper concentrates on the number of issues like conceptual framework of CRM, the adoption of CRM framework, CRM in the automobile industry, methodological framework, customer database, the effectiveness of CRM strategy on this company, […]
  11. BMW and GM Corporate Social Responsibility
    This encompasses not only in the way in which it sells its products but the manner in which it manufacturers them and how it addresses the long term impact of the company’s operations on society […]
  12. BMW Entry Plan into International Market
    6% in 2012 and GDP per capita was $547 in 2010; however, income from exports contributed 50% of the national GDP; however, the next table shows more information: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 GDP Annual […]
  13. BMW Group RBV & Dynamic Capabilities
    In particular, the paper will investigate these important business aspects with respect to the company’s recent acquisition of a carbon fiber plant, the prospects of BMW working in partnership with Toyota in the future, as […]
  14. Research Methodology of the BMW Strategy
    Based on the philosophies of the ontology and epistemology approaches that informed the research to use the positivism paradigm, the research will use the quantitative research approach to collect data, analyze data, and discuss the […]
  15. Informative Analysis: BMW Group
    In the course of its operation, the BMW Group appreciates the fact that the market is characterized by varying product and service tastes and preferences.
  16. BMW Automobiles Analysis
    To overcome the depressed demand, the companies focused on the principles of differentiation, brand image and identity, building of emotional connections with customers in order to attract them to buy the products because the factor […]
  17. BMW Company’s Quality Management Value Chain
    Nonetheless, the critical findings of the article Value Chain Analysis in Quality Management Context by Popescu and Dascalu including the analysis of the KPIs to enhance the delivery, complexity of the improvement, and the flow […]
  18. BMW Group Company Financial Statement Analysis
    The growth in revenue was caused by the change in the strategies and an increase in the number of sales stores across the world.
  19. The BMW Central Building: Location and Structure
    Before the erection of the structure, the plant had three disjointed houses, which assumed an important position in the construction process of the company. The BMW Central Building is located in Leipzig, Germany.
  20. BMW: Business Proposal and Communication Issues
    However, the primary focus of the business proposal should be put on the process of communication between the company and the customers that want to personalize their vehicles according to the high standards BMW will […]
  21. BMW Group’s Pricing Strategy and Discrimination
    Therefore, the company makes use of this strategy to leverage its products in the market. This strategy is commonly used before the launch of a new product.
  22. BMW Company’s Main Issues
    The issue resulted in a lot of complaints and eventually led to several lawsuits, which affected the company’s reliability in the customers’ eyes.
  23. BMW of North America Company’s Analysis
    BMW NA has been on the frontline to address the issues and deliver quality cars that meet the needs of the customers.
  24. BMW Group Company’s Analysis and Strategy
    The purpose of this paper is to conduct an external and internal environmental analysis of the BMW Group to be able to assess its strategy from different perspectives.
  25. BMW and Volkswagen in Environmental Criminology
    The recent investigations of BMW and Volkswagen are one of the many examples of misdeeds done to nature. Therefore, the corporation will not undermine laws, which are created to preserve the environment and nature of […]
  26. BMW Company’s Advertising Strategies
    The first seeks to publicize a product and convince the audience that the product is better than those of competitors. The second type of advertisement focuses on the image of the company and its reputation.
  27. BMW: Case Study
    This case study analysis attempts to examine the BMW brand and its approach to market segmentation to expand its automobile sales. Premium vehicles such as BMW base their segmentation and marketing on the concept of […]

🔍 Good Research topics about BMW

  1. Analysis of the BMW Company’s Advertisement Against Drinking and Driving
  2. How does the consumer impact a marketing plan created by the brand?
  3. What Are the Causes and Consequences of BMW’s Quality?
  4. Analysis of the Organization Structure, Creative Climate and Management Process of Knowledge Creation in the Innovation Implementation of BMW
  5. What Did BMW Do In Order To Manage Global Financial Risk?
  6. Why BMW Group has been successful?
  7. Why Did BMW Launch the Films Campaign? What Was the Motivation?
  8. Analysis: BMW Culture and Leadership
  9. What responsibilities does BMW have to its customers?
  10. Analysis of BMW’s Competitors
  11. Analysis of the Background and Internal Environmental Factors, External Marketing Environment, Marketing Strategies and Recommendations for BMW

💡 Interesting Topics to Write about BMW

  1. BMW Organizational Structures
  2. Germany’s Problems in Relation to BMW
  3. BMW’s Dream Factory and Culture
  4. Overview of the BMW Car Manufacture
  5. BMW in China: from Entry to Dominance
  6. A Study of the BMW in the North American Market
  7. BMW Group – General Environment of the Automobile Industry
  8. BMW Group Management, Market And Strategy Analysis
  9. Automobile Industry BMW
  10. BMW Marketing Process and Segmentation
  11. BMW: Motivation and Reward Systems
  12. Сonscious Driving: BMW Company’s Advertisement

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