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81 Enron Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Enron Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Federal Government Funding Enron: Exploring Challenges
    In particular, close relationships political leaders Bush and Lindsey and Enron company can be considered the brightest example of the company’s political influence on the government.
  2. Enron’s Corporate Scandalous Fall
    Secondly, the company through the leadership of Jeff Skilling adopted the mark to market accounting mainly as a way of covering up the operating losses made by the company.
  3. Two Problems of Enron Company
    Reasonably, from all the information presented, employee X’s proposal should be rejected, followed by suspension and ownership of that paper given to its rightful owner, which is employee Z.
  4. Enron
    Some of the salient features evident in the case include: Factors that contributed to the rise of the company- These factors are clearly illustrated and explained.
  5. Enron Company Business Ethics Case
    The government’s decision to deregulate the industry encouraged Enron’s managers to engage in dishonest practices, which resulted in the firm’s collapse.
  6. International Business: The Enron Case
    Lay and Skilling oversaw the creation of a corrupt alliance among composed of Lay, Skilling, Fastow and a number of business people dealing with the company.
  7. How Ethics May Have Played a Role in Enron’s Way of Doing Business
    The purpose of this was to instill in the public the confidence that everything that happened in the company was fair and open a notion that was welcomed by the managers working for the company.
  8. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
    Enron Company was characterized by a number of problems in the form or malpractices that led to the eventual collapse of the entity.
  9. Enron ethical practices
    Enron is an example of a business which has been engaged in unethical practices just for the sake of satisfying the interests of a few people in the organization at the expense of others.
  10. Enron Company’s Unethical Business Research Practices
    The main elements of the Enron case will be to highlight the many important issues relative to the case. The issue of business research practices came under scrutiny when Enron, considered among the top ten […]
  11. The Aftermath of the Enron Scandal
    Key provisions of the act include disclosure controls, improper influence on conduct of audits, disclosures in quarterly reports, evaluation of internal controls, and criminal penalties for violating the provisions of the act.
  12. Enron Corporation
    One assumption to the agency theory is that whenever the principal-agent goal is not congruent, then the behavior that instills the self-interest of the agent in utilizing to the maximum results in the maximization of […]
  13. Enron’s (USA) and Parmalat’s (Italy) ‘Scandals’ of 2003/2004: Ethical Issues and Criticisms
    One of the key issues that led to the failure and bankruptcy of Enron was the lack of transparency and the dishonesty of Enron’s key top management team and partners.
  14. How Enron May Have Avoided the Scandal through Conflict
    In the case of non routine task, the higher the conflict the lower the performance and vice versa as the conflict was attributed to cause distractions yet it did not improve the manner in which […]
  15. Enron: Failure and Scandal
    It is also important to note, that the realized management and corporate culture were based on the ideas of the charismatic leadership within the company.
  16. Enron Company Leadership Crisis
    This shows the level of leadership lapses that had engulfed the company whereby the CEO was aware of malpractices but failed to act on them in order to salvage the organization.
  17. Enron
    The company grew rapidly as the founder exploited the opportunities of deregulation in the United States and privatization abroad. In that respect, this paper is aimed at investigating the business environment and the strategic position […]
  18. Financial Markets After Terrorist Assault and The Enron Financial Outrage
    This paper highlights the purpose of capital market and the difference between capital money securities and money market securities in terms of characteristics.
  19. Business Ethics: Enron
    Objectives for the research Many scholars of different fields have already researched on the Enron scandal and the bankruptcy of this Corporation, but the prime objective of the writer of this research paper is to […]
  20. An Analysis of The Rise and Fall of Enron Corporation
    The corporation soon earned the admiration of industry experts and investors, and was able to hire the best young minds from across the nation, and the resultant enthusiasm with which these newly recruited employees served […]
  21. The Collapse of the Enron Corporation
    The essay is an attempt to determine why the Enron Corporation failed, and the reasons why the senior management at Enron failed to uphold ethical principles, and lessons learned despite their educational background.
  22. Enron Management Practices’ Ethical Principles
    According to Hendrikse & Hendrikse, code of ethics refers to “the business constitution that governs relationships and behaviour among the company, its directors, management and employees, and the inter-relationship among the company, shareholders, and business […]
  23. The Enron Company’s Failure and Legal Outcomes
    The contract was to take a period of 20 years to complete and the company distributed the amount over the period so that a profit of $5.
  24. Enron Scandal: Independent and Dependent Variables
    The company pushed for the change of the constitution. The legislature removed the law that allowed the regulation of the industry.
  25. Enron Company’s Organisational Culture Problem
    The profit-priority power culture literally broke the company’s corporate strategy’s ability to control and retain the company’s success condition. In this regard, the Enron employees must implement the profit-priority culture or resign from the Enron […]
  26. Enron Company: Governance and Strategic Purpose
    As Campbell and Yeung note, it is the role of the management to believe in the strategic purpose of the organisation before it can influence its stakeholders towards achieving the set vision.
  27. Organizational Leadership: Enron Company Case
    The leadership function of an organization has the power to determine the success level of the organization based on the commitment of the leader in achieving the goals set by the stakeholders.
  28. The Enron Company’s Ethical Crimes
    They allowed the top management of the company to use complex nature of the financial statements and the weaknesses in the accounting standards to manipulate the financial records with an intention of enriching themselves.
  29. Enron and Madoff: Behavior and Outcomes
    The SEC conducted five investigations of Madoff’s operations during which they were to check the clearing account of the firm and discover that no trading was done.
  30. Ken Lay’s Leadership and Enron Company’s Downfall
    An analysis of Lay’s ethical conduct outlined below is conducted through the prism of Kidder’s ethical checkpoints, the principles of moral sensitivity, moral judgment, moral motivation, moral character, as well as the CEO’s power and […]

🎓 Simple & Easy Enron Essay Titles

  1. Kenneth Leigh and Enron’s Impact on Business Ethics
    Kenneth Lay, the CEO of the Enron Company, had a major impact on the development of business and corporate ethics. An analysis of the ethical conduct of this famous business figure will help shed light […]
  2. Enron’s Business Failure and Contingency Theory
    On the other hand, the middle level managers are supposed to coordinate the activities of the lower level supervisors in order to keep the strategic plans and objectives of the company in line with the […]
  3. Enron Company: Security and Ethical Issues
    The whole Enron process was based on the statement of deregulation that allowed the executives of the company to interfere with the earnings reports that were presented to the investors and workers.
  4. Enron Company’s Collapse
    The organization’s toxic corporate culture encouraged unethical decisions that led to the disintegration of the firm and the conviction of top executives.
  5. Enron Company: Effect of Financial Disclosures
    According to Xi and Yang, voluntary disclosure entails one of the best approaches to the application of agency theory in a firm.
  6. Enron, Arthur Andersen and New Accounting Rule
    It is important to find out if the revelation improves the quality of the auditing process and level of accountability as perceived by the insiders and corporate leaders of the accounting firm in order to […]
  7. Enron Corporation’s Malpractices and Bankruptcy
    As such, Fastow knowingly supported transactions that damaged the financial condition of Enron to benefit himself as well as other executives in this energy company.
  8. The Collapse of Enron Corporation
    This lack of accountability and integrity resulted in the recklessness of the senior executives and their failure to address the inefficiencies of the organization.
  9. Enron Corporation’s Failure and Recommendations
    Before its downfall, Enron was one of the largest companies in the United States, and its share price was among the highest in the market.
  10. Corporate Governance: Enron and Parmalat Case
    I understood that CEOs need to have a clear knowledge of the roles, duties, and responsibilities that go with corporate governance.
  11. Enron Cooperate Debacle and Organizational Culture
    Skilling employed the organizational culture at Enron as a powerful means of crafting and controlling the “shared meaning” demonstrated by his upper management’s value system.
  12. Enron Company’s Concepts
    The financial statements are usually used to present the performance of a company which directly depicts the performance of its managers.”Cookie jar” reserves are one of the methods applied by managers to show a positive […]
  13. The Rise and Fall of Enron
    It is not the fact that the company’s revenue stream was generating that kind of sales, because there are other companies that can also boast the same type of income-generating capacity, albeit Enron belongs to […]
  14. Auditing After Enron or Financial Services
    The violation of the code of ethics by auditing companies compromised their reputation and the integrity of financial markets, leading to the collapse of their organizations.
  15. Business Ethics. The Rise and Fall of Enron by Thomas
    Enron was success because of its innovative marketing and promotion campaigns of power because of its unique ability from 1996 to 2000 it was named ” America’s most innovative company” by fortune and in 2000 […]
  16. The Smartest Guys in the Room – The Enron Story
    In the analysis, the filmmaker tried to show how the two concepts can be used to the benefit of the company owners but to the detriment of the workers.
  17. Ethical Issues in Business “Enron’s Fall”
    Lay borrowed to expand the business and after two years the debt was 75 percent of the firm’s total value. The government lifted a ‘protection’ that was in form of fixed prices.
  18. Enron Company: Business Case Study
    After a sequence of evidences about the inconsistent accounting procedures with regard to the fraud that have been responsible all throughout the 1990s comprising Enron and Arthur Andersen’s accounting firm, Enron held on the threshold […]
  19. Enron vs. Andersen: Ethical Issues and Conflicts of Interests.
    Andersen was the auditor of Enron and by becoming up, close and person with the auditor it was easy for Enron to motivate Andersen.
  20. Enron Scandal and Business Crime
    Even though the jury claimed that the entire company was to be blamed and therefore to be held liable for it, it was certain that the accountancy firm was one entity at the base of […]
  21. Enron Fall: Biggest Corporation in America Bankruption
    With the proceeding of investigation, it was revealed that the David Duncan executive of Andersen and Kenneth Lay was involved in sharing the millions of dollars of Enron. In 2001 it helped to push the […]
  22. Enron: News, Trials and History of the Scandal
    The company became one of the largest business site in the world and it drew most of the companies income came from trading online.
  23. Enron in “The Smartest Guys in the Room” Film
    The events of the current world economic situation can be perceived through the Enron debacle described in the movie “The Smartest Guys in the Room”.”The Smartest Guys in the Room” is considered to be a […]
  24. Enron Company’s Fall and Reputation Damage
    In February 2002 US Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil announced planned changes in the law making it easier to punish corporate executives guilty of misleading shareholders: Indeed, the Enron debacle focused attention on US accounting practices, […]
  25. Enron Corporation: Examining a Business Failure
    The case of Enron shows that violation of accounting principles and issues can lead to bankruptcy and legal responsibility of the company’s executive team.
  26. The Enron Through Training: Avoiding Problems
    Therefore it is very important to have every employee of a given organization to undergo training so that they are aware of the organization culture, a culture that is known for only positive actions, whether […]
  27. Enron Scandal: Nitty- Gritty, Aftermath
    Enron Corporation was a company rated as one of the most ambitious and fast rising company, so much so, that Fortune magazine once rated this company as ‘the most innovative company’ before the scandal broke […]
  28. Enron Corporation and Bankruptcy
    Moreover, it definitely reflects on the activity of financial players in Stock Exchanges, and first last and all the time due to the number of shareholders and the influence of a company on the financial […]

💡 Good Research Topics about Enron

  1. What Did Arthur Andersen Contribute to the Enron Disaster?
  2. Accounting, Auditing and Corporate Governance of European Listed Countries: EU Policy Developments Before and After Enron
  3. Accounting Scandals: Enron and WorldCom
  4. Enron: What Caused the Ethical Collapse?
  5. How Leadership Influences Culture and Theories of Leadership at Enron?
  6. Enron And The How Companies Dupe Investors?
  7. Enron: How they succeeded and how they failed?
  8. Financial Analysis Of Enron Corporation
  9. Is Legislation in Malaysia Sufficient Post-Enron and Worldcom?
  10. S.W.O.T Analysis of Enron
  11. What is Enron’s Business Model?
  12. Enron: How It Evolved In Past Years And Added To Its Critical Success?

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about Enron

  1. Ethical Issues with Enron
  2. A Company Analysis and Overview of Enron
  3. Main Characteristics of Enron Company
  4. Enron And The Natural Gas Industry
  5. Enron – Organizational Behavior
  6. Enron Political Implications
  7. Enron Versus Bombay Politicians
  8. Enron Was An American Energy And Service Company
  9. HR Crisis Management: an Enron
  10. Irregularities in Accounting at WorldCom and Enron
  11. Managing People And Organizations: About ENRON Company

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